The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 21, 1894 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 21, 1894
Page 11
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OTMK KOINES! ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, KOVBMBT5K,.gi and fctcr will K ivo it if you don't f ensive iftehsuf es to esctipe the 'pet iodio in n regiofi where It is .protHlent.. Thcv lfe?rani'a finfl reffldtty ' IS 'Hcsstettef a h Blitei-gj wTiien is Mo fre» nny objett-j atlplicrtblo 1o quinine, httti la InfinnSlj-'' bffectuali Wherever on this continent the troplr.s malarial complaints ate most nV «Jifl Btnoral, the fritters is tho recojj- i specific und preventive. It does not. mit- cmalcatcs oliillfj nnd fever, bilious Jttont, dumb (tftuo and ague cake. Fot tism, inactivity of the kidneys nnd blad* constipation, biliousness nnd nerve in- e. it is of the greatest eillcnc.V, «nd the oiieitcd testimony in its fcehnlt of eminent dical men leave ho roasonabio doubt that it fehe ot the most reliable family medicines Ifi ttiflce. Use it continually, anil not by flts starts. ,, acting model of tho human heart, every detail, has been made by" a ghcb physician, the blood can fan seen gufsiug to and from it through artificial TABEMAOLE "trie StCtf GENERAL", AS SUfUfcCTi Poes Sot tvaht tills Woflfl to Be I-'nfi of HnppltioM, tittt 'fre Should Want- to Itehiaiit Mtero—The Sorrows of Every Uto. 8100 itoivard, 8100, ftbe rehdei-s of this paper will be pleased o learn that there is at least one dreaded fsease that science has been able to cure in Its stages, itud that is Catarrh. Hall's tarrh Cui'e is tho only positive cure uow iown to the niedical fratei-hity. Cntafrh ing* a constitutionul disenfje, requires a onstitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh re is taken internally, acting directly on the blood nnd uiucous surfaces of tho n, thereby destroying, the foundation the disease, and giving the patient ! strength bv, building up the constitution and assisting nature in doing its wdrk. .The proprietors have so much faith in its curative powers, that they offer One Hundred Dollars for any case that it fails to , cure. Send for list of Testimonials. Address, F. J. CHENEY & CO., Tolodo.O. JggrSold by Druggists, Toe. Hall's Family Pills, !35c. , Even the most successful attempt to boar the wheat market must go against the grain. _ __ toolt Out foe Cold Weather But ride inside o£ the electric lighted, steam heated, vestibule apartment trains of tho Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railroad and yon will be as warm, comfortable and cheerful as in your own library or boudoir. To travel between Chicago, 8t. Paul and Minneapolis, or between Chicago, Omaha & Sioux City . in these luxuriously appointed trains is a supreme satisfaction; and, as the somewhat ancient advertisement used to read. •'tor further particulars, see small bills." Small bills (and large ones also) will be accepted for passage and sleeping car tickets by all coupon ticket agents. For detailed information address Geo. H. Heafford, general passenger and ticket agent, Chicago, 111. _ _ •When a in an cannot do a thing, he says: ,'•1 don't want to." When he does not want to do it, he says: "I cannot." A Fast Train For Helena, Butte, Anaconda, Spokane, Seattle, Tacoma and Portland leaves Omaha daily. It runs over the Burlington's New Short Line and lands you at any point in Montana or on the Pacific Coast Hows ahead of any other line. If you^are going west, it will pay you to rtravel by the Burlington Route. Short- 'est— quickest — best. . it Write for information. * 3. FBANCIS, Gen'l Pass'r Agt., Omaha, ! Neb. _ . . . The (I evil lays down his gun whenever he .bears a preacher begiu to apologize for preaching the truth. '•Think Not Today will Never Dawn Again." On the Oth and 20th of November and 4th and 18th of December the "Banner Eoute" will sell excursion tickets to all points in Texas, New Mexico, Indian Territory and Oklahoma, at one fare for the round trip less two dollars . Tickets good returning within twenty davs firom date of sale. For further information regarding lands, climate, etc., call at the Wobasn city office at 220 Fourth street, Des Moines, la., or address Horace Seely, Commercial Agent, ''Banner Route." There is no work *o humble that faith- tflness iu it will not be noticed and rewarded. __ • , • • The Chicago Great W estern R'y will on November 20th, December 4th and 18th sell cheap harvest excursion .