The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 9, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 9, 1895
Page 5
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-' " "' v '"' '• MOlNESi ALSQSi IOWA fj, 1MR. f^ BE IK IT. Seed is Made Cofttffesstaftfi is Stif6 to Be W the Switn, Inntjeftee that in Public Life, <*M* ^v SET-..;,. .-?»*' £•• • X i Jan. 2,—Ndw that ex- 1 Speaker Keed is being assured by all hattds that he stands a good show of be- eotilitig president his friendship for the brilliant Congressman bolitver of Iowa ffiust increase. But for the young Iowa Statesman it is Very doubtful, according to the New York Advertiser, if Mr. Reed would nOw be in public life, let alone a presidential possibility. Toward the end of Mr. Reed's term as Speaker he had fully decided to retire ffbttt public life. He discovered a plan had been formed by the lending republican congressmen from the west to make Julius Caasar Burrows the speaker of the Fifty-second congress if the republicans controlled it. This was just previous to the time that Ml*. Reed's nottlJnntvng convention was to be held. Mr. Reed heard of the plot. He also wns very angry because President Harrison had appointed some of Reed's enemies to places in Portland, '.the home of the speaker. The speaker .decided that he would retire from congress and accept one of two very fine offers to practice law in either New York or Boston. It is satd that he hud gone so far as to prepare a letter in which he declined to stand for a ro- nomination. Dolliver, who was a great friend of the Maine man as well as standing in with his western associates, learned of Mr. Reed's intentions. He determined to prevent them from being carried into execution. He arranged and gave a dinner to Mr. Reed, and had Cannon, Henderson, Burrows, and the other western republican leaders present. After the dinner was well along and everyone' was in good spirits Dolliver said that he had heard of Mr. Reed's intentions to leave congress. The speaker said such was the case and Gannon, Burrows and all the rest protested. They pledged their friendship to him and begged him to remain. Finally he promised to comply with their wishes and allow himself to be renominated. Young on tlio Situation. Capital: There is said to bo a very •warm friendship between Tom Reed of. .Maine and Dolliver of Iowa. Reed has a great admiration for Jonathan'' and Jonathan has a great admiration for Thomas. They often 'lunch together, .walk together and smoke together. If they were not both from prohibition states and one a Methodist and the other a Presbyterian, it might be guessed that they would take a Thomas and Jeremiah to ward off "malaria," which is so troublesome at Washington. But they don't do that. They are •great.boys, and it is fortunate that they love each other and are not jealous. Dollivor SponltB In Boston. J. P. Dolliver was one of five speak"„ 'era'.before tho Boston chamber of commerce banquet. The currency question was the topic. Dolliver said in part: It-is not necessary to discuss tho wisdom of the changes proposed. Even the sudden approach of the millenium would paralyze trade; at least till people got time to see what a genuine millenium looked like, and of course a bogus millenium, looking more like the crfKik of doom than the dawn of a per- feet day, would operate even worse. Give us back the prosperity of 1892, and the American people will go joyously on their way without any further suggestions from the secretary of the treasury. Take the badges of" idleness and poverty from the working people of the United States and they will "manage to get on even without receiving the blessings of life on the Baltimore plan, Money. I have unlimited money to loan on long or short time. B. w, HAGGARD. WE make a specialty of collections. Cloud & Haggard. LAPiES who have two or three hours' leisure each day can make money by assisting me in my business. Address Mrs. Susie L, Raymond, Algona, Iowa, Box 67.