The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 16, 1895 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 16, 1895
Page 7
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vm 'jfonwft ^A^^^^^wm^&^r^^^'^ 'P.?; i^'&fi fniefviistn tt Word JM . came down stairs like LEAVES ITS'MARK 6iic of-the painful irregtilnHlies and weakuesflfcs that prey-upon women, lliey fade the face, waste the figure, ruin the temper, wither j'cm up, make you old before your time. Get well! That's the Way to look well. Cure the disorders uild ailments that beset you, with Dr. Piercc's Favorite Prescription. It regulates and promotes air the proper functions, improves digestion, enriches the i. blood, dispels aches and pains, melancholy if and nervousness, brings refreshing- sleep, land restores health and strength. It's a Showerful general, as well as uterine, tonic f ami nervine, imparting vigor and strength , to the entire system. Mrs. ANNA Ui.uictr, of r.lm Civet> Jlnffitlo Co., AVA.. wiles: "I enjoy good liealllt tlmiiks to Dr. Plerce'8 1'uvoHle Prescription mid ' Oolden Medical Discovery.' I was under doctors' cnre i for two years with womb disease, and gradually r wasting- in strength nil 7 tlie time. Iwnssoweak that 1 could sit tip in bed only ti few moments, for two years. I coiihiienccd taking pr. Plerce's Fn- vorite Prescription and llis'Golden Medical Discovery,'and by the time . ( I had taken one-half doz- "| en-bottles'I was-iip and ' goinpwliereverreleased, Urnipn and have had good health .. UI.RICH. m]d been yerv stron _. | ever since—that was two years and a half ago." I 'A book of 168 pages on "Woman and Her tpiseases " mailed scaled, on receipt of 10 Ecents in stamps for postage. Address, ORLD'S DISPENSARY MEDICAL ASSOCIA- ON, 663 Main Street, Buffalo. Ni Y. ISPEAKJNG OF COUGHS & COLDS HAVE YOU TRSED XT CXTRES. Cream Balm QUICKLY CUKES HHjzSSWyS if ^ Off Bfwnft | M Prlco.5O_Cents._| ly Bnlm into each nostril. BOS.. OBWarren St., N.Y. Cough Syrup. Tastes Good. Use In time. Sold by druggists. 1 i TTPWIIO Thomas P. Simpson, 'A I r.N I S u -°. Noatty's fen until i ttlUll 1 Wtalned. WHteforlnvcntor'sQulde. ~AST CHANCE J 10c. an I AM DO SO.OliO aci«s' of choice LAHUiJ wostoru Iowa lands for bniiww sa | e )„ Mouona county Rtwo to five miles from railroad. Price ?^0 to per acre, ac' ordinj; to location und im- pro\ements, AVrlti' at once. Power & Wiley, 419 N. Y. Life UlflB, Omaha, Neb. in/oniial Ion and (lescrjulionH of CHEAI' E-AUMM mid Uovernment j.nds in the best country In the Uultod- States; all naynients; low interest; address NEWS, Gettysburg:, South Dakota. IHEAP FARMS ERCHAN1ISE ft JtSB, or rad o. f T Heal Estnte, jf uim $. ,i 00 to J.OUO, KIVl- lull Uesoiip ioi , I -will KOtqiilCxUuttl; uwiinitobu or tixcnaiiKp ^^rius, pityprui>- ' ¥, Stocks, &o., wrtu foruii alogiie * ' K. r, JtlNOiiR.'OiUiiliu, Well. buying Stoenel I'laoa I' lots in Omaha $ 0 down, m(nlb i y , C..OUJ) tt unrt [Jots in Oin alia Keep youroyon Omalia nrt the couil g bouin. For Kurther In oruiutlun ts W, , W "JT • Hee Build n\s, , Mo . tor fi'fte sample copy telling about It, ci»l Fruit and Farm paper, publltiied by •k Bi os.., 4 Of. a y «•!>»•; clroulatlon, 4(0, Ot>0 copies. ^t'Qwaiu ot t\ie Oieatu"— Blvws the busy Fruit jrei 1 OF Tftfiaor, wjio liaBu't tlietlnio or th« nionuv n,v und i tml ft gi eat masa 9)' pmiers, what 1» brot ui i lit- m nil, nlmt be, wnulK to kn w, t would take uipi Uayx to toarch out tor irlniholf. tfbBiuliOp: BSSpasa.-'wn i»tW»l iFr«c. o\«t 75.000 In Use. ILL MACHINERY .DOUGLAS HOEr!^» H ll&, s (,s?«^ass?