Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 11, 1946 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 11, 1946
Page 5
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'f*^ E; l ! folk I.? •, CLOSING 01 " HOPE STAR HOPfi, ARKANSAS Monday, Morrh 11, By Chick Young If he arrival of those two cops sure simplified matters. In no time at all we were at headquarters. TO THE PURPLE RAVEN, WHERE 1'VF GOT A DATE WITH MR. } > SCARR. BUT WEVE GOT TO BE THERE BY 2 [fhen I spoiled him dancinf wfUv when &rowl SUPPOSED TO BE THROWN wnen urowi i n u TUC CA^C cmn-^ Her black eye was gone. Makeup, j, i J» ON 'HE SAME STREET and lenteredlTcoRNER WHERE JERCE the place. | WAS FOUND,AND SCARR WILL BE DANCING HERE WIUH^ 01 !!,^*™ SURPRISED/ MAMA-COME HERE AND SEE PAPA r JUGGLE BE THE RE, FLINT. IF THAT IDIOT VALK MAS GOT HIMSELF HURT, ANP SPOILED GETAWAY TONIGHT, I'LL- Side Glances By Gaibraith ODEST PB. 946 BY NEA BCRVICP. INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF GETS YOU m youtee TEN, THAT SKY- ^x CHUM HAPPY (3OOP, CRACKS I AURORA HELLO, AURORA-..STICK WITH ME—I HAP TO (CONK THIS ESKIMO WITH THE MIKE THE BIG COPc PIDN7 WANT A PATE WITH THE PENTI5T ...H£ WANTS TO 60 SACK TO HIS IGLOO... ...WE 1 CAU'T TAKE HIS A\0NE>MF I DON'T PELIVER HIM TO TUB DOC...50. HE CAN'.T CHANGE HIS MINP, AS '' LONG- AS HE STAYS THE WAY HE 15 CELIA, SCOKCHV UP A PERFECTLY SLIM.-.VVHAT GOES..,ARE STILL IN T AND BLINKIE FIGHT TO SURVIVE, a\j A REMOTE ALASKAN ANOUNTAINSIPE WHERE- 7H£y HAVE BEEN POKED POWN,IN AN ATTEMPT TO ESCAPE FROM THE LOST VAL ; LEy...5LIA\ CHANCE, ONE OF NOKTH STAR AIKWAVS' SUSH- PILOTS e-FLviNG- A ROUTINE "MERCY AMSSION* — FLOWERS MAKE A COPR.-1M6 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF "Your mother had a bad dream 'about me , Her husband must be doing- very well—Easter's still last night!" more. than. a month oil' and that's "a complete new outfit she's .wearinc!" Freckles and His Friends By Blosser ?unnv Business By Hershberger r ^ LARD'S PROBLEMS ARE ALL FINAKJOAL. 1 ITS COSTING- HIM MONEY To KEEP JUNIOR. FROM TELLING- • . MRS.YOGELABOUf TME BROKEN RECORDS, AMD if WILL COST HIM $18 IF JUNIOR DOES TELL,-- WHATS wRoue- NOW, )TMAT . SMALL FRY? FT—-^HAS GOME TOO FAR, BRAGGING ABOUT L.1CKIM& WELL, LOOK AT JUNIOR'S COASTER/ HOW PILOTS DECORATED 1 PLACES \.HILeOOP PREPARES PCS Fr.rTHEE B\- /AM I HAPPY PLOiTS IM TIME. POP FISH REJOICES ,\U—LJ TO 3= BACK / SEEMS LIKE HIS SRAN DAUGHTER'S RETURN /ttZ^° **,%£*• I Ivl^ONE AMXIOUS VVE OUSHTA TO SEE THE CUP &AMG.' J TO BELIEVE \ VALLEY.' \ GOT HOME VOU'VE BEEN L_ ^A BEFORE AWAY THREE THEY SCORED „ HITS? " l •'George is just out of the Army and this is the only kind of a suit he could buy!" r.npo 1941-1 BY NEA SERVICE. IMC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF, Thimble Theater THE/ DONT ARf RIGHT/STOP E// IT'S r-^™, i^/KB RI6HT" SOMEHOW VA GIANTS. PONT HAVE GgASSHOPPEKSJ IN TWEIR ~ HAJ£ r- NO?? YOU POPEYE SILLY, SILLY, SILLY, SILLY SILLY "°r/"' ^AKES /WE THINK u r " ^ I MIGHT BE I CON'T SUPPOSE HAVE RABBITS. . eo WC.YV Sit fc VDEfV- LIONS AN 1 \ — ? \ SW30VO .VtVS 6O ELEPHINKS --- , WHATS /GOT TO CO I WITH IT B 1.M «Y NE« StHUCE. Lc. T. M. HEP. U\ flft' Qff orR i»if.. KINT, rtui i•iii.t's'vMiif*TB. in,. uoin.ii BIRHTS nrsr.nvri) I DIDU'T 5/w-~) HERE'S SURE'. MISTER/ BUT I HOPE iA AM'T A-GOUHA DO AWYTHIN6 WATER 15 Xh YElL DEEPEST/ Out Our Way By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House With Major Hoople (YOU'RE HIRED/ ~. v SAY A J THE FIRST THIklG ) BOAT ^ AKT HAS BEEN ORDERED BT KTJ,fG ARTHUR TO DUMP /l E3AAH, WISE I'VE TOLD AN' TOLD VOU TO KEEP THAT TONGUE INJ — PEOPLE CAM TELL BY TH' MOTCHES IK) IT HOW ^AAWy STREETS VOU CROSSED/ I VNA.S IW YOUR. \MWsJTED TO SEfc /VW TEACHER^l ROOM.LEANDER. — THOT THROOGH p» ^% OUGVATA BE /vs GOOD AS CLOSED WlriDOW.'