-33m3 , you go to California purchase an accident policy in the United tes Mutual Accident association of &york, Oui- F, I. P,-tbe most ral, simple, and best policy issued, L, Donahoo, general agent, Algona, fi . fov f£'*'''r, , $, weJWmproved farm near to rail- 4^-'?," poad town in JCossutK county is for pent ivV '•* fop one or raore years to n, responsible ' > ptfpty, Apply to .v-' S : v >- ' • • LUND & RYAN, •ff'i. ' ' " V 42.ts , Algona, Iowa. ,' MJSS KATE SMITH will give a con. cert, instrumental and vocal, at Burt, on Friday eveping, Jan, 11, assisted by class. ai}d looa.1 talent, • v p, JL,. SJggJe has removed his harness ,;b|j8ipe,88 to, the old F» S, Stowgrh stand "lajfljy Qpfiu.piefl by jno, Grove, where -fee ^IH be gjad tQ see his olfl Qustomer-s • 'AWE* parHes owing me'9& call ' asri settle at once, ftfrtbe Qpera Joseph , Grocery . i, H. 0, Mct3<t? vice jSi*es!tiefit« J. fi. Sill of Wesley; secfe- taf^i J ( P. Lftdssy bf Lu Verne; treflS- 0. B. Patil of Whitteffibfe. Aft discussion of appendicitis by a paper read by Dr. Pride, afid other valuable work was donfit tit. Gaffield was uhable to de- liVef afi addf-eSS 6ii retiring from the presidency ofi account of the sickness of Mrs. Qaf Held. ALLEN is doing horse shoeing at Bradley & Nicoulihs shop. Plenty of moHey how for all appli* cants at the Kosfeuth County State bank, for real estate loahs at lowest rates. Money paid at once Oil completion of the papers. Notice. Notice is hereby given to all persons hot to trust my adopted .sort, Arthur Priend, on my account, as I will not be responsible for not 1 pay any bills of his contracting. JOSEPH A. HABEGAR. Tiny. I am selling all grades of baled hay, in any quantity from a bale to a cat 1 ' load, at very low prices. It will pay you to see me when you are in need of hay. Free delivery. Leave orders at Boals' cigar store." Hay barn next to Norton's livery barn. 42t» H. B. MASON. THE CITY CIRCUIT. C. D. Creed will move to Carroll. Dr. Lacoy will start a new drug store in LuVerne. Judge QuRrton is holding court in Pocahontiis. Bancroft is soliciting goods for Nebraska sufferers. Mrs. Fred. McCall is barely able to sit up after her long illness. S. A. Thompson's brother from Iowa City visited him a week ago. A cold wave came Monday night. Eighteen below is the record, , T. M. Ostrander is commander of the Bancroft post for tho next year. • The Metropolitan Opera company comes next week Saturday evening. Mrs. Dr. Garlield is not getting up from her attack of typhoid fever very rapidly. The "Married Folks" are going to have an old-fashioned masquerade in February. 'A joint meeting of the grand army and relief corps is held tonight to install officers. Two clever operas will be given, next week Saturday by the Metropolitan Opera company. Lon Kuhn will be one of the 1895 builders. He will erect a home on East State street. Company F got about $400 last week for services at Sioux City in the famous Kelloy ai-my invasion. Mr.-and Mrs. A. L. Rist have moved to the home of the late L. M. B. Smith and will live with Mrs. Smith. • Tho assessable valuation of the county for 1895 is $4,833,372 as against $4,515,990 for 1894, a gain of $300,000. Mrs. Coan made a trade last week for the C. D. Creed house and lots on McGregor street. The price was $2,000. Cap't. Haggard expects to go to Des Moines tonight to attend the state meeting of the national -guard officers. The announcement of a skating party brought about an inch of snow last Thursday. The roads are bare again now. The Catholic ladies will serve oysters Saturday evening at the Rutherford sample room, from 5 o'clock till all are served. The annual meeting of the County Agricultural society will be held in the court room Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Chas. Jeanson, who was married a few weeks ago, fell from a load of stone yesterday and broke a leg. It is a serious accident. . In Fenton 240 acres of land, 150 acres broken, but otherwise not improved was sold Monday for $25 an acre cash byT.F.Cooke. The Monday club will meet with Mrs, J. R. Jones next Monday evening, The lesson: •" Disunited Italy and Reaction in Italy and France," Misses Hattle Stephens and Matie HotelHng are teaching in the public school in the rooms vacated by Misses Smith and MeKittrick. Feed. Anderson was over from Wesley Monday evening showing- the Odd Fellows how to handle their goat. Fred, is a good initiating officer, Auditor Calkins is boarding at present at Mrs. S, S. Wartman's. He has rented the Mclntyre house formerly occupied by Dr, A. L, Rist, Goldfleld is in a spasm of reform. The ladies have petitioned th.e cjty council to prohibit dancing in town. They have organized un,d are in earnest, Rev. Robt, Carroll