Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 5, 1946 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, March 5, 1946
Page 3
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\y i • i , ,<," • — ™^^"^"^^^^"^^^ MB ^™*^^^^^^^^M^^^^Bi^^^^B ^ Housing; Transportation in Europe Terrible, No Place for Pleasure Trip .*By»DEWIfT MACKENZIE I AP World traveler I Bern. Switzerland, March. 5- —; Letters are arriving from readers! ;\Vho are anxious to tour Europe j and want advice on how -to s*0{ about it. ••••" • •"" i That's a project for which your ' globe trotting columnist team has a j sympathetic understanding. We .have the same urge and it grows stronger as we proceed on (he : great adventure of watching fhe _ieb>rth ol a continent. It's a rare privilege to witness this epochal metamorphosis at close range. However, the very Met that this is one of the great changes of the : ; ages, and that it is being staged in ,the. midst of. . unprecedented destruction, is fair warning that observers must- expect to "encounter many difficulties and hardships .1 don't say this to discourage those •* would 'see-for themselves, but oruy to give them a friendly tip, so .that thev may-be prepared. There~are European countries , _ \vhich are looking forward eagerly £2-to a renewal ol tourist trade, if* Among them is Switzerland, which |«{ is making special plans to acco'fn- |g modate visitors. But there are CTmany others which are too badly '3hurt to be'able to deal with atiy 1 *great influx of tourists for a very 1 considerable tiriie.'and iti these Hope Star Stet 61 Hope 18*$,' fttH C6n»ofida«»d January 1t, t UVH.JJ14S.ACIU1C bcinc:, aim in Ultrstr ,--f r countries the traveler encounters f harsh difficulties. p -Therefore, our advice to would- hed every weekday af Star Publishing Co., Inc. (C. E. Palmer and Alex. H. Washburn) at the Star buliding 212-214 South Walnut Streef, Hope, ArR, C. E. PALMER President ALEX. H. WASHBURN Editor and Publisher Entered as second class mdftcr at ,the Post Office at Hope, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1897. (AP)—Means Associated Press. (NEA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Association. Subscription Rotes: (Always Payable In- Advance): By city carrier per week 15c Hompsread, Nevada, Howard, Miller and Lafayette counties, $3.50 per year; els«- where $6.50. Member of The Associated Press: The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for republication of all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local lews, published herein. be tourists is to consult the consu- latss or embassies of the countries I wjhieh they wish to visit to- deter-1 visitors |inme whether it's a suitable time. In most cases you probably will be NoHcnol Advertising Rf preientoflv*— Arkansas Dollies. Inc.; Memphis Term., iteritk Building; Chicago, 400 NoCh Michigan Avenue; New York Cify, 292 Madison £ve.; Detroit, Mich., 2842 W. Grand Blvd.: Oklahoma City, 3M Terminal Bldg.; New Orleans, 722 Union St. " .. „ — the devastated area of Germany — is unattainable at present by the average traveler. There advised not to undertake the trip is neither food nor shelter to spare before warm weather arrives, even j thougft the conquered territories ; i£ a welcome is held out after that i presumably will be open up in diie course. One of the worst bottlenecks which the traveler encounters i.<*t-« TH. •-"•->"••• ' he shorta | time. 1 tOne important item to remember Sis that touring in Europe is devil- Eisnly expensive. Don't start out |with The- idea that you can do it I cheaply and still have ade- J quatecfood and lodging. The reas- Scout Meeting Barlow, 7 P. Wednesday The regular monthly Scoufers Round Table, will be 7 held at the Hotel Barlow, at 7:00 Wednesday evening, March Gth. All Scout Masters, assistant scoutmasters and troop commilleemen are urged to attend this meeting. The Hempstead District Committee will meet jointly with the district round table to discuss fhe advancement program, and to set lip .the camping and activities program for the spring and summer months. District Commissioner Lyman Armstrong and District Chairman Clifford Franks are expecting the joint session to be a very successful event. o— Riots Broken Up by Cairo Police Cairo. Mrach 5 —(UP)— Police armed with batons charged stone- throwing demonslrators at Alexandria today and reports said the crowds were dispersed without bloodshed in contrasl with yesterday's riots in which and more 17 persons than 300 is so were killed wounded. Premier Ismail Sidky Pasha planned to go to Alexandria today to make a personal investigation of the riots. A police official said G70 arrests had been made in Cairo today from various groups which attempted to assemble in the streets. i (A. Briths exchange telegraph! dispatch from Cairo said the com-1 mander of the Sidi Bushri garrison I notified the governor of Alexandria ' that British forces would take over ^,.«, . »u 7 — -••«"»«»&«. 