The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 19, 1894 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 19, 1894
Page 7
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3^-?;9r >•'' ^" < ^ *2*' f ' r "V^;" v ^|f||| European military circles at the present time the ofte absorbing qties- won Is: Is the new engine of destruction invented by M. Turpln Us formidable as It seems to be? The Inventor Is still a very young man and hfts hud a remarkable past. He It was who, nine years ago, invented the smokeless {tow- def, Which has already been adopted by every country In the world as the only possible propelling force of the fubife. Later on- his researches In chemistry, and particularly^ invpicfic acid, enabled him to evolve melinite, for describing the constituents of which at length In a-French paper he was cast Into prison by M. de Freyctnet and kept immured for nearly two years • nnd six mouths, during which tluie he wrote a remarkable treatise on the stars that at once ranked him with out- leading astronomers. M. Turpln ->ve iflally. through some newspaper friends, obtained a hearing outside his prison walls; and when .trance canio to find out how bittvrly he was being persecuted because In reality he had spoken too plainly of the •bribery and corruption running riot through tiie French government and its Immediate coadjutors, there was a loud outcry and he was released. From that moment M. Turplu an astronomer, an inventor, a chemist and an engineer—perhaps one might also add, a genius—has been devising an engine of war which one might well designate as infernal. It consists of specially designed cannon, each of which can, when required be, made to work separately, but can work better together and with more deadly effect. The cannon are to all appearances ordinary field pieces but running from under the breechc to the ground Is a hollowed-out tube full of mechanism, so arranged that nothing hut a shot from an enemy would upset Its workings. Six of these cannons are placed in a line, and the tubes are Inserted in a trough on wheels, which has been beforehand filled with small «nells. As soon as the jointings have been made, which takes seven to ten seconds, the six guns begin autinmtl- cally to bolch out their fire, the artillerists having merely to direct them When the guns cease firing, i course a sign that tho trough is empty. It Is then instantly wheeled away and the next trough is fastened on. Practically each trough represents the butt of a magazine-rifle, only that, instead of ordinary cartridges, shell is used, and. there is no need of human manipulation to pull a trigger, the entire action being electrical, and, of course mechanical A train of twenty-live of these Turpin six-set guns, which are very light, ran throw 7,500 shots a mir.uto over a distance of two miles co that all the battles of the future vT S ^determined at a dlstance.- Naval Military Record. Mammoth Electrical Mticliliierr. The accompanying Husti-atlon represents one of a pair of armature stars or carries which nro said to bo the largest hi the world. A, pair of these have recently been made by the W"lls & I< ranchi company for the Siemens & Hal&ke Electric company, which will install them at Toronto, Ont., for street railway service. The machines when completed will weigh about sixty tons V o™' ,T* h ?7 e a noml n«l capacity of- 1,200 kilowatts, or 1,000 electrical horse power each, under 500 volts pressure and will be over-compounded lor 12 per cent drop in the lines. wean of „ inftii oft ills m? fietae lfl the tithing, eaitfrit be Sure life will catch Ws train And bo to Hare fof Jiis dinner* al "MS place dotth In ffifc coiifl- try^' and ettrtt«iilake^ that hafg for- mldftble obstacles to ovewdnle cannot be expected to be absolutely punctual At the same lime Prof. tfalb baa set liimself to sfady theSfe (divergencies, and now maintains that he has discovered the principle that underlies them. The professor laments that the pnbiife are so woefully ignorant of the first principles ot meteorological science that they can make no allowance for new combinations of the modification of existing conditions. "There will, of course, be always jpeople," he complains, "who, In their lack of understanding, will make rxhofbltant demands of every weather forecast for distant psrlods of time, and will end by expecting the exact state' 1 of the weather lo be described for certain hours of the dny. I myself have personal Mcperience of such pedple. God •himself will neter thoroughly satisfy them. One cnuiiot take their-demands into account." "Prof. Falb then goes on to-give'a series of general rules, established on