The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 7, 1894 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 7, 1894
Page 8
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MOIK1S! ALGON1 IOWA, WUDK1SDA1T, NOVBMBBB T, IWL 'apple up the class in primer o r ..y» and she had told thi thd itdry o! Newton and thi _. V . T , o.m juvjujiftd, "tynat makes thi •PPle fall to the ground?" .JdlV 1 h ? h ,4 1™* U P for some .moments tad then a dirty one belonging to a smal boy slowly arose. , "1 know, --he said. "toUthe" f mll M d the toacher > approvingly "'Cause it's rotten. 1 ' A Sure Hernedy. : AdahiB-So you nave sworn off frog using tobacco >. Brown—Yes: 1 suffered a great deal dtir In* the first week, but after that 1 felt al right. "What did you take to allay the craving tor tobacco'?" "I took to smoking again. That allayed the craving right off." Misery After Menls. The oppressive embargoes levied upon the Inner man by his inveterate enemy, dyspepsia nfter meals, are lifted and the yoke cast off b;i 1hat sovereign medicinal liberator from bodily ailments, Hosteller's Stomach Bitters. Heart burn, flatulence, oppression ut the pit of the stomach, the present* of bile where It does not belong, are alike remedied by this potent re former of a disordered condition of the gastric organ and the Itver. It is the prince of tonics and stomachics, inviRoratlng ut the mime time that it remedies. Uoth appetite and sleep arc Improved by it. A wineglass before or after meals, and before retiring will bo found an cm dent restorative of the ability to digest and as shnilate and Ho rest tranquilly. Use It for ma larlal, Itidney und rheumatic trouble and foi constipation. For the nged and inllrm It i; highly benollclul. The man who lives only to please himsell has a hard master. IMIUXHSHT PHOTOGRAPHS. Departing Audience of tho liroadwny Theatre Photographed—New Development of the Wonderful Art of Photography. Mr. RockwooA, tho well-known pbo tographer, Iras conceived and successfully carried out-a new departure in his art •which fieetn«*oibe u defiance of all previous puot}graphic.'conditions. As good pictures can now ibo imade at midnight as in the blaze of the noon-day sun. A photograph of tho audience of the Broadway Theatre was reoemitly 'taken between eleven an< twelve o'clock ;at night as they were leav ing the building. The means for accom phshing thiis result is a new pyrotechnic compaamfL which Mr. Rockwood has jus' introduced. The possibilities of tho morn ing pagmra (publishing in picture form the events,a£ithe preceding day and night are now .manifest. Mr. Rockwood prophesiet this some years ago, and now sees his dreame accomplished. With the resources of this mew art, it will be well for the young man about town to bo sure that he goes ti ,the theatre -with his own girl instead o; tjoine 'Other fellow's sweetheart. > There ; is no deception so dangerous «w B»W-deception. gome people seem to think a woman's weakness,her strong point. Tho aniseed tree grows wild in (Florida. It was first noticed in 172S. I The 'first coffee plants in America iwei'eplanted by the Dutch in Surinam in 1.718. i The trumpet honeysuckle is -a fionth American plant and was first noticed in 1650. The erossfish to be found in Chinese waters is pink in color, belongs to the goldfish family and is marked by a. tig-lice, of a cross. The vvine product of California lastt F«ar was equal to more than a quart /or -every man, woman and child in the UnUed Stnt.««s. MOWLEDGE Brings icomfort and improvement MIC tends io [personal enjoyment when rightly awea. The many, who live better thaamofihers and enjpy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting tUhe world's best producte to the needs <otf (physical being, will attest the value (to > "health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Synuip of Figs. Ita exeellenae is due to its presenting in the form mwt acceptable and pleasant to the testa, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative ; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers ,ano perinaaentjy curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met