The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 14, 1894 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 14, 1894
Page 9
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THIS tJETOtt DIB M01N1& ALGONA, IOWA, W1PJCT8DAT KOVMtBlR 34,1894 iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiijiii.iijiiiiiiiiriiiii ii' imit GOTHAM MULLfdNAlftE, ills frn*s He Make* )n Mo»lo» , tlonsoholcl Aroantl. When a great millionaire mores Ch&wadays the' event takes on a charac- .'tfcr that is not distinguished by Jeffer- /,sonlah simplicity, says the New York s'Suh, Whefc Mr. Webb gets tired of ^Vermont and takes his family to No\v- 1 "port or Narragansott, or Mr. Vanderbilt moves from one of his country houses to another, or the Astdrs leave tho Hudson for Khodo Island, the sightseers are interested. Mr. Webb 'has one house at Newport and another at Narrag-aiisett, which is across the ba,y. Tho Narragahsstfc "house is used for governesses, servants and ; children, and is a convenient place to stop When one of the Webb yaclits Hiti? across from Newport. >• When a great millionaire moves the family is usually stored away in n special car which is hitched to the tail ^end of an e.tpvess. train and shifted ii-wiix ahe road to "another, so that no changes are necessary. Tho stable is 'transported with the coachman driving a four-in-hand loaded down with stable 'trappings. Following him is another ,man with a victoria and brougham Oswathed in clothes to protect them trom the dust, and dog carts and \ village ea'ris and phaetons, di'iven by l^thc stable boys, bring up the rear with .tors and saddle horses. The big little yachts are towed along from one place to another in a similar fashion, to the delight of tho sight-seers, and discussions "upon tho wealth of the millionaire aqq stimulated all along route. ' ifc ON A DESSHM? MLAKD, TnC clock had begun to strike the hour of niuo and I was ,1ust preparing to say: "Billy, it Is time little boys .went to bed," when Billy anticipated my words: "Did T ever happen to toll yon." ho asked thoughtfully, "of the time .1 was upon a desert island V" "I thliik not, Billy," I considered. "Was it. while you were a pirate?" "Oh, no; it. was entirely a separate affair*.the desert island adventure. It was nearly about the same time, however. That is, it was either just, after or just before I was a pittite. I suppose I had gained quite a taste for the seQ at that time," remarked Billy, mod' Look Out for Cold AVeatlier "But ride insido of. the electric lighted, steam heated, vestibule apartment trains of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railroad and you will be ns warm, comfortable and cheorful as iu your own 'library or boudoir. To travel between Chicago. St. Paul and Minneapolis, or between Chicago, Omaha & Sioux City in 'these luxuriously appointed trains is a jsuoremo satisfaction; and, as tho somewhat ancient advertisement used to read. ' : '-tor further particulars, seo sni&ll bills." 'SmalUjills (and large ones also) will be .accepted for passage and sleeping car 'tickets by All coupon ticket 'agents. For detailed information address 'Geo. H. Heaf- Hfonl, general passenger wnd ticket agent, 'Chicago, 111. t 'hypocrite only wears 'his mask white niuks he is being watched. 'The Chicago Great Western R'y will on Cffovefiaber 20th, Decwm'be'r 4th and 18th soil -Cheap" harvest excursion tickets to oil •points in Texas, Dndiion and Oklahoma Territories; also certain points in Ne<»7 Mexico. For full iirtiioraiationS address •either of the undersigned, A. W. Noycs,' A. C. P. & T. A., or C. -A. Brooks, C. P. & T. A., C. G. W.-R'y, -22C 'Fourth street, Etos Ittoines, la. If'there were no'fouls in the world "the lawyers would alltoo'out of work. The Chicago <Sj-odt Western ITy have now on sale cheap winter tourist tickets to 'all winter towardst points. For Itutfther information call'on'or address one •oif ithe undersigned. A.'Wi. Noyes, A. C. F. & T. A., or C. J.. Brooks, C. P. & T, A... 220 Fourth street, IDes.'Moines, Iowa, When a m-an talks of the necessity ior .a Beld for his atoilitiios he means some iplace where he is aaot'sonvell known. Generally speaking, time is nwxiaeyiand a Vacation is ia litrtlle change, i There is wonweitallnng any bigther than We live. A kicking'cow. of ten gives good iniilk. Hy pocliotidrical, despoudent.uierv- o»s, '"tired ' men who from tecka'c'he, weariness, loss iof energy, impaired memory., 'dizziness, inielan- ctoiQll\y and disc outrage- .meat, ;the re; sulit <of ex"' hawstiing diseases, or «d«ains upon tlie .