The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 5, 1894 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 5, 1894
Page 7
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THE OPPBK DK8 MOtNESi ALGOK,i, IOWA. WEDNESDAY DECEMBER b, IBM. AMUSING finel, am'bittotts-i-Whftii would if you .had a voice like mine? titl, spitefully—I'd try to £ut tip" nifcv. ^respective -Purchaser—What tninef- !s ftfe there in this spr ing? Owner— of gold and silver, if you ad_"Bf tise it properly. I Little Boy—Got the earache? Little —No. "Then why you got. all Jat cotton in your ears?" "I've been elpiujstend the baby." "Itave you made any special prepar- tlions for the whist party to-night? 1 ' r " Singleton—Yes, I've picked up |1&evefal new bits of gossip* Cora—That Mrs. Wabash has lost three husbands already, Clarissa— fhftt's just like her. Why, do you ^ inow, at school she was just, as care- flessj she couldn't Itoep anything. A preacher who arrived at the kirk 'ltf et through asked an old Scotch wo* itnaii what ho should do, to which she eplied, "Gang into the pulpit as sune JM ye can-, ye'll be dry enough there." Tho Location ot Memory. lie memory remains intact and in srfeot working order in cases whore the loft side of the brain is badly diseased, or even if portions of it have , been removed. From this the natural inference is that tha right sido of tho ,! brain is tho Boat of that most remarkable faculty. Lieutenant Brady, who lost a portion of tha right sido of tho train from a gunshot wound while in Assam, where two-thirds of the offi- . cials are negroes, suffered a remarka- ' ble lapse of memory. Aftor he had i fully recovered ho knew and could .call by name all his white associates, but the negroes, whom he formerly knew as well as the whites, were per- feet strangers to him. * Breakers Ahead I Prudence, foresight, that might have saved many a good ship that has gone to pieces among tho breakers, is a quality "conspicuous by Its absence" and among none more notably than persons troubled with inactivity of tho kidneys and bladder... When these organs fall oft Jn duty grievous trouble is to bo apprehended. Bright's disease, diabetes, catarrh, and stone in tho bladder, are among tho diseases which a disregard of early , symptoms confirm and render fatal. That signally effectual" diuretic, Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, will—and let no one so troubled forgot this—remedy tho symptoms of approaching renal disease and chock its further progress. Equally efficacious is tho B itters for constipation,'liver complaint, malarial and rheumatic trouble and debility. He Celebrated. •"Darling," said the sweet, womanly •woman, "does the food I cook taste better than what the servant used to prepare?" The large, burly beast at the other end of the table smiled. ^ "Sure thing," he answered. "1 am not afraiid to kick now." ftfcADiftG A&D GIRLS. FOtt fiOVS t»*t«ee*K, ft** Ifttere«t- Iflfc Vnitf Sto*yi-tUe SrtsneJon* Turtle— night nt Lrtni^On Even TetiriM. There Atas once a fair princess who lived Ui a nut-shell. O£ course this was n Very strange place for a princess to lite, but then she Avas a nut-shell princess, which liwide all the difference in the -world. Tho taufc-sueil grew upon a tree, and it grew there and stayed there all the year nroitnd. This was because it was the home of a fairy princess, and she needed it all the year ai-ouijd to live in. Olio day tho princess camo to the door of her house, which means, of course, that she opened tho side of her nut-shell, and looked about her. It was a clear summer day. The grass .Tho "Banner Koiito" for tho South. The Wabasb is again to the front •with the home-seekirs'excursions to all points in Texas, Indian.Territory, Oklahoma, and ;Kew Mexico ou tho 6th and 20th ot November and tho 4th and 18th of December. Tickets on sale on the above dates good returning within twenty days. Everybody should avail themselves of this excellent opportunity and visit the "Lone Star" slate and surroundings. !For further information call nt our city •office, at 220 Fourth street, Des Molues, or address Horace Seely, Commercial Agent. S. W. Flint, City Ticket Agent. The Hindoos have known 'VIenus STOO years. They call her Sukkar. 8550O Span of Horses Given away for one bushel of corn in the ear. For further particulars 'see display advertisement in another column. An .ounce of accomplishment is worth a iton of intention. The sky is never all blue loit ithe same •time. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends' to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live bel- ter than others and enjoy life more, with, less expenditure, by more promptly .adapting the world's best products to lha needs of physical being, will attest, tUeT«lu.e to nealthof the pure liquid "l^satwe principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the fwni most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly ' beneficial properties of a perfect laxative ; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling <;olds, headaches and fevers and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction tp..millions and met with the approval of the medical profession, because it acts on the Kidneys, I4ver and Powers without weakening them and it is perfectly free from pvery objectionable substance, , Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drvg- gists in 50o and $1 bottles, but it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup - $), only, whose name is printed on every package, ajsp the name, Syrup of Figs», ind being well .informed/youi will not accept any substitute if offered, - * WVttVP ,. BfTWBAffr' S1»c \Van SwliiKliiB' ou n AA'as greou, the trees Avore :'n full loaf and tho birds sang through the Avood The princess stepped out upon the, branch of a tree aud lightly lifted up her arms, and as she dirt she grew taller, until she must have been at least tAvelyo inches high as she balanced herself on the brunch of the oak tree. This Avas a little Avay the princess had. Now, just about this time a little boy in the nearest village Avas sent by his mother ou an errand. Ho did not like to go—after the manner of littles boys. The Avay Avas long. Besides leading through the Avood Avhere tho Princess lived It began over a mill-stream and dOAvn a long lane. Tho little boy, Avhose name Avas Max, shook himself and said: "I'm afraid there are wolves in tho Avood!" "You have been there often before," said his mother, "aud the Avolves never hurt good boys." "Tho sun is very hot and I have a lame leg," insisted Max. "You can go sloAvly," replied his mother, "and here is a little cake to eat on the road." Then Max felt ashamed, but he still said sulkily: "The sun is hot, and my foot does hurt mo and there are AVOIVCS in the forest." His mother Avas busy, so she only shook her head at him. Then Max, feeling both ashamed and angry, Avas obliged to start. He trudged along. The foot did hurt him a little, so he Avent sloAvly. But he knew that he Avoxild get there in an hour or two, and "he felt tile little cake his mother had slipped into his pocket and said to himself: "Aftor all, mother gives mo so much." Then his foot felt better, and presently he forgot it and Avent along sing- Ing, and so he crossed over the millstream. Then the sun grew hot, and it greAV very uncomfortable in the long lane which he had next to pass. It is horrible to go of errands, thought Max. He became so Avann that he took off his jacket Avith a jerk, meaning to carry it over his arm. As lie did so he felt in his pocket the little .cake his mother had put there. And he grew again ashamed of his anger. "After all," he said to himself, "mother-always tries to make tilings easier, and' she always thinks of something nice to do for me." And just then tho sun began to go behind it cloud and the lane seemed to $6t Ko one can fcfcfe Sndi tiny its that ufitll they learn to nnve two sets of eyes, nnd this little boy had not his second set yet But because th« princess could make herself so tiny* as well as invisible, If she AVishod, and transport herself to any place if she" wished to go, she could creep into the tiniest places and do the strangest things you evor heard of. The she saw tho Httlo boy stop short. She knew Avhat Avns the reason. So she suddenly grew very small, and she floated lightly along on a little breeze that happened to be near, and as she passed the little boy she whispered softly In his ear: "Feel in your pocket!" And the little boy felt, and whnt he felt there was nothing but the little cake his mother had put there that morning. But lie thought to himself: "My mother always gives me all that she can. That is because she loves me. And if she docs she Avoxild not send me to any place that was truly dangerous. I am foolish to be cowardly* If I got through the rest of the way, I certainly can get through this!" And as he looked about a fairy-like perfume floated up from the flowers at his feet. The branches of tho trees overhead swayed back and forth, and gleams of the sun shone through and brightened the air ni'ouud him. And he thought ho almost felt a hand like Ills mother's smooth back his hair. "Why, It Is beautiful In tho \voodst" cried the little boy. He ran lightly along. The little nut-shell fairy