The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 31, 1894 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 31, 1894
Page 7
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THE P1B HOtt STOUT EOT STOUT7 EEMAKSASlE OP A MEtJMATlO StJf PEEEE. , All—t.oRt ttl* Flesti to file—rto-ttr He Oot Well an it Stfrotifr. (from, the Jft. Sterling, in., Republican.) Fe^V men are held in higher esteem iby tlieir fellow townspeople than Jas. W, Stout, of Riply, 111., and it is duo too doubt partly to this popularity that the record ofthe case has created such wide-Spread interest. While his ex* jjerience is not without an equal, yet it has been sufficiently reiriarkable to detnand the attention of thousands of people in Illinois, among whom are numbered some of the most eminent physicians. Ih January, J893, Mr. Stout was stricken with what was then believed to be sciatic rheumatism, and in a short time was barely able to hobble arcmnd on crutches, ^anrt it seemed to his friends that his days were mimbcred. To-day he is a strong, hearty looking tnan of 160 pounds. How this wonderful change was brought about is most interesting as told to a representative of the Republican by Mr. Stout himself: < "I was attlicted with sciatic rheumatism and lumbago in January, 18!)3. The sciatic nerve on the right side became affected in the hip, running «> down to the ankle and across the small of the back to the left side, and soon my whole system became afflicted, Causing me the most excruciating pain. In a very short time I became totally unable to attend to any business whatever, and the disease rapidly growing worse, I had to take to my bed, where I lay suffering almost continuously for months the most agonizing tortairc, scarcely being able to move or be moved. At. one time I lay for six weeks flat on my back,. the slightest movement causing me such pain as almost to throw me into convulsions. I cannot begin to express to you the intense pain I suffered. I was drawn, by the severeness of the malady, over to the left side; lost my appetite, had no desire for food, and wha.t little I did eat I could not digest, the digestive organs failing to per form their duty, adding greatly to my already precarious condition. For weeks at a time I was unable to eat or sleep, suffering all the time most intensely and at times fearing I would lose my reason, and would have welcomed death to relieve me of my sufferings. "I consulted with local physicians and some of the most eminent specialists of the larger cities throughout the country, some treating me for one thing and some for another, but without effect, and I received no relief whatever. One physician told me I had double curvature of the spine and would eventually become paralyzed. I spent hundreds of dollars in the short tame I was afflicted without receiving «he least benefit. My friends all thought that there' was no hope for ane whatever and said that 1 must die, and I myself had almost given nip in despair, when in September, 1898, .•about eight months after . 1 was first afflicted, my attention was called to Dr. WilJiams' Pink Pills for Pale People. Without much hope. I .-at once •sent to C._ F. Rickey & Co., Druggists, Mt. Sterling, 111., and procured some •of the pills anil immediately began taking them. Before long I became aware of a great change for ifflae better 'in my_ almost hopeless 'condition. My appetite came back and my digestive •organs performed theirnisuul 1'unctions properly. I took some moue and grew a-apidly better—could sit up in a chair and my body began to :sfera5ghten out; •continued the treatment-and in a short *ime was able to be about «n 'crutches. My recovery from that -fiine on was very rapid and assured. Mv right leg, which before I commenced" this mreat- iment was numb and dead, now experienced a pricking, tingling- sensation. I was enabled to throw -away my •crutches and walk upright .once oaoro .