The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 7, 1894 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 7, 1894
Page 6
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THE MOlKESs ALGONA, IOWA, WlBNE&DAIf, NOVEMBER 7, 1004, We have bought the entire stock of hard- Ware formerly owned by H. J» Winkle, and desire to announce to the public that we shall aim to carry nothing but first-class goods ordinarily found in a hardware stock, and shall hope by iair prices and courteous treatment to receive a share of its patronage. Oe have on hand a large line oi heaters, among which are the celebrated "Kadiant Home," " Jewel," and " Riverside Oak," whose names are a sufficient guarantee of their merits. We want to close these stoves out in the next 30 days and will make prices that will be satisfactory. We carry a full line of all kinds of wood and iron pumps for shallow and deep wells. "We have an expert tinner and do all kinds of plumbing work. • O. M. DOXSEE. THE CITY CIRCUIT. L. Stookwell is a resident of Algonu now. lie moved to town last week. The Kimball piano and organ coni- . pany is ubout to establish an agency in Algona. Mrs. C. L. Lund gave, a very entertaining ladies' whist at her spacious home Friday afternoon. The first real hard frost of the season came last Thursday morning. A thin coating of ice covered water that stood in dishes out of doors. Elijah Hulburt was called a week ago to Kansas, where his twin brother is lying at the point of death. His trouble is cancer of the stomach. H. C. Dodge has something to say this week about his meat market. He promises clean meats, full weights, and proper treatment. What more can one ask? J. J. -Wilkinson has taken office room •with W. L. Joslyn, over Galbraith's store, and will talk life insurance to you there or elsewhere, just as will suit you best. J. O. Paxson and R. P. Wright attended the Taft sale at Humboldt last week, but did not find what they wanted. The latter came home and bought at the Ingham farm. As a result of J. B. "Winkel's proposition to cyclone sufferers he has given out seven good sewing machines, and repaired a half dozen free of charge that were injured at the time of the storm. Jas. Orr goes to Hartley today to do the hard-oil finishing in the residence of T. B. Patch, son-in-law of J. W. Tennant. He also has the Gilmore job, which he will do as soon as he returns from Hartley. The Epworth league chestnut social advertised for Thursday evening, has been postponed until Saturday evening, Nov. 10, at the residence of Gardner Cowles. A cordial invitation to all. Come and have a good time. G, L. Pratt of Wauconda, 111., who has been in Algona for several days, sold his farm northwest of town just before he left to Dr. E. E. Sayers. It is a fine piece of property and the doctor has a good bargain in his purchase. Our democratic neighbor must have been thinking of something else when it said last week that Shadle's meat, market had been burglarized. No such occurrence took place, and the first heard of it at the market was when it was seen in that paper. v As this item is being prepared the beautiful wreaths from a fragrant ten- roll up in honor of that ten- republican boy that arrived at he home of Cheever Hudson last Sunday morning, There is no question fibout the rejoicing in that household, and all are doing well. The examination of Dr. Felling at Whittemore continued from Tuesday until Friday, County Attorney Baymond prosecuting, and S, S. Sessions and Mr. McEnroe for the defense. The oase was taken from Justice H- P- Hatch to Justice Philip Dorweiler, and by the latter dismissed. An error, which occurred in the most natural way, crept into the notice for the Softool house letting in Union township, The date was changed to the 17th, when as a matter of fact it should have remained the 10th, as at first published. Bidders will take notice that the letting is to be on the 10th. J, S, Platt hfvs moved from the farm to town and occupies a house in the western part, He will engage in the real estate business. Mr. Platt came frpm Tppeka, Kansas, a year or more ago, ana knows something about real estate booms, which he believes are a desirable thing 1 for any H. J. Wilson is now champion shooter Qf the state. He defeated Georgespn last weefe at Pee Moines by ft score of 4gt40. This is as it should be. Northwest Iowa walks off with the prize when it goee after it, This trophy, by the way. is always open for com petition, and the shooter who holds it must d,o BO as ft result of competition. From