The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 28, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 28, 1894
Page 5
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lor s, 156 Chfldfeft'g Cloaks, 23 Miss"^ jackets,, j. § Ladies' Clbaks* ??;: '1 sa Ladies' Plush Sacques " f «< S to infants'Cloaks, l * r I will offer, the above lot ^ for sale and will Sell the entire lot of this season's i purchase for 750 on the Hollar in order to close ,.otit the lot in the shortest possible time, Having i sold double the quantity of any three stores in Kos- ( suth county, we are able now, at this time of the i season, to dispose 'of the fresh, new goods at this price, In addition to the above i we will offer— 100 ladies'felt hats at 250 100 ladies' felt hats at 500 50 pattern hats at 1 same low price. 2000 yds Balger L L muslin at . . . , 100 pcs men's extra fine underwear, all, wool, worth #1.25, for . ... . .7; "100 pcs child's underwear at ... . 2OC iboo yds fine dress , goods remnants- worth 5oc, 750 and *i, at . ; . ....-250, 10 doz boys' hose, 6 to g^, worth 350 to 4pc, at ; . ', , 250 ^50 pairs men's two- v ' buckle, cjloth* tpp 1 ;".. ' felt or sock overs, '• /Colchester brand, \ .» T H _; Apone better. . :) tfi-./Oi •o'thers ask $2.25. We have no fault to s find , with business; our-prices talk for us. • *"&- ^ f ' M. P. HAGGARD. Haggard & Peek, [Successors to Jones & Smlih.] Abstracts, Real Estate, AN °«, Collections, ALGONA, IOWA. I will sell you better FLOUR and other mill products for less money than you can buy elsewhere, or no money. E,very sack warranted and delivered, J, J, WILSON, DB. L. A. SHEETZ, Drugs and Medicines, |"vttl assortment 91 ways on hand of drugs, mea- olnes, and pure liquors for medicinal purposes o»ly. f -at HafnUoWt'l^flHd (I. tt« dftfas tfttiity as Cftaffwt^ the Evidence Showed Thfct Stetf Cft&fe at Wesley-*Aft —jury Disced i« the thdHif>sofl Case, The jury at Hiittbotdt were only out thf6e hours and returned & Verdict of gxHlty in the <$ft8g iigiiifls-t J, H, dfbsa, changed with obtftitilns 1 & spaa of horses under false pretenses. A Motion was made for a new trial, but was overruled by Judge Thotaas. ¥he,sentence will be prottounced this week,'and the case undoubtedly be appealed to the su* pretne cotirti The evidence In the case disclosed that Grose and Harpy Dodge had tnet a foreigner, named Babler, at Jtenwlek, and had agreed to come out arid look at his horses, if they could stay all night. In the evening Grose told about land speculations he had made near Algona. Next morning he proposed to trade a mortgage for two horses. Babler refused and then Grose offered a property statement note signed by one Hills, Babler snid that if Grose gave his own note and the Hills note as collateral he would trade. The story is agreed to by all to this point. The divergence lies at the point of .what Grose represented. Babler says he said he owned property at Algona and Eagle Grove and that Hills' 320 acres of land was in Pocahontas county. Grose says he made no such representations. The land in fact is in Wisconsin and the statement notes given by g ii wH«6S6 tie n&bjSette'd to ean oter Somewhat when & small %oy flr tfct fcttifcfcei&wsafrtetf* stfesia & me spare to . It was ft BW-ta all, but espeei&lt? to Mr, „ ia IS. V. SwettiBg appefifed befdhS Judge Quarton last Week atid asked fof the release o? Wffi..J. Kflftpp, whose afrest and return to Gertnatiia was t-e- jwrted last week. It turned out on investigation that the justice had held htm without evidence. The only itehi of evidence he sent down Was " B. p. Smith is 42 years of age and has knowfi Knabp three months," 'Squire Kay- mohd telegraphed for the Geritiaoia parties in interest to appear, but no one came, fie telegraphed again und the hearing was postponed till 4 o'clock, but no one came, ahd Knapp was released. The county pays tiie flddler, as Sheriff , Samson captured Knapp near Sioux City, There ought to be some Way of charging costs in such cases to somebody besides the public. , and m Has S&itie lafettnaJUoft toftt ih Which thft filtftf Got A foolish Ahest WWeh ftesult fed in Dismiss^. property Hills of a piece undoubtedly "with the other swindling notes of like kind on Tennessee land. The character of these swindling