The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 17, 1894 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 17, 1894
Page 7
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lix- fe~ UP TO DATE. • *-4« imposed Axle Bo.x-A Check feein—Genemt fcetts bf K » /i HE IMPORTANCE of cleanliness for the healthy performance of the functions of life is the subject of a lecture delivered at the London institute by Pi'ofc Vivian Lewes, and published in Naturel „.. We may, says Prof. Lewes, live for days without giving bur stomach any-work to do, the liver may tieasa,action for sacral days before death ensues, but it is impossible to survive for the sarub length of time if the functions of the skin are entirely stopped. Indeed, tho p'rofessor cites the case of a child which, being gilded all over to pose as a statue, died in a few houra The sudoriferous ducts, of which there are about 3,500 to the square inch of skin, perform the important function of throwing off the moisture produced during the combustion of waste tissue by tho oxygen of the blood, and secrete about twenty, three i ounces of perspiration in the twenty-four hours, which evaporates without producing any sensible moisture} of the skin. This throwing off the perspiration and its evaporation is a beautiful natural contrivance for rejrulating the temperature of tho body, as the conversion of the perspiration into vapor renders latent an enormous utnount of heat, 'which, being principally derived from the body, keeps it,in a state of comparative coolness. A bath heated to' 120 degrees Fah. is almost unbearable, but one may be exposed for some time to a tempera* ure of 325 degrees Fah., in. an oven. Ihe perspiration keeps the body C ° 0l fe Tlle twent y-three ounces of perspiration secreted daily contains about one ounce of solid matter, which is left behind 'on evaporation. Apart from this there are sebacous glands which secrete oily and resinous matters, of which the wax in the ear is a type; these, mixing with the solid matter and dirt adhering to the skin, form a compound which tends to clog- the pores of the skin, and it is the removal of this,, by. the morning tub and rough towels, which is responsible for the refreshing- influence of the bath. .. -__ .. . ,i app-e&fs theftf «re«S r» fteited ia the fiscal tear ettding .ttiftfi patents: J.dftO applications tot deslgfis; 108 applications 'fo* reissue^ 2 f 193 caveats; )«??0 applications for trade ttiarks; and 368 applications for labels. There Were 2a,f,4e patents grafted, including reissues and designs; 1,080 trade marks registered; and two prints registered. Tho number of patents Which expired, was 13,167. The number of allowed applications which were - by operation of law* forfeited for non-payment of the final fees of 4,686. The total expenditures Werefcl.OGSjmas; the receipts over expenditures wete $129,fioo.80,"and the total receipts over expenditures to the credit of the patent office in the treas-' ury of the United States amounts to K409,3dO.-(4, During the past year there has been a notable falling off- in 'the applications for patents, designs, etc. Foi? the year ending Jun.fe SO, ]8w4, the number was 39. SOU, against J3,589 for the previous year, and inore than the last mentioned number for each of the three prior yearn The cost of publishing the Official dazette was $113,042, of which 7,000 copies were issued weekly, the cost of each copy being a little over $16 per year, while the subscription price is' 85 a year. The paid circulation >is small, A large number ara given aWay. A Moving Mountain. Improvement In .Check Rein. A combined check-rein support and winker stay has been patented recently. The overcheck bit is shown by itself under the horse's head. This A traveling mountain is found at tho cascades of the Columbia. It is a triple peaked mass of dark brown basalt, six or eight miles in length where it fronts the river, and rises to the height of almost 2,000 feet above the