a scientific basis, which evtry one who takes an Intelligent Interest in the subject can apply to the local conditions in- which he or she HVPS. (1) The longer a certain kind of wouth- er has lasted already, the greater Is the probability that it will continue still longer. (2) If the weather was ab-. normally cold at the beginning of spring it is highly probable that It will also be abnormally cold in the mouth following. (3) If the latter half of April was colder than usual, It is not unlikely that May will be correspondingly warmer than the average. '<!) If In midsummer a month has beteii colder than ordinarily the chances are that the month following will also prove cold. (5) Should the second half of October be unusually cold it is very probable that November Will be proportionately . warmer than ' the 'average: * * * (10) From the nature of the weather In spring and in summer we can infer with great probability Its character in autumn, which it will closely resemble. (11) After a moderately warm summer a mild winter may be looked for with great probability. (12) .A hot summer will generally be followed by a normal or a sevtre winter. (13) A very mild winter reivlers it probable that the following summer will be hot. * * * (15) A very cold winter generally ushers In a very cool Hummer. Prof. Falb says that September will prove, on the whole, a calm, dry month for Europeans, the first half being a trifle cool and the latter half warm. October will be "a mouth of the most diametrically opposed extreme, and dry, warm genial days will alternate with spells of steady downpour and dull, leaden skies. November will be "mild and relatively warm, the first snow in Central Europe being likely to fall—in the plains—about Nov. 25, and December will, in all probability, be very dry and cold in this country. Mr. Dunn, of the New York weather bureau, is doing fairly well for a beginner in the forecasting business, but as yet he lacks the confidence necessary to the prediction of weather,six months ahead. MOTHER'S STORY. .05ME8 A?W3S Well Offlfclal'4Wlf«.«AStttrfr*hft; Motfrtf In tnb fcand. to Ifcf Sli€>rtMlKrliteiliiCH8 in Schools. Shortsightedness among scholais in 'public schools in this country and Europe has increased alarmingly in late years, and in til? majority of cases it shows no signs of abatement. It is, however, satisfactory to know that a clew has been obtained to account for its frequent occurrence, and the supposed remedy is easy of application. In tho French public schools 24.2 per cent of the' scholars are shortsighted; in the German 35 per cent: in the English only 20 per cent. From Investigations by M. Martin into the annals of the French schools it appears that the percentage is highest in the rhetoric and philosophy classes. The hygienic condition of the school does not seem to effect the percentage, and M. Martin thinks that want of physical exercise is the cause of the trouble. By modifying the Avork of the classes the proportion of shortsighted scholars at the College of Giessen has fallen from 2(1.6 to 17 per cent in five years,- M. Martin recommends reasonable periods of physical exercise between the hours of study. Where these periods of recreation have been allowed, •\yhile shortsightedness has decreased, tiiere has been no diminution i'.pf genenil proficiency on the part of the scholars. Chattanooga, Finn., No county official in East-Tennessee is better known and more highly esteemed than Mr. J. C. Wilson, Circuit Court Clerk of fchea County at DaytOn, the home of Mr. Wilson* He enjoys the confidence and respect of all classes, and in the business community his Word is as good as his bond. Just notv Mr. Wilson is receiving the heartiest congratulations from his numerous friends because of the restoration to robust health of his' estimable wife, for years been a helpless Mrs. Wilson's high standing in society, and her many lovable traits of character. have won her a host of mends, and her wonderful recovery has attracted wide-spread attention. As the Press was tho medium of bringing to the invalid lady's attention' the remedy that has effected her re-' markable cure, a reporter was sent to Dayton to interview Mrs. Wilson, in order that the general public might have the benefit of the sufferer's experience and be made aware of the treatment that wrought such amarvel- ous change in her condition. The reporter was welcomed at the Wilson home, and the enthusiastic lady with becoming reluctance gave the history other affliction and the manner in which she was relieved: , "Yes," said Mrs. AVilson, "I was for 8 years an invalid with one of the most distressing afflictions woman can suffer. For 8 years I moped around, dragging myself with difficulty and pain out of bed. My little ones' went untrained and were greatly neglected, while I looked listlessly and helplessly at the cheerless prospect before me and .them. I suffered the most intense pains in the small of my back, and these seemed even greater in the region of the stomach, extending down to the groins. I suffered agony sleeping or awake. Despair is no word for the feeling caused by that dreadful sensation of weakness and helplessness I constantly ^experienced. "I was treated for my trouble by several local physicians, but they were P-Dle to give me only temporary relief °V ™ e use of sedatives and narcotics. 