4d ou i LIIBI oriusn jorces would take over gieat that you may waste days and;the city unless order was restored even weeks waiting for a book by within 24 hours.) lestorccl j ganized and there is ": that . the odds -Napily-the objective of most n^^rt^ *° - : : : Then. Ihore are other S ties due t • - railroads. train or air. then? in some cases I Sidky, "in a statement issued fol you, also run up against _the old-! lowing* a cabinet meetingT last the night, said the "regrettable inci- at Alexandria demonstrations f coal which is tragic in many" Sol- tor !l P WJ ty '° A - C ^ i Communications are disor- ! rinHnn= - n (sl ? e P' n ,2 accornmo- s ^^f^\!^f^^ 5 ^^ SB; " • S E E! What a Big Jar i of High Quality V MOROLINE j Petroleum Jelly I for minor burns— j cuts.bruises,chafes, II abrasions, and sim- |ple irritated skin. You Get For lONLY10c . 'ersonal Prop- terty Floater in- *sufdnce gives lyou rtiore pro- ftecfion for your Jpersohal property in your <home and out^side than you pre able to get .in an"y other »way. Roy Anderson INSURANCE Phone 810 IDS. Main Hope ° U1 ' difficul- , dents' when occurred developed into riots following "a rumo:- that someone fired on the demonstrators. Press, dipatches reported the violence began when Egyptian police lo'blikT - n o bad c °ndition of thejinss in the center of the cHv ' . You expect delays on •- -vi < Slt3kv , s version said demonstra- yourself tors set fire to a building occupied by British troops and to a gaso- attacked a O:'* *->ocf soldiers every train and " count lucky if they are short. _ You must expect fo be cold in lihe station and "then even the best hotels arid it's a we'l- British military £°™ IKfrJ.l'L 1 ? £«•?. is , sufficient manned by five' British partmenl _ -..,. ^.....v, , A m^ic ja ounjuiciu iiictnuea oy live ririt heat. Hot water for balhs also is near lhe Holel Cecil rationed m many places. ElevalprS will take you up, but you walk down lo save electricitv. By lhe same loken electric lighting is cut lo a minimum. However, apart from the unheated homes, these deficiencies are mainly inconveniences. You must bring all that you will need for your trip in the way of clothing, shoes, vitamins and othel medicines, cosmetics and so on, be- 'cause there are few places where you can buy these things in Europe." and you'll, be fortunate if you don't lose' some of them, because Europe has some mighty soft spots in its conscience these days. My partner lost a year's supply of cosmetics to an ambitious chambermaid, but we've been lucky. -— -. o— — Hubert Byler Found Sane, Early Trial Little Rock, March 5 —(/P)— Ru- pbert Byler of near Melbourne, cnarged with first degree murder in the Dec. 4 slaying of Izard County Sheriff J. L. Harber, has been found to be sane by officials at the slale hospilal. Dr. A. C. Kolb, hospital superintendent, announced results of the mental observation last night.. Byler, his wife, Ester Lee; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Byler, and his sister-in-law, Mrs. Alfa Young, are scheduled to go on trial, all on charges of first degree murder, at Melbourne March 25. The mental examiniation was ordered by Izard Circuit Judge John L. Bledsoe. Reds'Demand; Continued from Page One last night that Britain "cannot take the risk of South Persia (Iran) and the Persian Gulf falling into the hands of any power hostile to this country." MacLean asked the Labor government whether it intended I Now In Stock Ekco Pressure Cookers limited quanity of these cookers, 4 quart capacity. Selling Price U.of Arkansas Expect 4,000 Enrollment Little Rock, March 5 —(£")— The University of Arkansas anticipates an enrollmenl of 4,000 next Seplem- v "" "" J u as classroom facilities for ) and housing .facilities 2,800, an Education De«-- —•- survey of the stale's educational institulions disclosed today. The university, already in the Uiroes of a housing shorlage now nas 2,9o6 sludenls enrolled, the survey showed. The figures submilled are for maximum use of available facilities on and off the campus, Education Commissioner Ralnh B Jones said. The survey, undertaken at the direclion of Governor Laney, covered sixteen white colleges and three Negro schools. Only John Brown University of Siloam Springs, Cenlral College of Conway and Shorter College for Negroes in North Liltle Rock failed to respond to queries designed to determine the housing and equipment nee.ds of the schools. The survey included denominational, stale supported and municipally supported inslilutions. The sixleen while colleges said they expeclfjd a tolal enrollmenl in September of 13,145 compared to current enrollment of 8,364 and an enrollment of 4,477 a year ago The Negro schools said Ihey expected 2,060 nexl Seplember, had 1,289 now .and 1,052 a year ago. Present classroom facilities of the. white schools would accommo- dale 14,201 persons bul present housing facjlilies will accommodate only 8,874. The Negro schools have classroom facilities for 1,170 but housing facililies for only 1,095. . o APPEALS JUDGMENT Liltle Rock, March 5 — tff>) —J \v Garner appealed lo the Supreme courl today from a Pope circuit judgment for the Missouri Pacific major industries Manchuria "leave our Soviet allies to carry- perhaps some people would say kidnap—the baby and make the j"".n.i wim v,uina, «nu i^num mis whole of Persia a Soviet sphere of rejected it, Secretary of State influence. ' Rumft^ r \\c.r>\ r ,^,.A +^^1^..