The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 17, 1894 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 17, 1894
Page 1
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* r' , s ' * , It j' T ' ' ' ' ' s, \ ESTABLISHED 1865, The Nicest a potatoes you have seen * ' ' * this year are now to be Annual Meeting 1 of the State Orange —Resolution Afrainst the Innocent Purchaser Act, St, Joseph i 8 Favored with a small Brecze-Gftsolene XiXploslob ftt BUrt-other Briefs, ALGQNA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 17. 1894 NEWS OF THE NORTHWEST, I tel1 "*- The mo hey Wa8 paid, the fort une told, and then the gypsies fled, The swindled fancher, assisted by the sheriff, pursued the band, and by threats compelled them to return the money. _ Injured at Whlttemofe. The Champion says that Mrs, Koehb, wife of Chris Koehn, ,who was killed last winter on the railroad, is reported to have been offered $2,600 by the company to settle the damage suit. The attorneys hold out for $5,000. »/ found at the Opera House Grocery. Summer Goods ... Reduced in Price at GAL ITH'S. Ohallies, per yard, - 04c Summer Silk, per yard, - - - g8c Swivel Silk, per yard, - - 50c Serpentine Crape, per yard, - - 20c Ladies,' misses,' and children's undervests, 50 each; Ladies' and misses' capes and jackets at half price; Ladies' button shoes^ patent leather tips, $1.50. We will give some good bargains in lace curta%, carpets, etc. The Iowa State grange held its 25th annual session at the Goldstone hotel in Des Motnes last week, Twenty«five or more prominent farmers and their wives from different parts of the state were in attendance, as also was J. H. Brigham, national grand master of the order of Delta, Ohio. The officers elected and the committees appointed at the present meeting are as follows: A. B. Hudson, Silver City, worthy master; Mrs. S. M. Cade, Lenox, overseer; M. DeL. Parsons, Algona, lecturer; Mrs. Ella E. Parsons, chaplain pro tern; John Turner, Lenox, steward; Miss Belle Cade, Lenox, lady assistant steward; D, W, Jones, Manchester, treasurer; John Slaughter, Ottervllle, gate keeper pro tern; George VanHouten, secretary pro tern. The master of the national grange called attention to the annual session of the national grange to-be held at Indianapolis Nov. 14, and said that a low return rate on certificate plan had been arranged for. The lecturer, M. DoL. Parsons, read his report, taking tho stand that the insufficiency of currency was the cause of the financial depression. He sug- goated v that congress be memorialized on the subject 'and asked to increase the amount of circulation, to be expanded or increased to keep pace with the increase of population. The lecturer thought that arbitration should be adopted for tho settlement of labor troubles. The following resolution was passed: . Whereas, A law still disgraces tho statute books of Iowa which enables tho so-called innocent purchaser of a note to collect the amount paid for said note with interest and costs; therefore, Resolved, That the law should be so amended as to admit proof of fraud, the samp as if the note was still held by the original owner. . L. GILBMff H & CO. STOVES. If in need of a stove don't buy un{il you have seen A Little Cyclone in St. Jo. A curious little freak of the frisky cyclone occurred near St. Joe in Kossuth county last Wednesday morning, according' to the West Bend Journal. At Mike Sihltoyes' farm, while the good wife was getting breakfast in a small summer house that stands a few feet from the house, one of those sudden and unaccountable whirl winds occurred. The kitchen and kitchen furniture, including the stove, were scattered broadcast, most of the fire in the stove lighting on top of the house and setting it on fire, which was fortunately extinguished before much damage was done. We are indebted to Peter Kisch for the above item. He says no other damage was done in tho neighborhood, but it it was a whirler while it lasted. THE CITY CIRCUIT. W. H. Clarke had an old-fashioned barn raising yesterday, and put up tlte frame of the best barn ever built iti Kossuth county, or probably in northern Iowa. It is on a stone foundation, all framed like the old New York barns, the timbers heavy and well braced, and everything done as well as money can make It. A big dinner was spread in the house at nood and tho helpers who had come in from all around enjoyed a bountiful feast. It has been a long time since there has been a raising bee in Kossuth and it seemed like the early days of log cabin building. Nino mill-Wrights from,' Minneapolis with P. G. Morse in charge are at work putting an entirely new outfit of the latest milling machinery into J. J. Wilson's hew mill at tho Milwaukee. They are under contract toJjo done by Nov. 15, and then it will be in running order. v They are putting in the Willford & North way machinery, the best used in the big Minneapolis mills, with a capacity of from 76 to 100 barrels a ,£, M, 1 ','. Wilson has built a very fine mill building and now with a new outfit of the latest machinery, he will have one of tho best mills in Iowa. Union township held a meeting Monday and voted $1,500 to be put into three new school houses in place of the two blown down, and by a popular vote decided to relocate. There was a sharp contest, but the majority seemed to favor new sites. But the directors claim that tho law gives them the authority to locate school houses and that a popular vote has nothing to do with it, and a contest may yet be carried to the state superintendent, aS there are many friends of the old sites. If the board decide to locate other than as voted at the meeting the question of who has the legal