floated nling beside him, although ho never saAV her. And as he \veut there wore sharp, gleaming eyes that Avatohad him through the thicket, but the eyes wore so sharp that they saAV, also, the fairy that kept beside Max, aud at sight of hcv they shrank back in fright. No matter IIOAV strange tho eyes that Avatch .or cruel tho mouth beneath them, they iii'e poAverless before any one Avhom this wonderful fniry princess has taken under her protection. So Max kueAV nothing. He ate his cake as he ran. He did his errand. A kind neighbor took him all tho Avay home in his Avagon. Only as he Avont to bed that night Max whispered to his mother: "I'm glad you gave mo that ilttlc cake to-day, mother!" But his mother AVUS so busy that she forgot to ask him Avhy. Sturtllue. It was a novel accident, with a novel seiiuel, tluit befell Admiral Homo dur- ins the war with China in 1842. He had dined on one of the ships of tho fleet, and when ho came to return' to his own ship the tide Avas running so strongly that his men could not pull asaiust it and he was compelled to take refuge for the night in the frigate Dido, When getting out of his cockle-sholl boat he made a false stop, and as. he was largo and heavy tho boat tilted over, and in an instant he and his crew were struggling in the water. Tho admiral luckily soizod a rope which hung over tho sido of tho ship. Five of the men seized hold of his logs, and there they hung, shouting lustily for help till they wore drawn in by the Dido's crow. Tho admiral, pretty well exhausted, was put to bed, with a hot drink, and soon dropped aslocp, after giving directions to bo called curly. At the stated hour the officer of the watch roused tho admiral, who, still dreaming of drowning and other horrors, drowsily asked, "Who's there?" "Denth," was tho reply. It Avns startling, and the . admiral looked out of his eot expecting to soo a skeleton or some other ghastly object; but now fully snvako, and perceiving only a very 'gentlemanlike young man standing close to Win, lie observed: "It is very singular. I thought I Avas told that death Avas before inc.'" "And so he is," answered the young officer. "My name is Death, and I have come to tell you that the tide has changed." A IreRentl ot tlie Pansy. All pansy lovers are fond of comparing the flower to human faces which seem to look at them Avith lovo and sympathy. Another pretty fancy In regard to this flower is current among French nnd'German children. The Household Magazine gives fills version of it: The flower has five petals and live sepals. In most pansios, especially of tho earlier and less highly developed varieties, tAVO of the petals are plain in color, and three are gay. The tAVO plain petals have a single sepal, two of the gay petals ha\'e a sepal each, and the third, the largest of nil, has hvo sepals. The fable is that the pansy represents a family, consisting of husband .nd Avife and four daughters, two of the latter being step-children, Avith only one chair; the tAVO small, gay petals aro the. daughters, Avitii n chair each, and the large'gay petal is tho wife, with tAvo chairs. To find tho father one must strip away the petals until'tho stamens and pistils are bare. They haye n fanciful resemblance to nn old man Avitii a flannel wrap about his neck, his shoulders upraised and his foot in a batli-tub. The story is probably of French origin, because the French call the pansy the step-mother. Afrb The French ca*airy numbers iSO.OOti horses. Dresden taxes cats and they aFe disappearing 1 rnpidly. The permanent occupation oi Fitts- burg' began February It, 1754. Asparagus is the oldest kaowfi plant that has been used for food. The psice of a day's board In Athens, B. C. 400, was four cents, 6r about $1*20 a month. Bolata, the product of a tree in Sumatra, is becoming a rival of India rubber and gutta pgrcha. About 00,000 acres has beeti tw claimed in Ireland during the fait year frofcn bog and marsh lands. in 704 the cold at Constantinople was so severe that the Black sea Was frozen for fifty miles from shore. Ne w Orleans has a vestibuled train to San Francisco that covers the dis» tance in less than seventy-eight hours. Nearly as much pig iron is now produced in the Southern states as was made in tho whole United States twenty years ago. A residence costing over $5,000 was recently successfully moved from Seattle to Olympia, a distance of sixty miles, without tearing it apart, Tho old church at Tappan, N. Y., where the unfortunate Major Andre Avas tried, convicted' and sentenced, has observed its aootb. anniversary. A Montana judge, before whom a chronic horse thief Avas convicted, could have