Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 28, 1946 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 28, 1946
Page 7
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^^ Thui-idoy, Fcbfuaty 28, 1946 By Chick Young LISTEN, YOU GUYS. I'VE GOT IT DOPED OUT. / GET IT, FLINT? /THEBOVS RUB YOU /OUT IN THE CAR,THE WAY THEY RUBBED JERCE OUT. \ITCAU5fORACHAN6EIN \ OUR PLANS, BUT JUST n LISTEN TO HOW I OOT out. IM GONNA MAKE MYSELF AN ALIBI. 1 DRIVE INTO TOWN. MAKE VESA TO A COUPLE OF NIGHT SPOTS WHERE WE'LL BE SEEN. AT 2 A.W.YOU PUT FLINT IN SHORTY'S CAR AND HEAD FOR TOWN. u'he big ^uy picked me and the chair up while Scarr concentrated. ( HAVE TO SWEEP 7 UP THAT MESS MADE _ f WMAT SMALL L WE HAVE FO! : .P. TONIGHT:/, -^— , DEAR >i THAT PUNCH SCARR GAVE ^ RAS ,, E „..,, ,' YOU WASN T NOTIIIN, FLINT, k TUP Rfir WMT TILL SHORTY AN' ME I G*f TOWOftKIN'ONVOU. AFTER SIXTEEN VEAR5 IN THIS CONFOUNDED ] WELL, NOT ,-- - V ALL ARRANGEMENTS HAVE BEEN MAPE... THAT'S I'LL PASS A* A BATTLE-SCARRED WAR HOLEi WE'RE GETTINS OLIf T0NISHT !...I5 AY SCAR VERY NOTICEABLE IN THIS OUTFIT f. " NONE VETERAN TO THE FEW WHO'LL £ OF YOUR ME ENROUTE TO THE COASUTHENOUT BUSINESS/ OF THIS COUNTRY... AND FREtD0M? By Galbraith Side Glances VSDNT THOXJ6H THIS ,UIST FK)A\ HE DEAP-5TICK..I CONNECT WITH A : MOUNTAIN HENRY - YOU DARLING/ I'M TAKING GIFT OVER TO MRS. SMALTZ' NEW BABY/ jil U/\N "Of course I've gc* a date! Haven't you heard of the 1 invisible man?" Freckles and His Friends By Blesses- COPR. 1946 BY H£A SERVICf. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OtF. -^-...-' 2. lee, I'm sorry, I^fp! For u ir.inutc 1 Uioiii<lU I \vt still driving a iank!" By Hershberaer ?unnv Business OKAY. HOTSHOT— J-VE Yin INK. JJM TAUGHT YOU ALL I KNOW / READY FOR. ABOUT THE GENTLE ART /HECTOR.,LARD OF HYPNOTISM I - _A_ ? OXAV, BUT IF HE LICKS . I'M QOMMA TELL MOM WHO BUSTED THOSE- CINCH, JUNIOR..' GET HI.«\ UNDER: YOU I? SFvtLL .>LEf . GO.' -' MADAM J01 MUSIC,--'LESSONS WELL, ILL SPOIL HIM EVEN YOUR PIA&NOSIS OF OOP'S CASE AMD ^- —«. OKAV HOLD THE TIME MEEDED TO RESTORE: /'THREEr WEBCS V ONTO ?OU B f I NOW IS THERE ANY THINS ELSE YOJ'D LIK.E? /-IMMKH: '••. WHAT 1 AIN'T j GOT. I PONT ^ NEED' ) WELL, MOW THAT OOP'S BACK. IN VisiOT A THE GROOVE, WHAT'S TO PREVENT/ THING US GETTING OM WITH OUR ^S\ THAT I /VTL.AMTIS PROJECT? HISVVHISKE5S SEEM TO HAVE IN MOO SHOULD ^ HAT--I'M BEEM ACCURATE ALMOST TO VUT WHISKERS ON ) BRIMGIM& F A POOL BALL; V^HIM BACK! ^| "Not an odd design, madam—just store detectives! Thimble Theater WILL PAY VA A MILLION AAAESH- A\ALLOWS OH» m<b IS NOT VE£Y MANV A\ARSH MALLOWS, SIR! HAVE ANOTHER VO YA SUSPOSE YA,-WOULP FICSHT SOMEBODV FOR A TUOUSING MARSHMALLOWS ? — 'fly •• «"ji<s^£w ^s&Kfi COIM. 1M6 HY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REC. U. a. PAtSlk*. 1 WOE IS ME/J'"?WHAT'S SPEAK U^ MERLIW/j SOMEBODY H/4S WHAT'S COUE? ) } 5TOLEW BOTTLE OF KIELLIE REALLY WOW IT, YOUR MAJESTY/ IT Our Boarding House With Major Hoople By J. R. Williams Out Our Way THAT Y/45 SOME WA5 THE f ATOMIC EWERGY- AU'TH' FORMULA PER (1 MAKIU' IT/ HA.