-«' tfdrt fftften Uef Aili-lcfe ntiA Go fit S6 OtX. The blind s were carefully lowered, as she lay on a couch with the smell- iAf salts in her hand. When her dearest friend came into the rooin sue exclaimed: "Mercy, does your head or hasn't your new gown come home?" "Dyspepsia, evidently, dear; you should take — " "Oh, don't; I want sympathy but not prescriptions. It's about Dick." "Of course. Uut I can't really sympathize until I know what it's about." "Well, it was Dick and— and my tooth." "Mercy, 1 hope you didn't bite him! There, don't be angry; I'm grave, grave as a family tomb. Don't keep me in suspense." "Well then, you know 1 have a tooth that I cut in the dentist's chair?" ' 'I thought so because you always said that chewing gum was vulgar." "Yes; and of course I'd rather have died than let Dick know it. But the other evening ho was here and I was eating candy when it broke right off." "Good gracious, what on earth — " "I managed to conceal it, but I didn't dare to smilo again lest ho hotico its absence — so I just picked a quarrel with him." "Naturally it relieved your feelings too. But what did you quarrel about." "Just the same old thing." "Tho fact that ho doesn't work? But then ho has plenty of money without; 1 ' "I know, but there's no telling when ho will call and it is ruining my hair to keep it curled all the time.'' "Was he very angry?" *. rj" Awfully — left in half an hour. Tho next day I had such a cold I couldn't go to the dentist's — besides ho al ways stays an^ry at least three days. But the following morning -t had a note saying that ho had taken my advice, had secured a position, and would -be up in the evening to tell me all about it. As soon as I answered it I started for the dentist's and — oh, Dora!" "Did you meet him on the street?" "No! No! I told the . dentist that I must have my tooth by 7 o'clock that evening. He ,said .-that ho was very busy, but would send for his new assistant and see if he could repair it. I sat in tho chair, with Dr. Nippers 1 holding the tooth, when who should walk into tho room but — V • • -. "Not Dick!" , '.''.. "Dick and nobody else! He was the new assistant — and, Dora, he laughed, actually laughed! O, -I'll never speak to him again until siy .dying day — but I don't think that will be very long." And she buried her head in the pillows while Dora poured words of sympathy into deaf ears. South All-lean leturo Mono An account of a strange lapidarian freak comes all the way from Kimberley. South Africa. Workmen in the diamond mines at that place discovered a stone, dark brown in color and about the sixe of a pigeon's egg, which, viewed in a dark place with a candle or other light behind it, exhibits a perfect prolilo picture of a man from the waist up. Turning the pebble partially around, the image of 1 the man vanishes and the features of a woman's face, clearly-cut and partly concealed by heavy tresses, comes into view. The British museum offers £50 for the curiosity. — St. Louis Republic. An Act of Providence. ITncl'3 Pete, entering with something und 3P his coat—What wud you say, A'nt Dinah, ef de good Lawd wu? teh Bend us some'n mighty pow'i'ul good fo' suppah!"' Aunt Dinah—I shud say dat wuz a miracle. ' .'" ' Uncle »Pete, producing a pair of chickens—Dat's right, a'nt; dat's just what it wuz, a miracle. Nothin' short ob a miracle wud have made de colonel, fo'git teh .lock de hennery do'."-,ANew fork Herald. The IJoepost Mine In France, The deepest coalmine i'n France (by some authorities said to be the deap^ ast in the world) is at Andre du Poirier; J'he mine is worked with two shafts, one -2,952 feet deep and the othe.r 3,188. • The latter 'shaft; is now being deepened, and will reach the 4,000- foqli level by July, 1895, The yearly, product of this mine is 400,OPO tons of coal.', The remarkable feature of the mine is the comparatively low temperature—seldom rifcing above 75 de- g-reep Eahr. ' SJiliito'sm, - , There are no idols in the Shinto temples. Shinto ism consists of the worship of ancestors and the powers of nature, tlie sun especially, Iho only objects in the fewples are a small mirror, emblematic of light, &.nd some strips of white paper, t-'Uerimages to various plages form a feature of this religion, we New Yorker,, on board thu liner—What longitude as-e cap tain P c aptain-^SJxty-five degrees west of Greenwich, latitude §9, New Yorker, wVb enthusiasm — flu.rya.hj, we're home again !T— Chicago dyspepsia? ' what's good for • ea+in.g a.nd yo,i} tell • sty U yew .will fl. . . fc MB«a0M«rjr» Us, The Rise o! the Buckwheat Cake THe leaven of yesterday ruins the cake of to-day. Don't spoil good buckwheat with dying raising- batter^- fresh cakes want Royal Baking Powder^ Grandrrw used to raise 'today*s.buckwheats With the souring left over of yesterday 1 Dear old lady, she was up to the good old times. But tJuse are days of Royal Baking Powder—freshness, into freshness raises freshness. And this is the way the buckwheat cake of today is made : Two cups of Buckwheat, one : cup of wheat flour, two tablespoons of Royal Baking Powder, one half teaspponful of salt, , all sifted well together. 