Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 4, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 4, 1946
Page 4
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Mortdny Mnrrh 4, 1946 ., :=: "= s For Sale per BARNYARD FEHT1LIX.ER ftu-dens and (lowers, $2.50 Vlin ci.y n , y s.ovr \\-oor 1 S. delivered in fitv Limits Sid J'«i«-s. 51 1 Soul I, Laurel St. Phono I'"! . HOUSE AND SIIEIJS. Jmiber. In Nevada counlv. Write lo Annie V. K m ,,l, VltM Wabash ^Kansas City n, Mn. 2 G-(it MY HOME AN Afi ACn¥s7MILK am one half from city limits. Well unproved, all modern Con- __vemeiic- t ;.s, R. N. Mmisi-r. 2(i-(il &T u D l:i B A K E R , N E W T 1 1 1 F S «ood condition, See at !)00 South l-ulton, on Spring Hill Road. _________ 27-Ot MCCOR1VIACK DEERING^MOW- er. No. 7. C'.Aod shape. three years old. Can be seen at Hill Schooleys. Call Frank Schoolev, _ WI-W, ,.;„ FLORENCE GAS RANGK AI'ART- mont size. Used a shorl time I'hone fiHH-.J. Mrs. David Davis 31)02 E. 3rd. 2-31 ONE POI!TA~BLE "uNDERWOO!) typewriter. Phone 021. 2-lil LATE MODEL SING Eli" MAC- hlnes with motor and reverse feed. C.W. Vaiicey. 51.') South Walnut, phone 578-H. .|-|{| I WANT TO BUY A IfMO-'ll OR'42 model Ford or Chevrolet. Buck i , 100 South Walnut Street' I'hone GGO. r<-i[ Services Offered HAVIC MY EQUIPMENT TO plow your Hardens and do haul- int! Joe Smith, phone :!. r il). 2U-(>| For Lease ° PE ST AR, H Mondciy, Marc By Chick Young ^ Sooner or later I knew those gorillas would drop their guard, and when Shorty inganotherlofforthsfi scrambled through the window j shot uo frm the overturned'laltfi rrs POURING RAIN C3AGWOOP "I'LL ^ ( RMCTI [SEND PASSV 70 /Z-, ^ ^ THE BUS STOpLf,--1 WITH AN -SSf/'iifV UMBRELLA TT- x ~ v ~ * l1 ' MEET VOU YOU n\s HERE v. WITH THE BLEEKES LOKP.' YOUR NAME ...IT COULDN'T OF COURSE. 1 HAL SAID VOU MIGHT BE WITH JUUKIE...LISTEN. EVA? I'M HERE TO HELP VOU,, TO TAKE you TO YOUR REAL YOU'VE? GO'f TO TRUST ,S\B. EVAf I KNOW WHO reRRIFi=S SOU BUT PIP S'OU KNOW HP STOLE YOU FRft\\ YOUR WHEN YOU WERE 3 YEARS OLD * Side Glances By Galbraith Ti*ltranrk Ho k l,! m ,| (•. jj. ,, Jtcn , 0| ,, ...MUST HAVE HIT HIS MSAP, WHEN WE CUPPED OUK WlNeS.-.THE SPREAPIN&...SET , ... . FROM HEEE,CEUA IVE 60T THAT CANCELS TICKET... LOOKS U'<5 WE'RE STUCK: iw TM& 5T1C<i,'...THl5 S'FbT 15 NOT EXACTLY LUSH iORCHY, CEUX ANP 0t.INK.iE, HAVE 8SSN PDVVN to A L.ANPING- INI A REMOTE AND AL.A-r.ltAN TCRBVS CUT- DOES THE CAT HAVE YOUR TONGUE ? MY-WHAT A NICE LITTLE BOY/ COPR. 1W6 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. RE<5. U. S. PAT. tiff. .. "Laugh politely if Uncle Charlie invites you to see his. etchincs—that used to be quite_a joke in his day!" ?unny Business By Hershberger Freckles and His Friends By Blosser r, ^.-, IT MEANS A LOTTO US, HECTOR./WOW'T VOU LET JUNIOR. Tf?y TO HVPNOTIZE YOU JUS | ONCE? •*« / IAED PROMISED TO TEACH JUNIOR. YOQEL HVPNOTISM SO JUMIOR. COULD LICK HIS ARCH ENEMV, HECTOR. GRUBBLB• BUT LARD'S KNOWLEDGE OF HYPNOTISM 'i.v^-^' v^ J i- ^ ^ I ^* \i.. WAS NOT EQUAL. TO THE TASK./ THAT CREEP COULDMT \!:LL GIVE HYPNOTIZE'NAE IM A /A BUOC IF OKAVJTS A Dc WHEN I 5WALLGW PRIDt, L LIKE TO \VASM IT DOWM WITH CHOC MALTS/ V :<?It™I A WOSP OF EXPLANATION, __., --OACDEDAM AIR. LINER... AND NOW rWENTV HOURS LATER— OKA.V, FAL, VOU ) SURE COULD/.PO WITH A ' ' SH\YE, AT HAT/ 'In case he gels lost in the maze of figures 1" Pqpeye ^.&itj0"r «-—-.