The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 9, 1895 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 9, 1895
Page 1
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rf^f v '' : . * ESTABLISHED 1865, ALGOtfA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JAHUAHY 9, Grocery Trade. We Want It This Year. We had more of it last year than the year before. We want more of it this year than last. We are going to try to induce you to Give It to Us. Opera House Grocery. i ' . , . Special Prices on Blankets, Quilts, and Cloaks, This Week, at Galbraith & Co.'s. G-o to the new firm of Patterson & Son, • When in need of something nice for the table. We have on hand a new line of Canned G-ooes, Dried Fruits, Crackers and Choice Cream Candies. We have just opend up Pur Christmas Goods. Call and look over our complete line 01 Lamps, Water Sets, G-lassware, Queens- warej ©to, Try a sack of our New York Buckwheat Flpur, warranted pure or the , mojw refunded, Butter and eggs wanted at the liig&sst market price, PATTBBBQN & BON, IK Buy your Boots and §hoeg at ^ -jV v , ™ ff BROWNELL & ALLRED 'CASH SHOE HOUSE. Misses' W§ i comparison in Quajity, Durability, JUSTIFIED Bt THE FACTS Kiiid Things Said of Koasttth County by tile take City (Jfaphic They Ai-e Ait True, Mow Governors Might Be Made—Out {Seasons Ate Changing—General Mews of the Northwest. Kossuth county's reputation is spreading. It occupies a half column of the Lake City Graphic's valuable space in the current issue. The Graphic speaks of it in connection with the advertising of a land agency at Hurt, but all it says is more than warranted by the record of the past four years: Kossuth county Is a nice large chunk of Iowa soil that for many years was neglected by the home-seeker—during the mad rush for the arid districts of the far west—und for this reason prices of lands there are a step lower than in Calhoun and adjoining counties, although quality and other conditions are on the whole not at all inferior. There is no .better way of judging-the intrinsic worth of land in any given locality than to note the measure ol material prosperity attained by the inhabitants, and in this kind of a comparison the older settled portions of Kossuth county' stand ahead of many local- ites where prices of land are much higher. The main reason for this condition df things is that our more northern neighbors have diversified their farming operations. The rich hay and grass lands of that region have been taken due advantage of, and the average farmer realizes almost, if not quite, as much clear money from the dairying interest as from the great Iowa staples, corn and hogs, although the latter are by no means unremunerative nor no glected. Even the severe trial of last summer's drouth only slightly lessened the usual good yield of all kinds of crops in Kossuth county, so that if there ever was an experimental stage of farming in that section it has certainly been passed, with all the honors that could be required by the most, exacting. . These are some of the reasons why we do not hesitate to recommend Kossuth county to persons who are looking for comparatively cheap lands with all the advantages to be found in older communities. Wants to Boom a Lot of Them. Emmetsburg Democrat: The Spencer News man is a genius and he is also a just and grateful man. A few days since A. D. Clarke of Algona sent him a check for two years' subscription in advance and now the News has brought out Mr. Clarke as a candidate for governor. Many of the politicians in the surrounding towns are catching on and are paying for their favorite local papers two and three years ahead. Were the Democrat to boom for governor its subscribers who have paid up for nine months and a year ahead, it would have a task on its hands. Following the ex- imple of the News we should be pushing forward for gubernatorial honors such eminent citizens as P. McGarry, Thos. Jensen, M. Mart, John Magulre, Prank Dickerman, Peter Schmit, H, W, Hannah, Henry Gleason, John Johnson, E. Burt, C. Mosness, Geo. P, Wenning, Patrick Keenan, Patrick Brennan, J. C. Thompson and scores of others, any one of whom would be liberal enough, enterprising enough, and honest-enough for the prominent, position. But we have a proposition to make and it is this: There are a dozen or more on our l}st whom we shall be glad to boom for congressman, governor, or even'senator, if they will'pay up to January 1, 1895. Here is a golden opportunity for several. We hope they will not got the fever at once and deluge our new office with bills and gold pieces, but give us a chance to do our looming and book-keeping carefully and systematically. Who will be the first to have his name hoisted? When Algona Got Mall by Stage, The Mason City Herald quotes Uncle John Elder as saying that the climate of this section is surely changing. The old gentleman says; "Twenty-five years ago our roughest weather was in ihe middle of December. The young men used to wait for their job of shovel* ng snow just as they waited for bar- vest in August, The severe blizzards seem to have gone, When the Milwaukee road first came it would be snowed up for weeks at a time, and the storms were so blinding that outside work was impossible, Old roan Green used to carry the mail from here tp Al- *oria, and he could find his way in fill cinds of weather, I doubt whether .here was another man in the gounty who could have done the same. The dry season }n summer was unknown. At the time Parker's mJH was built it s supposed Willow creek would twr-> ih everlasting water power, tast aesson there was not enough water in the creek to run an engine, say nothing 1 of water power, J don't knpw how to accpunt for it, but oxjr seasons certainly are changing." ol<J4im,e pastor; told a good . at kuVerne last week, aceorfiieg to. the N,ews! The etery js about » .