The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 21, 1894 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 21, 1894
Page 1
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I ESTABLISHED 1S6S, ALdONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER _ , Fine China, YTTHEN you want anything m ' * the above-mentioned line call i at the Opera House Grocery. We carry a nice stock, and if we shouldn't happen to have exactly what you want we will send and get it^ for that's what we're here for. Latest things' IN Cloaks and Capes MJEtJMOMA IN THE COWS. AT Galbraith's. Having bought A Job Lot of Book-cases and Writing .desks very cheap, we are. prepared to offer goods in this line cheaper than ever before, We are also prepared to give bargains in Sideboards, Chamber Suites, Parlor Goods,, and In fact everything in my line. Call and see the new Buffet, A, D. MCGREGOR. TEADE Coming Our Way, ' ' ^WflVJM^ w» •' Owe prtees will bring it, and all are at tbe IQW prises that tfiies of the Atttes School Gives Some Valuable Information on fhia Subject. A Single T«c Colony Organized—Company P invited W £>ance—General Northwest News. aecofdlflg to the Wesle^, RepoKfif , It is thought he will have to undergo an* Other oft6ftttion. ^, ..._ Dr. Sayers) as vice president of the Stftie Veterinary association, attended the annual meeting at Des Moines last Week, which proved to be a Very im<- portant one on account of the outbreak of lung trouble in milch cows in various places. Dr. Niles of the state agricultural school read a paper on the subject, in which he said that while he did not desire to create unnecessary alarm, he was satisfied that the disease existed in various parts of the state. Consumption and other lung troubles are conveyed to oeople by using the milk of cows affected, so that tuberculosis is really the most serious disease in the whole cow category of troubles. State Veterinary Stalker was just back from testing cows near Waterloo, where a herd was found to have tuberculosis, as he told the doctors: "Every cow whose milk is sold or used by anyone, and every animal killed for market should be tested to make sure that it is not affected* for the disease is on the increase and should be stamped out at whatever cost, or the expense of human life will be terrible. We have tested the cows at the Agriculural College and found only four out of more than one hundred had the disease. These were two that had been recently bought and two that had been with them." A Hemry GeorBO Colony. Iowa has the honor of furnishing a colony of enthusiasts over Henry George's land tax theory. They have organized at Des Moinos, comprise 51 families from 17 states, and will test the possibilities of an earthly paradise In Baldwin county, Alabama. They call themselves "The Fair Hope Industrial Association," and will conduct their community upon strict single tax principles. Among the colony is Rev. Dellgoen, of Minneapolis, who recently preached a farewell sermon to his congregation in which he said that both be and his wife were in full sympathy with Henry George's reform movement and believed that this reform, will change the world into a place where poverty with its attendant evils of misery, temptations, sin and crime will be unknown. The officers are L. R. Clements of Des Moines, president; E. B. Gaston of Des Motnes, secretary, and Alf. Wooster of Oskaloosa, treasurer. Company 3? Invited to a. Dnnco. The social event at Emmetsburg is to be a military ball on Thanksgiving night. Company F is to be invited in a body. The Reporter says: The company will appear in full dress uniform. Invitations have been sent to Company F of Algona, and it is expected that a goodly number from that city will be present and participate in the pleasures of theevening. Complete arrangements are being made for the comfort and convenience of those who attend, and a cloak room will be provided for their convenience, The company will furnish an elegant supper in the same building, so that no comfort of the guests is left unprovided for. Tickets for the ball will be $1, and supper will be extra. Lost An Arm. Last week Monday Chris. Streit and his brother Sam were operating a corn busker at Paul Dorweiler's farm in Garfteld township. Sam got his band caught in the shredder and his arm was drawn in to the shoulder, The Journal says: "He was brought to town and Drs, Bachman and Boody amputated it about four inches below the shoulder, Where cprn stalks, are fed into the machine there are rollers filled with spikes and behind the rollers are knives that chop the fodder «p into pieces about an inoh long and it was into this part that the arm was drawn, The hand and part of the arm were left in the machine when he was released," A Hardy Pioneer. Jos, Thompson was at Erometsburg last week attending to some business, Pro, Mayne aa,w h}m and says; DW ing the past 18 months Mr, Thompson has had an eventful life. He was struck by a passenger train while grossing the Sk „ iwaukee trq.o({ north of Algona and severely injured, He w»8 also one of the oyeipne spfferers, his hpuse and out buildings bejng blown to pieces by the repent wind ^torro, Two such experl- pes rarely ppp»e tp a wan in ao short time, tits Lett at Whitteuior<s. A. B 1 , fiellman was piling lumber at Farley's yard last SJatuisil&yi tfhe pile fell on hint and broke a bone in his leg) according to the Champion, TOE. Blew tfp J, .t. Wllson*8 dfflce safe At Jitutuetsburg, and Neai'iy Bui-nod the Model Mills. A devilish piece ot work was done at Emmetsburg Saturday evening about 10:80 o'clock. Burglars opened the safe in the office of the Model mills, which stands across the street from the mill buildings, and then put a big bomb in the office and caused an explosion that shook