The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 24, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 24, 1894
Page 5
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PE8 M01MJJ8! ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, OOTOBEH S24, 18fl4 THE city cmcMf. All are pleased to seeB. W. Haggard Out agftia after a bard wrestle with typhoid fever. Carl Busa has a hew house nearly Completed just across the Northwestern tfacks. fife will leave the farm for good. The Grange store has been undergoing a thorough overhauling Inside, and new paittt has much to do with its itov proved appearance. A house that will be as good as new when remodeled now occupies the west end of Eugene Tellier's property. He moved it there last week arid it will be for rent. The Lockwood residence property, now owned by Pat Kuin, has received a thorough overhauling and will be occupied by Mr. ami Mrs. Harvey Ingham on their return. Hog cholera is doing some unprofitable work up in Union. W. T. Taylor reports the loss of several head, and Messrs. Jaden and Cook ure also losers from the same cause. D. A. Haggard tolls a reporter that he sold cows lust week at a sale up north at which the prices ranged from $33 to $38. The cow is king in Kos' • suth, atid a good cow is worth more than a horse. John Edwards claims to have made the premium drive last week, making the trip to Fort tiodge and back in one day with one of his teams. That covers about 90 miles the best way it can be figured out. Bobt. Philps has decided to abandon farming for the present, and will open a blacksmith shop at Hobart soon. Hobart is looking up, so much so that Col. Spencer had best be looking after his laurels at Sexton. It is learned that the Kickapoos have been expatiating upon the merits of 'Sagwa in town during the past week. Now let some one re vivo that antiquated gag about its being the improper thing to Kickapoo' Indian. Myron Schenck, one of the heaviest losers by the late cyclone, has erected a small house for temporary use, and moved into it with his family last Friday. He will now go ahead with his new house and get it up probably this fall. A miniature flood was caused last Saturday at the Brown livery barn by the breaking off of the hydrant. It was at first thought that the water pipe had burst, but investigation showed that the hydrant was broken off at the shank. A new one will take its place. . Geo. E..Clarke and Special Claim Agent Austin of the Milwaukee road were last week engaged in taking new photographs of the crossing at the foot of Thorington street, which will be used in the trial of the Joseph Thompson damage suit. The case is to be tried in the federal court at Fort Dodge next month. The Social Union will hold its next meeting Friday evening of this week at 7:30 o'clock. There will be a paper, A Study of Browning's "Saul," by Bev. Stevens; paper, Organized Charities, by Miss Jessamine Jones; recitation, "Vend—Unknown," by Miss Abra Robinson; vocal solo, Miss Kate Lantry. All are cordially invited. . An accident happened to Mike McCaskey, one of the men engaged in ditching for the water mains, last Saturday. He was working near Wm. Barton, when the latter's pick struck his arm, inflicting a severe flesh wound, which will lay him up for a few days. It was all accidental. McCaskey is said to be one of the best and most rapid workmen on the job. The furnace which has been used in the Algona State bank building since its erection is being taken out and will be replaced by a larger one of the same make—the Richards & Boynton. The old one proved inadequate for the purpose of heating the entire building, and as it was guaranteed to do this the company is replacing it with a new and larger one at their own expense. List of advertised letters for week ending Oct. 22: Ed. Bartlett, Albert Bush, Treolia.B. Bush, J. D. Clarke, T. W, Cook, George Deford, Wm.Delaney, Miss .Margaret Eggers, G. M. Hardy, Mrs. A, J. Hawkins, L. H. Hendry, Miss Alice Ingersoll, Joaohin Jacobs, Chas. W. Lee, Miss Margaret Mac- Lanahan, Mr. George Parson, Mr, Jno, Patterson, Mrs. Gilman G, Boss, Chas. E. Sisson, Henry Vassar, H. Wollett. M. W. Ferguson, northeast of Algona, was one of the victims of the cyclone who lost about all his earthly possessions except his land. His personal effects were insured in the Farmers' of Cedar Rapids, and it is a pleasure to know that they have paid' his claim, practically in full, being ahout $400. This will partially reimburse him for his loss, and be a, big help to him in getting started again. Joseph Thompson