-'-TrMS V%*. THE PICKLE: GUV/ ATS TH' FDR1C SAUSAGE BUSTED OUT.' PET MOU6E Of SPORT'S l& BUT IF SPOR.T FIMD9 DOT SOU SNJUC1< OFF BATT VOO FOR THE OPPOR-TUMITV HsJiroe FOR I CP\S!> CARR.V Kl/V\TO •SCHOOL i^ ^A^y v POCKET/ DEADLY BOTTLE OF ATOMIC 1 ENEEOT INTO THE SEA... RED F1RE5 WHEN G05 rtELROD DRAV!5 HIS GUN AC5AW5T RU&Y / i DCNI THINK ANYBODY WILL CUT V.Y YOU LOOSE FROf\ THESE, HEIROD. CEET/MNLV •'THE WOKKY WABT' (."iy-Mf?' s- jj:a a t.f HOPE STAR, HOP I, ARKANSAS tlmo * Three llmoi word, minimum 30c *0'<I. minimum 50c On. "° Not Taken Over the Phone "THE „ . L monlh ' Sc v "" d ' minimum 7Sc 18e word, minimum $2.70 For Sole QUICKER YOU SELL" TVVO iiowTASKl'LAN-nnirsKT- 1 '"'"">''">:. llnpo AMIO Co ROOM Ki. 1 . Sec BUNGALOW AND l-loytj Porlerfielrl. Notice OUT SAI..K. I'l'i™ ami p ursery Al lor in ,,,,od __ U R N LSI I K D F un NISI 1 F I ) . two bail,-,, m" l.ii-claKc. Phono 107! GOOD S • cook stove. Sco ______ _________ _ Services Offered ONE BLACK SADnTFsTAL on,; Missouri ... lc k. black whh while noso. For service. F, n _Downs, Uoclciiw, Ark. fj.;>\\. MKI?CUI:Y. FOUH'"I)OOH si.-;'. dan. Chrome Irim. Clean throu-ii- °"'- rjL<n j' '»'l»Hi'. Nc\v tires. Sr,. .'it Bundy Gulf Slntion ...-('i l ';l'. IjHOAL JKUHN1TUUK STOUF '.'i- bolter fimi.lim; ami bc (^r _Jjar.;<mis. Pliono 470. M-.m INCOMK TAX SElMCl!"lF~YOU be'VlT 11 ? \' tx '''oi'Wcs. I will "<-' i!lacl to help you. Do it now avoid the rush in the lust day' .hjirges reasonable. J. W. S trick'- la " d - _ 1-24-7W HO YOUU OWN LAUN'OnY'TlKNT Ji "lai-hino by the- hour.' Phone M(>-. ior iippoinlmc'iH. Ill South \\ashinH.on. . For Rent Fair Enough By Westbrook Pegler Copyright, 1946 By King Features Syndicate. HRKE ROOM FURNISHED A- p.'irtinent for lj»h. liousekcrpin,. 4"!'-M ' s 'J h " ul( -'y> SU.re. Phone •iH-l'-ll, Mrs. J.K. Sehnoloy. 2-tf CLOSE IN, SMALL NICELY FUK- iiishi-tl apartment. Utilities paid See lorn Carrel. Ill West 3rd St.' 40 ACHES LAND. ~TWO~ louse at Shover Springs Jj. IJecku'orlli. ROOM See .J. B-IU Fish Bait GOLR FISH. SEE AT Service Station. East BUNDY'SI Third St. I MINNOWS FOR FISH BAIT FOI! n \ • St '° Pilul Cobb - 31G South ashington. ,).;{, .. .V F/F, D- ' M F N NO WS~ "' enc-e Weakloy at and Hamilton. TWO ROOM FURNISHED AP-\RT iiii-nt. Built in cabinets. Private hath. Lai-Ke screened back porch AH utililic-s paid. No children. Mrs. \\. F. Hutfhins, Sr 71'' J'.asl. Division. l\-'j\ LET US REMAKf:~YOUR~6"LD mattr.-ss and make them like new. Will pick up and deliver in and nut of town, "write or call us. Phone :»..}-•>. Bright Bros. Mattress Co. HOJJC. Ark. Rl 2 n-ot 1101 Wanfed K CLAI!-, West 7lh i ——"2L i FILL the IN MATERIAL FREE^FOR hauling. Saei)L',er Theatre 11-31 The testimony taken by the Tres- ury in the stock switch conceived nd directed by the late President Roosevelt in. settlement, of the debts and alimony obligations of his son, Kliott. was a huge bundle ol photostats as released by the Democratic majority of the House Ways and Means committee. Few copies were given to the press, the intent of the Democrats being to make the material scarce and hard to get. They were badly 'embarrassed by the disclosure of their late leader's trickery and cunning and it was natural, in politicians, that they should release the news in one "real, confused blurt, so large and complicated that the papers could not cover more than the high spols at the time. There- alter, in the rush of the world, other news would crowd this sorry scandal out of print and only a few individuals possessing copies of the reort would take the pains to analyze it. As a stickler for truth in history s opinion of political giants, I have recently been examining the statements of Mrs. Ruth G Kidson, the former wife of Elliott, Kiven to the Treasury on two dates Sept 10 and Sent. 14. 