^-, wy I/) ^ ^-W: ^COPR. 1946 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T.V EEC. U. S. FAT. OF" _j Thimble Theater OSCAR AN WIMPY ARE L we SMALL use) THE CLIPPERS AROUND THE EDGES C WHO'S NEXT WANTED TO BE A BARBER NO FIGHTER KIN BE OV\,0\A\\ GO OW. VVV \-W\t By J. R, Williams Our Boarding House With Major Hoople -•I'LL THROW THIS BOTTLE OF ATOMIC ENERGY THE FLOOR, AMD THERE POOH/lVE£Gr i I CAW MAk'E S MORE /ATOMIC 1 THAW Y \VOUCAM.y fchN._. _^ /y.-^ HE!,'/ TMA YOU THIWIC/ TAkE A cooa LOOK AT THET KIWS ARTHUR/ fOU'LL GIVE ME <? / |. ' WHAT?-— LOOK, OUSUTA BAMDASE VO •DOME,TOO/-<-v-\Me. START AMD END \MITH MULLIGA.M L(\ BU^A, \\$ i^ NOT TO EOT I'LL. TURM OUT DlSVA THAT'LL U-DROOL Lll/e FALLS - l T0 KET i, H FFT?. ) ^sT^ou^ SSSi\£lS- WH UT DR.PS OFF \ TKWASH ' ™^™*£*™&* TH' LlD--AM'WHEM I TUB TURMED IT GITS FU1 & I / vVEOMG SIDE UP. LIKE YOUR 1 ?, ARE YOU PREPARED TO PLUNGE IrCTO CULlNiAR.V SMALL VOE START WITH N AMOUR, STUFFED IN} MAKJNiSR OF LAFA.RSE G'-'S CAr\£ HE 1 ?-; O 1C _'"«; C-XSiNj A5 SOCK! 601 ^> w ^,"--?^3 $$'«•'"** -T . WE'D BETTER , . ' j ' ', ^ r ^ HOPE.STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS S/FfED Over the Phone •,£ sasa .as THE QUICKER YOU SELL - i - -. . _ Notice SEE IDEAL FURNITURE STORE for belter furniture and bargains. Phone 470. bettor 14-lm INCOME TAX SERVICE. IF YOU have income tax troubles. I will be glad to help you. Do it now, avoid the rush in the last clays. Charges reasonable. J. W. Strick- LIST US REMAKE YOUR ~OLD mattress and make them like new. Will pick up and deliver in and out of town. Write or call us, Phone 34-J-2. Bright Bros. Mattress Co. Hope, Ark. Rt. 2. 2-0 1 Fair Enough By Westbrook Pcglor Copyright, 1946 By King Features Syndicate. Magnolia, Emerson Win Tournament DO YOUR OWN LAUNDRY. RENT a machine by the hour, Phone (J4(i-J for appointment. Ill South Washington St. 2(i-Gt FOR SALIC OR RENT, COMPLKT~E JurnishitiHs for a 3 room aparl- Jiient. See Tom Carrel. Mil For Rent FARM FOR RENT, 40 ACRES lenced, two room house, outbuildings, overflowing creek in Spring Hill community. $00. per year, Write Mrs. C. H. Conway 300r> Asher Ave. Lillle Roek, Ark. j.ut THREE ROOM FURNISHED Apartment for light housekeeping Apply Schooley's Store. Phone 3H-K-11, Mrs. J.E. Schooley. 2-tf 1.HAV1C A FF.W GOOD REBUILT pianos which 1 wm transa-r in good responsible families. If you can assume Hie payments, write Credit Manager, Little Hor-k Piano Co. 2\(i Main Street. Little . J v ck, Ark. .).nt jiiO.orjO HATS TO^KILL WITH GILLS MAHTtIA WASHINGTON COAL OR wood healer. S2.V Sandy land 12 inch breaking plow. Section narrow and baled liav and oats See Sam B. Ilarlsfiold'. 1(1011 West Ave I^_ -1-UI Wanted to Buy Wanted rat killer. Harmless to anything but rats and mice. Guaranteed. Feeders Supply Co. 2B-;iw lleal Estate Wanted HAVE CASH CUSTOMER FOR home in good neighborhood. Must have all modern conveniences. Two bedrooms, Gargage and Garden spot. K. O. Bridewell ' 2-3t HIGHWAY 07 WEST lf!-2w Female Help Wanted YOUNG BUSINESS WOMAN TO room and serve breakfast and evening meal. Mrs. W. G. Allison. Ph'one lilt. 4-3( Wanted to Rent Real Estate for Sale SEE C. n. TYLER, FOR F.H.A. Loans to nurchasc or repair your home. Office IIP Cotton Row.'2-3t MODERN FOUR ROOM~lTo"uSE near grade school. Shown by appointment only. Phone 452. 