with the approval of the medical profession, because it acts. on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for .sala by all drvg- gists in 50c and $1 bottles, but it is manufactured by tiie California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, und being well informed, you will not accept any substitute if offered. MoCREW IS TUB OHLV SPECIALIST WHO TUJL4TS ALL PJJVATtDJEASES, weoknessauasecroi Disorders of MEN ONLY 8 years n Omaha. lo rw . »y«r before ottered. uortera and mtuiufiu'turei-i. we mrir raiviuofOK KX A«INATK)K. riuna t 8u(f, fil.WJ. Full 15.W. B - OXFO cent. 4rt»llor winter uverconu, coinbliwttuu Suits S2 1R " "g g, HOPE! AUilves* Ohloogo.lll, J"o»- wuturles no relief tcr Utttl» »«• , 1)10/8.111911. Tu oco we am lu- for it- simple, l>ow rmuiemuUy. Out nil about It— /ecu. FOE YOtlNft hEAbtSO Pntt Gittt,S. Slf Trull el- S<-tttt*m t)ftkft—•To Airtuwp Hit riillilt-i-ii—I-^noliiK H Lion—^'»t a Sct-ond to Spur*—tun v«tl<tn1tty I»t-fretilci1. Of sill tin- jj'ronf. men who liavo Itivcil (togs no cmo ever loved them bolter or Understood Iholn Snort* thoroughly 1 iliaii Sit' Waiter'Scott. Oho of his friends wild: "Ho wns ri getttloiunii oven to ;iis .ilogs, and .lip Considered Jiot only their bodily wants, but fhelf feelings, as If they liuniuii.'' Spice. Ills roughest rebuke lo Hpice (tiio dog whoso unrtriiit Is shown in the. ctitt when she ran after a slicop was: "Ha! liel liol'' N~o wonder his dogs worshipped him. and when he lost his money and was in the greatest distress and troubles he wrote in his diary: "My dogs will wait for mo in vain. The , thoughts of parting from these dumb fwaturos have moved me more Hum any of the. reflections I have put down. Poor things. 1 must; get, them kind masters; there may yet. bo those who, loving me, love my (logs because, they have lnwri mine. 1 feel my dogs' foot, on my knees. 1 hoar them whin; lug and .veeking me; everywhere." ' His .Spice was • a Dandle Dlninont tenior. She. suffered from asthma. Sim was a very long-bodied dog, and Sir ' Walter' said sho looked like the shadow of a. dog on the wall, or the Oogs Hint children draw. If ever a dog nocfdod six legs, he said Spice, did. One day a. gentleman went out: for a long -drive with Sir Walter, and Spice followed the carriage. He notieinl t^iat she toad a cough, and whenever they camft ; to water the carriage was stopped and Spice was taken in,,-*?i> <luit sire might, not, get. wot and add to her void. Tho best known of Sir, Walter's dogs was Alaidii, the big stag hound. Then there were Hamlet, Th<» black greyhound, and Finetto, the licmrtlful •setter, with soft hair, and large, mild icyes, who was particularly 1h« house, pet, and Minrod, who killed -cats. Tho 'dogs were quiet and well behaved in fhe house, but when they walked out .•wifh their master about Alibottsfoixl they bocamo very wild, r.iifl lio did •not restrain their high spirits. •Maida would walk along quiet: and 'dignilied, but all the others -woiild race •and tear and nm at him and try to make him play with them. When .3Iuida could stand their leasing no 'longer ho joiiuxl in for a irilnute, but soon stopped and rc-suim.'d liis dlgniliod air. Sir Waiter said: •'•'! make no doubt when Maida is alone 'With these young dogs ho lays his gravity aside and plays the boy as much as any of them, but; he is ashamed jvo-flo'it hi our •company." AVhon Maida died, after -a. long and 'happy life, his master mourned deeply. He could not: bear to part, from his 'faithful .friend and c-mnpniiiou. This was his epitaph: "Beneath tin- sculptured form which once you wore, '.Sleep soundly, Maida, tit -you -master's door. 'I'M A ill ilHe the 'These engravings illustra-Yo an Idea "that is full of amusement, although it i\Vill, perhaps, tax your amgemiity and Industrial skill. Figure !No. 1 'represents a piece of thin w«i)0(l -outiot\which .