Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 13, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 13, 1946
Page 4
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813*Mi^lC««w»W|Mfl«fl2*M«iw*t^rt^*^^a,%'j t ^~^^^^r Wednesday, March 13,1946 HOPE STA R, HOPi,J«ARK ANSAS By Chick Young C3e went for his gun then, but I was expecting it. DID HE TELL YOU THAT I WAS SUP POSED TO BE DUMPED, DEAD, ON A STREfT CORNER AT 2:30 ANDTHAT'SWHV 'S HERE, TO ESTABLISH HIS ALIB/ ? ITS RJNNV HOW LITTLE AOMIR6 THE LITTLE eov WHO CAN WALK ON HIS HANDS OH.<3QLLV WHAT A MAN! JUST SCREAMED AND OUT OF THE ROOM C NO...ANC? IF HE WERE ACCOMPLICE WHO ESCAPED THE POLICE TRAPi WHV WAS ME NEVER SEEN A&AlN COPS HAD NO P&SCRIPTION OF HIW $0 HE PICWT HAVE TO HIDE.',.. AND WHV THE FUNERAL FOR. HIM HERE, A WEEK OR SO LATER '. 8V REFUSING TO BELIEVE ANV FACTS THA'T CONFLICTED WITH (HAL'5 THEORV.I FISUREP HIS MURDER PROVEP HE WAS RIGHT? mi6 INTEResr IN JEROME BLEEKE3 GRAVE CONVINCED ME THAT JEROME WAS OHE OF THE 3 MEN INV0LVEP IN THEKIDNAPlNS! H£ WASN'T ' TALL ENOU6H TO BE JM.KIE! I BUT IP JEROWE HAD BEEN THE OTHER. ACCOMPLICE , THE ONE KILLED AND NEVER IDENTIFIED- AND IF I ACCEPTED HAL'S STORV INSTEAD 0' l/ALK£, THIN&S 8£<SAN TO MAK& SENSE • By Galbraith MODE8T MAIDENS ME SCARED OF TEETH-PULL MAN--YOU NOT MAKE ME GO, ME TELL >OU WH£l?e THIS VALLEY OP HEAT... ,VE HAVEN'T .... LE TO LOCATE BLINKlE OR AND AMSS HART SEARCH PLANE..IT'S WOKTH A TS*Y/ 1VHAT HAVE WE GOT TO U05E--- HE A\AY BE OM THE UES'EU/ TALE...WV TRIBE KNOW OP THIS ^^X IM A FOOL PLACE YOU ]/ gur ^ THINK SEEK .' ^7 YOU'RE TELLING THE TRlTH ESKIE HIT THl£ KKlMO TOO HARP, WHEN HE TRIEP TO TAKE THE CONTROLS- —HE'S SFOUTINS PERFUME|OO i ABOUT "WE LOST VALLEX... SORRY-HENRY/ WE'RE PLAYING TABLE TENNIS/ r "This one will really get yourjnan.Jt's chloro-- form!"' Cp|«. 19« BtJlJEA SERVICE?INC; T. M. REC."U.-S. PAT. OFF. "Yeah, 1 hear •sp ; r,many^iirg'imienls and see *o many picket lines an%Beptile;: v lighting over "shortages, I'm going to rc-enljst^-4'waa. little peace and security'." - • , „*_ By Hershberger Freckles and His Friends By Blosser going ?unnv Business SO WEVE DECIDED , , v^~^, , TO PAY FOR TMF / IT, LARO / RECORDS SO WE /I DIDN'T CAM GET OUT FROM UNDER. JUNIOR'S AND HECTOR'S , EXTORTiOM / ---AMD IHAT5 OUR. STORY. • VOGEL . \VE BUSTED AN ALBUM OF MR-S-YOGEL'S MOT RECORD- : INGS. AND THE TROUBLE STARTeD .n nciiTi nmcvrn 3-13 ANOEnOOH LIKE TMEM ; YOU ME A FAVOI?. BREAKING TMEM/ T'^^^^i., i. ?'/,'•*/ ^s/-^ a ?.'• OH. BOY---we've BEEN LIBERATED/ .^'^.'{'-''^V WHY, ONE TIME DURING AM A5MY RAOASTEST, T BE TH'OL'BOYHAD A PEGULAC^Nf--SHIPPED 'IM RIGHT^' NO ^V,WM WHEE OF A TIME FIGHTIN' X FMCK H^CE THEY VALLEYPARTY : LO ^SIO_ETHEM CHINA : BOY ^DiD/7f i3kE foy WOULD BE BRO,K.E POOR f COMPLETE WITH OO,7'S HEART M OUT HIM AND THE GIRL/ , DANG5D IF H= DIDN'T GET JET- PRG?cL.L5D PLUMB OVE TO CHINA ONLY UNCLE WOULDN'T H . . . '"^he seal trainer is short of tees again!" peye • /*',<'». -jrA*^ rr»" *•• Thimble Theater (LIKE HECI<i > WILL!? HE THINKS HE KIN MARRV HER VVIT'OUT CONSENT ff , Q ANT CHOCOLATE ON YER IF YA'LL GIVE POPEYE A EXTER KICK IN'A PANTS ?/ KOLIVE is AGAINST Of VteS.'&Vi'O'O fOR 07 CO-vf ^S.'