The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 12, 1894 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 12, 1894
Page 1
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,, + .^,.*fiL ,am*L ESTABLISHED 1865. ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1884, VOL. XX1X-NQ, CHOICEST Butter, Coffee, Maple Syrup, Buckwheat, are found at the. House Grocery. Latest things . . IN . . Cloaks and Gapes . . AT Galbraith's. Now is the Time -To look for and the place to look is at A, D. McGregor's furniture store. He has a fine assortment of Ladies' and Gents' Rockers, Dining Chairs, Tables, Writing Desks, Carpet Sweepers, etc. Call and look our stock over and get prices before buying your Christmas present, A, D* McGregor, Shoes and Slippers The Greatest Variety, . T) ^ _ ^ T _„ 1 1 ? _ Best ooods, , /, , Drowfl6ll s And Lowest Prices, at , *^* v »_**v** w B»9t§ and, Rubbers and Overshoe, Ladies' and I . Gents' Over Gaiters Gloves and Mittens, Qur staek pf | Beats and f hee§ is the largest ^nd jjiost ssmplets t9 be faund in th»§ part of the state. Our priees speak'for tb§ra« ,' aste Jf.ysu want gap4 gesd,§ at m right priss Irade WALT BtfttER AKD It is Said His Downfall is the Result of His frftsdnattoft for the Tiger -Bicktiell (Tells of It, Bob KheebS is Likely to Have Serious trouble Vet tot " aittgitig"—6th* et Northwest News. Frank Bicktiell tells about the downfall of Walt. Butler, The story Is a new illustration of the evils of pambling: The trouble with Butler was that while a poor man he played a great deal of draw poker, under the mistaken idea that he could make money at it. He nearly always lost and lost more than he had. He kept this up all last winter, when he was reporting the legislature for the Des Motnes Leader. On the very day he disappeared ho had been playing poker till 4 o'clock in the morning, and had been at it steadily ever since he had lived in Oelwein. He had mortgaged everything that he had ever had in the world. He was hopelessly in debt besides, owing to his passion for poker. He was about to bring his wife and 15- year old son from West Union to Oelwein to spend the winter with him, but he did not know where to take them. At this critical time, having reached the end of his resources, no simply lacked the courage to face the music, and fled from the consequences of his folly, abandoning his wife and son without anything in the world to live on. His poor little wife and son are the ones to be pitied for the straits in which his selfishness has landed them. Bob Kueobs Still Held In Germany. It seems that Bob. Kneebs, who still owes the Algona Driving Park association $25 entrance money, from long years ago, has not been released from prison in Germany, but is still held and is likely to be convicted. The charge is that he has been trotting a mare named Bethel under the assumed name of Nellie Kneebs, and getting her into slow classes in Che '"faderland," thereby taking money he could not honestly win. His friends here fixed up a bogus Bethel out at Elk Point, S. D., but the trick was discovered. Bethel cannot be found in this country and the American Trotting association is taking a hand in the matter, and looking for evidence. Hefner, who was. Kneebs' partner in taking the horses to Europe, has giVen the whole game away. Took Morphine Pills. Up at Armstrong two of Mr. and Mrs. A. Dundas' children had a narrow escape from death last Saturday. The two children were playing up stairs, and opening a drawer in a bureau found a box of pills and in their childish curiosity swallowed several of them. The oldest, who is only five years of age, took five and younger two. The parents knew nothing about it until they became sick and were taken with violent spasms. Prompt medical aid saved the little ones. The Journal says the pills had been left in the bureau by a hired man, and no one knew they were there until the children had sufficiently recovered to tell about it. Cows Killed by Paint. Andrew Molkestad, a farmer living two miles west of Forest City, lost three fine milch cows in a peculiar manner one day last week. An old paint keg containing some white lead which had been lying around the premises for several years, was knocked to -pieces