^tickets to all points iu Texas, Indian and Oklahoma '•Territories; also certain •> points in New Mexico. For full information address either of the undersigned, A. W; Noyes, A. C. P. & T. A.., or C. J. Brooks, G. # &' .'J.\ A., C. G. W, R'y, '220 Fourth street, Des 'Moines, In. There are in Chicago 2!)8 labor ..unions, with a membership o£ 100,000. • _ SIOWOIDGE Brings ooisfarfcdind Aniprovement ftnd tenda to peVeoniiil enjoyment when rightly used. '%e anany, who live better tWotners.anflienjqy life more, with, Jess expendibwe, toy more promptly ftdapting the worW* 'best products to the needs of pnysical being, will attest the y»lu0 to health <i>f the pure liquid principles _ 'embraced w the - Jts exoeUenee ia4»e to its presenting In f»e form m^st aoeeptable ftnd pleas'. ant to the taste, the a'dEreshjng and truly beneficial properties -of a perfect lax* ative ; effectually pleaanaipg the system, dispelling pqlda, headaches and fevers a»d perwauently curing ponstipatiop, It lifts given satitifaction do millions and jnet wfth the ^p.prov4 «| the medical profession, bccauuo it «ata on the Kid" neys, Wver and Bowels without w« n *- emng them wd it fs perfectly free every objectiondble supsfopce, tofor wte 'by.Mi bottles, Ht ;t m man.' Syrup of Fi ; package, also, the ^me, Byrup ot Figs, M»g well informed, y Rflf N. 1*., Nov. is, 187?.— Here we have a warrior sick, not With pleurisies or rheumatism or consumption, but with tt disease .worse than all of'these put together. X red mark has come out on the forehead, precursor of coifaplete disfigurement and dissolution. I have something awful to tell you'. General J<aaman,the commander in chief of all the Syrian f6r<Ses,'ha9 the leprosy! It is on his hands, on his face, on his feet, .on his entire'person. The leprosy! Get out of the way of the pestilence.! If its br*eath strike you, you arc a dead man. The commander in chief of all the forces of .Syria! And yet he would be glad to exchange conditions with the boy at his stirrup or tho hbstl&r who blankets his charger. The news goes like wildfire nil through tho realm, and the people are sympathetic, and they Cry out: "Is it possible that our great hero, who slew Ahttb and around whom we came with such vociferation when he returned from victorious battle—win it bo possible that" our grand and glorious Naaman has the leprosy?" Yes. Everybody has some thing he wishes he had not. David, an Absalom to''.disgrace him; Paul, a thorn touting him; Job, ca-rbuncles to plague him; Samson, a Delilah to shear him; Ahab, a Naboth to deny him; Hainan, a Mordecai to irritate him; George Washington,' childlessness to afflict hiih; John Wesley, a termagant wife to pester him; Leah, weak eyes; Pope, a crooked back; Byron, a club foot; John Milton, blind eyes; Charles Lamb, .an insane sister; and you,,and you, imd you, nnd you, something which you never bargained for, and would like to get rid of. The reason of this is that God docs not want this world to be'too bright; otherwise, we would always want to stay and cat these fruits, and lie on these lounges, and shake hands in this pleasant society. We are only in the vestibule of a grand temple. God does not want us to stay on the doorstep, and therefore he, sends aches, and annoyances, and sorrows, and bereavements of all sorts to push us on, and push us up toward riper fruits, and brighter society, and more radiant prosperities. God is only whipping us ahead. The reason that Edward Paysori and Robert Hall had more rapturous views of heaven than other people had was because, through their aches nnd pains, God pushed them nearer up to it. If God dashes out one of your pictures, it is only to show you a brighter one. If he sting your foot with gout, your bruiu .with neuralgia, your tongue with an inextinguishable thirst, it is only because lie is preparing to substitute a teetter than you ever dreamed of, when the mortal shall put on Immortality. It is to push you on, and to push .you -Up toward something grander .and better, that God sends mtpoia .5"ira, ;as he did upon General Nastmam, something