The News from Frederick, Maryland on August 28, 1884 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 28, 1884
Page 4
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The Daily News. T H l ' i ^ l ' A V . A ! ' ; . £*, 1SS4. T h e C r u m b i e r - l · V '. ' t . ! V~ l i ; .1 ! . "n P .1 . . · - . S" i . r - ' e - in i !'*. ^t 1 *. \ l l i l u ' . , , v .. . ' · · I- ' ' - ' ' · C U t * - t . O! ,.'. i n . :i ; ''. .. - . . » ' ' .1 * s i " M . n l c s t s . I lkor»*-. l i e i " i n o * 1 ! U . - -i · ! ' I . . ' ; 1 ,. I ',*··'-·"".".'. ; ·' ' ' r w \;i'! K l i n H e I n n And the'.'-1'.'. S 1 ·, r. - '.vi - p i - r p ! f \ . M e .TUTM'I . - ; ; " I : : : , ' t h ' . i 4 \ ;·- l a i r , l i e r i - . t m ! ' · ·- - .n. i i i t nut"-, A:.'! t V 4 . i i 1 ' , · ' ! , · , , v . to .. --.oj: 1).;; care, O. I",-' U r 1;\ .;r ·! · ! ' . . ! · :i *n. i htin '-'\ ". .1 . .-' '·.. '· .'ie .. 1 tian 01 u -i u . . i . i e.' - . r . i i e . .. -T. i :;nd_!_. August 1.-S4. C a n Ar.yone E x p l a i n ? r ·!:; '.'.i"! n ' v I/ W A . - k - N u T u X . I. '".'., A" = '. 20. '84. _ Kli f ·:'· _V ···- --I wa- \vouncled in tlie riolit ill 1 ui at t o e LulUf oi South M o u n t a i n , M.'., -Vi-teriler 14, 1SG2, ana in a Jay or t .'·-u afterv:ar»1s I was placed in a hospital in Frederick, l\lu., where Lay ..;'ui w.i- amputated. The ho-Md'tai ^, us ia a Urpe building owned, I Ijelievo, by thu Catholics. Opposite the ho-pital l u i l l i n g was a Catholic Chuivh '-.vhich I visited on several occasion.-: after being strong enough to iro out. Whi!. in naid hospital" I was carefully nursed and Watched, botii by day" an 1 by night, by a lady, I think a w i l c - v . and her daughter. They u=ed TO feed me with a spoon like a child is fed. One or both of them remained with me the entire ni^ht after the amputation and gave me brandy every fifteen, minutes. "When I left the hospital for my home in Pennsylvania in December, the lady presented me with a book, '· Pilgrim's Progress," with her name on the fly leaf, but in my moving from place to place I lost the book and forgot the lady's name. I have a slight recollection that her maiden name was Polly. If the ladies are still living or either of them I would very mucli like to ascertain their present post- office address. L. H. ROTH, Pension Office, East Div. Capturing a Python. [Enquirer Interview,] "I recollect. whiK in India," said Superintendent i:i»mpson. of the Zoological garden, "-i youn^ Englishman had come uiit there and purchased a MI gar plantati' :*. MIC d;r» 1 called on 1 ! u. ;iml r'.t'tvr 'Tinner we sat in the shade Pmokh:^ our choroot*. Suddenly lif heard the try n£ a bluo-liuck---a specie:-, of small i i n t i _ i ' t ' ' . The cry was one oi pain, and we knew at once tlmt a python had it. 'Let's go and kill the snakt-." suiTi-vst-il my friend. 'Oh, no,' tU'l 1; 'jut wait until lie fiiM^Iics his HI vJ, aii'l th ·-.! v/i/ll go and catch him ; i l i v \ ' Yuu -co, 1 kiit-w the blue- Icick wa a ^nru'7 1 . and I was :i!'"cr live .s)i.-r-in!"i!. Well, we sntthere t'*r «uime time, and th^n I secured a l.uiuket HHU started tor the cane, followed 1 y t l . " TI;..;!'