The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 14, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 14, 1894
Page 5
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ALGONA, IOWA, During all the month of November we will sell our entire stock of goods at a discount of Ten per cent, for cash only, PRESS GOODS. All-wool Dress Goods in all colors and styles, from 40 to 46 inches wide ; price, $oc to $1.50 per yard. Less 10 per cent. SILKS, VELVETS In all widths and shades. Less 10 per cent. LINENS. Stamped Linens—Towels, Table Linens, Crashes, Napkins, Butchers' Linens. Less 10 per cent OARPETS. AMU A CLEW ftASCAL A Man flamed Church Has Devised a Smooth Method tot Getting a 6dou fcivihf* W. f * Jenkins Bought Hi»y to? Which He Failed ! to Liquidate—Other Criminal Doings. fl, . L. Ran hey from Lottri Creek and A. Ltllibridge from Whittemore Chenille Curtains, Lace Curtains, Rugs, Fancy Fringe Covers, Window Shades. Less 10 per cent. KID GLOVES. WASH GOODS. Calicos, Ginghams, Shirtings, Muslins, Challies, Sateens, Buntings, Tickings, Outing Flannels. Less 10 per cent. .FLANNELS. Underwear, Gloves, Mittens Hats, Caps, Trunks and Valises. Less 10 per cent CLOAKS. Jackets, Capes, and Children's Cloaks. Less 10 per cent BLANKETS Qqilts, Shawls, Hose, Hoods Fascinators. Less 10 per cent Mitts, Ribbons, Laces, Handkerchiefs, Mufflers. Less 10 per cent. CLOTHING. Men's Suits, Boys' Suits, and Child's Suits; Men's Overcoats, Boys' Overcoats, Fur Coats; Men's Pants, Boys' Pants, and Vests. Less 10 per cent. SHIRTS. Underwear, Ties, Collars and Cuffs, Suspenders, Hats, Caps. Less 10 per cent. SHOES Men's Shoes. Ladies' Shoes. Children's Shoes. Men's Overshoes. Ladies' Overshoes. Children's Overshoes. Rubbers, Arctics. Warm-lined Shoes. were in town Monday co-operating to capture a. clever rascal in Chicago natned Church, Five weeks ago Church came to Whittemore and by represent' ing that he was in the commission business and could give special advantages got a shipment of 15 tubs of butter. Then he hired a livery rig and drove up to Lotts Creek and wanted an opening order there of five tubs. Sere he told a different story, both as to location in Chicago and us to his business. Mr. Ranney intended to give him a trial of five tubs, but had 16 tubs when the time came and sent them. Church drove west to neighboring creameries in Palo Alto, but if he got orders it is not known. On his return to Whittemore he told the liveryman that he was a little short of cash and would send his bill from Chicago. He told the samo story to the landlady. Then he played pool all the afternoon, putting up some four dollars, and left the county. Nothing has since been heard of Church nor of the $400 which the butter was worth he got from the two creameries. Investigation has since been made and it is found that this is a regular gome he has played all over the country, generally getting a small shipment not worth fighting over. But in Kossuth he got too big a haul and the creameries are after him. 'Squire Raymond made out requisition papers Monday, and if the governor signs them Mr. Church will find an end put to his career as a creamery swindler. _ Wanted for Swindling at Hurt. Sheriff Samson went to Boone Monday for W. T. Jenkins, a denizen of that city. Jenkins came to Burt a short time ago and represented that he was well off and buying hay, and being acquainted with Burt people who remembered him to be in good financial circumstances he got five carloads from Stephen Nicholson and Den. Paine. It turns out that while Jenkins was once all right, owing to a pinch in the horse market he is now not worth a dollar, and the money for the hay is not forthcoming. Jenkins comes from a substantial family and has made himself liable to go to the penitentiary. It is likely that his friends will get him out of the scrape and that the hay money will be paid. _ Larceny at Whittemore. Friday two vagrants named E. R. Merane and Jos. J. Burns went into John Goeders' store at Whittemore and while John Cullen was in the rear end one took a suit of clothes and went out. The loss waa noticed and the pair were arrested and the suit recovered. For larceny and drunkenness Mayor Boyle sentenced them to 30 days in the county jail at hard labor, and .they are now with us. Two others, Robt. Moore and Thos. Jones, were caught next day stealing an overcoat from Arthur Carlisle, and sentenced by the mayor to 15 days, and they also are here. All belong to the samo gang. Marshal Dailey will give them a job covering water mains while they live on county provisions. Notice. Everyone "owing us on account or note are