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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, March 4, 1946
Page 3
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Pago HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Monday, March 4, Me Would Be Needed to [Touch-Off Another Terrible ECivil War in Spain f By DiiMfT MacKENZIE AH WotMd Traveler Paris, March 4 — Will Generalis- o Francisco Franco capitulate demands for a democratic form government in Spain or will it feke andifer terrible civil war to Settle the issue? When I made a survey of the si- [ Ciation in Madrid a month -<;o it Seemed clear that Franco recog- pized his dictatorship was doomed by Allied opposition and that he as manexive ( ring for a graceful, lace-saving exit from the rank of phief oE state. I believe that he had \opes for retaining command of |he Spanish rirmy tinder a restora- |ion of the monarchy, although this r tmously would lay him open to a bhacge of Uying to control,, the new government through his military Strength. ! The szgns are that the Generalis-1 IJmo still is Maneuvering for a j Son-rromise. Be that as it may, Hope Star .Star of Hope 1899; Press 1927, Consolidated January 18, 1929 Published every weekday afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. (C. E. Palmer nnd Alex. H. Washburn) at the Star bulidlng 212-2) 4 South Walnut Street, Hope, Ark. C. E. PALMER President ALEX. H. WASHBURN Editor and Publisher Dolph H. D. Club Holds Meeting The Dolph Home Demonstration Club mel«.qt the homo of Mrs. John Hnrlsfield president by saying Pledge of Allegiance. Devotional was read by the hostess, Mrs. John Hartsfield. The sons?: of the month was Home Sweet Home and the historv of the song was given by Mrs. Glen Hatficld. Roll ] was called, minutes read and ap-1 proved. Report was given bv Mrs. j Atlie deal-head on 1946 Outlooks' on Crops and Gardens, also a short j discussion on Household Equipment | was given by Mrs. Glen Hattield. During new business a discussion followed on how to help organize I a new Home Demonstration Club ! with Rocky Mound Community. It ! was announced a County Wide I Council Meeting would be March 29, 1U4G, in Hope. A very interesting discussion on Home Grounds was given by Miss Aw, G'wcin! ecause it wouldn't take much' to i where $6.50. et the Civil conflict of 1936-39 in notion again. Militarily Franco's position is far nore powerful than it was whefi he Seated 7 the Republican /eteime in J939 alter three years of horror and astabhsheoLhis dictatorship. He has 3a«J plenty iot time to consolidate he hasn't neglected ds ground 3n. he military %fde. The Spanish standing army is bstimated at 700,000 men and while |t is equipped mainly with light arrris that's a lot of strength num- rically. Mpreover. Franco Oeen building highways has and bridges which may have been- designed for peaceful purposes tru)t which would be invaluable for -fhe-; rjulck movement of troops and sup- ijues. In the vicinity of Madrid I |;aw many concrete redoubts which poanmanded the highway leading to ie capital. Obviously the Generalissimo has anticipated the contiti- It is Entered as second class, matter at the Post Office at Hope, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3. 1397. . . , (AP)-—Means Associated Press. (NEA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Association. Subscription Rotes: (Always Payable fli, - Advance) By city carrier per week ISc | Weslbrook. She used samples of the Miller and I .'.::." . r '. !..„. ..'... '. ed and we learned lo identify each. The grab box drawing was conducted with Miss Westbrook being the lucky one and receiving the prize. During the fifteen minutes recreation a rope jumping contest was held. Mrs. Glen Hatfield winning Ihe prize. Meeting closed by saying Creed. Delicious refreshments were served. The next meeting will be with Mrs. John Hat- m^ iuiitLDc. JLJC. iiiui ti& .11 iuu % >, I Hempsteou, rsevaaa, nowara, yvuner anu is is a tense,;moment for-Europe. | torovotte counties, $3.50 per yeor; els»- Membcr of The Associated Press: The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for republication of all news dispatches credited to if or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local lews published herein. National Advertising Arkansas Dailies. Inc.; Representative — Memphis Terin., iterick Building; Chicago. 400 North Michigan Avenue; New York City. 292 Madison Ave.; Detroit, Mich., 2842 W. Grand Blvd.: Oklahoma City, 314 Terminal Bldg.; New Orleans, 722 Union St. Generalissimo hoped an agreement would provide him with an avenue of escape from the dilemma created by the Allied insistence that his totalitarian government must go. The negotiations came a cropper — or at least that was the announcement — and it is a .fair guess that the difficulty may have centered in a demand by Franco that he be allowed to retain command of the army. Don Juan all field. cy of further civil war. Kttially clsM lie has had in mind j along has insisted" that control of ;hat he wiiofcdntrols the army con- tne armv should be in the hands of •>.«.?« O«.9t i'Jc-^L' ?*•. .. " . i < . ,\. • . i * - tools SR&M-V i \. wasvintMadrid on the 'eve of [the arrteal, 1 . iff;' portugal of "Don Juan, pre"tefi_der "to the Spanish !his government and not subject to Franco's command. As for an expression of public sentiment in Spain, you could hold :hrones.7h?ese discussions Had been I your ear to the ground until frost«'i £» nftft « . ror^poaonTo t iv** ro t*a i*H i»icr i. :*.*. ...:*.u.