. -Ir.i.. '... t V i j i - n lie saw us (.·uiiiuu t i i · .M.;:k- ziia-lc for tlie cane, but i K a d e d him o:i and :henht- c.,-iled him- . ' f . T t!.v vr :· - · ' over h i m , w a i t i d u n t i l h-- " C n u - ' [ U i i - t , tucked !'·!:·; nicely in. ;.n i t h - - n t!u-.-w him over n;y shuukier ain carried hira to the i i - n-. . 'Wli;ii a: · y.u goiiu" to do with linn.'' aiJ my fi-ieiid. who wouldn't rnine iie;ti' nie. Hiet me a cofl : ee sack aii'l I'll show you.' lie did : ; o. 1 hliouk i'i:e blanket into the sack, rh-n pull, d il -nit. tied lli" ,-'c:k up, ai:d there I had T'.,i I m m i g r a t i o n . i he surveor K i a - . . , : mi iu ( ^{ ;L, p. , : t o : S .11 r r a i u l i i ' vi li.ia · i T v'l.i'.ieM- in;ra:_ci'alit u tlie^e, ]-. v. : y far 1'roin uj.'LC'-iinj: t h a t t l i e r e is any d .lister of a "-Montr, lian i a i u i d a - t · 11" i i) (-\T "-ore--. r D F'. 1 ;"! i i f i ^ ' - o is t h . - ] i i i r t a t wliicli t h e ("liiiu.-e chiefly errter » ) t i r country, l i i e Vei'.»rt:j hliow t!i:it d u r i n g i l i e fivi- K.o:itlis of I ^/J, t i , i : \ - " ; i v - C ' l i i n u i i i ' . i i lai.'.ed and O/j-iO'.d r'l-Mii our .-In/., -,. In tliu \v!ioi.- year l^--: 1 .. only 2,!)'2 ! 3 l::i.dod and 10.57U went b;u-k to C h i n a . I u r i n x the lifst six nun 1 . hs of this year. 3,1?H lauded and i. l'i" de})arl--d. ll iip] tears ti'Min these oilieial liiftire-. t h a t d u r i n g i!ie la-l t \ v o y.-.u's only (J.14*! C h i n a m e n h a v e ('ed Luc country a^'aiu.-t lU,. l jti-i v ! i o v ' ;/i back to Cliina. It lias lonj; been aeeepted as a theory fy our t r a n s - A t J . i i i t i e k i n s m e n t h a t viutf in r ' l i i i i a l s is almost a l v - . t y - - t i n 1 refill i f u n k i n : l n ' - - s aiul mail n :.! mem iveeived f » \ t h e m from t h e i r I m n n i n e o i i U M i i i o n s , and t l i a t t h e pai'.'eily oi \ i e i o n s hordes in the I ' n i t e d States is U !;·· explained by I h o j^-til!ei.' j -,s, and. o lo si.rak. t i i o fa- m i l i a r i t y \ v i t ! i which the n: l »le a n i m a l is treated in every part of t h e I'nion. There .an IK- l i ' i l U s d u u M that, iu no c o u n t r y is ill'.' i n t e l i i p - n e e of quadrupeds more developed a n d C u l t i v a t e d t h a ' i i n t h e I ' n h e d State-;, \ \ h e i - e i t is \vell understood that l v kindne.-j.-i u'om- e.ia i h v - i r I', t r a i t s , d i - j ) ^ i i : v » i , and ' i n a l i t i e s be f u l l y dravui forth. N o t h i n g is more common, for instance, than 10 see an American hor-.e harnee.l lo a bns^Lry and standing alone in New York--ins master having entered a shop --by tiie curbstone's udu;o, in tiie mid.--l Df the e r a - h a n d tunrril of Broadway, vne of the m st crowded and ivisy rhoron.u,hi";ire. upon the face of the earth. Before descending from hU ba^gy the master says a word or two to his horse, and leaves him standing in the street without restraint. The sagacious animal. \vho.-e eyes are not shielded by blinkers, and who is not tormented by a Pn/cru.