The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 2, 1895 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 2, 1895
Page 7
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^ -.v&' V J^prM'«, 4 f?:^ s ' JB$J$5t t&ttftJpMnS itt sm. mum A, mm eS8Vfeli MIMSfeLf? A BEAL towA wmttgBiBiT-ftUroaiHfr^ fresh addition made to l§^Jt a ?r'*°# ft ' W ^ d ?^ 8 Distantly in roTOUlini-tfiid Shfpioys 17* people, sfAsliOft"Odflaftd.'^'jnl,, fa kaliana/l 4-^ i.A 'Li is believed to be §»•(*„- T"-~vr. r ."" •", tae tfnited States. Igrhe rainfall is only fi!* inches a h. S8llH-lllB e JrolWwed the tocftttait-A ttt the Aftnfr e* the totattiiic iibiti Hull lt Mn to App»t»ftte*—ttls ttife tndlah4 Since 186S. L"r«L i te*y> ff !h the Southern, .Sfijin the Pacific, 62. J'ain ever rdeofd^d In -__.,._.« ..'as^in Argyle, Decem- 7, i833-*Beven* inches in twenty* hduss. peasants clean, starch and . in of the turbot for leather atfd as & substitute for gta'ss panes. I -The meati temperature of Missouri |u 6fi degrees) of Illidois, 52; of towa, it 4dj of Kansas, 53; O f Arkansas, 60; of •Maine, 43j of Texas, 74. j -A guardian of the peace of Gardiner, -™" xvas recently found asluep by a tn, who handcuffed him and him of his valuables. ^4'T.he B^ifth avenue Presbyterian , ichurch of New York supports three 1 Barge missions, and another at a cost •>' jof 0iOq,OOO^is being erected in a dosti- u [tute pirt of the citv. ; U i j™™^^ Unexpected UlBchnrgc of ti Cannon ' t ,Olose by would not havo a more disturbing ef- ^.^MOtupon nerves which arc vigorous than an i, ordwory noise upon those that are weak and ) suhstrung. As a nervine, HosteUer's Stomach • Blttei'SIsuhrlvalled. By promoting digestion 'r'pna' assimilation they overcome that gastric 'JS^. ordei ''' w ^ loh la tho most, prollflc cause of ' fi 6 ^, 0118 ^ 013 "!^, and whtch, so long as Itexlsts, ( Defeats In large measure the action of .eedatlves , ( , j, a , nd ^.wtea. Such remedies, moreover, neoes- I sltate the use of Increasing doses, and finally r «.ceaseto act altogether, except In dangerous 'il2 Uan Thev never reach the fountain I ,!headof tho trouble, and quiet the nerves only \,oy semi-paralyzing them. Equally objection- '•tLrfiA ? r > 8 flery unm eaicated alcoholic stlmulonts. *KtIdhqy, bladder and liver trouble, malaria, con' w »npotlon and rheumatism arc' relieved by the ' B ,". te . rs > which also promotes appetite and For ny. The waiters had their orders. I "Dearest." he whispered, "do you really Inean it w ion you sav you will be mine?" Krtf* \Mtoa a t«*4- 4<v»m A.t_._«. PkO motion <f|f-Ten. Nelson Apt)»pn Miles to sUcceeu Gen. O ( O, Howard, retired, us eommnnder of the ^Department of the East, meets ivith approval in army circles as well as in New York society. Ocn. Miles is as big a faVorite in society as he is among the battle scarred veterans who have followed Jjtyn ever since the mobilization of tiu volunteer Army of the Potomac In V>01. Nelson A. Miles n-as born of Irish parentage at Westminister, Mass., Aug. 8, 1839. His father was a soldier before him, having served in the revolution, and it is qtiite natural that the son should inherit soldierly traits. These traits became manifest when the guns of the confederacy were trained upon I'ort Sumpter. At the flrst tap of the drum he raised a company of volunteers at his oxvii expense and offered his services to the state. For some reason Or other his services were declined; but true patriotism knows no discouragement, lie made a similar offer to New York and was accepted. Then began the military career of one greatest soldiers that America has yet produced. He entered the service at the age of 21, and served from the beginning of the full sifetrgth atia vigot tit mm* htiwd. Wheft (ien. Sdhoffield fettf& Ifl a * <tv months, Gen. Mile's will fefieeeid to the post of (Sommander-in-'dhtef of the