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The Maryville Daily Forum from Maryville, Missouri · Page 1

Maryville, Missouri
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Tuesday, October 4, 1932
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VOLUME 23. Associated Press Incased Wire MARYVILLE, MISSOURI, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 4, 1932 Complete X KA Service NO. 104 CURTIS SPEAKS TO LARGE AUDIENCE ON FARN PROBLEN Maryville Gets First Glimpse of Vice-President M?xico City—(/T,i—President Rodrigue/ today dictated an crder expelling Curtis’ Party Arrive* in City Monsigr.or Leopoldo Ruiz Y Flores, the at 2:35 o’Clock This ExpeU Papal Delegate i Petitions Seek Vote on County Unit Government President of Mexico Orders Priest Out of Country. Vice-President Speaks Here Afternoon. Auditorium Is Packed C’r< wd Ov* rflnws Int« Hall* Lon* Be. fore Vie .'-Prtsident'* Arrival— Militia Fires A Salute. * Vic'-P- stdent Charles Curtis mad his first appearance in Maryville toda* , as an official of the United States. H? I entered the city at 2 35 c clock in com- | puny with U. S. S nator Rosco** Pal | terscn FVw>*t Hanna. Kansas City, and Republican State Chairman Arthur Curtis. The official motorcade, was preceded by two St. Jcscph policemen on motor cycle* and two state patrolmen on cycles wer at the rear nf the car The caravan came in on No. 71 from Savannah and proceeded cn Mam str . • t to Fourth street wt ere the party wa« ict by J i>. Sntnabargar. Two mount c i soldiers. John J. Hall. Jr.. and Eai’ \»vra.ui, met the caravan at Second or,.’ Maui and accompanied tl rr. ain to Fourth street, where the 128*. ild Artillery bami .struck up a man. nd preced'd the autos on Four :i . ~eet to tile College wtvr« Mr Curtu gave an addrtsa, A*. Mr Curt > arrived o.i the College grounds a ft! - tachnunt of soldiers from Battery C of th; 12H h Field Artillery, Missouri National c iard. Hred the Vice-Presidential scvt . on-gun salutr Vuditoiium Is Packed. There i as an enormous crowd in Ihr College, the auditorium being jamm u by 130 o cl *ck and th«* halls were overflowing by the tune Mr Curtis »mv« The plans lor Mr. Curtis’ speech in Maryville were changed about 11 o'clock this morning. Mr. Phares telephoned back to the Republican headquarters here that due to the disagree - papcl delegate, from Mexico. When a delegation from tire Chamber of Deputies called upon him thi» afternoon to make formal delivery of . r request by the chamber that he expel ! the delegate the president informed th~m that th? crder already had been ! di -tatcd. I am very pleased at this demonstration of adhesion by the chamber," he said, "it demonstrates again the friendship of revolutionaries. We are proceeding together. "I already have given the order that the papal delegate be cent fro.u Mexico." The deputies expresed their thanks. The expulsion of the papal emissary is on the grounds that he is a “pernicious foreigner" who has lost his rights of citizenship through the constitutional provision which stipulates that any person serving a foreign power loses his citizenship in Mexico. Names of Petitioners Are Filed This Morning With the County Clerk. For General Election Farmrrs Prevent PrtHhn, Which If Vcicd. Would Put Nodaway Back In County Unit Form. Tow nship organization will be re - j submitted to th? voters of Nodaway j county at the general election on November 8 The proposition was voted « on at th general election in 1930 and ! the voters by a iarge majority voted \ ior c: utinuanes of the present form of I county government. J-’etmous asking tiio county court to i I place the preposition on the ballots op | November 8 wfere fil e! this morning with Fred Wright, county clerk. To g« t the proposition on the amendment ballot this fall it will be necessary for FORECAST MISSOURI: Gent*a*b fall, coc'.. cv n e.i-t ani south P' U*n . probably light fresi $rn%bt- Wednesday fa;r with som,‘wiat warm.» ill w.-t and n :th pertkr.