The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 22, 1953 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 22, 1953
Page 3
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 22, 1958 BLYTHEVILT,*: (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Japanese Militarist Urges Withdrawal of U. S. Troops EDITOR'S NOTE — Vic Suzuki of the Atnoclatcd Pren Tokyo bureau obtained the followlnf exclusive Interview with Masanobu Tsuji, one of Japan's top military brains and an outspoken critic of U. 8. policy In Japan. TsuJI, who Is not considered basically anti-American, speaks for the n»- ..tionallsta. A member of Parliament, he ha« no organized following- but Is a national hero. By VIC SUZUKI TOKYO (AP) — Masanobu Tsuji, one of Japan's most brilliant military strategists in \Vor\d War II, today warned the United States to pull its troops out of Japan as soon as possible or "the day will come when she will regret it." He also warned "a strong anti-American feeling prevails and is increasing in this country. 1 "This is a pity," he said, it should be curtailed." Tsuji devised the strategy behind Japan's lightning in'vasion of Malaya and the capture of Singapore in late 1941 and 1942. He was listed as a war criminal by the Allied command, but was never captured. He has become a national hero and a living legend since the end of the occupation. He speaks 'and he has sent a letter to Vice President Richard Nixon warning for the nationalists and has sharply criticized occupation policies, although he is not considered basically anti-American. An influential member of Japan's lower house, he said today against American policy toward Japan. He said the United States should: 1. Withdraw her troops from Japan and not compel this country to rearm. 2. Admit the war crimes trials were a mistake. Defense Hindered 3. Say what it expects to gain by mutual security administration aid to Japan. 4. Reconsider and revise its policy toward Asian countries. "If the United States withdraws her troops from Japan this coun- at once buckle down to for any aggressive acts A Note of Thanks to the Owner RICHMOND, Ky. W— Carlos Ed-*wards, 18, was writing the owner a note of thanks for the "Christmas money" when state police arrested him and two other teenagers in the act of ransacking a cafe. "Thanks for the money. I need i for Christmas. I am a bad boy for doing this." The other two were identified as George Smith, 16 ,and Leroy Jones, 17. The trio was charged with storehouse breaking bond. and held without Mother Pleads With POW Son PANMUNJOM (ffl — An appeal from a Texas mother to "come back to your country and to your God" arrived yesterday for delivery lo her son. Sgt. Howard G. Adams, one of 22 American war prisoners who remained with the Communists. The message from Mrs. J. H. Adams of Corsicana was broadcast to Tokyo and relayed to Panmun- jom by The Associated Press. It •was handed to the Indian command, which presumably will give it to Sgt. Adams if he is willing to accept it. High School Boy Shot in Laundry TAMPA, Pla. HP)— 17-year-old sports editor of a Tampa high school newspaper was shot tonight when Students Plan To Visit Russia try will prepare by the Communists," Tsuji said. "The keeping of foreign troops In the country is, in fact, hindering: the rebuilding of our defense forces." | He pointed out that America wants a Japanese army of 325,000 men whereas Japan had only 230,000 men under arms at the time of the Manchurian Incident in 1932. "If Japan could wage an aggressive war with 230,000 men, whs- does she need 325,000 men to defend the islands?" he asked. He told this reporter Nixon was incorrect when he said he could find no anti-American feeling in Japan during his recent visit. "Uniess we were barbarians," Tsuji said, "we would not give a state visitor the impression we disliked his country." MINNEAPOLIS W(— The editor of the Minnesota Daily, University of Minnesota student newspaper, left for Washington last night where he said he and nine other student editors would seek passports to visit Russia. Dean Schoelkopf, son of Harold Schoelkopf, editor of the St. Cloud, Minn., Daily Times, said the Rus- ns' Embassy in Washington had granted the visas, but. that U. S. passports had not been received although they were applied for a month ago. The group plans to leave by Mane from New York Thursday or Friday if the passports are forthcoming. PAGB 'Marginal'GOP Congressmen Meet President WASHINGTON Wl — A group of "marginal district" Republican congressmen arranged a meeting with President Eisenhower today to talk politics and other matters. They represent districts which in past years