The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 21, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 21, 1894
Page 5
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tnattrn BBS AMOKA, IOWA During all the month of November we will sell our entire stock of goods at a dis* count of Ten per cent, for cash only, If WITH THE DOCTORS, Cotmty Board Decides to Pay itocto? Bills Oftly at the fend of a Snlt at Law. judge Cook id Retained in Behalf of the County—Othef Doings at the No* vimbtr Meeting. Minn., afid w&rf'fttited to foe 46 j flour as thefe is ift ths mttbkgt. __j't fail td try ft sack. You Wilt eef* tainly like ifc.—29 IT #111 pay ydu to read James Pattet- soft's "ad."this Week, **,« goxsd cOws fof fiale, Will sell btt one year's time, John G. Smith,-85t4 OKE hundred pair of blankets at 62*0 at Taylor's.—86t2 IMPORTANT. DEESB GOODS. , * > ' All-wool Dress Goods in all colors and styles, from 40 to 46 inches wide ; price, $oc to $1,50 per yard. Less 10 per cent SILKS, VELVETS In all widths and shades. Less 10 per cent LINENS. Stamped Linens—Towels, Table Linens, Crashes, Napkins, Butchers'Linens. Less 10 percent. OABPETS. Chenille Curtains, Lace Curtains, Rugs, Fancy Fringe Covers, Window Shades. Less 10 per cent KID GLOVES. Mitts, Ribbons, Laces, Handkerchiefs, Mufflers. Less 10 per cent CLOTHING. Men's Suits, Boys' Suits, and Child's Suits ; Men's Overcoats, Boys' Overcoats, Fur Coats ; Men's Pants, Boys' Pants, and Vests. Last week f fite ttePtett DBS Mbfltiss reported part of the doing* of the coiin- ty board with the doctors, but the most important item had not come up at that tiwe, and the one that promises to be the last straw. Dr. Lacy of LuVerne, who is a tighter of repute and who has had experience with the cbunty, came in with a bill of $186 for 15 visits to the Osterbauer family hi Irvingtoh, and with another of $108 tor attendance on a 'family in LuVerne* The board rejected both bills flat, and have retained Judge Cook to assist the county attorney In case of suit. Dr. Lacy after the meeting adjourned wanted to take his bills away, but, on consultation, Was refused. He secured possession of them, however, as they lay on the table and walked off with them. His order for the work in Irvington is iron clad BO far as the trustees are concerned, the price of the visits being agreed upon. The supervisors reject the bill on the ground that the county physician, who is paid a salary for this territory, was as convenient as Dr. Lacy, and that the trustees had no authority to make the contract they did. If the doctor fails to beat the county he may have a clitim on the trustees. The protracted disputes over the county doctoring occasioned the board to look over the claims that have been presented at the June, September, and November meetings. The list is as follows, showing what has been asked and what allowed • „ ,, Presented, Paid. F. H. Cutler . J150.10 8112.»5 T. O. Heflln 35.30 Walters |»>-00 SSSfiSp::::::::::.:::::::::::::: If:™ u.oo O B Paul *-00 4.00 OB Paul......... 25- 50 S 5 - 50 Keneflclt 4-00 *-°° Kraney .""...... '33.00 33.00 Km.r.::....:......... M.BO 15.50 C.W. Walters JSc'SS ™'20. W.Walters 125.00 0.3.7o aW. Walters 43.00 27.00 Kenney.... < ^.r,0 10.50 Keneflclc „„„„ Hesk ™ V--M 75>00 A STttAV pig is at J,. Mittttg's faPm, three miles Hofthwestof AlgOnft, O*n« er can have by paying charges.^-35t2 C-Lfi fashioned maple syftip to gO with the buckwheat, at the Opera House Grocery. *• .. —'__ • •• am ii ' - -- MoKEY to loan o \ong or short time. Geo. C. Call.