-HA-HEH-HEH,' FOR. LOV£ OF HIM OU GRAM'PAW THOUGHT THEY'D SAVED HI'S BOOTS AM' OL' PLUG HAT BUT 'FORE HE DIED TH 1 OL' MAM KME.W THEY'D SAVED 1 JUST TO LAUGH AT. DEFEATED LORD BOMEHEAD HAS BEEW TOSSED lUTO ' THEC1IUK, MERL1M HAS RRTUKWED • -ro ms LABORATOK/ OAKY HA5 H/ID A 5HO'vVER AUD A SENTlMEWT, MY CALLOUS FP.IEMD, HMP.' ALLOWlM 3/a /-p^-f OL' JUMK p'tLE TO SPOIL TH' BEAUTY Or \ THIS PRETTY ESTATE. 1 TOO LAZY TO MOVE EE. BLJR.M IT, i GUESS/ USTTEhi, MR&. HOOPLAS OM DO NOD TH& H06-TIED G.OOT, ^NiD G/XVS \ME VJtAtP UP FOR. HIIATA6TES JOU5T, OAkY WY 5TUFF MK. BO 1 // BUT I KMEW J WERLIW PUT SHOWING OF RESPECT FOR- THE OLD FOLKS AMD DAYS THAT ARE CbOM A. SPECIALIST we COULD BML, OOT f OMPED OOT OF A LILY OF FR>/lNi& PASi f ^^'•••TI y,»- ! ' • "\ --•-„.,- . j-., - -\-~ lfef ; "f&R m^ rrl«£,. ---™-^V. b^~\,v^- NOT IF IT WAS FROZE \ ' rf' GLACIER.' No&oot COULD CSE.T r LOOT u SRiED IT 10THEE! OF SLIS RA^ AROUND WITH IEFTT ^ HAf>i<3 BEfORH vJE SE^T UEFTTTO PRISON FOR TrtM \ OKi-\ WE'LL Fll^D OUT WHAT GUS ) WWV-iS AEOOT IrT KlLLl^'/ / TV: CiOl A HUNCH •- ] Cihi'l \ \ 'n LOOT FKC. -,T. SHERIFF ir.-XRLYSriOT -^.— T! 1 . u . r . ?f ! (i y.'.. Fc! "'ii | a» l -y 58, HOPE STAR, HOPE, A. fe K A For Sale - - ' " l -M<« l\ I.,I t II Phone 712-.I. ;^i. ( ;j KLrX'TKOLUX OIL BUKr'Kr; _&r sd " 011 - s " 1 ' Aiu:n ij "^ BAUNYAHn"~FEKTii,'ix,n:'Tt" r/ou Burdens ;,ncl flower;;, S"Vi iVor oad in city. Sid .Ion,-*. , )t 'i v s,, ,:', __Lnurcl Si. Phono 7-li!. 22-i;t STOVE WOOD. $3.57 i'KH LOAD Delivered. Brunei- Ivory Hand',,'. Notice •I'. 10KAL FURNITUHK S "i- IM-MCI- furniture and bolter Kir;;,i ins. Phone ,)7(i. 14-lni jiNcoMK TAX SKIWCE. TF~YOU I iino income lax troubles. I will oo niad in helj) you. Uo it now avoid lhe rush in the lust days.' Charges reasonable. J. W. Str'ck- land ; _Jl 2 ^w •t: BUY, SELL OH" TKADK noiiKo-iioid furniliirc. Anything ol Your sell won't | )c too and they don't get loo A 3 By Westbrook Pegler Copyright, 1946 By King Features Syndicate. When these living human docti- menls remarked with appealing tenderness or late ihat trained or- piuxers and fomeniers would be lound in the GI publications, there were- some who thought such could not lo bc in the American army and Since (hen a record oC Tactual and eireumslantial matter has been offered of which today's piece Js a supplement. A special dispatch from Tokyo on tcb. 10 reported that 15 members of the editorial staff of the Pacific edition of (he Stars ; d ir . n ' l n !, l ' I2 Stripes had protested to O«np"i , ^ " ncl . b Salurday with the .. i. . PIUU.SIOCI 10 c« neuil two championship games being starting . o Annie V. Krnsl. 7104 Wab-.'-h Kansas City 5. M,,. 2(i-i;i .............. -- - 28 ' lm US UKMAKE YOUR~"oLD 2(i - ;il | SJf\ MPlu % :w -J- 2 '- GriKhl Bros! FORD FOUR DOOK SFnvJ '• llllos;l Co - rl °l>°. Ark. Rt. 2. good tires, good condition'''!!'!,; 1 * _ 23 - Ql West .1th Street. Josephine Ma.\ - j HO YOUK OWN LAUNDRY~HFNT I.',,! 11 . 1 '"; 111 " 1 - b .v the hour. Phono W >'• ' -'I!' ;ll 'lj!" ntmci11 " HI South CLEAN i!)4i PLYMOUTH VHOOR ' •traclio jind heater. Motor nnd I! •< •-': ! _Kood, Wylic Motor Co. 2(i-;il ; MY HOME AN 40 ACKKS Ml! K I and one half from cilv limits' Well improved, all modern CV.n- __vclnenc(!s, R. N. MI,HIKC-,-. ;•",;.(•) i FRIDAY MARcif'lst 2 YI-'-M! OI D ! rose bushes ;«c each. Texas CV'T Baring Fig. 25c. Shruli.s d-j.p'.,. > vines and Peaclics at B,i.,d : ! Service Station. Mrs Al '•(.