1-10H South Main. 2-3t I FIVE OH SIX ROOM UNFURN- ished house, Phone 012-.I. M. N. Yocom. i-et ROOM DOWN- apartment in walking distance of business dis- ' ' ' ~ ' "- ' ~ tricl. Orie Gilbert, Box met, Arkansas. Em- 1-Ot JONES MAYTAG SALES & SERVICE For Prompt Expert Service on All WASHING MACHINES v '*Phone 209 304 East 2nd ROGERS RADIO SERVICE We specialize In all kinds of cnr and home radios. FIRESTONE STORE 209 South Main St. For ELECTRIC SERVICE Day Phone 413 Night Phone 1015-J We Specialize in MOTOR REWINDING BARWICK'S Electric Service 114 E. Third St. Hope, Ark Allies Planned Floating Airfield on Iceberg Washington, March 1 —(IP)— One of the wierdest stories of the war came lo lighl today — how the Allies planned to create a 2,000,000- ton self-propelled iceberg as a floating airfield. As blueprinted by tho British, the fantastic aircraft carrier would have been a chunk of frozen water and wood pulp 2,000 feet long, 300 feet wide and 200 feet deep. . Propelled by electric motors and deepened by its own anti aircraft guns, it would have provided a north Atlantic base for airplanes hunting German submarines. Us cost was estimated at $70,000,000. The project reached the point were a 1,000-ton model was built upon a Canadian lake and lested for six months in 1943 before tho idea was dropped, according to an announcement released last nighl in Ottawa, London and Washington. Technicians reported the strange carrier would have been virtually invulnerable to submarine attack. A torpedo exploding against its ice- wood pulp walls would have gouged out a crater no more than three feet deep. Success of other anli-submnrinc tactics and technical difficulties in building the gigantic floating field led to its abandonment. A SOUR BURGLARY ulsa, Okla., March 4 —(/I 1 )— Burglary of a food market here had a sour ending. Police answering the alarm found the intruder had opened a skylight, stepped onto a false ceiling which gave way and he dropped into a SO-gallon barrel of dill pickles. BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repairs HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing • Heating Phone 259 Hone, Ark. NOTICE — WE HAVE MOVED to 513 S. Walnut Call us for repairs, parts and supplies. We do hemstitching and make butlon holes. Buv, Sell and Exchange Machines. C. W. YANCEY, Singer Dist. Phone 578R Wanted! TELEPHONE POLES Dimensions to 70 Feet Every Week MARTIN PATMOS f ARK, 1 have been moaning to tell somelhing about this interesting and rather loose-jointed city of Tucson In the southwestern desert and the country around about. I am afraid we are having a lit'le boom because wo are so badly crowded that uur -sunshine club has boon sending out word that this would be a good year not to come here <md new little houses are popping up all over the place. However, 1 am confident that we will never be another Miami because, after all, we have no sea, and even allowing for a slip-up in the weather this win|/ tor, Miami and all Florida, south of a line drawn across the slate above Palm Beach, are usually hol- er. The weather really did slip for i few weeks. Snow, twice, if you can imagine, and almost every day ee on the dog's drinking basin, for ibout three weeks. We have nothing to offer <'omp- irablc to the luxury and excile- Tient of the fast Florida resorts :md most evenings the lown is dark and the streets are quiet soon ifter the movies let out. Our race .rack runs only on Sunday after- loons and the steeds are quarler- lorses and. as for table-games, I cnn report that, I have tonrd of only two play-rooms in lown, both running on the sneak, one