The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 19, 1894 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 19, 1894
Page 7
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He Scores TWO ow ol Ttesg in the witfi tte "fitil Spirit of the Plains « The finest line x of Diamond Rings, Pins, and "jewelry ever brought to Kossuth, f be Ghicftgo Metald Says the tfottot fot Oheft F'bUfid ttis Detailed Repsrt, Besides a big stock of Plated Ware, Jewelry, Gold Pens, Pencils, Tooth Picks, and novelties, Me has a full line of STERLING SILVERWARE* Watches, from the cheapest to a full 17-jewel, solid gold case ticker, The largest line of LADIES' CHAINS, solid gold and plated, ever seen in Algona. CALL ON BOWYER. Taylor's. «r c Was Never More Liberal © • In his selection of choice and appropriate goods for the Holiday trade than he has been this year. Added to this he wisely chose as one of His Chief T A Q Representatives H At whose store absolutely nothing is lacking in the way of handsome gifts for old or young or middle-aged people. To enumerate the thousand and one beautiful things there displayed is simply impossible; so the only proper thing to do is to come and see for yourself. and you will say, so yourself when you see the marvelously low figures at which we can se%you choice articles that in other years have commanded , a much higher price. So come and look; you will find what you want, and it will .be within your reach so far as money is concerned. • -' L A. SHEETZ, Druggist STRUCK BY AN ENGINE. W. B. Carey the Victim of an Accident on a Hallway Crossing— Collision at KImore. p Last Friday while Mrs. W. B. Carey r was driving home from Algona, her carriage was struck by the north going ; Northwestern passenger train at the '>road crossing in front of the John Henry farm, and she was quite seriously Injured. The highway crosses the .track at that place at' an acute angle and the train was almost directly be' hind her. She was driving ,with the storm side curtains up and also had a ' hood on which covered her ears so that she did not see nor hear the train. .Although "she heard several whistles she thought they were frora farther back. Her horse and the front wheels had crossed the track and the engine struck the hind wheels, completely demolishing the wagon, and throwing Mrs. •Carey heavily to the ground. She stvucjs on one hip and on her face. Her lips were badly cut by her teeth, , and' her hip wa? bruised. She was taken home and Pr»- Garfleld, local Burgeon of the company, went at once !to attend her, No fears ^ are felt for her recovery. ' •Mrs.'Carey Is one-of. the pioneer f settlers of the county. 'All .the early comers will be pleased' to know that she is not more seriously hurt. A Smasli-up at Blnjore, Friday two engines on the Northwestern were running Intp Elmore. Tfce one ahead stopped unexpectedly and the bU> d one punched into the tender of the heaft engine, demoUshlng |h§ cow catcher and knocking l.n the front end of the -whoje -hwlness. The head engine then got'pehind the dam• aged one, apd they proceeded, on their tion has been kicked up at Burt, Kossuth county. It is an incorporated village and the town council, the most of whom are general dealers, concluded to impose a high license on R. Goldstein & Son, who opened a branch store there. Ho offered a reasonable sum, but they asked more, so Goldstein will stand suit. He claims to be a resident dealer. Besides testing the law, he is going to make things pretty warm for the dealers. He has commenced to build a large store building and will have a free dance in the hall ,over the new store. After the grand < opening the council will think friend .Goldstein is a resident. COME and get your wife a nice wood dress for an Xnws present only 35c a yard, former price 60 to 75c, at Galbraith & Co.'s, HOUSE to rent. • Inquire of P. W. Waterhouse,—88 WHEN looking for nice dishes don't pass the Opera House Grocery. TEN good cows for sale. Will sell on one year's time, John G, Smith,-35t4 MONEY to loan on long or short time. Geo. C, Call.