-system, excesses, or ^abuses, bad (habits, or early vices, ;are treated through correspondence at their homes, with uniform success, by the Specialists of the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute, of Buffalo, N. Y; A book of 136 large pages, devoted to the consideration of the maladies above hinted at, may be had, maited securely sealed front observation, in a pl(tity : envelope., by sending-10 cents in one-cent stomps (for postage on Book), to the World's Dispensary Medjcal Association, at "the above mentioned Hotel. For more than a quarter of a century, physicians connected with this widely celebrated InstitutiiO?^, have made (lie treatment of tlie* delicate diseases above referred to, their sole study and practice. Thousands, have cou- sujted them. .This vast experience Jjas naturally resulted in improved methods and means of cure. Ft, Band, Iron Hoop OAK BASKET, £ £»lk«t You C»n W«ter Your Horsus With: Costa l> I' no Mor « Tllitn Any Qtlier Kl»d8, but Will IVERY HOME-SEEKER > -.. Rss^ssxWifffiwaa'wB ™Au Iw-Suto fi»* to 1894." Somewhere near that end of the Island, so 1 thought ft brick house would Tie inm-p comfortable than one nitute out of boughs. 80 1 went to work and built ft substantial brick house. It wasn't as large as city houses, of course. 1n1t it was large enough for me. There was Cunt Me on 1111 inlnnil." estly. "1 wont to the Arntie rogions, too, you know. I often thought what a lonely life those sailors had who were oust upon desert islands. Thou tiioy had it whole islaml all to themselves, nobody to fell them that 1lu»y must go to bed—" hero Billy gave me a reproving glance— "or thai, they nmst jret: up, •or that they innst wasliK.hoir face and hands, or must s» iit> stn'irs and 'put on a clean collar. And 1 'thought of it so olten, and so lonjr, thuitat. last 1 begun to consider if pcrliaps II couldn't happen to manage to got cast tipon a desert is- liuicl some day a»(il Shsivo sueli a good time to myself." "An excellent scheme," I murmured. "Yes, and su> 1 ifihtmght it over and made up my iniuil that it could be managed." "Most things can,"" I replied. "So I inquired and found :i captain," continued Billy, •"who was going to sail into a deserted part, of tliciocwin, where there were probably si good many desert islands and I asked him what he would charjw 1«» cast me on OIK; of them. He. didB'it charge very much for he seemed to 'think it was, a kind of a ."joke. But I <WWt mean it for ti Joke, for I often woiwHe.rod why people didn't get cast, on tlrem oi'tener when it was such great 'fum. So we .sailed off our day, snld lie, "Hero yoti are!" and 1 looked out of flHv window, I mean ovei the side «f tlw -ship, and I saw a vcr> nice desert: islii'iicl right in front of us "Anil I said *«> the- captain, 'Well thut, will do!" So the suilors cast me on it, just like llwy 'do in books, you know. But the capuit'n t'hought. perliaps I d'u' not mean it, ifiiil 'he said, 'Shall I c:al' for yon a« 1 upturn'?' And I suid: 'W you may W yt'm'Iiko!' for I thought, if I should repent tlien 1 could go back." "Thnt. is 'a3w;i?'S-a prudent, way to arrange mailers, Willy." "Yes. But fl 'flidn't mind speing the ship sail iiwiiy a ; l fill, in books yon know, (toe-sailors W(;ep when they see tho sail «af 1he .'ships fuilo away in \1w. distance, but 1 'never could see why the sails trf :si *lii:p could iiuike auyb»(3.y cry!" "It Is frt-riiuge, T.illy!" "Well, -of c-o'ursi?, the first tiling I did was -to begin to explore thft island. I happened to 'Wnd u note-book and -a pencil HI my jinoket, mid I wrote down iill «bout itlie 'diniensioais of th« island, I1 ml I divnv -mnps 'of it, and marked nil the lilacs where I found water or <lls- eovcred nioinrtains or made any other intt»rc»st1nK flincoveries. So far as II , could sec>j iilae '.island was not inhabited, and I did uat diud any wild ben..ts about which relieved .my mind. I found out afterwards Unit a few lions and tigers and such things 'did inhabit a jungle plenty of sand about to make mortar, mirt t worked so Imrtf that 1 finished it within n few days. By that time. I had Ix'tfim to fict pretty lired of eaiing fish, si) I besan 1o think how I i-otild arrange to fret anything else. I had plenty of pistols and guns ntld powder' nlid shot with inK Sb I resolved to inakt- n another tour of the island* and see if: 1 couldn't, discover some game which I eotild limit nml out. My trip was very successful. 