youdo not want. .Seated in his Syrian mansion, all the walls glittering with the shields which he tod captured in battle; the corridors crowded aidmiring visitors, who just-'w.amted 'to see him once, music and. ..and banqueting filling all the imaTision from tessellated iloor to piet-uued,ceiling, Naaman would have forgotten vbhat.there was anything better, and would 3mve been glad to stay there 10,000 years. But O, how the shields .dim, and how the visitors fly the toll, .and :how the music drops dead ;froiEV *he string, and how the gates of tlusniuunsipn slam shut with sepulchral toang ;as .you read the closing words of the ceulogium:. "lie was a leper! lie leper!". There was«one person more sympathetic with <U, eneral Naaman than any other persoaa. Naaman's wife walks the floor, wringing her hands, and trying to think what she ( can do to allevj- ate her husband's .-suffering. A'll reme- d,ies have failed. 'T.he-Burgeon-general and the doeiaws >0'1 .the royal staff have met, and they h.awe shaken their heads, as much as to'say; •'•'No.cure; no cure." I think that 13»e ofliqe seekers had all folded -up their necoinmendations an/l gone home. Probably most of the ero* ployes of the .establishment hod •PI-SO'S-i'CUR-t .FOR dropped then- work ,iwid \\;erp thinking of looking for some Bother situation, AVhat shall iio^v ibeeome of poor Naa- ipan's wife? She rnmt hav.e sympathy somewhere, Jo her despair she goes to a little Hebrew captive, * servant girl in her Jionse, to whom 'she tells the whole story; as sometimes, when overborne by, the sorrows .oi'the world, and finding no sympathy anywhere else, you have gone out and found in the sympathy of some humbly doines- tic'— Hose, or Pina}|, ov Bridget.-^ ' \yhicjt the world e,<n»ld npt g iv^'ypu. What a scene it was: o«^ *>* the grandest wonwn in all Syria, iw cabinet council with a waiting .maid over the. declining health of the mighty general! "1 know something," says the little captive maid. "X know something," as shs bounds to her have feet. •'In the land from which I vrw, sfalep there is a prophet kpown. by the name of Elisha, who can cure #J- naost unything, and ishouldn't.wonder if be pould «ure "my waster. Send to' iiiip right away." *'Ph. hnshj" yau Lay, t»jf| th,e highest 'medical t»lent in all "the la»4 C»n «°t PW 1 '* thftt leper there' is, n« need qf yaw listening ta of ii servant giri." /4J«t 4o do pot sneer. '£be fluger of that }ittle,jn.«^ te She and cried nil night becaitsc 1 tfaS so homesick." Theft, flushing' n£ into childish ihdignntion. fche might have said: "Good for them: I'm glad Jvaaman's got the leprosy: 1 wish all the Syrians had the leprosy." Jfo. Forgetting her personal sorrows, she sympathizes xvith the sufferings of her master, and commends hiiri to • the famous Hebrew prophet. And ho\r often it is that the finger of childhood has pointed grown poi u sons in the right direction. O Chris- tiah soul, how long is it since you got •rid of the leprosy of sin? Yott say: 'Let me see. It must be live years how." Five years. Who Was it that pointed you to the divine physician? •O," you soy. "it was my liltla Anhie, or Fred, or Charley, that clambered on my knees, and looked into my face, and asked me why I didn't become n Christian, and, all the time stroking my cheek, so I couldn't get angry, insisted upon knowing why I. didn't have family prayers." 'The^e are grandparents who haVe beeii brought to Christ by theU' little grandchildren. There are hundreds of Christian mothers who hail their attention first called to Jesus by their little'children. ' How did you get rid of the leprosy of sin? How did you find your Way to the divine physician? "O," you say, "my child—my flying child, with wan and wasted finger, pointed that way. O, 1 never" shall forget," j-ou say, '.'that scene at the cradle and the crib that awful night. It was hard, hard, very hard; but if that little one on its dying bed had not pointed me to Christ, I don't think 1 aver would have; got rid of niy leprosy." Go into the Sabbath school any Sunday and you will find •hundreds of little fingers pointing in tho same direction,toward Jesus Christ and toward heaven. Years ago the astronomers calculated that there must be a world hanging at a certain point in the heavens, and a large prize