>•]" ' from Amity Arkansas. "K-\\ . Real Esfrafre for Sale MC-K 1,OI\ LOCATED ON NORTH Jk'ryey Street. NO jjjiving tax K'-'od iK'ighhorhood. Close in' Nrxl lo .102 North Hcrvey. Phone ''--• J - 22. 22-Gt For Rent MacArlhur because two o Iheii I editorial associates had been detached and ordered lo Okinawa because of a "negative report on a loyalty check." In stilted army language that would seern lo mean thai the loyally of the two soldiers had been impugned and one of them placed exactly lhal interpretation on Ihe phrase. The soldiers were named in the dispatch as Sergeant Ken Pelt us, managing editor of the paper and Jormerly a reporter in Tacoma, and Corp. Barnard Rubin, a columnist, who formerly wrote for a publication of the Mine, Mill and fameller Workers union. Petius is an uncommon name nnd no person named Ken Petius is listed in the index of the Dies Committee. The index does contain the name.-; of Berla and Terry Pet- lus .both of Seattle and both, like Ken Pettus, indentified with pub- District 10 Tournament Starts Today First round of the District 10 Hiiskclbnll tournament got under wiiy lliis morning «t tho Mono High school Kymnnsium with the following learns playing. The first gnrrie was between North Hcifihls nnd Pouke, with North Heights the winner by the Score of 20-18. Pricks of North Heights w:is high scorer with 10 points. Emerson won over Waldo •Jl-.'-iO, StRphenson high scorer with 15 points. Delight won over Foreman 30-14, with Riley the high scorer with 10 point*. Center Point won over Garland 35-14 with Grinder of Center Point high scorer with 10 points. Four mol '° Samcs 'arc scheduled tlnwe ' Io toniTlt ' at CARNJVAL Bv Dick Turner night, Tin; KK ROOM FURNISHED A— ,. .,..., Ti;;i-'S i l' ;i: 'imeii! for light, housokeopin" condition See ;,l !>();) Sou;ii i .'i/'P, 1 -;'. s <--lu.oley's Store. PhorTc Fulton, on Sprin." Hill K,, :lr l ' •>*>-'•-H. Mrs. J. E. Schooley __ " v -fi'i . J25-31 BLACK MULK. GOOD' 'cO.VDl Y:OOM 1'OR "R~ENT~TO ~T\VO tion. Sec Mule at Pralhcr ii ,,. "••"K-i--. ; ,i)-l s . Applv 22 1 ? 1 "--three miles on old Enimc-t inni','. Avc - C. ' 2G . ;5t — . - :; ' ;;i .1(11) ACRF PASTURE SPRING •Hit-red. Mr;-:. II. W. Timb'er- ii-e,. i,i-way lil). 4 miles south of played Saturday 8 o'clock. The admission for each session will bc 25c for students, and 50c for adults. Games starling at a.m., J p.m. and 8 p.m. m Feature Races atOaklawn Wanted to Buy TO BUY A in-m-41 or;-4 i >"J'wo Ford or Chevrolet. tinelT !>•'! -, 'S. 100 Soulii \Valnui Stre"t ' '!('!> Phone 060. ' ' 17 ',f ' 11"' North Walnut. Phone 2B-3t 4 HIBBON CANF SFFll I.M"- '• S r . -' J l • ' • • . t I ! . ' bchooley, Patino.s, Route 1. : Services Offered REGISTEfiED SPENC1-T sotioro, individually ( corsets, brassieres, men a-ul men's surgical supporl;:. - Joxier. Ulli North Flni .Hope Ark. Phone 14-l-j •>. . Ph ° nu CO\\- . For Sale or Trade n-id FORD Tu5orf DELUXF' •'•: i(nl actual milease. One owner' r---:-" Service Station, Emmet Ark ' 25-fit Hot Springs, Feb.' 28 —(/?)