1 had almost piven up all hope of ever securing permanent relief, when I saw an account in the Press of a cure which Dr. Williams' Pink Pills had effected. I decided to try them, as I knew the lady who had been cured and had great confidence in her statement. I beffan to take the pills in October, 1893, and m two months I was doing light housework and attending to. the children without any bad effects or weakness such as I had formerly experienced/ Hitherto, I had been unable to retain any food, but .now my appetite grew stronger, and with it came back that BROKE UP tgg SHOW, M Hit iu tn& f>&& OI|TO$ "wftiitdcl & ci *fM Ma« ti* t*« y to6iibi«. "I bilce had itt, IdeV* Bald inotfrmafi. "It was Draftd'Hew & corkerv I went td sea & three- ring circus one tlay, and while t Was there it struck me that if 1 W6Uid put a variety show on the road with two separate abcl distinct tufttB go* ing on at the same time the people Would be Molded'With it and 1 would make money. I figured it out that there are many times when a man goes to a variety show and yaWnB through a turn because he has seea it before OP something of the kind. Now, if there Were two turns going on the man could look at the other one, you know, and Would ootne away saying it a great show. It would be only Occasionally we would strike a man who would be bored by two turns at tho same .time. The plan seemed a tip4opper, and I got a partner who had money arid we started to put it into execution. We hired a lot of people and put on a show 'that was a pretty good one. We had eighteen turns' and wo ran them two at a time. For Instance,if there was a serio-comic on the stage we Would have a trapeze act from the dome of the theater, and things Went along as if they had been greased. The partner I hud was a man who had never been in the show business before, and ho didn't know a great deal about it, as a matter of course. Seeing that ho had put up the money, 1 lot him have a few words to say about the front of the house. On the fifth night out wo had a row and tho show, busted then and there. Since then I havo never found anyone who would go into the scheme." "What was tho row about?" asked tho Buffalo Express-reporter. "Oh, my partner was in the box office and ho tried to mako a cross- eyed man pay double, claiming that ho could see both turns at onco and would get twice his money's worth. The cross-eyed man wouldn't have it, and there was a fight. That fight marked the death ot tho greatest idea in tho show business since tho tank was invented, for my partner pulled out and bought an interest in a church-furniture concern." T HE U. & Government Chimifsti have reported, after an examination of seoreji of different brands, that the Ro$#l Baking Powder teab* soiuteiy pure, of highest leavening capacity, and superior to all others. Me Was the Champion. "I should like to be excused, your honor,'* said a man who, had been summoned on the jury. "What for?" "I owe a man $10 and wish to hunt him up and pay it." "Do you mean to tell the court that you would hunt up a man to pay u bill Instead or waiting for him to hunt you up?" '•Yes, your honor." "You are excused. 1 don't want any man on the jury who will lie like that." And She Broke Her* Contract. Professor—"Here vos a Chinese name dot voot stilt you for der stage, of you voot aggsept—'» American Prlina Donna—"Oh, I should be delighted! How odd it would bo I'> L , l a " a .