was offered for' some one who could discover that world. The telescopes from the great observatories were pointed in vain; but a girl at Nantnckct, Mass., fashioned a telescope, and looking through it discovered that star and won the prize, and the admiration of all the astronomical world, that stood amazed at her genius. And so it is often the case that grown people can not see the light, while some little child beholds the star of pardon, the star of hope, the star of consolation, the star of Bethlehem,the morning star of Jesus. "Not many mighty men, not many wise men are called; but God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the mighty; and base things, and things that are not, to bring to nought things that are." . 0,do not despise the prattle of little children when they are speaking about God, and Christ, and heaven. You sec the way your child is pointing; will you take that pointing, or wait until, in the wrench of some awful bereavement, God shall lift that child to another world, and then it will beckon you upward? Will you take the pointing, or will you wait for the beckoning? Blessed be Ood that the little Hebrew captive pointed in the right direction. Blessed, be God for the saving ministry of Christian children. Mow tho countrymen :gaj>od as the procession passed! They had seen Naaman go past like .a whirlwind in days gone by, and had stood aghast at the clank of his war equipments; but now they commiserate him. 'They say: "Poor man, he will get home alive; poor man!" General Naaman walsesmp from a restless sleep in the chariot, and he says to the charioteer: "How long before we shall reach the Prophet Elisha?" The charioteer says to the waysider: "How far is it to ElSsha's house?" He says: "Two miles. 1 " "Tvvo .miles?; 1 Then they whip up the lathered and fagged out horses, ' The w.hole procession brightens up at the prospect of a speedy arrival. They driwe tup to the'door of the prophet. The ehaaiioteers shout:' "Whoa!" to tlve horses, and tramping hoofs and grinding wheels cease shaking the earth. €ojno out, Elisha, come, out; you have Company; the grandest company that ,aver game to your house lias .omxne .to it now 'No stir inside Elislm's house. , The fact was, the Lord had informed Elisha that the sick captain<.con>ing, and just how to, treat Win. indeed, when you are sick, and the Jjord wants you to get'well,'he always tells ,the dpctor •how to treat you; wnd the a-eason we have so many bungling doctors is be' cause they depend aipon, thejr ,own Jordan—the rho'notono'its \ttfWSan! 1 Wbri't -be seen washing in such a fit er as -thai. Why, we watered* wit 1 horses in a better river limn that ot) our way here—tho beautiful river, the jasper-paved river of PTiatpnr. Besides that, fc-'e haVc in oiir country an* other Damascene river. Abana. with folinijed bank, and tftrrent ever swift and ever clear, .under the flickering shadows of sycamore and oieancloi'. Are not Abana and 1'harpar, rivers of tiamascTis, better than all t-he waters of Israel?" After all, it seems that this health excursion of General Naaman is to be a dead failure. . That little Hebrew captive might as well have not told him of the prophet, and this long journey might as well not have been taken. Poor, sick, dying Naamati! Are you going away in highdudgoon.and worso than when you came? As his chariot halts a moment, his servants clamber up in it attd coax him to do as Elisha said. They say: "it's easy. If the prophet had told you to walk for a mile on sharp spikes in order to get rht of this awful disease, you would have done it. It is easy. Come, )ny lordj just get down and wash in the Jordan. You'take a bath everyday anyhow,and in this climate it is so hot that it will do you good. Do it 011 our account, and for the sake of the army you command, and for the sake of tho nation that admires you. Come, my lorel.just try this Jordanic bath." "Well," lie says, "to please you I. will do as you say.'' The retinue dr^'e to the brink of tho Jordan. The horses paw and neigh to get into tho stream themselves and cool their hot flanks. General Naaman,assisted by his attendant,gets clown out of his chariot and painfully comes to the brink of the river, and steps in until tho water comes to the ankle, and goes on deeper until tho