— Two fields of ten sprinters eacli were scheduled to go to post at Oaklawn Park today in Ihc feature fourth and fifth races. The races were allowance events al six furlongs for purses of $1,200. ,. "«•>! iin.iv;iimiv:u vviui pun-* Prominonl in Ihe fourth was Carl ning. ferry is names a«- editor'Graham's Night Crawler, which and mcorporalro and Bertha as i wintered well here and was ex- associate editor of the New World, poctcd lo provide strong competi- ol bcalllo, published by the Free M'on for L. M. Severson's Huri Horn i res:; .Publishing Co. jMari, a two-time winner in Novem- In a chaoler r-nllpri "n.,,-i,, •mrii' 001 '- Others included Ariel Actress u land Another Nighl. I The second feature was to bring together a field including the John Farm's Bill G and S. L. Boyd's Al lisoma, which ran second and third respectively to holdall in the McLaughlin Handicap Monday. Hilltop block Farm's Bob's Dream and F. and R. Mavigliano's Rockwood Lou . 194C BY NBA SEBVIC'e. «IC. T. M. BEO. U. S. PAT. Ofr, Political Announcements "Now if you'll look close, mmclnm, yoi»'f sec where il snvs 'with each tbn-dollar permanent'I" * % This Curious World f Lease '^j-:,MC;R CAMP, HIGHWAY"G? 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And the New World, of Seattle, is listed as one of (hem 'the index (urlhor says that on March 4, 1944, the Dnil yWorkcr, ol New York, which is frankly Communist, gave an enthusiastic account ol a meeting in Seattle arranged by the American committee for Irce Yugo-Slavia which was addressed by Terry Pettus The report describes this group as a Ijrunch of the "Moscow inspired Anicucan Slav congress, operating in Seattle and vicinity. This organ jx.iilion has been active in support of the Communist Uugo-Slav leader. Marshal Tito, and in condemnation oC his rival, Mikhalovitch." ii says fininer that Terry Petius was n speaker for ihe Ancrican peace mobilization which was the Conirnimist fro.nl against Britain and France and against Amor- lean preparedness during the life oi he alliance between Stalin and i Hitler. He i.- listed further as a member of f - International Labor Defense, ant or parly or parly- line group. Barnard Rubin is not listed, but there are-more than SO citations of Reid Robinson, the president of inc mine, mill and smeller workers union, with which the Tokyo dispatch associates this GI editor. Jlicse relcrences, collected with groat care during the long life of inc Dies comm'iUeo largely from documents and announcements published by the various groups allege Ihat Robinson was connected with ninny organizations of the (-.ommnnisl front in unionism and politics. One was the -all-California conference for defense of civil rights and aid to labor's prisoners a typical mouthful. The committee says this conference was arranged by ihe northern California district of (lie International Labor Delenso "which." in ihe words of the report, "Attorney-General Bid- clle characterized as the legal arm ol the Communist party " ' Another was the Ai also were lo run. Yesterday's featured sixlh ' race was won by Sickleloy, ridden by • 'ockey C Clark Topnard was 'second and Grcenock third. Sickleloy paid SC.90 and was limed in 1:1° I'o- I 1 -- six furlongs H. Keene brought home three win- neis yesiorciay, including both ends of the $92.00 daily double. His winners were Ackwell $10.00 in the f'l-st race, Ste. Frances, $15.00 in the second and Cat Like $5.00 in liie loui-ih. •o Last Night By The Associated Press . St .Louis — Ray "Sugar" Rob"V^P-J 47 - Now York - knocked out o, , Ber-ketl. 151 1-2, Sudbury, Ont. 4, Lou Flyer, 153, St. Louis outpointed Jules Woods, 151 Buffalo, 8. Providence — Tony Costa, 182 1-4 outpointed Midget Mayo, 128, Philadelphia, 10. p v United Press Banger, Me — Lloyd Hudson, have an opportunity to make propaganda. mihin is said 'to have remarked tnal there was no question of his loyally when he was a machine- gunner on Luzon. That may bo conceded, but the facl remains that the C9mmunisl line and Ihe American line were about alike during 1he shooting. The Communists changed when the fighting ended and one of their purposes since then has been to place the Gl's in conflict with the officers and turn the army into a mob. By Wiijigm Ferguson WERE ATTAINED^BY MEANS BALLS OF WAX* PLA( PASSEN&ER 'IN NEW YORK CITY TRAVEL A TOTAL DISrANCE EACH DAY EQUIVALENT TO SCROLL, PESS, PURFLINe, BOUTS, /\ND BRIDSE ARE PARTS OF WHAT? TO THE CENTER OP THE EARTH./ (ABOUT 9s,ooo MILES) T. M. REC. U. S. PAT. OFF. ANSWER: A violin. New York, Feb. 28 •—(/!')— Den-0— r er's nomination for Ihe ontstand- ng comeback of the winter sports ,-, " "--" "ft *- «-»iilu-uaui^ ui LIU.- winicr sporis for some time during the war season is that made by Ihe Ambros the army and navy both kept files basketball team in the American , ...—--• •• •• -American com- , um.M-u mi born of 131 ' t r t ; ti °':, 0f tho for - "Vsicrious bom .01 which the report says: "it was founded by the Communist party to exploit racial divisions for revolutionary purposes ay protecting foreign Communists it has aided in enabling them lo operate here." The mine, mill and smeller workers has had a rough career. Al- on persons who had associated will] Ihe Communist movement and roiused them commissions. Under orders from Washing- A. A. U. basketball league . . The Denver club lost six of its first ten games and never looked good. -• — - ...«.,. t»uomu£- 'ihen il look Ihe lasl six in a row Ion, the services were forced lo averaging 58 points to 3M for ihe abandon this policy and r-ccept opposition . . . U should be a real me oath of loyalty as proof of lough customer in the A. A U loyally in spile of Ihe declared con-1 tournament next month, which in- tcmpt of Communists for all j cidenlally, folks out that way say pledges | j s so ( nl . ancac i fll - lht , college tour- Kocenlly J. bdgar Hoover .hasineys that there's no-comparison '' been inui lists , Hansejinc., who Edword S. Morris Ilf-nrosentintt the METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Li.'i.' and Personal Accident and Ik-alth Insurance •113 S. Elm Telephone 32 NOTICE — WF. HAVE MOVED to 513 S. Walnut Call u: fm- repairs, parts •'I!.d sii.tpiie-K. We do hem- sl : 'i-h : i':( and make button liiiv. s-.'il and F:\change Machines C. W. YANCEY, Singer Dist. Phone 578R Ail Dimensions 16 to 70 Feet Cosh Every Week PATMOS, ARK, .. .. of ihe industrial workers 01 the world in 1!)