The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 10, 1894 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 10, 1894
Page 7
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j, ;,-* $ •, *-^f^' -T, * *' * ' * "i , ^' ' ' ,-i, " '*' "Xf •" f" \' „ "'.'J^f U la calculated thdt 37,010 Widowers fromarfj, as against 18,600 widows. Marie--fs that Chrtllio's sister? Jjtniise—No; he h-isn't propose" 1 yet Adam tvas the flrs't tuld fellow, but 'When he took five into pirtuo«hip, no ceased to be of tho indjnp ' order. v airs. tJpbcrtsn, to conductor of the ..Mud-Ob, Mr. Kapellnj 3 ist.>ts plea^ flay that adagio a little faster—tha *oup is ready to ba served. AmSr^r^ last , ! ato '^ fn?e America! A man can do pretty tmic:i us ho pleases i& this country, can't he? Native-Y^s-uftlcss he's mar- *?.?? ••: v -. ^ ^.;•'..,. .--. -, </v;,>=f ".&- .^"^;.^^P^m| DMttii'kfWumJHH» >%*«Mi»%*4*H*k m**' -—., •' " •' *~ f ': v 'VFbl "f f!ff 1 ^ G °f A) IOWA< ft"**"*!*** OOTdBMt ffi. IStu. Stttttt* SKETCHES Of FAMOUS „„ "» '» Vrtrioris Ways And *vno Are Known tfaf and , once n claimant tin-one of France, died In England recently, where he has lived nn "In that trouble about the monetf being- lost Blinks didn't act like a tnaa. "Whrtt could he have done that he didn't." "Ulamod it on h.s I fiee Miss Sanders and Miss Smiley are always together. What dear friends they rati-st be!" "Not at all. you see, eium of them has. an unmar. ried brother." It is rumored that childless millionaire Itussoll Sage will bu 11 a monument to himself by leaving in his will a fortune-of over S^S.OJJ.OJJ in philanthropic bequests. Visitor, to Jones, at 11 p. m.—That young ludy in tho house a-jross the way sings like a bir.l. Jones, -,-• •-•-•.ni.ij, truest: lie i exile from his native land years. HO was in poor health for some time. 'rhe Comto do Paris (Louis Albert Phil lipe d'Orleans) is n son of the late Due d'Orleans, -tnd n grnnds-m of the late ix>uls PhilHpe, king of vhe French. He was born -it Paris 66 years ago. He fled from France several to A fc"*•** *»*«*» *«». «t»C7jJll of ttllnet/nlS led hltfl to fdfffi ft company to pill-chase the Ana" then being worked for largest Copper veins ever struck. It is said thrtt in i years Mf, l)!tly has spent , ,—„ In wages nfad operating the hiinps and the smelters. „.,„, . , « L n « K ' Vftn defrbilt, whose oed >Jv a -i ions nre thd subject of the on Stftten .went Hero the bi'othors one year ns cnptnina of voluu- *««» °« ««*. McCMluu's staff nml then returned to Kurope. In 1871 tho Conito do Paris was made a member '"too,. C 1 assel »bly nt Vi-rseilles. l»SO tho expulsion bill of the _ 1 he largest and most famous ruby in tho world forms part of the imo -ri- al state crown male for Qi-on Victoria in 1838. It is believed that tills rtJby was worn in front of the helmet o."Menry Fifth ut Ag-incourt Heljn Kellar, the remarkable deaf dumb and blind girl, i, as nrl . lisj lo , ]ep accomplishments the ability to dis- tuig-uish colors. She has'a ' drawer, iull'of hair ribbons of various colors, and she can select any desired ribbon toy touch. AValtcr n. Richie. I Ohio ' "# AFFAIRS ABROAD. One-third of the women in France are farm laborers. In Italy thirty out of every 10,000 people die by tho knife of the assassin The estimated cost of the new Jura- Simplon tunnel throu T h the Siiaplon Switzerland, is Sll.OOO.OJO. A movement is on foot to drain tho flelta of the Danube and rest >ro it to its condition of five centuries ng-o when it was coverad with forests and fertile Holds. Aplanb in Sumatra called tho Raf- flesia Arnol.:li is said to bear the lore- cat flower in the world. Some of the largest are thirty-nine inches in diameter,, and th 3 cautral cup will hold six quarts of water. T. B. Adams of Newport, England, recently deceased, has bequeathed A50.000 to bo devoted to teaching practical and theoretical an-r.cultura tp men and youths, and the knowledge of dairying and housekeeping to women and girls. Always the Way. a BICHIET newspaper "Yes." "No ability?" "Wot a