of which was fearlessly exposed by our press and put out of ; business. I never heard what hap-i penod to the other. j The oilier day I read where I George Dixon reported from Miami I lhal wild extravagance was rife i and that the noisiest spenders wore ! black - marketeers and absolute scum. There has been nothing like that here and I doubt that we will be so honored by the saloon liash. We haven't the facilities for the kind of entertainment that they like which is a quirk for vou considering thai Tucson in the'old days was a roaring camp. We have many beautiful homes but mostly our houses are on the modest, domestic side and 1 think you would be impressed by the bumplion and resourcefulness of so many people of that class which the government paternalist KO loftily describe as "little." You drive along a dusty road pushed into the desert on the outskirts with lillle more effort than a once-over with a bull-dozer and you sec where a family arc living in a lent or a trailer and putting up a little house, sometimes with the mollu"- •and the children helping the dad who may be holding a job somewhere and working on his own bj-iiso after hours. TrTarles W. Herbert, a Hollywood and news-reel camera man. who spent years flapping around the world doing movie features called "the magic carpet" and places," has a knack such pioneers stories. A veteran of the First War, bf was living here when Pearl Harbor happened, joined up as a lieutenant in the signal corps and served in the Aleutians and at Anzio. Last year, soon after he was discharged, as captain, lie discovered a man making a home of tamped earth, which means that he was shoveling soil into a wooden form and mashing it down with an iron tamp on a stake. Recently, ho came on a family of six from Michigan, parents and .four children, whose story, briefly is this: The man's back was hurt in a farm accident and ho was para- ly/ed for a time but recovered sufficiently to work in a war plant. Magnolia's Panthers eked out a ,'W-2(i victory over Nashville Saturday night lo win the district 10 A basketball championship. | W. Huddleston fo Nashville sank you j flight field goals and two free throws for a top score of Iff points. Owen led for the Panthers with I! [joints. Emerson came through according lo expectations lo win the district 10 H basketball championship Saturday nighl by defeating Saratoga 47-23. Slovens of Emerson led the scoring wilh in points followed by Waller, a teammate with 17 points. Finchcr led Saratoga with 7 points. Magnolia / Player— TP Locked 5 Crumpler 5 Kendall 0 Owens : R Smith (5 Tuvlor () Totals Nashville Player— liohanan W. Huddleston I'.. Huddleston .. Watson Jamison Young Totals Emerson Player- Stevens J. IT. Hines Waller Maloch L. Hudson . H. Hudson B. Hines .... Saratoga Player- Thompson Fincher Galhrij/ht . Dodson Millivcr . ... Collins Dell Totals TP 2 18 . 3 1 0 2 20 TP 19 0 17 0 r, n o 47 TP r> 7 0 4 0 0 1 23 CARNSVAL By Dick Turner COPR. 1046 BY N£A SERVICE. INl. I M. BEG. U. S. P*1. 0^r.• "It all started when I was a schoolboy and someone put a lack on my scat!" This Curious World By William Ferguson Eyes on Two Year Old Race atOaklawn Hot Springs. Ark., March 4 —(A 1 ) Although two six-furlong sprints for four-year-olds and up were featured on today's eight-race program at Oaklawn Park, many fans "• . ' ,.»