1945. This is the first critical study of her testimony. The first statement was made in Denver, Mrs. Eidson did not have her.records with her and that, m consultation with her lawyer, after her return to Fort Worth, she decided to amplify some of her answers. The discrepancies and lapses of memory here revealed will have to explain themselves. H may bo recalled that President Koosevelt, himself, sent Mrs Eidson. then still Mrs. Elliott Roose- certain notes and shares of stock that had been recov- from John Hartford and radio creel David G. Baird. both of New York, Real Esrcie for Sale i on leprcsentations that Elliott ! broke, which was untrue, and 50,000 RATS TO KILL WITH GILLS rat killer. Harmless to anv-i thing but rats and mice Guar-iii-. _teod. Feeders Supply Co. l!!:-;iw j A TOR D TR ACTOR "" WITIL OR i Without equinmrnt. Will buy o,, trade John Keer model B 'with or without equipment. A B | JMioch, Rt. 4 Prcscotl. 7-(ii i was . • •• •••••.! >-I'ILIU\>, nuu In (i t _ _____ i tlu ' collateral was worthless. If the THRlvF, ROOM HOUSF WnTt u 0 " :ilernl '' eall - v was worthless bath. Small house in roar V-s tn 're was no reason why the presi- 'wo baths. Hot Aval or !fe-i or ll shouk! havc wanted to recap- Deep Water Well Electric nu'n' l "''' "" '," tho end ' ho concluded l"n;e slurago lank and Se'.Ur hls « )II P b >' transmitting the stock 1 •-lion for '? AUth Roosc vclt for the purpose location lo, ol ( i ell . ;lvin( , E n iolt . s alimony and Travelers Begin Spring Training Little Rock, March 11 — (/P)— Formal sprint; training was begun today by the Little Rock Travelers, with Manager Willis Hi|dlin hopeful of maiding a team which will make up for last year's cellar finish. With many regulars on hand last week lo participate in Hudlin's baseball school. .'W Tvivolers were expected to report today. The Peb pilot's uiggest task seems to be that of forming a mound staff and turning up a capable catcher. The outfield and the infield shape up as formidable units — on the basis of men under contract. The Traveler front office has disclosed that Grey Clark, third baseman purchased from the Chicago White Sox, is a holdout and might not play hero. StoteAAlT Girls Tourney Under Way Little Rock, March 11 —(/Pi- Three girls' basketball tournaments still arc on the docket, but Arkansas' major 194fi Cage Marathons— those for men and boys — are history. The state AAU high school girls' tournament will get under way here tomorrow • and continue through Saturday, with the AAU senior girls' and the Arkansas Athletic Association high school girls' events to follow. As predicted in most quarters, the Little Rock Tigers racked up their third consecutive state high school class a title at Jonesboro Saturday night by defeating the home team, 46-39 .Thus, the Tigers, who placed five players on the 13-man all- lournamenl. squad, became the second team in history to win three straight championships. 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U-.'d "»*•••*.» j-jnn-iii o 'it 11 j i iui i.y UIJU Ins conlinuing obligation to support Iheir children. Jesse .lones, acting for the president, had recovered 2,000 shares from Hartford for $4,000 and 500 shares from Baird for $500. Elliott's debt to Hartford was $200,000. His debt to Baird was $40,000. The treasury asked Ruth Roosevelt, in Denver: "Who did you get the stock from: Jesse Jones?" "I think it must have been given to Elliott," she replied. "I really don't know." JONES MAYTAG SALES & SERVICE For Prompt Expert Service on All WASHING MACHINES Phone 209 304 East 2nd For ELECTRIC SERVICE Day Phone 413 Phone 1015-J We Specialize in MOTOR REWINDING BARWICK'S Electric Service 114 E. Third St. Hope, Ark WASTE PAPER I Hin-i.