The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 21, 1894 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 21, 1894
Page 12
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ry, Pine Goods, |r- ; Latest Styles, ! ? 1fke§e are what yoii find at ^•fjflees" that are Moderate, ?: afld In endless profusion at K.K-. Matson & McCalTs. ate no* prepared to do all kluda of Repairing AND Wagons, Buggies, Farm Machinery. Also do Painting and operate a general repair shop. AT'THE OLD STAND, ALGONA. •Hi P. HAGGABD. G. F. PEEK Haggard & Peek, [Successors to Jones & Smith.] Abstracts, Real Estate,-££°_ Collections, ALGONA, IOWA. I will sell you better FLOUR and other mill products for less money than you can buy elsewhere, or no money. Every sack warranted and delivered. J. J. WILSON. A New Harness Shop. S. P. CHBISTENSEN Has opened a harness shop in the front room of bis 11 very, barn, and keeps on band ' Harness, Blankets, Robes, ' and everything in the Una of horse cloth- Ing. Go and see him for goods in bis line. Will exchange harness for fresh cows and those soon to be fresh. Does repairing of NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL. , OF IOWA, KOSSUTH CO]JTY, SS,V ' Dfatrtst court to and for Kossuth county, i" nviaii wi jnay cpjjcerjj; Whereas, on of November, 1894, a paper amen! of ,,, KVffvf!tl ^ „ „,. ,he last WlU and testamenv „. fA&.igs'ppttQX, iate Qt said county, deceased, was j /Media joy Office, And was by me opened and —,.,.., ^.r._,, ^ jgtjfflgy O f December, ,„„,,,,_„,.,,--,.,. ,xed as tbe time when j'jftowme vM*ome before the court, at the i 4 »eofiiRbej' pro tf wept then to be beld, as the fe4JSy executed last will and testament of the •,9iS< Fetter. 4ecease«, at which time ail ,^J0lW Interested way Appear and show a,us.e why tbe same Bbo\U4 sot be admitted to fDjJffllibtf 1thjrte'en$h day oOtovember, 1884 W * ( f hbrsday fe^etiifig 5f this week. Joel Taylor, whd has beett sick abed {of seffle Weeks, is ngalfi ftble to be about, The Algofia Matrittiotital association is agaiM called oh to pub tip $100. Ralph Millet' is a taembef, Myroti SchetiCk is reported touch bettef feltsce last week by Dr, Prldei who is attending him. A paif of boUnciflg boys at'riVed at red, McCall^ Subday aftefnooa, We extend congratulations. The nWflury Went down to Ave de* grees below zero, Subday night That is very cold for this titte of year. L. 0. Staith and O. P. McDbnald of Btirfc, Were drawn on the jury at l?ort Bodge. Mr. Smith got excused. Theo. Chischilles is living in his hew house. He is delayed in getting it furnished by the failure of a mantel and fire place to arrive. Geo. Hunter circulated a subscription pttper last week to raise money for a night watch, and is now serving the city in that capacity. Justice Clarke joined Fred Kuhn, the last boy of the family, and Miss Maggie E. Higgins of Whittemore in marriage Saturday at his home. The only townships in Koasuth where the democrats beat the republicans were Pen ton, Garfleld, Lotts Creek, Prairie and Biverdale. Services will be held in the Free Methodist church every Sabbath evening, 7 o'clock. All are cordially invited to attend, W. W. Jones has the premium brood sow on his farm in Cresco. Her record is 22 pigs in one litter. Some question this, but the owner says he will swear to it. The Lend-a-Hand circle of King's Daughters will give a dime social at Mrs. Jenet Mclntyre's, Tuesday evening, Nov. 27. All are cordially invited. E. J. Gilmore has been kept waiting some time for his glasa, but they are here now and his store will soon be ready for him. He fits the second story up for offices. . A special musical service is to be § iven at the Congregational church unday evening. Songs by a male quartette, a ladies' quartette, a double quartette, etc. We resent as vehemently as possible the base insinuation that the only way we could lay carpets or put up stove pipe without swearing was to have some one else to do it. J. J. Wilson's new steam mill will soon be running to its full capacity. The feed burrs are already grinding. He has spent $15,000 in putting in one of the best mills in northern Iowa. The morning Milwaukee train west now goes through at 9:10 instead of at 8:30, In the evening the train west goes at 4:24. Going east in the morning the train is here at 10:22 and in the evening at 6 o'clock. Some aggrieved party sends us a note about girls being insulted on the streets and intimates that some young men will be attended to in a way they will not like it. Anything is good enough for loafers of tha,t ilk, The old gentleman Reimer, who lives on the Milwaukee track some ways west of tbo depot, fell in his well last Friday evening and dislocated his shoulder. He was at work in the well and fell