Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 8, 1946 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 8, 1946
Page 6
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H 0 P f, 5 T A R, H 0 P C, ARKANSAS Friday, March 8, 1946 By Chick Young CQis face'was scratched and cut where he'd $hen I straightened up, he grabi«|f l < K>ri mu foot. He'd been Dlavin£ possunt*i8> M THAT'LL HOLD YOU come through the window, but he was IN ORDER TO GET FOOD justified in shooting both of them. May be all ia one piece 'if It WOULD SERVE "' YOU RIGHT •- ' LET YOU STAY HERE AND BURN WITH THE HOUSE. £l INTO YOUR STOMACH. IT J iij9>Y SHORTY'S EATING IS A SILLY THING YOLJVE GOT TO PUSH THRU YOUR FACE considering the risk"! wa runni 8 had no pity foT him. He and his pal had murdered Judge Garrissy in one of the most heartless killings I'd ever encountered. i I'M DYlMiJ TO ASK Stf.MftHV 6J(J£STIOMS< DiD AUU.THOSE CAMS o THATMANIAC.MUST PLAN TO BURN THIS HOUSE WHEN HE LEAVES . LISTEN! ! Y WE'VS SOT T(3 <3Ef HIM DOWN (JUCK I HEAR MM A WITHOUT AR0USINS HIS SUSPICION,, UPSTAIRS... I'M UNARMED AND WILL HAVE TO PROBAELV te~i TAKE HIM BY SURPRISE!^ TALKINS TO Im^f-.,.., . i n^j-"^' MRS, BLEEKSiMli£iS!PS:f¥«MliHB»r4 ,"57 # *# •^•TVI'LL EXPLAIN . <«gs ."li EVERVTHINS LATER! Side Glances By Galbraith G S T HI A 8II K TV $ Tritilemnrk Kriiiili'ii-.: I'. S. I'.,'.i-lit OlS.v S^FS^ :-•/'" >> •hjr'j- -• L^>V/^ MEANWHILE—A\ANV AMLES\FRO« •-»{- <!»••• .".>f">^ .,; jpsHiSv / »,•> J, sir,ys# v \iy^ --„•(,.;- AVoyiSi ^> V aN i/«J IS TO* IT'S ME.-5"//XM ...HE WANTS TO \ M£ NO THE SCENE OF SCORCHVS <Tf?ASH RAPID GIVE WAS TAXI'IN' TO WITH YOUR THE DENTIST i P HE'S CHANGED COME IN-./«9aBEl» HIS ,VMNP._. SRIGHT ROW WE «?6T OUT 5FDT, WITHCXJT A PLANE ? V../.BACK IN v; SEAT, you BIG VVALRUS / AURORA RADIO , URGENT/- '/'-*?*&'&,• XV' (-iX f'" t ( M^ > ; /Nt\\ riS^S BY MEA S'ltv.^E. INC. T.'M. ntC. U. S. PAT. OFF. "He 'says he enjoys my letters' tremendously.' ' because . he can 't . read . ' 'cr miss one of these salqs, and I often wonder what I've done with all the money they are snuposed to .save me!" i* . ?unnv Freckles and His Friends By Blosser Bv Hershberaer ^^^*S§^g&i55^SsS5ft%^i^^^^^^^^^^^ / I DASM'T ' 1 WHY DON'T TELL.JUNIOE_ IT COSTS vou A WAMT To THIMK J. TAUGMT HIM HOW TO PUT THE CHILL ON HECTOR' CAT GOT YOUK '7^ TQNJGUE, DROOP ?J NVHAT'S NEW, " ^^^ f^ WHAT'S THAT FOR, JLJMIOR.? j I'M KEEPING - y TKACtC OF ATA DOLLAR. I A FIGHT, THAT WILL r*SCRATCH COST YOU ONE „, FOUR [FLAT-TCP'/ DOLLARS/ TODAY'S ATTACICS OM TUB i EMtMV , VOURSEL.F, you - - you PALEOLITHIC CA-5ANOVA.' H1,COP,XVOU'RE LOO<INS you OLD JAIL BIRO! WEL.COM2 /rIDDLE! V I'M O<AV HOME 1 WAiT'LL STEPS C: THAT PLAN I'LL T£i_L A THINS CK TWO _if. you could use one more piano it .\vould ,be a good act!" ' /"'"'- COPR. 1946 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REGT U. S. PAT. OFF. Thimble Theater HE MUSTA GBOWN SOME SINCE'T r THE LAST T/ME ) •—«- , _- - s GREETINGS, MV FRIENP, YOU JUST IN TIME TO HELP J AAE SKIN A I I/^H ~\ —I-r ^Wawns) KNOW C5O'NEG >? FIGHT HAS Out Our Way SEWP FOR OAKY Our Boar< ' i ng House With Major Hoople HAW, MAVV/ \ I n PCT.5- ST=Mi! T/^iTTTFTT 7 "Y JUST WhEM YOU \ I l -'~iU Tr-iAT TH' iiil.ili:|ij;!i,i;!:;/ GIT THIMKIM' THAT VLADIES WAS POIM* AMACHiMESriOP I TOUGH WA^. WORK A MAM S VVOILD / AM' YOU'RE ONLY slM YOU FIWD A \ DOIM' GEMTLE PEACE ytljfrf-ay LIPSTICK:, A^HAIR. \ WOSK.