-.tean bearing-rein, understands pert'Lutly that he is expeeted to wait u n t i l his mater lias transacted his business: and wait, accordingly, he do-s, sometimes for hours at a time, and without regard to the winter's cold or summer's heat. Ajjjain, in the wildest parts of tho \vestern and southern states tin re is uot a farmer who thinks anything of driving his horses by night over a wooden bridge full of holes, caused, by many planks having been dropped into the stream beneath. The careful beast, who may or may not have crossed tho ridge on many previous occasions, feels his way ia the darkness, and his head haying been surrendered to him by the driver, steps as carefully and with as much precision as a dancing master. Whenever, indeed, a horse is found to be possessed of a violent, or, to use as old Yorkshire word, a ''mischancy," temper in the United States, the odd? are in favor of his ported from abroad. Aaron Jones, po-tt fl a notice ol dour a.- follows: (()!'(,r, e.\i*.t "1*1* mid Jnth-.v- Ap]«»ti).] tf Lyiie'e.bui^, dissoh't'on / n hi. "The [ ' a r t i i e r s h i p lias .shop- hetv- is M u i g between ;r.e;,t:d M , - e t i i i - i l . i y dis.-olve.l. All p r-.,,ii». h i d i i'!'-d to t h e concern will settle w i t h me, and all p a r t i . . - t h e iir:n i.-, indebted to \\ili settle \ \ i t h Mos»..." Detroit i.'i( »- Press: abie how m a n y peop ;ir. i;,e this era hadii'L out. It is o u i t e re intruded to havw u K;ir. i;,e this huiniaer if tiio chol- The ka',\ soft air; tin t u n e doze, il.illllllOfii. 1 d;d chewed hoi'Se ou 1's l' m o u r n f u l and an injured man tiinu Hint. m o i i t h f u ' . i of KI-.S put the tenor out ( f in a troubl-jU D R U G G I S T S , 103 N011T1I MAIIKKT STU1SET. FJ1EDEU1CK, MD. A FULL AND SELECTED STOCK OF DRUGS, Hn!!i:::oiv. A l t l t l V A l , »*' l''KM|.;i;ifK M A I ami South r i i ; ' i l " ' i i ' ' i . . . . . . . . . . . . I-'or I t a l i i n , u-, W u r . l i ' i i,iti»n, " ' '·' ............................. !''^| V U l-'i i- If i l t i i i i n t i , \\ a.-.tim^iori a n i l S- i l i f n ; »i | . i 'ch ...................... I:."-", 1 ) I' M ! ' . ' · I ' . i u o i i M . i v . NVu.-h I l i t h r i ' i . , . h 1-0,1. h ....................... « i - i O 1' M !'.· N o r t h jiti.l u a v , ;)]_·*, via 1'eu."- ' nus S \. M t'.M A K i t I VAI.-:. From H a l t i i n o r c , \'v u';, n ^ i o Fi'i-iu H i i l t i i n o i c . \ V a « - h i n t ' t N i ' i ' t h ;ind sii! | o i i , t - « !j. ol A i l-'roin o i - i h tu d \ \ c - t , \ a !'» :i:.-.\ S o u t h , ( , ,., . ) . ' : : S ' . u ; h . MEDICINES, AC., muttered a feverish oath. The horse* of Puleatine arc sltocl with » h ! u M - thatcover.i tiie bottom . f t"ne foot, «-\Ce; ' «'. ·'lixht '';)enin,ur som t ::::'·;; in t h center, w i t h o u t calk;-, w i t h three lutils, h a v i n g bu;e, projectinu head.-, j'.nsvser- j; l f , a.