•among my fellows, a better man .physically than ever before. When first taken by the disease I weighed 100 pounds, was reduced to 115; 1 now. weigh 10(3, more than I ever weighed at .any time in my life. Yes, sir, I lay my recovery entirely to Pink Pills." Br. Williams' Pink Pills for Palo Beeple are an unfailing specific for «*eh diseases as locomotor ataxia, partial paralysis, St. Vitus' dance, sciatica, neuralgia, rheumatism, nervous headache, the after effects of la grippe, palpitation of the heart, pale and sallow complexions, and all forms of weakness either in male or female. Pink Pills are sold by all dealers, or will be sent pest paid on receipt of price, 50 cents a box, or six boxes for $3.50-r(they are never sold in bulk or by the 100) by addressing Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Schenee- tftdy, N. Y. ANIMALS iia» the fettttiftr Wftj* ot All S«#« of f*tt C«h Ho tttMs^i to A*e#hrit4 The easiest way td toach a trick is to mako a trick out of some ttttte peculiarity of the animal, In this way you get ahead of him, so to speak. Careful watching of his habits will f Akihar a Lofjfr — In order to 6tf«ct A cur* you writ bftte to undergo a snfrgte&l otteHrtioa. Patient— is it really dftngefous? you hints of what can bo done in 1 the way of equipping him with trick's "that will often seem surprising to strangers. It is also a Way of giving an otherwise very stupid pet some tricks that could novei- be taught in the usual way. A lazy dog, who liked above all things to have his back scratched, turned his head toward it. Mis hose was rather sharp, and it made him look as if ha was pointing to the spot he wished scratched; His master noticed this, and each time the dog did it he Would say quickly, "Show mo the place," Soon the dog Would do it the instant he hearr! the wosds, being rewarded with a scrape or two along the back. He got so that he would point to different places, his nose many times touching his buck instead of merely pointing. A cat that boxes was originally nothing but a playful kitten whoso habit of striking with her paws at an outstretched hand was made into this very clever trick. The hands were moved in the motion of boxing, and soon the cat would stand up, making passes with cither paw in exactly the same way. In teaching those things always uso tho same word of command or motion. An animal soon learns, Goldfish that are accustomed to como to Patieht— But I have understood In fen operation of that character only one recovers in every 10,000. Doctor^-I know, but 9,999 have already died. Yon are the 10.000th one. You will Surely recot er, tho surface of tho water for food whenever a hand is held over the globe will^appear to rko when whistled to, if a' whistle is given each time tho hand is there. Goldfish used to taking food suspended close to tho water by a string can bo taught to "ring a bell for food,"and a most astonishing trick it will seem until visitors loarnliow it was taught. A string that will just touch tho water when food is attached, is fastened to an arrangement that rings a small bell at the top of the globe whenever tho string is nibbled at. A canary's little ways may be con- bldrt't Like Dogs. Visitor— Does your dog know ftay tricks? Boy Lots of 'em. "I should like to see some of them. Can you make him lie down and pretend to be deftd?" ".Hue, very fine I way until I leave." be Please keep hiin that Me Had Skipped. fie—You're husband is abroad, I'm told? She (stockbroker's wife)—Yes, he's traveling in South America. He—Oh, indeed 1 And do you expect him exactly tell. You arrangements take home Shortly? She—Well, I can't see, these extradition up such a lot of time. A Temple of Health Where vigor, good digestion, appetite and sound repose minister to physical comfort, is the bodily structure which, however much its foundations hove been sapped by. ill health, has been restored-rebuilt, ns it wcre-by the great renovating tonic, Hostetter's Stomach Bitters. Nothing; infuses strength into a debilitated frame lilio