Water. That it is in motion is the last thought that would be likely to suggest itself to the mind of any one passing it, yet it is a Well-established fact that this entire mountain is moving slowly but steadily down to the river, as if it had a deliberate purpose some timo m the future to dam the Columbia and form a great'lake from the Cascades to the Dalles. In its forward and downward movement the forest along tho base of the ridge has become submerged in the river. Large tree stumps can be seen standing dead in the water on this shore. The railway engineers and brakemen flhd that the line of railway that skirts the foot of the mountain is being continually forced out of place. At certain points the pei-munant way and rails have'been pushed eight or ten feet out of line in a few years. Geologists attribute this strange phenomenon to the 'fact that the basalt, which constitutes the bulk of the mountain, rests on a substratum of conglomerate or of soft standstone which the deep, swift current of the mighty river is constantly wearing away, or that this softer subrock is of itself yielding at great depths to the enormous weight of the harder mineral above.—Goldthwait's Geographical Magazine. THE IMPROVED CHECK .HEm. support for an overdraw check is designed to prevent the check rein from wearing or rubbing against the head of the horse, and the winker stay is" BO attached that the blinds or winkers may be readily, adjusted at any desired angle to the animal's head. The support consists of a face, cross bar of leather, or metal and leather, haying felt on its inner side and resting on the animal's face, whereat is held by means of two side bars, preferably by spring steel, leather covered. The bars are curved so as not to touch the animal's face, and their upper ends are attached to the crown strap of .the bridle, which mivy also be of felt or similar material on its under side. There are loops or socket's, each, with rollers, on the' side bars, through which pass the rearwardjy extending members of the overdraw check, ren° dering it very sensitive to every movement of the horse's head. "The winker stay consists of .a rod with a .shank adjustal&lo by a set screw in a slide- way in the central portion of the face bar, the rod having, in its ends sockets in which the wires constituting the frames of the winkers are conveniently adjustable. Table of Weights and Measures. 4 teaspoonfuls of liquid eqval i tablespoonful. 4 tablespoonfuls of liquid equal Jrf gill. 4 tablespoonfuls of liquid equal 1 wineglassfuL • 1 tablespoonful of liquid equals y> ounce. 1 pint of liquid equals 1 pound. 2 gills of liquid equal y, pint 1 kitchen cupful equals % pint, 1 quart of sifted flour equals 1 pound. 4 cupfuls of flour equal 1 pound. . 1 tablespoonful of flour equals }4 .ounce. 3 cupfuls of corn meal equal 1 pound. J# pints corn meal equal 1 pjund. 1 cupful of butter equals % pound. i pint of butter equals 1 pound, 1 tablespoonful of butter equals 1 pound. " 1 pint of chopped suet equals 1 pound, 10 eggs equal 1 pound. 3 cupfuls of granulated sugar equal 1 pound.. . . 1 pint of granulated sugar equals 1 pound. 1 pint of brown sugar equals 13 ounces. 2% cupfuls of powdered sugar equal I: pound. 16 drams equal 1 ounce, 10 ounces'equal l pound. An feiiftifififfrtn'a 6l fl&lhS tiffs In fhli i4 fotpt-frate natality it igfthe same, North* South, East and .West—genial, free, eager, ample, modified as to form add manner by clt^s and place, f6r thefo are classes in Amefica as defined, If not as broadly defined as in England, says a writer in tho St. James Gazette. I have lived for days and.weeks ihali kihtis -of:American homes, and 1 say unhesitatingly that family affection is- the\deepest, "best and most noticeable thing in all that bigjland. Mne-tenths of ihe profes- sioaal men of the country have como from simple homes, -where interests are equal atid commoh-^-cqual and common, because, no matter how rich the father and' mother, the children