* MacLean spoke after Prime Minister Attlee had told Commons that Britain hoped to see a reduction of armaments throughout the world, bul would keep more than 1,000,000 men in her armed forces for at least another year . Mdf«$h 5, PLANE WRECKAGE HOLDS 27 BODIES-Thls wreckage of an American Airlines Flagship tells the mute story of its crash Into fog-shrouded, 6,000 ft. mountain peak, east of San Diego. The plane, enroute from New York to Los Angeles, rammed Into the mountain with full throttle, killing the 23 passengers and four crew members. (NEA Telephoto) Market Repori ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK National Sfoikyards, 111.. Mnrrh «j _(/P)_ Hogs, 7,000; active sleady market; slaughler barrows and gilts, all weights 14.80; sows and slags mostly 14.05; very lighl pigs down lo 12.00; occasional sales stags and piggy sows over 700 Ibs. 13.50. Catle, 4,000j calves 1,200; load and sinal lots mostly choice steers 17.00; several loads good and choice 15.25-10.00; medium and good Ifl.25-15.00; good heifers and mixed yearlings M,25-10.25; few 10.50; medium largely 12.00-14.00; good cows'12.50-13.00; common and medium 9.25-12.25 ;canners and cul- lers 7.00-9.00; good beef bulls 13.5014.00; medium and good sausage bulls 11.00-12.50: few 11!.75; choice vealcrs 17.90; medium and good Itt.OlMU.fH); cull and common ti.nO- 11.00. Shoe, 2,000, slaughter lambs 25 and extremes 50 higher; top 10.30 sparingly on native woolcd lambs; others good and choice lots mainly I5.50-1G.25; few medium lo good lols 13.50-15.00; culls downward to 11.00; slaughler ewes very scarce; occasional sales up lo 7.00; choice ewes quotable lo 7.50. POULTRY AND PRODUCE Chicago. March 5 — (7P)— Butter, firm; receipts 240,274"; market unchanged. Eggs, receipts 24,003; firm; market unchanged. Live poultry — firm on hens, sleady on chickens. Receipts 11 trucks, four cars. Fob prices; fowl 27-29; fryers 30—31 1-2; broilers 30—31 1-2. Other prices unchanged. NEW YORK COTTON New York, March 5 — (/I')— Colton futures moved over a wide range in moderately active dealings today. The market sagged a dollar a bale on an early flurry of trade selling, partly attributed to hedging against purchases of government cotton bul when lhe sell- Ing abaled lhe market recovered sharply lo show net gains of 70 cenls a bale on persistent mill buying, which met an absence of offerings. In late trading prices eased off from the best levels on profil laking. Laic afternoon prices were 10 lo 5fl cents a bale hiyher on 27.2f>, l May 27.08, and Jlv 27.09. TRUMAN AND CHURCHILL LEAVE WASHINGTON—President Truman and England's Winston Churchill wave "Good bye" as the President's special train leaves Washington enroute to Fulton, Missouri. The British War Leader will deliver an address at Westminister college. (NEA Telephoto) COL. JAMES DEVEREUX TO WED—Announcement was made of the engagement of Col. James D. Devereux, hero of Wake Island and Miss Rachel Clarks Cooke of Baltimore, Md., shown holding a photo of the famed Marine. Miss Cooke said, however, at her home in Washington, D. C., that no date has been set for the wedding. (NEA Telephoto) Russia's Proposal to Chinese Out Washington, March 5 —(/P)— Russia has made a proposal to operate (Allied agreement what war booty it m;Sy take.) In ' another memorandum to Generalissimo Chiang Kai - Shek's headquarters, the Russian government proposed to hand over a part of the so-called "war booty" lo China and called for joinl operation by China and Russia of specified remaining enterprises in rich Manchuria, including coal mines, power plnats, ste'el and chemical industries and cement plants. Vets Urged to Vote 1J.95 Comes out of the kitchen and stays to (finner. Food cooked in minutes, brims color, flavor and vitamins. MONTGOMERY-WARD ORDER OFFICE -212 S. Main Hope/ Ark. Phone 1010 ATTENTION VETERANS Oiichdtjcd Vtterani Entitled to Buy Cuncnt Poll Td* -. Good for Volinj Until October, 1946. GO TO COLLECTOR'S OFFICE TODAY jointly with China, and China has Byrnes disclosed today'. Byrnes said the United States would send a message to Moscow on lhe Manchurian situation. Preliminary signs indicated the American position svould be in support of the Chinese government. Manchuria is one of lhe major trouble spots in Russia-American relations. Earlier at a news conference, Byrnes said Gen. Douglas Mac-Arthur's authority as supreme i commander at Tokyo extends lo i the Manchurian area. I Information from lhe Chinese foreign office aboul lhe Soviel-propo- .sal for operation of Manchuria in- duslry was made public by Byrnes ; simply bv releasing a partial text of the Chinese note. This staled: i On Jan. 21. 