-a 'drcula.r, a square ami a triangular KiK-urc I. , 'piece linvo boon cut. You <eaii shape tho clrc'Jo by placing a w»li» IOBI the »«ur- 1'ace amdl marking round M;.lb,e other pieces y*m will have no diflu-.ulty in wait- ting. Da.j'ou think you can x-.ut a ]>iece (Of wootl rthiit will exactly fill all thm openings 'in 'passing through? You look ineri'dulius, and 1 can hoar you say, "Why how could a roiviul plow- of wood lit in a square hol«V" I am going to toll you just how to cut tho piece, so don't look doubtful any longer. First «ut a plow* th(! shape of ligunr Ko. ^', making it thu samo siuo round liwn lift" retired' to- .Ito* slrelttT ftf ft thorn-hush' rind stretched liimselt flat on his bffck. with, his hnnds Muter his hrnd nhfl his hnt cHi'l- 'his fnco to keep tho nioott imt of llis pj-os. Smldpnly h6 noticed thnf tho sotind tnndp by'his hot-s^ in propping the herb- npo iipcl consort, Thnt was strnngc. anil he rolled ho rnlird over tintckly upon his stonuich anil looked out from under tho bush-to sec vrhnt could be the mutter.. Tho horse stood perfectly still, with hisijfars pricked forward gn/,i;ij* to\vani;jthp roatl. • Mr.' Solous looked in .the same direction. There, not thirty yards hway. right in the cipon wns n lioness, lai-gi nnd white in, tlio brilliant moonlight, coming up at a quick puce, und in a half-crouching altitude. The man jlUnpcd to his feet In an instant, and tht- lioness in the sainc instant croticjied tint cm the ground. The paddle and the rifle ; lay out in the moon light right between the man and llic '.lioness. '•' • ' • There ^yas no time to hesitate. He i must get the rifle; or the lioness would get; the horse, and he would have t< carry the saddle all that, distance back through the woods, lie walked quickly out into the light toward the saddle. "1 confess." he sayst "I did not like advancing unarmed toward the lioness, for 1 knew well what hungry Hoiis were capable of." However, there was nothing else to do. and luckily the lioness never stirred till he stooped to pick up the. rltle. Then she sprang up with u low. purring growl, and mado off. 11( Hml mid missed, but thought himsell pretty well out of the adventure. IlClltllllC. Lucy-climbs on Grandma's chair, Gently smooths the snowy hair, .Softly says "Please tell me true, Grandma, dear, do you. do you Like bedtime.?" Grandma says, in thoughtful way; "Very long has been the day. Night, seems «low to 'come, und late. Lucy, yes, I wutch and wail, bedtime:" Capt. Itliss was, Ml:..; all sea:nen, a strict disciplinarian, .and his crow respected him .Ixiyond measure. Not one of them would have.-dreamed of Interpreting a. .couiinand otherwise than according to tl»e strict Jet ter of tho law things usMKt toe alone "^shipshape" under his rule. Out- <la3*., wliile .the .-ship was in :a •certain small jjor-t, it,he .captain gave .a dinner to some town acquaintances, and as tht> aiesources .of the sliip weaie not groat .-some .of ,tlio sailors were deputed to 9.v.nlt on ithe italtle, to reinforce the iluKufllcieiit: mumber of stewards. As tluwws irncn wcjte unit used to surih work, eiu!h >one wns told exactly what service; wtraM tfall it,o liis-tihare. The htiua- «a-me, and rilhe dinner went meiTlly ivn. 'l-'reHcritly., Ihowever, one of tho'ladies ^'itaitcd a -jiieco of bread. There was -none very near her, and th-e llnely diseipllnefl -sl.ewards seemed to be quite olthVious to her need. She turned''htfr'Sliead and spoke very softly to the man -at her <c'll)ow. "Bread please," she sulfl. He looked iiegixstfully at, ithe bread, and thtm at IMU-. H was evident that h«* would fain have helped her if it had been hi Whs power. He saluted In lino-naval Style. "Can't do it, ma'am,"' -suld lie, "I'm told off for 'tutors!" 4. as tho.circular opening, and as high as the loiifith of one side of tho square. Now cut this piec.e as shown by tin: dotted lines, and you will'have fi wedge Shaped like llguro No. !!, which, you will ! Hud will exactly lit all this holes when passed through, thoni.iiis shown at i figure No. 4. Tompernnr* autl -Ol The. temperance prluciplet* <of tho .regiment of Illinois Infantry Volunteers, known as the "Ont* Hu-adnpd and Two Dozen," itre well illustrated In an incident related by tlie,. regimental chaplain. Jn theb attle ; <(f Champion Hills Orderly Sergeant Abraham Nowland, compa-uy D, was shot in tlio face, ,-aijd left to die upon the.