- caik^ ou each side, cl^i togcthu* in .ir the ue. CROUP, WJIOOPINO COUGH and itift imn^iliatelj rclieveil l*j tehiloh'l Car*. Bold by Wiiiiamson Co. having been im- Tho Interior: Even Elijah was test\ when the ang-^1 disturbed his slumber under the juniper tree. The Boston Advertiser .says that the Stato of Massachusetts has made a net profit of |!3,2.S5.15U2 from its enterprise of tilling' the Back Bay lands in Boston, and that the filling of the South Boston thus, although only partly completed, has iiuaiiy paid for itself. Tlie Four Causes. In a recent document put forth by the associated charities of Boston, it is stated that the four causes of poverty are d r u n k - enness, ignorance, laziness, and pride. FOL. DYSPEPSIA and Liver jomplaint, fou have a printed guarantee on every but- tle of Shiloh's Vitalizer. It never fails to sure. Sold by Williamson Co. THAT HACKING COUGH can be so |uick!y cured by Shiloh'a cure. We guarantee it. Sold bv Williamson Co. . · Buctcten's Arnica Salve- Th« greatest medical wonder of the world Warranted to speedily cure Burns, Bruises Cuts, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever Sores, Cancers, Piles, Chilblains, Corns, Tetter, Chapped Hands, and all skin eruptions, guaranteed to cure in every instance, or money refunded. 25 cents per box, lor sale by Gar- Mtt Steel**. COMPLETE LINE OF From I t . l . i m o i e . AV X n i i l l a i i ' ! a ! J M . I I P - \ \ ' From W a - O i i i i v t ' ' i i . llM'"iii. h \ I i i H i i D o r f . t h r u i i u h l i t i l ' i u i o j - c iiiul H i i · Ka:''-":i 1 ..... From X o r t l i iui-1 i n l t M - i . i " , i:;;-(- lVnn.- 1\ I'.iiiu L!n* l t . i l n - i ' , 1 ....... J . M A U U 1 V A L A M ) D r . J ' . \ ! 11 Y STAR I t u l ' T K . m P. .) 1'. ---- l : .m \, MEMBEHS TELEPHONE EiCHANOA elMtf D K l ' A l t T l ' K K - ; . Mi.Mli-town. Tl..iii-!i r./ a n l i ! i \ M c e h a : i : c - l - u a \ H I ' . - I i : M t . I M . - a s t u u , l.i'.'tT'y A; J on iL, M y e i \ i . U ai.,1 U u m i ' t i \vn. M ACAUKMY -OF TH1-- o r i ^ l - d i - u ' aii'! l l o l It.'ehan.csioMi a i u l i i i t f i mt , : I H I Ml. l ' k a - . . n t . U L t - r : \ an-1 r-s ii ................................ l-:l."iA. M e i b \ illt- a:nl H a r i r . i ' i M a i l f u r Yellow S j rintrs n r r i \ e ')'u«?y.Jnj-, Thursday ati'l Saturday iiiurui^t,'- Uut-s out ·uiuc- day in A. M. Painter of"\Vatcr. [Magazine of Art.] Mr. "Wyllie's present vessel is a yawl of nine tons register (seventeen yacht measurement), built at Boulogne. 8he is christened Ladybird, is elegant to look upon, and by no means unsnug to live in; but being of distinctly ''furrin build" she is chaffed as unmercifully as the boat with the omnibus. Flat-bottomed, with a center-board, and possessing wonderful steering power and very light draught, she can be run ashore literally anywhere--a sort of independence absolutely necessary to an artist to whom point of view is everything. So erratic is tho course which which Mr. AVyllie sietTsin search of points of view, so remote and (apparently) unapproachable the spots on which he grounds, that lie has built for himself quite a brilliant reputation as a daft and incapable navigator. " Kind-hearted tug commanders, with an eye to business when they sight t h e Ladybird helplessly stranded, spontaneously oiler to "take'her off" for the ridiculous sum of 5 pounds sterling, and cannot for the life of them understand the skipper's refusal to accept their aid, and I believe they end by regarding him as a lunatic adrift. In this craft for years Mr. "NVyllio has cruised in many waters; under all conditions of light and weather. Thanks to them lie lias learnt by heart tho lower Thames and it.