bit." "What's he doing now?" "leaching a school of journalism." A Wrong Diagnosis. tells me that lie thinks - — —-•- ~»*u*K»uiont of the heart Husband—I thought he must -—••— AKUA^AA t*S VA „ a young lawyer of Lima, He waa formerly supreme vice chancellor of the Knights. Mr. Kichle was born and raised on a' farm in Van Wert county, Ohio. He Is but 83 years of age, nnd 1m been prominently mentioned as a candidate for the gubernatorial'nomi- nation on the Democratic ticket. He was admitted to the bar in 1S75, having ... completed the study ol law under his brother, Judge Richie and is now one of the most brilliant attorneys in the State of Ohio. Mr. Klclile has a charming wife and an interesting daughter. Wlllium Morris. One of the most unique figures In Ij-ngland is William Morris, an aspirant to the poet laureatesliip. He is a millionaire, manufacturer, poet, artist and socialist. Although a capitalist and the owner of a factory, in which are employed hundreds of hands, he is one of the most active socialists. Frequently, it is said, he harangues crowds in the streets of London, telling o-f the social revolution and the great upheaval to come. He , , , says: "I was led to ' rw[i MOI «"a. +!„„' i » »v ~ ^ »10W u to i.j uruuu- turn is. He has a very poor opinion of the people of the United States in all probability he will be named for the office of poet laureateship of Buk- SSLS?" the positi ° u - be cutire * Interesting Reading. He—My dear, have you cot interesting tlmt I can read? I m thing harrp wing—something that" nmko iny hair stand on end? fehe-Yes. Here's my dressmaker's bill. will KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who Jiye bet, tor than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting tho world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy. Syrup of Figs. . J ^ 3 excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and ' ant to the tasto, the refreshing and beneficial properties of « perfect iltil Vf> • A'ffdA^.tln tlr* .nl y.n «,,!.. • J.1 Frank P. Slnvln. «. mter est in the sporting world Is the challenge of I'rank P. slav™ better known as Paddy Slavin, to meet Jackson or Corbett In a match for £3,000 a side and the largest purse offered in England or America. Slavin has 'deposited £1,000 with tho Sporting Life In support of Ids challenge. Slavin is ono of England's noted heavyweight pugilists, though but little has been heard of him , ., . . , since he was de- defeated by Jim Hall, the champion middle-weight pugilist of the old world. Czar of Uus»lu. Alexander 111., czar of Russia, Is said to be quite ill. He is the second sou ?/> A /,^ ant3ei " n " and was bom March J-", iu4,>. In 1S06 he was married to Maria Sophia Pred- erika Dagmnr, the daughter of Christian IX. of Denmark. Alexander participated in the Turkish war of 1877-78, rnd us- ceuded the throne March IS, 1831, on the assassination of Ms father. He \vaf not crowned nnti' May, 1883, in con (sequence of the throats of the nihil- OZAB Istic conspirators and he has more than once canio very near meeting his doom = P ^j£r«? SN«|y i- ship in the transportation department of his father's railroad, niid here he worked and wna amendable to the sn-ue discipline ns the other clerks But Willie K., na no is universally called, wns like his grandfather} routine labor was Irk- ,. .^^~^^,^ some. By close ap- I'. >^Jr^^ plication he mnde ^YANDEBBIIS himsdf m^ter, of ihe whole tnms- pop atlon department, and In 1807 ww mnde second vice prosldont of the No v S fn^M t ? 1 H ral ! lt ° ad - 1H M82. whon "K tnther retired from the prosldcncv W.1S '.no? el ' bllt l'?" d!3 th ° SUCOIltl 8»U Plate. 4 " , *"£ (lt ' nt of tbt! Nickel niUuoW WOalUl nm °" nts to U1UU J- Wiiltcr CnniK. Msrs-gL'saai'jfvsc <»^T"^r MQ sr«tft3^ foot ball coach, Is one of the four members of the advisory board, which mnnages the college- games. The members of this board nre ns well known' as are Captains Hlnkey nnd Wnl- ters, of Ynle nnd v ., ., v , Harvard respcctlvo- /^Q^r ' ly - w " Uer Cnin » ^-=J \^»/ Nil hns bocn working —af...