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Freeport, Illinois
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THURSDAY, JULY 22, 1948 THE JOURNAL-STANDARD, FREEPORT, ILLINOIS PHONE TOUR WANT ADS 3100 PAGE NINETEEN Enticing Ways To Prepare That Fryer, Broiler Fryers and broilers are at their best and cheapest right now, so treat your family to a succulent chicken dinner. Whether you boil, fry or fricassee, the secret of your success will lie partly in what you cook in, says Elizabeth Sweeney. Writing in McCall's she and Helen, McCully give you tempting ways to serve a bird: Barbecued Chicken 2 fryers, 2 1 A to 2 Ibs. each Salt Melted butter or margarine 1 clove garlic Start your oven at 360 P. or moderate.

Place chickens, which should be cleaned and split In two, in shallow roasting pan, skin side up; sprinkle with salt and brush with melted butter or margarine. Cut garlic in half and drop into pan. Bake hour. Take garlic out of pan and cover birds with this sauce: Barbecue Sauce 1 sliced medium onion 3 tablespoons butte ror margarine 2Vz cups tomato juice 2 tablespoons vinegar teaspoon salt teaspoon dry mustard teaspoon curry powder teaspoon Cayenne teaspoon tabasco teaspoon black pepper 1 bay leaf Cook onion in butter or margarine for about 5 minutes. Then stir in all the other ingredients and cook slowly over low fire for 15 minutes.

Pour over chicken. Cook another hour and a half, basting with the sauce several times during cooking. Broiled Spring Chicken 3 broilers, 2Vi Ibs. each, split in halves Melted butter or margarine Brush clean, split broilers with melted butter or margarine. Place each half with skin side down on top section in broiler pan.

Have broiler burner or unit at full heat, chicken is 6 Inches from broiler compartment, making sure that chicken is 6 inches from broler flame (8 to 0 inches from broiler unit in electric ranges). Broil 20 minutes; then turn skin side up and broil 10 to 15 minutes longer. If your broiler is in a separate compartment alongside the oven, you can turn down the heat and in that case you can have the chicken closer to heat and still get it done through without burning. However, if your broiler IE under the oven so that the broiler heat is on full, make sure of two things: (1) Have the chicken 6 inches from the flame; (2) keep the door of the bake oven open. The reason for the open oven door is that the burner, common to both broiler and oven, is controlled by the thermostat.

When, the heat in the oven reaches maximum, the heat would be automatically reduced before your chicken is done. So, if your broiler you 6 inches, use it for steaks or chops and do your chicken on top of the range or in the oven. Chicken Fricassee with Curry Dumplings Chicken and dumplings Jn a hurry? Call on the pressure cooker: Gook the chicken under pressure, then off with the lid, drop in the dumplings and finish, using the cooker like a covered kettle. 4-5 Ib. fowl, out up VA' cups cold water teaspoons salt 1 onion, sliced Sprig of celery 1 carrot cup flour oup water Dumpling dough Place chicken in pressure cooker 1V4 cups water, salt, onion, celery leaves and carrot.

Lock cov- on and place over high heat. Bring pressure to 10 pounds. Reduce heat and hold this pressure 40 minutes. Reduce pressure and remove cover. Stir M.

cup flour mixed with oup flour mixed with cup water to thicken gravy. Drop dumplings by heaping tablespoonfuls onto chicken. Cook dumplings for first 10 minutes with cover off; then place cover on loosely, not locked, and cook 10 minutes longer. Dumpling dough; Sift together 2 cups all-purpose flour, 1 teaspoon salt, 3 teaspoons baking powder, teaspoon curry powder. Cut in 2 tablespoons shortening with 2 knives or pastry blender.

Add 3 tablespoons chopped parsley; gradually add 1 milk; mix until smooth. Drop by tablespoons onto hot fricassee by dipping spoon first into fricassee then into dough so dumplings will slip off more easily. Partial Belting Slims Waistline If your waistline isn't as youthfully slim as it once was, don't be tempted into wearing a bright or otherwise eye-catching belt. The more noticeably bright your belt is, the more it accents waistline size. A wide belt, even if its color is quiet, should be shunned because of the widening effect it has on a waistline, qaq A narrow belt of a color exactly color-matched to the dress or jacket with which you wear it is usually the most figure-flattering choice.

If you must have a color contrast in a belt, pick a' color that is darker thari your dress. If you go in much for belts, there are tricks which can be used on them to minimize waistline size. A good trick, for example, is to partially belt your waistline. You can create a now-you-see-it, now- you-don't belt by inserting it through the waistband of a dress. You can also cover up amall areas of a belt with the flaps of pockets set high at the waistline of a dress or jacket.