notes was not got before the jury, and the whole case rested on whether Crose had misled Babler as to his property. , The finding of the jury on the small amount of evidence presented shows that the blue sky men are going to get commissions to Anamosa and Fort Ur, L,«vcoy sues the County, Suit will be brought in the coming term of district court by Dr. Lacey of LuVerne to collect the doctor bills rejected by the county board last week. Geo. E. Clarke is his attorney, and Judge Cooke will assist County Attorney Raymond.. In view of this suit further newspaper discussion of the bills would be improper. The Milwaukee Company Lucky. At Fort Dodge last week the Milwaukee company had four big damtigo cases. The one at Whittemore was taken from the jury and also one from Ruthven. The Thompson case was disagreed on. In one case from Perry the company was beaten for $7,000. Madison just as fast as they are brought juries in this or neighboring before. . _. counties. It was admitted in "evidence that Grose had given back Babler's horses and paid him all he could claim. This and the grave doubt as to whether Crose had really told Babler what, he says, or had merely led him to believe that things were as he claimed without telling him so, would have released him at once in an ordinary case. ' But the jury all knew the inside character of the blue sky business and could' see through the Hills' property statement note as well as though it had been aired in court. The ,blue. sky business is doomed and bogus note peddlers may as well take warning. Worth More than $2 or''Worthless. The fiunous steer case over at Wesley last week ended in'a verdict of $2 against the city. The facts were, that Charley Bronson, our old Algona hay man, and Mr, Bacon had a steer that acted so crazy that they couldn't ship it with a load they had and so put' it in ashed to recover. It laid there 14 days and then G. W. Eddy ordered it shot by Marshal Cosgrove. The city claimed that the steer was not cared for, but the owners say that it had food and water and would have recovered. Attorneys E. V. Syvetting and J. A, Kennedy appeared for them and 'Squire Eaymond for the town. The jury heard any amount of testimony and then after two hours brought in a verdict of $2 for the plaintiffs. They have now appealed to the district court on the ground that if a steer in these days in Kossuth county is not worth more than $2 it is not worth anything. It will come on in two weeks here at Algona, A Wesley Dispute. Some Wesley correspondent sent the following item lately to the Marshalltown Republican: "Mrs, M, McDer* raotfc brought action against Rev. Father Eokart and five leading parish' oners for selling her husband beer at a dance at the home of Joe, Honeok, two miles south of town, about a month ago, Mrs. McDermott withdrew the action on the parties paying her $60." Mrs. MoDerraott publishes the following card in the Reporter! 1 In order that the innocent be not blamed I wish to make a correction in the above article. In the first place'n,o action whatever has been brought against Rev, Father Eokftrt'by me for ( selling liquop. He Is not ft. nni^fir f/t fViA nnot* 4» »•*... «*...•• A Divorce Case at EmmetBburg. Geo; E. Clarke went to Emmetsburg Monday evening to act for a sister of John Jenswold in securing a divorce. Court Opens Deo. 10. Judge Thomas will hold his one term of court for the year in about two weeks. It opens Deo. 10. FRESH fruits and vegetables at the Opera House Grocery. C. W. PLUMLEY will open the roller skating rink tomorrow morning for skaters. "'• ,'. ' IT will pay you to read James Patterson's "ad." this week. TEN good cows for sale. Will sell on one year's time. John G. Smith. r 3|5t4 ONE hundred.palr'of .blankets at 62io at Taylor.'s.—86t2 / „ '/ , ^__LL_ n •-•''-..._-• A STRAY pigls at J. Mittag's farm, three miles north west of Algona. Owner can have by paying charges.—85t2 MONEY to loan on long or short time. Geo. C. Call.-tf PEBBONAL' MOVEMENTS. Geo. R. Cloud l is home today from Nevada, where he has been attending court. , M,,r t Mrs. Crawford o'f Buchanan, Mich., is visiting her daughter, Mrs. S. J. O'Neil.'