a f riond at Burt this paper re* ceives tb,e following; Married, at the hojae of the bride's pren^, Nov. 4, by y» W. H. - bytorlan church of Burt, Samuel M. Ferris and Pluma Calkins, both of Burt. Also at the home of the bride's parents in the Burt hotel, by the same pastor, Chas. Elvidge and Eva L. Tubbs, both of Burt. The contracting parties in both cases are well and favorably known, and have large circles of friends who will join this paper in extending hearty congratulations. S. S. Sessions hns secured a document that is something of a curiosity. It is a set of loan papers made fourteen years ago by Aid en Hawkes, and which have been in the hands of the New England Loan & Trust company all this time, having been renewed each five years. Mr. Sessions will make an effort to retain them, now that they are canceled and have no other value than as a relic. .The earlier residents of Algona have a kindly remembrance of Judge Patch of Carroll, 111., who located here with W. H. Nyeum in the law and land business somo years ago, but only remained a few.months. He has been a frequent visitor here since, and IMS many friends in Algona who will regret to learn that he was defeated for judge in his district, where he had held the office for 28 years. List of advertised letters for the week ending Nov. C: Mrs. Jennie Allen, Fred. K. Butler (2), Mr. George Bermingham, A. N. Brunson, J. E. Carter (B. B. Contractor), A. L. Dutton, Mr. Win. Delaney, E. C. Dawes, Dana Hubbard, D. B. Hubbard, Erick Johnson, Mrs. J. A. Mathers, Thos. C. Neilson, O. A. Ohlsson, Boverest, Kossuth Co., la., Mrs. M. Stuart, Catherine Stamp, J. D. VanBuren, Hellen A. Young. Three men were canvassing the town Saturday, selling what purported to be gold-bowed spectacles for whatever they could get for them—all the way from 75 cents to $2.50 a pair. It is probably the same crowd that worked the town three months ago. It will no doubt be interesting to those who made purchases to know that the goods e not what they are represented to be, that they are only gold-plated, and that the whosesale price on them does not exceed 50 cents a pair, It will be in order for someone who has kept tab on the situation to tell us why there are so few auction, sales this fall. Heretofore it has been the common thing for farmers to make sales in the fall and dispose of their surplus stock, etc., but there is a notable lack of these now. Some attribute it to the common prosperity among the farming class, while others sny the cause is found in the cheap prices which horses and stock generally are bringing. Perhaps the latter is the best reason. Messrs. Jones and Smith have turned over their abstract and real estate business to the new firm of Haggard & Peek, who are already installed and are doing business at the "same old stand." These young men have the confidence of the community and their reliability isunquestioned. Thispaper predicts for them a successful business career. Ono or the other of the old firm will be in Algona until about the close of the present year to settle up some matters that need their personal attention, House connections with the water mains are being made along the lines as fast as they can be put in. Some complaint is made that the water tastes of tar, which is readily accounted for when it is known that jute is used in making the joints in the mains. This will disappear, however, as soon as the free use of the water is begun. The water is also slightly discolored yet, but is growing better all the time, and it is thought that within a few weeks it will come clear and all objections to it will be removed. 1 Married, the Rev. A, V. Gorrell of' fioiating, on Wednesday evening, Oct. 31, at the residence of the bride's parents in Kossuth county, Mr, Sever S, Ericlteon and Miss Carrie P, Johnson. Mr. Johnson's comfortable home was well filled with admiring friends of the contracting parties, After the nuptial ceremony a most sumptuous, feast was served, consisting of all the edibles the country supplies, prepared in the most skillful manner known to the art of cooking. All were happy, and wished the aewlywedded a Jong and prpspor«r pus journey through, jife, Thes, Bennett has gold his njeat mart l«et |$ H. C, J&dge, w h.Q will the business In future. Mr. DoiUge wilt give his undivided attention to the work, and there is no good reason why he should not succeed, Mf, Bennett thinks he Will go to central Kansas and engage in business there. He has been there and Knows Whether he likes it or Hot. He Will