-tf . THE TBAMP DISGOEGED. HANDKERCHIEFS from lo to $1 Galbraith& Co.'s, at OUR buckwheat and maple syrup are unsurpassed, Opera House Grocery, COMPANY FB RECORD, Two Sharp-shooters «n4 Ten Marks* I^eads tU.P Wat as VB» resents, 'napkins maJce nice have tfeevn. Rt Gal- QUB stock Is not the liftrgest, but; is nicer than at ^her House ents Iw >pv>d of are The annual report of the rifle practice of all the companies has been made for the pa^st year. , Company F's shows only two eharp-shooters, Walsh and Ward. WaJsh la lij tbij lead wjth J80 out Pf ft'possible ?35, H}a best njark ie 84ovit of' a possible 25 at 300 yards. Ward has 188 o«t of a possible 8§& and his best score Is 88, The rn.ark.Bmen are Wltham 164, A. D, H^gffard 162, Tayt lopiei, Haggard 159, Boalp 155, Car' penter 160, W, E. McMurray 148, Har vey 144. Bert. MoMurray }40, Hudson 140: The Journal gives the scores, of the 8h,arp-8hooters of SlO\J$ City's oraofe company. They are as follows^ rang* leg a Httle apQve .coa8P|ny Fs; Bw haober 198, Kneefller m? Haley 177, Tiwetoa JT4, Rood J7g, Hallway 170, Watt 170, Frank Vesper Does a Piece of Detective Work with Splendid Success—But an Owner for a Purse Is Still Wanted. Last Friday Mrs. Will Ladendorff went to Burt on the Northwestern passenger train and on arriving discovered that she had lost her pocket book, as she thought in the depot waiting room. She accordingly telegraphed to Agent Vesper and he at once visited the room, but found two tramps there and no pocket book. They left shortly after and he concluded to shadow, them and discover if they had it. They took a zigzag direction towards the Milwaukee depot, and he by dodging among buildings and along fences kept near them without being noticed. At length they got up beyond the Milwaukee depot behind a freight car, and were dividing the spoils, when our new detective stepped out on them and said "give me that." Without a word they handed over the pocket book and money. Mrs, Ladendorff had telegraphed that there was a check in the book, but they declared they knew nothing of it, and that they had only spent live cents, Mr.'Vesper Js now advertising for the owner of this pocket book. The tramps did not have Mrs. Ladendorff s book at all, but had evidently stolen another one somewhere and gave It up without any questions being asked. When he came to town Mr. Vesper presented it to Mr. Ladendorff, but he had never seen it before, and where Mrs. Ladendorff's is is yet unknown. The owner of the one captured can have it by proving his property. If the tramps ever find out their mistake they will kick themselves over 25 miles of ties to think how they fooled away the spoils their thievery. Charley Grthiin has finished his series of matches with Df. tiarvef, and the member of the Algotia GuH elub beats the world's ehampion, two out of three. The Chicago Herald gives a long report of the two lost tneettnge, which were on Wednesday and f burs* day of last week, Of the first shoot It saye: "Dr. Carvef, 'the'evil spirit of the plains,' ran against a Tartar at Watson's park yesterday when he met Chas. L. Grimm, the granger wing shot from Clear Lake, Iowa. The shoot Wits at 100 live birds for $100 a side. The champion of the two hemls- pheres was beaten by the close score of 90 to 03. About a score of shooters saw one of the prettiest matches of the year. Up to the eighty*flfth bird the men shot a close and even race. The score was tied when Grimm gathered in a bird that had been hit very hard. Gritnm caught tho bird In his hand, the wind blowing it toward him. Carver at once set up the claim that the bird did not count', that the gathering had been done by dogs and therefore Grimm's action was illegal. Beferee Watson decided against the great wing shot. That decision cost tho doctor the match. He lost his temper and missed'the next two birds, and Incidentally the match. il Grimm only missed four out of 100 birds. A brisk wind blew from the northwest. Dr. Carver shot his favorite Cashemore ejector gun. Grimm shot his L. C. Smith ejector gun. The loads used by the shooters wore: "Carver—Twelve gauge three-inch trap shells, U. M. C. make, four drachms Schultze powder, one and one- quarter ounce numbers six and seven Tatham's shot. "Grimm—Twelve gauge two and three-quarters inch smokeless shells, U. M. 0. make, three and one-half drachms E. C. powder, and one and one-quarter ounce number seven Tnt- hanvs shot. "The birds were a picked lot, but poor flyers, owing to the strong wind and the. fact that they had been fed too heartily the night before. Among the shooters present were: D. M. Cummings, Marvin Hughitt, Jr., Otto von Lengerke; Jack Winston of St. Louis; Frank Hatley of Knnsay City, Carver's backer, and others." Of the Thursday shoot the Herald says: " Dr. Carver won the third of his series of matches with Chas. L. Grimm of Clear Lake, Iowa, at Watson's park yesterday. Grimm had won