The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 5, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 5, 1894
Page 5
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vt "-"t :/•$ — -^ ^p- Taylbr's, 50 Children's Cloaks, 20 Misses' jackets, ! 75 Ladies' Cloaks. 26 Ladies' Plush Sacques id Infants' Cloaks, I will offer the above lot for sale.and will sell the entire lot of this season's purchase for 750 oh the dollar in order to close out the lot in the shortest possible time, Having sold double the quantity of any three stores in Kossuth county, we are able now, at this time of the season, to dispose of the fresh, new goods at this price. In addition to the above 'we will offer— 100 ladies' felt hats at 250 i oo ladies' felt hats at 500 50 pattern hats at same low price. 2000 yds Balger L L muslin at . . . 40, loo pcs men's extra fine underwear, all wool, worth $1.25, for . . . . .75 100 pcs child's underwear at ... 2oc, 1000 yds fine dress goods remnants— worth-500, 750 and $t, at • . . . . 250, 10 doz boys' hose, 6 to 9^, worth 350 to 4<Dc, .at . . , 250 50 pairs men's two- buckle, cloth top, felt or sock overs, /Colchester brandA A T *>'. \none . better. , ./ * L • / J > others ask #2.25. We have no fault to find with business; our prices talk for us. J as. Taylor. Bradley & Nicoulin are now prepared to do all kinds of Repairing ° F Wagons, Buggies, AND- Farm Machinery. Also do Painting and operate a general repair shop. AT THE OLD STAND, ALGONA. M. P. HAGQAnD. O, P. PEEK Haggard & Peek, [Successors to Jones & Smith,] Abstracts, .Real Estate,-^^ Collections, ALGONA, IOWA. J will sell you better FLOUR and other mill products fpr less money than you can buy elsewhere, or no money. Every web warranted and delivered, J. J. WIUON, A New Harness Shop, & J?, mwmWK f'i'i!. j?tttj. PBB_gjgjjj M01KE& AMONA, IOWA, OmfflMBBR 8, 1SU4 /The finest line of Diamond Rings, Pins, and Jewelry ever brought to Kossuth, Besides a big stock of Plated Ware, Jewelry, Gold Pens, Pencils, Tooth Picks, and novelties, He has a full line of STEftLING SILVERWARE, Watches, from the cheapest to a full i^-jewel, solid gold case ticker, The largest line of LADIES' CHAINS, solid gold and plated, ever seen in Algona. CALL ON BOWYER. GEN, BOOTH IN OMAHA, An Algonian's Estimate of the Now Famous Commander of the Salvation Army. The General Doesn't Believe in Putting On Sanctimonious Airs—Large Crowd to Hear Him. To the Editor: On Sunday morning, Dec. 2, the renowned General William Booth, father of the Salvation Army, might have been seen slowly wending his way up two long flights of stairs in the Y. M. C. A. building in Omaha to greet a large audience in the assembly room of tbe building. He said in taking his place upon the platform: " I am not very strong, and it was all I wanted to do to climb those stairs." In the afternoon Gen. Booth was to speak upon u Darkest England" in the large exposition building, and in the evening to conduct a Salvation Army meeting in the same place, but these meetings we were unable to attend. The general is tall and spare and looks somewhat worn from constanttraveling and speaking, but those who have seen the pictures of Gen. Booth in the recent journals will see that they are true to life. The general was ushered in by captains of the Salvation Army, and the platform was filled with those wearing the army uniform, the women with their poke bonnets, which are not unbecoming when you see an attractive face in them, and this is not at all uncommon. On one side of the bonnet was a badge with the words, " Welcome to the General." One end of the platform was occupied by the band, and the enthusiastic singing would lose' much of its charm were it not for the bright and spirited music which is rendered by the band. - When the general came forward to the platform the commanding officer asked the audience to rise and called for three cheers and they were given with a will. Gen. Booth evidently is not one who thinks that putting on a solemn face and being very ceremonious is the way to be truly religious, for in the course of his remarks he said that " millions of formal church members were now in perdition." He spoke of his intercourse with those in India, of whom he says if you choose you can call them heathen. When be went to India the chief officials met him with such warmth and took him in charge in such a friendly way, literally showering him with rosewater, and receiving him in thebungalo of most importance, and gladly listening to his message. General Booth said the heathen criticism of Christianity was this: " Your Christian mission^ aries come here and they do a great deal of good, and then the next thing Christians do they put the brandy bottle to our lips." But not so with the Salvation Army. Gen, Booth thinks that much that passes for Christianity at the present time needs a thorough renovating and renewing. People live too much for themselves. What they can get in money, and how they can advance themselves in a worldly way, claims too much attention. The Salvation Army breaks away from this and lives and works for humanity, and therefore the lowest and poorest come to the salvation army and are enlisted as soldiers, and are trained in this new way to