-tohl, 111. March :i —f-Ti— After Mrs. C. E. Hainos lossod a piece- of lacial tissue into the chute to her apartment house incinerator .she remembered: lu-r diamond- pearl n,i-, which she valued at .M.iilH) was wrapped in Hie paper MIL- siimmoni-d the fin- department: she called for (he janilur Mi-omen worked two hours removing debris from the incinerator; Janitor K. A. Dobson then took up the search ant! r,>m- hours later lound the ring anum.; Hie debris Ho was ri-\v:iriled LOG'S Tourist Cafe-Gourt Featuring • Steaks • Fried Chicken • Barbecue «Fish • Sandwiches «Soft Drinks NOW OPEN 24 HOURS Phonn 222 for Private Dining Room Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Loe City Limits & Highway 67 West NOTICE — WE HAVE MOVED to 513 S. Walnut Call us for ropnirs, parts and supplies. We do hom'- siiii-hini; and make ljutlon holes. Buy. Soil jiml ExchaiiRe Machines C. W. YANCEY, Singer Dist. ' Phone 578R "Rut you did get the stock eventually?" "1 am sure. I think so." Again. Mrs. Roosevelt said she didn't know, or recall, where the stock was sent. .-. ..-f "It may have been sent to me or Mr. Hanger .(Elliott's lawyer) or it may have been sent lo IMlioll," she said. This was a fortune lliat she was discussing so vaguely. The stock was now worth $250,000. The Treasury asked Mrs. Roosevelt whether she knew that Jones turned the stock over to Mis. Grace Tully, one of President Roosevelt's secretaries. She didn't know. She didn't know Miss Tully had the stock. She did not communicate willi Miss Tully at the White House asking her to send the slock to her. "You arc c|iiite certain of this," the examiner said, "that the stock I was nol forwarded to you by Miss 1'ully. Is that right'."-' "1 didn't even know that Miss fully had the slock," Mrs. Roose- vcll said. Four clays later, she had refreshed her memory and recalled "vi'ry dimly" having written Miss Jully at Elliott's request, asking thai the stock be forewardecl to Fort Worth. At this point, \vo turn for a moment to Elliot's own testimony in which he said: "In January, 1944, Kuth G. Roosevelt decided that she would carry out divorce proceeding:;, and wrote the president asking if the stock certificates were available and she wanted them in Texas." He also said he had inquired jiboul Iho slock at the White House but "through some mistake or nuxiip" it was impossible to find it. Elliott's statement that his wife asked for the collateral recaptured from his creditors and his own inquiries at the White House support :; theory that from the beginning ii was the president's intension nol only to square his son's loans for trivial amounts but to contrive, moreover, that the lenders should pay Elliott's future obligations in alimony and child maintenance, from their food to Iheir education. Proceeding in the Fort Worth inquiry, Hie Treasury presented a |;UKL> manila envelope addressed lo Mrs. Elliott Roosevelt. postmarked: "Regislered: Return receipt requested" ;md bearing in the upper left corner in typewriting the name "G. G. Tully." It was a White Mouse envelope. Mrs. Jioosevelt now recalled that she- received this envelope about Nov. 12, 1943 and she further re- CARWVAL five By Dick Turner 1846 BY NEA StRVlCE, INC. T. M. RCC. U. s. PAT. OFF Broadway i 'Maybe we shouldn't he so lough on this unemployment tnl ... . suppose we clon'l gel rc-cJcclcd Ihis year!" This Curious World By William Ferguson Now York—Howard Hughes and his planeload of Hollywood glamor gave the autograph pests a field day. . . Howard didn't bust any record on the' flight but