the race the day before and he also defeated the celebrated wing shot in a shoot about three weeks ago. He won two out of three matches and was well satisfied. Referee Watson kept his promise and the birds furnished were fine flyers and hard to kill " The shooters faced tho trap at 11 o'clock. Carver missed the first bird. He braced up after that and shot a cool and steady match. That he was careful is demonstrated by the fact that he used his second barrel on 70 birds. The doctor was extremely cautious and on the finish with the score close he HOLID GOODS. We place on sale this week for Holiday 100 Extra Fine Aprons, 100 doz. Extra Pine Handkerchief 20 doz; G-ents' Ties. ; ;,; 10 Wool and Fur Mufflers. . >r ?he above goods were bought for this sale and are extra values. In'addition to the above we have Cloaks, Shawls, Muffs, Mittens, Rugs, Ice Wool, Table Covers, Curtains, Felt Slippers, Warm-lined Shoes, etc. G-o to the new firm of Patterson & Son, When in need of something nice for th^j table. We have on hand a new line \clig Canned G-ooes, Dried Fruits, Crackers a Choice Cream Candies. We have j opendup .,. ^ *,' Our Christmas Goods.; Call and look over our complete lineroi? Lamps, Water Sets, G-lassware, Queen's,-, ware, etc. Try a sack of our New Yorif|| Buckwheat Flour, warranted pure or money refunded. Butter and eggs wante&l at the highest market price. PATTERSON & SON. 4 M • .wj-jtf i.,*(*Y CREAM"—that means flour, and Walker Bros, sell It. Made at Alden, Minn., and warranted to be as good flour as there is jn the market, Pon't fall to try a sack, You will cer? talnly like It.-^29 FINE holiday goods at Setobell & Setohell's. 'Dow.n pillows, headrests, stamped and tinted goods.—88tl PQ NOT fall to call and see my fancy dishes,. Plates, bread and milk sets, sugars and creamers, cups and saucers, etc. made assurance doubly sure by peppering 23 out of 25 birds with both barrels. "Grimm was not in form. Thestrain of the previous day told upon him and he was nervous at critical stages. Carver won the match by six birds. The score was 89 and 88. "Carver left in the evening for his home in Kansas City, whore he will spend the holidays, He will return shortly after New Year's day to shoot Geo. Kleinman for the live bird championship medal of America. Grimm will remain in town a few days. He has no matches on hand. "C. A. Bogardus is anxious to shoot Dr, Carver a series of matches fora medal, each man paying half the cost of it, or he will shoot for any reasonable wager. Bogardus would prefer ' the match to be open to all comers. Or he will shoot Carver a series of matches for the championship of the word, said matches to be shot with both rifle' and shot gun." LADIES who have two or three hours' leisure each day can wake money by assisting me in my business. Address Mrs, Susie L, Raymond, Algona, Iowa. Box 67,-33ro3 _ _^ SOME NEWS NOTES. President Cleveland is off on another hunting and fishing trip, The sfcate bank money scheme will be voted on in congress Jan. 7. Robert Louis Stevenson, the novelist, js dead t He is beet known by "Dr. |JekyU-and Mr. Hyde," '. Cedar Rapids is having a bitter post- office war, Alex, Charles wants the office aj»4 Ex-Qongres$rijan, Hamilton gays he pan't, Andy Bowen is the second man 'to be. killed lately In a pj-lsse fjgbt, He was buried In New Orleans Friday, Geo. Hilled hlro with/one blow. They Are Here. ANOTHER invoice of Riverside Oak Heaters. We thought we had a large stock when we invoiced, but we have been obliged to get more to satisfy the demand. Don't take our statement that it is the best heater for soft coal or wood, but come and see it, and if necessary a thirty days' trial will convince you. KEEP IN MIND the "Radiant Home" hard coal heater, It is the best made, See our Jewel stoves and ranges before you buy, C, M. WINKIE'S OL,D STANP, THE national cycle exhibition will be held in. Chicago January 7 to 12, }395. The armories of Battery D and Second regiment I- N. G. wlUbeuied fop tWe occasion, It will not only pe m exhibition of bicycles aM bloyplei ft b, ut there will he given eBter by the. lea&ng^ goyple riders o| ole, country together with, other ipfli Iwluaine mveloi f to. It nrra»g§4 that the rallrcajj exc«reio» rate of o»e fere Christmas Presents fol ,y° u -. ONLY TWO WEEKS In which to get Great JOHN GROVE'S. .'-• &m .*.*$ ' , „ ••.,:ztfm Wecwfwwfoh ^f&i P| K J^^'^AM|i ones p§fpr§ all ar§ gom Buy the Groves, -AH ^

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