become better'men and women. One can readily see that Gen, Booth is a leader. His voice is not powerful, he makes no attempt at brilliant oratory, but there is a nervous energy and decision in bis'muwner, and he presents the simple vital truths with so muoh earnestness and seal that they seem clothed with new meaning, and thus they flnd ready access to the bear,t, The military parade and discipline is not without its effect. With very many whose social pleasures and cow forts are limited, it arouses enthusiasm and each one who enlists in the army has something to do, With such a leader and with eight children follow ing in bis footsteps is it .any wonder that the Salvation Army is constantly spreading its borders, and that already it has accomplished much good in our own and other countries? o. A. i. WHEN looking for nice disbes don't pass the Opera House Grocery. WE have a lot of short lengths of Brussels carpets, pice fop rugs, at Gal' nraitb'e. ,___„_„.„____,_ TEN good cows for sale. Will sell on ene yesVptim.e, John G. SmHb,-$6t| MON Qe.o t Q, of South Dakota at very low rates for the round trip; tickets good for return passage at any time within twenty days from date of sale. For tickets and detailed information apply to Agents Chicago & Northwestern Railway.—37t3 A STRAY pig is at J. Mittag's farm, three miles northwest of Algona. Owner can have by paying charges.—8612 OUR stock is not the largest, but none is nicer than at the Opera House Grocery. WALKER BROS, are sole agents for the famous Chase & Sanborn orand of coffee.—29 OUR buckwheat and maple syrup are unsurpassed. Opera House Grocery. CALICOS and giqghams only 5c a yd. , Galbraith &Co.'s. at A GOOD Beatty organ for sale or to trade for a bicycle. Inquire at this office.— 17tf _ PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Mrs. Winnie Sterzbaeh has been in Sheldon the past week visiting her sisters. Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Bassott were here from Sheldon last week, visiting at J. E. Stacy's. Thos. F.Cooke went to Marslmlltown last week to visit C. C. St. Clair and attend a big Thanksgiving dance. Mr. and Mrs. Gardner Cowles started for Washington, D. C., Monday evening, to be gone three weeks. He goes on mail route business. Judge Hicks came from Minneapolis last week for a few days' visit with his friends, Capt. Dodge and family. The judge sails for Europe in January. Mrs. Poor, who has been visiting in Algona during the past week, left for Cedar Rtipids Monday. While in town Mrs. Poor was the guest of her lifelong friend, Mrs. E. L. Cooke, and expresses herself as delighted with .her visit, and as pleased with the impressions which she received of Algona. A PURSE has been left at the county treasurer's office. Owner can have same by paying for this notice. IS RAISING ORANGES NOW, C. ?. Dorlaud is oil His California Ranch, hut Writes as Entertainingly as Ever. His Breezy Letter Tells About Former Algonians on the Coast, and Compares Weather Notes. Los ANGELES, Gal., Nov. 27.— To the Editor: Your paper puts in its welcome appearance weekly and I still read .the local names with greatihterest although I have boon away from Algona so long that I have become a stranger to many of your readers. It was with great sorrow that we read of the terrible results of your recent cyclone and the list of names that are so familiar. One is forcibly impressed with the rapidity with which the years roll by as he reads from time to time of the marriages of your young men and women whom we knew as boys and girls in the primary department of your public schools, such a seemingly short time ago. My old friend who used to room near me over the Kossuth County bank, I see you call him judge I now, and the boys who wore knee pants when I saw them last are now showing their business sagacity by advertising Money. Plenty of money now for all applicants at the Kossuth County State bank, for real es_tate loans at lowest rates. Money paid at once on completion of the papers. "PURE CREAM"—that means flour, and Walker Bros, sell it. Made at Alden, Minn., and warranted to be as good flour as there is in the market. Don't fail to try a sack. You will certainly like it.—29 Notice to Pay. Those knowing themselves indebted to me are requested to settle by Deo. 1, 1894. I will be found at my residence, five blocks east of Thorington hotel. 84 . H. J. WlNKIE. WE have a large line of heavy shawls that we will close Galbraith & Co, out cheap. G, L, Notice. Everyone owing "us on account or note are requested to call and settle, as we have sold our business in Algona and must have these accounts settled at once, tf PATTERSON & SAROBETT, ty in THE UPPER DES MOINES. Your items .of the thermometer five WE have a few of the cheap blankets left, Now is your time. G, Jj, Gal' braitb & Co, to loan OB lo$g or ebort J4»t« Reduced Rates to Des , On account of the annual meeting of the Iowa State Teachers' association, at Des Moines, Dec. 26 to 28, the North* western line will sell tickets at reduced rates, For full information apply to Agents of the Chicago & Northwestern Railway,— 37t8 Tourist Bates on the jfortb» western I4«e,' The Northwestern line is now selling excursion tickets, at greatly reduced rates, to the , health and pleasure re* sorts of California, Florida, Texas, Mexico, New Mexico, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama. For tickets and full in* formation apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern railway.