-. LOC AL OBSERVATIONS. Highest temperature yesterday 75. Lowest temperature during night, 36 Reading at 1:30 o’clock today 50. Highest year ago today 89. Lowest year ago today 58 Highest on record H degrees, 1807 Lowest on record 32 degrees, 1921. Precipitation .17. Precipitation year ago today .05. Sun rises tomorrow #’.19 a. m. Sun sets tomorrow S:S6 p. m. It was believed likely that he would ^ county court to order the coun.y be transported to the United State* border bv airplane although there was no announcement of when and how he would leaic. insull Brothers Are Indicted For Fraud and Larceny derk to place the proposition on lh<- ballot Mr. Wright was cf th: coin1 ! that the court would meet in time for th: proposition to be acted on and placed on the ballot copy befcr? it goes to the printer. The court has award d the contract for printing the general election ballots to Lewis Brothers of Burlington Junction, publishers of th? Post there. There were 113 signatur s on the pe- , titions presented this morning. Th? Many Cases Are Disposed of in Circuit Court Hopkins Man Is Sentenced on Check Carge and Then Paroled. Albert Gill Arraigned Pleads Not Guilt* t f First Degree Murder Charge—Elifrlts* Damage Suit Is Ditmimrd. A recent photograph of Charles Curtis, who spoke here this afternoon, is reproduced above. able weather, tl*. Yive: Pwsdibun .V*1® ***>' ferred to s*?»k indoors Arrangement * had already been made to have him •peak at the College auditorium in U* advent of bad weather. Tin- loud speakers w«*re removed from the courthouse speaking stand to the College The platform In front of the courthouse used during the fair had been enlarged and etiaira arranged for th<honor;’d gue.sts today The town wns gaily decorated In the American colors and flags were placed in tiie sidewalks around the Square Moiurcwl« Meets CurtLs. A caravan of twenty automobiles left lrom the public library at 11:30 o'clock for Savannah, where they met the Vice-Presidential party to accompany him to Maryville. The committee in charge of the arrangement» and reception was composed of Fred Newlon. chairman. Mrs. 8teve Donahue, Mrs Ella Egley and John H Sewell. Plans had to be changed at the last minute. It was planned to have the 128th Field Artillery band go to Sa\ innah. but thi* morning it w as learn»d the Republican committee had obtained a band for the short speaking program of Mr Curtis at Savannah, as lie was en route to Maryville. The Vice-President left Kansas City this morning in company with Forrest Although circuit court was held open law require» that for the proposition there were no cases neo.rd owing to th« to be .submitted the petitions requlr f8Ct that Vic: -President Curtis was here the names ot 100 legal voters, nie pe- j Court wm ^ tomorrow titions circulat'd through the. county by a number of farmers whoa’ jfollowing the open sesaitn om ay names were not learned C. D. Bellows when many orders were made and two who filed the petitions said he was fil- pleaa heard on the criminal docket mg the lists for others who were not Robert Cummings of Hopkins, charg- able to be m the city today. ed with forgery and Uttering a forg o Th? proposition when printed on the!check to the Montgomery Ward ballot will read for and against Town- |store for $25. pleaded guilty after he ship organization A majority vote n I had refused counsel oifered by th? were returned a fiar ' required to revoke the present, pbui to court, to th? second counter the charg?. Grand Jury Returns True Bills —Prosecutor to Seek Extradition. Chicago—(4*1—Three true bills charging Samuel and Martin Insull with embezzlement, larceny and larceny by bailee were returned today by the Cook Juror in Davis Case Mistrial Is Given $100 Fine Election Boards Are Chosen by County Judges lesa than an hour s deliberation by the , county unit form of government grand Jury on evidence given during ! ———— the morning by half a dozen witness- [~{QOy£|* tO Mdkc Th»' grand jurors immediately after finishing their deliberations marched into a criminal court room where the true bills were made public. Capiases were Issued immedately for th. arrest of the two Insull*. Will Attempt Extradition. State's Attorney John A. Swanson announced he would start action Immediately to extradite Samuel Insull from Paris and Martin Insull from Canada "The Insull* have not replied to my request that they return voluntarily." Swanson said. "If these people who have caused losses of more than 12 - ; 000,000.000 to investors will not return, then I shatl use every mean* given me | by the law to bring them back." Acquaintances of the Insult*, how'- j ever, said tliey were certain the broth- | ers would fight extradition and they expressed the opinion they might be successful. Some lawyers said embez- blement was not covered in present extradition treaties with Great Britain. The brother* are British subjects. May Plead 111 Health. I The LaSalle street reports said Mar- The court sentenced C-: minings to two years in the intermediate reformat or j and then gave him a parole. Bond wa furnished in the amount of $1.000 with Edgar F Miller and Leonard Whitten as sureties Harold Heatcn entered a plea cf net guilty to a charge oi common assault and furnished a $200 bond with Frank Rock Island. 111.—uPi—The special Culp as surety, train carrying President H. over i»nu 1 Gill I* Arraigned, hr j.ariv earoute to De* Moitiés wL.i Albeit Gill, charged with first de- Name of Henry F. Moore Is Officials to Serve in Etch of Also Shaken OH List 24 PrecincU N ot . 8 Are by Judge. j Named Monday. G. 0. P. FARM RECORD IS DEFENDED Vice-President Cites Many Africnftnral Bills Passed by Party. Upholds Smoot Tariff The Republican adminiwtra- tion has done more since 1920 to ussist the farmer than any other national administration in the history of the United Statos, Vice-President Charles Curtis declared to an audience drawn from all over Northwest Missouri in an address in the auditorium of the State Teachers College here this afternoon. In an interview granted a representative of The Forum at the Robidoux hotel in St. Joseph this morning the vice- president spoke informally on the farm problems now so vitally important to the people of the middle west, and outlined the topics oil which he would speak here. Lie said that when the Republican administration took over the government in March, 1921 the nd- ! ministration passed during the j following two years 26 meas- ! ures favoring agriculture. Panted F armera' On BE» The legislative bill* were endorsed at that time by the farm leaden of the United State* and In fact they were recommended In the first place to Cqn- grcb* by these same agricultural leaders, the Vice-President said. Mr Curtis said that he regretted that “Fighting Speech” Tonight in Iowa New York—tPi— Henry F. Moore, the ! Election boards for the general elec- luror who caused a mistrial in the case tlon on November 8 were selected yes- of United States Senator James J. I ter(jay by the county court meeting In tonight he will deliver the first speech m hu, campaign, arrived here at 1’. 20 a. m 15 minute.-« behind -«chedule. The presul -nt wa.- ri «tod bv a large grte murder, was formally airaifjn’.ci in circuit court and pleaded not guilty. Virgil Rathbun, prosecuting altouv > said the Stat? wa» ready for his trial ,enthusiastic crowd a* he appear'd on during this term of court, the platform to cxpies» his thanks for j An echo of the Elilrits murder cas? • :hc welcome given Kirn. pear Hcpkins during the summer wa* The two spec:al car* beating Gov 1 heard in ccurt yesterday when tht dam Dan Turner and the official welcoming ( age suit of Edward S. Elifrits against ¡ which arrived earlier* in the william Alexander of Hopkin» for day from Des Moines will be attached j alienations 'of affections was stricken , to the H over soecial at Davenport, from the docket on account of tht in»lead of Rock LslauU u. prevlcu.1 - deuth oi Mr. Elifrits.. ly planned. An order of importance to the patrons '■ A» the tram crosred the MiM»ip.