by the children and the contents scattered about the yard. This dry paint was eaten by the cows and the animals all died of lead poison, says the Summit, The Emmetsburg Investment Co. Judge Shiras has issued an order at Dubuque requiring receiver Frank Allen. to prefer the claims of small mortgage holders to whom President Ormsby bad failed to remit at the time the Erametsburg Investment company failed, The order prevents a big speculation by New York parties, and is on the theory that the company should " pay the poor first." The Only Proper Route, The EsthervUle Republican says: If the Iowa Central road wants to come to Northwestern Iowa it would find no better route than from its present terminus at Belmond through Algona and Estherville on to Jackson, Windora and Tracy, Minn, It is practically an open field. The talk of the road extending from Story City to Sibley is all mooa- shine, TWP First Class The Phoenix house a.t Bancroft is about ( to undergp another change of ownership, Attorney JMaype and G, F, Holloway being the purchasers. They will put some competent person in charge to run it for them, as tfcey have not the time to look after it., "-,<•• .'' ,' I',.'.*' »'"' ''I? A J^oftded Target B*8e, Lev, Hill was fooling with a target gun last Svmflay »t Wesley, a.pfl in gome mysterious way the thing went off, the bullet going clear through key's lets fopt, The Reporter says it is nothing serious, otfjer than wftWng hip) for a week or twp. ^ LuVerne asking for his Mease oft the ground that he hod no intent to break the law ih takitig the te&tfijbiit wS8 only careless and heedless, The News says it is being generally sighed. IF the boy was merely heedless toe should say that he presents a good instance of a blunder being worse than a crime. Did llo Write tiio Letter? In Algoha J. P. tiolltver told about Alt, Nicholson's letter to Moke Smtth in which he said that his only Vicious habit had been voting the democratic ticket, and that he was cured of that. The Estherville Democrat stvys Mr. Nicholson is indignant over the matter. That is not the point. Did he Write the letter? Married th« Next t)ny» Bancroft Register: THEUPPEttDES MOINES' reputation for. reporting correctly sustains a shook this week in its item concerning Mayor Pettibone's marriage. It is vnstl.y premature, but just how much so we are unable to say. DROPPED DEAD AT WESLEY. Jacob LtchtloK succumbs to Heart Disease While nt Work In the Barn —Other News. WESLEY, Doc. 10.—Last Wednesday night some one pried open the back window of the postofflco. Whoever it was must have been frightened away, as Postmaster Giddlngs says that nothing was disturbed as he could see. The funeral of Mrs. Carty took place hero lust Friday at 2 p. m. Mrs. Carty had been sick for a long time suffering from a cancer tumor on her breast. An operation was performed last summer and it was thought for awhile she would recover, but she grew weaker each day till last Wednesday death came to her relief. Mrs. Elsie D. Carty was a woman past 60 years of age when she died, a member of the Methodist church.for 40 years and died in full faith that Jesus was able and did'savo her. She planned all the details of her funeral, selecting the hymns to bo sung. The exercises wore conducted by Rev. C. E. Plummer the Methodist pastor. Last Thursday our community was startled by announcement of the sudden death of one of Wesley's well- known citizens, Jacob Lichteig, which occurred at 2 p. m. Ho had been around during the forenoon attending to his work as usual, after dinner ho went to the barn to load up somo manure and dropped over dead with the fork in, his hand. .The doctor was called hut too late to do any good as he was already dead. He had been suffering for some time with heart trouble, and his sudden death was not unexpected to his friends. The funeral took place Sunday afternoon at2 o'clock at the Catholic church of which he was a member. The Odd Fellows elected the following officers a week ago Saturday night: J. J. Budlong, N. G.; Geo. B. Hall, V. G.; W. T. Presnell, R. S.; J. S. Gallagher, L. S.; J. Lowe, treasurer. They are talking of having a public installation and a banquet the first of January. Full particulars given later. John