«...i v, ~^,, .:»,<• ,,*,.,, «..., «u s'ianco s;., representative regarding possible '. restoration of. the Ihroen. These- discussions had-been going on quietly for a long time I have small doubt that the Six Killed at Rail Crossing Near McCrory McCrory. March 4 —(UPi— Dim automobile lights were blamed today for the automobile-train colli- 1945 Red Cross Report of Hempstead Co. The following report for the Hempster.d County Kcd Cross Home Market Report /JV___ , ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK i National Stockyards, 111., March jshape to resume the advance if the 4 —(/W- Hogs, 0,000; active; slaugh'news warranted. ter barrows and gilts al 14.80 ceil- | Dealings were quiet from ing; including some pigs under 100 I start Ibs.; mosl sows 14.05; light stags ' . ,-. •, t l\ t r- 1 I 1 uo . , Ill VOL ow »> ;, IT.v'i', ilf^lll OLtl.so service activities, m945 was made j llp U) 14 05 but m(isl o rf t ,,. inKs t i liR public by .Mimes Pilkinton, Honu 1 -Service Chairman and Mrs. Lucille Can-isjan. the local Executive Soc- retary. The Home service department of the Hempstead County Chapter of the American Red Cross during the past year rendered 2714 ..services to ing. 1 ) different families ranging from I assistance to a draftee and his family when he enters service to helping him with his discharge or helping the fiiniily with disability or death claims. Every possible assistance was rendered the families in Hempstead county who had near class not sold. Cattle, 4,000; calves, ,1200; small lots choice steers 17.00-25: few good and choice 10.50-05; most good 15.00-1(5.00; medium 13.0014.50: odd lots medium and good heifers and mixed yearlings 12.5015.00: common and medium 12.00; common and medium cows 0.25-12.25; cnrinors and slightly on of around among the months. Rimdsi up Hie only Oaklawn Results Weather cloudy: track fast, FIRST RACE. Purse $1,1 cling. ;) yos up: (i furs. .' Come-lately iKoenei :U)0 3.00 2.3( Twilight Bay (Wright> 11.50 5.20;® Green Garden (brinsoiu 2.90. ,-V,'; Time 1:15. -iM Auditor, Port's Boy, Prefer Llifl! Prairie Flower. Miss Mich, DflVi: »V I I > I I > I* I •. 1T.V * I III! I M I 1 > « • . .. . the recovery. Transfers M "?'£ "£ !r £ p . n * ulst ! 1,000, (100 shares were smallest of the past six were irregularly lowoi;. NEW ORLEANS COTTON New Orleans. March -I —i/l'i — Cotton I'uluri'xs made new son- beef|sonal highs lieu- today, bul in ihc cut-i last hour of trading ihr> advance tors 7.00-9.00; beef bulls 13.50-14.00; I was nearly all erased on the profit P..50- medium and good sausage 11.00-12.50; choice vealers medium and good 13. 00-10. 50: . bulls Making stimulated by ihe Mardi 17.SIO; IGras holiday in Ihis m.irkpl lomor- me- j row. Closing prices vt wore barely . . dium and good replacement steers | steady unchanged lo 50 cents relatives In the armed forces. was snout on food 11.00-13.75. Sheep, 2,000: steady; early trading confined to sales of Rood and bale higher. Mch high 2li.W> — 2H.BOB to jMay high 27.Hi SECOND RACE. Purse allowances. 4 yos up; (I furs, s Top Boots (Prohrni 21.30 10.00'fl [•'-Indian Trace (B. Clarki 10.206 Mordt.'cai iSkoronski) t.f>0. ?: Time 1:12.3. Hollo Cap, Shake Sir, Campi Hall, Nevc-rirol. .lean La Bel Milkymon, f-Brighl As Qo f-rUinning Sue also ran F-Fiolti. Daily Double paid $30.20. The onchidium mny have many as 82 eves in the skin on itfl back. low 26.H!) — close- low 2(>.'K! — close and clothing for over-flow victims choice native wooled lambs 01 iteci uvi-r, and more than $3.000 1 smaller killers nt'1S.7S-16.00; prac-i 2ti.!)7B .me inn>"Hl or -riven to deserving I ticnl top IS.75; little done lo major j.Tly high 27.27 — low 2(i.l)!l — .close and needv families most of whom!packers early; slaughter ewes • 27.00. .. . 1^... ,.:..,. ,,rr ,,n 1 0 W2U.!)I — ClO.IO low 2(i.!!7 — close tnose ol service men, and I women. More than S2.200 of this ! money has already been repaid and ! most of the balance will be. I Porvii-ds, carefully kept at the ! Red Cross office show that practically every ' tamily in Hcmpsle'ad county represented in the armed forces have at some time in the past four years come to the Red Cross for assistance and many of them have come many, many times ^/AIU. I Oct. high 27.20 • 26.96-97. Dec. high 27.16 26.92. Still a picture of sclt-confi- dencc, aging Bobo Ncwspm goes through first pitching workout with Philadelphia Athletics at West Palm Beach "' training uanp. in which six persons were killed and seven others injured. two critically, four miles west of here yesterday. Survivors said the pickup truck in which they rode had weak lights and the driver failed lo see Ihe approaching Missouri Pacific freight SONOTGNE Hearing Center Tuesday/ March 5 Barlow Hotel 12;to 7:00 p. m. will gladly make an audio- tgram of your.-hearing. In 20 i minutes'you can see just how ;h you/ hearing has slip- d; and whether or not you 5 need a hearing aid. 'No ^charge or obligation. ':' -Roy E^ Thomas Certified Sonotone Consultant SONOTONE of Little Rock bitten without hearing very much worth while. However, there are two things which the people certainly desire. They want an absolutely free national election at which they may choose their own form of government, and they want to achieve that election without another civil war. That presents a delicate problem for the Allies, because, while firm hand is needed, obviously a wrong move might precipitate a tragedy. The situation reminds me of a circumstance I encounter each summer while campaign out in the great Maine woods on fishing expeditions. Everywhere you see-signs warning you not to be careless about throwing away lighted matches or cigarettes as they may start terrible forest fires. You could rauso an awful conflagration by flipping a match into the Spanish tenaer. right now. . o Suspect Arson Continued from Page One incendiary origin. Officers said it was unlikely that live coals falling from a locomotive fire box started the fires since the tressels were en- train when he - rounded a curve in the highway and sharp drove Ohio Man to Drop Nylons From Plane onto the tracks. The track was demolished. The dead, all of Caldwell Community,: Ark., were identified as Margaret Brown, 12, Nellie Brown, 9; John T. Brown, Jr., 7; Hunter P. Brown, 5; Mrs. Gus Henry Boswell, .34; and Gus Henry Boswell, « and received sislance. information and as- S T S i j'£ •a W O OJ l~t SI o •o u v: 3 o 3 S375.00 173.00 312.45 17R.37 173.00 271,00 216.00 186.00 248.80 304.90 232.72 401.00 Jan. Feb. Mar. April May June July August Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. 