^^FWhOQWBeO.a. proJane pawo^ Fhe rarrbt wevrtfl aweav awfully wry tma ph§ good n\ftu M(M! flojpQR&oyj &pi(l "M him that b§ flaaH " t so fflwipea him that b§ flaeJly toW \ friend that he was going to kill the )jri H Wh> $on'$ you bpeafe him gf The minister thought it was a good plan and concluded 16 try it. So the next time the parrot swore he grabbed the cage and slammed it on the floor, kicked it all around the rbom and then threw water on him. The parrot finally got straightened up and looking up to the minister saidi "Hello, Elder! Where the h - was you when the cyclone struck?" _ Stricken With Dlpthei'itt, The Livermore Gazette reports a diptheria case which shows how contagious the dread disease is! Diptheria broke out very unexpectedly at the home of B. W. Devine, several miles northeast of town, his four children being stricken with it, and in spite of the efforts. of the physicians, his son Prank, seven years of age, died last Saturday evening and was burled Sunday morning. On the following Mohday morning his baby boy Luke, 15 months of age, died and was burled on the same day. The two remaining children, we are glad to report, *ro recovering. There has been no diptheria prevailing in that section, and the most plausible solution is that Mr. Devihe may have brought it from Chicago, where he has been recently. The public school in that district, taught by Miss Mabel Kenna, has been closed in consequence,. as the oldest boy was attending them up V> the time of his sickness and it te possible that others may yet .bo taken down. The sympathy of their many friends is extended to Mr. and Mrs. Devine. _ Kossuth's Heavy Family. The State Register had the following dispatch Sunday: Kossuth county lays claims to the heaviest family in Iowa. They are Mr. and Mrs. Freeman Ash and children, and reside at Wesley. They held a New Year's reunion, and for the entertainment of themselves and friends, stepped on the scales, with the following results: Freeman Ash ........... . . .................. 241V5 Mrs. Polly Ash ............................. ai4 * Ansel Ash .................................. 351 Freeman Ash, Jr .......................... S05 L. W. Ash.... .............................. 210 Merrill Ash ................. . .............. 207V4 David Ash ..... '. ....................... 340 Mrs. Alta Wllcox. ... ....................... 240 Mrs. Ida Grover ............ . .............. 157 Mrs. O. Benner ............................. 203 Miss Louisa Ash ........................... 227 The combined weight of the father, mother and nine children is 2,468 pounds, an average of over 224 pounds. If any family wishes to compete Kossuth would like to hear from them. Gov. Lnrraboo'8 Kossuth Land. Port Barron suggests what will be a great issue some day, in the following item: It is stated that Ex-Governor Larrabee owns 8,000 acres of land in Kossuth county for which he • paid $4 per acre and he recently refused $20 for it. The curse of northwestern Iowa has been that such large tracts of land as this has been held by speculators who refused to sell at reasonable prices but were content to let the resident land owners enhance the value of their land by improving their own. If Larrabee had not bought this large tract po doubt several farmers would be making happy homes thereon and would have added five times more to, the wealth of the county than what Larrabee ever can or ever will. It is a nice thing to own land as he does and have some one increasing the value of it all the time. _ _ Sioux City Wants the Belmond Hoad, And now it is reported that Britt and Algona are not to -be allowed to ight out the Belmond railway in peace. Sioux City wants the line according to the Estheryille Republican which wants the Algona route chosen, and says: The Iowa Central taps some fine coal fields; has direct connection with the big Peoria and Chicago markets and consequently would be a valuable additjonal line for any city. Why couldn't Esthervllle get this road to extend from Belmond through this section? It is an open route, practically, and would help the town and county's interests wonderfully. Spencer to Have a Gum Factory. John and Henry Adams have discovered a new kind of gum over at Spencer which " hardens the gums, sweetens the breath, cleans the teeth, and tones up the stomach" better than any other gum known. The News says the boys have given the article a name, on which they havo a copyright, pur* ihnsed molds and gone to manufaotur- ng, The name of this new candidate or public abstraction is "Chu Me," appropriate, especially by way of Intro- luotion, as after the first taste the label 'nvitation is no longer necessary. Good Things I 1 OR » » t TO EAT Are found at our store. We keep The Best Goods— +~ that we can buy. Come and see us. That will convince you of what we say. Langdon &* Hudson. t . AW loo That our assortment of - HOSIERY is complete in every detail, and that we are now offering qualities that in former years brought Double the Price* State Rifle Ranne, Profiles of the survey of the proposed inge at Cedar Rapids have been forwarded to Pea Molnes for Gov, Jackson ,o Inspect. If the range is accepted it s staved that three or all the regi< naents will be quartered there each year for practice, A HQySfiHQfcP TREASURE. D. W. Fuller of Canajoharie, N. Y., says that be always keeps Pp. King's Ne,w Pis- covery in the house and his family has always found the very fcest results follow its ses that he would oot be without it, if roouroWe. G- A. Dy toman, druggist, atsl£U), N. p., says that »r, Ktejr's New isppve,ry is undoubtedly the hes,t opugft remedy: that Re has use<J it in uia family ,0V eight yeare, an,(l U ihw'Reyw failM to 40 a}} that is oteimefl for it. Why not try a remedy so long tried aM,teftej,, fr ree at L. A. Sheets flr»g store, Regu^ gigs spo., 8B4 j giQp, ,/ edy f w your w and gat found W&a a»d , W re oj a - TQU Try EiePtvlo Btttera troubles? if BQt, get relief. This medMM Uaa ted to the '«M now asked. Do not forget that they afe Reliable, Absolutely Stainless, and Wear Their Money's Worth. The Grange Store. Broken Lots and "Odd Pairs at special prices. Hustle! to. s Drug Store. Ask for Snowatilla. Only 25c.- Gowles Blocks ^ . v« • * Advantages gained by trading here,. I mention a few of them. A Large Stock, Choice Assc-rtment, Reliable Goods, Reasonable Prices, Prompt Delivery of Goods, Call and be convinped, FARM LOA Having secured the agency of the England ton I am

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