The Circleville Herald from Circleville, Ohio on August 15, 1944 · Page 7
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The Circleville Herald from Circleville, Ohio · Page 7

Circleville, Ohio
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 15, 1944
Page 7
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•Tuesday, August 15, 1944 THE DAILY HERALD — CIRCLEVILLE, OHIO Rage Seven ROOM AND BOARD By GENE AHERNBLONDIE By CHIC YOUNGCROSS-WORD PUZZLE • I HATE MYSELF, WM EN I GET THESE FIENDISH fl IDEAS . _ Copt 1944, King Fraiurcj Syndic*’? Inc . XXorid r\fd ARE you A TALKING DOG? SURE, WHATS SO STRANGE ABOUT THAT? > 1 I AW FRENO ARE MDU CUTE SURE OUR STRANGE craft IS SEAUuGRTUV? ALL IHE KIM IS TRU IT FIND OUT "AHOY INA ENGINE-' 'ROOM! FULL SPEED / AHEAD)—— ------- s> > ( santa MONICA 'UUNE8UG ISLANDS SF - Caf, i»M K.«t IMW iytt+cmt. lac, WouJjiyhn OH . POPEVE, THE SCENE RU IS SO UDVELV / MAS. ORFUL NICE SCENERY ^ AINT IT? j- T1I.IJE THE TOILER HE'S FOUND LJSOUNPS UKE THE PRISONER)! HE'S DONE MOREl THAN that . TILLIE, I NE GOT TO STo£_ THAT BUMP ON THE HEAD has me <3Ro<sey r "—y» ■ •* -ar" OKAY HAL. (SOSH! I'M IM A=> RIDICULOUS A SPOT AS A MAN WAS EVER IN J By WESTOVER •' LAMPH! ' MDU DON'T I KNOW THE \SPOT I'M IN 31 I BRICK BRADFORD Bv WILLIAM RITT and HAROLD GRA* CAPTAIN , HAVE All TRIBAL CHIEFS CALLED TO ATTEND AN ESPECIAL ASSEMBL* IN THE THRONE-ROOM - AT ONCE.' ETTA KETT By FAUL ROBINSON HI UL THERE HE IS." FIX U yO TOUR WIG ANO LIP ‘ ' ,Kn SUCK "ACT LIKE T e , YOU’RE MV 1 IV 1 WX I MOTHEP.' 1 HESNOTTAICIN' ANY CHANCES.* Wn HE'S DRIVIN’ —(Sin back fFfef and ^.<jTr forth J ut wya ; CUP cake / D ecoy HIM UP I'D LUCE TO -a HEET TOUR 1 BOY FRIEND, DEARER- WfeSrfv " \yi* (G ulp ) my what a DEEP VOICE TOUR MOTHER < y r~TT .rr —P HAS* I 11 ITS THE 7JS-X MUGGS MrGIN NIB PLASTIC ...HELICOPTERS .... Ca LASS LOI NGS BU' 8-15 Bx VV XI I X BISHOP• -rn.- • ** • CSL ASS BU IL Pl NGS? I 6 * ...AN' BOY.'/..WHAT I CANU THATS RIGHT.1.' DO TO A GLASS TTT-rr SCHOOL HOUSE/tV:' #• \ jGagf I HH King frrstunx fyrii&tau, lur, VcwU n V*J ITH Aa ?£M)J CJ) \ PRICKS lf T ' ^ V DONALD DUCK By WALT DISNEY UNCLE JOE 8-13 SIH N oah N umskull across I. Distress signal 4. Mandate 7 Push 9 Heroic poems 12. Mohammedan Bible 13. Country home (Eur.) 14. Still 15. Therefore 17. Observed 18. Capital of Switzerland 20. Public notice 21. Mass of floating ice 24 Bath house 27. Firearm 29 Slant 30. Influx 32. Youths 33. Earth as a goddess 34. Not firm 36. Wine receptacles 39. Nickel (sym.) 40. Fetish 43. Trend 45 Strange 47. Ingress 48. Belief 49 Boy’s nickname 50. Female fowl DOWN I. Classify 2 Eggs 3. Meaning 4. Monetary 23. Away unit(Bulg-) 25 Girdle 5 Sacred bull 26. Topaz hum- 6 . Artifice ing-bird 7. Firmament 28. Goddess of 8 . Garden tool dawn Edna aacjya HHHH □□ROU Haaaa alraun ann aaa any anaaki amaas aaaay OUM ii IdEEtf Beams HEiraaw 10. Freed of dirt 11. Shoes 16. Grampus 18. Inventor of telephone 19 Seize 21. Boat 22. Men who repair wires 31. Gained 35. Bird 37 Pilaster 38. Tree of apple family 40. Baking chamber 41. Honey insect Yesterday’* Answer 42. Old times (archaic) 44. Cereal grain 46. Metallic rock i i « 2 3 I 9 4 6 VY 777/ 8 I 9 IO ii IX rn 77/s '3 id yy/ rn IS 16 rn 1 h '/// 77/i - I '8 19 I 2 d XI it ii I id ii 26 17 i8 i 29 30 3» 7 ’ y ii ii 4 rn 34 35 77 ■ y 7 77/i 34 37 38 yVVV 40 A* 43 44 I 45 Kb 4 ) 40 /W //Tv -7/s /T a 49 I SO 22 y . 1 r ) rn 8 »S SCOTT’S SCRAP BOOK By R. J. SCOTT or* skush ^ -m\s ^ nN0 Ii O O dear moah= should Mother ''soft soap' Junior to<set him to WASH 6EH/MD THE PAI?