'Mix with milk into a thin batter and bake at once on a hot griddle. Do not forget that no baking powder can be substituted for the "Royal" in making pure, sweet, delicious, wholesome food.. ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO., 100 WALL ST., NEW-YORK. Very Much OH Color Are people who are troubled "with ohronlc'livor complaint. Bile In the blood tinges the cuticle und even the eyeballs, und .also manifests Its presence by uneasiness in the right side und beneath the right shoulder blade.furred tongue, nausea, sick headache and an Unpleasani ureuth. It Is usually accompanied by costive- uoss and dyspepsia. .For the ailment itself, and its various manifestations, Hosteller's stomach Bitters is a speedy and complete remedy. This standard medicine also prevents and cures chills and fever, rheumatism, ne'rv- qusuess and the infirmilies incident' to declining years. It builds up an enfeebled physique and fortitles it against disease. Appetite and nightly slumber are promoted by it, and it is a protector against thQ. eHecls of a welting, of overwork, exposure and unwholesome food or water. . ,. The average European woman's life is shorter than the man's, but over two-thirdt, of the centenarians are women. BIAKKET GARDENERS GROW RICH! There is lots of money made in early vegetables. Everybody ndmiDs that the very earliest vegetables are pro- "duced 'from Salzer's Northern Grown seeds. Think of having radishes in fourteen days; lettuce in twenty days; potatoes in forty days; peas in forty- six days, and splendid cabbage in fifty- five days from 'day of sowing seed! If You Will, Cut This Out and Send It with $1 money order to the John A. •Salzer Seed company, LaCz'Osse, Wis. , you will get free thirty-five packages earliest vegetable seeds and their great need catalogue, or for six cents postage a package of Fourteen Day Paris Rafllsh • seed and their seed catalogue. W.N.U A good many men attempt to carve their names on the temple of fame with a very dull knife. . ' • CllniaK) and Crops Just Right. Oklahoma has thousands of acres of the finest farming land in the. world, waiting for you or anybody else with' a little cash and lots of gumption, -Climate and crops are just right. Farms will cost more next year than this. To find out if. this is the country you want, ask S.'M. Osgood, Gen'l Agt. Santa Fe Route, Des Moines, Iowa, for free copy of Oklahoma folder. After a back cashier has feathered his nest he thinks he has plumed himself for flight, ' • .;. . . Subscribe Npw For The Dea Moines, Iowa, Twice-a-Week News, 50 cents a year. . Vernier, the young French mathematical prodigy, is only 18 years of age, "A. t'up. of Paries' Ten, at nightmove the bowels in the morning." , The only way it pays a man ,to be his own lawyer is to keep bis own counsel. After physicians had given me up, 1 was saved by Piso's Curp,— RALPH • EHIEG. Williamsport, Pa., Noy.'^S, 18!>8. The woman with bony shoulders usually finds the affliction more than she can bare. A Grammarian. Old Pete's boy had just returned from school. In relating an incident Lo his father, he said: "I saw the man—" "What's dot? Come obor tlal; p'int er gin." "I say that I saw the man and—" "Hoi 1 on. Yer saw de man, ch?" "Yes, sir.". , "SawhimP" "That's what I said.'' "I do think b'efo' de Lawd," the old man said, "de mo' yer sends er nigger tor school de wus ho gits. He ah d at boy's been goin' ter school nearly live years, and now he dome and say dat he saw er man. Ah, Lawcl, dar ain' no ns'n try'n ter 1'arn astronomy ter or nigger. Why clean yer say "1 seed er ginermau', sah?" "Because that wouldn't be right," ••Nervy," speaking to his wife, "han' me dat plow line. Blame ef he shall slaughter his muder tongue in no siches way. O, I ken beat all de schools in I'arnin'vor suUiin'."