have often sent Democrats to Congress and which in 1952 elected Republicans by narrow margins. The meeting, arranged by Rep. Scott of Pennsylvania, will be followed by a session with Leonard W. Hall, chairman of the Republican National Committee, and James L. Murphy, chairman of the Citizens - for - Eisenhower congressional committee. Invited to attend the sessions were Representatives Broyhill of Virginia, Mailliard and Lipscomb of California, Warburton of Delaware. Devercux of Maryland, Tollefson of Washington, Frelinghuy- sen of New Jersey, Neal of West Virginia, Robison of Keirtucky and Javits and Wainwright of New York. "We are all backers of Eisenhower and have been, and we need the cooperation of the administration If we are to win our elections next year." said one of the group, ask- ng that he not he named. Skater to Seek Divorce HOLLYWOOD <fl>) —Sonja Home, the skater and actress, has announced that she will soon seek a divorce from Winthvop Gardiner, New York aviation executive. The skater said she and Oar- For Reception: Stocking Cap And NRA Coat NEW YORK Iffi — The aged, white haired man strode Into the fashionable Hotel Plnzii Sunday night, and headed for the elaborately decorated Icrrace room. He handed the checkroom girl an old navy blue knitted pap similar to those sailors wear for a cold watch. Then he doffed an overcoat in which a waiter spotted a National Recovery Administration label of the early 1930s. Then, in n well-worn dark business suit and vest and an ordinary striped tie. the whitehaired man strolled into the main room to mingle with men in white ties and tails, and women gowned in formal silk and jewels. It was one of the season's most elegant weddings. The aged gen- llemall in the dark business suit came late but was one of many to congratulate the bridegroom. Dr. Thomas Lee Bucky of Cornell University Medical College here, and the bride, the former Miss Margaret Neuberg of Park Avenue. The guest, a close friend of Bucky's father, physicist Oustav Bucky, quickly ducked around a corner from the reception line and into an elevator and out of sight. It was the end of a rare social appearance for 74-year-old Prof. Albert Einstein. diner have been separated since last May 1. They were married in New York in 1949. Tontitown Stndt Greeting To Founder's Home FOBLI. Italy (Pi — Tontitown Ark., has sent its greetings lo till; Italian city, which is the birth Place of the Rev. Pletro Bandlnt the priest who founded Tontitown Forll's mayor, Antonio Colctto received from the mayor of Tontitown nn album of photigraphs o the Arkansas village, and of ceremonies there last year commemorating the 100th anniversary o Father Dandini's birth. The priest, who died in 1917 a' Little Rock, was sent to America, lo help immigrant* adapt to their now home. WARNING ORDER IN THE CHANCERY COURT CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. S. Pickens, PHf. vs. No. 12,561 .linnie Lee Pickens, Dft. The defendant, Minnie Lee Pickens, is hereby warned to appear rilhin thirty days In the court CHRISTMAS SPECIAL PUPPIES For Terriera, Cocker Spanleli • nd English Shepherds. • a Parakeet for Chrlitmai. Young birds all colors. Beautiful chrome cages. Mexican Red Head Parrot. The PET SHOP 133 S. Division Ph. 8075 Lard oil was the first cutting :ubricant machinists used. BLACK & WHITE STORE mined in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, S. Plckcns. Dated this 30th day of November, 1953. T. J. Crowder, Ally, for Pllf. GERALDINE USTON. Clerk, By VIRGINIA WALTERS. D,C. 12/1-8-15-22 IN TI1K PROBATE COURT FOR THE CIIICKASAWIIA IHSTKICT. OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF No. 2,217 JOHN J. PARISH, Deceased. NOTICE Estate of John J. Parish, Deceased. Last'known address: 614 Lilly Streel. Blytheville, Arkansas. Date of Death: 8 September, 105J. The Undersigned. Mrs. Ell* Boonc, was appointed Administra- trix of the estale of the abov» named decedent on the 10th day of December, 1953. All persons having claims against the estate must exhibit them, duly verified, to the undersigned within six months from the date of tht first publlcalion of this notice, or they shall be forever barred and precluded from any benefll in tht estate. This notice first published on tb« 15th day of December, 1958. MRS. ELLA BOONE, Administratrix 614 Lilly Street, Blytheville, Arkansas. Harrison and Harrison, Attorneys for Administratrix. 