211 194 189 178 142 187 144 173 145 177 129 12G v.K 302 252 234 216 174 242 179 244 195 260 215 201 $223.50 149.50 208.00 180.00 332.00 133.75 202.00 128.00 172.00 80.00 197.50 185.60 Mr's. John T. Brown, .Gus Henry Boswell, Sr.. Catherine Boswell.; Joyce Boswell, 3: Harry Boswell, 11; and Wilford Boswell, 23. Harry and Wilford Boswell were .in critical condition. The two-family party was en route to a family gathering at Batesville, Ark., where the mother and grandmother of the victims lived. Springfield. O.. March 4 —(7P) Nylonhose will rain on Cleveland "within a few days," promises Albert Edward Payne. Springfield in dustrialist. seeking the Republican nomination for Ohio governor in the May primary. In a recent publicity stunt there, Payne dropecl 150 pocketbooks, each containing a dollar bill . and a nole asking Ihe finder to re., anci|j ul . n tne monc y "'t o prove my point ' a that people are honest." 53,072.24 $2.251.85 1995 2714 $2,251.8f quotable 7.00 down. NEW YORK COTTON New York. March 4 —t/l 1 )— In the final hour of trading the cotton market encountered heavy selling by New Orleans and locals along w'ith some hedging. Offerings met only scale down support and Ihe market lost all of its gains lo es- .ablish new lows for Ihc day wilh the exception of March. Futures closed 95 cents a bale higher to 20 cents lower. Mch high 27.2 9— low 27.00 — lasl , 27.15 up 19. May high 27.22 — low 26.96 — lasl 27.04'unch. Jly high 27.29 — low 26.99 — lasl Oc/'high^iB - low 26.99 - lasl | -^^'^'KCIwin W. Pnulcv Oct. high'Vie - low 26.87 - lasl ndersecrelnry of ihc ,,,,vy. HELPS BUILD UP mi Asks Support For Pauiey By JAMES E. ROPER Washington, March 4—<UP>— An appeal to party loyalty failed today to marshal Democratic strength solidary behind the against Reporting 80 per cent recovery, Payne said the forthcoming nylon shower from an airplane would be "a token of apreciation of the honesty of Cleveland citizens." Where will he get the hose? "People running for governor will ae very surprised to know how accomplish difficult tasks," he re- $ 820.39 Loans and.-grants ................ $3,072.24 Repayment^? loans ............ $2.251.85 Individuals... requesting service — (i per day ....................... 1,995 Services rendered— 9 per day. 2,714 No. of kinds of service ................ 20 0 YOU NEED MORE THAN FIVE FINGERS to relieve dry-3calp itching. You need the real help of Moroline Hair Tonic. It aids natural oils; helps to remove dandruff flakes. MOROLINE HAIR TONIC low you're in America . , . now you're in Paris! For only Canal Street separates the great port city of New Orleans from its quaint French Quarter. Mellowed by centuries, the Vieux Carre holds unforgettable enchantment — a delicate blend of history, romance and fantasy woven into lacy ironwork . . . lingering in quiet courtyards and behind shuttered windows. SOME DAY yOU WILL VISIT NEW ORLEANS! Military travel Is casing and more space it available. Go the most comfortable and enjoyable way ... on the plied, without elaboration. o Basketball Scores By The Associated Press EAST Army 67; Navy GO. E. I. State College 60; Univ of onnecticut 54. Manhattan 52; Lasalle 45. Carneiie Tech 44; Case 41. Columbia 65; B'rown 50. Amherst (Mass.) 42; Bowdin 33. Boston U 58;- Massachusetts State 39. M : IDWEST Loyola .(Chicago) 56; Camp rant,' in 34. Iowa Pre-Flight 71; Iowa State Teachers 37. Notre Dame 66; Univ of Detroit 39. Minnesota 58; Iowa 47. North Dakota U. 49; South Pakoia State 47. Eradley Tech (111) GO; Washington (St. Louis) 38. Southwestern (Kas.) 77; Baker 40. Roekhurst 46; Creighton 34. FAR WEST Univ. of Oregon 42; Oregon State iolle 41. Denver U 57; Colorado Mines 45. Montana U 80; Montana State 60. Colorado A. & M. 47; Brigham Young U 40. Idaho 37; Washington State 35. Wyoming 66; Utah State 52. Southwest Drake U 48; Tulsa U 46. East Central State (Okla) 41; Southwestern Tech (Okla) 35. Northwestern State (Okla) 54; Northeastern (Oklai 47. Oklahoma U 50; : Missouri 40. SOUTH West Virginia 81 ;Pitt 61. Ouachita 61; A. & M. Monticello 29. Southeastern Conference Tournament (Finals.) U of Kentucky 59; U of Alabama 30. Kentuky 59; Louisiana Stale 36. o The last royal ruler of Hawaii was Queen Liliuokalani who descended from the throne in 1893. veloped diately. in flames almost imme- Little Rock, March 4—Officials of the Missouri Pacific Lines here ordered out every Bridge and Building Department employe in the division after word of the fires were received. Less than two hours later, three work trains were en route to the scene and others were being loaded with pilings, ties and rails needed for repairs. H. H. Gudger, assistant superintendent, left for Arkarelphia last night after he had put into motion every agency needed to cope with Richest Japs Line Up for Work Daily Tokyo, March 4 — (£>)— Growing lines of job-seekers, which include ex-colonels who want any kind of work — including day labor, indicate that th e government's new economic rogram is pinching even the richest Japanese families, Kyodo news agency declared today. The daily average of applicants at the main Tokyo employment of ; fice reached 800, which is 16 limes greater than during the war and four times the usual figure in 1936, the agency said. Colonels and other officers, often in old uniforms striped of rank, line up daily. No generals have shown up j'et, Kyodo reported. Meanwhile, a last-minute rush of buying was underway as Japanese attempted lo beal the March 7 deadline for turning in all their yen, which they will be allowed to withdraw in restricted quantities. On Thursday, the government will also clamp new price ceilings on necessities; fresh goods will be at about one-third of black market ArkJFIorists Mus|?Remit SaleTax Little Rpejgf- March 4 —(&)— The Arkansas Sufcreme Court ruled today that*fmr state's .florists must remit die two per cent'fsfales' tax on all flow,&K8 they "deliver "as the result of ,i,tefi3graphic order placed with them for other states. The decr6e'- affirmed a Pulaski chancery ruling that Burley C 'Johnson of Fort Smith, doing business as the Quality Flower Shop, must pay Ihe levy on his sales transactions originating in olhei slates as the" result of his mem bership in 'the Florisls' Telegraph Deliverv Assbcialion. Johnson contended that a regula tion under "which Revenue Com missioner 'Otho A. Cook sought lo collect the tax was invalid, tha the transactt6ns were in interstate commerce 'a'nd not subject