this saving medicine, which, in the rigor and regularity it imparts to the system, endows it with tho surest defense against disease, and tho best guaranty of a long life and hale old age. Worn out men of business, tired mechanics, overworked mill hands, miners orohen down by hardship and exposure to malaria, mariners and tourists, all declare that it is the best safeguard against the influences of fatigue, bodily or mental, and of climate and MIRRIED LADIES The best baking powder made is, as shown by analysis, the "Royal Heart-tedi-, silk arid the ttteat rtylos. ooodi rot low* people. DOCTOR trtro *Jt»A* Atfc „ PRIVATE DISEASES weakness ftfld secret MEN ONLY. Frt« book. Address, DR8.66ARL£8& f Health, New^ York City. Mrs. Woodruff of Little Valley, IT. Y,, and Mrs, Rowland of Napoli, N. Y,, are two regularly ordained gregational ministers. A small mouth, according 1 to a celebrated professor of physiognomy, shows great indecision of character and not a little cowardice, In Sitka, when an Jadiag wife has }ost her husband by death, she-goes iffto jpourning 1 by painting the uppei' part of her face a deep black. A woman about to sign a deed, thq lawyer asked ' he? whether her band compelled her to sign, i»e!" said the lady; "no, npjr twenty like him!", He, tenderly— Do you believe in love at first sight? She, meaningly— i I certainly believe th»t the more one gees of certain persons the less one }ik<?<t them! And he changed his Wind about proposing- tp her. The Begins, N, W. T,, council has adopted the single ta* system, fov thpt town, , t'hej-e are eight edible §,nd twelve p'oisQPQ«s varieties of mushrooms in the Uaitod Stutes, A liojne for invalid servants, the f tft 9t Mrs. C. Pairis English, i s ^ Q be pear 3epvvyn, Pa, length of the largest tiger skin, a^ew, after being stretched ajjd ijrjed, was 13 feet Qtf pg go«gs with, *f»et get » peculiar they c|lj *'tvolley verted into many interesting tricks. This bird will always peck and pull at a string left within reach. A little bell can bo fastened just outside the door, a loop of string hanging inside. Once in a while let tho bird out when it rings the bell, saying, "Want to come on 1 °" By opening tho door as soon as vlie cord is pulled, when showing tho trick it will appear as if tho bird rang the bell to get out. The habit of the sociable canary who chirps whenever anyone enters the room after a meal may be made into a regular dialogue. Say "Hello" always on going in. .The bird's chirp will answer. "What do you want" is the next question, a bit of food or green stuff being- given after tho bird replies. "What do you say for it?" will cause more chirps, which mean "Thank you." It is said that a bird that imitates sounds readily can IUe taught to whistle a tune if tang before a looking glass and u music "box with one tune be kept going- :a great deal of the time. The canary 'thinks the song comes from the Mrd in tho glass and tries it too. A dog or a cat ttnat stands easily on its hind feet cam Ibe nmde to dance, if it has tho IhaM* <of standing up for food. Hold the food 'directly over the head, and raotro ft-gently about, being careful not -to cause ithe animal to lose its balance by Md'ing it too far to one side. Tho .'animal 'will want to keep its eyes on the food, and to do so will have to stop about, [forward, back and sideways. As at 'gets more used to doing this the motion, which will look like dancing, can foe made faster by moving the hand more quickly. Any kitten wffi.pttay with *a string that hangs down. Have a rope with a knot in the end hanging- almost to the floor of the kitchen porch. The rope is attached to <ene end of a balanced stick, a bell being tied to the other end. The kitten will probably play with the knot when she comes to the door. If she tries to come in without ringing the bell open the door, and shake the rope until she catches hold of it, and thus rings the bell. Do not let her in until she has done this. It will be very, easy