The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 2, 1895 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 2, 1895
Page 1
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AMOHA, IOWA, W1NNEBAQO HAS A RELIC. linearthf tig of a Slivei* Medal Issued by i?i'esideni Madisott to art Indian Chief* We Want It This Year. last year than the rant m!ofe of it this year than last, to try to induce you to It to Us. Opera House Grocery. Ibraith & Co. 'inal hristmas Week, jelha^ethe nicest line of Table pen-oid Napkins to be found, eck Scarfs from 25c to $1. The fgesjilme of Handkerchiefs ever jown in »the city, from 1 cent to yeacli. Now is your time to get i*i i' A! Present. is tht Time pi lace'to look is at A, D. McGre- [turi stor,e, He has a fine assort- adi^sy'and Gents' Rockers, Din- ables, Writing Desks, Carpet i '. .•••'-.-;' -..•.:• . *t|q, , Call and look our stock ;•• prices before buying your ^ent, > f McGregor. fr*/ !>' id Shoes at'the- .jtaWNELL Si ALLRED BKVeu™? HOUSE. LVrfCr'-t,* We invite in Quality, Prise? Style, Bjuability, KEj-y-, fugilists—A PecUliaf tion Bet becided—(jenetal News of the Northwest. Forest City has a curious find which equals in interest the lot of bear and leaver traps unearthed in Buffalo 'ork, or the old coins picked up near Daniel Rice's in this county, ft is a medal issued by President Madison and >resented to an Indian chief. The Summit tells about it: It is a silver medal about two and one-half inches in diameter and weighing four ounces. Jpon one side of the medal appears the profile of the fourth president of the Jnited States together with the words 'James Madison, President of the United States, A. D. 1809," while upon the other side are the Indian peace )ipe and a tomahawk, and the words 'Peace and Friendship." The medal was unearthed by a boy while digging n a gravel pit near Vinje postofflce, about twelve miles west of Lake Mills, some six weeks since and is now the property of David Gullickson. The medal is said to be one of five which were made by the government and presented by President Madison to as many chiefs of the northwestern Indian bribes then located in the Ohio country and who afterward broke faith with the government and participated in the aattle of Tippecanoe. The rare old piece has a small hole near the periphery in which there is a ring of silver wire for attachment to a necklace, or something of that kind, and it was doubtless worn with a great deal of pride by the dusky son of the forest to whom it was presented, back in the ong ago. It would doubtless be interesting to know just how it came to the spot where it was found. Possibly the ashes of a chief repose there and the medal may have been buried with him, to be worn in the "happy hunting grounds." It would make a fine addi- }ion to the historical department of the Aldrich collection. Pugilism at Germania. Algona had some boarders in jail Tom Germania last week. The Standard gives the wherefor as follows: Last Saturday afternoon the murky cloud of war settled over the calm and peaceful sky that before had beamed so kindly on Germania. And the cynosure seemed to be the Phoenix house. • Per- laps it was the approaching yule tide ;hat made the spirits o_f several of our townsmen rather hilarious, but we are disposed to rest the blame on hops and malt. At any rate, about the middle of ;he afternoon it became apparent that shei'e would be wigs on the green be! ore the rosy tints of sundown. We re_ret to say that we were not present, but along near the finale we were on deck and noted the peculiar expressions on several faces that were familiar :n the days. or yore. Constable Scott Wickham quieted the proceedings and xrraigned three culprits before Mayor El vidge, which worthy fined each $20. They preferred the board at Algona to that which Germania could set forth, and two of them departed for that place; the third was given his fine provided he left town and never" again iame back* This is a cheap way of jetting rid of such characters, and we believe a little improvement on the Swea City style. . . • Bet on Party Promises. A case has just been decided in the courts in Franklin county in which a man is caused to pay $100 for his loyalty and faith in his political party. A; M. Soper and J, W, Fults are two prominent farmers of that county and in a political discussion the subject of wool was introduced and Soper, being a large producer of the product, lamented the fall in the market price of that commodity, Fults being a staunch demo orat and with unbounded faith in his party, declared that w°°l would be higher, and to show his faith by works contracted to take Sopor's clip for 189^ at 16 cents a pound. The price contln ued to decline and Fults' faith was shattered and he failed to buy the clip at the price stated, Soper accordingl sold the wool, which amounted to 1,00 pounds, at 10 cents, and then instituted suit against Fults between the price he agreed to pay and the price at which he sold wool. The jury found for Sopei and Fults roust pay $61,20 and the fees in the case, which make the total about A Curious J.,und. Contest Judge Cavr and A. 0, Parker have been engaged to defend a lot of land titles in Clay and other counties near us in a curious contest. In the early 50s one John Jrwin located a large number of military land warrants upon gome of the choicest farming lands in poythwest Iowa. During the war Ir win, who was a resident) of one of the southern states, became financially em barraasefl and failing to pay the taxes upon, hti Iowa land?; they were sold ft t&x sale, Tfce tax, titles tbws acquired were subsequently TOrobftsed ^ y ties who im,pr9vea t»e tends, and for way yew raided