-livld, but was picked up later and carried to the hospital. Sergeant Newland's jaw and mouth seemed to all shot to pieces, and he was in a sinking condition. Seeing this tins surgeon ordered him to have a little brandy, which tlio dying man, as they thought him to be, refused. The surgeon told him he must take some stimulant or die. Newland motioned for paper and pencil and wrote, "If I die, 1 will die sober." This obstinacy ai.'yeral the surgeon for a moment and he muttered, "Die then." But his kind heavt conquered and he. gave the sergeant the best of attention, and srlw him recover with scarcely u trace of'the wound. The surgeon remarked afterward: "Sergeant Nowlaud was too obstinate* about the brandy; but no doubt his .temperance principles' saved his life, since, a drinking man never could have rallied from such a wound. && ""!, ' Mr. Scions was riding uJoue at niyht through an African forest, and after ,»bout three hours stopped in a fuvor~ | ablo plitce to give- his liorsc a vest. To uuUe tho breathing; spell (VS effective as possible ho removed tlio sudd.le, Uoti- 4e4 thy horse, and left U t§ n Victoria's I;OMK lleisu. Since Queon Victoria ascended the thronn In England, llfty : seven years ago, tho rtilliit; heads of tho world hftvo been changed often. Since she went Into power, every tliroiie in the known world has been vacant at least once, and many of them several times. Sho htis had ten premiers, till of whoin are dead now except ijr. Gladstone, the Marquis of Sulisbury and the Karl of Kosubery. Commencing wltlt Mavtin Van Buren, sixteou men liuvo 1'eld the otfl.ce of 1'restaont of tho United States, since the beginning of her reign, and of tiiese only #eujuni}u i-fuvi'istxn «n4 qi'ovei' Ojievelaud fli'e nUvo DRESSMAKER. WHJ.f»l»eb Ah R**»pci>At«Hl t-0»toftt*i' t » f>«tleflfce tfdrft (Int— JfnUlnSrt In tbflft. " A case was reca&tty tried in a jtts- Hecs's conr t In Pittsbitrg which, if established as a precotlatit, will lead to a notable reform. One, woman cnv ployed anothsr to make a dress frir her, and in spite of repeated calls and constant, protastations that she had nothing to wear that did not make her look like a psrfect fright, the dressmaker continued to delay tho manufacture of tho gown With that superior scorn sb iriiiny of 'the class affect. The citstoraar at last grew desperates and in aiiioaisrtt of frehg'ed anger sailed into tho dressmaker and punished her physically in a hair- pulling, face< scratching, hysterical, womanly way. The assailant was arrested and tried before a justice, who promptly dismissed the action. Tho possibility that other courts may follow a similar course in similar cases awakens a glad tune in the heart. When a woman can take out of her dressmaker or a man out of his tailor substantial repayment of soul for the .vexation and disappointment incident upon the everlasting delay in finishing a dress or suit the millennium will surely bo getting close to its place in the calendar. Can Not, Ho Cut-oil by local applications, ns they can not reach the diseased portion of the ear. There is only one way to cure Deafness and that is by constitutional remedies. Deafness Is caused by an inflamed condition ot the mucous lining of the Rustaohlnn Tube. When this tube gets inflamed you have a i-unibling sound or Imperfect hearing, and when it is entirely closed Deafness In the result, and unless tho inflammation can bo taken out and this tube restored to its normal condition, hearing will bo destroyed forever; nine cases out of ten are caused by catarrh, which is nothing but an inflamed condition of the mucous surfaces. We will give One Hundred Dollars for any case of Deafness (caused by catarrh) that can not bo cured by Hall's Oatarrh Cure. Send for circulars, free. F. J. ORKNEY & CO., Toledo, O. B5? Bold by Druggists, my. Hall's Family Pills, ii5c. The best evening ties are those that Iceop a man home after dark. I.ook Out for Cold Weiitlier But ride inside of tho electric lighted, steam heated, vestibule apartment trains of the tthicago, Milwaukee & 8t. Paul railroad and you will be as warm, comfortable and cheerful as in your own library or boudoir. To