to the levy. '•' The opinion, by associate Justice E. L. McHahey, recited the defi nition of the word "sale" as con tained in Uie 1 1941 sales tax act — "the term 'sale' is hereby declared to mean the 'transfer of either the title or possession for a valuable consideration of tangible personal property, regardless of the manner, method, instrumentality, or device by which such transfer is ac- comnlished x x x." "This language, we think, furnishes the basis for (the) regulation xxx and that it is a valid regulation," McHaney said. 26.90-91 unch-up 1. Dec high 27.13 — lo w26.R2 — last 26.86 -88 off 1-4. . Mch high 27.10 — low 26.85 — last 26.86 up 1. Middling spot 27.64N unchanged. N-nominal. o POULTRY AND PRODUCE Chicago, March 4 —I/P)— Live poultry — firm; receipts six trucks-, two cars; fob prices; fowl 27-2B 1-2; leghorn fowl 23 1-2; fryers 30- 32; broilers 30-32; old roosters 19; pay- ig prices lo shippers fob TO wholesale markel; ducklings 6 1-2, 28; light farm ducks 25 1-2. 6; heavy farm ducks 26 1-2, 28. o POULTRY AND PRODUCE Chicago. March 4 —(/Pi— Live xjultry — firm; receipts six trucks, wo cars: fob prices; fowl 27-28 1-2; oghorn fowl 23 1-2; fryers 30- 32; Droilers 30-32 :old rooslers Ifl: pay- ng prices lo shippers fob he wholesale market; ducklings :6 1-2, 28; light farm ducks 25 1-2, :6; heavy farm ducks 26 1-2, 28. o NEW YORK STOCKS New York, March 4 —{/P)~ Selected slocks enjoyed a late but somewhat listless rally today after a sluggish market session in which osses earlier ran to 3 or more Doinls. Buhing,, in the final half -houi was attributed to the idea that the ist had undergone a substantia lechnical correclion of Ihe length) swing o 15-year highs and was prices an dother about one-half. o- cornmodilies al Sends Note to Russia The appeal came from Sen. Olin D. Johnston. D., S. C'., who said in formal statement that "I Vail to ee how any true American ,'ind -ris- jecinlly a true Democrat" could ail to. vote for Paule.y. Many Democratic senators blared icely at tho statement, but said little for publication. Privalo- y, however, they speculated thai ;l auley eventually would ask President Truman to withdraw his nom- nalion to prevent further embar- ••assing tho White Mouse and the Democratic senators. IS GETTING UP NIGHTS GETTING YOU DOWN? Thousands say famous doctor's discovery gives blessed relief from irritation of the bladder caused by excess acidity in the urine Why suffer needlessly from backachoa, riui-down fueling from excess acidity In the urine > Just try DR. KILMER'S SWAMP ROOT, the renowned herbal medicine. SWAMP ROOT acts fnst on the kidneys to promote the flow of urine nnd relieve troublesome excess acidity. Originally created by n practising physician, Dr. Kilmer's is a carefully blended combination of 16 herbs, roots, vegetables, bait sams. Absolutely nothing harsh or huhlt- forming in this pure,' scientific prcpafca- tion. 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If you suffer like this—wa IJK.J urge you to give Plnkham's Compound a fair and honest trial. Buy It at any drugstore. VEGETABLE COMPOUND Crawford Qircuit Court was affirmed in its dismissal of a suit brought by .M. W. Chandler to set aside a tax: deen to property held by Vesta M. Furlow. The case was dismissed on grounds of "unreasonable delay" in prosecution of the suit. A Garland Chancery decree was affirmed in awarding property of the late Daniel and Susie Cole to nis brother and sister against the claims is devisees named in Susie's will. The property involved was a collage on Hoi Springs' Plcasanl Street.. Ouachita Circuit Court was reversed and a new trial ordered in London, March 4—(/P)—A foreign office spokesman disclosed today thai Great Britain has asked Rus- d^aw" troo^'l rom Ir'a^in *.?<!£ if" -ullof. H. B. Calling,for un.aw- dance with the Brilish-Russian- Iranian treaty. A British note was said to have been dispatched to Ihe Brilish charge d'affaires, Frank Roberts, in Moscow for communication to the Soviet government. The text of the note also was reported siputched to the Slate De- parlment at Washington. A foreign office spokesman said Ihe nole was dispatched before the British cabinet met Ihis morning. Roberts was asked by his government to "make inquiries" of the Soviet government concerning the Russian refusal to withdraw troops from northwestern Iran. ful detainer .against Fred and Ruth Goodgame involving a dwelling at Bcaren. The lower court had held lhat the Goodgames were cntilled lo posession of Ihc properly and awarded Galling six months' rent. KANSAS AIR-CONDITIONED • STREAMLINED er the f IV1NC CROW which also BEAUMONT LAKE CHARLES PORT ARTHUR f Tit. 196 the situation. He made arrange-] Tht , Kpo kesman said 'there had ments to route their trams over the Cotton Belt line between Texarkana and Pine Bluff. Relief At Last For Your Cough Creomulsion relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm', and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, in- , u ^ ti flamed bronchial mucous mem- I face branes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the understanding you must like the way it quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back. t» CREOMULSION for Coughi, Chcjt Colds, Bronchitis The spokesman said there had nrnrr P mnni<! r " been exchanges between the United Pavements. In one of ils rare orders granting rehearing on a previous decision, the high court delivered a substitute opinion revising one issued January 7 to permitt Garnett Tucker additional credit for $24.06 as a tax item in litigation involving Hot Springs property claimed by him and Mrs. Frances Nadine Stewarl. Previously the court allowed Mrs. Tucker $689.50 rents and Tucker $458.12 for im- States and British governments over the weekend on the situation. He added that Great Britain would continue to keep the United States Stale Deaprlment ''fully informed" on all developments. Sources at the foreign office indicated they look a serious view of the situation, particularly because the Soviet government did not inform London of its action. DEMOBILIZED Chicago, March 4 —Ifl 1 )— Three hundred outmoded slreel cars have been released by Ihe Chicago sur- line.s for sale as housing. Costing $300 each, Ihey will have electric heating units, bul the new owners must be people who are willing lo seltle down. The wheels will be laken off. o About 20 per cent of adult pedestrians killed each year are found lo have been drinking. "I LOST 32 LBS.i WEAR SIZE 14 AGAIN" Once ISO His.,'Miss Hcynoldslost weight weekly with AVD.S Vitamin Candy Hndueing Pltin. Now hhu has a model's ligurt 1 . 