^36t9 FOB tbe Christmas and New Year holidays excursion ti9 k ets will pe sold by the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul By Co., witbiB a 4i§tftoce pf goo muse, at fare and o^e-third for the round tri; Tickets to w SSld Bee, g4, ~" 18H aM Japary 1, UBfcgUL,,- , OB to a»4 tad«9tog, AuiiiiX'ft' J8gMT! "% n -'T-j I N order to reduce our large stock of goodiff before January 1st we have decided make such low prices during this moMK|| on our entire stock of Winter goods that; the entire lot will be days. "We quote you a few items: closed out in our closing prices 05tf Ml shades and styles. Ml of our $1.25 1 $1.85, and $1.50 dress goods will go at $1.00 per yard. Ml of our 90c and $1.00 dress goods will go at 85c; all cheaper dress goods will go equally as cheap. 1 Velvets degrees below, Brother Starr's gas being froze up, and my old friend, Joslyn, having gone skating to Des Moines, show a great contrast between ' .there and here as to temperature. Since last writing you we have moved to our 15-acro orange ranch at Monrovia, 16 miles from this city. We have our first crop of oranges and lemons this year, and the oranges are beginning to turn yellow; the lemons were gathered the first of the month and produced about a half a box to the tree, and the oranges will yield a little more than that. There are about 1,700 trees in the orchard. The lemon trees are now in blossom and a half-grown crop is still on the trees. Our winter rains have notcommonced yet and the weather is warm and balmy, C tho perfection of a California fall, t Sunday your old friend, T, Earley, and family drove pver from Pasadena, nine miles distant, and took dinner, and we sat on the veranda of our house, with the Sierra Mad re mountains on the north of us less than a mile away and more than 0,000 feet high, and away to the south and east stretches the noted San Gabriel valley 15 miles across at that place, and in the west Pasadena is in full view, and to the southwest 40 miles, across 20 miles of ocean, rises the majestic form of Catallne island showing every mountain peak and intervening valley against the .blue sky beyond. The fragrance of orange and lemon, the mildness and bracing breeze from the ocean made the place seem a veritable garden spot, ana a place in which life seems full of joy and nature has bestowed her best gifts with a bounteous hand. You see we Californians never grow tired of praising our land, nor do the charms and ever-present view of mountain and valley grow monotonous. I saw Mr. and Mrs. Forbush in Pomona not long since, and while they show the marks of growing old, yet they enjoy life, having a pleasant home and general,good health. McLaren still deals out the coin over the counter of the Albambra bank, and has a very pleasant home in a beautiful locality. We shall welcome the Algona delegation that we understand proposes to visit the Pacific this winter." Already the tourist is in the land, and boarding bouses and hotels are rapidly filling up. This city has done more building within the past twelve months thai* during any one previous year in its history, and yet there is a demand for more, and houses are now being built at the rate of 60 a week, The country generally has been, prosperous and prices good, The dry spring wade the hay prop short and consequently feed is high, but otherwise prices are .about as usual, The fruit crop was .very large and prices of oranges and. lemons are now tbe best for years. >It may he all right to have free wool in the east, but we want protection fop oranges and lemons, ana dried fruit ia the weeti, We go to Pasadena Thanksgiving day to interview Tow %pj Wi furfcey AND PLUSHES will be sold at a discount of 20 per cent, less than regular price. in i'.fs v,.t l,;jf v: f • .?& t -m •:!*13 All our Cloth Overcoats-^ regular $15, $16, $17j and $18 overcoats—will go at $13.75. All men's suits from $15 to $20 will-go ot,t> $18.75. All Boys', Children's suits equally low. Our entire stock of .Men's fcj%| Underwear will go at a ' discount of 20 per cent, off ,, ; the regular price. JNO. GOEDERS. They Are Here ANOTHER invoice of Riverside Oak Heaters. We thought we had a large stock when we invoiced, but we have been obliged to get more to satisfy the demand. Don't take our statement that it is the best heater for soft coal or wood, but come and see it, and if necessary a thirty days' trial will convince you. KEEP IN MIND the "Radiant Home" hard coal heater. It is the best made. See our Jewel stoves and ranges before you buy. WINKIE'S OLD STAND. C M. DOXSEE, and when these lines Jbey find you enj ing rea.eb you the same Just Four Weeks More, The room is rented to P, L, Slagle, and; I have got to leave, I don't want to move, so will give you some of the biggest and best bargains ever given in Algona, Now we haven't a very large stock, but we will give you the latest amount of gopds you ever bought for the same amount of money, Yqiap £9? ^m^^^^z^i

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