Army 'of the tffaited States. Me will have several yeaf s to sef ve be"&>f e he reaches the age limit at which, tnfi law requires soldiers to retire. tTnlqne JS At a recent English wedding, wheti the bridegroom was an admiral in the navy, the bride had her train carried by two little brothers in smart iTaunt- Itsfoy suits of white satin, and Was attended by a boat's crcW of pretty bridesmaids, whose nautical costumes were quite original. They \vere composed of v/hite cloth, with coat bodices faced with moire silk, and trimmed with naval gold lace, and having heavy gold bullion epaulets. Long moire sashes, edged With the union jacket colors and most fetching white toavy regulation caps, with the rear admiral's flag in front completed wonderfully pretty costumes. The wed* ding cake was appropriately decorated with a sugar model of the Alert, in which Admiral Markham penetrated the polar regions in You ean make bitter food with 1^1 ^ ^i» M P™ m^ mm jpwg^H Powder AB&OUUTEEY Lighter, sweeter, more wholesome. ROYAL BAKING POWD6H CO. w 3 I j i I ! i ALEXANDER M'DOWELL M'COOK Appointed Mitjor-Genorttl to Succeed ' Gen. p. O. Jlinrivrd. Major-general Alexander McDowell McCook, who was appointed to that rank by President Cleveland, to succeed Gen. O. O.-Howard, retired Nov. 8, will remain in command of the 'Department of the Colorado. Gen. Miles lias been assigned to Howai'd's department at Governor's island. Major McDowell has been in command of the new army department of the Colorado, with lieadquarters at Denver, for the past year. During the riots'in that,, city last March, he had ;he famous'' altercation with Gov. Waitc, in which he demonstrated to the governor'-that the laws of the • ''it,' " FItz Maurice," she replied, "did I not 4 i ' K^AV^ 118 m °»ent say plain stew when I * , uiisrnt have said terrapin?" . "That was certainly conclusive. ' 810O Reward tSlOft. • « *£ \;The readers of this paper will- be pleased fto learn that there is at least one dreaded . w disease that Science has been able to cure J' * SB all its stages, and that is Catarrh. Hall's i",,, .Catarrh Cure is the oaly (positive cure- fttfr known,to.the jnedical. fraternity. Catarrh 3U i being a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly t upon the Hood and mucous surfaces of the pystem, thereby destroying the foundation of the disease, and giving the patient Strength by building up the constitution and assisting nature in doing its work. The UK-, , proprietors have so much faith in its cura- >>W' live powers, that they offer-One Hundred *hi !•>• Collars for any case that it fails to cure. ,',', Rftrtft ff\^Moi-f\f 4-nn«-ir» nH 4«.l» f§vt* ( l *" **-V**M,»O AU4. ciujr i;«iDO Lllcili it 1',-iH,, ,. Bend for list of testimonials. ,, , ..'. J.- CHENEY &€O., Toledo, O. r ,"? I3F*,Sold by Druggists, T5c. ^ ' Hall's Family Fffls 25c. \ ,'•;'" ' , •s, ; .,i' The Practical Side of It. ).// "You haven't read 'Brown's last ode, ' fl lhave you?" ' !,/ I - ''1 think I have. It seems to me'he last WiV owed me $10." iL',./ Subscribe Now For !ifv' Wie Des Moines, Iowa, Twice-a-Week i News. 50 cents a year. ' r Qn July 6 the earth is further away from the sun than at any other time of the year. •, i, I am entirely cured of-hemorrhage of ' lungs v by ?>iso's Cure for Consumption,— ;'' LOUISA JL*,Bethany, Mo., Jan. 8, '94. „ An infidel is a man who builds a house -without windows, and then blames- God because he has to live in the dark. ,'', It Is a great deal easier for some people >• to pray for the preacher th<m it IB tp do , r ; their part sowar/ J his support. 