The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 16, 1895 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 16, 1895
Page 1
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^V^pS?** 4 ''';; ''••*'••'••—""ESTABLISHED 1865, AMOKA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 16, 1805, VOL, XX1X-SO.-4B. Canned Goods *is our theme and our leader THIS WEEK See our line of choice CaKfor- ia fruits at 10 cents per can, •Nice, fresh goods. Special Prices -on Blankets, Quilts, and Cloaks, This Week, at Galbraith & Co.'s. G-o to the new firm of Patterson & Son, When in need of something nice for the tabje. We have on hand a new line of Canned Gooes, Dried Fruits, Crackers and .Choice Cream Candies. We have just opend up Qur Christmas Goods. Call ,and look over our complete line 01 Lamps, Water Bets, Giassware, Queens- w^rVetc, Try a sack of our New York Buckwheat Flour, warranted pur© or the money yefa&ded, Butter and eggs wanted at the highest market price, v PATTERSON & (SON. >'.' i»y yowr Boot? and Shoes at the^ BROWNELL & ALLRED BH SHOE HOUSE, par s <Vf/^' '- <' ies; Misses' W§ invite Gompsris in Quality, IS A TRAVESTY ON JUSTICE Thus faith the Versatile Ah Adtttus Atoeht the Postmaster's Appoint* nient at Humboidt, And He Indulges iti Soto^ Sarcastic arid fcetnartts—Oth* er Northwest News. his locks and given htm afl opportunity to display his ability. Judge QuaMoh has Mr. Greet- for his reporter, who is said to be obe of tho best. The Iron has been jabbed into Al. Adams' democratic soul again, A hew postmaster lias been appointed at Humboldt by Grover, and Ah says "no greater travesty Jon justice and fairness was ever perpetrated." Al, first was forced to grieve when he started out prove that the administration was friendly to the old soldiers, and asked for a pension for disabilities no one questions. The pension did not come. Then on the heels of that the congressional convention met and nominated Mr. Baker, who had been denouncing the democrats with vigor. Then to make the populUtic dose stronger the judicial convention nominated Mr. Cohoon against Al's earnest protest. And now a postmaster caps the climax, who, if reports are true, does not at all represent local preference. This ought to be enough, but it seems that there is more ,to it than this bare announcement conveys. For it seems that Mr. Peck, the lucky man, has filed affidavits in Washington reflecting on Al's character. Al. says in the Independent that " it transpires that there have been affidavits or statements filed in the department reflecting on the integrity or character of nearly every reputable democrat In Humboldt or in the country near Humboldt. The funny thing of it is that they affect all known aspirants for the appointment of postmaster except one; and some others who have never been, nor ever dreamed of being candidates for the place. Mr. Leon Hack, who- has lately become a candidate, is feeling the iron in his soul because the charges are entirely untrue and are the lowest sort 'of falsehoods. Even the editor of this paper lias been posted in Washington, though for what reason it is hard even to guess." We notice that Al. is on the pro- ramme at the coming Nevada meeting of the Upper Des Moines editors. How would it be for him to discuss, " How Much Can a Man Stand and Vote the Ticket?" _ State Agricultural Meeting. J. W. Wadsworth ^attended the annual state fair meeting last week in Des Moines, was on the committee on credentials, and was retained as assistant in the department of privileges, John A. Evans was re-elected president and P. L, Fowler secretary. It seems that the term of B. J, Johnson of Humboldt did not close this year and so no new director was chosen in this section. The finances of the fair association occupied the biggest share of attention. was decided to have Des Moines take hold of the next fair or 'else not hold one this year. The directors :have full authority to decide. The plan suggested was that , adopted in Nebraska where Lincoln takes 20,000 tickets as a guarantee, Des Moines "has a big stake in this fair. If it will do What it should a fair will be held. But it will not be held to be used simply to gather a crowd for Des Moines' races, circuses, and other down town attractions, on reduced railway rates, Should Keep Awake. Laying aside all jokes about the Belmond extension Algona should keep an eye on the survey now begun by the Alden company. At first the survey was to run frpm Alden to Clarion and from Clarion to Britt, But it has been announced later that the aim is to go 'ronv Clarion to Sioux Falls, Some •oad is likely to be built into the northwest from Belmond, and BrjU will be actively in the field for it, while Sioux Ity is said to have its eye 'on the line icping to have }t run further south, istherville will join Algona in getting ibe line originally proposed fpp the Iowa Central, and there is no doubt 'hat it is the most feasible that is sug. ?e§te4, It is the direct extension from 3el«ond to the northwest, opens a good territory, and strikes good towns, CQF- with should look out also, for it will be eft if the rpa<3 should go either side of The Bejmpn extension become a serious matter the, cpm|pg season, __„„ Jugge QuerlQB »f PopabRptag, Record; Judge Quartern meets the pectations of his friends in capacity and pniy words of heard from the attorneys and those haying bugjneas, la hie court, He is jideved o,n§ of the