requested to call and settle, as we have sold our business in Algona and must have these accounts settled at once. tf PATTERSON & SARCHETT. been paid for In fld>ahce of ouf cothifif * In other words, nobody Was Billowed Id pay for anything—it waft nil free; and when it is understood thai the- visitors were quite numerous and—and—all wanted to smoke at once, and boarded at the best hotel in Iowa—outside of Webster CHyHtfid rode in" carriages back and forth to the gi'Otinds, it will be seen that the Ajfona way of dolfig things just simply broke all our hearts with kindness, and this meeting Will long be held in reinenibrafice by those present as one of the pleasantest little meetings ever held by the Fourth regl« mehtboyB." OLD fashioned maple syrup to go with the buckwheat, House Grocery. at the Opera "POKE CRfiAM"-4hat means dour, and Walker Bros, sell it, Made at At« den, Minn., and warranted to be as good flour as there is itt the market. Don't fail to try a sack. You will certainly like it.—29 MONEY to loan o Geo. C. Call.-tf \ong or short time. CROCKERY and lamp Opera House Grocery. goods at the A CURIOUS CASE IN COURT It Gi'ows Out of Damage Pone by the September Cyclone—Killing 1 of Pour Horses. ;;*« The Big Damage Case froth Whittemore to Be Tried at Fort Dodge—Also the Thompson Case. Less 10 per cent. You put silver dollars in your. pocket by attending this Great November Sale. BUCKWHEAT ! Pure and plenty of it at the Opera House Grocery. EYES treated and glasses adjusted by Dr. Murphy of Mason City, at Dlngley's drug store, Tuesday, Dec. 4.—84t8 Notice to Pay. Those knowing themselves indebted to me are requested to settle by Dec. 1, 1894. I will be found at my residence, five blocks east of Thorington hotel, 84 H. J. WlNKlE. JUST received a large line of cortiers and silk drapery at Galbraith's. Remember this sale is only during the month of November, and the 10 per cent, discount is for CASH sales only, .Hoping to see you all at this great discount sale to lay in your winter supply of goods, we remain, yours truly, VERMONT maple syrup, stricly pure, warranted. It Is called "Log^.Cabin," and there is nothing equal to it in the market today. You find it only at Walker Bros'.—29 A GOOD Beatty organ for sale or to trade for a bicycle, Inquire at this office.—Wf A curious and interesting law suit will shortly be begun aglnst the Northwestern railroad by Geo. E. Clarke. When the cyclone went through the county the wind was hard enough as far 'north as Gotlleb Bohn's to blow down the snow fence along the Northwestern track. This had been connected at each end with the regular stock fence and was made to do double duty by the road. When it was blown down it let four horses out of the Bonn pasture on the truck and the train killed them all. Mr. Bonn wrote to the company, but they replied that they were not liable under such circumstances. Now Mr. Bohn begins suit on the theory that the snow fence, which is much more liable to be blown down than the wire fence, was not a proper and legal fence on the right-of-way, and that the company is liable. It will be a curious case and .will raise the question of what is a sufficient fence to relieve a railway of a claim of damages for stock that get out and are killed on the track. A $10,000 Dnmaee Case. Attorney Ranck of Iowa City was in Algona Monday and with J. W. Sullivan and Geo. E. Clarke went to Fort Dodge in the afternoon. The big damage case against the Milwaukee company from Whittemore comes on this week and will undoubtedly be tried. The case is brought for the death of Chris Kohen, who was killed a few years ago by the snow plow while working on the track. Mr. Sullivan and Ranck & Wade of Iowa City will prosecute while John N. Baldwin of Council Bluffs, and M. D. O'Connell of Fort Dodge, are with the counsel for the company. As soon as the day for trial is set the witnesses will besubpcenaed, and probably a large number of people from Whittemore will be called. It is a big case and will be fought for all there is in it. Ttoe Thompson Injury Case. Immediately after the Whittemore case the case of Jos. Thompson against the Milwaukee for $10,850 is set for bearing. Sullivan, Ranck & Wade appear for Mr. Thompson, and Mr. Clarke will be assisted by M. D. O'Connell for the company, It is difficult to tell when the trial will be reached, but when it is about 50 Algonians will be called to Fort Dodge as witnesses. The $350 claim is for the team, and the $10,000 is for Mr. Thompson's very serious and permanent injuries. The chief question is whether the engineer pulled the whistle as he came near the crossing. To Collect