buildings a block tuvay. The office was totally destroyed and part of it thrown against the mill, all in a blaze. Near the offloa was »the barn, also totally wrecked. One horse was killed and one was found a block away not seriously injured. It is thought it was blown there by the explosion. The wholti town turned out and active work was done to put out the fire. The devtlishness of the act was proved by the condition of the fire hose, the nozzle of which had been plugged so that some time wns Wasted in getting it ready for use. The mills were saved, as the wind blew the fire away. The safe had only $3 in money and a biff sign on the front stated that it was unlocked. The chief loss is in thenotes, all of which were taken. Harry Wilson lost two very fine diamond rings, his guns, revolvers, etc. Mr. Wilson puts the whole loss at $800. At the same time, as is now quessed, the safe in Darr's elevator was also blown up. Indications are that local talent was engaged in the enterprise. Mr. Wilson went to Emmetshurg Monday morning, and returned last evening. YOUB WINTER BEADINQ. McOlure's Magazine begins the new year with the November number, and a splendidly illustrated life of Napoleon, the great feature of which will be seventy-five portraits of Napoleon, showing him from youth till death; also portraits of his family and contemporaries and pictures of famous battlefields; in all nearly 200 pictures. Begins in November and runs through eight numbers. A series of true detect! vo stories authorized from the archives of the Pinlcerton agency, covers Lincoln and Pinkerton (Nov. 1894); the Molly Maguii-es; Allan Pinkerton's Life; Stories of Capture of Train- robbers, Forgers, Bank-robbers; ; etc. ; each complete in one issue, 12 in all, Short stories will be given by W. D. Howells, Rudyard Kipling, Conan Doyle, Clark Russell, Robert Barr, Octave Thanet, Bret Harte, Capt. King, Joel Chandler Harris and many others. Send three two cent stamps to S. S. Mc- Cluro, 80 Lafayette Pluco, N. Y., and get sample number. **»',• Among other Important features the Atlantic Monthly will present to its read- era a series of historical papers by John Fiske, entitled "The Old Dominion and Her Sister Colonies." The many admirers of Mr. Fiske's profound knowledge and charming style in treatment of historical subjects will be peculiarly interested in the announcement that the Atlantic will print another of his important contributions to the history of our country. Aside from these papers each issue will contain the best of fiction, poetry, and sketches of adventure, character, and travel. The book reviews, which have in the past have contributed so largely to the interest of the magazine, will continue in 1895. # # » Scribner's Magazine has secured a "History of the Last Quarter Century in the United States," by E, Benjamin Andrews of Brown University, for the coming year. Another undertaking of interest in quite a different field will be Robert Grant's papers on the Practical Problems of Life, under the title of "The Art of Living." George Meredith is to furnish a novel, "The Amazing Marriage." Wm. D, Howells will furnish a short novel, "The Story of a Play." "American Party Politics," will bo a series of three articles by Noah Brooks, A aeries of engraved frontispieces will be contributed by the chief American wood- engravers, who have made the art famous everywhere, eaoU belnet represented by a subject thoroughly oharsotoristlo of the engraver's beat manner, A short account of those who contribute to this series will appear, accompanied by portraits and sketches by the engravers themselves. The representation will include also a few foreigners. Among other articles to appear early numbers' may be especially mentioned! "Life at the Athletic Clubs." by Dano|n Edwards, illustrated by C. P. Gibson 1 , "Country and H«nt Clubs," by Edward S. Mwtln, Illustrated! "Tuscan Shrine," by Mrs, E<3ith Wbftrton, with superb illustrations recording an important artistic dis "Qld_Fash,lonea, Garden^," by rH <"I.\«I flu We have just received a new line of .. - -'. Peaches, Pears,' ;| Blueberries^ F' Blackberries Raspberries,^ Corn, Tomatoes. Also, a new line of Crockery and G-lasswi^eiS G-lpyes and Mittens. *er We handle M^J White Swan Flour. ' '. '' ; Langdon & Hudson! Here Are -Some Bargains We offer you this week: Men's all-wool Underwear, .-. 5,0,6^ Boys' all-wool Underwear, . , .''50b$ Men's Random Wool Underwear, 400-: Boys' Random Wool Underwear, 256; Men's Wool Hose, heavy, . . . 25q Children's Wool Hose, heavy,. . 15c7 Berlin Lined G-loves, 10o' These are broken lots and sizes that we wish to close, were good value at twice the money. The Grange Store: nf-*' W M<»4 0. W, Winiawe, the noted horseman, late of Independence hut now ol Gales' burg, 111.', bw b§?B in4lote4 by the jury fop p.Uow}ug a, wheel of to be rn» at the rape traek Hustle / to. Drug Ask for Snowatilla, Only 25c, covery; "Old ytwuionea wardens," oy wrs, Alice Morse Earle, Illustrated from the finest of our old. gardens: "The Portraits of y, M, W. Turner," by Cosmo Mpnkbouse; "Coney Island," by JWiaw Ralph, illus. trated by Hepry MeCarter; gome Old College Letters, antedating the century; "The Going of tbe WWte SWB.B," by Gilbert Parker, liluatrated by Albert Lynp,h; ••Country Roads,'-' written and illustrated by ™ ' "'renph, the engraver. * t» hundreds of farm papers, by " If in STO V ES. of a stove don't buy until you have i w f' " , i 1 t tQ Jowa wants, ep eQm\w&y$\lf>& nrftpuofti-vfrl^ys, , »ttentl<w to the farm, ft»fl feeding, herw e bewe^in faQt to eye.ry il Pftfc ott»V of ther p»p.9r Brio tea }n fee The Oak Garia without doubt the best steel muge in. takes le§§ fuel than any oth^r stseJ heating staves

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