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The least difficult part of the job was making and installing enough telephone instruments to serve this group. To serve those remaining, and the 128,000 who were added to the list since August, is not so easy. New cable and wire have to be made and put in place. Switchboards or dial machinery, thousands of tons of it—equipment that is complex and time-consuming to manufacture and install—must be made, installed, tested. We expect to make substantial progress in completing such work by the latter part of this year. We're working hard to make the wait as short as possible for everyone. And everyone, you may be sure, will get service in proper turn. We'll let you know just as soon as we can serve you. SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY Monday, March 4, 1946 s HOP! STAR, HOP I, ARKANSAS^ Page flirt* d P< '.V ana i crsona Phone 768 Between 9 a.m. and 4 p. m I Social Calendar Monday, Mnrch 4. ji/ 1 ^ 1 ' W( ' s| y, i!1 " f-hiild of (he r'jrst MeUiochsl church will mecH Monti;.;; evening nt 7::«t al the homo of MM. Karl Clifloti with Mrs. l)ox- te.f Bailey as louder. Y.W.A. of the First Baptist church will meet Monday ni-ht at (^o'clock nt the Kduealibnal'build- Noticc The Annie W. Armstrong Senson of Prayer and offerings for Jitimt; Missions will be observed .'it Die First llaptisl church on Monday. Tuesday. Thursday and J'riday at 2:HO p.m. at the Kduca- linnal building of the First Baptist church with Mrs. L. F. Uigga- son as program leader. A hill at- tendiince is urged. Doming and Going Miss Annie Allen of Abbeyviile, South Carolina has arnveu iur .1 visit with Mrs. Huffin While and other relatives and friends here. Sul. Costa Carlson and Mrs. Curlson of Hot Springs arrived Saturday for a week end visit wilh Sgt. Carlson's parents Mr. and Mrs. Louie Carlson. Mrs. Carlson rein rued Sunday while SKI. Carlson remained for a longer visit. -TsJaplain Uokin Curgilu arrived Wednesday from Camp Chaffee where he was given K-rminal leave until April 2!l. Following Ins leave he will be placed on inactive dulv He hold the Air Medal with three A RELIEVE CORE THROAT due to a cold... let a little time-tested VypoRub melt A M m f^ «^ f^ Wyour mouth ^f I ^^ P\ 9 ... works fine I W V A P O R U B YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD TRY Hope Mattress Co. For bolter work at better prices—Old beds made new and new beds made too— We Call for and Deliver Anywhere One day service in town— Bargains in Secondhand Furniture ALL WORK GUARANTEED Phone 152 411 S. Hazel oak leal clu.slors. 1'hillipinc Liberation ribbons and the Japanese occupation ribbon. Captain CniTilo saw service in New Guinea, I'hilli- )>aies and Japan. Hospital Notes Mrs. Louie Carlson underwent an- operation at Julia Chester hospital Monday morning friends will regret lo learn. Friends ol Mrs. Clyde 7,'nm will oc pleased to know she is reported as doing nicely following an operation at Julia Chester hospital. a con Personal Mention Today marks a quarter of a con ury for Louie Carlson who has been in the same business and the same location for 25 years. We- who graduated from the ice cream cone to coca colas under Mr Louie's watchful eye offer congra- Hilations. DOROTHY DIX What Is Success? Dear Miss Dix: Our senior class him on lop? How is anyone even "" : " '•"•' !..•:..-. .1 i to mcasurc i,),, own ability? We might almost say thai success is a thing we spend our lives lolling for in blood and sweat, and when we get it, il is a bubble lhal collapses in our hands. Personally, Ihink a successful life is one in which the individual docs tho work he loves to do for ilself, without reference to its reward, and who leaves the world a little belter and a kinder place, than he found it. Recruiting Passed Ha!f Million Mark Breaking all records for \»>l unlary enlistment, Ihe Army's cur rent world-wide rr-cruit'm' <-->\\\ paign has passed- Ihe half million mark, it was announced by Major C.eneial 11. N, Gilbert. USA. Director of the Military Personnel Procurement Service.' an activity of Ihe Adjutnat General's Office whu-h is charged with the recruit- Jim campaign. The Eighth Service Command With headquarters in Dallas was , second in all SfrvM.'f CommanrU in enlistments. By January 1. (18872 j men had been unlisted by Ihc Comi mand thr> FMMVII-, Sorvu-' r,.ni|ir"id I lead with 8.'i,3]fi men enlisted. The Ninth Service Command had en- I listed ")!).20t). "Never before has flion.' been an active army of volunteers as I large as iinr present Rcmdar Army I strength." General Gilbert stated. I "More men have signed up in thr 1 | last ihree and one half months , than were in Ihe entire Regular I Armv when Pearl Harbor'was j attacked on December 7, when the I Army \v;is at its highest peace- Itimc total." of (!() is trying to define the word SUCCESS and figure out its meaning so we will know what to aim for. What is your idea of what constitutes success in life'.' B. O. Answer: Success is one of the words lhal can never be defined because il means so differently to different people. What may seem Stic cess to one may seem utter failure to another, and I doubt if anyone, when he comes to die, can look back upon his lite and feel that it has been a success. We call Ihe man who has piled up a big fortune a financial success, but it may have brought him no love, no tender human associations, no happiness, none of the tilings that arc really worth while. We call Ihe man a successful politician who has held many public offices, but if he has never won the position to which he aspires, the taste of failure is bitter in his mouth. The writer of a, best seller, the painter of a fine picture, the cinema stars with their fabulous salaries are all lagged as successful: yet