The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 12, 1894 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 12, 1894
Page 7
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-'-••-', .* » ,- ' tJPWQB BIS MOIK1B! AtCJONA, 10WA, iy Display at BwyerV The finest line of Diamond Rings, Pins, "Jewelry ever brought to Kossuth,. and Besides a big stock of Plated Ware, jewelry, Gold Petis, Pencils, Tooth Picks,: and novelties, Me has a full line of STERLING SILVERWARE. Watches, from the cheapest to a full i7-jewel, solid gold case ticker, The largest line of LADIES' CHAINS, solid gold and plated, ever seen in Algona, CALL ON BOWYER. Witt Rfflfl THEM OT KOW, Not by Telephone, tfflt with ft Good, shiotid Bell Jfottttftl Stft* dents Ai-a Called. Club Mas Many New EpiacopaliahS Mtfct — KoSSUth Bible Soclety> Go to the new firm of Patterson & Son, When in need of something nice for the table. We have on hand a new line of Canned Gooes, Dried Fruits, Crackers and Choice Cream Candies. We have just opend up Our Christmas Goods. Call and look over our complete line 01 Lamps, Water Sets, Glassware, Queens- ware, etc. Try a sack of our New York Buckwheat Flour, warranted pure or the money refunded. Butter and eggs wanted at the highest market price. PATTERSON & SON. CALIFORNIA IN 31 DAYS. Without change of cars. All meals served in dining cars. Palace drawing-room sleeping cars and tourist sleepers are run through to San Francisco without change, with annex sleeping cars to Los Angeles, leaving Chicago daily via ai-Northwestern Line. Variable route tourist tickets to California and the health and pleasure resorts of the south on sale at PERSONAL MOVEMMT8. Gillie Rutherford was called to Etn- metshurg on business one day lust week. Capt. L. M. B. Smith is sick with inter-costal neuralgia. Dr. McCoy is attending him. Miss Alice Hepburn is expected tomorrow from Des Moines for a short visit with her sister, Mrs. Harvey Ingham. Miss Jessie Huntlngton is visiting at home at L. M. B. Smith's for the holidays. Her Algona friends are pleased to see her, Miss Maud Smith has resigned her position as teacher in the public schools and will spend the winter in Des Moines with her sister in studying music. Charley Benham visited ' his old friends one day last week. Ho is now in an insurance office in St. Paul. Mrs. Benham and family still live in Minneapolis. Miss Clancey, whose home is in South Dakota, visited her cousin, Dr. Kene- flck, last week. She returned with him from Belmond, where he had gone to see his father, who is in poor health. Will Parrott, the genial book man of Waterloo, said Saturday that Rev. Gorrell preached very 'acceptably to the Episcopalians at that city a week ago. He complimented the sermon highly. Miss McKittrick of the public schools was called to her home In Wisconsin last week by the death of her brother. She will not return until after the holidays. Mrs. W. L. Hall is taking her room. Rev. W. E. Davidson spent Sunday In Clear Lake, E. P. McElroy filling his pulpit. Mr. McElroy preached tho ablest sermon he has yet given in Algona. His talent and improving health entitle him to regular pulpit work. Neighbors of the normal school have lately been entertained by the tones of a hew belt, and even down town art .do- 1 cnsiohal ring is heard fl'btn that quarter. The school has atnong othef hew things put a bell in the tower and now calls to order as all well regulated schools httve frotn time immemorial. Other new things tire a full set of new maps of late design, a new heater in the building, etc., etc. There are how enrolled 86 students and the list will reach 100 this term. The normal school is now about In the middle of the first winter term, and is In a more prosperous condition and on ti better footing than ever before. Profs. Johnson & Lilly are making it a uuccoss. Now Monday Club Books. The following late additions have been made to the circulating library in the postofllce under Miss Dodd*s charge. They include the best of the recent books: Lord Avinont—HtB Avinintn, Goo. Meredith; Kathorine Landovdnlo, F. Marlon Crawford; Grelfonstoln,-F. Marion Crawford ; Tho New Roctor, Stanley ,T. Wry man; A Gontleintm in Black, Stanley ,T. Weymnn; Catherine Do Medici, Houoro De Balzac; The Ethics of tho Dust, John Raskin; Highland Cousins, William Blnektrotters of Travel.Phillips Brooks; With Fire nnd Sword, Honryk Slenkiewtcz; Not Quito Eighteen, Susan Cooliilg'o; A Saint, Paul Bourgot; Penelope Prig, A. G. Plympton; Hairs and Velvet Gowns, A. G. Plympton; Trilby, Goo. Du Maurior; Statesman's