~ s > A tmk e °t very nice, unt abbro- brlate—" ''O h > you dear professor I What IB it? 11 "kow Sing." Economical of Thanks. Mamma—"Who gava you that piece of pie, Willie?" WilHe-"Mrs. Rich." "Did you thank her for It?" "No'm; I thought she would give mo another piece and I was going to thank her all at once." CIRCULATING LIBRARIES. old, healthy and hearty tone" of "the stomach. Dr. w5THo rac .» T>:_I. r>;n_ Williams' Pink Pills cured me. and I assure you the cure has brought a great change in our home. I can now rejoice in nry husband's success, for I feel that I have something to live for. Who has a better right to feel this than a mother? One thing more. I have recommended these pills to others, and many of the women of Dayton have taken them with good results, and it is my greatest pleasure to recommend to every suffering woman a remedy that has done so much for me." An analysis proves that Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People contain in a condensed form all the elements necessary to give new life and richness to the blood and restore shattered nerves. They are an unfailing specific for such diseases as locomotor ataxia partial paralysis, St. Vitus' dance! sciatica, neuralgia, rheumatism, nervous headache, the after effects of la grippe, palpitation of the heart, pale The Popular Institution Has lleou In 1C*. Istonoo for Hundred* of \aars. From timo immemorial, says All the Year Round, booksellers' shops have been the favorite rosort of all touched with the love of letters, and in tho days, when the art of advertising was practically unknown, it was only by frequenting the shops where books were sold that possible purchasers were able to learn what was going on in the printing world, to know what new books wero in course of publication and to hear and exchange tho latest literary gossip. Those early book lovers, one may be quite sure, would bo certain to while away many a leisure hour by "sampling" the wares on their hosts' counters, and would read, or at least dip into, many volumes besides those they actually purchased for more leisurely consumption at home. And henca might arise, very naturally, tho custom"of formally lending out books to read for a monetary consideration. Thus, at the end of Kirkinan's "Thracian Wonder," published in 1001, the bookseller makes tho following announcement: "If gentleman please to to my bouse aforesaid they any repair may be They are to be directly connected to a iwir of horizontal cross compound condensing engines, milking eighty revolutions a minute. The armature stars are thirteen feet in diameter, and weigh over ten tons each. The brush carriers will be about fourteen feet six inches in diameter, and arc being made by the same concern. Tho eastings came from the mold absolutely perfect, without a ••uirp, crack, flaw or blow-hole, and i-re wow being finished for tho armature Considering the form and size and the dUlicultjr in making Uieso castings, the company js to be congratulated. Fruit In Mine, A correspondent states that :• ono of the most effective ways of'preserving fruits and roots for a length of time is to bury them in powdered quicklime^ A member of a Europaan agricultural society recently, exhibited sonic grapes which has been >,nbedded in Jiine for seven months. They, wero as round and plump as on the day they were gathered, and the only difference ob' servable In the taste wns that a littlo more saccharine had been developed, The owner of the grapes, stated that he had been in the habit of preserving fruit through the entire winter by this method. By about the middle of March however, a tenth woiild spoil, and month later about half would decay In order to mato ti ie sys tcm, a'.perfect success the consumption of fruit Bhouk not be put off beyond the beginning of March. A SeJontJttis Wettthcr. Pp. Itudolph Falb of 'jjerjht has is- hjs. yearly prophecy i» regard to the weather of Europe. Possibly prophecy is liardJy the correct word to apply to Ws unnouncement, for the basis of Ws enlcul'atlQwa is clajwed to bo ptrictly aeiejiUflc fa theory, being taken from tho ceBU'Ol weteprologlcal institute foi Gorman empire, iu Jfctjuburg. Prof. never clawed, Jofallibiyty, and (Jjyergenqies between his prophecies' their fulfillment jjaye, as a rule, confined, witnln reasonable jimlts. , tf he foretold, a, tenfflde «mh. e Jn'Ktistera^yronje, say.'fpj. Jujy it nctuObr Jgok. pj 9 ce on the the Twivt lu O« lilt*. At the recent exhibition of telegraphic apparatus in the London Imperial Institute there was a novel device for leading a cable into a swinging lightship without twisting it, which has been adopted in many English lightships. The cable end, after being brought on board, is wound on » drum, which revolves around a horizontal axis in tho ordinary way, thus allowing the cable to run out and slaken. The drum can also turn around pn a vertical axis, thus avoiding a twist in the cable, as the vessel swings "«ua rides. • „ -*•»• •• _ T _ Ropju 'fa Seym-ate, ^ ^ you tWofc .wp keep, a$ cjose ^ eubjpttyp AS e are 1 we and sallow complexions, that tired feeling resulting from nervous prostration; all diseases resulting from vitiated humors in the blood, such as scrofula • chrome erysipelas, etc. They are also a specific for diseases peculiar to , females, such as suppressions, irregularities, and all forms of weakness In men they effect a radical cure in all cases arising from mental worry, overwork, or excesses of whatever nature .Dr. Williams Pink Pills for Pale leopleare now manufactured by the Dr. Williams' Medicine Company, Schenectady, N. Y., and are sold in boxes (never in loose form by the dozen or hundred, and the public are cautioned against numerous imitations sold in this shape) at 50 cents a box, or six boxes for $3.50, and may be had of all druggists, or direct by mail from Dr. Williams'. Medicine Company. BITS OF BANTER. . Buskin—Is Cassius a good "Hamlet?" Thespis—No; he's only achieved the first syllable as yet. "Is jFranlein Susssmilcu .at home?" "NO, sir," "Please tell her that I called," "I will tell her at once." Bacon—Does Penman make any* thing out of his writings? Egbert—I don't know, I never could make anything put of them. Georjre, seriously—Do yon think your father would object to my marrying you? Ada-r-I don't know;-if he's anything like me he would. ' Mrs. Fogg—You have been?'naughty boy, and I shall have to toll your father. Johnny—H'm! Just like a woman! Can't keep a secret, He—Pshaw! anybody can make money,but it isn't everybody who can write a poem. She, significantly—You are right, { have just read one of yours. Stranger—What price do you set on that red cow pf yours? Mr, Haicede —See here, mister, »ir you an assessor, or has. she been r«n over by the yailroad? »ler—That Bartlett girt thinks a great 4e§} o| me, When J tola her was going around the world she pe to bj> sure a.n<J write hey frpm. every J vllife* Wilter- Ves; sh,e is - ,- . '--—^ «~»MJ *S\i furnished with all manner of English or French histories, romances or poetry, which are to be sold or read for reasonable consideration." It is not quite clear from the last few words whether tho books mig-ht be taken away to be read, or whether tho reading was to bo done in the bookseller's shop. But that books might be taken home is evident from the remark of a character in Nevill's "Poor Scholar," printed in 1662. "Step to a bookseller's," he says, "and give him this 'angel, which I'll lend yoii, for the use of the many'la^guaged bibles lately pubhsh't for a week. Their pi-ice is twelve pound. When you have got them to your study, invite your father to your chamber, show him your library, and tell him you are twelve pounds out of purse for those large volumes." v This was an ingenious way of getting around the "relieving officer," but it is doubtful, after all, whether the lending system was put into practice to any great extent. : Choiip Excursions. On September 11 ami 25 and October 9, 1804, tho North-Western Lino will soli Home-Seekers' Excursion tickets to points in northwestern Iowa, western, Minnesota. North Dakota, South Dakota, Manitoba, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming. Utah, Idaho and Montana at exceedingly low rates for the round trip. Theso tickets will be good for return passage within twenty days from date of sale and will allow stop-over privileges on going trip In territory to which tickets arc sold. For tickets and full Information .apply to Agents Chicago & North-Western Railway. Fashionable young ladles In Japan when they desire to look very attractive, gild their lips. Home-Seekers' Excursion. The Chicago Great Western railway will run three home-seekers' excursions, namely, on Sept. llth, Sept. 25th and Oct. Oth 1804. Tickets will be sold from all stationi to points in the north, south and west at ono first-class limited fare, plus S3 for the round trip. Apply to Chicago Great Western railway ticket agents, who will take pleasure In securing sleeping ear accommodations and furnish all necessary information, or ad' dress, F. H. Lord, G. P. &T. A , Chicago, Queen Victoria rules 11,475,057 square miles of the earth's territory and 378,725,857 of its population. Home-Seeders' Excursion. The Wabash railroad will sell excursion tickets September llth and 25th and October Oth to points south, west and north at one faro for the round trip, plus two dollars. Good returning twenty days; from date of sale. Kor further information call on or address Horace Seely, Commercial Agent, 220 Fourth street. Dos Moines, la. Unless a woman has babies, good times, or work to take up her mind, there is dan ger of her becoming a spiritualist, Go to Texas If you ore looking for a home or a place for a good investment, and take advantage of the cheap excursion on the Wabash railroad on September Hth and 25th and October Oth. For further information and