1 found that. Ihe mountain in the' center of tho island abounded with deer of various kinds.. So I'shot one aiul managed with great labor to drag it rtinvii to my house, mid this gave mo meat, eaioligli to hist for many days. About the same time I made, nii- olhcr fortunate discovery. In the side of (mother mountain 1 found a great cave, and one day I started to explore this, and built into tho side of It 1 discovered an immense hake-shop. It hiul irobably boon built there by the same nen who had built the brick yard. The mrth and stones of the eave had fallen lown right. In front of tho oven door, so that It was slopped up. But, t dug it nil and found the oven full of loaves of n-ead, and cakes and pies. Whether hey had been there for safe keeping >r not, I don't know. But, jit nny rate, hey had kept safe enough, and after hat 1 hud a fresh loaf of bread every lay. and n pie and cake, too. "Then, from time to tlmo. after that liscovery I. made others. I found out where, they linil kent a lnrgi> grocery (tore. It. was stocked with nil kinds oC l>rovlsiuiis. And this store, too, wds located In the Inside of a cave, so that the earth nml siongs fnlling in front of it had kept, the things all sweet and good. Another tlmo 1 discovered, in the same way. n. big clothing establishment. It. wan full of nil kinds of clothes, of all sizes. So 1 had no trouble after that in getting any clothes 1 wanted. And I'm sun.'," suid Billy triumphantly, "I think that; was a bolter kind of a desert, island than the ones yon usually read about. "What's the .use, of lindiug (lie proper kind of imimnls mid. finding needles and Ihroiid suul then sewing up a. suit of clwthos for yourself when you can just «s well find the clothing house, and find tlu; clothes already made to put wnV" "None at all," I responded promptly. "I think your plan is much superior, Billy. And the best, thing you can do is to advertise It for the beuelit of future navigators who iii'u cast upon desert. Islands." "Then," went: on Billy, "I lived upon that desert Island for some tlmo, and I found it a very pleasant, comfortable pinco to live. As fast as I needed a thing I went out and discovered it T Cwpkott. llijp Fl*li, Jn the center of the island, but they never disturbed me. I suppose, proba? bly, they feared man." "That, might be, Billy. But what did you get to eat'/" "Well, that lirst night I happened for- innately to reincmbtu- tlitit the captajii's wife had put up an excellent dinner for me before I left, ' So J ate that, and then, thanking Providence to\- having cast me upon a desert Ishmd at Just, I Jaid down on the grass and w<J»t to sleep." "For a few days after that I subsisted principally upon the llsli I caught. I Juul brought my lishiug rod with me and 1 happened to pick up a box of matches ou tlu» shore, so l made a lire and cocked the fish whenever l wished. There must have been u cargo of matches .wrecked, soiuinvlicre about llievov for J £ou»d u. UOx of inutclus whenever 1 wanted mat'.'hes, just l»y jQ,okiu« along tho slioiv for theaU "AUout that Umo I built wiysejt kguse, 1 fvmja » clcsevtedi • The Oven Wu« rail ol' Pics. •somewhere. Anil 1 found out sifter- riuvhlle tlint nil i: uwfl«l to do was to •wish for a. tlilu« and SlK-Kln to want it very hard and t >\va*i :HUI-(! to llnd it. And I really believe ewu-ybody can do that if they only knew about it. I'm 'Soiug to do it iuy»«lf V vi4iiiu I'm a man Well, one day' 11»s wliij) came buck on llier return trli*. .And the captain stopped and said, «ays lie: 'Here you •lire!' And he aslawl me Slow 1 had got :iilong and if I •wub reafty to go hock So 1 said 1 might as wi-11 go, for I'd :got nil tlu> fun 1 coald out of the desorL arihuid''. But whfia I told the people on tHmi-rt tho ship whiit: n Sfrlendid desert Mlnnd it was ilu-y waited to stay tSaare. One said 1luit hi^d tuUe tin guoeory store iuul iiMother the •clothing iNwwo. and