Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 28, 1946 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 28, 1946
Page 8
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!' l Page HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, February 28, H r ?4 Peron Has Lead in Argentina Buenos Aires. Feb. 28 —(UP)— Col. Juan D. Peron. "strong man" and Nationalist-Labonte presiedn- tial candidate, maintained a slight lead today in the counting of scattered, inconclusive returns from the Sunday election. ^Although the count represented only a smatering of the estimated .3.000,000 votes cast, it dampened an early burst of enthusiasm among supporters of Dr. Jose P. Tamborini, Democrat, who got off to an initial leaci. Tabulations up to 1 p. m. EST gave Peron 32.042 votes. He also held the lead in Santiago del Este- rq, Jujuy and La Rioja provinces. .with a total of 32 electoral college votes. Tamborini had 30.199 votes nnd the lead in San Juan and San 'Luis provinces with 20 electoral 'votes. ' The five provinces were the only cites of Agrengina's 14. plus the .federal district, in which any re- turns.had been tabulated. -The counting of the votes was [Scheduled to go into high gear this •evening when the electoral board of Buenos Aires begins tabulating the returns. To the victor in thc ; city 'will go G8 electoral college votes. Santa Fe province, with 42 votes, ; and Salta, with 10, tentatively expected to start a count this evening Entire Rios and Catamarca •were due to begin tabulations tomorrow. - 1,500 FILING DAILY Little Rock, Feb. 28 — (/P) Reve- Jackson Says, Corivict 6 Nazi Groups By NOUAND NORGAARD •Nuernberg, Feb .28 — (/TV- Chief U. S. Prosecutor Robert H. Jackson demanded today that the international military tribunal convict on war crimes charges six in dieted Nazi groups with an aggregate membership exceeding 2,000,000. "The next war and the next pog- rams will be hatched in the nests of these organizations," he said, if they escape punishment. "It would be a greater catastrophe to acquit these organizations than it would be to acquit the entire 22 individual defendants." Jackson declared in opening the prosecution's argument on legal and technical questions involved in the trial of the Nazi Leadership Corps, the Reich cabinet, the German general staff and high command, the SS, the SA and the Gestapo. Sharply diffcreing with Jackson's estimates, counsel for the Reich cabinet told the tribunal more than 7.000,000 men—roughly one third of the total adult male popu lation of Germany—would be outlawed as criminals if the six organizations were convicted. He said the SA (Storm Troopersl and Nazi Leadership Corps alone totaled possibly 6,500,000 and the SS or Elite Guard membership would add hundreds of thousands of others. The defense also aised the point that "these organizations named have already been dissolved by the military government. They mcome tax returns in Ar. Horace E. Thompson, collector of internal revenue here said today. . _March 15 is the deadline for filing returns. . ', -USE. 666 COLD PREPARATIONS Liquid. Tablets, Salve, Nose Dropi • Caution use only as directed The prosecution's case agains the individual defendants was com pleted yesterday. APPEALS DECISION Little Rock, Feb. 28 —(/P)— Lillic Mae Tolley appealed to the Arkansas Supreme Court today from a White circuit decree denying her possession of 40 acres of land near Bald Knob in a suit against her divorced husband. James Alvin Tolley. . She claimed sha was awarded thc land when she ob-1 tained her divorce in Wyandottc County, Kans. Dr. Whitington to Direct- Ouachitd Campaign Little Rock, Feb. 23 — (/)')— A pro- cclecl three-year $1.