--I THIMKHE SAV, SPORT/VOU MM.^,v A V L ; WOOL - ^ REDOUBLE | N \A HORSES,GET USED 1 55 MULLIGAN eTENMjSLJT € NO TRUMPS' )^ To MKV At^ v THIS IS FIVE DWS OF U -—STEW IS ^ ' IT -— VME'RE <30 ^ 6TARTIMG TO CRAZY FOR A, CHANiG&V SEEP OUT FROM \7 -^ THEV WE'D APPLAUD A l> UMDER MY A NELI PLftTE OF V^ELL- GEA50hiED POKER J : \ FOR \JAR\ETV ^ CHIPS/ r^~ ( I'P SNATCH A < I LIKE YOU \MOULO . , , UPSET A\OTKER FROM A GORILLA.' ] ( MATURE IT. PIM, ER. A PONDER, PI HEARS ABOUT • Dl \tZC f y \ -1-. . *-f- .-r- '^o ^^^^mV'^A \\ T^^(^<^i^^-f^ &•• ^s^F^^.-^sOi ( RED RTOEf? Art' AIL t TH' SHE H' DIR1T DOLSBLE-CRO5SER? , HE WAS GOISi' TO GET TH' J MONEY WITHOUT S WITH ME/ AFTER 1 HELPED TRAINS <X ••" -H "F,C^ W--iR5 V <-'-•-, -"i HiD.T' J [SHEEP LIKE GRft6S. .W*S^itfiS®sW^ 1946 HOPE STAR, HOM, ARKANSAS f\ rcgs Have You 4 Friend Who Is Blind... Who Is The Recipient Of An Old Age Pension fio /s A Cripple Child... ? What will happen to the Aged, the Blind, the Crippled and Dependent Children, the Tuberculosis Sufferers, Hie Common School fund and other important State Agencies if the source of funds for their support is destroyed by Local Option Elections and the door is opened to the BOOTLEGGER, who pays NO TAXES? MORE THAN $4,000,000.00 in Taxes annually will be lost to the people! WHO WILL MAKE UP THIS LOSS???? Taxes And Permit Fees From-- Beer, Liquor and Wine Paid the State of Arkansas For the Fiscal Year Ending June 30,1945, Amounted to $4,159,678.47 The Money Was Distributed As Follows: Sfafe Police Fund Welfare Fund Agriculture Extension Fund Vocational Education Fund Branch Agri. Experiment Station Fund County T. B. Sanatorium Fund Arkansas Medical School Fund Teachers Salary Fund County Health Unit Fund Confederate Pension Fund Charitable Institutions Fund Vocational School Fund Arkansas Service Bureau Fund Bureau of Vital Statistics Fund Arkansas Crippled Children Fund $ 14,854.68 1,323,015.46 228,792.^1 129,505.44 86,336.96 259,010.88 259.010.88 172,673.92 86,336.96 43,168.48 34,534.77 21,584.23 3,885.17 5,180.40 4,316.86 Gen, Rev. Fund — Ark. Livestock Ass'n Gen. Rev. Fund — Bureau of Crops Livestock (Reimbursement) Sanitary Fund Gen. Rev. Fund—County Livestock Shows Claims Commission Charges School Equalizing Fund Livestock Fund— Act 313, 1945 State Apportionment Fund Common School Fund General Revenue Fund Auditorial Fund Revenue Department Operation Expense 12,950.24 13,382.23 36,521.39 30,217.94 2.17 678,681.91 199,994.09 226,351.98 49,689.75 112,654.46 12,883.88 114,140.40 GO GO $4,159,678.47 DO YOU WANT... TO See the Regulated Sale of LEGAL Beverages Stopped? Do You Want to Bring Back the BOOTLEGGER and the Intolerable Conditions of So Called" Prohibition? Do You Want Our Unfortunates and these Fine Agencies to Lose Their Support and Maintenance? THP POM c Tricc^'rvr'r.r.u 1 ;:^ 1 MAN AND WOMAN OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY TO THE POLLS TUESDAY, MARCH 19-AND DECIDE THIS IMPORTANT QUESTION DO YOU WANT... To see the Sale of Alcoholic Beverages Regulated and Taxed with the Taxes used for Constructive Purposes? or ( t -V

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