- airluents. thanks to them, the channel, its coasts on both sides, and its sands and islands have become even as old friends: thanks to them, he has studied the Znder Zee in storm, and mist, and sunshine, and explored nearly every canal in Holland. C CLAUDENT. CtAVDENT, JUST RECEIVED. --ix-- GENTLEMEN'S 33 C It - AV Ii A. J THE CELEBRATED and Tyler "I'oo." [Ben: Terley Poore.] Gen. Harrison, when he was nominated by the Whigs at Harrisburg in 1840, as their candidate for president, was a tall, thin, careworn old gentleman, who had rotated from one office into another, and who was then clerk of tho Hamilton county (Ohio) court. His office was in Cincinnati, but IK; resided on his farm at North Bend, a few miles lower down on the Ohio river, in a two- tory house, a part of which was the original log cabin of pioneer days. This made Bailie Payton, o£ Tennessee, who curried to tho general tlie news of his nomination, say in u speech the next night at Cincinnati, that the "Whig candidate lived in a log cabin, with a latch-string never pulled in, a barrel of hard cider to treat hi.-, friends and coon skins nailed over the cracks in the wall to keep the wind away. This led to the erection of log cabins all over tlit country by the Whigs, w i t h sj eeches and songs. Some of the "Tippecanoo and Tyler too" glees, sting by trained voices, with large audiences to join in the chorus, were \\onderfuily effective. Clubs were formed, uniformed in homo- spun with gilt buttons bearing a log cabin, and a vast majority of the people became infected with Whig principles, singing occasionally: "Van, Van, ia a uacd-ui mun. NS*, T*. V. M., FOB YOCNG LADIES. THE ACADEMIC YEAll COMMENCES ON THE FIRST MONDAY IN SEPTEMBER. FOB CATALOGUE AND PARTICULARS ADDRESS. T Eil X M A It \ I. A N D C O M M E N C I N G S U N D A Frederick City, Md [7ICTOB LIVEU S1KUP. (Formula of Dr. P. D. Fahrncy.) Thte great Liver and Blood Kunovator Jias been used by ihe Drs. Fahrncy for tu-arly out- hundred years, in the form i ' f tea. It act* ti- rect upon t j i t - Liver ana Kidr.ey t h r o u g h tin- m e l i u i n o f the' blood. N o home is C " m p l , - r e wirhout It, score-- are te-tifyni^r-to HJ? w.mder- ful effeets in cur,n- r lisi a?t s onj.-ir at:nK f n . i u impure b l i K i d . t o r p . d Liver and disea-cd K id- nty^. Get a circular from y o u r meivhant. ^ti.d by a 1 ! medicine dealers. Price $1.00 per Lottie, 'ample bottle :i r et«. Victor Remedies To M ' f r s i Prop's. _ Froder.ek. M-l. "VTO MORE BAD BREAD, But tho Purest, Sweetest, whitest an1 moat N u t r i t i o u s w i l l be produced if you use the celebrated Passcr.g-er imin^ will leave HilU-n Statioa, tiuiore, n_- i 10:40 A.M.