have, as a rule no fortune till tho death of the parents, and nothing then , by right, but only' by the good will of the giver. How the American, mother hates sending her boy away to school! I remember talking to one of the most fashionable and beautiful women in New York ftbout Her son, and with tears in her eyes she feared for his morals and his habits, for tho loss of his deep affection for her and for his sister. She was probably wrong; would probably, if left alone, permit the boy to become effeminate; but it was an instance of the sweot friendliness and love found in Americ.x home lifo. The dinner table of aa American family is, as a rule, very informal; it has seldom more than two cqurses; wino is seldom soen, save in th larger cities, and then only among the wealthier classes. Iho most delightful hospitality in the United States is to bo found at the military posts. Here you have tho sublimation of simple manners, cordiality arid dignified enjoyment. In 1885^ and 18861 stayed for some time at Fort Leavonworth, Kan. and at tho Presidio at Sail Francisco; and I had ' this year a hearty invitation from Old Point Comfort and Fort Sully, S. D., and twice I have been to West Point. No matter what an officer of the American army may bo worth privately, at the military post he lives without ostentation—indeed, as simply as all his brother officers—as even a sub-liouten- ant might. They have their little tea parties, their germans and their phar. torn dances in the post ballroom, and they grow to be ad like each other a;; the officers and their families of tho I'rench garrison, where each man's income is' known and the cost of hospitality is borne by tho mess, for which the government provides. Here, I repeat, at these military posts is all that is finest,'prettiest, most commendable in social life in America. And my cynical brother Britisher, who joys in putting spokes in the American wheel, as it were, would do well not to mistake what he sees in big hotels, as he travels, for American life and people—not any more than he would mistake Harn- enden races for Sandown. Brussels Wakes iO,06"0 ftfits A - »oftii dar&ifld, &#! -fi a § tafcghi t& trftfek turtles.. The pay of an admiral i& {he lish navy is $9,13s a yeftr. T6n dollars is the average annual Income of a native of India. Suicide is less prevalent in Ifeland than in ally fcoutt'try in the world. A leading Now Vork throat sp'ccial- tst says that "tho best cheat protector Is worn on the sole of the fool." It is calculated that frotti 40,060 to 60,006 slaves are yearly, carried away captive from Zanzibar had neighboring towna. A boatman on the St. Denis ettnaL in France, recently found- 3n the wateV a package' containing' railway shares worth $82,000. The Brooklyn dog that was sentenced to death for biting the man who was beating his master has been' finally rescued by the higher courts. A Chinese custom is the throwing Into the ocean of thousands of pieces of paper when" friends are about to sail away. Each piece bears written on it a prayer. A Florida jury recently escaped from the jury room by night and serenaded the judge, the lawyers, tho plaintiff and defendant before they were recaptured. A recent state paper published k» Berlin shows that Germany cun in ten days after rn order to mobilize the forces is given, place 8,600,000 soldiers in the Held. There is treasure to tho amount of $30,000,000 stored away in gold, for the purpose of conducting the early stages of a campaign on basis. In Berlin, for some reason, bicycles are thoroughly out of favor with tho populace in general and the police in particular. Thoro are plenty of bicyclists, but thoy have to fix a third wheel to their machines in order to dodge the police regulations regarding a two-wheeled machine. The third wheel is small and is only used to get around the city ordinance against bicycles. Japanese Politeness. Lady—Tho foet of tho ladies of your country nre compressed, 1 believe. Japanese