another 11m bnlco shop, nnd so ^o«i. And at hist on« follu\v suid that ns for him, he'd start n (,'hineso liiun- diy. And when I liwu-d that I said: '\\V13, then, I'll go bti'ik, for if there is to te a Chinese laundry on it. and we Jiave ito Avenr clean collars, it won't hi any good for a desert Island nny more." "»So some of tlie passengers stayed there, and I believe they established a great city then. 1 , and it stands to this day. As for me, 1 sailed away with the. captain till we reached home again, and as we sailed up New York harboi the captain said to me, says he: " 'Here you are!' and there wo were. "Such desert islands as that, Billy,'' J exclaimed, are things to dream of Bright ideals that fade only Ju the pro- sale light of every day." Billy gracefully accepted tho coinpli- ment. "I think so myself," ho said. "The desert islands I've read about are vorj good, but 1 always thought 1 could lintl u better ono'lf I set about it. It is trm that I th-Giimed about it many a time.' "Then suppose, my little lud," I an swerad him, you go and dream about it again." And I suppose ho did, for he went that way. "^ Baking- Powder Absolutely pure* . The official fd- port shows Royal Baking Powder chemical* ly pure, yielding 160 cubic inches of leaveft- ing gas per ounce of powder, which was greatly in excess of all others and more than 40 per cent, above the average. Hence Royal Baking Powder makes the lightest* sweetest and most wholesome food. ROYAL BAKING POWDEP CO., 106 \VAtL ST., NEW-YORK. PEOPLE OP THE DAY. Dr. Charles Eastman, the Indian, nd his wife (Elaine Cloodule) are liv- ng in St. 1'uiil, und arc well and prosperous. Oliver AVendcll Holmes, son of the joet, is the solo heir of his father's estate valued at 8300,000, with tho i.vccption of one bequest of $5,000. Enginecr-in-Chic f Melville says that n the Olympia, Minneapolis, Colombia and Now York we have four cruisers that for speed beat anything in ;he world. Lord Rosebery is a devoted father. ' He cut the cabinet meeting 1 rather short in order to be with his little daughter at Dalmeny park on her fifteenth birthday. The empress of Germany goes to bed ordinarily at 10:30, rises at 0 and makes tho emperor's coffee with her own hands. Tho family dine at 1, have tea at 0 and supper at 8. General George G. Meade, the hero of Gettysburg 1 , was a soldier of austere bearing but was beloved by his men, among whom his spectacled face won him the nickname of "1'oiir- oyed George." Mrs. Ohphant, the novelist, has just lost her last surviving son. Though a chronic invalid he held the place ol sub-librarian at \Yindsor castle, and wrote for the Spectator and other literary papers. , In a 'great innny cases of Astlnuu, Piso's Cure for Consumption-will give relief that is almost oquul to u cure. !25 cents. It is a base libel to say that women want balloc-fluoxos to put bon-bons iu. 11 the Iliiby is culling Teeth. Hesvir* aiidusotlitttold and well-triad remedy, Mils. IOTIII.VO Sviiui 1 for Children Teetlilnf- READY READING. Itorliu charity hospitals receive an annual subsidy of $350,000. In four years congress has author- ised tho expenditure of $2,000,000,000. The Baptist clergymen in Baltimore have agreed that each shall preach a sermon on the need of fenders on ] trolley cars. The states having tho greatest percentage of negro population are: South Carolina, 59.85 pnr cent, and Mississippi, 57.58 percent. Tho Strength of an Arch. The strength of. a brick arch having a span of 18 foetal i inches and a ri»o of 1 foot llf inches was recently tested at Itoauc, France, with a view to determine tho suitability of such a construction for a service reservoir now being built there. Tho brick measured 11.8 by 5.1 by 1.2 inches, and were laid Hat with a joint of cement mortar 0.4 inch thick between them and an 8.10-inch layer of mortar outside.. A section two feet was built on rock abutments and loaded with 820 pounds per square foot, which load was carried without any signs of failure for eighteen hours. Modern Journalism. "Ah, madam," he gushed, "with your admiration for beautiful scenery you should go to the Himalayas. Our Alps are onlv hills beside them." "Have you been there?" "No: but I once wrote uu article about thorn." Prose WORKS, A mau entirely satisfied with himself 1ms no time to be satisfied with other people. Coe'a CougU Is tbctfldnst and bosl, er UiuniLiiytlilntf els l,. Ib will brcult m> a Cold nil loit- e. Xt Is always rellublu. 