begins a series of evangelistic meetings at the Baptist church tomorrow evening, He is well known in Algona and is an interesting speaker, Geo, W. Pangburn has lately contributed 63 volumes to the Elraore school library, Some one ought to belp I£ossuth'8 school showing on lib' rary books.. County Surveyor TeUier will office with Shaw s? Poxsee in their new rooms, as he can have a quieter place there than in the auditor's office, where he has keen, lately, W, J.. S, tydley ggt some |70 for his little $a?e pf a week, ago, 0, B., M,afc s,p.n Jjftd. an, adjuster hero and the ua^ te,r- wj£ auiokly settled to Mr, Studley's. T^QSe $rhQ igft articles at tjje eptord, sample rp pw a t tbe time pi the ' fair and s«ppep, ' by piling at tfte Wng VQSm any MQRNH cum ibey we* WSBB.' Tbtre ww* 1 , and to Mafce them sd the" winter meeting of the society should &il Well attended and made lively." Beginning with Thut-sdoy evening, Jatt. 10, Rev. Robert Carrol will preach every evetiin* irt the Baptist church. A cordinl invitation is extended to all. Services at t:30. A well digger at work on the McEnroe fnrm east of town stuck his arm in the fly wheel of the engine to Stop H', nhd came near losing ttn arm. The fly wheel went quicker than he expected. Goo. L. GalbfaiUi nnd family littve moved into their new house and have enough rooms furnished to give them a comfortable home; They will have one of the best in • Algona when it is done. The. county has decided not to go to the supreme court on the law questions in tho suit ( with Dr. Lacey, but will t*aiBe liiem in'the trial of the case. It will be henrd at Emmetsburg Feb. 11, before Judgo Quarton. A Portlniid mall named Dak It) wanted $50 yesterday of Fred. Paine in 'Squire Clarke's court for shooting a dog. It developes that Fred, didn't shoot the dog, which rattier interfered with getting a judgment. The dnto for tho meeting and banquet of the state university students has been fixed. If nothing prevents, Jan. 24 will see thorn with their families gathered about the festive board. There are 20 in the county. Mart. Woaver is tho now deputy auditor. He bus had experience in county work in various capacities, und is one of the licet fitted young men in Algona for tho place. Ho will bo a genial and competent official. The sheriff's office is not a sinecure. Sheriff Sampson in figuring up his fees to report to the board finds that he has only had $821 in 1804 above his official expenses. That Is not an ex'horbitant salary when compared with some of the others. The first annual meeting of tho Algona Library association will be held at the reading room next Friday evening at 8 p. m. All who have subscribed to the fund or who are interested in tho project are urged to be present. A. D. McGregor's new furniture advertisement calls attention to the very fine goods he is carrying. He has put in a better grade than has usually been carried in towns like Algoua and is getting a big trade from all over this section. The Des Moines News says that Mrs. Dr. Shore is improving. She has been quite ill. It also says: "Mrs. Kate Starr of Algona has been in the city the past week, having come down to attend the art loan. She was the guest of Mrs. Wheeler." The annual meeting of the Algona, Loan and Deposit company was held yesterday, and the old hoard of directors was re-elected. Col. Cooke was again chosen president. The company has declared another dividend and is in a flourishing condition in spite of close times. Miss Ella Wolfe, who was operated on by the surgeons a few weeks ago, has so far recovered as to be married. A. license was issued week to her and Fred. Ryther. Licenses were also issued to S. A. Lindsay and Elfie E. Wiltse and Louis Dusold and Mary B. Schramp. Mrs. John Henry attended Mrs. Orville Mihkler during a recent sickness and could not agree with Mr. Mihkler on the value of her services. Mr. McMahon argued her claim to 'Squire Taylor last week and Chas. Cohonour argued Mr. Minkler's, Mrs. Henry got $51. C. M. Doxsee is now devoting his whole attention to his hardware store, having turned over his office to Mr. Calkins Monday. He has been a competent man in the auditor's office and turns it over in good shape. Mr. Calkins will keep it up in the same excellent condition, SEYMOUR ALLEN is doing horse shoeing at Bradley & Nicoulin's shop. A GOOD Beatty organ for sale or to trade for a bicycle. Inquire at this office.