Attache—Oh, no, madam, that IB a Chinese custom. Wo in Japan allow our ladies'feet to grow to their full size (politely)—not that they can over b«}pe to rival yours, madam. Lite's Scuffle.' Miss Prude—Miss Smith is very charming, but she seems to have no special hold upon tho men's affections. Miss Frimm—No, It seems to be a "catch-as-catch-can" affair. •»"«*"^*****^ M «*jLri/j f*fe»vt after ekborateilfti-J petltive United States AgH cultural Department, Superior to all other Bakingpow* ders in Leaven* ing Strength* The most Careful Housewife will use no other; ABSOLUTELY ROYAL BAKING POWDER O0. t 106 WALL ST., NEW-YORK. Juvenile Logic. lp ^ ttii your toys keep them for my children, you never have for my grand- Ethel nininma. Mother- And suppose 2lnluron( Ethel-Then they'll do uildron. Up. An Improved Car Axle Box. The bos and bearing shown in the illustration enables a sufficient quantity of oil to be supplied to keep the bearing well lubricated for a long Getting Even. "You barbers do a heap of talkino- don't you P" remarked the inconsiderate man as he took his place in the chair. "Some of us do," was tho answer. "People are always kicking- in the comic papers about your haviuo- too much to say." "Well," replied the tonsorial artist "in come cases I don't blame them " "Why notP" "Beqauso it's unquestionably impolite for anybody to make an ostentatious display of superior knowledge." Well Known. _ "I want you to publish these poems m book form," said a seedy looking man to a New York publisher. Publisher—I'll look over them, but I cannot promise to bring them out unless you have a well known name Poet—That's all right. My name is known wherever the English lana-uae-e is spoken, '.'Ah, indeed! What is youi- name?" "John Smith." — White Plains Weekly. At the Rural J'ost 'Office. "Is there airy letter here for we unsP" "No letters,'" "Airy postal card?" "No." "Any papers?" "No papers?" "Is you got any almanacs?" "None," "Well, I reckon we'll take a hunU er side meat an' a bottle er quinine !'•' An Ample Fund of Pleasure ana Health May be derived from an ocean voyage mid foreign travel. But before ono gets one's "soa- legs" on, as tho sailor .says, tho abominable qualms, begotten of Boa sickness, have usually to bo gotten over. Delicate people suffer, of course, more than the robust from this ailment, •but few sea travelers escape it. Against the frightful nausea it produces, Hosteller's Slom- aoh Billers is a reliable defense, and is so esteemed by tourists, commercial travelers yachtsmen and mariners. An ailment akin t< soa sickness often afflicts land travelers will weak stomachs. This is oflon brought on In 'tho Jarring of u railway train.. Disquietude ii tho gastric region from this cause is always remedied by the Blttors, which also prevents and cures chills and fover, rheumatism, nervous and kidney trouble, constipation and bll- A Sure Indication. iVo^Sv^an« OUBe l8 Cl ° Sed . unTAh^^^ » » » «*» ? **«"" "Yes, if U; tho Uny; if it Isn't they've gone for Kood P F ht enou * 11 for mo *° aim at tho dog." BY WAY OP DIVERSION.', • ^ '',„»; Hoax—Why do you call that trolley^! car conductor "Time?" ~ * ^ cause he waits for no man. Strawber—Did you feel tho .„: financial depression? Siflgerly-^-1 it! Why, for a month, I wasn't;! to borrow a shilling! , • ' _.-•», "If a dog .should howl uhderCy window at night, would you' rea It as a sign of death?" "Yes, if BTATK OF Omo, CITT OP TOLEDO. LUCAS COUNTY. f SB - FIIANK J. CiiBNET makes oath that he is tho senior partner of the firm of F J CHUNKY & Co., doing business in the City of ioledo, County and Stato aforesaid, and ^^nSiairysx!