The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on August 9, 1967 · Page 12
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 12

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 9, 1967
Page 12
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11 *kMtramt Wednesday, August 9. 1967 /n Washington \ ; Hippies Multiply] Like Rabbits I By DAVE BURG1N Newspoper Enterprise Assn. WASHINGTON—(NEA)—Peaceful, quaint, aristocratic old Georgetown, for years the most exclusive section of the capital, has blown its mind. "You might say," one long-haired authority suggested, "that Georgetown is on a trip." "Hippies. Their mushrooming numbers have found Washington. Georgetown's main drag, M Street, is their boardwalk and Georgetown fringe areas like DuPont Circle and grassy P Street beach on the banks of Rock Creek are their meeting places. "Yes," said 7th police precinct Capt. Frances Conley, "they're becoming a problem. Thev've "seemed to multiply like rabbits over "the past year. I don't understand it. Some of these "kids are the same well- scrubbed faces I saw just a year ago." What's happening is that the hippie cult is spreading nationally. And hippies—being hip—know the adage: "There are only three towns in the United States—New York, San Francisco and Washington. Everything else is Cleveland." Kevin Connell, "nonhippie but sympathetic" manager of a swinging M Street pub. says Washington right now is only a third-stage hippie city. "But it is not far from stage two and, as fast as word travels in the psychedelic world, it could move up to stage one by late summer." Connell said. Stage one is the ultimate—San Francisco (Haight-Asbury section) and New York (the East Village)." A stage one hippie town has all the latest drugs (LSD). Marijuana (grass, joint, etc.) is plentiful. Well-established are hippie music, hippie literature, hippie bars (although real hippies seldom touch liquor) and hippie "head shops" which sell psychedelic posters, beads, flowers and love buttons. Second stage cities are. according to New Englander Connell, "Boston, Los Angeles and Chicago's Old Town section. "But Washington is the only one of the lower stage cities with a chance to make the big scene." Connell added. The main reason for this, hippies here agree, is the city's beauty—its many trees and parks, its architecture. "The real, bona- fide hippie is sincerely and honestly hung up on nature and love," Connell said. "A trip brings these things closer to him, much closer than he could ever get if he stayed straight all day." Captain Conley said Washington's estimated 3.000-4,000 real hippies and near hippies "actually seem sincere about this love business." "Except for drug and marijuana traffic, they don't do much other than disturb the peace late at night. They don't seem to steal, like junkies do, or vandalize, like the motorcycle crowd does." Conley said one big problem %vas the fights they get into, not with each other but with rowdies and servicemen looking for people to punch. "Servicemen around here get weekend passes and go out looking for a bar, a girl or trouble. They pick.on people with long hair." A hippie basking in the sun on P Street beach talked about the emergence of Washington as a hippie center. "We're striving for sophistication, like San Francisco's got. We already have two noncommercial head shops. We have plenty of nature here and love is beginning to groove. "We also have an LSD rescue service for people on bad trips. By that I mean some kids get sad on trips and they go to some of us who know what it's all about to learn how to handle it. "The movement here could really be important. \Vith our own literature and music and an intellectual voice in the community, it is conceivable that our brand of love— love of man anr< love of nature—could influence legislators. Lady Bird Johnson, look what she's done.' In a way, with her tree- planting programs and things, she's sort of a hippie. "Meanwhile, the cops here are gettin' after us. We're starting to see narcotics fuzz, so the other night a group of us gathered here on the beach to discuss sophisticated ways of dealing with the law so we wouldn't hurt anybody. That's realistic, isn't it? "Anyway, we didn't get much done that night. Man, the stars that evening were the most beautiful I'd ever seen. And it was warm. A really out-of-sight night. "So about all we did was sit and talk to each other. And later we bought some bread and peanut butter, made sandwiches and passed them out to people in Georgetown." No Permit Needed You do not need a permit to visit the White House in Washington, D.C., but only the public rooms in the basement and the first floor rooms, including the East Room, may be visited.- It is open for specified hours daily. Catastrophy The worst economic catas trophy of modern times was the depression, beginning in 1929. In 1932. 25 per cent of all workers in the Unitec States were unemployed, ac cording to the Encyclopaedia Britannica. i 2566°° Sport Coup* ^^^P ^•P F •• then decide! Woe steering wheel D is^V.^ p a rts/iervice coast to t»»i- f-frrmn 2Hr^_ «, <neda» tools necoeo- r» ^^^ SAFELY I'MrVta Drhre it at your «*«*—1 Dealtf! 913 So. Main FULLERS -lain 582-8171 SPECIALS flOft WED™ Tkn TUES.-AUOUST »-1O-ll-li-14-H Super—mar 6400 BAY WAY DRIVE. •ARKEJtS 6ftADI 'A* LARGE 49 WIth.J5.00 Purchase or More Itt CREft W 69 AJAXoBFAB OUNGE JUICE MEAT PIES Woshburn's PINTO BEANS Pord DOG FOOD Breast O* Chicken CHUNK TUNA Lihby's VIENNA SAUSAGE 5 Heinz' TOMATO KETCHUP Zestee SALAD DRESSING Kraft VELVEETA Toilet Tissue CHARMIN Z<5thetheman ADOLPHUS RICE GRADE R A" ffiESH PRESSED ROEGELEIN SIGNATURE QUALITY 12 Ox. Pkg. ROEGELEIN ALL MEAT FRANKS ROEGELEIN PURE PORK Mf\C Breakfast Links 4a GOOD LEAN * <*19 GOOD LEAN 4 4 HAMBURGER 3 1 U.S. GOOD BABY BEEF T-Bone Steak Lb. GOOD LEAN 4 FREE! l/l IV CHARCOAL IVLIA LIGHTER WITH PURCHASE Of 10 LBS, CHARCOAL BRiQUETS. &OOD LEAN ••§ 0%. PORK STEAK - 59 ,79 U.S. GOOD BABY BEEF LOIN STEAK BREAD C4UF POTTO YELLOW ONIONS LB. 20$ CALIFORNIA LETTUCE L S 29c YELLOW SQUASH 2i 29c Home Grown CoCfornta EGG PUNT 2 u, 29c STRAWBERRIES L 49c p ««o» Calif. Red Haves CANTALOUPES 4 - 1« PEACHES . 29c BUFFERIN TABLETS ,«,<=.„„, *«,. s ,.« 89c LANOLIN PLUS SHAMPOO •....•*.«. 59c PEPSODENT TOOTH BRUSHES - ;, 39c STRIPE TOOTH PASTE F , mlV *. 59c N . t RIGHT GUARD DEODORANT s< TOWIE STUFFED OLIVES ^ HUHT'S FRUIT COCKTAIL3cT N5 69c ce Jumbo Roll Kleenex Paper TOWELS Cream Of OATS 280Z. Texixe Spring Scent CLEANER Colgate Sandwich Half GaL BAGGIES Box Kraft Macaroni & Cheese DINNERS 5 Del Monte Fruit COCKTAIL 4 /|% Austex Chili Hot Dog 0"C SAUCE 4 Sni Texsun Orange *)£} *°* a/C 29c 29c OO 00 00 JUICE 6 Cans

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