— 17tf . WALKER BROS, are sole agents for the famous Chase & Sanborn brand of coif oe. —29 ^_ Do YOU want something good to drink? Buy your coffee at the Opera House Grocery, Coal Reduced, Best hard coal $8,50; best Illinois coal $4; best Iowa coal $3,50, Flour and mill stuffs at bottom prices. All our dealers sell the "NewDaisy," 4014 J, J, WILSON, DR. MURPHY, oculist, of Mason City, will be at Dr. Rist's office Tuesday, Jan, 15. BUCKWHEAT flour and maple syrup go well together, Call and see what we have. Langdon & Hudson. HOUSE to rent. Inquire of J. B, Winkel,-41t2 HOUSE to rent, Inquire of F, W, Waterhouse,—88 MONEY to loan on long or short time, Geo. O, Call.-tf TRY our bulk olives. They will please you, Langdon & Hudson. BLANKETS, blankets of all kinds, at Galbraith & Co.'s, BAIWAT THE QABDS, OmCAUO, MILWAUKEE & ST, LOCAL TUAINS WES'; 1 . .i departs at ...................... QrtOam O. 0 aepfti'ts at ......... ...... ....... NO. 0 aepfti'ts at ......... ...... ....... 4:24 jTyelghw that carry passengers— No. 93 flepartsftt..,. ;.,.,., ?......,, U:I55 No. 71 depots ftt ............ ........ 8;40 * . 71 depots i * pm No. 8 departs ftt .......... , ...... ,....10:838, TO NO. 4 departs at, ..................... 6:00 pm s- r »Real Estate, i Insurance, LdHji We desire to anhounce that we are now located in our new office In Rooms S and 6 in the State Bank building, and that we are in shape to take care of any work which may be intrusted to us, j*^ | I A 1 A tf QWAW onr\vv. .Drop in and get acquainted, whether you have any busi ness for us or not, Slagle's Harness Shop, We Have Removed our stock of Harness, Whips, Saddles, Blankets, Robes, and other harness goods to our State street shop, and now have a full line. Repairing a specialty. All goods' and work warranted. Stough's old stand. •SLAGLE & SON. OALL OPEEA HOUSE, Positively tlvo most brilliant event In the history of Algowt. SATURDAY NIGHT, . . . JAN. IQ First appearance In this city, direct from their recent (mcconsrul Chicago engagement, of THE Comprising some of the greatest artists on the lyric stage in. a repertoire of short operas. OPERAS TO BE GIVEN HERE: PYGMALI01 AND GALATEA A mytUologto co'nic opera by Frun.7. Von Supno, composer of " Pautlnitza, 1 ' ete. Preceded by TEE EOSE OF AUVEKOTE A comic opera In one act:, written by H, S. Farnle, and music by Offenbach, composer of "Tho Grand Duchess," "Orpheus anil Bury- dice," etc. J3^"Seats at Dlngley'H. THAT ARK FRESH AND CLEAN. =C. O At the former stand of Thos. Bennett, will bo pleased to see you at his market, and promises to use you right. are now prepared to do all kinds of Repairin g The Last Cold Wave Made you think of a good heating stove because you had a poor one or none at all. We will have several cold waves before spring. The best way to resist cold is with fire. You may think you can make your old stove last till summer, or get along without any. You are foolish. Your doctor's bill will cost you more than a. stove; and, besides, doctor's bills are never discounted. Our stoves are. We have several on hand that we will close out AT COST—not what they cost you, but what they actually cost us. We will make you a price so reasonable that you can afford to buy if you do not need one before next winter. Come and see. C. M. DOXSEE; WINKIE'S OLD STAND. Wagons, Buggies, AN'U- Farm Machinery, Also do Painting and operate a general repair shop, AT THE OLD STAND, ALGONA, WATER OR^ NO PAY, SOOTT & BAILEY, Artesian well contractors, Wo have the only cable steam drilling machine owned la the county! biuk wells for water supply for towns, cities, qnil railroad H. flpeolul intention tP farm well wovlt. Estimates uuida. We employ only expert drillers. Addivss Scott & Dalley, Algona, Iowa. Furniture! Window Shades, —-^. *' A Picture Frames? 1 J W E call especial attention to our new Book Racks and Wall Shelves, Jusc the thing for cheap book case, of Complete Undertaking Goods, NSURANOE. Also kilty}, kQan. a»a ColleottPB Bu.sjn,ess Offlo9 over 8t»te Bank. Farmers' of Cedar jiapids, Phoeftjx of Hartford, Hanover of New Yorjj, Minnesota Fire, Minneapolis, popkford or BooWord, * „, Idoycl's. Plate Glass or New York, WM United. States Mfe of New Yavfc. ON HOXIE & BRUNSQN. J» F, PflJ

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