Johnson and L, D, Struse of Corwith were Wesley callers Saturday. Mrs. Wm, Lehmam returned from Illinois last week, where she has been for a month's visit with her Sister, Mrs, Hendricks. J. B. Stott started last Monday on a tour through Maryland and part of Virginia. Bow thinks he would like it better south than here, hut we will hear what h3 has to say when he gets back. C. E. Jones and E. R. Adams have sold their livery business here to A, S. White. The boys had a nice business and made money and no doubt Mr. White will do well as he is an experienced hand at the business, Our genial depot agent, R. B, Hopkins has been on the sick list for several days. Carl Oleson took charge of the office for a couple of days for him. Carl seems to be just as handy as ever at slinging lightning. Mr. and Mrs, Thos. Gray went to Clear Lake Saturday evening, called there to see Mr, Gray's mother, who is suffering with a severe throat trouble, Christmas will be obrerved here by our Sunday school, There will be an entertainment at the M. E, church on Christmas eve, and a committee has been appointed to arrange a pro- gramme, and nothing will be left undone to make it the event of the season, It is proposed this year to have a ladder to put the presents on for the children instead of a Christmas tree, A QUABTEB CENTURY TEST. For a quarter of a century Dr. King's JTew Discovery has been tested, and the millions who have received benefit from its use testify to its wonderful curative powers in all diseases of throat, chest and lungs. A remedy that has stood the test so long and that has given so universal satisfaction is no experiment, Each bottle is positively guaranteed to give relief or the money will be refunded, Jt is admitted to be the most reliable for coughs and colds. Trial bottles, free at Dr. Sheetz' drug store, Large size 50o and PRO dollar. 6 JT MAT DO AS JHUCJI FOB YOU, Fred MiUer of Irving, 111., writes tb»t he had a severe kidney trpuble for many years Christmas You will want some nice fancy, candy lor the holidays, We have a fine new line of the j ustly famous Kranz Candies, , '~3< fl Also a nice line of fruits and nuts. Call . l\ and see us. Langdon & Hudson. $ :M y If you are needing one let us show ybu^j SOME OF OUR OR A NEW FRENCH COVERT CLOTHS—54 inches wide, in a| variety of colorings and combinations resembling men's fine n X suitings. The latest thing 'for tailor-made suits, for $ no; v ;| sold everywhere for $1.25. ' t r r^ ' ' ' ""•.•••• - '. • ' • '$ 5o-in. BLACK STORM SERGE, all wool, fine texture, fast^f i M /^ 11 r» tVi rl i M rt 1 r» f^l ^\ •• *Vk *• PI r* ft j T 9 £</i and unfading color, for 7Sc. OR SOME HIGH-GRADE IMPORTED HENRIETTAS, all wool, soft.^ and lustrous, for 6oc, 750, and $r. Black and colors. You* could duplicate the price, but not the textnre. '/' OR FOR CHEAPER DRESSES, A new HOPSACKING, CHEVIOT, CASHMERE, FANCY SUITINGS in a variety of styles and prices. We'll be glad to show you any or all. Our determination to give the greatest excellence- far the least money, is well known The Grange Store. Hustle ! to. Ask for Snowatilla. Only 25c, :$ ',« was ran PY«P frejgfetfc#r »$ permeate two weejjf age, died, at Jowa Fella last week Hit wife was & WveriBQ,r§ gji 0om.§,bjwS thgre tgjQy^ Barry yj5SJ*S QJrtl JB"~ * so-called M4»ey cure?, but without apy result, About a year ago £e began tfee uee of Electric Bitters and found relief at once. Eieotvio Bitters is especially Adapted to the pure efaJl WOwey aid UYSF troubles, and of ten gives alwo*tiist«nt relief. Qne trial wm prove our steteweat price, only arge b,ott}e at Pr-, 1 Great Bargains At the New Store For the Next Thirty I have the finest line of crockery that has ever gcma, I think I can suit the most fastidious, It wijl every person in Kossuth county to call. Now is the' ^~~ buy your holiday goods. I carry a large line pf gi prices to suit the hard times, I have a car of fine apples, Now is the time to put in y<?ur winter staek prices go up. Thanking you for past favors, I am, Respectfully, "*}to FARM _.,, , paying §^c»r§d tto'agsnsy of t&r. r\"':.m . ', • * . ^ r^ i '.'•"/;">'»' ** ;>"» |*a N0W ^ r »^" tavi/; ' T A«*» ««J f|\i««.j.' /^^^j£&i! I.

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