^^ CUBO of Catarrh that can not bo cured bv tho. of HAUL'S •CATAHHII CUKE. „ FRANK J. CHENEY. bworu to before me and subscribed in my proBonco, this Oth day of December, A. 1). loou. A. W. GLEASON, Notary Public. V •"" Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally and acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Sond for testimonials, free. : F. J.CHENEY & CO., P>-Sold by Druggists, 75c. ° 6 °' ' Hall's Faintly Pills, 25c. SKAL Many people wear long faces because they are afraid they wouldn't bo considered religious if they didn't. Nearly every sinner expoots to repent when ho gets too old to longer enjoy a life of sin. ' Spiritual dyspepsia than the other kind. is harder to cure Judge—When you bro&o into" library nnd stole a lot of bookCvrav- did you take only tho works of cla'ssl-ll cal authors? Thief—Because, yoiir 1 -'" honor, modern books fetch " hardly* any price in tho market! * - ,; Mr. Hopparly—What? You only" sixteen, Maclgie? You look Older,*"! than that. Madg-ie—I know it. Bnt i>" I can't tell that I'm twenty-one,vCan>| I, when my big sister is sticking- at' that ago and everybody knows we } ain't twins. ,i ' • •% PIONEER KNiTTIM WORKS, IOWA CITY; 1 ! Exclusive hand nmdo Lndies' and Cblldron'BVr * Houd-wcar, Silk and Wool Mlttonsr always: the latest utylos. Goods manufactured in • Iowa for Iowa people. •, '30 ^PROFIT This Month •»- -—•• Anyone can participate in our •: enormousi profits by sending us from 810 to'V? Wl.OOO. Highest refs. Write for particulars to tf'i ATHE TRADERS' SYNDICATE,/ ''' Traders' Elder,, Chicago, 111. AGENTS WANTED. Unless a Christian has poor health ho slanders God when he goes to church with a long face.__ _ That "Joyful Feeling With the exhilarating sense of renewed health and strength and internal cleanliness, which follows the use of Syrup of Mgs, is unknown to the few who have not progressed beyond the old time medicines and tho cheap substitutes sometimes offered but never accepted by the wellintornied. One trouble with the world is that every man wants to measure his neighbor's cloth with his own yardstick. ' Coe'a CongU Unlgam and best. er tUan auytblng else. Is the oldest and best. , It will bruak up a Cola quloU. ' li la always reliable. Try it. The man wno is trying the hardest to pick the bible to piqces is tbe one who is least willing to live up to it, ' Karl's Clover Root Tea. The great Blood purlfler, tflvos freshneiw and clearnosr to tao Complexion and euros OonBtlpntlou. gee,'MO, *L It goes against an old man's grain to find his son sowing wild oats, driaking rye and getting cor.ned, ,, ,„ other pills. ,„„.,.,,„., aa an Antl-KUouniutlc, According to the observations of Prs. R. Ciullini and A, Viti. at Biepa, salophen, is an excellent agent, both io acute and chronic rheumatism,- its »dvantages ovep saloland salipylate of soda being that it is tasteless not hygroscopic, and devoid of unfavorable after-effects. It? chief indication is in the initial stages of acute arthritic and in mild or gubacute pases In obstinate op chrojjic i is advisable to follow its ad-, with that of iodide of The antipyretic action of AOt BJavtted- In ^h,e/ iij« , cftual it acts a,§ an aatifermen- ftad it destroys the i-eac^pn qf g.OtoQ'Ogm. pro die continued for •are not $tteft4efl Of a»y ' ' - - _ Parent. "I was astonished to see that old Closefist had opened his heart enough to get.his boy a bicycle." "So was I till I learned the true inwardness of it: He ng-ured out that after the boy g-ot permanently humped over he wouldn't be able to hold so much dinner." If tbe IJaby la cupnn^ '.Teeth. Be <ur» and use that old and well-tried remedy, Mas. WINBLOW'S SOOTHING BYRUP for Children Teething, The race track would be further above suspicion if it had more dead heats than dead beats. • ' • >< 3)tinion'a fllugic corn salre," : It's easier to dodge the income tax col^ .lector than a girl who is learning to ride a ;bieycle. • _ Cup of Paries' Ten atnightmoves els the bowels m the morning." to Borne of us have to live along while nnd out that we don?t know much, _ The devil soon finds out when the preacher has nothing but powder in his gun. ASSIST NATURE a little now and then in removing- offending- matter from the stomach and bowels and you thereby avoid a multitude of distressing- derangements ami diseases, and will have less frequent need of your doctor's service. Of all known agents for this purpose, Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets are the best. Once used, they are always In fnvor. Their secondary effect is to keep the bowels open and regular, not to further constipate, as is the case with --.