^»a_.j ^ on a revision of the rules of the game, ,1 4."~~,,T,— J ' n fitt'or of any rule ihat will lessen the chance of injuries to players without .detracting from the Interest of tho sport. He is an old college foot ball player and has been ri' member of tho board since its formation. He is a graduate of Yalo in thn class of 'SO. Chief Gcronlmo. rti?«f ronl ?? f i , tho fnmous old Indian chief, and his baud, who wore captured by tho army some years ago, and has since been confined at Mount Vernon barracks, Ala., are soon to be released and allowed to go home to Ncnv Mexico, it is said that the heat of this South injures their health, and for that reason the government has -lecldod that they shall no longer be kept there. A few years ago Gcronlmo was the most dreaded Indian of the West. Ho lived iu the mountains of Arizona and Now Mexico, and his fres quent murders and attacks on the settlers created consternation amoriir them for awhile. Ho was not captured until troops of cavalry had chasud him around Texas for months, nnd then only after the army authorities had promised he would not bo hanged for his crimes. It is not thought that he will again make war on the whites O'Duuovaii HONMII. The name of O'Donovan Rossn, tho Irish exile, is a very familiar one to Americans. He has just returned from a visit to his native land, where ho had been lecturing to revive the efforts toward -securing home rule for Ire- laud, as viewed by him. According to his. o\vn report ho did not offend tho British authorities, and, consequently, he had no trouble. For the part he took In tho revolt of 1805 Itossa was sentenced to a life of penal servitude In an English prison, but was finally released and came to this country. When he received the sentence his wife canio here to tell of Ilossa'a and Ireland's woes from the platform. A Spifitertf fecentty ftffived ta Amaeft, Mexico, and sefenred petmls- *lon to search for thd feitried tfeftsufe of ftn oltt baftd o! bf iginds. fie f ou fid an iroh bo* fuh of coins near the foufv elation of the cathedral. KUoior puts the contents at 8800,000. A schooner went ashore-oft thd coast of Maine recently and the oa> tain and crew abandoned heftogei; aid, lathe meantime the schooner worked off the sandbank ahd sailed away, going several hundred miles before being picked tip by & steamer. A doctor who Was'passionately fond of cards was called to the bedside cf a patient. He pulled out his watch, felt the sick man's pulse and began to count, "seven, eight, nine, ten, jack, queen, king, ace." The patient immediately burst out laughing and got well again. A custom that has existed for several centuries Is still maintained In some towns on the lower Rhine. On faster Monday — auction day —tho town crier or clerk calls all the voung people to^thpr. and to the highest bidder sells the privilege of dancing with the chosen girl, and her only during the entire year. Tha fees flow into the public poor-bos. .Burglars lately broke into the house of an old gentleman in Paris, and after helping themselves to the silver and valuables gave him a lecture on his wickedness in hoarding up capital which belongs to society in general. The papers in telling of tho robbery onAn^ ^ f * bumU ° ° f securities worth .20,000 francs which tho thieves had overlooked, and that night thov called again at tho house, demanded tho securities nnd carried them otf. Professor Leslie says that water, at a depth of 303 miles, would bo of the density of quicksilver, and that air at a depth of only .thirty-four miles would be as thick and heavy as water. It is true that wo are ignorant of the Jaws of compression beyond a depth or a paltry few. thousand foot, but It ut believed that water at the center of the earth would bo us dense as lead, and that a block of steel four feet square would be reduced to tho size of a child's ABC block \ , , - ' Do You Wish the Finest Bread and Cako ?