<4 ** MRS C © KNOWLES TOLE OO.CHIO DE AIS Ai CAH— AAS TMF MOSQUITO THE ORlOlNATDlS of the '' spear . meac T attack : ? CHAS BE ^ STE IM OLAlNFfELP, ALT SWAPP. I# ort A dMtrtwU* *y KM| ruin* MrM rf, tar On The Air Cc >* A n UNUSUAL CUSTOM 1 $ OBSLRvLD K< CRAHON'C BELGUM. ON CARK I VAL SuHDAY wMIn til DEAK AMD MA^iSI'RA'TlS MUSI' ORihK. a Bowl of WINE COM'fAmiKC LIVE ^UDqEOH, A SMALL EuAOPLAH FtSU WH a < k <tlE W orlds LA RC ES< ROOK ? £< one M oumi ' aim IK CLORCIA BLACKMER OF > Au^YrauaiC Busit HAV* B een in k COR<AC< J Wi-fU wArtti men F or v BOO YEARV -WEY ARE MORE ?AVACE NoWI "ftlAN WN£N* FiRS<SLE»i ti i>n \ \ News, WH NS; Dinner Concert. XX* OSU. Lum and Abner. WLW; Don t Helleve, W HNB. Fulton Lewis. WHKS; I Love a Mystery, XX'BN S. ADet Russians, VVOSU; Melody Hour, WHNS. BiK Town, XXBNS; Johnny Presents, XVLXV.' Duffy’s, XX’CUL; Pick and Pat, XX’ll KC. Burns and Allen, VX'BNS; Mystery. XVLXV Fibber McGee, XVLXV; Spotlight Band, WOOL Miss Charlotte. WLW; Corwin, XX’ BNS. Dr. Shot well, XV BNS; Montezuma, XV UKC. News, WBNS; Arthur Reilly, XVLXV Romance, WBNS; War Bond Rally, XVLXV. WH I) NKS I) W Kate Smith XX’BNS; Boake Carter XX'll KC. News Reporter, XX'LXX', Chet Kona XVC( »L Bauhhage, XVCOL; Ray Dady, VV UKC. News. WBNS. Vincent Lopes, WH KC. Klernun'a Corner, X\*COL; Cad rick Foster, WBKC. Swing Serenade, Women In XVbite, WLW. Morton Downey, WOOL; The Black Castle, WBKC. Editor's Daughter, WBNS; Pepper Young. XVLXV. Broadway Matinee, WBNS; News, Navy, XVCOL, Time Views, XX' Jones, WLW. News, XX BNS; Pirates, WOOL Dick Tracy, WOOL; WOBU, Plain Bill. WLW; Garden Clinic, XVBNS News, WBNS, Buccaneera, WLW. Lum & Abner; Johnny Jones, XV BNS. I Love a Mystery; WBNS. Lions Roar. XVLXV; Easy Aces, XX BNS. Mr. and Mrs North, WLW; Allan Jones. XX BNS Dr. Christian, XX BNS; Beat the Band, XVTAX Frank Sinatra, XX'BNS; Eddie Cantor, XVLXX District Attorney, WLW; Jack Carson, WBNS. Hay K> aer, WLXX'; Great Music. WBNS to 'he Nation. Kay Kyser, WLW, Reilly, XX'LXX’; News, orchestra leader; Fred Andrews, president of the Hotel New' Yorker, and Evelyn Knight, radio and night club singer, each will select a monument and ask Dunninger to locate it, identify it and mentally read its inscription, all by receiving telepathic messages from the judges. the maestro, “is either a bigamist, an optimist or a super-capitalist.” -----------------o ......... - NORTHS FIND BODY With Jerry North back in town after a two-week business trip, “Mr. and Mrs. North” plan a quiet sail across the Hudson and a day spent in mountain-climbing, but their plans go awry when “The Norths Make With Excursion and Alarms”. Atop the mountain, the Norths find a murder victim, and i before they get off the elevation, they nearly meet wuth violent death themselves. PAWN SHOPS BUSY' PORTLAND, Ore. — Zooming war-time salaries and increased employment haven t cut down business in Portland's pawnshop*. Most of them reported a 50 percent increase over the pre-war period with people continuing to pawn everything from luggage to glass eyes. Customers usually part with jewelry first and clothing second. --------------------- o--------------— BFY WAR BONDS UL; Lorenzo Terry and Music, Ed East, heard on “Ladies Be Seated,” Monday through Friday, is also heard on “Breakfast In Bedlam," at 7 a. rn. every morning. In order to be properly warmed up for the latter, the quizmaster rises at 5 a. rn. and it looks as lf he is scheduled to get up with the sun for the next five years at least, because his contract has just been renewed for that length of time. Report W BNS; Arthur XV BN S. XVLXV WBNS Harry Conox'er, famous New York model agent, was a member of the studio audience when Sammy Kaye broadcast “Sunday Serenade” last week, and was so impressed with the looks and personality of Sally Stuart, beauteous vocalist with the orchestra, he has signed her up as a cover girl. However, that xviii only be a part time