not pet away before the beginning of the new year. We are sorry to see Tom leave. Ouf mission' ary Work ia converting him to the republican doctrine had been so fruitful that We had hoped he would remain to assist us in knocking out the democrats. The Andrews Opera company came Wednesday night, when they presented " Falka" to a house well filled. The Andrews always have an appreciative audience here, where they are prime The company is newly organized, and but few familiar faces were seen this time. Ed. Andrews is the backbone of the company, but in "Fallen." his opportunities are not so good us in some of the other cotntc operas which the company outs on. For Ed. Andrews to take a serious port seems like burlesque itself, and this is what he is obliged to do to a greater or less extent in "Falka." But the entertainment was a rich treat and enjoyed by all. A hearing was had Monday before Judge Qimrton in which the heirs of the Kobt. Stophonson estate seek to have Geo. E. Boyle removed as administrator of the estate, and Mrs. Jas. Stacy appointed In his stead. Mr. Boyle was appointed at the suggestion of the widow of Stephenson, who had the right to bo appointed herself, but it is not clear that she had the right of naming another. Mr. Boyle says it is a matter of no consequence to him what is done in the matter, though he has sold some of the personal property and deposited the money therefor in the bank. The hearing was postponed until Friday, pending the possibility of a compromise. Many people here must have noticed a sort of red bug, a new comer here, and a most persistent rascal he is, too. It is none other than what is known as the Box Elder bug, and Herbert Oshorne, entomologls^ of the experiment station at Amos, gives this interesting information about him: The Box Elder bug appearing in great numbers in the state is about one-half inch in length, black with red stripes on the margin. They feed mainly on the box elder, and where this is a valuable shade tree their injuries are of considerable importance. They may be treated by spraying with kerosene emulsion, and when they gather in great masses they may bo gathered in pans and destroyed by crushing or burning. The ladies of the Baptist church have perfected arrangements for a series of lectures during the coming winter by noted speakers. The first in the course will be held in the Baptist church, Nov. 20, by Dr. Way land Hoyt. Subject: "Some Lessons from u Great Life." Dr. Hoyt is a popular lecturer, well and favorably knovyn in the east and in Minneapolis for his great ability as a speaker and writer, and we trust no one will fail to hear him. Second will be a concert by the Algona Amateur Musical club, followed later by Dr. Strickland of Sioux City and Bev. Walter Walker of Elgin, 111., who is well known to the people of Algona, and we bespeak for them a full house. Dates and subjects will bo announced in due time. The editorial larders have been replenished during the past week by the addition to each of a saclc of the new process flour from the new mills of Jones & Stacy, a gratuity, by the way, which it is learned is general throughout the town. It is made by what is called the "Plansifter" process, and those who have tried the sample sacks pronounce it a very superior article of flour. The Messrs. Jones & Stacy have been to large expense in putting their mill in condition for turning out the best grade of flour that can be made, and if the initial article is to be taken as a criterion of future production they will make a marked success of it. By way of addenda it may be remarked that the sample sack which reached the newly-established editorial household got there just about the right time. The Dolli ver meeting Thursday night was the grand success that everybody said it would be. The opera house was crowded from top to bottom with an audience that not only admired Dolliver but were in hearty sympathy with him if the frequent applause could be taken as an indication. Dr. Sheetz presided over the meeting and the Misses Smith entertained the audience at the beginning with an instrumental selection nicely rendered. Mr, Dolli- vor began his speech by paying a handsome tribute to the intelligence and culture of the community which manifested itself in the elegant opera house in which the meeting was held, and then proceeded to a discussion of political issues in his able and masterly manner. He was not at his best, since a day and night ride of several hours, made in order to reach this county at the