. W.JT. f M. RgQ. U. B. fAT. Off By J. R, Williams Our Boarding House With Major Hoople ^HUH/^OTHW '\ HftLF-Pll^T 60R\6 DIVORCE/ I STARTED OUT TO MAKE' A GENTLEMAM OF HIM, AMD THERE'S ABOUT 3O KIMDS O GEMTLEMEM — GOSH, 1 HOPE SHE DOM'T MEAM IT WAS A REGULAR RIOT, MA'AM-- TWEKJTY " HAS A EAVE-- ME TO VvSORK SOfAE 6CRE.V^Y FRACTIONS 01^ THE 80ARO 60 1 L6T LOOSE, AND OLD PETEY CHARGED RIG1AT AT A M£Vd H\GH-3UN\P s-Srr* RECOKD/ ? BIRD WHO 6TOLE 4, MV MOOSE/ GOOD evjeR.y? \MOMDER IP RELISH IhiOUR'DOMB'^ A FEW 6H.O6 «OOAA/ , . PENCIL. .LKJEVEK. CIVE \ ALL O' THENV- ! STUFF?:; \ 'UP-OKJ AMYTHIMG V PORE SUGAR/ L I'VE STARTED.' ^ ^ HIS STENM/ 1RAPPER LUKE KILLED\ LEFTT TO KEEP Hir\ ) FROr\ C5E1Tir^G THAT / SATCHEL OF STOLEN rNOl^ET f * IMII !••! ^ vk'-fe'eof'TH VGU$ toM^D T'KILL REMEttBER THE E^PTY V SHELL LITUE BEAMER fOUMD? 1 THINK WE CAt$ PROVE IT CAME FROfN WHO KILLED VIEFTT.BUIHE LEFTt HANKS' W> DIDNs'T HUH?) 1RAPPER LUKE'5 <•&& Wednesday, March 13,1946 HOPE STAR, HOPI, ARKANSAS Page Five Orient Really Feeling Urge Democracy 'Guinea Pig' Death tor Ship That Never Fought Philadelphia, March \'l — (/T) — bert McLean, president of the Bnlliulelphin Kvoninu Hullclin and J.e Associated I'ross. declared to-! uay thai a dyliamk- new force — n sin-King lido of renewed admiration for the strength 'that flows from democracy — is at work in the Far East. Tliis Mew force, .said the publisher who has just relumed Irom U 20,000-mile lour of the Orient, is helping to bring about miracles of it-'-il progress. cLean, together with Benjamin lUcKclway, associate editor of the ;.\Vashington Star, and Norman Chandler, publisher of the Los Ari- ;geles Times, toured the Orient at the invilalion of the secretaries of ithe army and navv. Y Particularly in "China, McLean 'asserted, reawakened admiration 'for democracy has become a vital factor in Far Eastern Affairs. Gen• cral George C. Marshall ;mrl other 'American military leaders have •.'h,(Jped shape stable foundations for r;|mocralic governments Unit '"should assure lasting peace in the Orient." McLean said thai General Dougl(.s MacArthur, supreme Allied "commander in Japan, is finding himself something of a Japanese hero. "When he leaves his office for luncheon," ho stated, "he invariably meets a crowd of several hundred or thousand people who ioften have waited for hours just to see him walk to his car. lie drives past without a glance. • ' '/'The legend even has .sprung up among them thai MacArthur 1 s mother was Japanese — which explains, of course, to the Japanese mind, how lie could conquer them." In China, McLean said lie 'ound everywhere "grave concern over the possibility of increased Rus- .sian infiltration" into Maiu-'uiria, Korea and the-'area in northern .China where Chinese Communists have control. ''jThe fur designated as "mar- wink," popular in the manufacture of ladies' coats, is mink- dyed muskrat <musquash> fur. If light colored slm-i.-u-.s ^ put away for next summer, tiiey should be rinsed out a ic\v ii,,i_., during the winter. R RI TAT 10 MS OF EXTERNAL CAUSE Eczema, ncno pimploa, simple rinRwnnn, teller, unit rheum, humps (blaoklicacls), id uply brukon-out skin. Millions re- }>vo itching, burning and soreness of t hese miseries with t liio simple, home trcnt- inent. Blnck and \Vhito Ointment, goes to work utonco. Aids hculini;. works'Iho nnUsvptia wny. 25 yeara success. Klo, '2i>c, (Mo sizes. Pin-ciiaao price refunded if you'ro not satisfied. Uses only as directed. Vital in cleansing in Rood snap. Enjoy Black and White Kkiu Soap daily. The Jap light cruiser Sakawa is pictured above at navnl base in Japan being stripped for its rote MS target iii the U. S. Army-Navy atomic bomb tests in May. The 10,000-ton vessel Was commissioned in Nove nbcr. 1044, last whip of tlic Af'nno class to bo built in Japan. It ipent the remainder of war in hiding