Water comes to the girdle, and now standing so far down in tho stream, just a little inclination of the head will thoroughly immerse him. He 'bows once into the Hood aud comes up and shakes the water out of nostril and eye; and his attendants look at him and say: "Why, general, how much better you do look," And ho bows a second time into the ilood and comes up, and the wild stare is gone out of his eye. lie bows the third time into the flood and comes up, and the shriveled flesh has got smooth again. He bows the fourth time in the flood and comes up, and the hair that had fallen out is restored in thick locks again all over the brow. He bows the fifth time into tile flood and comes up, and the hoarseness has gone out of his throat. He bows the sixth time and comes up, and all the soreness and anguish have gone out of the limbs. "Why," he says, "I am almost well, but I will make a complete cure," and bows the seventh time into the flood and ho- comes up, and not so much as a fester, or a scale, or an eruption usbig as . the head of a pin is to be seen on him. He steps out on the bank and says: "Is it possible?" And the attendants look and SIFTED AND SORtfetJ, A New York man was ftued $400 for kissing his stehogiapheh •Three-fourths of tins inventions ttsed in bookbinding are American. The Philadelphia college of phaf- mncy has a student named Pellett. A life-saving gun, Used fot' firing ropes over and ittto bUrnittgAmiltliugs 1ms recently been added to the equipment of the Atlanta fire department, The most ancient tombs in the world, so far as known, are those of the Theban kings of Egypt. They are believed to be more than 4,000 years old. In the Jewish marriage the woman is always placed to the right of her mate. With every other nation of the world her place in the ceremony is to the left. The German government 1ms issued an edict to the effect that the names for new babies must be taken only from the bible, and the roll of princes and national heroes. The face of George Washington in the interior of the .Washington monument at tho national capitol has been deprived of its nose. A relic- hunter did it with his little hammer. A. City rtttrne Scrtreft lM _ A deafer in horses t-ecotttly t8fiS|l Clyde, K, 5f M & Idt of horsed " been in itso on a Hew Vofk foadi E. It. Cacty inn'chftSfed was driving it libina wheit. 'A ehgihe, which liorsea liatlvS' tO ( ' do not notice ahy itiOrg - thatf f{|i would a sheep, met them in The city hol'se stopped .'i at the stl'atige thing foi" gave a shudftoi' and fell fleafl tracks. . An Ilasclust-— That Mrs. tlppe cnist called to-day and loft hcf car with "f. P. CM" Marked oh the nor. I wondet 1 what it means. , Mrs. Kollinginwealth— Oh, I believd she is going- out of tho city 'and"sh|| wants you to know that she i^ goifi|fs| to travel in a Pullman palace eat ' ' vulgarity of somo folks is Has to Hustle. "Aud so you married in hnstet did you repent at leisure?" > s "Hardly. 1 have not I had moment since the ceremony."' - ' - - — To have to hoe th» sstne ro>v over' day soon takes the poetry out ofi "I Seasonable Find. enjoy the fall of the y'enr,' j.strength'and instructions, and not on the> Lord God, and that always makes. .is malpractice, Come oj^tv, Elisha, attend to your .business. General Naaman and his retinue waited; and waited, and waited., . The i'aot was,' Naaman had two diseases— pride and lepvosy; the one was as hard to got rid of as the othPA Elisha sits quietly in his house and does not go out, After awhile, when he thinks lie has hum* bled this proud man, he says to a Ker^ va'nt J, "Go out and tell Ueneral XTmi- luau to bathe seven times in the Rival" Jordan, out yonder five -miles, and he will get entirely 'well,*' The mesr sage comes put: ''What!" says the commander-in-chief of the Syrian- forces, his eye kindling with an an)* mation which it hud not shown, for .weeks, and his swollen foot stamping 1 an the bottom of the chaviot, 'regard' less of p'ajn- "What! Isn't he coming- out to see me? Why, I tho\ight ee^ tainly he w,puld cpme and ntter- some cabalistic words ovev mj» or sprae enigin.jltj.pal passes oyev^jny ' wound, %, ^Yhy. I don't think he knows who f am. Isn't be coming put? Why, whe^ the £hujiainito wpnjftn e$me to him, he r«she4 out and cried.; '{sit \\$l with,, thee? is