()00,00'J cam- laign for Ouachita College, Arka nlpliia, will be directed by Dr. Dlto WhiUiiKloi; of Little Hock, the \rkansns Baptist, stale denomiim- ionul paper, has announced. Funds derived from the cam- aign will be used for the constnic- lon ot four new buildings mid the ddilion of $fiOO,OOU to the Ouachita •ndowmcnt. Ur. Whitington Ims been director f rural mission work for Arkansas Japtists during the last year mid ormerly was oaslor of Immaiuiel Baptist church at Little Rock and he First Baptist Church at Spring- lale. For these three—Your Red Cross muse curry on! from Hie war yea , was lilerallyy overflowing today ai; ilie Mardi Gras season began. Nearby hotels on thc Mississippi gull toast were tilled with visitors who had long ago given up hope of obtaining reservations in Hie city itself. Restaurants were jammer 1 , ici the straining point. Cafeteria fines ; broad ruffles. RED HOT SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY KRAUT No. 2Va con I5c PEAS Happy Vale, Mo. 2 can cans 29c Cut No. STRING BEANS """"2 far 19C 2 can" MILK EoVardsville ~*cans 3 lg 25c Weans A* W SWEET CORN 2 for 25C Cre~an\Style No..2 can White Large ONIONS 2 ibs 21 c CARROTS I DC Bunches LETTUCE Large Head lOc Nice Crisp CELERY Ib. Mardi Gras Parade First Since 1941 By STAN OPOTOWSKY New Orleans. Feb. 2!1 —<UP> — His Royal Highness Momus. lord i of mockery, will ride out of his j recluse den tonight, atop a glitter- ; ing throne float. And only then, as j thc first Mardi Gras parade- since I 1941 files up crowd-lined streets. I will the French-inspired gaiety of New Orleans admit that the war is over. The theme of the Momus parade is most appropriate for thc occasion — "recollections of the past." For thc war drab years saw non of the pageant of color and festivity which has made the Ncw Orleans Mardi Gras famed the world over. Thc night parades are the most colorful of all, and everything was in readiness today. The gallant steeds which haul the floats, lowly city-owned garbage mules any. other time of the year, were primped and' polished. And the jigging darkies were ready to hoist their gas torches, whose golden . glow lights the parade route The same 15 floats which will i " comprise tonight's parade were in POULTRY AND PRODUCE the den, waiting for the 1942 Mardi Chicago. Feb. 28 — ifl'\ — Butter Gras on Dec. 7, 1941. They have firm; receipts 109,259: market un gathered dust since that time, but, | changed. strangely, their papier macho i Eggs, receipts 15.39;-!; steady,.,., structure was never damaged. ; U. S. extras 1 2 local lots 33 f-2 >•*' They were ready to roll the very i to 36; car;,, lili.ti; U. S. extras 3 day Japan surrendered. |& 4 local lots 341-2 to 35; cars, New Orleans, still over-crowded'35.2; standards 1 2 local lots 33 spilled out into the streets. The entire city was decorated i'or the return of the festive occasior winch marks a last gay fling before the Lenten season. The light standards were trans formed into giant 20-foot clowns their faces adorned by grotesque masks and their collars sporting ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK National Stockyards. 111., Feb. 21! i/l')—Hogs. f).03(); good and choice barrows and Kilts 90 Ibs up 14.80; few medium grades around 70 Ib 13. ">(.): sows H.Ofi: stags 13.75-14.05. Cattle. 2.000; calves. MO; few medium and good lots sk-ers 13.5015.00: good heifers and mixed yearlings 14.25-15.25; odd head choice heaifcrs to Hi.50: caners and cut ters 7.00-9.00; beef bulls to 14.00: sausage bulls 11.00-12.50: choice vcalers 17.90; medium and good 13.001G.