to teach this to a oat that has been drained to catch at anything hanging down in front of it. One of the funniest tricks ever taught unconsciously to a dog was done by taking- advantage of his sneezing-, one day when tobacco was puffed into his face, as his master was smoking. This was done several times, until finally the dog would sneeze whenever the breath • was blown at him, whether with or without smoke, or whether he was near his master or not. The gentleman would say; "Dash, do you feel a draught?" Dash, who always answered questions by a bark, would reply. ««Aren't you afraid of catching cold? There is a.draught," said his master, blowing his breath out. At this Dash would sneeue, which never failed to make people laugh. Ullndoa b Because Captain Bray, pf thesohoon* er Nettie kangdon, from Jamaica for Philadelphia, slept on deok in the tropical moonlight, he totally lost his sight and alniost wrecked his vessel, or such, at least, is the report of 'his cftse. In the tropics, the statement runs, gych an occurrence is not rajre, but it is seldom heard of so far ndvth as the latitude of Jamaica. In Denje- rarft, the same authority declares, many such oases occur, especially when the moon is in its strongest phase. Not Consul tea M» the »'Dp you let your«wife have hep own " jvay in. everything, M\'> HenpeptP" "I suppose I would if ^he askefl flW." j suppose 'Sfce temperature. Incomparable for bilious, rheumatic, kidney and nervous troubles. Equal to the Occasion- Bob—What did the lecturer say when you threw the cabbages nt him? Dick—Oh, ho said that he had heard tho audience would be pleased, but he really hadn't expected they would entirely lose their head. FOUR TRACK SERIES ETCHINGS. The Unexampled Offer of the Now York Central. Art lovers will find ono of tho best bargains placed before the public for many a month iu the offer of the Passenger Department of tho Now York Central, to sell at a .merely nominal figure a collection of ctch- inpa, which have become famous all over the country as the "Four-Track Series." The titles of the etchings are "The Washington Bridge," "Rock of Ages, Niagara Falls," "Old Spring at West Point, 1 ' "Rounding the Nose, Mohawk Valley," "No. 990 and tho DoWitt Clinton," "The Empire State Express," "Horse Shoo Fall, Niagara," and "Gorge of tho Niagara River." These etchings are all printed on fine plate paper, 24x82 inches, and the absence of any objectionable advertising feature renders them suitable for framing and hanging iu one's office, library or home. Copies may be secured at the office of W. B. Oerome, General Western Passenger Agent, 97 Clark St., Chicago, for fifty cents each, or will bo mailed in stiff tubes, secure from injury, to any address, for seventy-flvo cents each, or any two of them to one address, for $1.80, or any throe or more ordered at one time to one address, sixty cents each, in currency, stamps, express or postal mouey order. The age of a tree can DO ascertained by counting its rings, but it Isn't so witu a woman. UnderUnnd the So*. Hostess—Why do tho Chinese cripple the best of their girl babies so inhumanly? Traveler —To save their darlings lifelong suffering. "How can it boP'» "When tho Chinese girls grow xip they are able to wear small shoes without torture." In llow'a This! W«-offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for any case of Catarrh that can not be oured by Hall's Catarrh Cure! F, JT. CHENEY & CO., Props.. Toledo,-Ohio. we, the undersigned, have'known F. J. Cheney for tho last 15 years, and believe him perfectly honorable la all business tramsaotions and financially able tra carry 'out any obligations made by their fflrm. WBST & TRUAX, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, Ohio. WALDINO, KINNAU & JUatviN, Wholesale Ewiggists, Toledo, Ohio. Hail's Catarrh Cure in *nken internally acting directly upon the Mood and mucoois surfaces of the system. Price 75c per Ibattle. Sold by all Druggists. Testimonials