The idea behind the partially- belted look is that a broken-up horizontal line encircling your waist ii less widening than an unbroken line. Knit Tricks Shiny Skin Needs Heavier Powder Need to fight down a hot-weather shine? Moisture or oil which can enhance the luminous look of a young skin is usually anything but flattering to the older woman's. If an annoying shine pops up on your nose, you can deluster that area with a no-shine liquid. This clear colorless stuff, applied before you put on make-up, will arrest a shine, no matter how aggressive it becomes during warm weather. Wear a therefore a more to blot up facial shine, if skin is oily or you perspire excessively during warm weather.

Be warned against wearing tawny powt'er shades which deepen into a jaundiced-looking yellow or ombre-stripes when heat brings out basic tones of pig ment. Powder shades which best resist the reactions of oil, moisture and acids are those plgmented with pink or red yellow. Two Plastic Sheeting Finishes For Handbags Strike Smart Note Two new finishes in "fabrillte" vinyl plastic sheeting, made by Du Pont for fine handbags, strike a new smart note in summer bags. California saddle leather finish hns a rich softness in its sleek polished surface. "Pique," an embossed pattern, combines the texture interest of the fabric with superior wearing qualities.

At present this finish available in white only; the other one conies In four colors, natural, russet, flame- red, and pepper green. The plastic sheeting resists dirt, grease, cracking, and It can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Colors keep fresh looking even after long wear and are unaffected by persperation. Other Grains In addition to the two new finishes, "fabrilite" comes in a va riety of other grains and finishes that lend themselves to dlstlctive sytles. Many large tailored bags appear in simulated goatskin grain.

A rectangular shaped bng in this grain is interesting and practical with graceful double handles. The gleaming metal clasp opens wide to reveal an attached change purse and sice pocket with zipper. For the soft pouch shapes, the simulated calfskin grain has a supple quality especially desirable for fullness or pleats. A deep pouch has a wide wrist handle stemming from a golden metal circle ovna ment nt teh clasp. Its rounded panel with welted scams gathers to graceful folds at the covered frame.

A youthful look Is captured in the "box" bng with turn lock closure in this same grain. The top folds back to reveal a double pocket, one with a zipper closing. Elongated Influence Another interesting shape in simulated calfskin grain shows the elongated invluence, a slim pouch with a narrow and deep opening; Twin arm handles are important details, closely co-ordinated with sttrrup-llke bars of metal the clasp. The "pique" finish adds Interest to a pouch with ball-shaped metal lock and gussets cut on the bias folding out over a small center panel. This styling detail makes the pouch quite roomy.

Frozen You Toast 'Em And Serve 'Em Frozen waffles are a new product In New York city stores, according to the New York Times. They were Invented by Fanny Herrlck of Herrick Frozen Foods, for people who do not have a waffle iron or for hot days when cooking Is unattractive. Pop them In a toaster and In 60 seconds they are golden brown and piping hot! Waffles with chicken a la king (also available in frozen foods) mnke a popular breakfast, luncheon or supper dish for "company. Mrs. Herrlck also recommends topping waffles with eggs creamed with mushrooms and sprinkled with chopped salted almonds.

For dessert, waff-les can be used with ber- or sliced peaches, with a dol- op of Ice cream. Or a dessert sandwich can be made with a slice of ce cream placed between two warm waffles, the whole covered with chocolate or caramel sauce. Boring Holes In Porch Columns Can Prevent Blistering Of Paint Blistering and peeling of paint on hollow porch columns can easily be prevented by the simple expedient of boring a hole or two )n the top and bottom of the column to let the air circulate through the Interior of the column, says "American Painter and Decorator," which explains: "Blistering is caused by moisture which works its way up into the inside of the column. Since there is no easy outlet for that moisture, it works its way out through the wood, under the paint, and forms a blister which later breaks and peels off." New The fashion which excites the most envy at every beach, boat club or smart resort of the U.S.A. is the hand- knit play suit.

Such outfits which wealthy women buy and pay fabulous prices for can be made for a mere fraction of the cost by the woman who knits. For the woman who wants to make her own swank outfit, Audrey Gerhaty, "big name" designer in the hand-knit field, has created one of the year's outstanding fashions. The three-piece outfit, as shown, Includes brief 'multi-color shorts, matching turban scarf and a back-button bolero of a harmonizing color. If you are as adept with a crochet hook as with knitting needles, make yourself beach bag and sandals to complete your ensemble. These crocheted accessories are made of candlewlck cotton.