it well with thy hu^wd? '<is,' it well wth thy ohjid* an4 wijl lie treat say: '"Is it possible?" And as, with the health of an athlete, he bounds back into the chariot and drives on, there goes up from all his attendants a wild, "Huzza! Huzza!" Of course they go back to pay and thank the man of God for his counsel so fraught with wisdom. When they left the prophet's house, they, went off mad; they have come back glad. People always think better of a minister after they are converted than they do before conversion. Now we are to them an intolerable nuisance, because we tell them to do things that go against the grain; but some of us have a, great many letters froni those who tell us that once they were angry at what wb preached, but afterward gladly received'the gospel at our'hands. They once called us fanatics, or terrorists; .or enemies; now they call us friends. Yonder is a man who said ha wpuld never come into the ohurph ' again, • He said that two years ago. He said; )K >Jy> family shall never come-here again'if such doctrines abthat are preached," But he caine again, and his family came .again, He is'a Christian, his wife a Christian, all, 'his cjiildr.e'n Christians, the 1 whole household. Christians, apd you, shall dwell with them, iti the house, of the I^ord forever. Our undying coadjutors are those who once heard the gospel, und "went awa,y in a rage." 1 suppose that wa,s. a great time at Damascus when.General Naaman got back. The chapters did not have to drive slowly any longer, lest they jolt 'the invalid; but as the horses dashed through the streets ,of Damascus, I think the jpeople rushed put to hail back their chieftain.' Naaman's wife hardly, recognized her husband; he' was so wonderfully Changed she <haiT to look at him two or three times be-' fore she made out that it was her restored husband. And the little eaptivp maid, she rushed ont, clapping her hands and shouting: "Did he cure you? Did he c\u-e you?" ' Then music woke up the palace, and the tapestry of the windows was drawn away, that the multitude outside' might mingle with the princely mirth inside, and the feet went np a*nd down in the dance, and all the .streets of Damascus that night echoed and re-echoed with the new*?: "Nsaman's cured! Naaman's aured!" #ut a gladder time than that it would be if your soul should get p\pecl «f its leprosy, The swiftest ,whJt4 hprses Wtojied to the king's phai-iot wguld rush the news into the •eternal • city, Our loved ones before, the throne would, welcome the glad tidings,' Vquvjehjldren, o$ garth, njore em.o,tJo.n Mp* the Hto}e ft»P,tJY!Pf would notice, youv }o,ok awl the bhangs iji yap 1 --' wovM plat their I. _1 __*_. f LITLIF ~JLt T alway said Mrs. Uptodato, ''for there is always plensnnt, surprise iu store for me then." "In what way?" asked her Irlehd. "Oh, when I unpack my winter cloak 1 nin sure to find a handkerchief that I thought 1 had lost tucked away in the inside pocket, and I am just -that much ahead, you know." An Editor's Dilemma. "I don't know what to do with Kinkin's poem." said the editor. "Why?" "If I throw it away, he'll soy I'm jealous, and it 1 print it his blonds will soy 1 tried to make him ridiculous." A Good Investment, for 181)5. ffivory ono upiiroiilntes good vuhio. The Youth' fiomiianlon for 18118 oirors tho largost amount ot un- tortiilnlnii and luBtructlvo muling for V1.T6, n yuur s subscription, Tbo iiroBpoctiis for tho noxt volmno presents tin irroslBtlblo array of stories, artlolas.on trnvol, hoiilth, Buionco, anaodotoa of famous people, utid a Kreiil vurloty of wholusomo rending for ult the ftimlly. , . To now subscribers The, Companion will DO sont froo until Jiinuiiry 1, 18116, und a your from that duto, Including tho a'hunkSKtvIng, Clirlsumis und Now Your's Double Hollduy Nuiuliors. It comes ovory wcok, ut n cost of tl.T&aycnr, TUB YODVH'K Cojii'ANiox, Boston, JItiss. "Old Tiines" are good enough to talk about, but the new times are the best times to live in. . '' _ • . •• ; The "Uiuincr Kouto 1 ' for the South. The Wabash is again to tho front with the home-seekars' excursions to all 'points in Texas, Indian Territory, Oklahoma, and New Mexico on tho Oth and 20th ot November and the 4th and 18th o£ 'JJocember. Tickets on sale on tho above dates good returning within twenty days. , . Everybody should 'avail themselves of this excellent opportunity and visit ,the "Lone Btar" state and surroundings.. F.or further information call at our city office, ut ti30 Fourth ptroet, Des Moines, or address Horace Beely, Commercial Agent, S. W.Flint, City TieketAgentjJj ', Lawn mowers can be classed with professional strikers; 'they never, or rarely work. . . •' . • A barbed wiro, fence is not attractive, but it finds no trouble in 'alyvays catching on,,.,. . '•'_''. • .'