(I5 and is now a member union of (he C.l.O Thai a man who would' write acceptably lor the publication of .held liobinson's union could become an editor of an important GI paper invites attention ,o die disquieting potentialities of G! jou'r- iiaisrn. All questions of his loyally aside, if Rubin was a writer for hobmson s paper, ihe army should have an arbitrary right („' assign him lo duties in which he does not -~~....j u. t^^igui .i^uuver nas J1 *->^> UIUL mere s l i under 1 -attack; by ; the :;qom-|;Frfinc;e'^ Marcel , -ists and their Allies'because, hae< itec^ivcd:,' pL-rmissiohi <n I. sta'v ""'"•'"""' -' "-- • over there lor the K of C. traek meet March !). is nnH'-cirin-' ,.,'-,",. lo try the mile again or the 1,000 yards. Wrong Again Red Jones, Ihe American league .unpire, likes to tell this yarn about working behind the plate al Wash- nglon when Ruberlo Orlix, who re- 'ently asked forgiveness for play- ng "outlaw" ball, was at bat for he senators . A foul tip bounced off Red's shoulder and Jones held ip the game while he rubbed the ipot. . . "he hurl you on asked Ortiz. . . "not on Jones explained patiently. "Heart over here on left side.".' . "Not )n umpire," "Roberto insisted 'On umpire heart ahvavs on wronii ide." ' " in Ihe concessional record report that a person who might got his job is the same who went tnrough the army and navy Communist lues and pared them down Incidentally, a GI who recently was reported to be inciting disorder in the Philippines, and described as a former union official beans the same surname, again an unusual name, as a man who led one ol the most, violent and destructive sit-down strikes" in the automobile industry in 1937 The story of a wman who loved Heart to Find one Starts in Hope Stqr Monday, March 4 -. of the Pacific Coast League, is a nephew of Chick, for- inci uurumals outfielder, and a brother of Tom, who also played with the Oaks . . Ed Musial, who has been trying out with the Braves is a brother of the Cards' Slan /HiDurn's spring foolball practice offers two family acts. . . Boy Voyles, son of Carl, Ihe head coach, is a candidale for end and seal-back Elvis Purvis is a brother of Chuck Purvis, who came from Ihe naval academy lo coach Ihe Auburn bnckfield. Sportspourri „ , . Emil Von' Elling,;:.N T ,..Y. .TJ;.,tvack coach, passed-up a trip lo Prank- turt to set up a track program I'o Ihe armed forces in Germany bu Choc sportsman look the job am will leave in a couple of weeks. . Hank Grcenberg got his limbs ii shape for spring training by play ing handball daily for severa weeks at New York's lone star boa club. " " ' '"'~O ' Thoughts And He changelh Ihe times heart?" ! seasons: He rcmovelh kings, am heart," sets up. kings; He "iveth wisdon unto Ihe wise, and knowledge to ( hppi iv.j'1 know understanding — Daniel 2:21. w noover is not too wise is wise —Martail. Family Entrance Will Haefy. who has signed with . Bath, Mo. slopped Johnny Campbell, KM. Brewer. Mo. 2 Brockton. Mass — Frankic Fee- icr. 149. .Randolph. Mass. drew vilh Joe Cellolli, 1-4). Providence COMPLETE BUTANE SERVICE Wanda Butane Co. Phone 370 Hope, Ark. Service - Quality Variety We have a most complete line of Field & Garden Seeds, Insecticides and Inoculations. AGENTS FOR - C°HW Dodge Famous Onion Plant? ite Melon Seeds Germaco Hot Cops Sinker's Delinred Cotton Seeds Triple Cleaned Kobe, Korean and