1946 lhe Soviel gov- i eminent told the Chinese govern- jment lhal it regarded as "war i booty" for Soviel forces all Japan- jesc enterprises in China's norlh- i eastern provinces which had i served the Japanese army. The Chi inese government rejected this So| viet definition of war booty. ; (On this point Byrnes did not 1 comment directly today but he previously had said that the United Stales does not consider any country has the right lo decide without 4 U. S. Soldiers Get Life Imprisonment By Army in Korea Seoul, Korea, March 5 —(UP) — Four American soldiers have been sentenced to life imprisonment aad a fifth lo a 20-year term for rape, U. S, army headquarters announced today. The soldiers were not identified. The announcement said their sentences had been approved by Arkansas' returning servicemen and women are Oeing urged to secure a current poll tax and vote in all 194(5 elections held before October 1st, Railroad in a suit brought by him for $2,999 as alleged damages suffered at London, Ark., Jan. 15, 1944. Garner claimed that the noise of a troop train passing through London frightened hjs team, which ran away with his farm wagon, resulting in injuries to himself and the death of one of his horses. Boren Opposed Giving S. P. A. Appropriations Washington, March 5 —(/P)— Rep, Boren (D-Okla) said today he is opposed to giving the Southwestern Power Administralion "one nickel for any purpose.'.' He declared in an interview Ihere is no legal justification for appropriations being asked by the SPA. Officials of the SPA, now operating under the Interior Department, have appeared before a House Appropriations subcommittee on interior appropriations seeking approval of Budget Bureau recommendations for $23,000,000 for the next fiscal year. The money would be used for eleclric powQr lines from Ihe Denison dam and reservoir project on the Oklahoma-Texas line and from other hydro-electric projects which have been built or are authorized. Executives of several southern and southwestern private power companies opposed the SPA program at hearings last week. Other private power officials expect to appear before the committee late lo- day or tomorrow. Boren contended there is no authority in the law to justify such an appropriation. It is an attempt "of colleetiyisls lo gel power by usurpation thai Ihey couldn't get by direct request of Congress," he declared. "We have loo many government authorities now," Boren told a reporter. "It is lime for Ihe people lo have a little authority themselves without, government ownership or dictation over these innumerable matters that properly belong lo privale enterprise." o Basketball Scores By The Associated Press EAST Georgetown 53; American University 52. New York U. 57; St. Francis (Brooklyn) 27. SOUTH West Virginia College Baksetball Tourney (Al Buckhannon, W .Va.) (First Round) Fairmont Stale 63; Bethany 50. Morris Harvey 40; Polomac Stale 45. Alderson-Broaddus 74; Concord MIDWEST Heidelberg 47; Kenyon 34. Bradle- Tech G3; Toledo U. 50. Minnesota 58; Wisconsin 57. FAR WEST Colorado CO; Brigham Young 42. GRAIN AND PROVISIONS Chicago. March 5 — f/P)— Orain futures dawdled through a dull session today, with May rye and teho two active deliveries of oats not showing much inclination to go anywhere. At the finish oats were .unchanged to 3-8 higher than ycstcrdya's close, May 83. Rye was unchanged lo 1 cent higher. May $2.21 1-2, ':-i-B. NE WYORK TOCKS New York, March 5 —(/P)— The creeping stock market rallv which got under way in the final half hour of Monday's session continued today although little if any speed developed. Higher price sruled after a quiet opening and, al lhe besl, gains ran lo 3 poinls wilh wider climbs accomplished by notably "thin" issues. Ste'els, motors, rail's, cOp- |pers. Honors, mail orders, amusements and assorted specialties drew the principal bidding. While slowdowns wore frequent, and top marks trimmed in the majority of cases near the close, recoveries predominated. Transfers were in the neighborhood of 1,00,000 shares, another of lhe small turnovers of the pasl several months. Bonds were narrow. Gen. Douglas MacArthur's headquarters and that they would be committed to McNeil! island, Pugel Sound, Wash. Those Enduring Young Charms Begin with an attractive "styled- for-you" coiffure. We've ideals galore in good looking, easy-to- care for hair-dos. Machine or Cold Wave Permawents General Beauty Work and Cosmetics Make your appointment today MISS HENRY'S SHOP Phone 252 Oaklawn Entries for Wednesday First Race — $1,000 mdn, up: 0 furs. Grace Poweis 1 Serene One 113; Shining 11H; Dame York 113; Colly SHbt 11(1; Midget Store 118; Ice' " " 113; Nicks Bi/bj<<ttrf}U3;, „ Teddy UK; Lacy BTTi:!, finiriet"««..• -, xlOK; Inwood llfl, .««.,, mm,. (' Also Eligible.'%«%.? 118) initiator 118. (liy? 2). A-P. Gorgeltn'- T,'< Hoy. 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Thursday, March 7, The Pitt Cleburne Chapter U.D C will meet Thursday atternoon at the home of Mrs. J. F. Gorln with Mrs. p,,t Casey as associate host- Friday, March 8. The Friday Music Club will moo! r',»" y pvl>ni "K !lt 7::i() ! 't the home of Mrs. Dick Watkins on East Second street. Rose Garden Club Met Friday Afternoon. The Rose Garden club met Fri«?- v at X cl ' noon at the home of Mrs. W.M. Cantley wilh Mrs. W. B Mason and Mrs. W.H. Bourne as associate hostesses. The meeting was opened with the Lord's Prayer repealed in unison. The president, Mrs. ' Thomas Browster presided over a Short business session and gave lhe plans outlined for the year. Mrs. A.J. Neighbors and Mrs. John S. Gibson, Jr. p.