few, if any of them, have over gotten their hearts' desire. There was always a greater glory that they were reaching lor and never grabbed. Definition Impossible So how are we lo define success'.' How is anyone to know what lo strive for lhat will assuredly put Dear Miss Dix: I am an ex-serviceman. While I was stationed in England I fell in love wilh a British girl and told her lhal as soon as I returned home I would make arrangements for her to come to America and we would be married. But since I have returned I have fallen desperately in love wilh a home girl and realize lhal il was jusl loneliness and Ihe Ihings that we had been Ihrough together thai made mc think I was in love with the English girl. Now what am I going to do about the English girl? Am I in honor bound lo her? Sometimes I think I am and thai 1 musi go Ihrough wilh our wedding, but I just don't feel that 1 can give up the girl I truly love. If you were in my place, what would you do? Jerome Answer: If I were in your place, 1 should write the English girl and TheJ by Hazel Heidergptt Tho girl sat in the corner, regarding her cocktail glass soberly. She "•as an attractive girl, with gold- brown hair and hazel eyes, now deeply shadowed. Colin thought she was beautiful, and catalogued her with his writer's eye—a tall, slim girl, in a dusty-pink evening dress, and larao-sleeved white jacket— ('.n|>yri«lil MacTue-Sniilh-Co. X' •,ni.slriliiili!il l.vNKA SliltVICIi, ING in your arms all evening! Colin Drake! Oh, my gosh—" "I'm sorry," Colin said. "'. would have told you earlier—but after all, we were introduced." "And you really remember me— I mean, you remembered my writing you that silly letler? How could you? You must hear from so tell her the exact truth about Ihc situation. Ask her to release you 'rom your promise lo marry her now lhal you have found someone whom you prefer to her. No doubt it will be a bitter disappointrncnl to ner, hul sne will yet over il quicker lhan you expect, and it will save her from a lifetime of misery as an unloved wife. Many men feel that they arc bound to go on with a marriage even after they have lost their love for the woman lo whom they are promised. They feel thai they are being kind lo their unwanted brides. The Doctor Says: By William A. O'Brien, M.D. Written for NEA Service The nervous system is the connecting link between the various parts of the body and between the body and the outside world. The central nervous system, consisting of the brain, spinal cord, - and nerves controls voluntary acts. DUI, in reality, there is nothing else I There is a separate nervous sys- so cruel that they could possibly do 1 fn " >h " mnl'-ol of the aulo- to them. For no matter what pre- malic actions of the body. Glands tense of affection a man puts up, no matter how generous and considerate he is to his wife, she knows whether his acts spring from love or from a sense of duty, and if there is some other woman for whose companionship he longs she knows it too. So my advice to you is to break your engagement to the English girl and give her a chance to marry some man who loves her. Dear Dorothy Dix: What can be done about a man who is in every way nn ideal husband; who never steps out or pays any attention lo any woman except me, but carries around wilh him pictures and addresses of pretty girls he has met? Bewildered Wife Answer: Quit worrying. Your Geo. Beasley Texarkanaat Rotary Club Thoughts A Complete Line of .... CITIES SERVICE PRODUCTS •TIRES, TUBES, BATTERIES .and ACCESSORIES SEAT' COVERS Put on by an Expert . . . R. N. Putman Washing & Greasing An Expert Mechanic ANTHONY SERVICE STATION Phone 1106 The sorrows of death compassed me.and the floods of ungodly men made me afraid.—Psalms !8':4. The fear of deatli is worse .—nurlon. SUFFERERS FIND CURB FOR MISERY DUE TOJVSTKMA ATTACKS Supply Risked Hero — Suf.'uri.-c Rsjolco r*inv lii.uu iur rclbf from distrr;>i of nslh- irm ].:ir,,M.VMn,: in jmn,im;,.,,| (,,,! : , : , i,, n.|,, )r t H til hi|«e?9 with u jmlli.v.ivo formula which Imp the' rower to rrlic-vi.' ur.tlra:ilic nml liron- fhinl rnn':csUrm. Men ,.,,,1 v..,nK'n who fur- liKTiy i-uircrrd wilh ilrr-ml i"iii B li:iiir c!lo!;in- whcexlni: nltm-ln n£ nsthmii jmrnxyaitu 5,'»™Vi ,.,"' '''"••"'I relief after mini; it. J'UOMKTIN C03U »n.0«. but oonaid^riiiB r£ •nils c:.-|icrienccfl, this ij n ; ,t expensive nmounts to only a few iii-miics u .lose (CniMiim-usp ,u,|y :, s flji-udcil.) I'KOMTPriN U told with strict moneylrack cuaritnlon |,y J. P. Cox Drug Stores— Mail Orders Filled. RIALTOl ••••^•BaBBHHi^^BKS BLAZING...with Excitement! THUNDERING...with Action! Soft Loving,..ROMANCE! NOW and TUESDAY New NOW and TUESDAY TROCBTY! Colin whipped out a clean handkerchief and said soothingly, "I know that into each life some rain must fall, but don't you think that's nearly enough April showers?" an inu-resting girl with a loan, in- lelligenl face. .She 1 spoke. presently — rather more to herself Hum to him. "The bride was lovely in while satin and rose-point lace—the defeated candidate, with her customary impeccable taste, wore a simple bul .smart gown of sackcloth trimmed wilh a.slics. She carried an appropriate hearts—" bouquet of bleeding- She looked al him. then, and her eyes were bright with unshed tears. "Take me out of here, please, will you'.' I'll commence to howl in another minute." "Of eour.se," Colin said quickly, and wondered if she remembered his name. When they were inlro- (Uu-ecl there luid been despair and oewiklcrment and incomprehension in her eyes. Ann Tucker—little Ann. he wanted lo say, though she was tall as he. But lhal vision ol :i hurt child persisted. Already Colin was lost, though lie didn't yet know it—a man is. when he starts applying the adjective "lit- 1.11'" lo a girl who stands fully five feet ei.