. Mr. and Mrs. R. B, Warren visited at Hugh Waterhouse's and other places in Minneapolis last week, Miss Dora Miller and Mrs. Fred Huke of Plum Creek are spending three weeks at Cedar Falls on a visit. Dr. Dorr came from DOS Moines yesterday to assist Dr. Morse in removing a tumor from Mrs, Bloor's daughter. C. B. Miller, Jr., and wife of Waterloo, and Dr. 0. B. Miller and wife of Cedar Falls were guests at-the Miller- Winkel wedding last week. A gentleman named Kirkhfttn, from Plpestone, Minn., got considerable e*< perienee In Algoaa last week. About Oct. 10 he wrote to Marshal Dailey that he had had a team and buggy stolen. Other correspondence followed ahd at the end Dailey telegraphed him that the property \v&s found and the thief located. Ktrkham answered that he would come at once* When he came, instead of going to Dailey, he went to Sheriff Samson and wanted to have the.thief, Otto Rlstau, a son of a well'to-do farmer near LuVerne, ur» rested. Sheriff Samson took in the Ristau who runs a restaurant here in town, but he proved to be a brother of the man wanted, In the talk it leaked out that Kirkhnm had worked through Datley and so Datley was consulted by the sheriff and,the right man caught. It also leaked out that Ktrkham expected to get some money out of Ris* tau's father, beat Dailey out of pay for his trouble, and also get a $200 bounty offered by the state of Minnesota. At least two hitches occurred in this pro- gramme. He got nothing from Ristau, and Duiley sued htm in Justice Clarke's court. A settlement was reached by which he turned over the team and outfit to Dailey, thq value of the whole being about $25, and had his expenses to pay here and back; besides. And now the officers who caught Ristau will go for .the bounty. It seems that Ri«trtu borrowed the team to go to LuVerne, Minn., but came south with them, He was brought to jail and yesterday the sheriff came from Pipestone and took him there for trial. A Foolish Arrest. An information was filed at Ledyard lately for one Dyzert, who had gone to Panorn. It was a partner in the hay business who filed it and who .wanted to prosecute when Sheriff Samson had brought him back. But when 'Squire Raymond got to know the facts he told the prosecutor that he had better have himself arrested. It seems he had sold more hay than the man he had arrested had. The case was dismissed and the costs assessed against the complainant, and a vigorous effort will be made to get them out of him. There certainly Ought to be some way to make somebody liable'for" expenses in this class of cases. , t \' /i? * You will be thankful -for your dinner if you go the Opera House Grocery. They Are Hefji AftQTttfck invoice, of Riverside Oak Heaters. We thought we had A krge stock when we in* vot'eed, but we have been obliged to get more to satisfy the demand, Don't take our statement that it is the best heater for soft doal of wood, but come and see it, and if necessary a thirty days' trial will convince you. KEEP IN MIND the "Radiant Home" hard coaf heater, It is the best made. See our Jewel stoves and ranges before you buy. "v *l " : WINKIE'S OLD STANB. C. M, DOXSEE/'"! Great Bargains At the New Store -For the Next Thirty I have the finest line of crockery that has ever been in'lilt gona. I think I can suit the most fastidious. It wffl>t>tfv$i every person in Kossuth county to call. Now is the buy your holiday goods. I carry a large line of gi ™f S t0 li 11 t] ? e i ard . times - I have a car of fine IN CW xorir< * apples. Now is the time to put in your winter stock' before^ prices go up. Thanking you for past favors, I am, ' '^ Respectfully, VERMONT maple syrup, strlcly pure, warranted. It Is called "Log Cabin." and there is nothing equal-to it 'in the You- find it only at market today Walter Bros', 29 Miss May Clarke, sister of Geo. E, and E. H. Clarke, has gone to Tacoma for the winter. She has been in Omaha several years since leaving Algona. Mrs. T. M, King is out from Milwaukee visiting her mother in Plum Creek, Mrs, Warner is the old lady who got several thousand dollars back pension lately. Her health is failing, a party to the .case in any pi the second place, J have recert (articular, Jn* Ived no money IBaolps » J, F, PRESTON, M, D,, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat SPEOST MASON CITY, IOWA, Spectacles scientifically fitted and guaranteed, Always home on Saturday. State; University