his passengers busted lots of pencils signing their names in El Morocco, The Stork and Twenty-one. The stage show at Radio City Music Hall looks like one of those science magazine dreams. ... it depicts a floor show going on inside the huge plastic windows . .. with the propellers 'whaling outside the juge plastic window:. . . and a very cute "landing," in which the lights of a city being approached on landing slant final- y flatten out into a landing field as the plane comes in and stops. . . a real applause-grapper. . . the audience Joved it, particularly the idea of the dance predisionists, the Rockcttes, kicking their heels into the hypothetical stratosphere in the usual impeccable terpsichorean style. While I'm on this broadway-in- the-air theme, it's s good a time to bring up Greg "Pappy" Boyington, who is spending a honeymoon with his shapely blonde wife in the various manhattan watering laces. . . Pappy and his wife liked Leon and Eddie's so well Saturday night that they came back at 6:30 p. m. the next night and stayed through all FOUR shows!. . . A nice, amiable guy, Lieut. Col. Pappy didnt gel the i least irritated at the dozens of j autograph hounds who kept his signing army busy most of the evening. . . nor did he give the impression that he's Ihe sort of ham- my hero who encourages that sort I fi',',',' of thing. . . He isn't too sure, he 230, OOO GROWS ARE ESTIMATED TO LIVE IN A SINJ6LE ROOST NEAR BALTfMQRe.MARYlANO. COPR. 1944 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. 15 LAKSER THAN MOST PEOPLE THIN<... BEINS ALMOST AS - LAR6E AS PENNSYLVANIA. 3-ir U'HEN YOU WIPE UP THE STAIRS, YOU WIPE DOWN/'-SV-*" MRS. CLYDE MILLER, SPORTS -Ir Inah i Fpllert«. Jr. West Point, N. Y., March 11 —f" W)— You can take it straight from i his staff Cul. Earl "Red" Blaik that football coaches have to think and 'that's the reason why they have only real full-time jobs in the tlie sort of fanfare the Marine Bi 8 ;r H in m He nt xio s not said. 'Not that I want to get out," Pap added. "But I want to do my best work in the best possible way and if someone gets the impression that I'm chasing, newspaper space instead of watching my job, it might mean that I'd be iept in some job I wouldn't like. In that ease, I'd go into private employment, and I wouldn't like that so much. I really want to stay nembered that it contained another, marked "The President" which in turn contained a third white envelope, also marked "The President." In the white envelope there was \ letter from the president to 'Dear Ruth," dated Nov. 0, 1943, 'orwarding 2,500 shares of Texas State Network and the notes El- iotl had given David Baird. Hart- 'ord's notes for $20,000 had been destroyed in the presence of Jesse Jones. The letter explained the .ransaction and conveyed a suggestion that she and Elliott 'should make every effort to re- mburse Mr. Jones." At the time )f his own testimony, Mr. Jones lad not been reimbursed. agreed that there's no comparison between the mental requirements of tho two games. Food For Thought Blaik's explanation went something . like this . . .In football you're, always planning, trying to figure something new . . . Even now we — meaning himself and SERVICE — QUALITY — VARIETY Now is the time to get ready for your Spring planting. We have a most complete line of Field and Garden Seeds, Insecticides and Inoculations. AGENTS FOR Willhite Melon Seed Dodge Onion Plants Funks G Hybrid Corn 0 . ,"" \ Germaco H^*" ^-^^^ Sinkers Delinted Cotton Seeds,-H^lirJd Sweet Corn, Kobe, Korean and Sericea Lesfrdezaf^lfalfa, Soy Beans and field grown cabbage plants. >v "WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS" MONTS SEED STxQRE The Leading Seed in the