WlilBltoy Suit Pines, County Attorney Raymond has begun a suit in the district court to subject the property of the Whittemore whiskey sellers, who were caught last spring, to the payment of the fines assessed against them. It is said that they will fight. There is some f 1,400 at stake, and it ought to go into the public funds. First-class Horse Shoeing. I have now a No. 1 horse shoer and general blacksmith, Bring in your steppers and be convinced. I have also started a feed mill, and will have ground feed for sale. AH work warranted. Corner court house square, 20m2 PETER J. JOHNSON. We Mve bought th0 entire stddk of fa war© ibrmerly owned by H, J, Winkte* desire to aimounce to the public that wa aim to carry nothing but first-class goods ordinarily found in a hardware stock» and hope by fair prices and courteous treatmen to receive a share of its patronage, ! Jji We have on hand a large line oi heaters^ among which are the celebrated "Radiant* Home," " Jewel," and " Riverside Oak," whose names are a sufficient guarantee of their merits. We want to close these stoves out in the next 30 days and will make prices that will ; be satisfactory. J We carry a full line of all kinds of wood and iron pumps for shallow and deep wells. We have an expert tinner and do all kinds of plumbing work. 0. M. DOXSEE, Apples! Apples! Apples! ^-^AT THE NEW STORE. Two cars received already, and the third car, NEW YORK APPLES will be here this week. JAMES PATTERSON. • FARM LOANS. Having secured the agency of the New England Loan and Trust Company, I am now prepared to make farm loans on five to ten years' time at the lowest possible rate, with privilege of partial payments before due. Office over Chrischilles' store, Algona. S. S SESSIONS. Jno.' Goeders, Goeders JQWA. Cullen, WHITOMQRR IOWA. An Outsider's View. W. F. Smith of the Webster City Journal was an Algona visitor recently, and he says of Algona; "We found many improvements in Algona since our last visit about a year ago, and the town seems to be growing nicely and adding much to its general appearance, It is one of the most sightly towns in Iowa, and its people have a thrifty, go- ahead spirit. They have recently sunk a new well for have recently their waterworks system, and are putting in a large amount of pew mains with a view of eventually placing the system upon a paying or self-supporting basis, and we know their hopes will be realized. The, Algpna that we first knew in 1665 as a very meagre frontier hamlet Is now rightly counted as one of the best in' land toWBsinaUIowa." Of the rifle shoot and the manner in which the Algona company took care of the vUitoj-8 this is said: "The shooting was good throughout, and of course we 4W the hegt yre cpwld to e«8' teto the reputation of our military corn pany. But to Capt. Haggard aad. th members of his company, together with PtheroitisensoJ AJgtma, we are uitfer the necessity of aoknpwjedgipg that the AlgOftft way $ the - ™ J» * •• "SB ^ffiaif i -' |r _-— '•*" r '"V ' Itft&ecn^fiB tlwugh ev^rj' ?Vl^^;Mi.?M« Cull, Everyone owing me on account or pote is requested to settle the same at opce. I am compelled to have a large amount of money for the pew mill- Don't delay a day. 81t4 J. J, WILSON. New Millinery, Fine Goods, Latest Styles. These are what you find at prices that are moderate, and in endless profusion at Matson & McCall's. Bradley & Nicoulin are now prepared to do all kinds of Repairing Wagons, Buggies;,!^ ANI)- oysters at the also fresh milk for sale. City Bakery; ' RAILWAY TIME QABD8. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST, LO04X. TRAINS WEST, No. l departs at ...................... 8:58 am No.9 departs at ...................... 4;S8pm Freights that carry passengers- No. of departs at...... ............... 6:80 am No. 03 departs at .................... 11:55 a ia No. 71 deparfo* at TB4ISS . Nq. 8 departs at..,.,, ................ 10;13am NO. 4 departs at ...................... 6:06pw Freights tha* carry passengers- No. 7f departs at...... ..., ........... u:oopw No. Pi depart* at State : University 1 Farm Machinery. Also do Painting-and operate a general repair shop. AT THE OLD STAND, ALGONA, -V V P V.w M. f. HAGQABP. Haggard & Peek, [Successors to Jones & 03? The Several Departments will the Year 1894*85 on Sept, 19, For particular }nlorn>atjon as to the respective departments address as follows! .. ••• Colleelate~0harlee J. Sohaefler, president, Iowa City. Law—BmUn McOlaln, chancellor, Iowa City. M«dtcafc-J. W. Haryjinan, M. »•• secretary Abstracts, Real Collections, *--.-„«, lowft 01 Pharmftoeutioal

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