-esented the program on oul door living rooms" Mrs. J. C. Carllon played Men- clhelson's "Spring Song." The Rose Garden Club will cooperate with the other gardens clubs in planting two Irees on the court house lawn this year Hie clubs also plan to place a Bronze tablel on lhe cour'lhose lawn honoring Hempstead County's War dead. In the 'flower display Mrs. W M Canlley's arrangement of Camellias won first place. Dining the social hour the hostesses served delightful refreshments to 15 members and one guest Circle No. 4 W.S.C.S. Met Monday Afternoon. Cirlco No. 4 of the W.S.C.S. of the First Methodist church mel Munclav afternoon at the home of Mrs. E.G. White and Mrs. C D Lcslcr. Mrs. .I.E. Ward presided in lhe absence of lhe leader Mrs C.C. Parker. Mrs. Ward gave lhe devotional and conducted a short business session. Mrs. J.B. Koonce presented a most interesting program. Two new members were welcomed into the circle. • During the social hour the hostesses served delightful refreshments lo 17 members and one guest. The Doctor Says: By WILLIAM A. O'BRIEN, M.tD, Written for NEA Service Every fracture of n major bone should be splinted before the patient Is moved. Fractures of small bones may not require this special precaution, bnl if tin- spine or a bone in the legor arm is injured, a splint should be applied Skin wounds should be covered 'with a clean cloth or sterile dress- ling, but no skin antiseptic should 'be used because of the possibility of further dnmnge to the I issues'. Kxcept for the control of hemorrhage, emergency treatment, seldom requires haste. Keep (he victim covered and send for help. Injured patients should always be carried on a stretcher in an ambulance if possible; never should they be crowded into the back seal of an automobile. In lifling injured persons, avoid the common error of carrying them by holding on to thc-ir arms and legs, with (he thighs flexed on (he abdomen, as this may cause laceration of important blood vessels and nerves PAD SPLINTS In suspected injury to the spine extra care is necessary u> avoid further damage to the spinal cord. A blanket should be slipped under the body if the patient is lying face down and each one of the lour corners should be grasped bv a strong adult so the patient can be lifted without bending the back. If a stretcher is used, a small roll of padding can be placed avoid backward bowing of the spine. Fractures of the forearms or wrist may be splinted by using towel-padded pieces of wood on each side. Or, a bunch of folded newspapers can be wrapped around the inlured extremity before splinting. The splinted member should • be held up by a sling tied around the neck. In fractures of the arm. a pad may be placed between the arm and the body and the arm bandaged against the body. In injuries of the collarbone, a figure- of-eight bandage may be placed around the body and shoulders. For -fractures of. the femur, a padded board can be placed alongside the body extending from the arm pil to the foot. This can be held in place by strips of cloth which are tied around the chest, waist, thigh, knees, and ankles. Or padded boards may be placed on both sides of the thigh and held together with ties. In the case of fracture of the ankle, a pillow can be folded around the injured extremity and tied with bandages. AVOID MANIPULATION First-aiders should not al- Pagc Three ,.-? "'-ft... by Hazel Heiclergott Dislriliiiiril liy M-'.,\ SF.MVICK, INC, ~. i —nr II . When Ann came down to break- Cast, sho found her sister and brother-in-law nearly finished, and regarding their a-year-old daughter with parental pride. "Hullo. Connie looked worried. "Ann, honey, I wish I could say something that would help—but thp.re isn't anything. I can't even tell you. I never liked Jock anyway—because you know better." The Story: Ann Tucker turns to a sympathetic stranger for comfort at a parly following Jock's marriage to another girl. The stranger drives her home, offers his shoulder for her to cry on. Ann is flabbergasted when she finds out he is Colin Drake, her favorite author. Colin, meanwhile, find;: himself strongly attached to the girl, asks if he may write .her. Plummer-Sloan Engagement Announced. Mrs. M. Plumincr of Dallas. Texas announces the engagement and approaching marriage of her daughter, Miss Lucy Pearl Plummer of Dallas, formerly of this city to Mr. Jack Charles Sloan, son of Mr and Mrs. W. C.' Sloan of Seallle, Washington. The wedding will take place in Seattle, Washington. Births Mr. and Mrs. J, A. Carroll announce the arrival of a son, Jerry Wayne, born Saturday March 2 at Julia Chelscr hospital. o No Leaves for State Police on Week Ends To combat the Iraffic arcidenl problem on Arkansas highways, Dii'eclor.of Slale Police, J. ti. Porler announced today lhat no leaves of absence would be granted lo members of the State Police on Come in today, and see these New Dresses by Sue Terry. Smart Spring Styles in new Colors and Matef;gls v Sizos Chas. A, Waynes Co. Second and Main weekends or holidays until further notice. This means thai every member of the Department of Stale Police will be on duly lo guide and control weekend ' and" holiday traffic during peak hours, and will be subject lo call at any lime during (he clay or night. Director