Sericea Lespedeza Alfalfa Soy Beans and field grown Cabbage Plants' We Appreciate Your Business MONTS SEED STORE The Leading Seed Store The Star is authorized lo announce the following as candidates subject lo ihe action of the Democratic primary elections this Summer: 8th Judicial Circuit For Prosecuting Attorney CHARLES W. HACKETT Hcmpstead County For Sheriff & Collector TILMAN BEARDEN J. W. (SON) JONES For County Clerk ROBERT C. TURNER For County Treasurer MRS. ISABELLE ONSTEAD McCORKLE SYVELL A. BURKE Oaklawn Entries for Friday Firsl Race — $1,000 Allowances. 4 yos up; 6 furs .Neverfrel 115; Shining Chance 115; Nick's Baby 108; So Proudly 108; Denominator 115; Fado x!03; Wary Mary 110; Miss Silver x!05; Agronomist 113; •ce Dpncer 108; Bar Grenade 118; Lacy B. 108;. rtioo JihgiDie, Sue Damion 108; (12 1). Second .Race — $1,000 Allowances 4 yos up; 6 furs. High Master xlll; Dancing Fire 113; Scot's Belle 110; Dame York 108; Icanc 108; Golden Cloth 111; Mr. X 113; Midget Store 115; Star Thorn 113; Maria Theresa 110; Head Sweep 113; War Spy 118. . > Also Eligible, Serene One 108; Harriet A. 108; (12 & 2). Third Race — $1,000 Maidens. 2 yos Fillies. 3 furs; Challdy's Bid 118; a-Miss Air Rate 118; Becca 118; x-Sweet Kaye 118; b- Blank Dismay 118; Wasp Waist 118; cChina Princess 118; d-Rembird 118 ;e-Miss Marietta 118; Kenwood Blitz 118; Atomite 118; Timandra 118. Also Eligible, e-Walkup 118; c- Flo R. 118; d-Queen's Brand 118; a Miss M. L. 118. (124). AC. C. Ortlieb Entry. B-J. C. Ellis Entry. C-Wm. Mikel Entry. ' D-H. Forrest & Spring Lake Stud Entry. EReynolds Bros., Entry. ' Fourth Race — $1,000 clmg. 4 yos up; 6 furs. Twink Shot 112; Son Wolf'113; Dark Ship 107; Mutinous 115; V. Twilight 110; Say Yes xlll; Tex xHygro x!07; Liberty Jr. x!07; Grand Gay 112; Strombus 112; Grace K. 107; Valdina Fop 115. Also Eligible, Wog 107; Bin Bin 112; Bay Carse 115; Private Howie x!07; Miss Tipper 107. (125). Fifth Race — $1,000 clmg. 4 yos up; 6 furs. Grand Rush 110: Olga S. x!08; Bad Cold 118; Alabama Boy 113; That's Ted 113; Edic Jane 119; Ariel Image x!05; Dixie's First xl03; Armistice Day 115 (9) Sixlh Race — $1,000 allowances 4 yos up; 6 furs. Amalka 107; Dauntless Gal 107; Bolo Fancy x!02; Phantom Son 112; Chance Yen x!08; a-Kelspride 112; Alfhan- grier 112; Marcella K. 110; Little I Milly x!08; LLove Kee x!02; Gold Tint 107; Vinita Major 110 Also Eligible, Gal . Ann x!02; Banneran 105; Big Meal x!02; a- Lord Vatout 112. (124). A-J. Arthur Entry. Seventh Race, $1,200 Ale f, y°s,"PI 1 1-6 miles. Guerryton 1U; Plover Brand 110; Peace Fleet, }}2; Baby Gold 112; First Mate 110; Quatre Call 116; Corydon x!07. Eighth Race — $1,000 clmg. 4 yos up; 1 1-6 miles. Crucible x!07; Persiflage 112; Eva Lillian x97; | Lester K. x!07; Tip Cat x!07: Must f ir-\ x* 1 flT * Ti^,. rr» 1 ft 1 ? • •" ' . X-apprenlince allowance . ~°' Social Situations THE SITUATION: You are in vited to a bridge party and woul like to accept, but there is th chance you might not be able t go at the last minute. .WRONG WAY: Accept the ii vita lion, but warn your hostes you might not be able to mak it at ihe lasl minute RIGHT WAY: Refuse the inv uV ol 'l'- y° ur - hostess might, not b able 'to get'Som'eone td..