12/1S-31 detectives found him in a laundry. "I did it to get money for Christmas," Detective Inspector O. C. Beynon, quoted him. Roy Walker, shot in the arm and chest, was in a Tampa hospital in serious condition, but expected to recover. No charge was brought immediately. Beynon said Detective BUI Bland shot the boy inside the laundry when he ran instead of obeying an order to surrender. The boy's father is W. R. Walker, credit manager for a Tampa jewelry company. LAST MINUTE i SUGGESTIONS Across the Border Into Alcoholism YOU FEEL DEEP, NAMELESS ANXIETY Now the steps to emotional and spiritual bank- ruptcj 7 are coming faster and closer together. You begin to feel a vague but everpresent fear—fear of retribution. You walk in terror. You show it to the world by your trembling hands and vacant stare—your shaky steps and jumping nerves. People may call it the shakes." But it is less a physical reaction than an expression of your fear. Having proved yourself a no-good, a drunkard, a failure as a man, you are bound to have sober moments when you feel remorse. Working against it is the deep- seated conviction that your drinking is blameless—that you have good reasons for if, but that nobody tries to understand them. When your self-excuses prove unequal to smothering your remorse, you give up that particular struggle; you start resenting others. At this point you start falling into fits of unreasonable irritation over little things or nothing at all. Your wife forgets to wind the clock—your child leaves a toy in the yard—you recall a chance remark someone made last week—so you get furious. By now you are a shambling, haggard twitching shell. You have to throw away love, respect, friendship. Lost Jobs, home, future. Your one solace, the bottle, has proved false. You are sick beyond imagining. You can be made well, but it will need your own strength plus that of probably many other people—plus time— plus the certain knowledge (hat you can never touch alcohol again. You can take that step if you will. FOR MORE INFORMATION WRITE ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Box 873 — Blyth«ville, Arkansas Open Meetings 8 p.m. Every Friday Night Closed Meetings 8 p.m. Every Tuesday Night. Anyone interested in this movement invited Club Room ov«r Hardy Furniture Co. GIFTS FOR HIM Boxed Handkerchiefs ... .79 Cotton Sport Socks ...... 39 Rayon Sport Shirts ..... 2.98 Rhynecliffe Neckties . .1.00 All Wool Coat Sweaters 4.98 Dress Pants .......... 4.98 Fur Lined Gloves ....... 3.98 Wool Lined Glo-es ..... 2.79 Solid Color Mufflers ..... 58 Wool Plaid Mufflers ____ 1.50 Rayon Dress Socks ..... ._ .39 Dress Suspenders ....... 98 lj^««^«WW'Mi«WW.« W ^ *^* ^ m ^m •__ A __ • _ £ I I v HOUSEHOLD GIFTS Bath Towels . 39 Wash Cloths 10 Embroidered Pillow Cases 1.59 Double Blankets 3.99 Chenille Bedspreads . . . 4.98 Organdy Curtains 2.98 Printed Table Cloths 1.79 House Slippers .... Flannel Sport Shirts. Dress Shirts Broadcloth Pajamas Felt Hats 1.99 .1.98 .1.98 2.98 3.98 Corduroy Shirts ....... 3.99 Cotton Blankets 1.19 SAMSON SHEETS 72 x 99 1.77 81 x99 1.83 81 x 108 1.99 Samson Pillow Cases 43 CANNON SHEETS 81 x99 2.19 GIFTS FOR BOYS Flannel Robes ......... 2.98 Leather Dress Gloves ... 1 .98 Wool Gloves ........... 98 Dress Pants ........... 1.°" Striped Anklets ........ Cowboy Hats ......... I./ , White Dress Shirts ..... 1.98 Flannel Sport Shirts ..... 1.69 Western Jeans ........ 1.98 Western Jackets ....... 1.98 Boys Ties ............. 49 Leather Belts .......... 49 House Slippers ........ 1.19 81 x 108 2.39 Cannon Pillow Cases 55 Cannon Colored Sheets 2.79 Colored Pillow Cases 65 Chenille Bedspreads . . . 5.98 GIFTS FOR I ER Rayon Bed Jackets ..... 1.98 Rayon Gowns ......... 1.98 Lace Trim Panties ...... 39 Nylon Slips ........... 2.98 Rayon Blouses ........ 1.98 Chenille Robes ........ 2.98 Cotton Wash Dresses. . 2.79 House Slippers ....... 1.99 All Wool Sweaters ...... 1.98 Nylon Hose ............ 79 Rayon Slips ........... 1.98 Royr>n Blouses ........ 1.00 Wool G;oves .......... 1.00 Cheniile Robes ........ 3.98 Lace Trim Gowns ...... 2.98 Boxed Handkerchiefs . . . .49 Ladies Purses ......... 1.98 Outing Gowns ......... 1.98 DREIFUS LASTING CHRISTMAS GIFTS LAST DAY HOLIDAY Store Hours TUBS. 8:45 a.m.-9 p.m. Wed. 8:45a.m.-9p.m. Tlllir. 8:45 a.m.-6 p.m. GIFTS FOR GIRLS Lqce Trim Panties ...... 39 Ribbed Cotton Anklets . .25 Eyelet Trim Slips ...... 1.00 Piaid Blouses ......... 1.79 All Wool Sweaters ..... 1.98 Flannel Pajamas ...... 1.49 Corduroy Slacks ....... 2.98 All Wool Gloves ........ 79 Holiday Dresses ....... 1.98 Rayon Panties ......... 29 Boxed Handkerchiefs . . . .39 Cowgirl Suits ......... 2.98 House Slippers ........ 1.19 These and many other gift items available at your friendly •I BLACK & WHITE STORE . •I DHE.IFIIS Meet Dreifus WWear Diamonds 316-.WEST M/UiV ST.

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