J-ree. Hall's Family PlUa, 25e. •The Snrer. sun can't shine through -o torpid A Wood Mine. Upper Tonkin there are wood mines, according to the report of a French consul. The wood, which was originally a pino forest, waa swallowed up by the earth, which covers it to a depth of eight yards. Some of the trees are a yard in diameter; tho wood is imperishable and is sold to tho Chinese for coffins. A Child Enjoys The pleasant flavor, gentle action and ioothing effects of Syrup of Krgs, when in need of a laxative, and it the father or mother be costive or bilious, tho mostgral- fylnfj results will follow its uso; so thnt t is tho bost family remedy known, and every family should have a bottle on hand. The sun will keep right on sihinlng, no matter how much we talk about its dark spots. Market Gardeners and Furniers. Tremendous money is made by getting your vegetables into market 10 days uhead of your neighbors. Salzer's Northern grown Seeds have this reputation. Send to the John A. Salzer Seed Co., La Crosse, Wis., for their wholesale catalogue, inclosing a 2-cent stamp. w Painting the pump is throwing away money if there is poison in the water. Plso's Cure for Consumption is an especially cood medicine for Croup.— Mrs.. M. R. Aveut, Jonesboro, Texas, May 9th, 1891. The liberty belle— the one that lets you kiss her. : _ _ Ooe's Cougli llalsam Is the oldest ami bpsu H will break 1111 nCold quick. er tuaa uu j'lblnif else, it I; always rqllubla. Try It. A gun is not doing much execution when it hangs fire. It the Baby U uucung Teeth. Be sure and UBO tlmtold and well-trlod remedy, Uns. WISSLOW'S SOOTHINO Bvnur for Children Toctlilng^ Cincinnati slice workers will establish a factory and store. •• Hnnnoii'n vusn Halve." Brewers' lotornationul union adonted the A. P. of I*, platform. »,"£ Cw , p 'Of Parts' Ten at niRhtmoves the bowels in tho morning," Is there'any one -who thinks it is as easy for him to take other people's advice as is for them to take his? it The total vote <of the United States increased ffirom 4,076,000 m 1800 to 12,008,000 IQ Papw-hangers are about the only men wno swoceed in business by going to the wall. Kolgon'f Fntnoin Ship. The masts of Nelson's old ship, the Victory, having rotted at the base, are to be taken out and replaced with iron ones. Tho use of this metal for tho Victory's masts has called out criticisms from all sides, which, as tho ship is kept in commission avowedly as a matter of sentiment, seems natural. Novor Idle. Base Ball Crank—Why doctor! What aro you doing out here? Doctor—Oh, just killing time. Base Ball Crank—Great Scott! I should think you would leave your business at home when you come to a place of this kind.—Puck. . ' The Wronar Kind. Showman—"Cowboy, are ye?" Applicant—"Ves." "Ever comb yer Im'r?" „ "Ever morniu'." "Wash yor neck?" "Twicet a day." "Kin ye throw a lasso?" "Ketch 'em every timo—" "Then you kin git I Yor no cowboy. I've seed too manyuv 'om 1" Too Good a Judge. WagstafT—Where's that tamous dog of your's that was such a good judge ol tramps? Hopscotch—I waa obliged to give him away. To be frauk, wnon I camo home from the races the other night he bit me. '30 enon • 1,0( Anyone ctin participate iotttrr -„,--—-J by Bonding usiffoin ftlOta HlRhost refs. Write for partloutar* to LtHE TRADERS SYNDICATE., Traders' Bldjf., Chicago, 111. AQEKTS WANTED. mrsto •E.J EVERY : HOME-SEEKER Should ro»d the pumphlet recently puMlahod brth» * ' l'«B>eniicr Department of the lltinola Ceuti-nl FUn- ' road, oi'Mtlod J "Southern Home-Seekers Gnido for 18!J4.*v It contains over CO excellent lotteru from Northern * farmera now looted In the South, and other nutlientte* r ' and Tkluable Information. For a Fico Cony, *ddr«* i ' the,under»lgnod ut Manchetter, Iowa. •" .