•' It Is conceded tlmt the Royal Baking Powder h tha purest and strongest of all the bakiftg powder* The strongest baking powder ttftkca.thc lightest food That baking powder which is both purest and strong- cst makes the most digestible and wholesome food. Why should not every housekeeper avail herself of the baking powder which will give her the best food with the least trouble? •of the Chicago Board of Health, says: A vovar is nor only the purest, but the strongest baking powder with which I am acquainted." PROMINENT PEOPLE. ALLEGED WITTICISMS. GEIluNIMQ. O'DOJiO _„„„ TT - — cal1 Ilr >d see wi -M nerv °usly_I don't know. When will he be out? "What, going to make n, tour of Africa? Why, man, it's, in the shade there." "Well, suppose 1 ',, ,, n0t neccssa T for me to travel in the shade, is it?" Wool-I didn't take any vacatioq this year; I didn't need one. Van relt—But you worked hard, didn't you? Wool-Yes, but you we i saved Syca^ 0011 '" 1 ^ 110 '^ 1 ^^ Ethel-Here is the loveliest housecoat that I bought for Tom, and ho dpesn t seem to care for it tho loasfc bit. Clara-I can tell you ] low to w/i, i ™ Vn i hl ° U abovo everything. fcthel-Oh, how. Clara -Ten hlm that you have given it away to some poor man. She had met him for the first time that evening at a function, and half an hour or so Inter, when some of the party rather doubted a story ho had told, he appealed to her. "y ou don't think I'd tell a lie, do you?" he asked in a somewhat tender strain "Well " she replied cautiously, "I don't know. What business are you in?" "I wonder," said Mr. Wedderford, 'if there is anything in the theory that sunlight will cure baldness? I have half a notion to try it." "I don't believe there is anything in it " ra . sponded Mrs. Woddorford. '"You have been right in the glaro of tho' footlights for more .than ten years, and tho closer you sit tha balder you get," ''?^i^^. B f? o »p«w The Rothschild family of Europe is worth «1,030,OJO,000. Mr. Gould's yachting trip is said to nave cost him 3400,000. Nat C. Goodwin says that America is tho English actor's Mecca; that'; England is the American actor's mau'-"' soleutn. . .* ' : pleasant picture, of the domestic of Edwin Booth will bo found in the volume of recollections which tliS' actors daughter Edwina has written. •n?i d | ff IT W> N y°-P°P«larly known as JiiH Nyo"—has concluded to bring out in England a collection of his sketches dealing with that country. Mr. Emerson's son, Elward Bmer- sou, is giving lectures in England on his father's correspondence with John (sterling and on tho story of Thoreau's life. Miss Helen Gould has purchased a large tract of land at Roxbury. N. Y where sho will have an artilicial lake constructed to bo used for flshinff, bathing and boating. Mr. Sala says that from tho bottom of his heart he contends that Taack- oray was not a cynic. "I never heard him, he adds, "say one unkindly thing of human weakness or frailtv or misfortune." It is said that Senator Dolph of Oregon never smiles. In the whole course of his service in the senate nobody has over suen his eye light up or hia hp quiver. Why it is, nobody has ever had tho courage to ask. M. Bartholomy SainMIilairo, tho distinguished French statesman of a bygone day, who is in marvelous mental and physical health at the aga of ninety years, says: "If you want to livd to be old, work always and diligently." THIS AND THAr, During the te"nTh^ntury no wotoan was allowed to appear at church.wlth. out"a veil.. . • •Before stoHnrf honey • •••:.-- -- -.-.. ar») more courw ' ageouj than men. ' '_ The Greeks had a female 'deity it •t5" ebl who $*duty it,was to the babies we ilJ,' -•• -" A woman OV.T eighty years old has been arrested in New York on a charge of having set fire to bar store.,' _ There was an "irony of fate" in the destruction by fire of tha plant of a,. nro proof construction company" in! New Jersey. In Africa Muraba Jumbo is an, un-, gallant.god, who comas once a year to 1 nog tho women who have been trylne- to run the village. * Willie Jones of Girardvlllo, Pa., i haying lost his shia bonas by blood'f poisoning, has been supplied by a