-- f e m p h i = and A t l a Wc-.~Ti:.;n.-'. i r.Nov VV i!i'..»or. L'aioA Bridge. HU.c lii '..-i-. . . «- :". n- tam. lltiwt i.-!' ···% n si'sd all pomM on Sheiiaiiu' tih ^ ' u . : y . Norfolk and Wt-«:i-r:i Ha-t '\\ ' r:i-*-t. Vir- Kin:a and G . " r a . M i Chark.-sT'-n Railrou i and their connections, a?'- I · a ' l y except S ^ u n d a v . r o r H a i i and po:nt-» on H. J.. A: G. tt. Cthroa^h cur.--j. DAILY. E X C E P T S U N SiOOA. M.-- Mail. For Hnnover bersMirjr. 5i. I j.^n-' u : p , Ha^ert- town. ^ illia:r.#port and interm** dmte S LATEST EFFECTS. PATENT PROCESS ROLLER FLOUR. Thi^ Flour i* pruaniuteed to produce peariy- wh.le, uutritiou-* bread an 1 wholesome rolU and biscuits- It i3 beyond q u e s t i o n the nn. t Flour manu- WtuivJ- s ? u l d b y L. M. HILDEBRAND, -- D E A L E K IN-All kinds of country produce, Flour, Feed, Tobacco, Cig-ar-:, c. 0:55 A. M.-- Accom. For Union Bridge intermediate station*. »:OO P. M.-- Aecom. FIT !U-:.-i-T*town f d o n and inti-rn.vd.ate sfitions. 4OOF. M -- Kzpre$v For Ar:ni»f:on. Mt. Plke«ville, owinirs' Mills. 9U Georyv's. G i y n d - i n . Fink*t.urg, Westminsicr. New Windsor. LiQ- wr«-Kl. rmoii Und»rc. and principal station* w c ^ t : :i'.^" liBnc- ver. Gettyl'-.:rK' and .station* On H. J. H. * ( · . U . K cars. Fre-lcr-ek T t i r . .ii^-h eart, i^bi.jrjr.Wa nvs\- TO. Chaia- r/ and Shippt- n-biir^r. 0.95 P. M. -- Acconiiiiodnt;- :i : - r F n and interme i i a ' - - - t f l - : 6:4OP. M.-- Aocom. Kor U " . . m Uria fc -e intermediate stai.uns. S U N D A Y T U A 1 N 8:45 A. M.-- Aeon:!,:!!.. l.i:i'n. U n i o n and i n T ' - r ' i i t l i a i c ^ 1O:4OA. 31.- Mi-n.p.- - a n . .I:.:.:.TH KlpreM, K.-^O .-~:i I': ci.-i :·-- a: . UT' r r.edt- H t e t r or;- o-, It X- ·'. v. Ttiancta 2:OO P. M.- Accommo '.UL!- n f"r ri,,..n HridK*, liar.- % t r , unJ iutur:i.e.l:a:« §t»» tions T R A I N S A U I U V E AT ItlT.I-EX. DmllT-- U,.v A. M. D . i:y. "X ep- -Jun-'.ftT-TJi ".'"i, 11. '-V A. M.. · 1"., "i v. «:i i O."«o 1'. M. Sundays at v.v A. M. .·'."" 1'. M. Ti 'ket and t-ac^VL- ffice. 1 Xi «! Ba!tlmei« street. Ail trains s t ' - p .it U n i o n IVT"". Avenue und F n l t n S t i r ; . " , - J. M. IH ' « ! . Oeneni! B. H. G l i I r i W i L : » . t ! e n TENNSYLVANIA KAIL11OAD. --AT -- MABKKt-fS, MAJLIKKLL'S MAKKKLL'S, MARKEI/L'S, MAliKKLt'S. COR. PATHICK AND COURT ST. LINIMENT. (Formula of Dr. P. D. Fahrney.) The RTeat NTVC and Ilone rcnn cly. For external use Is Kin* overall Paina for Mnn or Iteftatand for removing Calloiw (or hard) lumpn It en rm Hheumatl^m. NtMiralg'ia, HtJff.Jointa, LumbiiK", r routed Feet, Hums, Corns, Ac. 1'rlcc ar» and M els. |er l»ottlo. Victor HemoilloB Co., M'f'rt A Prop's, , .. Frwlcriva. Md. 109 West Patrick St., Frederick. Md, rpO THE PCBL.IC. After sixteen years of successful experience In th« livery business, I come to the front with finer stock and a larger amount of vehicles of different kinds, and In fact "^ EVERYTHING IN THB WAT OF LIVERY thai can be found In Western Maryland. I mean Just what I say, and I ask tho public to come and ex.or.ainc for themselves. O. B. MEALET. t . f ? \ V K F K F t i F . H t r K AS Bait:UK,re [.with ut'! HHK- erstown. Kir.!;,.r-' unr. Shei «n- donh Valley R H. an 1 way stations e.i.