- A man is never thought much of in this world until after he is dead. A WE WILL TAKE YOU TO CALIFORNIA Cheaply, Quickly anil Comfortably on' the PhilHps-KocU Island Tourist Excursions. CHEAP, because the rate in Sleeping Car is but 80.00. QUICK, because you travel on tho fastest trains Unit run. COXfrFORT, because you have a through Sleeper. Fourteen years' record. Over 100,000 already curried, and all like tho service. Car leaves Des Moines and Omaha every Friday via the famous Scenic Route. A special manager goes each trip to care for tho many wants of patrons on route. We can't tell you half the benefits in this ad., but for your California trip you should post yourself. Address, JNO, SEBASTIAN, G. P. A., C., R. I. & P. R'y, Chicago. Don't stay poor all your life! Get a farm of your own and in a few years you will wonder why you remained in.the cities and paid rent. You can secure good homestead land of the United States government, free of cost, along the line of the Lake Superior division of the Chicago, Milwaukee &St. Paul Railway, in-Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan, or you can buy at low prices on easy terms. Address C. E. ROLLINS, 161 La Salle St., Chicago, 111. ^BP^B^ j^^^^v ^^^*^ BI 90 Gei)ts FOR A WHOLE YEAR. -ANp- The Weekly Bee It the Raby is imujng 'I'eotli. Be sure and use that old and well-tried remedy, MRS, WJNSLOW'S SOOTHING SYBW for cjUldreu Te^tljhig- Tbe state of New York contains 50,000 more women than men, It is the man who is uuturolly bashful who is mogt frequently pallecj upon to carve the turkey, _ _ » Quite Coiwnon, She (at the masquerade)— You say yo« don't care much about talking? He— No. •She— And you don't dance? He— Jto. She— May I ask what your accomplishment is? r He— Certainly, I earn my own Hying. $ Sjnojjftrt J»y Qveraolntf, Choljy (on his knees) — Jfau4, VOM hav» intoxicated me with jour charms. Jijaud-r-^shaw! *PW' r 6 »0 Wfttoh, for me, OhpUy— Why n.ot« MftU<J— YP« get; dyunk too easily, 4 "J wish." they w jtalkin 1 Mrs. CorntQsso|, " w»y $Q kejjp people f hehiac[ yer &ack." mm, . «Me»<jii!!8»'ell,. WiWi»fW' . . tBftiMjii ^i 1 * 1 "* •' 1(1 '\* '''v^j/'- /* J ' \^\A"J1 f^j * , , J lor office, The» tfeey'H talk " ' "Mii;iii^M^' Wl A special contraQt enables us tp <?ffer TH E NEW YORK WEEKLY-TRIBUNE, the leading 1 fanjily weekly of the United States, with the OMftHA WEEKLY BEE for only 9O Cents, less money than is cliarged lor any other single weekly paper in the country. THE OMAHA , WEEKLY BKK is the leading 1 paper in. the western country and is too well k.nown to need a special description. THE NEW YORK WEEKLY TRIBUNE isaNa- ., tipnal FaniHy Paper an( * ffives the g-eneral news of • , the United States. It'gives the events of foreign lands in a nutshell. Its **^gricujtural " department has no superior. Its " IVIafket Reports " are recognized authority. Separate departments for *' The FarpHy Circle," "Our Young Folks," s«a "Science and Me* chanics." its "Home and Society" columns command the admiration of wives and daughters. Its general political news, editorials and discussions are compre* hensive, brilliant and exhaustive. Send 90 Cents f° r l?°tb papers to THE OMAHA WEEKLY BEE, Are You Fortified? eft you ave in a low state of health, and on tl)§ vwge ef iJiuess, tbere is »o Scott's Emulsion " * ' •"•" "™" -T— r—~r.r-rr« lu.