^ht inches in her sheerest chiffon hose, and in addicted to throe-inch heels. Quietly, without farwcllls lo Ihc rest of the party, they left the road- 'luuse. Established in his ear, Ann still was silent, and Colin found nothing to say. Kor perhaps fifteen minutes they drove through ihe still beauly of the night, before u: glanced at her. She was crying, with a quiet desperation that racked her body. "Oh, Ihe devil," Colin said under his breath, and swim;; the car off the road. He switched off the ignition, and without a word gather-d tier into an impersonal clasp. Me was rather astonished at the .lifficully ol keeping il impersonal, lhat arose immediately he touched ler. Me fell momentarily indignant. Whal- did she think he was, anyway'.' But be whipped out a clean handkerchief and lui.'ked it into her hand, and said soothingly, "1 know that into each life some rain niusi fall .bnt don't you think dial's nearly enough April showers'.'" /Mm pulled a little away from him. and gulped. "I'm s-.sorry," her voice breaking on the final word. His right arm still around her. Colin fi.siied for his cigarette case with bis li-fl, and said, "Have a cigarette? They're said to be sooth- m,:. There's a point, you know, where tears i-ra.<e to be sorrow and become hysterics," She accepted a cigarette and a light, and ;;he slopped crying. They .smoked together in silence for a lew minutes, then Colin asked, not looking at her. "Okay?" "Okay." she 1 said. Me started the ear again. After a while lie spoke. "Ann—you don't mind my calling you Ann, do you'.'- as 'i was just in (own for the wedding. I'll bu off in the morning. 1 was wondering may I write to you? I've hern pretty .sure, ever since 1 got at first letter from you. that j you'll be a nice 1 correspondent." I Sl.e was starlleil. "My letter to ! you? \Vlio are you?" "Colin Drake." He sounded a little apulegelic. So she hadn't known. "Colin—Drake!" Ann gasped, Ihen began lo laugh, a little. h\s- teilcully, 'And I've been weeping secretion also play their parl by helping both these nervous systems handle their jobs. The brain, which is located in the skull, is protected from injury uy a nnn case of bone. It is covered by three membranes called the meninges. The brain is Ihe place in which we record impressions we receive from Ihe special senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell, .and feeling. The sensations of pain and temperature are also recorded here. BRAIN DIRECTS ACTS As the brain directs tho voluntary acts of the body, it is assumed thai reason is localed here As babies, we learn about danger through pain, instruction and observation. A baby burns his hand on a hot stove and learns about Ihc danger from the pain which lollows. His mother could toll him Ihe same thing and he could remember lo stay away. Persons who lose Iheir memory cither have a disease of injury of the brain which makes it impossible for Ihem lo remember whal they were laughl or learned Ihrougn experience. The involunlary nervous syslem is a series of cells and fibers lo- caled in front of Ihc spinal column from Ihe neck down lo Ihe lower portion of Ihc abdominal cavily. This syslem controls Ihe automatic responses of the body such as circulation, respiration perspiration, flow of digestive juice, and others. The involuntary nervous syslem is Ihe one which is mosl affecled by our feelings. Persons who become anxious might disturb Ihis syslem lo such an extenl that their hearts beat more rapidly; respiration becomes shallow and rapid, perspiration pours out on the skin, and digeslive juices are secreled in excessive amounts. As Ihcse re- The Hope Rolai-y Club met for its regular luncheon on Friday at 12:30 in the dining room of the Hotel Barlow. New members were indoctrinates into and old members were refreshed on the purposes and principles of Rotary. The address was made by Mr. George Beasley, past president of the Texarkana club. Mr. Beasley said that Rotary is intended to re ual responsibility to the community to join in all worthwhile projects, and as a club to sponsor and endorse improvements for community betterment and civic enlighl- ment. Visitors at the meeting were Rotarian W. L. Sark of Hot Springs, Rotarian Jim Chambers of El Dorado. Elmer Smith, director of athletics at Magnolia, Bob Nelson, farm forester for the Extension Service, Syvell Burke, H.B. McRae, Paul Klipsch and J.A. Hickman. o The oldest universities in the western 'hemisphere were founded in Mexico and Peru in 1551. The United Slates consumes annually GO per cent of the oil pro, ....... _____ mind its members oi their individ- dilced in the world. husband is just trying to show off. He is trying to pretend to himself that he is a big, bad wolf instead of the faithful family watchdog. o Six Nazi Groups Want Separate Trial Nuernberg, March 1 —(UP) — Counsel for six Nazi organizations whose membership embraced millions of Germans asked the war crimes court today to sever charges against them from the overall case and give them a separate trial. . The tribunal is considering the request for a separate hearing for .he Nazi organizations, Justice Sir jreoffrey Lawrence, British member of the tribunal, announced. The severance motion was made jy Dr. Ludwig Babel, counsel for . . _ the SS, one ol the most notorious a S tlons ln lne body are identicial organizations within the framework 1 ^' 1 " 1 thosc observed in diseases of of the Nazi regime. these organs, the patient may be- Babel complained against the "? ve t j] at nc nas diseased organs alleged lack of facilities for the defense of the Nazi groups, and said the right of the members to a hearing before the tribunal was "only theoretical." He said the SS had many departments, and all section did not share a common responsibility for the operations of the group as a whole. The attorney for the SA, another outlawed organization, told the court that any mass conviction of ''*« "'-r/nnization would affect 4,000,000 Germans and reach into almost every German family. iey iviarun Loeffler pictured asked abruptly, offering up a silent prayer that she wasn't so young as he feared. "Twenty-three." (hypochondriacs). QUIET FEARS The volnlary ajid involuntary nervous system also affect one another. Through reasoning and memory we recall that there is no real basis for our feas so we quiet our anxiety and stop the disturbance in our involuntary nervous system. This is what physicians ask when they urge patients to control their emotions so they may feel better. The gland of internal secretion also help control the body. Each gland has its