appointed time, and the fact that he had been speaking for over 40 consecutive days and nights had told upon his constitutional powers, and it was apparent that the ^leasing impression he made was not without great effort. Notwithstanding this he held the closest attention during a two hours' talk that sparkled with wit and was an able exposition of the republican idea. Now that the election is over, whatever may be said one way or the other concerning candidates can out no figure. But we cannot help believing, in common with many others who have taken occasion to express themselves, that the Courier was rather hard up for campaign material when it last week reproduced, from the Emmetsburg Democrat, a column of slush purporting to be a discussion of the judge' ship, but which was, instead, nothing short of carefully-worded insinuations that Judge Quarton had stood hand-in- hand with the venders of "blue sky" in this section. If the Courier is the enterprising news gatherer that it claims to be it need not have gone so far from home to learn alleged news. If there are any facts to connect Judge Quartoni» any way with "blue sky" dealings those facts are obtainable right here at home, and his record in that and every other respect is so open that none peed want for information concerning \\, It would have been quite as manly for the Pourle^ if il wanted, to okarge, him with work, to haye foae eo oa cover of an article f>6ln ftn OulsldS $&• per, the editor of which obtained the material for his ttisinuflUoos tt&gnes- tiotably from parties Who live in Alfo- fta. There Was ho occasion W defend Judge Quarton until he had been accused, and the quasi-accusation was carefully withheld until about the close of the campaign. J. O. Paxson told the repbrtef the other day that he examined a field of corn between St. Joseph and Humboldt that was yielding 60 bushels to the acre. The owner was gathering the crop at the time, and the statement is made as the result of measurement, and is not guess work. That is a little better than the average up this way, but corn is pretty fair crop ib Kossuth, in spite of the bttd season we had, B. J. & W. G. JOHNSTON of Hum* boldt, Iowa, extent a cordial invitation to the farmers of Kossuth county |jtid vicinity to attend their public salb T of Poland China hogs, to be held under cover at the fair grounds, Humboldt, [owa, Monday, Nov. 10, and Tuesday, Nov. 20, 1804. Free dinner will be furnished all those attending the sale. For further particulars and catalogue address B. J. & W. G. Johnston, Humboldt, Iowa.-38t2 SEE the new line of crockery at the 3pera House Grocery. ONE billiard and one pool tab!6, in jood repair, for sale by F. W. Waterhouse.-33 ElKht Miles. I mean there are eight miles of warp in a. blanket I have for sale, and that is why it wears longer than any other olanket on the market. Farmers and everyone call and see them. I have some beautiful buggy and house mats; ladies call and examine them, at my now location opposite postollloe. 33t2 D. B. AvEY. LADIES who have two or three hours' .eisure each day can make money by assisting me in my business. Address Mrs. Susio L. Bayraond, Algona, Iowa. Box 07.-83m8 Public Snlo. The undersigned will sell at auction, Lit his residence, six miles northwest of Algona, on Thursday, Nov. 15, 1804, the following property: Three cows, one of them fresh, two holferstvvoyears old, five yearling steers, one yearling lieifer. throe calves, one Holstein bull, 35 spring pigs, seventy-five chickens, twenty turkeys, two lumber wagons, one buggy, one six-foot mower, one twelve-foot rake, one plow, one drag, two cultivators, corn planter, bob-sleds, seeder, corn shelter htiy rack, hog rack, potato digger,'three set of harness, two set of fly nets, churn, milk cans, wire stretcher, a lot of grain sacks, and numerous other articles. Sale begins at 10 a. m. Free lunch at noon. Terms: Twelve months' time at 8 per cent., with approved security. Five off for'cash. B. H. ANDEBSON. D. A. Haggard, Auctioneer. Money. Plenty of money now for all-applicants ut the Kossuth County State bank, for real estate loans at lowest rates, Money paid at once on completion of the papers. Eagle Grove and Webster City Fairs, For the above occasions the Northwestern line will, from Sept. 17 to 21, inclusive, sell excursion tickets to Eogle Grove and Webster City and return at reduced rates; tickets good for return passage until Sept, 22, 1894, inclusive. For tickets and full information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern railway.