Marines." Sgt. Harvey Stone, the number one comic to come out of the service, has grabbed off some plushy contracts. . . Never in the big time before the war, Harvey was a workmanlike master of ceremonies in a Detroit, Mich., night club. . . But when he started appearing at various wartime benefits, the audiences promptly went for him in a large fashion. . . As a result, he goes into the Coronet Club in Philadelphia, March 20, at an announced $3,000 a week. . . Then into, or is it onto? Boston's Bradford Roof. . . Then into tho Capitol Theater on Broadway, followed by his own network radio show for ail oil firm. . . This G Bob Hope most certainly has hit a lush jackpot. — can look at the pictures of the great teams we had the past two years and learn something every time we see them . . . We see mistakes the boys made, of course, and we see what the other teams were doini< lo slop us; things we never realized that they they were doing during (he heat of the game ... On this basis we plan new strategy, new ways of doing things . . . Every individual, and mere are eleven on a football team, has so many assignments and so many ways he can handle them that there's no end to the planning. . . In fact, Blaik concluded, a football coach doesn't have time 1o think about anything but football. The Easy Take your coaches, for Jobs baseball of basketball example, Red con- BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repairs HARRY W. SKIVER Plumbing • Heating Phone 259 Hope, Ark. COMPLETE BUTANE SERVICE Wanda Butane Co. Phone 370 Hope, Ark. MONEY TO Easy Terms Home Institution..... See E. S. GREENING SECRETARY Hope Federal Savings & Loan Association Political^ Announcements The Star is iuthofiif& to announce the following as candidates subjoc t t& Ihc action of the DcmiMJiatic primary elections thfl Summer: , 8th Judicial Circuit For Prosecuting Attdriiey CHARLES W Hcmpstead County For Sheriff & TILMAN J. W. (SON) J0» For County ROBERT C / •>*•»,, f For County Treasurer MRS. ISABELLH McCORKLB SYVELL A. B, For County Judge f ^ f FRED A LTjgK* 1 , *~ For Representative r- v, Post 2 TALBOT Basketball Scores *<. By the Associated Press < East ^ ^^, Holy Cross 61; Kings J&W'Mei chant Marine Academy '9di =* West Virginia 81 Cariiegie Tech 41. ' s ' -n Midwest * 8ft ' Oklahoma A. & M 45, 'Ci'eighton (Neb i 24. "• Drake (la) 52; Tulsa.,48; Far West / •*•» Colorado Univ 42 , Utah State Allege 33. 3f?«0 Wyoming on; Coloradcft'Av. & M. 41. . &;> Utah Univ 71; Brigham^Ydung 53. tinned. The strategy is pretty well established, especially in baseball, and they can't figure out many lew moves ... They can spend a lot of time on personnel, working with the individual players to mprove their performances, but the boys themselves don't care nuch for that . . . They enjoy off-season football practice (army started its spring drills last week: aut they won't turn out for summer basketball or winter baseball . . "That's right," Holcombe agreed. ''It's just like Howard Cann said the other day. Basically basketball is just five boys throwing the ball up and trying to hit the basket." Another Kind Of Thought Blaik's desk in his hard-to-find office high in the cadet gym, was piled with official-looking documents .,. . "Here's something else we have to think about," he remarked. "You know the scholastic requirements at West Point. Every cadet is marked in every subject every day and he can't be deficient m any subject and still play. Here's today's report on the squad We have to keep watch on this and sometimes get after the boys." . . . Another stack contained data on prospective members of the incoming class". .. "Some people may think we have nothing but big husky, he-man cadets," Red