-• .1. IT MKK»IX ' • Assistant General msnencer Atcattfc. The hardest worker gainer. isn't the greatest DES MOINES FIRMS WANTED—100 salesmen to sell and 10,000 OUB- tomurs to buy trous. Liberal terms and roasonnble prices. DKfi MO1NMS NU118KKY CO., Dos Molnea. O. Tickets Oboap rates. Mileage bouylit and sold. W.W. Williams, SOU 4th St. THE CAPITAL CITY Ami tho Capital city School of Shorthand, Y. M. C. A. MldK., J)os Molnos, lo. Tho lending schools of business In tho West. Board very reasonable. Bend for catalogue to Mohan jr. MoCauloy, JJos Molnos, lo FINE improved, Uiilnuumbereci Missouri i int. FuruiM, HotulH ami City Property for Bulo, Kent or Trade. Address with stamp, C=3 T. J. SIMPSON, Neosho, Mo. R ENSION J .«K^K Successfully Prosecutes Claims. ito Principal Examiner U.S. Pension Burenul jrs In lait war. lOadJudlcutlutfolaliui. utty sluco. Thw Family Cobbler. A complete outfit for genera' The Family ' • names* Alendnr, a complete outlit for boat and shoo repairing. genora'l harness and Prlcp »3,00. belt repairing. 18.50. Kept for sale by hardware doale» and storekeepers generally, 01 cent freight prepaid to your nearest K. 11. station upon receipt of price. BRANDENBURG & CO., Cbloage, 111., St. Louis, Jto,, Kansas City, Mo., Omaha, Neh_ Slotu Ulty, Ipwa. AGENTS WANTED. . ' OUT MAILED FREE to »ny Farmer at Farmer's Wife | • ^ UP TO DATE DAIRYING- containing full Instruction how tofccuro ,- '" Higher Grade Products,' make __ , PIORE BOTTEB -Ai. BETTER PRICE A and «iih Less Labor c«t More Money * Reviewing and enplalnlng In a practical manner. .. THI NORMANDY (FBCNOH) SYSTEM, , DANISH DAIRY SYSTEM »m> ELGIN SEPARATOR SYSTEM •flitch liave brought prosperity and easo to the dairy farmer. )Wrlto for llili Valuable Information. Mailed FREEa* application. Kindly send address of ntlctiborini; brrneO who own cow». Atldrcss R. LESPINASSE. '„ T.i. Sec'y Columbian It 24S W. LAKE Br MltnoU Dairy Anmlatloni. «. MRB »T. "COLCHESTER") SPADINft BOOT. BEST IN MARKET, BEST IN FIT. I BEST IN WKAHDSa QUALITY. ' Tho outer or tap solo ex*- ' tends the, whole length. down to ttie heel, 'pro- teoLlnR the boot in dlf- fdnir and in other Imrd ' work. . < ASK YOUR DKALEK > KWTHEM and don't bo put off. < : with inferior COLCHESTER RUBBER CO 1 .. WALTER BAKERS,CO, The Largest Manufacturers ofi.i : PURE, HIGH GRADE:' .COCOAS AND CHOCOLATE! On thli Continent, ItvereoelTei < HIGHEST AWARDS, from tha gnat • strial and Fool EXPOSITIONS' Sin Europe and America; yc> wHi<»w *ny «^uivfi 4. rwUVMl ^ liea or other Clicmlcala or ^MrMMliS'.O^^K cVc"^ ff! • pure ana »luble, anil com leu than wio cent a SOLD BY GROCERS EVERYWHERE- WALTER BAKER & 00. DORCHESTER, MA88T* W. L : DpUCLA& CORDOVA Cwnes Every Week. y«r an the FaniUy. PineJy 30lBBtr«ted. $i,rs a Tear. value of' .HP cJ> l ? 9S t ^^ -° r er ^ a PP lican P gives abundant evidence of the variety, interest an4 value of the contents of the sixty-ninth volume of THE YOUTH'S COMPANION, The following titles of articles and names of Contributors suggest a few of its many attractions. Contributors for 1895. ' Wr ' G slf S And«wClark! ten * "'^ m> " ° f reminiscences of his lifelo »8 Irfend and physician, Two Daughters of Queen Victoria. { Tbe Princess Christian, of Schieswig-HoUtein, t The Princess - - The story of My First Voyage, A School Revisited, The Bold 'Prentice, The Story of a Locomotive Engineer, How to Tell a Story, M k An Editor'^ Relatlops with Youn ff Authors, wiUlaro Dean HowS And Articles and Stories by more than » hundred other well-known writers, FR .. James Stories. Health and Home Articles; The lottery Ticfcet, j, T, Trowbrldge, SelKure of Wakefuiness, Dr. w A Hammond TheYpunsJJoss, Edward W, Thomson, The Cellar, irwcBSSSn AQlrl of th|Reyplution, DprPthy wSspn, iresses for Children, ^ *££$£* By mm W»*rtc, c, A, Stephens, W. J, tra* put the Children on Record, PresT Sy mil nraww, ¥«ira» t. Wattls, ^ others, Help for SmwWs*, Pr/SS Ernst Favorite Features for 1895, Short Stories j Adventure Stories; Travellers' C. M, W, WO ftr« tbe largest manufKOtaran at w*t»n»tK±tt»Ht«i WINE OF CARDUl THIS SLIP WITH A4«r«« THE VQUTH'S ««MPAN|(W, Boston, Mw, "'f A 6

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