>pi of the Quitman school district was | into Davenport ai.d tut Prfs«d< nt'. nn J made yesterday afternoon wh-n Judgr live »tat?, the chief executiv. o5jjerv?d j Reeves sufctain d a motion for a ncv. with interest the Rock Island | trial in the suit for preference of tne and the $4.000.000 Roller Dam project. |»chool district aua.n-.t the Farmer* one of the main uuiLs beau consiructed iBank of Quitman cn an unpaid draft James J. Davis, who wa» charged with violation ' ol federal lottery laws, was sentenced today t- pay a fine of $100 within 24 hour» or go to Jail for five days. His name wa- also stricken from the Jury list. Moore, who caused the mistrial by approaching defem-e counsel after the trial had run two weeks and was nearing conclusion, threw himself on th? mercy of the ccurt today, coming to the hearing into hLx case without counsel although h? had been informed he monthly .session. Three Democrats and three Republicans from each of the twenty-four precincts were selected by the county Judges from the lists of names submitted by the Republican and Democratic county committees. Notice of appointment of the election judges will be sent out by Fred Wright, county clerk. An election bfard is composed of ten members, consisting of the three judges from each party and two clerks from each in connection with the 9-fo-t chi.ntv 11 Jntj cn stipulation of W Hanna, attorney there and former tm wa,s counting on his citizenship to program and which i» about tuo-ihnJ to b: both partie: preferred ant! was entitled to such representation , The trial of Senator Davis, who wfas Political party selected by the election indicted in connection with alleged lot- Judxes terie* conduct* d by the Loyal Order Democrats and Republi- of Morse in the guise of charity balls. c*n-s appointed to have charge of the was declared miscarried by Judge Cole- various jx>ll» in the county on Novem- I man at the opening of court yesterday , *M'r 8 arr: as the third week of testimony was Atchison started Republican»—Howard Oarrett. Stan- j The action or the court was ,aken Pence. Emma Glenn, i after defen. e attorney Charles J. Mar- Democrats—Oeorge Benthein, Don giotti reported to the Judge that Juror Hanna. Mamie Oray. Moore had callix! upcn him at the Grant North Pennsylvania hot?l last Friday after Republicans — William Chambers. Harry Jensen. Mrs. Joe Dobbins. Maryville resident; and other Repub- I Pavent hi* return from Canada and a luncheon was that SaniuP*- by presentation of a cor- licans. At St. Joseph given in his honor at the Robidoux hotel. W. F. Phare», chairman of the highway commission and chairman of the Republican state committee In 1924 and Howard Kramer, chairman cf the Nodaway county Republican committee went to St Joseph to attend the lunch- j «on and to uccompany Mr. Curtis to Maryville. Interviews Vice-President. Fred Wolfers. local attorney, who introduced Mr Hanna at the College, and M W. Stauffer, also went to 8t. Joseph where the; met the Vice-Presi- j dential i>arty and Mr. Stauffer securd an interview with the Vice-President The vLsit of the Vice-President of the United States to Maryville has it* interest for the public school and college students. Classes were dismissed this afternoon to permit them to hear the uddrt ss. The public school of Maryville started at 8 o'clock this morning and closed at 12:30 o'clock College classes w?re on regular schedule this morning, but this afternoon interest turned to the Vice- President’s address In the auditorium and French und mathematics were forgotten. ' Loud speakers in the hallways on three floors at administration building and in classroom* enabled many btudents to hear the address without crowding into the auditorium. While rural schools had not been re­ queued to close In the mu*» that gath- (CaoUouw) on P»ge Si tificate indicating his health would not permit an ocean voyage, could forestall extradition. Attache* of Swanson's office expr» vs- eu the opinion that extradition could be obtain d readily. 8amuel Insull. Jr.. in London on his way to Paris for a "holiday,” declared he would return here in November Tlic crowd at Rock Island wa : r >ti- mat.d by police at 12,000. One of President Hoover s secretaries tenrau the speech he will deliver tciiigli: as a found the claim pmd as -uch. Damage Suit DisMniased. The damage suit of Miss Wilma Lo gan against Robert T LaMar uf Elmo wa* dismissed by the order for Tcd i.? "lighting" address, and Senator Dick- j0f the plaintiff to file security for co.'U ins-:» tic., Iowa), who boarded the tram ut Chicago, and conferr d with the president about it enroute. said i’ would mark toe beginning of a r?v phase in the rann>*>gm Two Men Are Held After $50,000 Lumber Yard Fire Miami, Okla.