*":"» Uiad their eyes on a full field of 'i, i *• „"",, n . K llwo-ycnr-old'mnidcn colts and geld- and doing their jn jn tho lhird racc Sonic qf the most, promising juv enilc.s stabled here were to make their first starts in this three-fur- ong event. First on the list of cligibles was Dave Ferguson's Buck Weaver, balck son of Chance Sunand Shawana. Another promising youngster is Mrs. A. M. Creech's Maisco Lad, son of Garden Message. J. C. Ellis' Tranquil Tide, impressive in morning workouts; Green Garden; Come Lately, Devil's Music and Prefer Lady, also were eyed by the railbirds. The fifth racc was carded as the day's feature, with Gem W, Remembering, Topnard, Sickletoy and Yavapai included in a full field of crack sprinters. The sixtli race, secondary feature, offered a field of seven, including Marllown, three-time winner here last fall, Dodo's Girl and Another Night. Riding honors for the first week went to Harold Keenc, Lowell, Mass., apprentice rider who was runner-up to Roderick Harlwick here last fall. Keene bolted in ten winners, five place mounts and four for the show spot out of 31) engagements. o His wife said that when he brought home his first pay they started a saving spree instead of'a spending snrce and when the doctor said they ought to come to this climate for the health of one of the children they bought a trailer and landed in the desert on the outskirts of Tucson. They paid ?5. r >(l for an acre with city water and sanitation, bought a lot of cement blocks and built a house entirely themselves, including the plumbing and wiring and the roof. Material cost them $1,000. Mr. Herbert is that kind, himself. He could make his own house if he hadn't one already and most of this last year he has been doing jusl about lhal in remodeling and outfitting an old building in town for a commercial plioto- graphic studio. In picture .stories he does about Die same lhal Ernie Pyle did in words when Ernie was rolling across our country discovering America and Americans, before he went lo war. Housing, of course, is terribly expensive but, as 1 say. 1 see morn building here than I observed anywhere else coming down across country. They are usinji hardly any adobe now and going in for cement blocks, instead. A small standing house lhal cost $2,500 a few years ago, sold for $(i,f,()0 recently and a $'1.000 house went for $1-1,000, but there are still others who pull up and rough it a while and presently are seen at work wilh pick and shovel ditching in the desert fur the foundations and then busy with tho trowel and hammer. And nexl year, maybe, roses 'round the door. IM THE US, GIVE ENOU6H MILK YEARLY TO MAKE A MILK LAKE 75 MILES LON6. Political Announcements The Star is authorized to announce the following as candidates subject to the action of the ' Democratic primary elections this Summer: 8th Judicial Circuit For Prosecuting Attorney CHARLES W. HACKETT Hempstcad County For Sheriff & Collector T1LMAN BEARDEN .1. W. (SON) JONES For County Clerk ROBERT C. TURNER For County Treasurer MRS. ISABELLE ONSTEAD McCORKLE SWELL A. BURKE Teams ARE CONSIDERED A DELICACY BY NATIS'E TRIBES IN MAW REGIONS OF THE WORLD. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. •"YOU STRIKE UP THE BAND ON THE DOWN BEAT,".%tf SUE SILMORE, B? Hnch S. FntlertOB, Jr. 1 to The must deaths of children 4 years old arc caused by ac-i month cirienls. The* area of the continental United Slates is H,():2li.7H« MIUUIV miles, of which 53,0)3 square mile* are water. 