->t'ake' you place at Ihe lasl minute. -o — •Gordon McKay perfected a ma • n oo l ° sew le:Uh er soles to shoe 111 loOl. Harry Segnar, Sr. PLUMBER REPAIR WORK Phone 382-J DR. H. T. SHULL VETERINARIAN In practice in Texa'rkana TEXAS CITY HALL Phone 140 or 1490-J THEO LONG For Plumbing Telephone 674-J Hope, Arkonioi Motpp Repairs—Light Fixtures Hope Appliance Co. 214 East 3rd St PHONE 613 Appliance Repairs—Appliances I SEAT COVERS FOR ALL CARS Bob Elmore Aytq 174 ?16 8. Main Start First Round Junior Tournament Little Rock, Feb. 28 — IIP)— West T i °ti-iV mU; UOC ' K - M afe"olia and i-ead Hill were among the favorites today as eight teams prepared to inaugurate lirstround play jn the Arkansas Athletic Association's junior high school basketball tournament here tonight. Eight other teams will play first- round games tomorrow morning. Quarterfinals arc carded for tomorrow afternoon and tomorrw night Semi-finals will be run off Saturl day morning and the title lilt will be played Saturday night Competing teams are the 12 dis-^ tnct cnampions and our invited teams — east side of Little Rock Conway, Smackover and Blythe- Tonight's games: Des Arc (District .5) vs. Gurdon i-M p.m. Magnolia (10) vs. Conway (invited), 7:45 p. m. West Side (G) vs. Formosa (11), Lead Hill (2) vs. Blytheville (invited) Tomorrow morning: Warren (8) vs -Fayetteville (1), 8 vs - m . vs. Booneville (12), vit - East Side (invited), 9:15 1n % dfield 10:30 a. m. ?^ 65 ^ 11 ^"^ vs. Smackover (in- ted), 11:45 a. m. The junior tourney marks the be- h"!^ °f \ str enuous tournament rfni ' V° bc l' un off in Arkansas ring the next 17 days. At the same time district eliminations will 3e run off throughout the state in boys- and the next two weeks Army's Greaf Team ro Be Broken Up After This Season West Point, N. Y.. Feb. 28 — tm— Armvs croat fooiball team, unde- eated and untied the last two 'ears, will be broken up after this easpn. Doc Blanchard and Glenn Dayis, All-Americans, along with at least nine other players, will bel come seniors on June 5 when the u. b. Military Academy reconverts- a wartime to a Peacetime Hats Cleaned and Rebuilt the factory way. , HALL'S HAT SHOP East 2nd St. p hono 7t Alterations Pressed While You Walt Personal Stationery Pastel Colors A Complete line V : ,' Gentry Printing Co; Phone 241 Hope, Ark. COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply ™—---•«n™«. Loe 7 s Tourist Cafe-Court _ Featuring • Steaks • Fried Chicken • Barbecue »Flsh * • Sandwiches »Soft Drinks Open 6 a. m. to 12 Midnight Private Dining Room—Phone 222 Owned and operated bv : Mr. and Airs. P..'J 1 . Loe : City Limits & Highway, 67 West —iti*? t----« SEE US FOR THE REYNOLDS PEN The miracle Pen that will Revolutionize Writing. Guaranteed to write 2 years without refilling. Doug /""ITV Carl Bacon V*l I I Jones ELECTRIC CO, Phone 784 Hope • Real Estate If you are in the market to buy or sell Farmland or City Property, call or see Calvin E. Cassidy Phone 489 Hope, Ark. Arkansas Bank Building Sea Us For BABY CHICKS You'll like our quality chicks, hatched right from selected flocks. Hardy, fast- growers. Low price. FEEDERS SUPPLY CO. 4th and La. Sts Phone 25 "'

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