about 18 feet. Dr. Morse put the bones in place. A happy marriage is announced to occur at J. B. Winkel's tomorrow evening, Miss Maggie joining hands witb Ralph Miller, who is now well established as a druggist at Stratford. It is a union wbich many friends will extend congratulations on. " A meeting is called at Fort Dodge today of all the field and staff officers of the Fourth regiment and of the company captains to consult on the promotions that must be made to fill the vacancies caused by the the election of James Rule as brigadier general. Col. Cooke and Capt, Haggard are in attendance, Dr. Sayers says that lung trouble among cows in thia region is rare and that not enough cases have come under his notice to cause »py alarm anywhere, Still he advises every dairyman to keep watch of bis herd and have his cows examined, The (rouble in other parts of the state seems to warrant this advice, The Social Union will meet Friday evening of this week at 8 o'clpck, with the following program: Music; paper, "Roman tic Coye," J, T, Chrisehilles: paper, "Cooperative House-keeping, MPP, W, 0, Danson; recitation, "The Little Quaker Maiden," Miss Lulu Clarke; song, Mr, Hamilton, All are ORICINAL NOTICE, pf tbe state Qt Iowa, in LllSUKU *U C*14 VTOAQ ATJL& O* W(1>LU LSUGl1. CVU** fSi GfFafi&Sh 'AM IbSS? tBAde.-lb«« '-ttf tltpgetftblg g&eWSt t&rd., Thfi 'istef tJubliSheS the scofe fof the —l&1< 4M Mf&. Qralfiatii-ia&de 9 biit of 25 fifid Mrs. Cftffitrtfell, 8,, ofdetly course o! h&ppinfeBS, nnd F>ed l>o»t>e's fte* hdffle was barely tip tifiui & hmis&W&fftiHf tt&S indulged In to tifelpliis daaghtef gfijey ft ftusffy Wed- QIj5|? r Th$ pr^S6nt5^§ 61 uD^f G6f*filiin bafid In Algona was Weil tithed* and we&t out aftd tttftcte tousle fa? the occasion* which all feport to have been enjoyed in old country fashion. The death of James McCosh, the hoted edutiatoi* and writer oil moral philosophy, recalls the fact that he was iti a small way quite a money lefider it) Kossuth County. W. H. Ittghain has a quite extensive list of letters written % him concerning his loans, all of which show him to have been a prudent and thrifty wan of business as well as a profound thinker in his chosen lines of Wofk. v Sheriff Rowley was up from Hum* boldt this morning summoning witnesses in the case against J. H. Grose for some blue sky deal. Mr. Starr,W. L. Joslyh) Recorder RaBdall and ^Harvey Ingham are among the unwilling travellers southi The latter 'knows absolutely nothing of the business and wishes that Crose and blue sky were both where it is hotter than on the road to Humboldt, Miss Virginia Box told realistic and eloquent tales of life in New Mexico and Idaho at the Congregational church Sunday morning and evening. She has spent ma% years as a missionary school teacher among the aborgines, and in a plain but artistic manner tells of some thrilling experiences, and gives some pictures df wild west life that her auditors' will not soon forget. She is to speak all over Iowa. W. H. Conner'sold his Plum Creek farm last week to Geo. W. Liegler of Blackstone, 111., at $35, cash, an acre. Mr. Conner feels that he has realized his expectations in Kossuth. When he came here 11 years ago land was selling for $5 to $10 an acre.. And now he predicts that the next 11 years will see as great a gain as the past. He will move to Algona and retire from hard work, a privilege he has fully earned. His farm is one of the best in Plum Creek. The new attorney who takes W. B. Quarton's place and business in Algona is Geo. R. Cloud, son of Judge Cloud of Muscatine. He was a university student when the editor was at Iowa City, and graduated in the law at that time. He was recognized then as a young man of ability, and has had an extended experience since, coming to Algona well fitted to take a leading place at tbe bar. He and B. W. Haggard will take the office and business and will forma new firm. , Twenty people ought to have been jut last night where there was one to iear Dr. Hoyt of Minneapolis, in the opening lecture of the Baptist course. [t was one of the best lectures ever iven in Algona, certainly the best ir late years. It is difficult to-commend too highly either the matter or the manner of it. It was witty and wise humorous and in a way eloquent. The Baptists are doing a commendable work in getting up this course, and a crowded house should greet their nex' speaker. The LuVe'rne News says that repub Licans needn't cut down the basis o representation in the coming county conventions for fear of any influx from that part of the foot-stool. Hereafter they are going to send but one man anc have him bring his dinner, to punish Algona for opposing their double dele Cation last time. As we remember It Algona didn't lead the fight