'V Banking on tie insolvency basis is apt to "*"""i its trjale, A Ghautauqua circle, the flrst over formed among those of the Hebrew faith, has been organized by the Now York "Society for Relig-ious Study." A balloonist who mado an unexpected descent on the outskirts of Motz was found to have been engaged in making sketches, presumably for the Ifrennh. The new academy at Athens is built of marble from the same quarries which furnished the marble for the Parthenon, and its sculptures are beautifully decorated in red, blue and gold. A recent strlko of women in Vienna caused an investigation to be made, which elicited the fact that one of the workpeople in the factory there had labored daily for twenty-three years, and had never received more than Is 2d a day. An old man in a Cheshire, England, workhouse, lately admitted to the poor law guardians that ho had £5 in his possession, to provide for his being buried beside his wife. The guardians decided that as he was not destitute he had no business in the workhouse, and ordered him to bo turned out. Atdinner the next day .the poor man seized a knife,- cut his throat, and so relieved the guardians of their embarrassment. • • Dairying In Nebraska • Is a profitable industry. The grasses found there are .excellent, and abundant. Suitable,land can be bought , at the lowest prices and on easy terms. Write to P. S. Eiistis, General Passenger Agent, C. B. & Q. R. R., Chicago, 111. for detailed information. Artistic merit, like eloquence, never needs a claque. Great Rock Island Route Playing Cards. If you send 15 cents in stamps or coin to JNO. SEBASTAIN, Gen'l Pass. Agent, C., B. I. & P. R'y,. Chicago, you will receive postpaid the slickest pack of playing cards you over handled. Beautiful steel engraved Whist Bules accom- tfans them free, The organ grinder drags melody down to the gutters. MAJOK-GENERAL NELSON APPLETON MILES. t?': Apprehension crawls unto the cellar .to tthosun. •• .Great, Life Leveler—The prode Sfc>f.'**"' l'$ &*"•'* >y te-KBWWWB to ttw SWSTT 1 m the rebellion until its close in the vol- unteet; r service, rising from the rank of a subaltern to that of major-general. He received four brevets for gallantry and distinguished service and tooli part in many hard fought battles of the war. He commanded the largest division of the Army of the Po'tomac, and at one time, at the ago of SU,- was'in command of 25,000 men.' He was'engaged in the battles of the Peninsula, before Richmond and at Antietam and in pvery battle of the ' Potomac, with one exception,-until .the . surrender of Lee at Appomattox court house. He was distinguished in tho battles of Fair Oaks, Malvern Hill, Fredericksburg, CJiancellorsville, Old Wilderness, Spott- sylvania court house, Beam's station, Richmond campaigns of 1804 and many other important battles of the war. •Ha was thrice wounded and at the battle of^ChanceU.orsyille Wft s borno from the field with what was supposed to be 3, jnortal wound through the body, At the qlose of the war ho was a commissioned colonel of the Fortieth United States infantry and was shortly afterward transferred to the Fifth infantry. His service sin.ce tho war has been scarcely less distinguished. He was promoted brigadier general in December, 1880, and major genera} in Aprii, 1890, His services in the Indian country have been of inestimable yalue^o the country, and the remark- ablo success of his campaigns has probably been unequalled in the history of Indiajj warfare. He .defeated the pheycunes, Kiowes and Comma-aches in the Staked Plains country, and in J875 and 1870 he subjugated the hostile 3}<?ux and other Indians in Montana, Oping Sitting BuU aerpss the frontier, Up captured phjef Joseph and Jus band of Nez Pwjes, o.fter R bard fought bat- We ol aw .days in Montana. Jn J878 h? intercepted captured, Elk Hom ftB,4 Jus ba»4 pn, tjie edge of the Yol* n ' e park. In 1880 h? apcojn^ wtot SPemed a well nieh im? United States and his own duty as commander were paramount to any authority that could be claimed by the state's executive. The new major-general is the oldest of ten brothers, all in the national army. He