-uw-uu.iiui^wuuii^iMiJW^fnpKUUHp to yestoyei gtyength, Soott'9 35m«lsip» nourishes, ptyfjugthr "'"-"•- ---™- 1 - 1 en?, promoter the «ia,kipg o| eqJi4 flesh, enriches the Woo4 and $o«e§ «p the whole system, *• • •-' • Gelds, conditions of Wasting, ' aJ.iMM?'' 1 _ -> v «» i ar^sfflMBSKt 1 ^y^l^, ^"^"^^ '' •>(*• mark w lor 10 cent! Thesetpatterns retail in fashion T __^., stores for twenty-ftvc to forty cents eadS 'Bos ' in order to increase the dertarid atrtotf# T strte*" fcrs we offer them to the lady read6f s ttt Mm papef for th6 reraarfcabty \&w price 6f bftfy 1(] Cents £aofi. fast Age qno cent exifa. . '•. , The patterns arc an of tho very Ifttesi York stfles, afld ftro unequaied for st£16 ( rncy Of fit, Simplicity and cCofiOihy. fof l^L-.^, four yetufs these potterfls have beef! usetl k tfi6 country o*er. Full tlesertbtlotw and clirectiotiS —as the nufnber of yards of material reqftire^l. the number and names of the different pieces in the pattern, hpw to cut and fit and put the gat• inent t6g;ether-^.ar6 sent t»lth each i>atteM(i i with ft nicttire of the garment to go by. TlttSa atid sifee eit. day it is received.. order patterns by numbei- inolies.; M , .-. THEY ABE Q-XtOVB ^XJLAA«». To get get BUST and BREAST measure. tmt r the tape measure ALL of thd *ay around the body, over the dress close uttdor the arms. Fflce of each pattern, 10 cents, ivhda ' trdered on cotipon printed below. Postage one cent extra on EACH pattern. LABIES'HotrsEGOWN. Pattern No. 0108 Isout •in five sizes, viz: 32,34, 30, 38 and 40 inches bust measure. Lavender wool ehalllo havlnp a .clover leaf; design in olive green is here stylishly trlmmeft; •with olive satin. Tho rovers, sleeves, collar and sach are of satin, lined with the challio, while tho sleeve- caps are of the challio lined with the satin. The sash is finished wit.H a loon silk knotted fiuuije in a lumumuuou of mo two loioru. The gown is in "Princess" shape, fitting tho figure smoothly and falling lu ripple-like folds around: tho skirt. Made in walking length this model Is a favorite for a street, dress with ladles who like tho weight of their gowns to dependifromthe shoulders. The stylo is also desirable for dresses of Silk or woolen fabrics. , Gimp, braid, Insertion, etc, can bo used f(X| trimming. < The retail price of pattern is 85 cents. LADIES' PUFFED WAIST, Pattern No. 0189 la , cut in live sizes, viz: 32, 34, 30, 38 and 40 inches bust measure, Lavender organdie over silk lining of the same shade, made this dainty waist, which 13 one of the latest importations. The upper fronts and back are shirred in up^ right puffs to. square yoke depth each row of shirring being, covered with pearl 'braid, Tho ,' fullness in front and back is prettily gathorecV * into small'space at the waistline, where it is held in by the belt. Ample puffs are gracefully ' disposop over fitted sleeve linings, tho lower portions being arranged around the arm in puffs ' to match the simulated yoke, The standing collar of silk is covered with a puff of the*pj\ trundle, bordered on each edge with the poavl" braid. The closing is invisible in center from),. ' A belt of coyded lavender silk is worn at- the waist, fastened with a pearl buckle. All styles of silk in fashionable weaves, crepon, ehallie, veiling, landsdown and novelty silk and wool mixtures,lace, net, grenadine, Swiss , mousseline de solo and various other seasonr able fabric's are all used to' develop theraodo, ^ The decorations can bo selected from tljo great variety now fashionable, to suit individual taste. The retail price of this pattern is 25 cents. CO U PO N*********** 1 In ordering, g}ve No o{ patterns | wanted Uust.;...,. and Waist meat*, ' uro. Either 6t these patterns will be sens to any address upon receipt of 10 cents !» silver or stamps when this coupon Is en-' ' closed with order awV^ne cent fo»' postage, with your address, Address COUPON PATTBKH 00,, Yorlc. Patents, Trade-Marks, Exsmiuatlon ona Invention. Bena for Aflvicp SB to, PftfentaWUty pfJift- AVJ8 t .W ||ia A l ?&KfiSa«?.aj» • *« Great Rock l§l-nc| Rgyt? Playing Car^s, If you seiiil 15 cents in stamps or coin to JNO. SERASTAIN, Gen'J Pass, Agent, C,. R, J. &P, li'y, OUisugo, you ^yiU jeceiye postpaid WQ slickest piw? of playliij? otivas YOU ovev huuclled, Beautiful steel engraved WWst JRule^ acqom« pans them tree, • -' .lM * "COUJHESTEB^ 1 _.. f ^ ~

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