and his sister, Mrs, W. F. Hoflus, -returned last week from attending a family reunion which, occurred at Kansas City on the 3d inst. Th,e gathering was held at the home of a sistep in that city, ftud, besides the age,d parents included the eight children of the Thompson family, who never before since leaving the old homesiead in Pennsylvania, bad all gathevej together under one roof, children, and grandchildren made up a party, o! 42 in nutabef. The gathertbg was one which will be memorable iri the history of the livesof those present) and Mr. Thompson and Mrs. Hofius report it a most enjoyable occasion in evefy respect. fir. Tribon had an experience on $tl- day, while driving south on the Irving- toa road, that might have been worse but was bad enough as it was. la passing a team the whiffletrees caught and his was broken. This let the carriage pole to the ground, and a runaway ensued in which the doctor was thrown from the carriage and received a sprained wrist. The injury has been painful, but is not likely to prove serious. A. L. Seeley and L. Isenberger spent three days last week at Silver Lake, where they enjoyed rare sport at fishing. They stopped a few days near where Oliver Benschoter, an old resident of this county, lives, and Mr. See- loy tells the reporter that Mr. Benschoter is well and hearty and is enjoying life. This also is where Frank Benschoter has recently bought afarm, and has already begun the erection of a house. He will move as soon as the house is completed. O. B. Durdall of the New England clothing house has inaugurated a new departure, which consists of a cashier system and a package carrier. The carrier extends nearly the length of the store room, and by it goods sold, together with the cash therefor, are conveyed to the cashier's desk and there wrapped and sent back to be delivered. Meantime the proper change is made, and altogether the arrangement has a decidedly metropolitan aspect. Mtu Durdall will act as cashier a portion of the time, at least. News comes that the bank at Neligh, Neb., of which J. C. Blackford has been cashier for a few months, has been sold, and that Mr. Blackford is out of a situation in consequence. The chief owner of the stock was Mr. Black of Sioux City, and while he offered to hold his stock a year longer on Mr. Blackford's account, yet the offer was so tempting that he gave his consent to the sale. Mr. Blackford thoroughly understands the banking business, and is not likely to long remain idle. Why is the Andrews Opera company so popular ? Because year after year the same talent is employed in its pro- day morning Kev. Oofreli will deliver the Bret of & Series of sermons oft the following Subject: "Our Lord Jesus Christ Among Men; His Approach to Humanity." These sermons have been prepared with care and labor and have been favorably received by thoughtful and learned people. Service at 11 a. hi., atid I'M p. m. All are cordially invited. F. W. Waterhouse would make a good news gatherer. He was talking last week with a man named Stinson at Sradgate, when it was learned that this man Stinson was formerly the owner of "Vyzaht," who has made such a phenomenal trotting record the past season, and that he sold the horse to Rossing without knowing what he would develop into'in the way of speed. But the opportunity of his life was lost, so he thinks, when he had a chance to buy " Alix " for $200, but took a black horse from the same lot at the same price, because the one he got was the better looking of the two. He now sees where ho missed it, although the one he has is a likely horso and may prove a good one. TO HIT THE fifltW That Was the Effort of the Military Boya Yesterday—!•« Contlntte the Shoot Today, Pretty Good Sfcofres Made SJ>ite of a. Btul Wind — Com- pntiJos Itepresented. In 500 Worth ductions, thus insuring' a smoothness not otherwise attained. For this year they have added to their former cast Mr. Frank Deshon, a clever young comedian, who in company with -Ed. Andrews, the old favorite, will be seen in one of the leading comedy roles. The date of their performance here is Wednesday, Oct. 31. Secure seats at Dingley's on Saturday. Misfortune does not seem to dampen the ardor of the Andrews Opera company, for this, their ninth annual tour, they are again before the public with a company stronger and better than ever. Their entire wardrobe being new lends a brightness to the stage not attained by all companies. The opera they are producing this year with great success is Falka, a comic lyric in three acts, by Chassaigne. Their only appearance in