given tho latter sixty years under tho statutes, but lot him off with a sentence for life. Tho most honorable death in China is by strangulation, and high officials condemned to death receive their sentence from tho einporor in tho shape of a silken cord with which they hang themselves. Tho governor of Vermont thinks of making his staff useful on other thau parade occasions. Ho proposes to appoint one Vermonter resident in Boston and anothur in Now York to purchase stores for tho state on tho most advantageous terms. DeufncHB Can Not lio Curort by local applications, as they can not roach tho diseased portion of tho enr. There is only one Avay to cure IJonfueBB and thot in by constitutional remedies. Deafness is caused by an inflamed condition of the mucous lining of tho Eiistachiuu Tube. When this tube gets inflamed you have a rumbling sound or imperfect hearing, and when it Is entirely cloned Deafness is tho result, and unless tho inflammation can be taken out and this tube restored to its normal condition, hearing Avill be destroyed forever; nine cases out of ten aro caused by catarrh, which is nothing but an inflamed condition of tho mucous surfaces. Wo Avill give One-Hundred Dollars for any case of Deafness (caused by catarrh) that can not bo cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Bend for circulars, free. K. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. ISrSold by Druggists, 7Dc. Hall's Family Pills, 25c. ,TO AID EMPLOYES, NEW SCHEME Ot# THE W. tSOUOLAS SHOE CO, Will t-urnlsh their Help With Medical Attendance, "04 ANt> A cloak, A. 1). ?3, cost sixty .__.._ Charlemagne paid ^ for &p&iv ft shoes. . \: Margaret Conti, tt^ed OS years"/ Boston, committed suleldtt by int Sarcasm may be right, shadow. but it casts a J2yes grow cooler tuia wipre interesting; an<J as he Avalked alongi with/ Ills jacket on his arm, Max smiled ovor Xlio pleasant thoughts that began to pass through his byain. He went along quickly awd iio entered, the forest before he vwWxeH tlmt tlw Juno -344 come to an end. But tlie Avoods seemed flails and gloomy to tlio )lttte boy. Tl»e trees wove tall and shut out tjlia JlglU; it seemed cold after tUe bjdgljt uwo. HO thought lie heavd « WQW fo'mvvl and he stppped short. - ' "Jaw truly afraid,',' be tlpujfet hlmjelf, "and J can't ilxcr '* ' the , ga a fur- AViint n Farm? Why not go on one of tho "Homo Seekers' Excursions" to Kansas, Oklahoma, Indian Territory, Texas, Colorado, etc., on Dec. 18? Round trip tickets Avill bo sold on these dates at reduced rates. Write to or call upon nearest Santa Fo route ngent, or C. A. Biggins, assistant general passenger agent, Chicago, for full particulars. _____ _ • There may be plenty of room at the top, but happiness doesn't always get there. >•• UaiiHon'M niiigic corn salv*." Warranted to euro or niocoy rufundaU. Auk yout iriiggltit fur It. 1'riuo 15 cuius. Society may adulate a fool, but it wishes he were dead, all the same. It tho Baby IB uusciug xeetli. Ho euro and use that old And well-triad remedy, Miis. AViNSLOWs SOOTHING Svnur tor Children Toothing- Some people of forty have ambitions, but they aro terribly shelf-worn, "A. Oup ol' Parks' Ton at night moves the bowels m the morning," Tho things whiclj . do most to make us happy do not cost money. Vurlotloa iu JTrnlts. Not many years ago there wore several varieties of grapes, each struggling- to • become the favorite ' of tho public, To-day the trade is chiefly in the Concord and Delaware varieties, Early in the '60s yellow bananas could not "compete 'with the rod; to<-day the latter have been almost driven out of the market, though very many still prefer them, .There used to be a most equal demand. Now the Bact* lett and Seckel rule supreme. Apples and berries to a loss degree have undergone tho same process of natural selection, and noAV there aro one or two varieties of early apples that promises to supersede all the rest, WlUIatii ti. fibttglas, tha president of thb world-Turned W. L. UouKlftk Shoo Co., has always hnd n ureat poraonul Interest In tho army of toon nnd woman who Inhabit, the great factory at Moatollo din-lug the working hour* of tho day, aud who malte the greatly ttdver- Used $3 ahoo. Hu Is a grout bollcvor In the Idcu that rnnnu- faoturers should hiivo this personal Interest In tho condition of their employes, and feels thut If tho Idoa Is carried out to the extent thut Is possible, that It will result ultimately In tho breaking dowu of tho barriers whleh have boon built up botwoen employers and those whom they employ, as It would convince tho worl<- InRmon thut tholr employers wore not their onqmlos, as soino of tliom seem