-tf goods at the CROCKER^ toid Opera House Grocery. A ©yelone has strtiok' at blown down the prices on all G-OODS so low that no man or can resist taking, horn© big paokagsf of our merchandise. Dam© a hand at it, W© have big parcels JK goods for little money, and . " * ^ worth more than you pay for it* (3afiP and get our prices. ( PEEBONAL Mrs. B. tf. Grose has been visiting in LuVerne the past week, B. W, Haggard is oil at, Iowa Falls and other points on a business trip of several days. Mrs. A. L. Peterson is at Livermore with her baby for a few weeks' visit with her parents. John G, Smith was not able to leave to attend the anti-option meeting which opened at VicUsburg yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Asa A. Brunson join the California tourists about Jan. 1. He has a brother near San Francisco and will visit him. Mrs. Harvey Ingham spent a few days last week visiting her friends in Des Motnes, returning Monday. The editorial family are now at home in their new quarters. Mrs. Bertha Beaver is in Algona for a visit with her parents. She reports Bert, as considerably surprised at the election, as Marion county, where they live, went republican for the first time in 25 years. ONE hundred and fifty cloaks at wholesale at Taylor's. -Jas. Taylor. '*>* ,*1 '1 You Need a Roaster (•ft •*': For Your Thanksgiving Turkey, Here is an Opportunity. Tomorrow we will place on sale an even dozen of the celebrated Excelsior Patent Roaster and Bakef at the following prices: Less 10 per cent WASH, GOODS. Calicos, Ginghams, Shirtings, Muslins, Challies, Sateens, Buntings, Tickings, Outing Flannels. Less 10 per cent FLANNELS. Underwear, Gloves, Mittens, Hats, Caps, Trunks and Valises. Less 10 per cent SHIRTS. Underwear, Ties, Collars and Cuffs, Suspenders, Hats, Caps. Less 10 per cent »::::::::::::::::::::::::: Lacey, (15 visits) 180.00 Laoey 100.40 Peters & Beane ,.... 100.00 Hill 2a 2-?9, Felling 7-BO Tribcm 32-00 Pride 11.50 Keneflclt '. 13-00 5.00 80.00 100.00 • 10,00 5.75 0.50 CALICOS and at Gulbrailh & jlnghums only 5c a yd. So.'s. SHOES CLOAKS. Jackets, Capes, and Children's Men's Shoes. Ladies' Shoes. Children's Shoes. Men's Overshoes. Ladies' Overshoes. Children's Overshoes. Rubbers, Arctics. , Warm-lined Shoes. Less 10 per cent Cloaks, Less 10 per cent BLANKETS i Quilts, Shawls, Hose, Hoods, Fascinators, Less 10 per cent You put silver dollars in your pocket by attending this Great November Sale. Remember this sale is only during the month of November, and the 10 per cent, discount is for CASH sales only, Hoping to see you all at this great discount sale tp lay in your winter supply of goods, we re main, yours truly, , Jno.-Goeders, ALGONA, IOWA, $1040.70 $710.00 TAXES ABATED FOB THE CYCLONE SUFFERERS. Taxes for 1898 were abated on the premises of the following cyclone sufferers: Alex. Gohr, Fred. Voigt, Robt. Stephenson, A.H. Durant, Carl Barrick, Fred. Pompe, Geo. Boevers, Myron Sohenck, Geo. Holman, O. C. Nelson, Jasper T. Myers, Mary Hill, Frank Birdsall, Otto Britton, Wm. Sohweppe, Carl Falk, Ben. Swanson. By an oversight the tax of M. W. Ferguson was not included. It probably will be as he lost everything ho had on his farm, SPECIAL TAX COLLECTORS. E. H. Clarke was appointed to hustle up the in Algona, Cresco, Plum Credk, Union and Irvington; Obed Robinson in Wesley, Buffalo and Prairie. H, P, Hatch in Whitteraore, Garfleld and Lotts Creel?. T. H. Ford in LuVerne, Sherman and Riverdale. M. Stephens in Ledyard, Springfield and Hebron. R. M. Richmond in Harrison, Swea, Eagle and Grant. E. O. Fitz in Lincoln, Ramsay, Germania, and German. P. M. Barslou in Greenwood and Seneca. E. J. Murtagh in Fenton, Burt and Portland. GENERAL TAXES ABATED, All taxes on nw ne 8-97-29 abated, same being a tree claim. County poll tax of 50 cents refunded to R. W. Giles, illegally assessed, Tax on el swi 11-95-27, refunded for over-charge. Taxes on ne 9-98-27, abated for 189j3. College land, Road tax of $2.86 refunded to J. M. Stewart in Ramsey. Treasurer authorized to redeem all tax sales on si nwi 24-97-29, same being a homestead, Tax on property of Lars Anderson, lot 6, block 52, abated for 1893. Tax on property of Mrs, Clement, in Germania, abated for 1893, Tax abated on si nwi 24-99-27, for 1893. Tax of 1898 on lot 2, section 2-94-29, abated. Dog