Year Book, J. Scott Keltic; Who Was Lost and IB Found, Mrs. Oiiphant; Tho Vloar of Marwonstow, Baring Gould; Sweet Clover, Clara Louise Burnham; Doctor Dick, Kate Tennant Woods; Pomona's Travels, Frank R, Stockton; Tho Idle Thoughts of an Idle Follow, Joromo 1C. Jerome! Van Bibbor and Others, Richard Harding Davis; A Bachelor Maid, Mrs. Burton Harmon; In tho High Valley, Susan CooUJgo; Toinotto's Philip, C. V. Jamison. i N order to reduce our large stook of before January 1st we have decided' i make such low prices during this on our entire stock of Winter goods tMlf the entire lot will be closed out in thirt|| days. We Quote you our closing prices on| a few items: COME to the new store for hangin lamps, banquet lamps, stand lamps, an lamps of all kinds. James Patterson, All shades and styles. of our $1.25, $1.85, and $1.50 dress goods will go at $1.00 per yard. All of our 90c and $1.00 dress goods will go at 85c; all cheaper dress goods will go equally as cheap. HOUSE to rent. Waterhouse.—38 Inquire of F. W. Detailed information can be obtained upon application to agent Chicago & Northwestern Railway. THE INTER OCEAN -IS THB- Most Popular Republican Newspaper of the West And Mas the Largest Circulation. TERMS BY MAIL DAILY (without Sunday) $6.00 per year DAILY (with Sunday) ,., $8.00 per year The Weekly Inter Oceania.00 PER YEAR , ) S** : WH33N looking for nice dishes don't pass the Opera House Grocery. WE have a lot of short lengths of Brussels carpets, nice for rugs, at Gal- hralth's. TEN good cows for sale. Will sell on one year's time. John G. Smith.-85t4 MONEY to loan on long or short time. Geo. C. Call.-tf Low Unto Excursions to the West. On December 4 and 18, 1894, the Northwestern line will sell Home-Seekers' Excursion tickets from stations in Illinois and Iowa to points in Nebraska, Wyoming and the Black Hills district of South Dakota at very low rates for the round trip; tickets good for return passage at any time within twenty days from date of sale. For tickets and detailed information apply to Agents Chicago & Northwestern Railway.—3713 L S A NEWSPAPER THE INTER OCEAN Keeps abreast of the times In all respects. It spares neither pains nor expense In securing ALL, THE NEWS AND THE BEST OP CURRENT LITERATURE. The Weekly Inter Ocean AS A FAMILY PAPER IS NOT EXCELLED BY ANY. It has something of interest to each member of the family, ITS YOUTH'S DEPARTMENT Is the very best of Its kind. ITS LITERARY FEATURES are unequaled. POLITICALLY IT IS REPUBLICAN, and gives Its readers the benefit of the ablest discussions on all live political topics. It also gives them THE NEWS OP TUB WORLD, IT IS A TWELVE-PAGE PAPER. THE INTER OCEAN IS PUBLISHED IN CHICAGO, THE NEWS AND COnClERCIAL CENTER OP ALL WEST OP THE ALLBOHANY MOUNTAINS, AND IS BETTER ADAPTED TO THE NEEDS OP THB PEOPLE OP THAT SECTION THAN ANY PAPER FARTHER BAST, It |s in sword with the people of the West both In Politics and Literature, Please remember that the price of The Weekly Inter Qce»n Is ONLY ONE PQL» PER YEAR- Address T W p. TNTRR QCJSANi Chi<58g9. OUB stock is not the largest, but none is nicer than at the Opera House Grocery, _ WALKER BROS, are sole agents for the famous Chase & Banborn brand of coffee.— 29 _ _ OUR buckwheat and maple syrup are unsurpassed. Opera House Grocery, GRAPES and fresh vegetables at the Opera House Grocery, Notice. Everyone owing us on account or note are requested to call and settle, as we have sold our business in Algona and must have these accounts settled at once. tf PATTERSON & Tho Kplscopnllaii State Meeting. Rev. Gorroll and C. B. Matson ut- tended the state gathering of Episcopalians nt Des Moines last week. Geo. E. Clarke was chosen lay dolegnte, but could not attend on account of court work, and Mr. Mat/son went as alternate. Tho Algona mission was accepted by the state tind is now enrolled as a church in full standing. Rev. Gorrell's work being highly complimented. Tho.'diocese of the state was not divided as had boon talked, and no assistant was given to Bishop Perry, all those matters boing left till next year, Tho Algona delegates report a largely attended session. Kossuth County Ulblo Society. Sunday evening a union meeting wus held by the churches, it being the annual gathering of the county bible society. Good addresses by Revs. Stevens and Kennedy and election of officers was the order. Charles J. Doxsee was chosen president for tho coming year; F. S. Norton, secretary; Eugene Tellier, treasure!