and never saw action. Photo by Tom Shafer, NEA-Acme correspondent. U. S. S. Arkansas Might Be Memorial If Bomb Misses It Helena, March 12—(UP)—No matter what they think of the alomic age, and especially Ihe atomic bomb, people of Arkansas have a strange hope that tho "crossroads" operation turns inlo a fi/.zlc. flop. W. F. Norrcl lias written a group of Arkansas young men's business clubs that the navy may offer the battleship Arkansas to the stale—if il survives Ihc alomic bomb lest at Bikini atoll. "We may be able lo gel il" as « slate memorial, Norrcl wrote, although the jjavy doesn't think the ship will be of use as a memorial after the meeting at the crossroads. Puts Car on 'Chain Gang' Beryl Helms, of Hartford Cily, Incl., driving through Muncie, failed to make a curve, ran up on the sidewalk, killed a bystander, and crashed inlo the house of Frank Douglas. The irate Douglas chained the car to his house, as seen above, until he could collect damages. Strange Explosion in Sky Believed Blast by Meteor Bradford, Pa., March 12 —(/TV— Citizens today pondered the cause of a forceful explosion in the skies about lw» miles east of Ihis petroleum producing city of 10,000. The consensus afler il was learned there had been no ponder mill or oil well explosions was thai a melcor had disintegrated. The explosion occurred about 8:52 p. m., rocked buildings in a 10-mile radius, and left behind a gray smoke, a sulphur- Two Furloughs Are Granted Union Co. Men by Gov. Laney Little Rock, March 12—(/!>)—Governor Lancy today grunted furloughs to: L. F. Carey, sentenced to three years for burglary and grand larceny in Union county, October, 1045 — furlough 90 clays. C. J. Tuberville. sentenced lo one year for false pretense in Union county, November, 1945 —30 days. French Push Their Case Against Spain Washington, March 12 —W'j— Franco is expected shortly to submit fresh evidence on Spain to this country in a renewed bid Tor American support in carrying-the case against Generalissimo Franco, lo UNO's security, council. The original French : proposal drew a formal rejection from the United States, which • thereby broadened the ' split 'aifiong .the permanent Big Five nicmb.crs .ot the security council. Russia:, .has sided with. France in agreeing tha the United Nations agency'- phoiald be given a complaint against'Er'&'n- co, while the United States', and Britain arc opposeci. -China, has taken no stand.' . ••'. • '. . . ... "' The incident' is the .latest..'in: a long scries involving Soyiet-Arheri can relations and bringing to ligh sharp difference in their approach cs lo critical world 'problems. ;• On another of the diplomatic fronts involving -the United Stale and Russia, the ."State Departmen yesterday made public a nolo ;d£hy ing Russian contentions, that/^'lh United States was trying to' play,, lone hand in influencing the ,pi a k up of the Bulgarian government.' Also last night the dcparirhdn released the text of its : note t France on Spain., This communica lion, however, left the way ope for reeonsideraliqn of the Arnc.r can position provided there: is'lie evidence on which to base a cas against Franco in the .. securil Bread making is one of the .mos ancicnl of human arls. France closed Ihe Spanish fronlici recently Franco reinforced his frontier military units. The French argue that thcs lings are evidence of a mcnac international peace and sccuri ous odor and some particles which resembled fused metal. council. Diplomatic officials familiar.wi' the French view, say