~iO: nominal range slaugh ter steers 1U.OO!7.ISO; "slaughter heifers 9.50-17.75: stuckor and feed er steors 9.00-14.7". Sheep 2.000: few lots good and choice native wooled lambs about i steady at 15.75 to small killers. IHu.-k Sergeant, It Kasy, ICIuince f-Kporl, f- Uancc ulsu eral, Make ran. Ffield. Daily Double paid $24.90. A volunteer army of MO, 000 Russian civilians composed of nro.milit-M-v ;<••',• bovs, aged peasants, and 30,000 women arc cleaning out me mines and shells and Uuoby-irap.s planted by Ihc German invaders in the Soviet. loud-speaker system and Navy Hospital, lOc SWEET POTATOES Fancy Delicious -', ' PoUnd APPLES 2 ibs 25c POTATOES IRISH RED 10 Ibs. 33c COFFEE Admiration Maxwell House Folgers Ib. Jar 32c FLOUR LIGHT lOlb. Sack.. .55c CRUST 25 Ib. Sack.. 1.25 SUPERSUDS Box Super Suds 2 Boxes Crystal White Cleanser ALL FOR . 32t MARKET SPECIALS 1-2 to 34; cars 34.3; clirit^es 31 1-2; checks 31. & Live poultry, firm; receipts 10 trucks no cars; FOB prices; fowl, 27.1-2!;: fryers. 29-31 ; broilers, 2931; other prices unchanged. •• GRAIN AND PROVISIONS Chicago, Fob. 28 —l/l'i— The first rallying tendency displayed by May rye in a week at Winnipeg brought, out a little bolder for the grain here today and prices were bid substantially higher most of the lime. Wheat, corn and barley again closed unchanged from yesterday's finish at ceilings of $1.80 12, $1.18 1-2 and SI.22 1-2: oats 1- 8 cent higher to 18 lower, May illcont ! ceiling: rye unchanged to 3 38 up. JMay $2.17 78 5-8. ! Cash wheat, corn, and oals were '_ I quoted nominally at ceiling prices "i today. Estimated receipts included lit) cars of wheat, 188 of corn, and of oats. Cash grain dealers reported purchases of 175,000 bushcsl of corn on a to-arrivc basis. NEW YORK COTTON i Ncw York, Feb. 28 —I/I 1 )— Cotton | futures advanced $1.25 a bale to ; day on aggressive mill and outside i buying, which met only scale-up hedging and profit taking. The tip- ward movement was partly in- Ifluenccd by the continued criticism of present price controls in the cotton" textile industry in testimonyy i made before the Senate Agriculture i Cotton Committee Hearing. Thc ispot cotton market was firm. i Late afternoon prices were 50 to • 90 coins a bale higher. Mch. 20.58, | May 2<).5(i, and Jly 2B.G5. | Cotton elosed very steady. jMch high 2G.G4 — losv 20.51 — close | 20.57. ] May high 2(175 — low 2U.G3 — close 20.70. Bids to Install Loud Speaker to Be Accepted Lille Rock, Feb. 21! —l/h U. S. Engineers' Little Kock rid office announced today 'ield bids would be accepted j.m. March II for Installation jaging anil it tlu- Army ;lot Springs. Truman Appoints Special Cabinet to Study Alaska Washington, Feb. 21! —(UP.» — President Truman today appointed a special Cabinet committee to study ways and means of developing Alaska White House Press Secretary Charles G. floss announced that the committee will consist of (he secretaries of interior, commerce and agriculture Mr. Truman has conferred twice recently wuth Governor Ernest Gruening of Alaska on the development of that territory. Kos.-; today said that Mr. Truman "was greatly interested" in the problem. Meanwhile acting secretary of Interior Oscar L. Chapman announced a program to make Alaksa coastline territory available to war veterans and others lor settlement and development. The program calls for wider utilization in case of need for public harbors of shore tracts along and coastline and navigable streams hitherto withheld from settlement. Oaklawn Results Kennedy's Plumbing Co. Co 11269-W For experienced plumbing Repair work, 24 hour service All work guaranteed 19 years of experience YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD TRY Hope Mattress Co. For better work at better prices—Old beds made new and new beds made too— We Call for nnd Deliver Anywhere One clnv service in town— Bargains In Secondhand Furniture ALL WORK GUARANTEED Phone 152 411 S. Hazel FIRST RACK. $1.000 MAIDKNS. I 3 yos; (i furs. I Gypsy Lea (Craig* li.UO 3.71) 3.10.1 Master Carl <Hawksworth) 4.303.20! Jnfinottn 11 lust) 4.50 Time 1:13.4. Infinity Will. Stepin LLively. Ipso .Bound. Manda's .First. Puddle support Juniper. Joanna J, Auditor also ran. SECOND RACE. Purse $1.000. 