723 Points in 12 Gomes for Arkansas Fayclteville, March 4 —GT)— Although they failed to win the Southwest Conference basketball championship, the University of Arkansas walked away with the loop's offensive laurels. The Hax.orbacks rolled up 722 points in 12 circuit games, while champion Baylor netted only 576. Bui the Bears had the season's best defensive record, holding their nponenls to 477. Arkansas had the second best defensive mark as it. gave up .14(5. Goerge Kok, the Porkers' six- foot-ten sophomore center, swept individual high point honors with M87 for -the season and 212 in conference competition. All teams ccxopt Baylor have finished the season. The Bears will participate in the NCAA western playoffs a Kansas City lair this ] British i were changed I commemorate i Nelson. o— sailor's neckerchiefs to black in 1805, to the death of Lord New York, March 4 —(/I 3 )— Commissioner A. u. (an Jove baseball) Chandler has accepted an invitation to speak to the American college publicity association's May I meeting on me subject 01 "proleci- |ing Ihc college atnletc." . . Jusl ine other clay Happy commented that organized ball couldn't be ex| peeled 10 siring along wilh the col- liege coaches' proposals about sign- 'ing undergraduate playeis unless the colleges give baseball a bigger place in iheir sports program. . . . That same day the Pnilhes announced Incy planned lo sign Gale Bishop, Washington Slate oasitel- ball star whose hilling probably would have given the Cougar baseball team a somewnal inure mi- poitant place this spring. He hit .•Ulli tor Fort Lewis, Wash., last season. . . ChanciliM- was right, ol course, in pointing out lhal only one nurd of me colleges field baseball teams, liiii orgnni/.od uaseball already lias reached an agreement wilh the high schools although only 6,000 out ol 2(UHH) support baseball. . . It seems mosl ol me protection goes lo kids who arc loo young to interest the professional clubs. Observation Post Jim Gallagher, the Cubs' general manager, is planning lo install escalators al Wrigley Field lo hoist the fans to the upper stand. . How i "ine 'jou >. in |K mcr overlooked that idea in his campaign to get Ine Pinnies oin ol ine cellar'.' Monday Matinee .. Marcel Hansemie. I ho French miler, probably hasn't received much sugar from the A.A.U. for his unsuccessful American cam-, raign, but he has cnllerleri all Hie j spare lumps al the weekly lunches' 01 Ihc iracK writers. . . 'l.uee girls! in the' football Ciianls' office are | kept busy these days doing nolhing! but look after season reservations. I . . Bill McGowan, the umpire, signed lo call 'em in the inlerna- ilional league in 1016 for the $200 a 'month. He was released after working less than one month. . . . Allentown High and Central Catholic High in the slate playoffs. The two high schools won their group championships last year. ..." Easy Terms Home Institution See E. S. GREENING SECRETARY Hope Federal Sayings & Loan Association One Error For years the baseball record books have carried the line; "Outfielders, most assist, game 5 — George F. Gore, New York NL, July Iti, l«8(i". . . Recently historian Ernie Lanigan was looking through some 1888 records and found that center fielder Gore was credited with only four assists for the season. . . Further investigation revealed it was Pitcher William George who had the five as- none al all. Tues. to State Tournament Lonoke, March 4 — (/P)— Teams to be invited to battle champions of the 12 