Porter stated that the rcsulls of the Safely Program in February indicated that traffic ac- cidenls could be reduced by hard work on Ihe part 61 Ihe members of the State Police and by the sincere cooperation of Ihe driving public, and that since more accidents occur over the weekends lhan al an-y olher lime he was requiring his men to remain on duty to concentrate on the apprehension of careless and reckless drivers and those people who insist' on driving Iheir cars in a manner that indicates a disregard for* the rights of other users of the highways. During the month of March the State Police will continue vehicle checks, of the same type as those conducted in February, on the highways to climate faulty vehicles. However instead of a few road crews doing Ihis, the work will be expanded by every member of Ihu Department checking vehicles al principal 'highway iii- terseclions. Director Porter has ordered his men to call drivers' attention to the slate speed limit and lo enforce obcyance of all traffic signs and markers. During these checks drivers will be also be instructed by tlic Officers in the making of proper hand signals and the fact lhal the more execution of a hand signal does not give a driver the right-of-way. The Stale Police checked 31,19!) vehicles in February. In sufficient brakes were found "on 2,3'j of Ihe curs, and bad hghls were found on (i,4!Jl ol them. Tnree thousand live- hundred fifty-nine warnings were issued by the members of Ihe De- parlmem for minor violations oi the traffic laws. Two-hundred and sixty-three motorists in. distress on the highways were assisted by the State Police. The services rendered motorists ranged from assisting those whoso cars had run out of gas on Ihe highway lo helping llioso whose cars had been urowncd oui in n-javv rains and loaning tools and help to those who had lire trouble. "It is our policy and desire to be of every assistance to the moloriiiL' public and our help is given freely when il is needed. Every Officer in Ihis Department is always anxious and willing to help molorists in distress," stated Chief Porter. Mr. Porter further stated that it was his belief hat Arkansas car owners were making every al- tompl lo put their cars in good mechanical condition and that he knew lhal Ihe Slate Highway Department was doing its best lo keep the highways in as good condition as possible, bill lhal until such lime as both the cars and the roads are brought to a normal condition the Stale Police will have to act as a stop-gap to hold the accident toll down. "In fact," staled the Director, "When cars and roads are not in the best of condition the traffic Officers' work is Ihe only thing' thai can keep Ihe accident toil from soaring oul of sighl. In l!)-l;i 58 per ccnl of the traffic deaths were caused directly by the carelessness of the drivers involved. 1 think Ihis illustrates my point." The traffic fatalities in January of this year showed an increase o'l 105 per cent over January of 19-15. The increase in February'this year • over Ihe same month last year was only 58 per cent. According to Director Porter the experience in January gave every reason i'or expecting a hundred percent increase in fatalities in February. Porter stated, "We believe that Ihe efforts of the Department and the cooperation of the driving public had a great effect on holding down the expected increase of traffic fatal- ilies in Arkansas and we are going to C9nlinue our fight to decrease traffic accidents and protecl the people of Arkansas if it takes every member of this Department twenty- four hours a day to do it." up her offspring and said, "I'll join you for a cup of coffee as soon as I wash the infant's face and hands " Uhen she returned. Ann had lit a cigarette, and was sipping reflectively at a cup of coffee. "Have a .smoke with your coffee, Connie— you have time," she urged her "This is Sunday, and I ought to b" able to help you a little. "Where's Dad?" • "Playing golf. He started off at the crack of dawn, 1 guess. I found a note pinned to my door when I Sol up. I thoughl he'd eloped or something." Connie lit a cigarette, and blew a neat smoke ring, to her infinite satisfaction. "You were late com- I didn't hoar home from --- „• - . -.jo vou after lhe reception at nil. What did you do V " "Oh. 1 went on to a parly. Sort nf senseless. I guess I had a vague idea of getting tight or something 'equally diamatic, but I didn'l, need- away, and he obliged. He's awfully nice. He's 38, shorter than I, I'm afraid—but of course I was wearing high heels—and awfully dark. Black'hair and blue eyes—and sort of a bluish look about his jaws— you know. One of the reasons I've always liked blond men best. He's not a bit good-looking—very beaky nose, thin and sort of long—his nose. I mean—and with a sort, of lean and hungry look aboul him. He has a nice voice—mellow and very low." "Is he married?" Connie'inquir- ed. Ann looked slarlled. "I don'l know," she confessed. "I don'l think he could be—" "H mighl be just as well if you found out," Connie commented. She briskly began to clear the lable, and Ann got up lo help her. Connie was such a culc little girl. Ann thoughl. She frequently said that Connie had had sense enough to stop growing at a reasonable size. She wished lhal she had stopped shooting up some four inches short of her presenl height. She had never minded being tall, because it didn't mailer wilh Jock's 6 fool 3 alongside her. There always had been Jock, and now Ihere never would be again. "Connie," Ann said soberly, "do you thing I'll ever get over it?" "Of course you will!" Connie said. "Such nonsense! There are millions of other men, and after all, Jock is only one man who happens to be loo darned handsome, wilh a nice plausible manner and a heluva lot of charm. I'll admit all that— but he's behaved rollenly lo you, Ann." "I don'l know," Ann said slowly. 