Paris ma seek to shosv: . • ; First that with approximately 2 Franco has the largest army in r 000,000 men under arms in Spai lation to population of any count in Europe today, and d, that Seconc about the tim YOU ARE THE RED CROSS! X/OU, through j'out local •*• chaj)ter,mnkcupossible for the Kcd cross to help our servicemen, veterans and our own here at home. Give today! YOUR RED CROSS MOST CARRY OK! GIVt! Joan Crawford to Divorce Her Third Husband, P. Terry Hollywod, Murch 12 — (UP) — Joan Crawford .who won an academy award for lic:r acting in a story of divorce, started proceedings today to' divorce her Ihirc husband, Actur Philip Terry. Miss Crawford, whose coronatioi last week ,us best actress of 1945 marked her second climb to movie heights, said she would charge mentiil cruelly. She and Terry, a featured play- _r, separated last December, end- rig a marriage the movie colony bought was one of its happiest. Professional jealousy was be- ieved to have been a factor in the separation. Miss Crawford and Perry, who has not even been rumored interested in anyone else, surprised Hollywood with Uieh- marriage July 21, 1D42. Neither was a rnovie favorite then. Terry is 37 and Miss Crawford is 38." -— o Never wash shucked oysters as it may mean the loss of fine flavor. GOOD FOOD 15,ESSENTIAL TO GOOD HEALTH We Specialize im, . • f,'./. . r ^ -Hi/.. ••fwf-'&'.V • Choice Steaks • Chicken ^ • Veal Cutlets . • Fancy Salads GOOD COFFEE AND SOFT DRINKS AT ALL.TIMES DIAMOND CAFE " HERMAN SMITH, Owner Phono 822 Hope, Ark. New circuits to cony the load on Long Distance In 1938 there were a. little less tiaan 3 million long distance calls every day in the United States. In 1942 . there were 4 million. Now, more than 5j/£ million calls crowd the wires every 24 hours. i Some of these calls are delayed, but building and installation of new circuits and equipment (held up by the war) is beginning now to catch up with the increased volume of calls. Delayed calls will become fewer as this new equipment begins its job of bringing you better and faster long distance service. SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY } SAM MORRIS f The Voice of Temperance HEAR HIM! The Voice of Temperance A recent survey numbers his radio listeners over 3,000,000 SAM MORRIS The Voice of Temperanci HEAR HIM IN PERSON 7:30 P, ^^^•^^^••••^•^H WILL YOU SELL Principles.. for Profit Tears for Taxes Virtue for Votes Souls for. Selfishness Godliness. Jor Greed Influence .. for Iniquity IF YOU WONT YOU'LL OPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE TWO BIG DATES FRIDAY, MARCH 15 MONDAY, MARCH 18 7:30 P.M. HEAR THESE ME MR. C. C. COULTER, Supt.y Arkansas Anti-Saloon League 7:3QP,M.Jhur$day,March14- Washington Methodist Church 11A.M., Sunday, March 17- First Methodist Church, Hope 7:3(31 P.M., Sunday, March 17- ftrst Baptist Church, Hope Talented Young Minister of Hot Springs II A. M., Sunday, March 17- Hope Gospel tabernacle 3 P.M., Sunday, March 17- Methodist Church, SpringhiJI 7:30 .PM., Sunday, March 17- Union Church, Fulton A QUESTIOH SUPPOSE — Hempsteod County got all the tax revenue from liquor sales (Actually get only a small part of total) SUPPOSE — A Hempstead County child should be killed as a direct result of the use of beverage alcohol. (It can happen here) That wouldn't make any difference, would it, Mr. Wet, so long as the child was not yours. BUT SUPPOSE it was yours. (It could be, you know) —Paid Political Adv.

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