• • •.- ".'•'••. ' ':.-.; ,. >• Plso's Remedy for Catarrh gives Immediate relief, tillaysi .iiinainiiuition, restores taste mill emell, 'heals the sores aud cures the tllseasp. There ore at present more than fifty different varieties of. Chinese tea, 'JL'he, best of them are never exported. 11 I -. If the Baby IB upcimg 'JCieethV ' He sure undune'tliatold -and-well-tried vemeily, •Mns. AVJKSiow'B Bborjiisd Svnup fo'r'bblldi'Mn Teething- The National Toothpick association claims nn output of fifty-two carloads of toothpicks annually, ' > , • • of all cases of consumption can, $f taken't the earlier stages of the disease,,be Curt This may seem like a bold assertion^ those ftiuiiliar only with the lueatifS'gent... ally in use for its treatment; as, nasty 4 co,d« liver oil and its filthy emulsions, 'extract?; of malt, whiskey, different preparations..*^ hypopuosphites and such like palltalfiVes"^ Although by many believed to be incura^ ble, there is the evidence of liutidreas v or living witnesses to the fact that, in f all ita earlier stages, consumption is a ,cuVaole disease. Not every case, but_a larffe.pef- centage of cases, aud we believe, fully iQS per cent, are cured by Dr. Pierce's Golden' Medical Discovery, even after the. disease has progressed so far as to induce repeated, t bleedings from the lungs, severe .lingerinK-ii cough with copious expectoration (inclua-f ing tubercular matter), great loss of fleshy and extreme emaciation and •weakness.',-^ Do you doubt that hundreds of such casest reported to us as cured by " Golden Med-[' ical Discovery " were genuine cases of,thatj dread aud fatal disease ? You need iiottokeQ our word for it. They have, in nearly eVepr,i instance, been so pronounced bythe oestj and most experienced home physicians^ who have no interest whatever in' mis-r*£l| representing them, and who' were :,6ftea v f§| strongly prejudiced and advised* i a tiial of "Golden Medical Discc but who have been forced to confe . it surpasses, in curative.power over thtei* fatal malady, all other medicines wttbv! which they'are acquainted. Nasty qoa-^ liver oil and its filthy " emulsions'.! t and '• mixtures, had been tried in nearly ali;ihese> | cases and had either utterly failed to benefit, or had only seemed to benefit a lilUc,for _ a short time. Extract of malt,,\vhiske.y,|?| and various preparations of the hypophpsv"' phites had also been faithfully tried in vainvf The photographs of a large number qj&g those cured of consumption, bronchjtts.fe lingering coughs, asthma, chropio nasal\s catarrh and kindred maladies, have be skillfully reproduced in a book * of ^'i pages which will be mailed to you, on, i ceipt of address'and six cents in sta You can then write those cured, and their experience, ' •'' Address for Book, WORLD'S . MBDICAL ASSOCIATION, Buffalo,'N. Y. H«Rem»n'« Onmplior ic« with plycerlne, Curea Oiiuipet) HantlH and fi\ae, Tender or Sore Feet, eii. &«. g. 0. Olarlt pp., New UIVVDJI. Oil . The $ew York reporters and newspaper writers have again affiliated with the printers' union. , < > •• ' ' •' J!la.nton'v Magic vayii SalVe." Warranted to mire or money refunded, A>>^' your Iriigglst lor it, I'rlcolSceMUi < • •'•' , ' U>he local baiters' union of St. Louis will 'operate a liakery to flgot the Aiueri.cau biscuit company, "A. Owp of Parks' Ten at nlglitmovea the bowels iu the gorging,"' Pennsylvania has a Blue Label league, composed of thirty cjg'w makers' unions, The building trades of Chicago ting for » Saturday half holiday. L Medical Discovery,','i'« forced to confess, that A ^3 SHOE—""^ ,i 751-TV*'/S3* „ ,. You mv i •RT* wpnpy in, Consumption •was formej, 1 !/ pronovwo^d inovij^bte, 1 . Now it p'aot,: ol tbe ewJ^ stages pf i|if J3 Scott's

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