to shu out the LuVerneites. In any event we shall hate to miss any of them at the annual war dances and we know tha they will hate to miss being with us just as badly. All bring your dinners but come up. The Emmetsburg Reporters ays: "A A. Brunson, ope of Algona's prorainen citizens, was attending to business a court here, Tuesday. He was feeling pretty good over the land-slide, seeing that he belonged to the victorious par ty." Asa generally feels pretty gooc over a republican victory, and thii item recalls an amusing testimony hii partner, H. Hoxie, lately paid to hii peculiar and enthusiastic methods o rejoicing in the presence of such invet erate democrats. After Asa had ex plained to Mr. Hoxie how it happenec the latter exclaimed, "I have twc brothers who are republicans and I be lieve they are nearly as mean as yo are," The Methodist conference closed las week after a very pleasant and profit able session. Rev. Kennedy left noth ing undone in his preparations for th entertainment of his guests and they adopted very enthusiastic resolutions The evening meeting oo Wednesdaj was addressed by a half dozen preach ers who were advertised to occupy 1 , k he iims limit, &ti<! tsfs Ataukf fits this nd erthef frcUotmls we" the bu&fe K a bad maftnefS II ttOt bid mfffSts Id* i mftn WhdfltJefii » lo'tig brogfamme dec-opt twice 8* three tlffies the li allotted to hlffi« afid It oftusefl a ahill ta eiz« ttfi atidfenbe as the possibilities .loflgf tbe line are coiitfemplated, W» L. juslyd ttbd tko. Johnson 1 etftft his afternoon to skate to Des Moines. We shall attempt td have telegrams rod the rivet line as far as Humboldt, eporlifig progress. The tfain will be good 'enough below that. ' IJrp. Starr's gasolene engine froze up on Sunday evening and burst tbe water jacket, a eerlous accident, We have always thought that be made a mistake in not buying the same kind of an engine. TUB UmiR Pjeg MQJKEB put in, }a which e?§nt he would doubtless have aveided tbi& trouble, 1$ alway9 pays of winter suggests that Un«ion programmes §y§» move ifteatiQR too, they Aid; test ,-yea.r- They have brought put i^ffl 6 YW fine' pants a»<j 'h$y$ s^wn, that at the front la talent, Friday evening „.- httttdl'ed pair ai'cfcica for Uss mottey tbatt any where else ia the City t Taylof'e. ^ AfcdtttfS of at) kinds and at all prices tGalbfaitb.&Co.'s. FOB The weekly and monthly publications f the country have become so numerous nd inexpensive thatnearly everybo. y buys be or more in addition to his local paper. 'HE UPPER DBS MOINES has special club- ing rates with every publication in tbe United States and can save its readers from 0 to 25 per cent, on the list price. It gives his week a partial list of popular papers nd magazines, together with what they romtse for the coming year. The same ow rates can be secured on those not men- ioned In this list! State Register and UPPER DBS MOINES..Jl.sfi ntor Ocean and UPPBR DBS MOIBKS. .... 1,85 Weekly Capital and UPPER DBS MOINES. 3.00 Midland Monthly and UPPERDES MOINES 2.50 Century Magazine and UPPER DBS MOINES -. 5.15 Scrlbnefs Magazine and UPPER DBS MOINES '.,;.....'•..'...••....,... 4*20 Atlantic Monthly and UPPER DBS MOTNJsa 4.90 St. Nicholas and UPPER DBS MOIMBS. .... 4,20 McClure's Magazine and UPPER DBS MOINES 2.70 Romance and UPPER DBS MOINBS 2.40 owa Homestead and UPPER DBS MOINES 2.40 Rural Life and UPPER DBS MOINBS 2.20 Scientific American and UPPER DBS MOINES 4.05 # * # The Century will.celebrate the new ear with an entirely new life of Napoleon, written by an American, the first impartial record of a much quarreled over man. The llustrations will be magnificent—the wealth of The Century's art department will be avished upon them. Two members of the staff have just returned from Paris, where ;hey have been securing all that is best of Napoleonic material. New portraits will DO printed, great historical paintings reproduced, and Castaigne and other modern art- sts have drawn anew some of the great scenes of Napoleon's life for this history. A new novel by Marion Crawford, a new novel by Mrs. Burton Harrison, and Rudyard Kipling's first American story will appear. . • Other features will be several familiar papers on "Washington in Lincoln's Time," by Noah Brooks, who was on terms of unusual intimacy with the war president; "The Cathedrals of France," by Mrs. Schuyler Van Rensselaer, with illustrations by Joseph Pennell. Subscriptions should begin with the November as that begins the year. Send for a beautifully illustrated pamphlet, "The Century and It's Woi-k," and mention this paper. • . •• * * # St. Nicholas for 1895 promises a Napoleon for young people. "A Boy of the First Empire," by Eldridge S. Brooks, is the story of a little lad from tbe streets of