snr-i , B* 0 * with now ono» of i m ii a rubber. I HekhiV° n>fc " haVe t0 hUnt fBr *° flnd ft ' clmse B d tlVe °? lmonB nre not easily pur 1 Anything for a Change. ° U Dukune—No. "Hilond is n father now » '•I'm Rind of that." relief ft ' om dispelling colds, lieadnclies and fevers and permanently curing constipation,- Jfc haa given satisfaction to millions and wet with the approval of the medical profession, becauso it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowplq-without weak- cnuig them wid it is perfectly free from tfvory objectioimble substance. • Syrup of Figs ia for sale by all drvg' gjstsm 60o and §1 bottles, but it is man, Hfftctured by tbe California Fig Syrup tto, only, whose name js printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Fjga, and being ^vel} .informed, yovi will not 1 -"*-*! if oflered. +7*~ J .~V- " eve|> attnm °d their object— S^SS ehim3utoaccessI ° Q Ono of the most striking flimros In tho country is Marcus Daly of Helena Mont., the famous Anaconda million' aire, the celebi-atcd horse owner, United States. No ono 'knows* how much Daly is worth. He owns u bank or so, aii electric railroad, tt big hotel, something like Si 000,000 worth of horses and lauds, nod a .one-fourth'Jp, lei'cst In tho Aua conda copper mines, \vhicli ai-o the largest and best paying in tho United States, yet when he camo • to this country from ; Inud, ,ie had HO money, but by dhr- ftng potatoes on u CtaUfornte rajjch Ue Wft« enable^ to WY9 ujp wt >y eeo« ¥ ]j tP 3.,i.4L:*...*L<: "On Tick." The expression "on tick" is not a modern phraso. In the diary of Abraham de la Pryme the following passage occurs under date of 1090: "Hero is very little or no new monoy come down amongst us, so we scarce know how to exist. Every one runs upon tick, and those who had no credit a year ago bus (sic) credit enough now," In a letter of tho Dean Piideaux of Norwich, England, dated May, loot, h says; "The Morinaid tavern Is latel broke at Oxford, and our Chris tenure men have to bear the, as tl tn>vn will have It 'our ticks amount t _ 500." Dr, Brewer says tho wort tick ia corrupted from the word tit-kens a tradesman's bill' was former! filled, aud the phrase was original! _a ticket;" that Is, things taken to b put on the bill. Sedley, in the "Mu bewy Garden," .1008, says: "j confes mv Tifttr 113 ^..-\^• .-« nn ^i it i f-*, ... Reduced to want, ho in due time fel sick, tick" t0 CUt '' UU<J U ° hltom ' (1 < —Brooklyn Eagle. Ono of tho most fantastic of birds Is tho laughing owl of Florida some other Southern parts. Ho sits well up In a tree late fl t »Ight and emits a series of loud, strange ha-has that sound like half numau lauehlcr The sound is sufficiently terrifying to a HCTVOUS Cflmnoi* iififlTi.nnnifif.-wi .f-iAt. ,,.** ,• c , , • **«»*ikiug u pastoral tho Schackelford dwelling-, and had unconsciously .prolonged his sta? until tho afternoon sun was low in the sky and Tommy Hhackilford had befirnu to grow hungry. Burning with riffhteons indication and moved by a strong- sense of personal ill-treatment, Tommy strode into tho parlor •Mow," he said, in u high-pitched voice '^ou'd bettor get a gait on you. If paw comes home,and finds supper ain't ready again he'll raise the darndest row you over went through anywhere!" HISTORICAL DATA. The first newspaper was published in the English language. The Egyptian alphabet is sold "to have been invented B, C. io.'?3. Painting in both oil and water colors was known in Egypt 1000 B, C. Tho first recorded eclipsa of the moon was observed at Babylon B, 0. 