'He never broke any promises— he never made any. I jusl took too much for granted, I suppose. It's just—well, my father doesn't happen to be an eminent and successful lawyer who can use a nice bright young man wilh lots of brains but nu ux peri once in his firm." Blinded by sudden tears, she ran stumbling from the room, up the stairs lo her bedroom, and flung herself on Ihe bed. L«-l WIUI JJdJUIILdl [JI1UI-. J ] U1IU. ....u.vv. ijii^, m m_. Connie. Morning, Davey. Hi, brat." satisfaction. "You were j She leaned ovor Betsey,'and regard- ln S in. weren't you? I di "d her face for n moment, looking J'ou. We came straight h I for a clean place to kiss, gave up " le wedding. I didn't see in despair ana Kissed her lightly oil 1hn rnnoniinn rH nil vui,, the top of her golden head. "Ho, Ann." Betsey said, spitting out a bit of the toast she was gnawing on, along wilh the -words. Davey lit a cigarette, and. got up. It was high time lie went to work. He followed Ann's lead in kissing the top of Betsey's head, leaned over Connie and kissed her, said "Be seeing you, dolly," then patted Ann's shoulder as he passed her and murmured, "So long, kid." There was sympathy in his brief touch, compassion in his voice. Useless for Ann to try to hide from her family lhe way she felt. She looked after Davey as he went out of the room. He looked rather like Jock—tall and bloni- and young rind t'loan-'oo'-ring. SI" 1 nnd Connie had almost' identical tastes, "He's a nice guy," sue said. "We like him," Connie answered carelessly. She flicked the toasler on. vanished into llv-; kitchen and returned in a moment with .a glass;, of orange juice in one hand, a" steamins globe of coffee in Ihei.v. . other. She.sat them down. picked&LXConnie , , less lo say. I jusl distinguished myself by going on a crying jag in the arms of my favorite author'." "Ann!" Connie said. "The crying jag was just tears —not liquor." Ann explained. "And said favorite author was very sweet and nice to me—1 hope il wasn't just for copy, because he's rather a dear." "Sorry to be dull, darling—but • : jusl who is your favorite author at 'the moment'.'" • "Oh, didn't you know? Colin Drake. He seemed sort of interested in me. Asked if he could write to me. Which is very thrilling, of course, but if he is interested, 1 wish he lived in town. I don't : know just what I'm going to do in my spare time, Connie. What does o« girl do when she has a broken heart?" tempt to reduce fractures-'arid all unnecessary manipulation, should be painful, but it can cause da- inage. If il is a minor injury, it is safe for the first aider to move the victim without waiting for a physician to arrive. If the doctor is on the way, wait and keep the patient as comfortable as .possible. If a physician is nol available immedial"!;,-, one competent person should lake charge and assign certain jobs to others. If an extremity or the spine has been in- juied. the part should be-handled as though the usual signs are absent. An ambulance should be summoned ard the injured person taken to ihc nearest hospital. •;. ; — - looked worried. "Ann, 'honey, I wish I could say something thai would help—bin there isn't anything. I can't even tell you that I never liked Jock anyway— though I'll admit I don't like him much no\\—because you know bettor." "Qf course you like him," Ann said '-ruefully. "I hope Nina will make him happy. I really do, you know. I want him to be happy, even if I'm not. And I'm not." "Tell me about Cnllin Drake, Ann," Connie said. "How did you meet him? I had no idea he was a northwest author—" "I guess he must know Nina's family. He came to the wedding and was in this party afterward. He just happened to be the closest man when I demanded to be taken DOROTHY DIX Education and Housewife I am strong for the education of women. Considering lhal the preordained destiny of Ihe great majority of girls is lo be wives and mothers, which is the most corn- every woman's marriage depends more upon her ability as a house-.c wife than on any oilier one single^' factor, yd we don't think it worth t plicated career on earth and the 'while to teach our daughters how one requiring the most diverse in- j to make even a cup of good coffee , formation, they can't possibly know I or an ed.lbln bircuit. " : . j r to " much. j Same way about sewing. A worn' '••' Of course, it hasn't been long I an who can inal:e a dress or trim --. ,;'> : "i . <f'' " it After a while she wiped her eyes, and still sniffling a lillle, reached for