—24tl3 BUCKWHEAT flour. Langdon & Hudson, Pirst-class llorso Slioelnjr. I have now a No. 1 horse shoer and general blacksmith. Bring in your steppers and be convinced. I have also started a feed mill, and will have ground feed for sale. All work warranted. Corner court house square. 26m2 PETER J. JOHNSON. WE the same brand of old-fash ioned maple syrup that we handled last year at the Opera House Grocery. Guaranteed pure or money refunded, WE have a lot of short lengths of Brussels carpets, nice for rugs, at Galbraith's. JUST received a large lino of cortiers and silk drapery at Galbraith's. Houses for Sale, I offer for sale on reasonable terms one new 7-roora house and a 5-room cottage, both well located in Algona. 2814 C. M. DOXSEE, VERMONT maple syrup, strioly pure, warranted. It is called "Log Cabin," and there is nothing equal to it in the market today. You find it only at Walker Bros'.—29 A GOOD Beatty organ for sale or to trade for a bicycle. Inquire at this office.—17tf ________ BUCKLKN'S ABNICA SALVE. The best salve iu the world for bruises, cuts, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles or no pay required. It Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price SBo a box. Sold by L. A. Sheetz. BAJWAY TIME OASDS. New Crockery. •• : " • • * • : • 'V" ; ' N ." • Dome one, come all, and see the display of Lamps, Chamber Sets, Tea Bets, Water Sets, and everything in fancy; ware. We have the finest line of these goods ever on exhibition in this city* Don't take our word for it, but drop in : and be convinced that we have the right line and the right prices, We also carry everything in the grocery line, fruits and vegetables of all kinds ; can furnish potatoes in large or small quantities at the lowest market price. 'M. Remember- Carter's Old Stand. Walker Bros All SUMMER Goods AT COST BUTTON'S Granulated Sugar, per hundred, 20 pounds Granulated Sugar for 22 pounds "O" Sugar.tor . . 25 bars of Soap for ... $4.75 1.00 1.00 1.00 4 •^ '& Other articles in proportion. If you wish to put in a supply of groceries or flour, please call and see us before you buy. Yours respectfully, J. R. & O. J. BUTTON. Now I am Moved and comfortably settled at my new stand on State street, and am better than ever prepared to meet the wants of those who contemplate buying anything in the line of FURNITURE. I now have lots of room to show goods and lots of goods for your inspection, which I cordially invite. Anything not in stock will be ordered promptly. Come in. T. It's a New Deal. That's what the Boot and Shoe business is at the old stand of F. S. Stough. I have a full and Complete Assortment of boots, shoes, rubbers, etu, and I want to sell them. I am here to stay and do business, so come and see what I can do for you. . . All Summer G-oods at Cost,*^® B. H. ANDERSON. 'i \i .ttfi •"%. "* Vs , \\ '*; 0. L. LUND. J, J, RYAN [Successors to 0. L. Lund—Established 1680,} REAL ESTATE DEALERS CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST, PAUI, fcOOAL TRAINS WEST. • No, l departs at 8:58 a m No. 8 departs at • • 4:2G p m Freights that carry passengers- No. 66 departs at ,.... • 5:30 a m No. 03 departs at Jl:55a,m No. 71 departs at 8:i5pia TBAHJ9 EAST, No, 3 departs at.,. ,.40:13aw No. 4 departs at e:06pin Freights that carry passengers- No. ?e departs at...... ,.ll:QOpm No. 04 departs at 1:45 p B. F. HgpuioK, Agent, CHICAGO * We wish to announce to the readers of THE UPPER Dps MOINES that we have estraar. flin? " ary facilities for the selling of farms and unimproved lands in northern Iowa, and we inwa v all who wish to dispose of their property to call on ns at our office In Algona, or to correspond, with us, J3f"As soon as spring opens we have a large number of customers from the eastern states who are ready to come put and secure a piece of Iowa soil at reasonable rates. We fte» Have In fair dealing, and If you want to sell your property don't waste any time In listing Jt with us. yours respectfully, LUND & RYAN, , NSURANG Also Land, Loan and Collection Business,Office over Algona State Bank. Fanners' oi Cedar Rapids, Ph.oent* of Hartford, Hanover Of New York, ' Minnesota Fire, Minneapolis, KocWord of RocUiovd, Lloyd's Plate CHass of Now Yorls, United States Life Of New Vovls. M ON MA& ESTATE, HOXIE & BRUNSON. WATER O.H.NO PAY- SQQTT Water or/No fta .-,.^ FULE-iLOOD The undersigned has tor sale nice Brpwn Leghorn ooojterels, Rufl QQI " els, wd Lfght Brabnia owltej.^ils. MRS, A, W, .MO|%TQ¥( i ^ \

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