-, and Miss C. T. Dodd was continued as librarian. The society reported the sale of 28 bibles the past year. The Rending Iloom The Algona reading room has been gaining in attendance lately and is becoming possessed of a list of excellent books as well as of periodicals. Friday evening the ladies will give a supper and fair at tho Rutherford building east of tho Wignmm. Both, will be good and a big crowd should enjoy the occasion. An easy way is provided to help a good cause when all that is required is to eat a good meal. ruuuce scono. Pumico stone is a porous feldspathio scoria from volcanoes. The pores are linear and so fine as often to be barely visible except by means of a magnifying glass. Its specific gravity is 3.9 to 3.4 —water being the unit—but by reason of its spongy texture pieces are often buoyant enough to float on •water. It consists chiefly of silica, with sometimes 17 per cent of lumina, 6 per cent of soda and 4 per cent of potash. It is of grayish (wades of color, passing into yellow and brown, The chief source from which it is obtained for commercial purposes is Campo Bianco, one of the Lipnri islands, where it forma a hill nearly 1,000 feet high. In the arts pumice is largely employed, mostly in a pulverized state, as a polishing material for ivory, wood, glass, marbles, etc, It is also used in lump for grinding and smoothing metalUo surfaces, leather, etc., and in the preparatipn of parcft< ments, etc. Quantities of the pulverized pumice are used in making fancy BQaps,—? Brooklyn JBagle. AND PLUSHES will be sold at a discount of 20 per cent, less than regular price. All our Cloth Overcoats-* regular $15, $16, and $18 overcoats— at $13.75. All men' from $15 to $20 will go ab $13.75. All Boys' Children's suits equally low. ' Our entire stock of Men's" '" Underwear will go at a, " discount oj\ 20 per cent, off >: " < the regular price. JNO. GOEDERS. They Are Here. ANOTHER invoice of Riverside Oak Heaters. We thought we had a large stock when we invoiced, but we have been obliged to get more to satisfy the demand. Don't take our statement that it is the best heater for soft coal or wood, but come and see it, and if necessary a thirty days' trial will convince you. KEEP IN MIND New Harness Shop, shop, in the front room less. Blankets, Robes, M, P, o, r. Haggard & Peek, BE" *•*" [S«cce8s.ors to Jopes & Abstracts, Real Collections, auaeaameaBiasnesft wars ftaa • „;.,,:-. jMQ^mfrA ikxafefsi^^^ have a few of the cheap blankets left. Now is your time. G. L, Gal- braitli & Co. LADIES who have two or three hours leisure each day can make money by assisting 1 rae in my business, Address Susie L, Raymond, AlgQija, Jowft. ,-33m3__ _ _ for §5o, at Gallop WOOL, two bpxes braith&Co.'s. AROTIOS of all kinds and at all prices atGalbraitU&Co.'s, Plenty of njoney now fop »H .„ , ' at the JCoasutb County State fop reaj eptete lQajn.8 ftt lowest pates; Money pftta at e»oe, pa tion of the papers. Christmas m $ jjew year holidays exjsupfiofl tjoketi will \?e e,p,W by the Pbioage, MUw«vtee> Sb Paul ByG°,»» vitUoadtiteftce o| 809 miles, at fere and aaHWra (QF tte.rsajBA M: ~ ' M. be u A Chicago paper tellp of a young man who bad Just returned from Europe and was showing bis friends some photographs. He came to one of the tomb of Juliet, and after giving an account of it said, "Juliet's esophagus te full of cards," This would be a degree os two worse for poor; Juliet than cold, poison, to eay nothing of its utter Jw possibility at this late date, Bfe wound «P with a glowing talk on Venice and the »pratio' r fiea, A pious old Lady of wy ao. quaintance happened in flt a Obwtlan En' deavor meeting, whicb is ftlwayp beld be- fpre tbe regujw night church aeprtee, She was n«?cb impressed by the young people's earnestness and especially pleased, witn the staging. She mAs *'Qh, J aa igye fa bear •-"-"--• They fiisg with such ve^ojat" In 3ta BvLiry, J bars the "Radiant Home" hard coal heater. It is the best made. See our Jewel stoves and ranges before you buy. C. M, DOXSEE, WINKIE'S OLD STAND. Two Weeks.. Only Two Weeks More *. t In which to get Great Bargaij}S,atr JOHN GROVE'S, ^ We can furnish XMAB P^EBENTS for money than any other store in Algona, Come once before all are gone, Buy the useful for ents at John Grove's, All at half pric§« at TT-n rl <at» WPfl T» for 4pc, U JUUt? J. YV ^<*A worth $ i ,00, 8$s, Gents' Ginghams at 4c a yar& u Children's cashmer§ hoj?§ for 3QQj worth 395, Drsr half pric§ or less, and linings sljgaper than at! any in Algona. Call and be convinced, J, P. FRI8TON, M. 0,! Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat * f ' - '

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