this city will be Wednesday, Oct. 31. Seats on sale at Dingley's on Saturday. It looks as though Georgeson was afraid to shoot against H. J. Wilson for the state championship. At any rate he begged off last week at Des Moines on the pretext of having a boil on his hand, but was able to shoot in several matches after that. The date for their coming together is now fixed for Oct. 30, and Georgeson agrees if he fails to come to time to pay all expenses incurred, including targets, etc., and forfeit all claim as the state champion. We look for H. J. to wind up his ball of yarn if the shoot comes off. Forgetfulness is no crime, but it prevails to a remarkable extent, and in nothing more than the matter of paying taxes. Treasurer Spencer called our attention to this fact recently, and said that any amount of people who are able and willing to pay let this small matter escape their attention until after the delinquent list is made up, and then want their names erased therefrom. People should hear in mind that the treasurer is simply following the law as laid down. Taxes are due and delinquent Oct. 1 of each year, If not paid before then x the penalty is added. There are no new developments in the Lotts Creek school board case. The indicted members appeared and gave bonds for their appearance at the December term of court, before which time the matter can not be disposed of. Peter J. Walker says he regrets the necessity which compelled him to see that the law is vindicated, especially so since it comes very near being in the family, as a daughter of his is the wife of a son of om? of the indicted members. The talk of violence as ft matter of revenge, rumored in some quarters, is sheer nonsense, If that were resorted to then the affair would assume a really serious aspect, Rev. A. Y. Gorrell will deliver his lectures on " The Apostles' Creed" on Sunday evenings instead, of Friday evenings, The change from Friday to Sunday is made at the suggestion ol persons A HUMAN MONSTER. He Attacks ti liiidy on the Street Last Sunday Evening — it Is Tlino for Sonio VlKorous Action. A lady, whose name is not given bo- cause she desires to avoid notoriety, alone on her way home from making a call last Sunday evening about 7:30 o'clock, was followed for sorao distance by some villian who ought to bo behind the bars, and when nearly home was seized by him, with what purpose in view it is easy to conjecture. Her screams and the struggle which followed attracted the attention of a man coming from the other direction, and the villian was frightened into loosing his hold and the lady escaped what might have been a serious adventure except for the timely arrival of help. Of course the fiend escaped and has not been apprehended and most likely will not be, as the lady would be unable to recognize him. There is but one opinion as to what sort of punishment ought to be meted out to human fiends who prowl about in the dark in search of victims, and all good citizens will agree that the vigorous use of a club, administered in such manner as would have produced the most beneficial results, could not have failed to receive the plaudits of virtuous and law-abiding people. It has come to a pretty pass when a lady cannot walk the streets of Algona at a seasonable hour without fear of attack from such monstrous things as seem to pollute this atmosphere. Rough handling is needed, and some one will yet get his just deserts. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. F. H, Vesper is in Chicago. Dr. H. C. McCoy started today for Chicago, where he will attend a meeting of the surgeons of the Milwaukee road. D. A, Buell was down from Minneapolis last week. He still likes northwestern Iowa so well that he cannot stay away from it. One of the shooters on the range yesterday and today is W. F. Smith of the Webster City Journal, who shoots well and edits a g-ood paper too. Mrs. John Radcliffe, a visitor for some days at the Schryver' home on the Black Cat, returned last Friday to her homo at Waukon, Iowa, Mr. and Mrs. Fadden, living near Spencer, have been visiting here with the latter's mother, Mrs. Julius Quick, and also at the Vesper home. Fred. Stockwoll dropped in among us last Saturday evening 1 . He is now located at Peoria, 111., in tha employ of the D. M, Osborne company. Mr. and Mrs. Win. H. Ingham and daughter, Cornie, went to Des Moines on Monday to attend the wedding of Harvey Ingham and Miss Nellie Hepburn. M. F. Randall had for guests over Sunday his parents, who reside at Mason City, They came unannounced, which proved an added