coming district court.' Hoping this' will satisfy the curious and place .the matter in its proper light, I am respectfully Mns. M. TJje JOB, Thompson Case Goes Over, The jury stood six to s}x in the Thompson, injury case at Fort Dodge last week. They took a ballot to fle* cide first whether he had any case at all, and six voted «* po," 4 long sitting did sot change maddere any and the jury was dismissed,' The cas,e will come pn for second trial again next* June, and all the witnesses will have a second trip south. The points in the. case were, first, whether the engineer pulled the whistle and rapg the hell fpr the oroes' ing, and, second, whether Mr, Thotnp- fon was negligent In driving, en the track, The testimony conflicted as usual, A option was wade te t|ke the * Bev, A, V, Gorrell has been invited to hold services in Christ church, Waterloo, on next Sunday. He will attend the annual convention of the diocese, which assembles Jn St. Paul's church, Des Moines, on Tuesday, Deo. 4, before returning home. Jas. E, Blythe, the efficient and vig- orous'chairman of the republican state central committee, was in Algona Monday between trains, He says he is out of politics, but if he should be called upon to take a place on the national committee we feel confident be would accept, No man in the state would serve better in that capacity, if it should be decided to change from J, S, Clarkson. ^ _ CELERY, lettuce, radishes, grapes, and pineapples at the Opera House Grocery, / A QOQD Bea'tty organ for sale or to trade^or a bicycle. Inquire at this office,—J7tf WALKER BROS, are sole agents for the famous Chase & Banborn brand of coffee.—29 GRAPES and fresh vegetables'at the Opera House Grocery. LADIES who have two or three hours' leisure each day can make money by assisting me in my business. Address Mrs. Susie L. Raymond, Algona, Iowa. Box 67.-83m8 ' IOE WOOL, two boxes for 55o, at Galbraith & Co.'a. ARCTICS of all kinds and at all prices at Galbraith & Co.'s. , C«BAM"— that means flour, Walker Bros, sell it. Made at A}' den, Minn,, and warranted to be as good flour as there ie in the market. Notice. Everyone owing us .on account or note are requested to call and settle, as we have sold our business in Algona and must have these accounts settled at once, tf PATTERSON &SAROHETT. WE have a few of the cheap blankets left. Now is your time. G, L, Galbra;th & Co, ONE hundred ladies' trimmed and untrimmed hats at cost at Taylor's. ALL FBEE. Those who have used Dr. King's New Discovery know its value, and those who have not have,now the opportunity to try it wee. call on the advertised druggist and get a trial bottle, free. Send your name and address to H, U, Puoklen & Co,, Chicago, and get» sample box of Dr. King's New to Health and 'Household Instructor, free. All of which. Is guaranteed to do you good and cost you nothing, Sold »t L. A. Sheet?' drugstore. 4 SEE THE WQRfcP'S FAffiPOR 16 OTS, Upon receipt of you? address and 16 cents in postage stamps we will mail you prepaid our Souvenir Portfolio of the World's Co, &5l w *i!? ^Position; the regular price is SO cents, but as we »vant you to Ijave one we make the price nominal, You will find it a work of art and a thing to be prJzedV It contains full-page vipwa of the great buildings }» highest etyls of art, If"notsatialedwlth it after you get it we will refund stas- and let you keep the book. Address H, RiinWnn A- r^.faWosgQ, J1J. ***™™ 9 »' Just Four Weeks More. The room is rented to P. L. Slagle, aind I have got to leave. I don't want to move, so will give yon some of the biggest and best bargains ever given in Algona. Now we haven't a very large stock, but we wjll give yon the largest amount of goocjs you ever bought for the" same amount of money. Yours for just four weeks in business. JOHN GROVE. FARM LOANS; Having secured the agency of the New England Loan and Trust I am now prepared to make farm loans on five to ten time at the lowest possible rate, with privilege of parti ments before due, Office over Chrischilles' store, Ali Bradley & Nicoulin are now prepared to 40 all kinds pf Repairing^ f* Wagons, Buggies, Farm Machinery, A New Harness; Has opened a harness sho o( his Hverjr baro, W, Harness, Blankets,

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