- «4*1—Two Kansas City j men were held in Jail here today fol- ' lowing a $50.000 fire of suspected in- J c-ndlary origin whicli destroyed the H ;pe Lumber Co.. yard, the C. C, Kipp** Machine Shop and the Kipps residence I shcrt’y after midnight. Police nabbed the pair as they nn from the seene of the blaze shortly after it »tailed. Fire Chiif A H. Seay said ther* was no doubt but that the blaze was set. The iU.*|X'ct* are Ted Johnson. 38 and R. E. Lance, 31. No charges were filed pending an investigation. Eight nearby buildings were seared by the 1 lames which first appeared in the lumber yard. Des Moin* a, la.-—1.15—Several tnou and men, women und chtLlren, sym paliizers of the Farm its Movement, march'd tiuo •loincs tnOAJT m a |ja.*auc , . ( '«:ni against agucultuia! and economic eotr ditlors. Many of them earned signs eriu«>$ mg cun ut con-11'lot), ind Presidrni Hcover who will *|< tonight. Milo R no, pr> -ident of ihr For the same rea»o:i» the damage sun. i of Orlo Williams against Lecnard Ya )1 w«g> dismissed. An order was made to strike from th docket the action or a bond in the cai " of schoJ district No. 79. the Wiler , Consolidated district, against Lucill« Drain, now Mrs. Cliff Brown, formm- Holiday ¡collector of Nodaway township, ano h Dev I others. The note suit oi the Farm i - State Bunk oi Wdec x against Fay Henson v a compromis' d and dismissed • Lowell Galt was continued o.r paicle He was charged with unlawful opera tion of an automobile. The parole oi Pat Strange, chargeo with liquor posses*!- n. was revok;d unc adiournment for the week The Juror wanted to tell Margiolti that another alternate Juror was "putting in poison against your side." After an investigation the court absolved the other Juror. "All I want to say. your honor,” said Moore today in a strained voice, “is T. Smith, E that I am sorry—I never meant to harm anyone" "I am convinced," said Judge Coleman. “that t: ere was no corrupt motive and for that reason I am not to, ing to send you to Jail," mumme ak lu t. National FROST WARNING. J. R. Brink, local weather observer, received a telegram from the government forceu.sting station, that a heavy frost is expected in thi* vicinity vO- n'ght Last night was the coldest of the present season. Mr Brink stating the temperature was 3H degrees. Ther? was .17 of an inch precipitation yesterday The temperature at 1 30 o'clock , today was 50 degrees. Fanners' Holiday As.ioeinlioa which the court ordered luin lo finish out hi; two months ago .sponsored a ta'im.- sentene?. nono*‘itiitl loi hlrli farm j The liearing of the Solar-Slurg*’ prices, declared that many mo. pa Manufacturing company and other- del* were cn their way. | against the Nodaway Milk product --------------------------- jrornimny, an injunction and rtceiv.*r- New York ' l*i— Records of R. G Dun and Co , »how that mercantile failure* for the past week were fewer in number than in the same period last year. There were 540 I allure» compared with 543 in th > corresponding w eek of 1931. During September, it was said, a considerable Improvement was shown each week in the buslne»» failures situation. Democrat» Charles Craig, Mrs. Hugh O'Donnell, Henry Lutgcn. (•rant South Republican»- B. M. Wilson, L. W. Mendenhall. Lena Rush. Democrats Mr*. R W. Bridges, R. R. Nelson. - Green Republicans Jack Holt. Mrs. Elrner Johnson. Warren Malvern. Democrats -J. D Montgomery, R. B Young. Wroe Carpenter. Hopkins Republican» — E. E. Fike. Stella Caudle. H A Dalby Democrats—Galen Turner, Henry M Morehouse, Delia Burch. Ilufhrx Republicans—Walter Freytag. Martin Bond. Mary' Geyer. Democrats— Mrs. Della Grove», Lawrence Hill. W B. Gex. Independence North Republicans — Earl Nally, Wayne Gray, Mr». Lloyd Reddick. Democrat» — Ernest Nigh, Oeorge Hepburn. Mrs. June Dowis. Independence Sooth Republicans -George Felton, John Garrard. Mr*. Charles Evans. Democrats—C. F. Sisson, John O'Day, Mrs. E. J. Klaus Jaekzan Republican»— L. A. Joy, Ed Spoonful ore. Mr*. Sylvia Adcock. Democrats- Mrs. J. L. Lewi*, Vincent Mr and Mrs. St.