travel between Chicago, St. Paul and Minneapolis, or between Chicago, Omaha & Sionx City in these luxuriously appointed trains is a supreme satisfaction; and, as the somewhat, ancient advertisement used to road, '•tor further particulars, see small bills." Small bills (and large ones also) will be accepted for passage and sleeping car tickets by all coupon ticket agents. For detailed information address Geo. H. Heafford, general passenger and ticket agent, Chicago, 111. For that matter, all first boy babies are princes, and princes of wails, too, as a general thing. Invest Now In 'the best, most wholesome und most viilimblo roadlng obtainable for 18113, Tlir YoutlfK viimpatilHii •oners unequalled vuluu und tiouii ruudliig fur nil thu family, uiiii costs but tl.7f>« yenr, MivUladstono, two uf Quoon Victoria's ilutiKh- •toi-B, Hudyunl KiplInK, Murk Twain, J. T, Troiv- brld«u,.uncl more than ono lumdiwl other eminent writers contribute to tho volume for next your. Now subscribers who send ll.Tfi nl, once receive TIH'COmpatiloHlree until January I, ism, liitilncllnu the ThuukHgivlnK, Christmas and New Vour's Numbers und u year's mibscrlutlon besides. THK YOUTH'S COMPANION, Boston, Sluss. All ithe knowledge in the world can't •make a wicked man feel at home in a •prayer meeting. Visd's Remedy for Catarrh is not-a liquid m- •asnun". It quickly relieves Cold in tho Heiul, Headache, &e,, und really -cures Catarrh. 50c. Truth plays about the same role in a horse-tirade that ham does in .« railroad sandwich. HI the Baby Is ttiutang 'teeth. He imie.aiid UKO that old ami well-titetl i-einoily, MIIB. WiKHiiow's SOOTIIIXO Svnur for <:uw™n loothliiB- A woman will or she won't; but whether she willior she won't, she will jjust the same. «, Cures Clumped H ands and Knee, Tender or Born Keel.. CtiUbUi.tna..l'lle». &c. c. a, Clark UO..NOW Biivcn, Cl! Tbene .-are raen who help the world a •great deal when they get out o£ it. •* Shimon** Magic t:or» Wcrntntud toi-ui-nor money m/uudeil. iriigglst tor It. l j i'lcu IS ueuUi. > vour No logician has ever yet convinced H boy Chat it wa-u ttirae to come out of the water. "A. Cup of Parks' Ten at night moves t!bo bowels am the morning," If the bass drum could think, it would probably wooder why it baa to keepi still «o much. Ttaegood thwc is in a man is. like the money in a bank, valueless if not circulated. The most distant relatives are not always thosa who live farthest away. It is a great mistake to suppose that money can buy happiness. The man with the new gold watch seldom knows what time it is. Slang is «, wart on the body of tho speauh. The latest irtvegtigatiotts by the United States and Canadian Governments show the Royal Baking Powder superior to all others in purity and leavening strength* Statements by other manufacturers fo the contrary have been declared by the official authorities falsifications of the official reports.. ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO., 106 WALL 6T., NEW-YORK, ,,'fl VARlOUa rtARITIES. Among the pupils at one of the public schools in Georgia Is a negro woman forty-three years old. Tho ohurch of the little village of Oka on the Ottawa river contains a silver statue of the Virgin Blavy presented by Louis XIV, Abner Dorsett, a negro living in Hickory Mountain township, North Carolina, lias a head which measures thirty-two inches in circumference. The shah of Persia is the. ownor of a Shetland pony, which is only twelve inches in height, two iuc'ies.smaller than tho famous "miniature equine" belonging to Baroness Burdett- Coutts. A hundred tons of cats' tails were recently sold in one lot in London for the purpose of ornamenting ladies' wearing apparel. Assuming that an average cat's tail would weigh a couple of ounces, this would mean that no fewer than 1,79.'