was, before 'his new' appointment, the fourth brigadieivgen- eral in the army. He graduated from the military academy in 1853 and was assigned to the Third infantry. He commanded a regiment in'the battle of Bull Run ana was breveted there for Get Up a Club. - To any person sending us six new "subscribers to the Twice-a-Week News we will send^a copy free one year. The News, Des Moines, Iowa. The earth Is thirty-two times larger than the moon. It the Baby ts tmiung Teeth. Be cure and use that old^ and woll- tried remedy," MBS, WINSLOW'S SOOTHING SYRCP for Children Teething- Women have .sense enough to admire brains more than looks. Hegxnian'8 Cuni|>nor HIM > V i« It Glycerine. Cu res Chapped HanUs and Face, Tender orSore Fee Chilblains, PTles.&c. O.G. Clarlt Co..'No w Haven, C Men are most nearly right when they aaimt they are. wrong. •< Hanson's Magic torn Malrc." refuadea - The first shipment of Iron ore from tho United States to Europe Was made in 1608. A red-haired girl of tha name of He'.lbrimd has been discovered in Eastern Maine. During tho Hrst three months of last year not a single passenger and only one employe was killed on railroads in Great Britain. All roads in England cithergo under or over common roads. • One hundred and eighty-six Islands of the Thousand islands group, in the St. Lawrence, aggregating 25(5 acres, wore sold this season. The amount realized was $32,110, which was at the rate of about $123 per acre. prlckmakers are now proposing to make brick of all colors by mixing many materials. Clay, with a small percentage of h-on will make a beautiful mottled brick 1 ;.''Glass brick are also made in Europe. The departure will exert quite an influence on architecture. A Chinaman's pigtail caused the death of its owner at Northfleld, Ore., a few days ago. Tho Chinaman fell from a railroad train and rolled clear of ^tho wheels, but his long braid swished around and caught in the brake, and ho was dragged under the wheels and killed. A young man who had no previous experience in raising plants invested about 81,000 in green-houses in a village on the Hudson eighteen months ago, and has made all his expenses and is several hundred dollars to the better by cultivating mushrooms and violets for the New York market. California is soon to try an industry that has hitherto'been confined in this country to New York, that of whalebone cutting. While much of the world's supply of whalebone is landed at San Francisco from the whaling ships, it has hitherto all been sent to New York and London to be cut- for use. Service Answer. ;.A bright youth undergoing for admission'to ofi8>p£ the departments, found(-MmselE "controttSa with the question! " "What is the distance from the the sun?' 1 Not having tho exact number with him he wrote m reply: •• * •*• "lam unable to state accurately,:"" don't think the sun is near enotiftn -iw interfere with a.properperformanceotnto duties, if 1 get this clerkship," ' " ', He got it. F M Cause For Suspicion. . ''Wo had better watch the bookkeeper "But you can hardly call that an agance," said the junior partner. . to ma fi,i' the firm by the son-in-law route, • A Depressed Parent. , "Your son is not conspicuous for busts ness-like instincts," said themanaiterof ih&"^ Rl:nrn in t>ta r».nT\wt«4- A « ° ,-,s store to the proprietor. "I know it." was th'e GRAINS OF GOLD, Extravagance begets temptation and temptation crime. .. "A- Uup of Paries' Ten at night moves the bowels in the morning." There is no wisdom in having a man to watch a ban* who believes that stealing chickens is right. . e u £ l a . ck -*'abbit cannery has been established in western Kansas, and business in that section is on the jump, Considering the fact that "every penny tells," the voice of the dollar is unusually emphatic this season. „ Sanitary smokers ore not addicted to drug-store cigars, Taking