ypoB them, In Qetofcer, Im Jpwia Sled }» Nebraska aad BQ W m beiri b»Y§ brought a«it tP redeem, ivm \^m tax sales, Claiming that Irwin wae laeane at the Mme tbeee lands were sold to- taxes pd m oontin 1104 yp JQ t% time of hie dw, Jo ' '-- -- JANUABY *ute named Harris whipped a frail ittle woman by the name of Cook with a buggy whip "until the blood flowed opiously and great welts were raised" is the report saysi The altercation was over a lot of turkeys. The Tri* 'iune dislikes to call attention to any vil without suggesting a remedy or penalty, as We did for the chicken thief it. Algona. We therefore suggest to Webster City that they crate Harris hd send hita to Britt C. O. D.; we will hen suggest a remedy, Dob Ktieebs 111 SioUx City. The well-known horseman, tinder ar- 'est in Germany, is in Iowa to look up ividence for himself. He tells the Sioux City Journal that he will come ut all right. He said to the reporter: 'I will give you a lot of unpublished matter about this case in a few days, and it will not bo of the kind of stuff hese space-writers have been grinding ut. I will be here in town about six weeks, and then I am going straight >ack to Germany, and 1 will return to he Fatherland loaded." State Agricultural Society. The annual meeting of the Iowa Ag- Icultut'al society will be held in Des VIolnes January 9 and 10, at which time uccessors will be elected to the followofficers: President, John A. Evans, v"est Liberty; vice president, F. N. lhase, Cedar Falls; secretary, P. L. 'owler, Des Moines; and treasurer, Al- )ert Head, Des Moines. Among the lirectors to be elected is a successor to R. J. Johnson of Humboldt, who suc- jeedod S. S. Sessions. A Nearlyllrreparable Loss. West Bend had a big, fire last week, nd one of P. P. Cuplin's inventions same near going up in smoke. His u old separating machine was in the •ear end of Minger's shop, but luckily le had it on trucks, and a wood track aid out quite a distance. The end of ,he building was quickly torn out and the machine run out of danger. The Fournal says Perry has spent a year's abor and over $1,000 on this machine. Good Koads Discussion Again. On January '10 the Iowa Road Improvement association will hold a meet- ng at Des Moines, at which time papers and addresses will be given as follows: 'Good Roads," James G Berryhill; ' Drainage and Its Effect upon the Soil and Climate of lovvn," J. R. Sage; 'Maintenance of Soil Fertility," by Prof. Patrick, Agricultural college, Ames; "What I Know About Parm- ng," George G. Wright, Des Moines. • "Woman Wins by Mistake. As a result of a clerical error in the election ballot, Iowa will, for the first time in its history, have a female justice of the peace, Mrs. L. E. Castle of Calender being sworn in. The intention was to nominate her husband, but by a mistake his wife's initials were used and she was elected. As there was no egal obstable to her filling the place she was sworn in. .Everybody Gets Rich in Kossuth. Blue Earth Post: Harry Pfoffer last week sold his farm in Kossuth county, Iowa. He pui-chased 160 acres of wild and, raised two heavy crops thereon and now disposes of it at an advance of p800, We surmise that he is at least ihead $2,000 on the transaction, which .s pretty good for a boy. Webster City Don't Ask Much. Tribune: The Algona UPPER DES MOINES boastingly says of the recently organized checker club in that city: Algona will meet from one up of the Webster City team on any terms they may suggest." All right, give us the first eight moves and we'll go you one round, for "money, cheese or marbles." Algona la Already, Emmetsburg Democrat: The Sheldon and Sutherland high schools are to have a literary contest soon. There is no fun down this way. Algpna, Spencer and- Estherville are too timid, What is the matter with Emmetsburg challenging Sheldon? Dropped Dead at Spirit Lake, Mrs, E. 0, Whalen, wife of the Chau* tauqua manager at Spirit Lake, went to a neighbor's Wednesday for a pail of water, and'it was noticed that she did not come out of the pump house as soon as she ought. A visit found her pros» trate and life extinct. Should Buy a Hootjack, Up at Swan Lake on Christmas night the young son of B, T. Sorum was try» ing to puU off his father's boot but in some manner fell over his father's leg to the floor, the fal.l breaking one of the hoy's arms, ^ U'Jie EwroetBburs Way, One ten^year-old Emmetsburg boy saved enough money to buy his father a pony keg of beer for Christmas, " PURE CREAM"—that weans flour, and Walker Bros, sell it, Made at Alden, Minn,, and warranted to be 'as good flpup as there is in the nwket, Pon't (ail to try a, sack, Ypu will oer« tainly liUe it.-rgS) Good Things FOR i • * TO *m -'X'vi^ '-^1 ;$r-2fl & . -vJu * J ' " **«~? *t^ w ? m ~: £>&r a t»^t«JS Are found at our store. We. keep The Best Goods^ WHY DON'T YOU TARE that we can buy. Gome and see us. That will convince you of what we say. Langdon &°. Hudson. That our assortment of . HOSIERY is complete in every detail, and that we are now offering qualities that in former years brought Double the Price= now asked. Do not forget that they are * . . - • Reliable, Absolutely Stainless, an4 Wear Their Money's Worth. The Grange Store. Broken Lots and "Odd Pairs at special prices. Hustle ! to. s ^ Store, Ask for Snowatilla. Only 25c,- 1894- The year 1894 has closed. I wish to Thank my Friends for their liberal patronage during the past year, '* it will continue in the future, and wishing you all 9, Happy New Year, I am, respectfully, JAMES PATTERSON, o Cowles block. State street, W, p. Haggard & Peek, "ftw ra^" , A New . rTl . T __,. ? , j-ipsgpvp-,- np^y.vt!*,, l fVi

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