.';000 pussies had been killed just to supply this one deal. It is said that one of the West India islands is inhabited exclusively by turtles, some of which grow to an enormous size. Attempts to establish human habitations on the island havj always failed. The turtles undermine tho foundations of the houses and not infrequently attack the inmates. FEMININITIES. Women are admitted to tho New York state bar on the same terms as men. Women are admitted only to the medical department of Johns. Hopkins university. "Has your new cook made any new dishes?" "No; she 1ms devoted most of her time to breaking them." A phrenological journal says: "In choosing a wife, be governed by her chin." A man is apt to be governed by the same thing alter he gets a wife. Fran Kathl Hoffman, a wealthy widow, has left her fortune to the weavers of Vienna. The charitable lady's husband earned his fortune with the loom. The Egyptians bestowed great care on their tombs and little on their homes. They regarded tlie latter as mere temporary abodes, but the former they looked on as eternal habitations. 2 A Long Island girl, who had been deaf and dumb for eight years, had her speech restored by an electric shock, which strack the house in which she was during a'recent storm. They Were Twins. The mother of a family showed the ticket collector on the railway a couple of half- fare tlekete for her two children. The latter, after looking at heV doubtfully, said: "How old are they?" "Thay are only 1!; and they are twins," "Ah!" Then, after a moment'*) pause, tho man inquired: '-And where were they born?" The mother (unthinkingly)—"This one was born in New York and the other in Paris.'" ^ Treasures luicl up iu heaven don't stop drawing interest when the bank down here breaks. • Moses is not the only man who has only seen the promised land. SCIENTIFIC BITS, Coarse wrapping- paper is mado ottfc, of sunflower stalks. A Maine woman recently shot A' heron more than five foot in height. ' t The squirrel monkey has a larger 1 brain in proportion to hi 1 } size than.' any animal except man. ^'y At sea level an object 100 feet high' is visible a little over 'thirteen '- i -'*-- l> If 500 feet high it is visible thirty miles. A thin parchment called "{ has just come into use as a protection! to the covers of books. It is glossy and transparent and very durable, ^ Aluminum is now worth about fifty, cents a pound. ,As recently as eight years ago it was $3 a pound and a quarter of a century ago it was 918- ^ •uv-,3 GIVE AWAY ''A Sample Package (4 to 7 dotes) ot Dr. Pierce's—• Pleasant P&letsf To any one sending- name and address i» '"'"' tts on a postal card. * ONCE USED THEY - • i J ARE ALWAYS IN FAVOR. | Hence, our object in sending them outf'JK broadcast l '« .— —OAT TRIAL. They absolutely cure Sick Headache. Biliousness, Constipation, Coated Tongue f Poor Appetite, Dyspepsia and kindred derangements of the Stomach, I,iver and Bowels. Don't accept some substitute said to be 1 " just as good." ' The substitute costs the dealer less. "'* \ *V It costs you. ABOUT the same, ,/ HIS profit is in the { ?jitsl r as good,*' ^ ' WHERE IS YOURS? , ; Address for FREE SAMPLE, '* ' • World's Dispensary Medical Association, V I •—- No-663 Mala St,, BUFFALO, TV. K , } TBEESofGOLD" 1 ! v f v»w • '-VCT' «•?• ~,*r*.f i. »UB w* wm Mfid !*<•?*•• HHHI <• ' <••• anteed. The"greatmirserleii"saveyouo»eF HSlF, « „ 3 Millions of the best trees70 years' experience pnii /, o- ^^UMBUUKm^-^ "COLCHESTER'"' 7 SPADING j.'-»,$« " ">r$ LUMBAGO, For Twenty Years ' ' mf ' ' Scott's Emulsion lias been endorsed by physicians of the •whole world. There is no secret about its ingredients. Physicians prescribe Scptf s Emulsion because they .know what great nourishing and curative prop, erties it contains. They know it is wh ft t it is represented to be ; namely, a perfect emulsion, of the beet Norway Cod* liver Oil with the hypophosphites of lime and soda, For Oougbs, Oolde, Sore Throat, Brooobjtis, Vgals Jiungs, The Q«ty genuine gfatfr JWMfff p n«t Jp &*$• rtertfwrtMtF. ~ " .....'- * . . * > tout,' WH ftw«fifr&iftl >>*' tt.1 BEST IN WARKEBI4 "A The outer or tap sola Wf^'vfai L |touas the whole length W " aowu to the heeU nfor', \)-M teotliiKthe boot In <li<f. ]• 1 plnjr ami in other ham'Ahsj! ASK YOUR JWAISR '>¥) i> U«, -J-JHIM , "J and don't be put off -, A \vlth Inferior goVl*. „V tfl lU'lWKtl (H). ^ L ' *»&2raP* >fl "^ XVMt*l\ f H>&$ "^np <• mm^m

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