tux of $1,00 refunded to W. L. Morris in Lotts Creek, ROUTINE BUSINESS. Consent highway asked for by Case Wiltseon24'99"28, running to Germania; laid. Auditor ordered to collect $1 janitor's fees from parties using court room, Grade ordered in slough on highway east of Burt, Geo, C, Call and J. W, Hinchon appointed to witness destructipn pf the election ballots, M. Wagner aUowed $3 for sheep killed by dogs; $5 claimed. Consent highway asked by Geo. C. Prieely on 83-58-3Q; located. Auditor reports fees, of $84,85, Clerk reports lees from J«ly of $318.20, Auditor instructed to jjotif" *" — skip tr«8t>e.eB to Bowfy the war •January meeting qf all pereppi aid. Hollenb&ok. appointed $o flx Auditor ordered, to fix' bosks by writing J B Ilia BUCKWHEAT ! Pure and plenty of it at the Opera House Grocery. EYES treated and glasses adjusted by Dr. Murphy of Mason City, at Dingley f s drug store, Tuesday, Dec. 4.—34t3 TWO THOUSAND yards sheeting at 4c a yard at Taylor's. Notice to Pay. Those knowing themselves indebted to me are requested to settle by Dec. 1, 1894. I will be found at my residence, five blocks east of Thorington hotel. 84 H. J. WINKIE. No. i- No. 2- -780. -88c. No. 3—980. Only one dozen will be sold—after they are gone you will pay full retail price. "The last cold snap made you think of stoves. We have a few "Riversides" left; it will pay you to see them before buying. The " Radiant Home" hard coal heater sells itself; come and see'it. •^ Get our . . ... prices on Skates. G. M. DOXSEE, WINKIE'S OLD STAND. VERMONT maple syrup, stricly pure, warranted. It is called "Log Cabin," and there is nothing equal to it in the market today. You find it only at Walker Bros'.—29 A GOOD Beatty organ for sale or to trade for a bicycle. Inquire at this office.—17tf ; . WALKER BROS, are sole agents for the famous. Chase & Sanborn brand of coffee.—29 . Great Bargains ICE 'WOOL, two boxes for 55c, at Galbraith & Co^s. LARGER stock and larger business than ever, at the Opera House Grocery. WE have a large line of heavy shawls that we will close out cheap. G, L. Galbraith & Co. Money. Plenty of money now for all applicants at the Kossuth County State bank, for real estate loans at lowest rates. Money paid at once on completion of the papers. At the New -For the Next Thirty Days. I have the finest line of crockery that has ever been in Algona. I think I can suit the most fastidious. It will pay every person in Kossuth county to call. Now is the time to buy your holiday goods. I carry a large line of groceries, at prices to suit the hard times. I have a car of fine New York apples. Now is the time to put in your winter stock before prices go up. Thanking you for past favors, I am, Respectfully, LADIES who have two or three hours' leisure each day can make money by assisting me in my business. Address Mrs. Susie L, Eaymond, Algona, Iowa. BoxG7.-33m3 The Best Remedy for STOMACH, Liver, ancl Bowel Complaints Received Highest Awards AT THE * World's Fair. Just Four Weeks More, The room is rented to P. L. Slagle, and I have got to leave. I don't want to move, so will give yon some of the biggest and best bargains ever given in Algona. Now we haven't a very, large stock, but we will give you the largest amount of goods you ever bought, for tlie same amount of money. Yours just four weeks in business, JOHN GROVE, TIME OABPS. , MIW4UKSI* ftp, for r4'i'?!.;•;-',; *'', go, No. t #f t v *e** M *' *&%* v r*** eft*T!*i**&Fg•*•**• [Q.834epari9ft?r"^ ••'•••• FARM LOAN Having secured tbe agensy of the . New England Loan and,Trust Copipany| ' , , ' >r ^ b} am I-am now prepared to make ferm time at the lowest possible rate, raents before 4ue,, OflU».-ow • NQ V 3 departs'at,, No. 4 deEarvs at.f.-!..i-i. ••• V! * FwiKUWifeat carry pastsngerB.Tr <*,76*AepJ|tBftp,.':....,...". t 8: '""" fl»J«ff» "* k Q» ftys to feyi 9 9*W! ! %i ^"* i,^^ff * ^^y

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