3 yos Mclns. fi furs. Wiskliger (Skoronski) 5.10 3.90 3.(JO. Can't Sweep (Harlwick> 15.HO 3.20. Laundry Bay' (Turnbulli (i.OO Time 1:13.2. Comelatcly, Amberley. Dental Chair, Miss Golightly, Vinif. Gen- MEALS TASTE BETTER WHEN YOU SERVE BLUE RIBBON BREAD AT YOUR GROCERS and RAI/PPV P A IV t K I DO YOU NEED CASH? We v/il! loon you money en your Car, Furniture, Livestock, etc., or if your car needs refinancing see Tom McLarty at the Hope £i>to Company, 220 West Second street in Hope, ArKan-jas. Jly high 2U.74 low 2G.G1 — close STEW MEAT Grade A BRISKET Ib. 19c FAT BACKS 17c Pound BEEF FRESH GROUND Pound 25c OLEO ALL BRANDS Pound 25c Kraft's Cheese • -All , Flavors SPREADS Jarl9c SAUSAGE ib33c PURE PORK BEEF ROAST ALL CUTS Pound 26c CHILI WILSON'S CERTIFIED Pound 33c WE HAVE PLENTY LARD AND FLOUR • * CAM-US FOR YOUR GROCERIES •• WE DELIVER PHONE 801 Bo-B GROCERY & MARKET Phone 801 "YOUR BIRPS EYE DEALER" WUAT IS THE ONLY ACTIVE VOLCANO IN THE UNITED STATES PROPER. AND VJUERE C MIL .-.Mr.ILJ'tM Where to go to get what you want? That's easy to answer: right here! Answer to Last Week's Question Shinplasters were bank notes depreciated in value. HJ^.1—^™"."" " ' T*^<g%iA>i-g-.'.» il ' i .»...ii u in IN "i Hi PHONE $55 .. Oct. high 2(5.73 — low 2G.53 — close 2fi.72. Dr-c. high 20.70 — low 20.49 — close 20. G.~. Spots closed nominal at 27.31 up 15. NEW YORK STOCKS New York, Feb. 28 — (ff'i— A number of stocks managed to negotiate modest forward moves in today's market although inanv lead eis drifted indifferently to lower territory. Wall Stroetcrs, searching for signs and omens, talked of forming a club called "Gaic." which, liberally translated, would mean "goodness, am I confused." At any rate, the question of whether the market could extend its technical recovery after its recent sharpest slump in more than eigh'- yn-'i-s served to restrain customrs. Thc still dark labor picture and sken- licism over price controls and earnings remained as cautionary elements. Deflation theorires, opos ed to inflationary psychology, were heard in financial quarters. Dealings reverted to sluggishness after a moderately active opening and transfers of around 1,200.000 were among the smallest for a full .session this year. While scalered improvement appeared in the final hour, losses and gains of fractions to a point or more were well dis- tribuled near the close. Bonds were uneven. NEW ORLEANS COTTON New Orleans, Feb. 28 — (UP)— Cotton futures soared to new highs for the. -season since 1924 in all months except March today on the New Orleans cotton excahnge. Fu- jturc-K closed very steady. J Observers said reports that the i House: Apropriations Committee ! 'would bun any forecast of notion' ' 1 pi-ices by Agriculture Secretary Clinlon Anderson or other officials accounted for the gain. The soot market closed steady. with middling finishing at 2G.45. 20 points higher. Sales totaled 2,150. Colon closed very steady. M'-h high 20.51 — low 20.45 — close 2(1. 51. ' 'May hiyft 26.74 — low 2G.59 — close i 2U.71. j July high 26.78 -- low 26.61 — close I 2C.75. jOcl. high 2G.77 — low 26.58 — close i 26.76. , Dec. high 26.75 — low 2G.53 — close I 26.72. I f/ovor in Every Cup

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