-.-• ^ Hence, their great populaiity with sufferers from habitual constipation piles and their attendant discomfort and • manifold derangements.. The."Pellets" ore purely vegetable and perfectly harmless in any condition of the system. No care is' required while using them;-they do not interfere with the diet,- habits or occupa- tiqiu,-aiid produce no pain, griping or shock to the system. They act in a wild, easy and natural way and there is no reaction after, ward. Their help lasts. The Pellets cure biliousness, sick and bilious headache, dizziness, costiveness, or constipation, sour stomach, loss of appetite , coated tongue, indigestion, or dyspepsia, .windy belchings, '•heartburn," pain and distress after eating, and kindred derangements of the liver, stomach and bowels. In proof of their superior excellence, it can be truthfully said, that they are always adopted as a household remedy after the •first trial. Put tip in sealed, glass vials, therefore always fresh ' and reliable. One little "Pellet" is a laxative, two are mildy cathartic. As a "dinner pill," to promote digestion, or to vejieve distress from oyer- 'eating, take one after dinner. They are tmy, sugar-coated granules; any child will readily take them. ' . Accept no substitute that may be recom- niended to be "just as good;" It maybe better for the dealer, because of paying him a better profit, but tie is npt.the one who ?iff€c($ iielpt ' . Pt. Band Iron OAK BASKET; A. Basket You Can Water Your Horses With, no More Tljan Any Other Hindi, put Will jafc^^-STAirP MAILED to any Farmer or Farmer's W'ft , UP TO DATE DAIRYING £ * containing full Instruction how to secure • - ^< I Higher Orade Products, mate j »•' pioflE STTEB «$$&, BETTER PBIGE: w| Less Labor c=t He Reviewing and explaining In a practical manner , , , TH« NORMANDY (FRENCH) SYSTEM, DANISH DAIRY SYSTEM ««» .BUGIN SEPARATQR..SYSTEM 4 »hlch have btought prosperity and cafe so the dalry''' » Write for Oils Vnlmblo Information, Mailed Bppllcatioi), Mndly tend nddrcss of nelElilwrimr «ho own cows. AUdrew R, LBSPINASSq. B». Sec'y Columbian ft 240 W. Utob Dair *** W ' W. $3 DOUGLAS MARRIED LADIES every laUy nooda It. IAUI f EMfoniP«,ft, louls, J|0.' ' 'Are you not ashamea of yoursejl to vlght with a, boy so much grajillei' than yourself P. J really can't undev- stand it," said a gentleman to a boy who was imposing- on a small OJIQ, "Well, then, why do you meddle with things you don't understand?"— Answers, | If It's a Sprain, Strain, or Bruise St. Jacobs Oil Will cure It Within th^ box fc Adapted to rtlp over the bearing bfeing' ojpse^i -but having j w jte in wJuch pit nj sy be he!4'a the ^ fa pp»r#4 iato en ,d, 4 1'wnwipwt Wiggs— I suppose that I should er have bought that stock if the broker hadn't assured, we that there was ft fortune in it. .. • ' BiggsWWeU, wasn't there? Wigg-a— Ofe, there may have been; but I haven't been able to get any of it but, as yet,— SomevvUle '* }8Bi i ftav? been a great wfftrer from wfarrli, I tried, Ely's Cream, Balm, <»w? to all appearances aw mm, Terrible, headathes from wft(c7t l had long «*/* fered. are gone, . If. Jf ff«e7j» weft, BROCKTON/ , unvo money ' W, Ii, JJouyrlftg $ i>, w? are tho larg . „,„„, j( SB003 Jn th§ WOl'lvi, uuu i value by stamping <Ue n«!jio ami bottom, which prowot y<ju jvaalnst hi K££«W»,1Sa-«'ii»'| WINE OP Where the Plug Como The pin m^Wnes o| JSjiglaaa, m<? ftl W,W09,QpQ pin e to- ey^-y wk 4»y<?ittitye§i', ^ BtaUDgtuNh m. faotni-w iriRlraa Sn nah SnTSlt'Z^T^ *™* '1 'i HA* "i 1 /•A' "J A^fT-WK "COLCHESTER" 'SPADING ; BOOT, "it *aj! i <\}fufip BEST IN MABKETi UK-, j' i$n

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