'irylt. Live well and live long. It kills a man to sta<wten his days. "Hanson's fllagla uoru Salvo." Wwnuitc'cl to iMiro in 1 nioiM'y I'uCuuded. Ai>k your ir»«Sitot tor it. J'rlco 15 ceuu. . L. DOUGLAS IS THE BEST. NO SQUEAKING. l>5. CORDOVAN, FRENCH& ENAMELLED CALF. Kxclunlvclmnd inndo Tiding 1 ami ChllflrWtX:' Hond-wcnr, Hllk and Wuol MlttenB, QlwiiJ-8..,"' tlio latest Blylcn. Goods mixuufncwroil in*/^ Iowa for Iowa people* \ • t .-'• < McELREES' WINE OF CARDUI'4 t For Female Diseases. ••<? flncl tlie Sunnu SoutJr VIA Kin .are almost as easy to accumulate as empty itomato oaus. "A. Cup ol'Parks' Ten at night moves the b6«wols in the.morning." If y<Bu want to flatter a uiuu's vanity, toll him he has none. Eveiy lie is tho assassin of somebody's happiness. $3.SPPOLICE,3 SOLES. "** EXTRA FINE. *2,*1.^BOYSSCHODLSHOES. •LADIES* .SEND FOR CATALOGUE WIU'DOUGUAS, BROCKTON, AlASSU gave money by weoviuit Ilio W. L. Doiifflaa 83.OO Bho(S Because* "wo (ire tbo largest manufacturers 'Of this ip-aUeal sboes In tin) world, aucl guarantee Iholr value by etamplnK tho name and price oil tbo bottom, wlilcli,protect you against hlguprlueunnd Ibe liilddlumnn'u proflte. Our elioca equal i-ustom work tn-style, ew flttlng and wearing qualities. We Inwe them sold evorywbero ut lower prices far the value h'i vcn thun any,«i)t Ucr make. Take no sub- sMtute. It your dealer cannot supply yon, wo ciiu. Rheumatism, Neuralgia, S&iaiica, Baekache. ST. JACOBS OIL BIG FOUR ROUTED The frosty mornings, tho chilly nights/, l/^ lire the tirst warning notes from Winj/ej-'p. ', trumpet, und we wutch the Run in nis £ southward course, longing to follow him to, ( a land whore it is summer always. ''< ^ Are you going South this winter? -j Where are you going >. The "Big Four Koute" is the be.sf njier,'-, from Chicago, Pcoria, St. Louis, Cleveland, > Columbus, .Indianapolis, Bentou Hivvbopv Simdusky and intermediate points, with ' ' Solid Vestibuled trains, Buffet Parlor Qars; f Wagner Sleeping Cars uud Dining (Jars to Cincinnati, where direct connections are mailo with solid trains with Pullman Sleep-- • ing cars of the Chesapeake & Ohio, Que,eni j & Crescent Koute and Louisville & .Nashville Hallways, to Hot Springs, Old Point >,<' (Comfort and all points in Virginia und The*,. Carolhms; to Jackbonyillo, St. Aiupmtine-X and all points in Florida; to New Orleans/,,t and all principal cities in tho South Through Wagner and Pullman Sleeping- Cars daily between St. Louis and Wuslv* 1 ington via tho ."Big Four" uud tho' pi«t- uresque C. & O. lly. Tourist rules will be in effect, Call on or address any Agent of tho B"jg'- Four Koute 01- iis couueoting lince), or au^, E. 0. McCORMIOK, J'ms'r Tmflla Mttimuur, Gtm'l Viun'v & Ttt, Biff Four Boute, Ciuoiunati, p. \, D, B. MARTIN 1 ; , .Oi *«* - ^ • J$: P5l W. IV. U—OM—1106 Wo. 4W .THE,' $1.75 a, Year, Comes Every Week, For all the Family. Illustrated, 9 The Volume for 1895 promises special, attractions to its renders. Full Prospectus, (inao\incing Authors und Articles engaged for tlie next year, with Sample Copies, twit Free. Popular Articles. Queen Victoria as a Mother, Describing the Royal Household, by Lady JfUflf, What Gun be Done for Consumptives, By u Pupil ofpr, Koeli, Or. Harold grnst, Charles Dickens as His Children Knew Him, Reminiscences by His Son and Namesake, The Story of My First Voyage, Jiy the Famous Writer of Sea Stories, W, Clark Rus$eH, A Visit to Korean Cloisters, Experiences in tin's Interesting Country, The fign, George Curzoit, AI, How Uncle Sam Collects the Tariff, Apeseriptioii of the Work of the Ciistow-fjouse, by Qeo., J, Mons find many others ofEquuI \'filut f»il Interest. Favorite Pe®turQ$ for 1895. Bight Serlal'Storii'?, 2QO Original Poems, HwsqboW Articles, 1QO Adventure Sfortfs, Weekly «w«d Articles, WftW edtt<nrW*< -TA^ Bt*t lUwtrnttoas, Gharintog Mow tttsu Tvtt TlHMSiUKl Arlltles of fUlswIlqw, AawWVt ilu'fwr, Ag\'?utitrf> for Double Holiday Numbers at Vfianksgiviug, Christ ntus, Ntw !'<.•««•'* <if(</ Jt3(tstev t l<'ree to £"(«,# $ub?cr(i}fr. THIS SLIP FREE TQ JANUARY ), i and i WITW /;,-'-« 1 Vfl ^ ,AS*W

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