Beware Of Flat Sour In Canning Peas Flat sour is one of the hazards that always seems to be waiting just around the corner when we oan peas. Prevention is the only solution, because once flat sour sets in it is too late. Flat sour is generally due to heat-loving bacteria. It may result from lack of proper cooling at any stage of the in the basket or box before the peas are shelled. The safest plan Is to work with a small quantity of the there are extra hands.

to complete the canning promptly. If peas must wait in the pods, spread them but to permit circulation of air, and store them in a cool spot. Don't leave them heaped in the basket or box. Once you have completed the processing, cool the Jars or cans promptly. Place the jars on a rack and far.

enough apart to permit free circulation of air. Avoid direct drafts. Plunge tin cans into cold running water and leave until thoroughly cooled. If running water is not available, change the water as needed. Do not permit it to become warm.

TOP VALUE NOW, OLD HOMESTEAD Table-ready MEATS featured by markets that sell fine meats LARGEST OPEN AIR MARKET 24-lb. Average 24 Cam Lb. Georgia WATERMELONS Butternut COFFEE Pine Quality Early JUNE PEAS California New RED POTATOES £2 100-lb. Bag $2.98 BANANAS Georgia Elberta PEACHES Vine Ripened CANTALOUPE California ORANGES 29c CUCUMBERS 5c Illinois TOMATOES 5c Mew Green CABBAGE. Sc 8-or.

Bottle LEMON JUICE 2 25c In Heavy Syrup California SLICED PEACHES 89c Ea. Open All Day Sunday ACE PRODUCE CO. East Stephenson Street At the End of Taylor Park Plenty of Fret Parking 8 A. M. to 10 P.

M. Heat! "Tike it easy" with Kroger quick-fix foods at prices that Cat your Cost of Living Treat yoursetf to less work, treat your family to fine meals with these easy-fix foods. Stock-up now with Kroger values that cut your cost of living. Canned Meatt SPAM-PREM-TREET 49c Broadcast REDI-MEAT. 45c Oscar Mayer CANNED WIENERS 49c Fresh ground lean HAMBURGER 55c Very economical Beef Tenderloins.

Hormel Armour Sliced Bacon First cut Pork Chops Cello wrapped Bacon Squares. Frozen Rosefish Fillets. Tops on the market Potato Salad Franco- America n- SPAGHETTI 2 is 29c Kroger Embassy SALAD DRESSING Lb. LI). Windsor Club Lb.

79c CHEESE OvC Kroger Fancy PEACHES 57c Orange and Grapefruit 39c BLENDED JUICE Madison Brand 3ic DILL PICKLES 23c Kroger secret blend 27c ICED TEA Qt. a Can 46-oz. Can 45c 99c 29c 19c Broadcast Corned Beef Hash 12-oz. can34c Armour Potted Meat Vz-Vo. can 19e Morton'i Chlckan Ala King 9V2-oz.

can 29c Florida Grapefruit Juice 46-oz. can 15c (Zone I. 2 for 29c) Florida Orange Juice can 21 (Zone 1-2 for 39c) Kroger Tomato Juice 2 24-oz. cans 45c Krogar Embaity Plain Olives jar 49c Kroger HomogenlieH Peanut Butter jar 63c Evap. Milk .3 14-oz.

cans 42c Krog.r Hot-Dated Spotlight Coffee 1 Ib. 4tk Kroger Red Sour Cherries 20-oz. can 27c Grapefruit 2 20-oz. cans 25c Stronglieorl Dog Food 3 15-oz. cans 27c Rival Dog Food 3 cans 27c Black Flag Bug Bomb each 97c Facial Tluut Scotties 440 ctn.

pkg. 27c BUach Fleecy White Vi gal, 26c Breeze Ig. pkg. 31 43c Fresh New York Dressed Blue Seal i Blue deal Frying Chickens MARGARINE 50c Average Kroger Pork and Beans J6 01. Rlnso Duz Oxydol Large ft.

Pkg. O'TL. Kroger Assorted Flavors Gelatin 19c Kroger Marshmallows 19c 10-or. Pkg. Madison Brand Sweet Pickles Qt.

39c WATERMELONS U. S. No. 1 quality Every melon guaranteed 3 Betty Crocker Famous Recipe Orange Chiffon Cake only 39c BIGGEST BREAD BUY IN TOWN Kroger Bread. 2 21 FRESH PAK Our produce is top-quality, handled by experts to insure freshness.

Save CHERRIES a A $R89 Popular Brandi Cigarettes $1.65 (Zone Mason Jars doz. qts. 75c 5 Finest quality Sturgeon Bay Pitted Cherries with sugar added. Place your order at your Kroger store now. fgy Itx git inlgrgtd on developing and printing any 8-exposure roll of SUPERCHROME FILM Stnd Aim, coupon and 25c 35c) Tot Photo Developing, Box 885.

Cincinnati 14, Ohio. Ofltr midnight August 7, 1948 Sove on all popular size film at Kroger!.

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