-t aii ! «- ( -t. n t b - - W. M. H. R. ftii'l I'l-anv'.r;*. H in vt-r, York. C ' l h i i n l in. L*iien -'IT, P h i adelphia. Si w Y rl:. ll!iri-:.-bi..r(.', PittsMirkf i\n«l ' h - ·wi-st -.10 A.'l Baltimore, llaijxr.-tnu"!. r.!ii:n.!t-- H a n o M r . Vcrk. (.'nl-.imliia, '. rit!sl'i:tv, tl'.r- wt ·.;, a"d Way .-'tnt'-ns i-a-: u;i 1 ux st i.n W. M. tt, R. and braui.hi .* 5.30 F. l A H n i V A T . 3 . Baltimorf, TTnp' % rst'^vn. Fmir.It^- bur£. HaiTi. »l'i;iv. r u l u u i ' M i i Ym-k, H a u u v t - r . P h ' l a l i - l p h . u r l h a r i ' l w«'-t. This t : « A- *· , I ' l i l l i t i l i 1 ph"i, r^'iin-ft-ter, i, a n i l all p.i.nt-* n i r i l i . -ii!*t atvl west, aiul H i i l t - i i i o r i ' ( « chantfo:) also from Hatn r s t o w n and all p o i n t s cm t l i e W e s t e land and Shi.'naiu!"uh V a l l e j - llail^ roads T.lfl f - *·- For t i c k e t s and f u l l i n f u r n *t tho office of 1h' roinp.iny. eornor »»·«* Church and Fjvst streets. T u - k e t s s=oi-l p r t n c i i / u l p o i n t s . Kates a^ Line. Timcjflvcn is Eastern Stanilnrd or 75th mer- M i a n time. OIIA3. E. PUOII, J. H. WOOD. General Mtt.uijfcr. G e n u i u l 1'asa. T. S. EADEH, Artificial Teeth InserTed without plate, and treatment of diseased Teeth a specialty. OFFICB.--No. 8 South Market Street, OTW °ft, rrou ^ Steel's Druir Store, Frederick, Md. Telephone connection. 1«iadtf. T\ O YOU KNOW THAT PLUG TOBACCO With Rod Tin TAP, Ro«e fy*t»f Fine Cut Chow 1np;N»vy ClipiHiiK"? and Illiu'k, llrown and i Yellow MimfT* are the bcotand chenpe-it, quality considered? THE KEV.UKO. Jl.THAYER,of Ikuir- bon, Iiul., nays : " niynolf and wife ow« our lives to tilTI LOU'S CONSUMPTION CUKE." 8okl by Williamson A O. It. It. B. Accommodafirtn for llnltirnoro. daily. -5.00 Aocommodiition for B a l t i m o r e ........ ! 0 A. ». Washington A e e o n i m r d a t i o n .......... HaKerstown, Winchester, Piedmont and l he West ............................ MI A. *. Way stations, west ..................... 10.55 A. M. Mall train for Baltimore ............ ...l«.*. r r- «- Balto. Washing-ton and Way S«itions..4.20 Baltimore and Washington ............. 5.25 P. Hafferitowa Winchester and the WwUiJO P. Wlnohoflter Accommodation ........... *-W A. tlmore Mail Train .................. 10. IS A. ·. r Stations, Hast ami West .......... 11.30A.M. .imoro [without chanKe], Washington nnd way stations on main line, Sundays only .................. I'- 4 * *· ·· Matl train from the West ............... 1.23P.M. Balto. Annapolis and Way Stations... .a.52 Baltimore... ............. . ............... 7.00 p. *- Waahln»rt«n .............................. 7-ftti p. H. Baltlmor* Accommod.-\!lon .......... ..J..'W P. *- Martinsbiirg and way station* ......... ; " - BP^5.00 a. m., and 4.1,') p. m.. trnln!« for nor*, dally (without change): other axoept Buodaj. iNEWSPAFERr SlEWSFAPERl

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