authority will probably be settled. For Fine Groceries SEE- Langdon & Hudson. without doubt the best steel range in the market; takes less fuel than any steel range made. In heating stoves The Oak Garland for 1894 takes the lead; closes tighter and keeps fire longer than any other stove, I also have abhut Twenty-five Second-hand Stoves, very cheap—from $2 up, Please call and look my stock over, v J, W, ROBINSON, SEE BROWNELL THE SHOE MAN For Boots and Shoes, Ladies' Shoes, Rubbers and Rubber Boots, Misses' Shoes, Rnbbers and Rubber Boots, Children's Shoes, Rubbers and Rubber Boots, Mens BQQ|S and Shoes, Rubbers and Rubber Boots,, Boys Boots and Shoes, Rubbers and Rubber Boots, Ypuths Boots and Shoes, Rubbers and Rubber Boots, The greyest variety and quality the BEST, Prices always the Ipwest at the , AJUKMt, • Burned Wltli Gasolene at Hurt. Mayor Richards of Burt met with a peculiar accident recently. The Monitor says he was working around the gasolene engine at the elevator and some gasolene that had leaked upon the floor became ignited and the room was filled with flames. There was an old can on the floor into which gasoline had been dripping from the engine, and which he took for water. He picked it up and was going to throw it on the fire, but he had no sooner made the start than the whole thing was ablaze. He ran out doors to keep his clothes from getting aflre, but his face was badly burned, He went back ,and put out the fire and then went home. He is around the bouse but has not yet been out, A Lamp Explosion at I-u Verne. An unusual occurrence at the home of our prospective supervisor from Lu- Verne is reported by the News; The large lamp which Mrs. Barton's Sun* day school class gave her a few yesrs ago, suddenly exploded and flew into atoms, It threw the oil over a, space about five feet square and tore an iron brace from the shelf on which the lamp stood. There seems to be no cause for the explosion, as the lamp was not burning and bad not been used for several hours. Bev, TV, J-, BarcJay's Record, The Mason City Times says: TJnder Rev. W, F, Barclay's pastorate ISO persons have been baptised at the M. E, church, si* have died and there have been 80? accessions. The benevolent collections have amounted to near* ly$6QO, Between ?1§,QOQ and *W,QOO have been raised for the construction pf the new §4ifiQe, Tfee p B $Qr has been in the pulpit every gynday save one, when both be and the church a * Clarion ', ty ,rt« The raising at W. H. Clarke's yesterday recalled a pioneer story. A man named Edwards, who lived where M. DeL. Parsons does now, raised a log barn in early days and all the old settlers turned out. Edwards kept a whisky barrel but always used a very small measure when distributing medicine to his friends. The raising went on pretty well for a time when all of a sudden the strength of the boys gave out and not a timber could they lift. They tugged and strained but no logs went up. Finally some one hinted that if his barrel was tapped they might be able to do more, and although he demurred for awhile he finally grew liberal and tho logs went up sailing. There is an amusing case up from Lotts Creek, and the air is blue yet around the places where Deputy Brunson notified the school directors yesterday that they had been indicted. It seems that about two years ago they voted themselves some $3 apiece for services in locating and building a school house. The law does not contemplate salaries, and in the squabbles over a secretary for the board, this matter was brought before the last grand jury. The men indicted are S L. Scott, Chris, Bierstedt, Silas Roupe, E. C. Lashbrooks, and Michael Hays and they will be in at the next term of court to explain. It is amusing in a way and serious also, and we fear will make a breach in the harmonious relations of our western neighbors as Wide at least as the track of the cyclone. J All, FREE. Those who have used Dr. King's New Discovery know its value, and those who have not have now the opportunity to try it free. Call on the advertised druggist and get a trial bottle, free. Send your name and address to H. E. Buoklen St, Co., Chipa"" ""•' ?et a sample box of Dr. King's New Is, free, as well as a copy of Guide AH V -& 1 , Hwe&old Instructor, free. All of which is guaranteed to do you good and cost you nothing. Sold at L. A, Shoetz' drug store. ^ SEE THE WORLD'S FAIR FOR 15 CTO, Upop receipt of your address and 15 cents in postage stamps we will mail you prepaid our Souvenir Portfolio of the World's Columbian Exposition; the regular price is 50 cents, but as we >vant you to have one we make the price nominal. You will find it a work of art and a thing to be prized? Itcon- views of the great buildiners. and is Dry Goods, Carpets, Crocket y, Groceries, The Grange Store. Do You Want o. a Pocket Book f > Call and look at the extensive new line just received at Drug Store, Fine Crockery At the- NEW STORK . tower o«t el f}QQ by Cures OTHERS, Wltl, Cure You, AVER'S Sarsaparilla MAKES "W! WEAJC .J^JAW *H •.y^t-elf! Just armed; bought in Chicago on my way home from the east. It will pay everybody in Kossuth county ta call, as I have the finest stock of groceries that can be bought, Prices to suit the hard times, ^ ^ ™ ° F AW4 BINDS 0( th buy their Flour for the year I will give a good c ery sack. SAW BY TBE BARREL, Do npt forget that you can buy more goods from roe fop o»« dollar than at any other store in Iowa. Thanks for past favors, and yo» will always find me ready to satisfy your wantsjn my l}pe, * »«•«»*)« HWI, • t, ' JAMES PATSTBBSOW. I. FARM LOANS, Having secured the agency of the New Eudai4fcpp and Trust

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