districts in the stale class A and B senior high school bakset- ball tournaments at Jonesboro and Marion, respectively, this week niobably will not be named until tomorrow. , ' j-i o n o K o superintendent of schools James Abraham, president of ^.Ihc Arkansas 'Alhlotic Association, said today that he had not yet been officially notified of rtculls of all district tournaments which were run oil' last week. He said no teams would be invited until district champions which go into the bracket automatically had been certified. • Abranam asserted that about a dozen class B teams had asked to be invited .while at least ten class A teams -'were seeking invitations. Unofficially, the class A bracket was completed except for the invited teams. District, champions und pairings for the class A meet at Jonesboro are: Monticello, district 3, vs. Forrest City, district 5. j Russellville, 11, vs. Invited team. Greenwood, 12, vs. Little Rock, G. Camd.cn, 9, vs. invited team. Magnolia, 10, vs. Pine Bluff, 7. Jonesboro, 4, vs. Oxford, 4. BeebeS, vs. invited loam. Van Buren, Paragould, Searcy and El Dorado were believed to have good chances^ of receiving class A invitations. — o Defense Ask Murder Charge Be Dismissed San Bernardino, Calif., March 1 —W—A'motion for dismissal of a murder charge against Mrs. Gwendolyn Wallis was made by defense attorneys yesterday after the pro-- secution concluded its case charging Mrs. Wallis with the fatal shooting of Mrs. Ruby Clark, 26-1 year-old school teacher. ' The motion, made on grounds of i insufficient evidence and lack of i showing that the shooting was premeditated, was taken under advisement. | A purported confession in which Mrs. Wallis, 31, stated that she , shot Mrs. Clark after asking the : school teacher "to stop running around with my husband," was read in court yesterday by Deputy District Attorney Taylor F. Peterson. Mrs. Wallis is charged with fatally shooting Mrs. Clark on Dec. 27 as the school teacher sat in an au-' lomobile with her husband, Don : Wallis, an army ordnance depot ward. Ms. Clark was formerly from Fayetteville, Ark. Oaklawn Entries for Tuesday First Race — $1,000 Mdn. 3 yos; 6 furs. Infinity Will 118: Master Cail 118; Can't Sweep xlOH; Chance Dance x!13; Leather Bound 113; Duke Berry 118; Miss Golighl- l.v 1)3; River Pat HM; Infinolto 118. <9i. Second Race — 81,000 Al. 4 yos 'up; (i furs. Top Book 1J3; Half Pint. 105; High Master xlOfi: Pair bally 107; Miss Wolverine 10H; Soy Yes 113; Whyso 113; War Spy 112; Tide Way 112; Bagncll 107; Letsfly 112; Ste Frances xlOfi Also Eligibles. Two Score 110; Turkey Foot 110. (12.L Third Race — si,OIK) mdn. 3 yos; G furs. Wild Advice 118; Al oka "Lad 118: Buck Sergeant xH3; Laundry Boy 118: Cashbah xll3; Dental Chair 118; Prince Snow HI); Erine- lia xlOB; Joanna J. 113; Lady Nanette 113. (10). . Fourth Race — $1.000 Ale A yos up; 0 furs. Ebony Edge lln- Gay And Light x!07; Charge 112; Conscript lir>; Bright Bronze xl03-• Dame York 105; Mar J. 110: Ackwell x!13; Swing Sister 1110 Lady Constance 107: Difficult 108; Phara- well 116. Also Eligible, Tcnslcep 110. Fifth Race — $1.000 Ale. 4 yos up; 1 mile 70 yds. Grand Rush 107: Paducah xllO: Spring Dun 115; Blue Sash 107; Free Speech x!07; Coley Bay 112: Babv Gold 118; So Proudly 105: Hoscnile 10G; Wise Paisano xl!3; Plaidloch K107- Gold Ting 107. (12). Sixth Race — SI.000 ale. 4 yos up; 1 1-6 miles. Stargoo 115; Barnacle 115; Fighting Mae 118; Miss Militant 