731. The first reflecting teloscopo was made on tho plans of Sir Isaac Newton in 1603, Tho first recorded use of bricks and mortuv was li, C. 3947, in tho tower of Uolus, built »t Babyloa. The use of the Christian era in chronology began in Italy in 035, It waa not employed iu England until 810. Tarring- «ad feathering was once a legal punishment for theft, it j s said to be found in the statutes of both id »nd France about the time of the crusades. S10O KowurU 88100. a of this paper will be pleased ----- there is at least one dreaded -that science has been able to cure Its stug OS) nu d tlmt iti Catarrh. Hall's rh Cure is the only positive cure .._„.. j to the medical fraternity. , Catarrh beluga constitutional disease, requires' a constitutional treatment. Hiil's Catarrh nfln«; B v t ^, ten , iut ? VBnll J'' ttctin e directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the n? t e hS' t , 1 } ereb y dertlfoyiug the foundation or tho diKeuso. and giving: tho patient strength by building up the constitution and assisting nature In doing its work. Tho n ?^ r " L » vo » 0 ,«»«ch faith iu its cura- "•-powers, that they offer One Hundred Boliurs for n uy cnBe tnat it fai]s t bend for list of testimonials. Address. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. , n o1 ? »y Druggists, 7Dc. ' fall's Fauiily Pills 2(5c. A Necessary Revision. HUou-d—Oii account of tho dry weather the "Keep off tho Grass" signs will have to oojftKOp out of the parks and repainted. ;— Why'( "K¥; P ^Ke%ay?" Id ^ mad * *° fead U the Baby la cutting xeetU. He sure awl uso that old and wcll-trlod romixly Mats, WIKBWW'S sootmso Svaw for Children Teethlwa. All other knowledge IB hurtful to him Ji/w " S - 10 howosl ''y aud S° 0<1 nature,— i[)itnao»S Kl»gin corn New Vork throoT specialist . «J"' «» C'lui eU HunUs uiul I-'ai-o, Tt'iiU* .. <w. c. u. CUu-lt uii" BUDS, Society buds, young women just entering-, the doors of society' o'r •womanhood, require the wisest care. To, b(-> beautiful and ! charm ing they must have perfect • health, with all It implies — a clear . skin, rosy cheeks, j bright eyes and 'good spirits. At this period the young woman is especially sensitive, and many nervous troubles, which continue through life, have their origin at this pain, headache,backache,"and nervousdis- turbances, or the general health not good, the judicious use of medicine should be employed. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is the best restorative tonic and nerv- ine at this time. The best bodily condition i-esultn.irom its use. It's a remedy"^ cially indicated for those delicate weaknesses and derangements that afflict wo, mcnlcmd at one period or another. Yon'H nnci that the woman who lias falthfullv "<*d the "Prescription'' i s the picture oJ health', she/W&TJM.//hnd she/«£»<?// In catarrhal inflammation, in chronic displacements common to women, where thera are symptoms of backache, dizzinesfr or ' fainting, bearing down sensations,- djsor, dered stomach, moodiness, fatigue, etc the trouble is mircly Tclispelled and the sufferer brought back to health aud good "WOMAN'S IIXS." Mus. \v: K. DATES, of j JDihoait/i Trumtull Co., t Ohio, writes: ' "A few years nm> 1, took poctor Picrce's Favorite Prescription, which 1ms been n great benefit to me. I am iu excellent health iio w . I hope tlmt every woman, who is troubled with 'women's ills, 1 will try the • Prescription ' iiud be benefited as I have been." Mns. at. lioil, iiki-l pjo ^.— T or ^~i [criewiDitDii ll»A«t l «««» -• yyr nwwoil, IIK»"| Ploled,«J«ijtc7l lo BiiEi nnd beivy wurki t».r»nt«id to, tS Twiti will! a?Wfc5'S b il?£!?,** r V^^W>* uup GWU((it-,8e|r.SeUlutr Nn(tiiii.a!i>iiiM m £i^ o i?o !r. ul r ' ?"'•'»"»ui»8 «ilw> I"".' ys!"tf»8'H»8»ltlaB Ni'i-aiaundomuiilcli - Vn n' W j"'««i>wt«( AIpJw? »?/fiES'iS « tho fools iu this world tha would have a hura time .g,vw«9iTiquao, »wiir»«»ir «ed« l*wudi4mw)iliwuidiillZ3. nwoti. Boy /torn fiwlory apd oavo deil«r'«vSf .™,ii. SHS?" FREE *"'!""' Oul »*<"»« «&»y/S rawbl'for'lSrK 0 /^ 4WrAnt% mmrn* 2iA'"^fj!i m v **lj n tPM'K'f illt( WprlU'^Fniy v'AruftM fnrUt UUi 9i3 w^p^sb A^i OHIOAQO 111 The art see^s to flutter nature Cheap ffleu yeMptp e^rn their stUftyies. SfOACOBS OIL P^IBS iSSHS!**^?' It would bankrupt heaven for angels to .. Ten at night moves the bowels JH toe morniog." h»»"*vYBn •• » •" o'VMM'^l Wii.WV PUpu. . > <« rCKiff | T* v T*?' w i w^'St WW tUosa daiud'i w«j-k iu ety| Sl 9W) y fltt^g ftuflo«uMoBJm_ ^ ^

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