-wart IL TuUcch and ! .hip .suit, was sU tor Friday, son of Barnsdall. Okla., are visiting Four case* of sal? under execution here with Mrs. Tulloch's parent#, Mr. were plac d on the docket the sheriff and Mrs O. P. iisher and Mr. Tul- acknowledging deed made to the pur loch's parents, Mr. and Mrs I E. Tul- chasers of the land under foreclosur -------- j loch. Mr. Tulloch Is a chemist for the or for back taxes. Th. suits are a* fol- to Mr Wright for $393. Spires, L. M. Fryar. Little (ierie* Game Fu«4poiied. Barnsdall Refining company. lew Be»» Thorp against Fountain Ash. | Jefferson Northeart Minneapolis— i4*>—The filth game of — \ Bess Thor p. collector, against Georg; worth, et al. she riif acknowledges dr sd Republicans- Id Mrrrlgan, I the junior world's series between Min* I. E. Tulioch, his son, Stewart Tul- E. and Minnie Attis&n, sheriff acknowL |to Veroa and Ada Kaufman, for *140. Graham, Mrs. J. J. Euis nrapclis and Newark was postponed loch, who is visiting here from Barns- edges deed to Fed Wright for $40. ' Farmers bank of Skidmore against ■ Democrat# — JoarjA Laser, today because of cold weatlier. The ser- dall, Okla.. and John Tulloch of Bar- Bess Thorp against Farmers Bank o' ¡Ham Bramble, sheriff acknowledg e Brady. Mr» Robert EUsrman! i ius will be resumed Wednesdav nard went to Council Bluffs, la,, today Skidmcre sh:rlff ac knowledged de:d jdecd to the bank ior $100 i (Cvntmuad pa R. W W. E. itrt ^**8^ ipnikcri twsiUiijWurLttiS not sent this papkt a full copy ot 1da speech which was delivered In Mkry- ville teiis afternoon. Be further lifted that the newspaper man who has been traveling with him had gone to Des Moines for the day where President Hoover Is to speak this evening. When asked about the Hawlry-Smoot tariff act the Vice-Preaident strongly upheld the bill stating that It protected thirty-one major agricultural products and nine minor products. Be added that the exports and Imports In 1839 under Hawley-Smooth bill greatly exceeded the American imports and exports under the Democratic Underwood tariff bill. Maryville Men Meat Cwlk Mr. Curtis said that the Democratic orators would have one believe that the agricultural difficulties started in 1921 when in reality the troubles arose In 1919 under a Democratic administration. Mr Curtis then met and visited with Republican leaders of this section of the state after which a reception and dinner was held for him in the main dining room at the Robidoux. Maryville men present at the dinner were Horace Leet. Harvey Haines, Paul Bisson, Mayer W. O. Oarrett, Howard Kramer. W. P. Phares, Fred Wolfers and M. W. Stauffer. Mayor Oavswtt and Howard Kramer, oounty Republican chairman, sat at the speakers table. In the vice-presidential party was Senator Roscoe Patterson. State Chairman Arthur Curtis, and Forrest Hanna of Kansas City. Following the luncheon tiie Vice-President made a short talk in which he discussed the farm problem briefly. Speaks on R. F. C. He also spoke of the work of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation and stated that oontrary to the charge of Democratic orators, it had helped the smell banks and small businesses as well as the city banka, railroads and other large enterprises. Mr. Curtis said that the President has consistently recommended the consolidation of boards and commissions but that Congress has as eoosMcntfy refused him that authority- The Vice- President attacked the aomprUtivs tariff for revenue only as advocated by Governor Roosevelt and other Usam crutlc leaders; saying that U never has worked and never wlU work. He pointed to the fact that the President has success! uily met th* gold withdrawals of firelgn countries and has told them to come and get their gold whenever and wherever they cared to do sa Immigration PoMsy I aadsd. He also spuke of the fact that the Republican administrations have consistently reduced the number of immigrants coming into this country. Loot year when c uly 43.000 Immigrants war« admitted and In tht same yaar ISflS rre deported. He emphatically that all alien criminals an iConUttued «*> Page U

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