own job and it also alfects the others. The glands of internal secretion system -are related to the involuntary nervous system in effects on the body. When we are overcome by fear the involuntary nerves 'to the adrenal gland cause an outpour- T^.,, - ing of adrenalin, which in turn J-ifteen years. He wondered if liberates sugar from the liver to she classed him with her father. So help us through our crisis In "Do you know how nervous individuals, weakness many people—" "My fan mail isn't so heavy as all that," Colin said rather dryly. They drove for a long while through the quiet night. Finally' Ann said, "I'd better go home. It's very late." She gave him brief directions on how to reach her house, and settled back in the corner of the seat. A sidcwise glance told Colin that her eyes were steadily on his profile, and he wished briefly that it were a more classic one. Presently Ann said, "This, is it," and Colin swung the car into the driveway, and they stopped in front of a big house, half screened from the road by trees—a gracious, rath- old I am?" She regarded him , „. don't know. You can't be so awfully young—you've been famous for too many years to be very '"•."""• R "t you don't seem old— middle thirties?" she guessed. ». .uueinig me—botn as to age and to fame. I'm thirty-eight," he said, and wondered how old Jock was. He had thought he looked very young, watching him at the wedding. Very young and very beautiful, with his tall blond head held high. "That's not old," she said. "I don't think so myself, most of the time," lie admitted. "If you'll Kivo me vour address, Ann, I'll be getting along—" "Write to mc al the office," she er old house, inviting in the salvery ' .', Wnt ? lo mc ;l1 tllc office," she moonlight. said. "I need something to bright- Ann opened a side door with her latchkey, and they entered a big, softly lighted room. She touched a match lo the fire laid ready in the fireplace, took off her jacket, and sank down in a big chair. "Please sit down," she said. "I'm suddenly a little in awe of you—and I haven't the faintest idea what 1 can talk to you about." Colin sat down and smiled a little. "You were doing all right. Do 1 look so very formidable'.'" he inquired. "I'm just remembering, with awful clarity, thai you're my favorite author, and I have a responsibility for entertaining you—and I'm neither bright nor beautiful, and you'll probably be very bored." "I hardly think so," he said. » a » It was amazing how easily they talked together. Quite cheerfully Ann explained her family's position among the ncsv poor—well, two years new, anyway. Her father hadn't lost the family fortune until two years after everyone else went broke in the stock market crash. "Original of him don't you think?" Ann said. She didn't really mind, except that it meant she just worked in an architect's office, instead of being an architect herself—and her sister's family lived with them, which cut down expenses some more. "1 love having Connie and Davey and Betsy with us, of course —but it can't be much fun for them," Ann said reflectively. "How old are you, Ann?" Colin en up the place. These aren't the best times for architects, you know. I'm lucky to have a job." "The job is lucky to have you," Colin said, making a note of tlic address. "It's been grand meeting you, Ann. Port r>"-.ike : <-n'< ••«•-• far from Setttlc, after all. That's where I live—it's noi ui«, ....... feel proprietary about it. It's a lovelv place—I want you to sec it. But that can come later. In tho meantime, you will answer my let"Good- may follow continued stimulation of the adrenal glands from anxiety. the Germans as an immature people politically, easily misled and "particularly susceptible to political seduction." He said he saw the "danger" that the judges would apply the advanced political conscience of their nations to the German mentality. Loeffler claimed that the prosecution's evidence showed that less than two per cent of the S.A. members were guilty of criminal acts. He conceded that there had been excesses during the Nazi rise to power, in which the brown-shirlcd b.A. men were active. The Jewish pogroms, he said were "certainly deplorable" but unavoidable in an organization mini- uering millions. I 11 KNOW WHY SOAP'S SO SCARCE? It's because our country is so short of fats needed to make the soaps you want (and to make other peacetime goods, too). Yes! Even though food fats are more plentiful now, our supply of industrial fats is still critically low. But you can help put more soap back in'the stores sooner . . . by saving used fats! Keep turning them.'in. just as you did during the war. (You'll get 4p for every pound.) ITS SUCH A 0001? HABIT! Al KEEP ON JUST AS LONG AS UNCLE SAM WANTS' Where there's fat there's soap/ Keep Turning In Used Fats To Help Make More Soap "Of course!" Ann said, by, Mr. Drake—" "Colin—" he said. "Wpll—"nncl-hv. Colin. Next limp \vc meet. I promise not to disslovc in teai-ii." "I'll never make you cry," he said, quite seriously, When Colin had gone, Ann lingered in the library long enough to smoke a final cigarette. "I didn't know there were any men like that," she said thoughtfully. It wasn't until much later, after she was in bed and sleep was proving elusive, that she began to think ol' Jock again. (To Be Continued i SKIN SUCCESS SOAP and OINTMENT STOP THAT COLD. Your doctor can prescribe treatment which will minimize or eliminate them entirely. When our pharmacists fill your prescription, you can rest assured that only the BEST of drugs are used in the EXACT proportions ordered by you r doctor. Phone 600 'Let Us Fill Your Prescription' Crescent Drug Store Frank Dougla$,, Prop. 225 S- Main NOTICE To my many friends and former customers in Hope and this trade territory, I have purchased the DENNIS FOOD STORE, located at 112 East 3rd Street, from Mr. Cecil Dennis. I invite you to come in and see me at my new location. NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS I will handle a complete line of.... > Staple & Fancy Groceries • All Kinds of Meats • Fresh Vegetables Daily BAKER'S Food Store 112E. 3rd Ferrel Baker, Owner Phone 510

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