to think now, but their friends, with u desire to do all' for thorn that was In their power. Having strong feelings upon this point, It Is only natural that Mr. Douglas should give tho matter somo study and ucqunlnt himself with tho result of tho trials of similar plans In other places. Uo Is satlsllcd thut the scholno ho has originated Is u good one, and ho has now put it to practical tost. Ho has handed to every person In his employ —and they form a small army—a curd which will enable them to sceuro free medical attendance. This Is a practical illustration of Mr. Douglas 1 idea, and will surety bo appreciated by tho hundreds who receive the cards. Tho plan Is n good ono. Speaking of tho W. L. Douglas Shoo Co. It may bo said that tholr factory Is the only ono in Broeltton whore tho principle of arbitration Is recognized aud has full sway. Mr. Douglas is iv linn bollovor In tho principle und has boon since tho establishment of tho slato board of arbitration. Ho claims that labor troubles would not be as frequent us thoy aro If manufacturers and help would recognize this great principle and adopt It. Not Gambling 1 . Deacon—And you admit, sinful young man, that you won tho hat on election? tipruco youngster—Yes, sir I "Ana thus to ine, sir, admit the gambling IiabiU" "No gambling about it. I was dead sure of tho result," To California 1" a Tourist Sloopor. The Burlington lloute's Personally Conducted Excursions to the Pacific Coast aro just tho thing for people of moderate menus. Cheap—respectable—comfortable —expeditious. From Chicago every Wednesday evening and Omaha every Thursday morning. Through to San Francisco nnd Los Angeles without change of cars. .Experienced Excursion Managers and uniformed Pullman porters in charge. Second class tickets accepted. Cars aio carpeted and upholstered and have spring stats and backs, mattresses, blankets, curtains, pillows, towels, etc. Only SO 00 from Chicago and $5.00 from Omaha for a double berth, Aviclo ongugh and big enough for two. Tho route is over tho "Scenic Lino o£ tho World," through Denver, Bait Lako City and Sacramento. All tho wonderful cono'ns aud peaks of tho Kooky Mountains aro passed during the day. If you uro going west, you should arrange to join ono of these excursions. You cnn do so at Burlington, fail-field, pttumwa, Albia, Oscoola, Alton or Omaha. Write for information. J. FUA.MCIS, Uou'l Pass'r Agent, Burlington Route, Omaha, Keb. Nearly half of tlie D&O studetots; rolled at the Chicaeo Unive: womem * , ,. (< I'hero aro but six buildings ifa i world larger than the Texas capitol. In a single sawmill in Washlh state tAvo women Avork on machines, An air-pump is said to have devised which sweeps a roolti sucking the dust all out of it. A Philadelphia lady, as a will v tost in that city discloses, expressed a desire to be buried in her seal sacquo. Dr. Maxim is said to entertain tha; hope that his aeroplane will bo prao-|||v tical enoug-h for general uso before,*,"'" tho close of this century. Miss Ethel Weedon, who ried to the marquis of Qu loss than a year ago, has knookedttita! out of the connubial combination. An honest man is tho noblest work of God; but many thut pass as such are the products o£ tho penal code. A Fust For Helena, Butto, Anaconda, Spokane. Seattle, Tacoma and Portland leaves Omaha dally. It runs over the Burlington's New Shorl Lino and lands you at any point in Montana or on the Paciflc Coast Ifowrs aheac of any other line. . If you are going west, it will pay you to travel by the Burlington Route, Shortest—quickest — best. Write for Information. J, FHANOIS, Qen'l Pass'r Agt., Omaha, Neb. ' If everybody was perfect what would the gossips do for interesting material? Plso's Remedy for Catarrh is^tho best medicine for that disease I have eve'r used,— L. C, Johnston, lola, Texas, Juup'2-ttli, 1801. The fellow who is trying to raise tho wind usually wants to blow himself, flegeina.n'8 ("11 m p lieu- :«<• \vllliGlyc«rJn«>, Cu riis Chapped H iuids and Kuuo, Tender or Soru l''eot, CUIIbluinu, fllei), So, O. O. Clarli Cp,,New Haven, Ct. The happiest women;- like tho happiest nations, have no history. ' --..''• Paradoxical as it may seem, mighty little dilJorence oetween u-H'1-t-e-ay and u-n-t-i-e-di , ~ /< $3 During the revolutionary war there Were|f rarely more than 80,000 men in the flflld' tttj one time. ; ' ' ' v ' .-;• PROGRESS*^! People who get the greatest! degree of comfort and real'en-J joyment out of life, are thosft^ who make the most'O/ttt^J _ of their opportunities.'.