job, as Sally will remain with Kaye's band. Spotlight; music. EILEEN BARTON WITH VOICE* Eileen Barton is the girl Frank Sinatra has chosen to be his first singing partner in the new series of programs starting Wednesday. Fredric March, previously announced. Is the visiting guest star on the first show. During the last few weeks, Sinatra has auditioned dozens of girl singers. Many aspirants made recordings and submitted them to “The Voice” in the hope of being selected for this major radio break Miss Barton arrived in Hollywood a few months ago and opened at “Siapsie Maxte’s” night club. Since her night club engagement she has made a number of guest appearances on leading network programs. In addition, she has been one of the most popular entertainer with servicemen in that area. Marion Loveridge, 15*year-old "Betsy Ross Girl,” is writing a song titled “Hail To the Purple I Heart.” She was recently selected as “Sweetheart of the Organization of the Wearers of the Purple Heart." Dick Brown, new singing stir, has joined the American Theatre Wing and will tour the “Purple Heart Circuit” in the East. Brown knows the value of entertainment to wounded servicemen, since he spent many months recovering in Army hospitals after he was injured in a plane crash in the South Pacific. MONUMENTS READ Th* more than 700 monuments located throughout the city of New York will be the subject of Dunninger’s mental scrutiny, in his broadcast on Wednesday The Judges, Mark Warnovv, well known Jim Doyle, of Hollywood Mystery Time” and “Musical Round- Up” spieling, is also a geology hobbyist, which avocation earned him a bid this week from a group of scientists who want Jim to accompany them on a new expedition into the unexplored regions of Carlsbad Caverns and broadcast the progress of the tnp over a national network. Felix Mills' favorite definition really gives you a choice. "A man with more than one wife,'* quotes * * * -a ♦ * * * * * ■a * * * -a * * * * -K * * * -a * * * -a * * * * -a •a * * * -a * * * * * * -a * ■a * -a LISTEN! 5 IOO Kits JI CVH 5 tea a iou Hits H CMI «;45 H ISS 7 SOO 7 it a 7130 N SOO * i MO HilMI It OMI IO IOO IO CMI IO i-i.X 10 IMS I I i(Kt uhs 11 :;at I ii too i z ots 12:3.x I IOO TONIGHT WOR I.ft NKS wa Striate lino The (>nrtirn (Hale XI ary XI art I ii 31X1 ( DOPER, NEWS EDWIN C. HILL Don’t You Hrltrrc It THE WORLD TODAY JOSEPH C. HARSCH I Love rn Xlyatery John Neablft tiuerfraa Melody Hoar him; Toii Humaner Theatre Itll.I. HENRI. NEWS Hum* and Alien The Doctor Kl*his Columbia Present* t Orwin < oa arena xpmka Edna XX aril, Oraaniat They Du The Impossible JBI KOOPER, NEWS DuuIiie* 13 Nlte t lull Lea Brown Orchestra NEWS Xluale X nu Want Tom my Tacker Orch. W (tit I ll NKX! S XX ED NESI) %Y a. ta. Oitto XI a re hi ii it To Victory ti.30 Hired Hands Tutti .IIM COUPER. NEWS Ti45 Early Worm KitMt NEWS OF THE WORLD •*:!*. tarsi XX urn KiSO WOULD NEWS Ditto twirly Worm auto Round Robin Review Bits War Krritrra StSO El e Pre * en t Ion 10 IOO \ ahunt Lady I n 11 JI Unlit of the XX or Id I ll CMI Jack Pot 10^43 Hachrtor'a Children 11 lim X iii uda 11:13 Second Husband 11:30 Uriah* Ilorlaon lli4S Aunt Jenny WEDNESDAY 9 . at, 12 too Hate Smith sneaks 12(15 Ria Staler 12:30 (tetra treat 12:45 Our Gal Sunday 1:00 Life Can He Hrautlfsl lil5 xtI, Perkins 1:30 JIM COOPER, NEWS IOMI Nutrition Center 1(45 The Goldhersa 2 iou Portia Fares Life 2(15 Joyce Jordan, MI. O. 2:30 Dr. XI a lone 2:45 Perry XI a -on 3:00 I lode s First Lave 3(15 Hearts In Hurmeay Silo Editor's Daughter 3:45 Hound Robin Review 4 itltl This C h«ii|lni World 4:15 Meet I he Hand 4:25 I bet Loa* 4 CMI Darla Lee 4:45 Ray moas Scott WBNS 1460 KILOCYC LES ************

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