Paris (but of good family), who renders a service to Napoleon, and becomes one of his pages and finally an aide. He is with him at the most critical times of his life—at the departure of Elba, in the glories of the life at Fontainebleau, and finally at Waterloo. The' story glows with pageantry, and is a truthful and accurate account, based upon the best authorities and verified by the latest information, of the life of "the man of destiny." It is really a delightful story- history of Napoleon. Rudyard Kipling continues his jungle stories; West Point and Man-of-War Life will be pictured. Theodore Roosevelt will write a series to be called ^'Hero-Tales from American History," Prof. Brander Mathews will continue his entertaining papers on "The Great American Authors." Stories of Famous Horses In history and mythology—Bu- cephalus, Napoleon's and Sheridan's horses, etc.—will be told by James Baldwin. City Fire Departments will be treated, and there be two or three papers on The Boys' Brigade. The Serial Stories are many, One called "Chris and the Wonderful Lamp?' recounts the marvelous advent-' ures of a modern boy who became the accidental purchaser of Aladdin's lamp and summoned the genii while cleaning it. A delightful story of college girls, "The Three Freshmen," will appeal to every girl; and "Teddy and Carrots," James Otis's serial of newsboy life, will be read by every boy. A serial story by Frances Courtenay Baylor is one of the features. Com© one, com© all, of Lamps, Chamber Bats, Tea Sets, Water Sets, 'and everything in fancy ware, We have the finest line of these goods ever on exhibition in this city, Don't take our word for it, but drop in and be convinced that we have the "right line and the right prices. We also carry everything in the grocery line, fruits and vegetables of all kinds ; can furnish potatoes in large or small quantities at the lowest market price. Remember- Carter's Old Stand. Walker Bros. All SUMMER Goods AT COST * G-ranulated Sugar, per hundred, . 20 pounds Granulated Sugar for . 22 pounds " O " Sugar tor ... 25 bars of Soap for . . $4.75 1.00 1.00 1.00 Other articles in proportion. If you wish to put in a supply of groceries or flour, please call and see us before you buy. Yours respectfully, '. ' J. B. & C. J. BUTTON. ONE billiard and one pool table, in good repair, for aale by F, W. Waterhouse,-33 ___ WE have a lot of short lengths of Brussels carpets, nice for rugs, at Gal- Now I am Moved and comfortably settled at my new stand.on State street, and am better than ever prepared to meet the wants of those who contemplate buying anything in the line of FURNITURE. I now x have lots of room to show goods and lots of goods for your inspection, which I cordially invite. Anything not in stock will be ordered promptly. Come in. It's, a New Deal. That's what the Boot and Shoe business is at the old stand of F. S. Stpugh. I have a full and Complete Assortment of boots, shoes, rubbers, etc., and I want to sell them. I am here to stay and do business, so come and see what I can do for you. BUCKIEN'S ARNICA SALVE, The best salve iu the world for brutaes, outs, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all stein eruptions, and positively cures piles or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 35o a'box. Sold by l>, A. Sheet?, THE INTER OCEAN Most Popular Republican Newspaper of tlje West And Has the Largest Circulation, TERMS BY MAIL f PAIkY (wlthOHt gwnday). ,$6.po per year .$8,00 per year The Weekly Inter Ocean ($1, 00 V FJSBYRAR.. ...... „,., ..... „„, „,„...,.„ ) y*sss All Summer G-oods at B, H. ANDERSON. [Successors to Q. L, Lund— Established i860.] REAL ESTATE DEALERS We wish to announce to the readers of THB UPPBB DBS MOINES that we bave extraordin< 'y faculties tor tbe selling ol larms and unimproved lands Jn northern Iowa, and we invite f who wish to dispose of their property to ca» on us at our office in AJgona, or to correspond Ith us, HT'As soon as spring opens we have a large number of customers (row the eastern ates who are readyta came out and secure a piece of Jowa soil at reasonable rates/ We be^ mlgw Baling, aMU you w^seu your property don't waste anytime in Hsttog « states wb- r Uevelnlair with us. A S A NEWSPAPER TUB JNTBR pegAN te?P« *WM *WMt el the flw.w In J" The W§@kly liiter AS A FAflUW Um IS WOT IXeiLWED BY ANY, ^ N8URANGE. Also kiffld, fcoftn and Collection Businesi QJftce over AJgpija, gtftte Fanners' or Ceflar Haaover ol New , Minnesota pire, Minneapolis, Rpokfora of Bookford. r * ' Lloyd's Jnate'QlasB ot New TprU, United § tat<?s Wte of New York; M QOTY OK RW ISTATE, mm * BRUNSQN, FULL-BLOOD POULTRY, .$ ^ Tbs> und.er8jgn,esi hag for sale Water orNQ Pay,- 1

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