groaned. "But I never seem to see anything in here but 120-pound honor students." Flashes of Life A COMPLETE DIRECTORY San Diego, Calif., March 11 — (/P)— Navy Yeoman Salvalore C Del Vccchio, Jr., told police his rather had been missing from Lodi, N. J.. for 18 years. They suggested Salvalore look in the city directory. Ho did and the faalvalore, Sr., turned out to be his father, now 70. "COOLER" BUTTER Chicago, March 11 — f/P)—-Police saw two teen-age boys trundling a loaded hand cart down an alley 1'hey investigated and found the boys load -was 130 pounds of butler. The boys wore sent to the juvenile homo and Die butler — It has been locked up with a cake of ice m a cell at the Marquette avenue police station. EXTINGUISHED Chicago, March 11 — <a>) — The firemen named him Blaze and put him out. A mongrel. Blaze wandered into •ngme house 51 a week ago. Fairly successful at mending a few of his milder bad habits —. like chewing up the fire hose —the firemen had hopes for him until yosf-rday. An alarm roused the men from Iheir secon floor bunks. As the l man slid down the brass pole, Blaze plunged after him, breaking us fall on Fireman William Newton's head. Then the dog took up a stand in front of the thundering trucks, delaying their departure Blaze has been given to neighbor children. They promise lo keep um away from engine house 51 • -o :—— An old Scollish custom called tor the bride to be hit over the head with a current bum by the groom's mothers. o Harvesting tools used in the United Stales as lale as 1830 were • r&v s ^ e type as those in Biblical days. Univ of Idaho 28; Univ of California 23. South ' Kentucky 54; Temple 43 Tournaments ' Seventh Service Command basket sail tournament at Cheyenne, Wyo Fort Warren Wyo) 56; Jefferson Barracks 35: Consolation Championship. Fort Leavenworth (Kas) o3; Fort Riley (Kas) 50. Harry Segnar, Sr. PLUMBER Contracting and Repairs Phone 382-J Expert Repair Work On all makes of cars Phone 1118 BARNEY GA1NES GARAGE 213 South Elm St.- ROGERS RADIO SERVICE We specialize in all kinds of car and home radios. FIRESTONE STORE 209 South Main St. Hats Cleaned end Rebuilt the factory way. • HALL'S HAT SHOP East 2nd St. Ph'one 7« Alterations Pressed While You Walt YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD TRY Hope Mattress Co. For better work at better prices—Old beds made new and new beds made too— We Call for and Deliver Anywhere One day service in town— Bargains in Secondhand Furniture ALL WORK GUARANTEED Phone 152 411 S. Hazel A Complete Line of ... CITIES SERVICE PRODUCTS TIRES, TUBES, BATTERIES and ACCESSORIES SEAT COVERS PUT ON Washing & Greasing An Expert Mechanic OPEN ON SUNDAY ANTHONY SERVICE STATION Phone 1106 DR. H.T. SHULL VETERINARIAN In practice in Texarkana TEXAS CITY HALL Phone 140 or 1490-J Motor Repairs—Light Fixtures Hope Appliance Co. 814 East 3rd St, PHONE 613 Appliance Repairs—Appliances SEAT COVERS FOR ALL CARS Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 215 8. Main Personal Stationery Pastel Colors • A Complete line Gentry Printing Co. Phone 241 Hope, Ark. COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Aufo Supply SEE US FOR THE REYNOLDS PEN , The miracle Pen that will Revolutionize Writing. Guaranteed to write 2 years without refilling. Doug /^IT'V Carl Bacon \*\ I | Jones ELECTRIC CO. Phone 784 Hope • Real Estate If you are in the market to buy or sell Farm land or City Property, call or see Calvin E. Cassidy Phone 489 Hope, Ark. Arkansas Bank Building See Us For BABY CHICKS You'll like our quality chicks, hatched right from selected (locks. Hardy, fast- growers. Low prico. FEEDERS SUPPLY CO. 4th and La. St« Phone 25

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