110; -Quib's Bally x!33; • Brown Mate 115. (G). Seventh Race — $1,200 ale. 4 yos up; 1 mile & 70 yds. Letter V. 115: Diavoloman 118; Cnrydon x!07; Grenoille 115; Gourmet 118- Rockwood Lou .x!05. (G). Eighth Race — $1,000 ale. 4 .yos up; 1 1-6 miles. a-Tacara Pilata xlOS; Happy Guess 115: Air Born 110; Tangower Lee 118: a-Mareo'B Good xl!3; Phantom Son 118; Columbus Day x<19; Jack's Pride 118;, Speedy Josie x!08. (9). A-Cabanis &Fausolt Entry. o- Durmg the great earthquake of 1811, the Mississippi riveV tem- , porarily flowed north. Expert Repair Work On all makes of cars Phone 1118 BARNEY GAINES GARAGE 213 South Elm St. Hats Cleaned and Rebuilt 1 the factory way. HALL'S HAT SHOP East 2nd St. Phone 7« Alterations Prested While You Walt Personal Stationery Pastel Colors A Complete line Gentry Printing Co. Phone 241 Hope, Ark. COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply Cleaning The Cuff Gil Bouley, the big tackle who left the Cornell campus lo play for the Cleveland Rams last fall, is back al llhaca studying but no one has mentioned the fact Cornell still need a lino coach. . . The t-ail.v line establishes Dcanna as a 4-1 favorite for the Hamblelonian, which will be raced in August. Those big hearted bookies! Brax.il is the only South American country which declared war on Germany in World War 1. jy said today he did not 'see a great deal of advantage in daylight saving time" for Arkansas and expressed doubt whether he had authority to proclaim such ii time system. ' "'ley s-aid he had received "quite a few" cards and letters suggesting that daylight saving tune be inaugurated in Arkansas this summer. He said mosl of the advocates expressed themselves in iavor of "longer afternoons." Fish do not close their eyes during sleep. COMPLETE BUTANE SERVICE Wanda Butane Co. Phone 370 Hope, Ark. Service - Quality Variety We have a most complete f(> line of Field & Garden Seeds, Insecticides Inoculations. AGENTS FOR Funks G Hybrid Corns Dodge Famous Onion Plants Willhite Melon Seeds Germaco Hot Caps Sinker's Delinted Cotton $eeds Triple Cleaned Kobe, Korean and Sericea Lespedeza, Alfalfa Soy Beans and field grown Cabbage Plants'. We Appreciate Your Business MONTS SEED STORE The Leading Seed Store Not Much Advantage in Daylight Saving Time Says Laney Horry Segnor, Sr. PLUMBER REPAIR WORK Phone 382-J DR. H.T. SHULL VETERINARIAN In practice in Texarkana TEXAS CITY HALL Phone 140 or 1490-J Motor Repairs— Light Fixtures Hope Appliance Co. 214 East 3rd S PHONE 613 Appliance Repairs— Appliances SEAT COVERS FOR ALL CARS Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 815 S. Main Loe 7 s Tourist Cafe-Court Featuring • Steaks • Fried Chicken • Barbecue «Fish • Sandwiches "Soft Drinks Open 6 a. m. to 12 Midnight Private Dining Room-rPhone;222 Owned and operated bv t Mr. and Mrs. Pr'j. L6fe "' City Limits & Highway 67 West SEE US FOR THE REYNOLDS PEN Tho miracle Pen that will Revolutionize Writing. Guaranteed to write 2 years without refilling. Doug /^I"T'V Corl Bacon V<*fl I I Jones ELECTRIC CO. Phone 784 Hope • Real Estate If you are in theanarket to buy or sell Farm land or City Property, call or see Calvin E. Cassidy Phone 489 Hope, Ark. Arkansas Bank Building Us For BABY CHICKS You'll like our quality chicks, hatched right from selected flocks. Hardy, fast- growers. Low price. FEEDERS SUPPLY CO. 4th and La. Sts Phone 25 "•» H&,<C

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