a book on Ihe lable beside her bed. "Though This Be Madness," jy Co-lin Drake. Pleasanl, informal, unimportant essays. She read a few pages, here and there. She wondered if he reallv would write lo her. It had seemed quiel pleasi- ble lasl night, but sort of incredible by daylight. But it seemed lhal he had meant it. Every day, when she opened the mail al Ihe office, Ihere was a fat lelter from Colin. He wrote charming letters, and Ann felt somehow guilty thai they were wasted on a public of one. She wrote him three limes a week, and although jusl at first her letters were a lillle slilled from awe, as she gradually began lo feel lhal she knew him rather beller lhan anyone else in Ihe world, her let ters became a failhful expression of Ann herself. Ann showed Connie Ihe lelter in which Colin told her of the crackup of his marriage, some years before, in which he commented lhal perhaps il was some inadequacy of his own, some glaring faull lhal he was loo conceited lo see, thai made a failure of his more intimate re- lalionships. Ann didn't believe lhal of course. Perhaps she wasn't meant to. Quickly she placed the blame on the woman involved. Foi very often, she had noticed, the most intelligent men showed the least brains in picking their women. Probably, she thoughl wryly, Ihal's why he liked me. She said as much lo Connie. Connie's comment was brief. "The man's clever," she said. (To Be Continued) Thoughts Have not I commanded Ihee? Be strong and! of good courage; b'r nol afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for Ihe Lord Ihy God is with thco whithersoever thou goesl.— Joshua 1:9. Bui screw your courage to Ihe t& STRIPS ONE/ 4301 C It's cool, unbeatable Seersucker. Your Gay Gibson "love" in Red, Gieen, Brown, Blue. 9-17. We Give and Redeem Eagle Stamps eo, W, Robison & Co, Hope Nashville since a smattering of reading" 'riling and 'rilhmelic was supposed lo be all lhe book learning lhal a female needed. Now most, parents try lo, at least, expose their daughters lo a college curriculum in lhe hope lhal Ihey will calch enough culture lo enable Ihem to snoot Iheir husbands, if and when, they get them. This is all to the good for, as has been aforesaid, no woman can know lo much for her job, whether she be an M. A. or jusl Ma. Bul while we are Irying lo give our girls lhe higher education, why shouldn't we spend a little time and thoughl in leaching them some of the things thai Ihey are going lo need to know every hour and day of their lives? Important Knowledge Why, for instance, should not being taught to cook be a basic part of every girl's educalion? High or low, rich or poor Ihere are going lo be limes in her life when she would gladly exchange her certificate in chemislry for lhe abilily to make bread like Molher used to make. In ils lower branches cookery may be a drudgery. In its higher ones it is an accomplishment and a fine art and a woman gets more applause for performing skillfully on the gas range lhan she does on lhe piano. More lhan that, the success of sticking place and we'll not fail. —Shakespeare. hat so thai, thev don't look like e< ^' something that she fished out o£,'---,- r ;: the ra.L'-baft, is .so rare as to almost • .•"«• be a rniiceum specimen, Bui we.i'rP-; don't train our daughters lo be Skills :aJ ful wilh the needle, although • any--.i'>'•«.' woman who knows how to sew cart- '••"•^; ; nol only dress Iwicc; as well'tiri-half .•••'4; the money. Vji.it r-he has a trade by;"'-. :]• which she can support herself if ••the;-' 1 ••:*; need arises. . -';:;a| An why shouldn't every girl be- .'•£') given, at least a partial training,- :.'?.'•:!&[: in nursing and baby-tending?- For.';•'.=«• , : heaven knows she is going to 'need -.-. :->ntr", 10 kno'.y what to do when Junior <••*} stubs his too and the baby has the ""''H croup. It would save many a 1 doc-.'•' '"3 ; i-. tor's hill and keep many a" mother '; Hi . from going into a blind, panic if she''';' :•-•'(could tell whether Tommy's ioum-> ,>«i. myache was appendicitis or green Ml, apples. .<-.-•••:•'•••&(.• One of the few blessings of 'trie '•"•- ?*i'\ war is that if disnelled the myth'—'"!; thai women couldn't do any kind of- lv ; r '5| work that requirod accuracy or me-'" i'- ; - : | chanical abilily. On the contrary,'•>'••&! 11 was discovered thai Ihey only';'^rl; needed Ihe proper training to qual-•'--'';•% ify them to make precision instruy ; ' ; "™p menls.and be boss welders. So why' 1 : •;..£] ph"nldn'i -,ve take n tip from this;. 1 r'?* ; and teach our girls how to be':' good amateur plumbers and, elec- ' tricians and carpenters who could do a nc.il job of home repairs when V needed? • ; In a word, why shouldn't women's- education include the practical a's : well as the ornamental? v * ! •• m : - PRETTY COTTON WASH DRESSES When you see these lovely cotton wash dresses you'll just have to have several and you had better hurry while we have your size. © Seersucker; ® Ginghams © 'Prints ;,..,,: ® Spun Rayon to $10,95 o Junior Sizes 7 to 17 * Regular Sizes 34 to 40 o Large Sizes 42 to 52 We Give and Redeem Eagle Stamps Geo, W. Robison & Co. Hope Nashville fll

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