^'" Quick perception and; L good judgment, lend such^'l promptly to adojpt 'and^ jgfc make use of those refined,i</« and improved prod nets _of;7p niodei n inventive genius ' si which best serve'theC- needs of their physical j being. Accordingly,! \ the most intelligent*'/; and pi ogressive people^" are found to employ '^ the most refined and'f ^perfect laxative to iegi/1^ c'ulate and tone up the "Sistomach, liver,, 'and; ^ bowels, when in need'', of such an agent—hence the great popularity / J l| of Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. These art ' f f| made from the purest, most refined atld' r | concentrated vegetable extiacts, and fr< , w forty-two to forty-four are contained'in lri» each vial, which is sold at the same priceVM! as the cheaper made and moie ordinaryjl « pills found in the market. In curative,-vir-SA tues, there is no comparison to be made bevi'^ tween them and tlie oidiuaiy pills,-as any i" one may easily, leain by sending for a free\, sample, (four to seven doses) of the Pel-/! lets, which will be sent on receipt of iiameV/1 and address on a postal card. ,,. - ; > j QNCB USED THEV ARE ALWAYS IN FAVOR. 1 ' *' The Pellets cure biliousness, sick, and ^ bilioiia headache, dizziness, costiveness, or,'' constipation, sour stomach, loss of appetite,^ coated tongue, indigestion, or dyspepsia/;! windy belchiugs, "heait-bimi)" pain and distress after eating, and kindred derange-''! mcnts of the 1 liver, stomach and bovvers, s Put up iu glass vials, therefore always 1 , fresh and reliable. One little "Pellet"is a laxative, two are mildly cathartics 4 As a-"dinner pill," to pioinole digestion, \ take one.each day after dinner. To relieve, distress from over-eating, they are vnt-h equaled. They are tiny, sugar-coasted granules; any child will readily take them. Cftv Accept no substitute that may be recotn-'* Y§ mended to be "just as good." It mayfo' 1 ,' t £ better for the dealer, because of paying nitpni'if 1 * a better profit, but lie is not the one whpi''j, needs help. Address for free sample,' ; ,v(W WOIILD'S DISPENSARY MEDICAL AS^Q CIATION, 663 Main Street.Buffalo, N, Y- & Best GUHtS I Cough (Itllt ALL ELSE lyrup. I'm . .. istos< In time. Sold by druggists. When answering, advertisements inention.this paper, , ' On Bveu Termu. Bftron, Haussmanu, the celebrated Trench administrator, who may almost be sold to have made Paris a new city, used to relate tho following anecdote by AA-ay of illustrating the feeling of many country geutlenieji toward the prefects; * Ono of these gentry entered the prefect's office, having some complaint to make, and proceeded to state his errand in a. pretty lofty tone and Avjtliout taking off his hat, The officer >vas equal to the occasion. "Wait a moment," lie said, and lie rang a bell. 4 servant ansAvered tho summons. "Brfcig m,e my liat," said the prefect. The liat WAS brought, the officer put it ou, and turned to. tno caller. said lie, "J Avill heay you." I nsk ypvj to favor- jne Avitk QJK? .oj\ .fljy The Wpm'm to isinme. Professor Peal, the ethnologist, re^ contly described to the Asiatic society the condition of the head-hunting Na- gas on the borders of the Assam. The Avoraen are to blame for the continuance of the practice; they taunt tho young men who are not tattooed, and the latter go out and cut off heads to exhibit to them, fully half of Avhich are those of women and children, The area occupied by the tribo is not more than twenty miles square, but in it during the past forty years more than twelve thousand murders have been committed for the sak,9 of those ghastly trophies, ST, JACOBS OIL NCE TO CURE YOUR It will.give you Q chance to CO TQ WORK Webster's International Di^Uon'av^l Aa\B«,r». 1V<ca wr H ¥T«« e»V»<*l* ; l (i*^**!! 99 ' * The Best -A'JMotf o««w afJSngllsli, Gift' , HiQgr'iu>liy t motion, WEBSTER'S INTERNATIONAL Standard of tho U.S. Supremo Court, thp, Government I'rlntln \ DICTIONflRy / f"* 1 ' 1 ? ll " lllli oolioolUooks. Commended by every Bnuo bupeihUfu^out 0 * . frc, aferriam p?., PHJJS.. sprinefie earSeua for Ueo pamphlet contutnlnt! speoiHiomijiggsniltt^tvptW, efg, For tlio The Viscaya, the belted cruiser lately completed ftt Bilbao fov the Spanish navy, attained in hev trials under natural dvftyght only a speed of 18 .'6 knots. The shipyard where she \v#s built is in. ft veniarkably f a,vora.ble position, fop the vaw ore pan bo bought in at one end and a. |ully equipped wftr vesae} tWfted 0ut at the jt |,s ^4 ^ • vWlg 'lAQ'/t9et ^ ft$ M M r ifrwft 1 :-M , m : % oai»i«iftd on Bafftlv, un4ffli1iwatai».la'^.enth Coughs and Sore Throat, Bronchitis, Weak JJvmgs,'G-e»wal P§i?ilitj a»4^ all fonpts of Kmaoiatioft are speedily oui'ecl by •'' Scott ? s Emulsfeti^

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