h@jt reaji lawyers this eeeUoja afld bis quiet 4Jgn% the highest respect. The judicial dj&tejat |a# ever Cettte* Wlii Help fifltt, The Buffalo Center people have an eye oh the new road from diarlori and will get it if it goes iti Britt. The Tfi' bune says: Our people are not given, however, to indulgence in the amuse* merit of building paper railroads. They expect that some day in the future the road in Hat-din county of which this road is a proposed extension, will come north and west to some point in Minnesota. Be it near or far, when that time does come, they propose to have it come this way, if possible. And we believe it is possible. Facts About Emuietsburg Leak Out, Osage News: While on his trip to Wisconsin-Mr. Schofleld fell in with a man from Emmetsburg, lowu, who told him that ..times are very close out there, many people not having the necessaries of life owing to drouth and the cyclone, But the town supports seven saloons which pay $1,000 apiece and do it so well that another Is about to start in. ____ Some Creamery HcturiiB. Burt Monitor: Tributary to Burt we have three creameries besides the Burt creamery, viz: The Fenton creamery, the Lone Bock creamery and Buffalo Fork creamery. It is safe to estimate that the yearly income of these four creameries will aggregate nearly $60,000.00.. _ Cleverly CnuKut Burglars. Some burglars were caught at Humboldt because it began to snow while they were in the store and they could not hide their tracks In leaving. THE S. TJ. I. BANQUET. State University Students will Feast Thursday' Evening, Jan. 3d— Pres- dent SchaeOer to bo With Them. Arrangements are completed for the, banquet to be'given by the students of the Iowa State University. Clarke's hall will be the scene of festivities, and President Schaeffer of the university has definitely arranged to be present. If Thursday evening, Jan. 24, the passers by hear: „ "Haw. Haw, Hawk, HI, HI, HI, Hawkeyel Hawkeyel S. U. I." as though a band of Com manche Indians were in town,' they need not be surprised. ! The banquet opens at 8 o'clock and the following toasta, limited strict- to five minutes, are on the programme: Our Alma Mater ,.,,.... Jessamine Jones The Law Department .Geo. R. Cloud The Dental Department A. L. Hist Tho Medical Department J. M. Pride The Homeopaths....... ..F. L. Trlbon The Undergraduate M, J. Kenedck How to Reform Law Elections....... B. Mayne How to Preserve Johnson County Apples ;B. B.Butler Should Students-Celebrate Halloween?........ ,.,., J. T. Chrlschllles Political Bonnres. 0. B. Matson How I Became "Ladles'Man," ......B. F. Heed Cook and His Bee Tree. O. B. Hutchlns Co-Bducatlon Cornelia Ingham Can Doctors be Fooled ? . J, W. Hinchon Narodnl Sin, .; , J. W. Sullivan Harvey Ingham, ToastmoBter, A song is being written for the occa- Miss Jones, i THE Des Moines Twice-a*week News has cut its price in two and is sent to any address for 50 cents a year. The News is a first-class Iowa journal, 'published every Monday and Thursday evening, and gives much fresher news and markets than the weeklies. The Daily News is $4 a year or f 1 for three months. This paper will receive subscriptions for either edition, or they can be sent at the above rate directly to the Des Moines News Co., Publish* era, Des Moines, Iowa. that BY special arrangement we are able to offer the Council Bluffs Weekly Non» pareil and TH® UPPER PBS Momps one year for $1,85, The Nonpareil is the oldest daily and weekly in Iowa, and is metropolitan in every respect. Sample copies may be seen at this office, and no paper in the state gives such a large volume of interesting Iowa news as the Nonpareil does, All FREE. Those who have used Dr. King's New Discovery know its value, and those who have not nave now the opportunity to try it free, Call on the advertised druggist and get a trial bottle, free. Send your name and address to H, E. Bucklen & Co., Chicago, and Ret a sample box of J)r, King's New Life PUle, free, as well as a copy of Guide to Health and Household Instructor, free. AH of which ie guaranteed to do you good and cost you nothing, Bold at It, A. Sheets' drug, atore. 4 Send your address to H. E. Bucklen & Co,, Chicago, and Bet a free sample box of Pr, King's tfew Wfe PJlls. A trial will convince you of their merits. These pills we easy }n aotlpn an$ aye particijlarly at- fegtlyetatbecure, of ron*tlp»tipn and sick besflaphe, FCF walnvla and liver trouble they have prpyea, tayalUBbl?, They are aranteed ^ he perfectly free from every etep{ou8 suhatasce aaa to be pvjreJy vsg- Good FOE . , . TO EAT Are found at our store. We keep The Best Goods—•*- that we can buy. Come and see us. That will convince you of what we say. Langdon &* Hudson. That our assortment of . . HOSIERY is complete in every detail, and that we are now offering qualities that in former years brought Double the Price- now asked. Do not forget that they are Reliable, Absolutely Stainless, and Wear Their Money's Worth. The Grange Store. Broken Lots and "Odd Pairs at special prices. Hustle! to. Drug *r •>"> t'A// r i-'-^i J* '.»?!» J*S Ask for Snowatilla, Only 25c, Block; Advantages gained by trading here., I mention a few of them. A Large Stock, Choice Assortment Reliable Goods, Reasonable Prices, Prompt Delivery of Goods, Call and be convinced, FARM LOAN I f 11 • I W II& ' 9*im^# i »I K, Haviog swed t^e ageiM^ of lh§ w^'iV-V' - f t 1 1 •* YkS'SiUs

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