pleasure to the meeting. > A. W. Patterson and G. H. Lamson were in Des Moines last week, where they took the final degrees in Masonry, and are now at the top so far as can bo gone in this country. W. W. Junkin of the Fairfield Led- f er, was a visitor in Algona last Fri- ay, Mr. Junkinn enjoys the distinction of being the oldest continuous editor of a weekly paper in the state. Mrs. Lydia Cook, formerly Miss Lydia Hatch, is a visitor with friends in Algona. With her father's family she went to Oregon some years ago, and is now renewing acquaintances here. She is the guest of Mrs. F. Lull, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis H. Smith returned Monday evening from their visit at Tacoma and other points on the coast. The letters from Mr, Smith, published in this paper, leave po room for doubt as to the splendid time they enjoyed while absent. Teams representing the companies at Mason City, Webster City, Emmetsburg, Fort Dodge, a.ftd Atgona gath* ered at the range yesterday for target practice which will continue today. Some gpod scores were made, but the wind Was unfavorable and proved a source of some hindrance in the matter of successfully puncturing the bull's eye. The attendance of visitors was not large, though they were coming and going during the entire day, and evinced a good deal of interest in the shooting. The scores made yesterday are recorded below, totals only being given: e 200 YARDS, Htu;'.ey ( Prlv., Company C .................... in Smith, Serst., Company C ................... is Hurley, Priv., Company K...... ............. 17 Aruistron;,', Prlv,, Company K .............. 17 300 YARDS. Hurley, Prlv., Company C ................... 21 Taylor, Sor^t., Company P ............... »i Taylor, Sergi., Company F ................. 20 Smith, Sergt., Company C ................. in 18 . Waro, Sorit., Company F Tui-juro, Priv., Company .................. Hoffman, Capt., Company c .............. 18 Hiuley, Priv,, Company C .................. is Tavlor, Sergt., Compan y P ................. 17 ArniR .roaj, Prlv., Company K ............... 17 — ----------- - of goods at 75 cents on the dollar, will place on sale for 10 BATS DHLT $500 worth of goods at a discount bf 25 per cent as follows: 200 Dollars' worth of Hoods, Fascinators, V , J^dies; and Children's Mitts, and Ice Wool Shawls, 200 Dollars' worth Mens,' Ladies,' and Child- . ren's Handkerchiefs, Mufflers, Windsor ties, 100 Dollars' worth Stamped Linens, Children's Caps, Ladies'Silk Mitts. We invite all the Ladies to call in and see the above goods and great bargains. Remember this sale will be for 10 DAYS ONLY, and no longer, Yours truly, . SinKh, Sor , _.rgt,, ( Ward, Sergt., Company P. Company _C 17 17 500 YARDS. Smith. Sovgt., Company C 2n WHham, Sergt., Company P 22 Ward, Sergt., Company F 20 Smith, Sorjtt... Company C . in Hoffman, chpt., Companyc IB Tayloi-. Sorgt., Company P is Hurley, Prlv., Company C 17 Vaujflm, Prlv., Company K 17 The officers visiting are Capt. HoiT- man of Webster City, Capt. King of Fort Dodge, Capt. Refsel of Emmetsburg, Capt. Kirk of Mason City, and Lieut. Henry of Erametsburg. The work this forenoon was known-distance firing, and the programme for this afternoon was laid out for skirmishing. The visitors nro being- well entertained by Company P, and all seem to bo enjoying themselves. Jno. Goeders/ CAR of New York apples will arrive at the New Store this week. The finest fruit that Alponti will see this year. The price will bo so low that any person in Algona can afford to put from one to five barrels in his cellar at once. Come before all are gone. Don't forget that you can buy more goods for one dollar than at any store in northwest Iowa. JAMES PATTERSON. JUST received a large line of cortiers and silk drapery at Galbraith's. CALL and see our line of gloves and mittens. Langdon & Hudson. MRS. GALBRAITH has just returned from Chicago after buying a large line of novelties. "MAY BUD Tea." son. Langdon & Hud- I^ast Coll. Everyone owing me on account or note is requested to settle the same at once, I am compelled to have a large amount of money for the new mill, Don't delay a day. 3114 j. j. WILSON. SEE the new line of crockery at the Opera House Grocery. BOOKS FOB THE LIBEAEY. Contributions and Purchases Add J-iurgely to the List. Mrs. J. W. Hay has given the use of the following books to the Library association: Life of Emerson; Kingsley's Water Babies; Taine's History, Vol. I and II; By Ways of Europe; Stories of American History; No Heroes; History of a Mouthful of Bread; Famous Boys; The Fair