the world over, there are 109 women $o every 100 men. Pretty faces bring big prices in the fool's - Love always weeps when it has to whip. Spare moments are the gold dust of time. Love never bestows a burden that is heavy. Birds with bright plumage are seldom fat Law wears iron shoes, and don't care where it steps. > There is no use in talking'any higher than we live. One symptom-of backsliding .3 a lack of thankfulness. There are no real strong people in the .world but good people. True merit is like a river, the deeper it is the less noise it makes, A man acquires more glory by defending than by abusing others, The truth we hate tho most is the truth that hits us the hardest There is no work so humble that faithfulness in it will not be noticed and rewarded, An enyious man repines at his neighbor's life as much as though he supported him. " Awful Threat. "You are rjght in it," remarked the whale to Jonah, (< Yon bet I am in it," was .the answer. 'And what is more, it 1 am not out of it ip ess than a week I will give you th,e biggest case of appendicitis on record." The sequel is history, ^Light-Headed—The bleached blonde, we mm of Apaches tho.t Wje eptiro southwest «ni«liabj!table. gajlant services. He received successive brevets in the regular services and in 1805 received that of major-general for services in the field during the war, The pzar's Former Governess, Two weeks fcefbre the sickness of the ogar of Russia took a turn for ttw worse Miss Strut fan, his former ggy ernes.8, 4ied Jn, the winter palace at Miss stmtton, "Itis-bjs"^ busine^dTslik™ e t S0 tts r t4 makes him loom up like a wart on thaf! family tree." <1| PHYSICAL STRENGTH,' cheerfurspirits and the ability to fully,<g enjoy life, come only with a healthV^S — body and mind. The yonnc man who suffers from 'nerv-w ous debility, impaired mm- 1 ?] pry, low spirits, irritaJf me temper, and th» thousand and one "drfl rangemeuts of mindj- and bodyttiati! result from, un^l natural, pernici-^ ous habits usual--:* ly contracted ioj-,' youth, througUH ignorance, is'i thereby incapac-'t itated to' trior-'! oughly enjoykfc life. He-feelVll tired, spiritless;!! 1 .and drowsy ; WsF.fa sleep isdisturbed'jfl 'and does not r£' \S t ^ „ .,. fresh him as ItVl should; the will power is weakened.lJ morbid fears liauut him and may result ,, in coufiriiied hypochondria, or melon- f cholia and, finally, in softing of the brain/ & epilepsy, ("fits"), paralysis, locomotou,!I ataxia and even in dread insanity. ' ' )j To reach, re-claim and restore such, unfortunates to health and happiness, is'- the aim of the publishers of a book pf ; 136 pages, written in plain but chaste^ language, on the nature, symptoms anoVf curability, by home-treatment, of suctt' ™ diseases. This book will be sent sealed,, *& in plain envelope, on receipt of this ij tice with ten cents in stamps, for pos age. Address, World's Dispensary Med-® ical Association, Buffalo, N. y. For more than a quarter of a century * physicians connected with this widely £ celebrated Institution have made the-"^ treatment of the diseases above hinted afcM their specialty. Thousands have co»i$ suited theni by letter and'received adviqe- ' and medicines which have resulted'iu >! permanent cures, ' Lf Sufferers from premature old age' or*/' loss of power, will find much of interest: W the book, above mentioned. , Take Home a Bottle o ALLEJHl'8 Lung Balsam IT CURES COUGHS & COLDS, UATPNTQ fA 1 fill 1 O * *»*4HI*W . W , ,, tl 't, I rite to Patents, Trade-Marks. Examination KI\A AII»J AA «« ... »..»-_Tr. 7 .,T." *™ * W _ " «^ ' ' " ~ i : r-r-T'/ f-, .L. DOUGLAS Weak Wlothfers <?f as jjeftrly had been. ] m gpn. f h' o emperov his two bratl),ers fttteftae^ the man mi tot ScQtt ? s Emulsion loed Imawjt »ttk w& $m feey ttrogti It gim i&m kw$a$wk te

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