God; Stories from Livy; Old Ocean; The Story Hour; The Story of Patsy; Spain and the Spaniards; Real Fairy Folks. In addition to the foregoing the association has purchased the following books, all of which make a valuable collection: Trilby, Du Maurier; Views Afoot, Taylor; Out of Step, Pool; The Mauxinan, Caine; Kidnapped, David Balfour; Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Stephenson; Story of an African Farm, Shainer; The Haunted Pool, Sand; The Luck of Roaring Camp, Harte; Zoraater, Crawford; The Colonel's Daughter, King; Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow, Jerome; Count of Monte Christo Dumas; The Squirrel Inn, Stockton; Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Doyle; A Window in Thrums, Barrio; Uncle Tom's Cabin, Stowe; History of the 10th Century, McKenzie; Works of Shakespeare; Works of Tennyson, Money. Plenty of money ,now for all applicants at' the Kossuth County State bank, for real estate loans at lowest rates. Money paid at once on comple* tion of the papers. Now I am Moved —-^ f»i^m^mmmm ; ^ ^ and comfortably settled at my new stand on State street, and am better than ever prepared to meet the wants of those who contemplate buying anything in the line of ' FUR I now have lots of room to show goods and lots of goods for your inspection, which I cordially invite. Anything not in stock will be ordered promptly. Come in. T, B ZL.u^.I^ZD. It's a New Deal. That's what the Boot and Shoe business is at the old stand of F. S. Stough. I have a full and Complete Assortment of boots, shoes, rubbers, etc., and I want to I am here to stay and do business, what I can do for you. so sell them, come and All Summer Goods at B. H. ANDERSON. NSURANGE. Also Land, Loan and Col'ecllon Bus'. Offlco over Algona State Bank, Farmers' of Cedar Rapids, Phoenix ot Hartford, Hanover of New York Minnesota Fire, Minneapolis, Rockford of Roek'o-'d, Lloyd'sPlt'ie Glass o! New Yo"k, United Saues Life of New Yorl Know Ilia Business. NE\V Maple Syrup, son. Langdon &Hud- TRY Quick Rising Buckwheat. Langdon & Hudson. Jinks—For goodness' sate, man, are you orazy? Bliiiks-^Littlo scheme of mi«e, old fellow. You see, I promised to call for my wife over at the church fair.— Clothier aiid Furnisher. Cyclone Insurance. I am general agent for Kossuth county for the lovya Mutual Tornado, Cyclone, and Windstorm Insurance company of Des Moines. The fees are only one mill on the dollar, or $3 for the first $1,000 and $1 for each additional $1,000. It is the cheapest insurance on earth, Address me at Algom\ or Lotts Creek.-29t4 E. W, DONOVAN. weefe-'day evening preg- FOR a Goeders. good overcoat call on Jno. CLUB HOUSE don & Hudson. Sap. Try it. A FULL Goeders.' line of fur coats at Jno. BUY Michigan apples at the Opera House Grocery, MENS,' ivies' and the larges oeders,' shoes Jno stools children's yrarm Algopa, at RAILWAY TIME GASPS, CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. LOOAIi TRAINS WEST. No. 1 fleparis at 8:58 am No. 0 departs at 4:30 p m Freights that carry passengers— No. 05 departs at 5:80 a tn No. 93 departs at li;55am No. 71 departs at 0:15 pin „ ' TRAINS JSAST, ' * No.S departs at 10:13am No. 4 departs at... 6:05pm Freights that^ carry passengers— go. 7Q departs at j i. :00 p m No.ftl departs at l:J5pni B. P. CHICAGO & NOBTB\ytSTJ!KN. North- M&ea 8:l8a M Pass......... 3:"" Niltural to Infer, Djmpleton.-rl.ook here, that yp» sold, me is too lively, ftorae Dealer—Aren't you a married 'J 3'' DE. L. A. SHEETZ, Drugs and Medicines. Full assortment always on hand of drugs, med- cines, and pure liquors for medicinal purposes only, Bootes aaa.a. J. F. PRESTON, M. D., Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat SPECIALIST. MASON CITY, IOWA. Spectacles scientifically flttoa ana guaranteed. Always home on Saturday. FULL-BLOOD_POULTRY, The undersigned has for sale nice full blood Brown Leghorn cockerels, 13u,t Cochin cooker- els, and Light Brahma cockerels and pullets. MRS. A. W, MORTON, 8Qi"3 Irvington, Iowa. Water or No Pay. We have a new well-digging outfit, the best that is made, and or>o well adapted to this section, Our long experience in makttuf in tion i« V aU case's" 8 ln guarlwteeln S 8a « s FRASER BROS, State ; University Q:E* IQ*W.A,, J The Several Departments will the Year j.894-05 on 8?pt>, i\ For particular tuf ormation as to tfee respect' ive departments address as t pllows ; *'* *~ • qf facultj , Iowa City. ' * 0< Bwfttl of^cu^ViowloH^ 1 " 906 ^'^' School ot Applied MeeftanJlof) and, «S#^™«M»Sfcfe!».W-

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