full particulars call on or address Horace Seely, Commercial Agent, -230 Fourth street, Des Moines, la. Raising the price" of milk because feed had gone up must seem a little farfetched so long as water is'so plentiful. The Modern Beauty Thrives on good food and sunshine, with plenty of exercise in the open air. Her form glows with health and her face blooms with its beauiy. If her system needs the cleansing action of a laxative remedy, she uses tho gentle and pleasant liquid laxative, Syrup ot Figs. They are going to put angels on the new 95 bills. That is because they come around so infrequently. H. and H. Will clean Silks, Woolen Goods, Ribbons, Curtain* and Carpets, Uneqimled for cleaning house, klll- ng moths uud renovatinggrease spots. Frico 15o. a cakes t or 20c. tfor sale everywhere. ••• ' 11, & B., Den Moines, Iowa. The amount of American railroad bonds outstanding is $5,173,777,065, pf which $1,200,000,000 is held by foreigners' M the flaby lg ouiuug Teeth. Be sure <uiduse thivtoltl wid well-tried remedy, Mas, WIKSLOW'B BOOTOINO Bvnur for Children Teething. Self-conceit is u great fertilizer. Any man can grow in his own estimation. The Irish peasantry adm woman who is fat and plump, highest compliment they c&n Worn an is to tell her that she is ing fat. A retail hatdwareman in port, Mass.» hws unearthed the mean man. Ho purchased a mouse-trap, took it home and caught the one mouse in hiu house and the! wanted Lbe merchant to take"tn6 trap backltml return his money, 4 ' John Elslmlngor, under sentence for the murder of Samuel caped from the Waynesburg, jail. He left n lette/ saying b eon for leaving tho jail was was not treated right and oftering't* return on condition that the she'rlffll make a deposit of $500 to insure "the* murderer's wife the privilege of ing him whenever she wished. Professor Spencer has read before the Royal society of Lo the age of Niagara falls. After"? oo sidering the whole geological other antecedents of the lake obwa try he arrives at the Conclusion tha tho years of the falls are 31,000, which must bo added another JJ'oVd years as the age of the river befote the nativity of the great cataract. 'i'Jj The man that thinks for m any. for himself tfa A cheap summer trip can be had- banana skin. IT'S A MILLSTONE ;i About a' youngSl man's neck to bo a«g sufferer from ' ner»*l vous exhaustion, ner^ri vous debility, lmpahv« ed memory, low|| spirits, Irritable tern-fa per, and the thousandff and ono derangements "W of mind and bodvyf that result from,'8 unnatural, pernIck)U8;|J habits, contracted'™ through Ignorance. £& Such habits result ia/'S i « n , Joss of manly "ptower,tS| wreck the constitution and sometimes pro-,, I duce softening of the brain, epilepsy, pa-^i ralysis, and even dread Insanity. J* To reach, re-claim and restore such 'un-';-l fortunates to health and happiness, is thai J aim of the publishers of a book written InM plain-but-chaste language, on. tho'nature, ; '• symptoms and curability, by home treat 1 ?!* ment, of such diseases. This book will bei'-f* sent sealed, in plain envelope, on receipt o£ $ ^Si^SC^^ se ^^^ <#. —— , ,f '¥•) MEN WANTED to soil Hardy Nursery 9tOQk,'o,!l '". '• our own growing; wo pay salary or aoniwV^ mission. Address with references, L. Q, UltAQG •• •% CO., Propra. Union Nurseries, Kalamazoo, Mlon, •^CATARRH PHICE 50 CENTS. ALL DRUGGISTfel DE1 Ft. Band, Iron OAK BASKET! ' - T^'i A Banket You C«tn w»tei' Youv Howes With. Cpjtf" ** no More Thau Any Other Kinds, but Will MAILED' An Occasion tor Surprise, •'Mamma!" s^d a little nttsburg boy, rushing into the ropm with the air of one carrying valuablQ informa* tion, "What is it, dear?" "Did you know that Brown's littlo liftby was deftdP" "Yes, clear, I heard of it. Are you sprryP" "Yes—but, mamma, it was only three days old," "I know, love." "But don't you think God would be surprised to see it vowing back so BoonP"—.Truth. Karl's Clover Bpot Ten, The Brent B ood purlller.Blves freaUneBsand clearness to vheCoBiplexlpn unil cures constipation, l»c.,5Uo.,»l. A little congregation «ud » big sermon help to even up. ••'•'• H»U'» CatawH Cure Is a constitutional cure. Price, 75o, ' Tbe Vienna Police. Vienna pojioe have gene pf »u newspapers, «md pf all presses "How The oleveyest equilibrists cannot keep a balance at the bank. Hanson'si Radical cpugh. cure ineqiate relief anq cui-es when o< The woman question atpj-esenfis; did your jelly {ura outl" r n,.^* 7 ^ °tf*v*»' JFen at night moves the bowels in the morning." Ypit csnoot step e, vJJe maB'gtongu.e, but you CBB stopyow own ears. v -" Bwy ' ""* a Cola ouluk 'fvy & Coe'$ C'QHgit '.a Uw 9W*»tr ana best, It>lll breaku » fi ) the&tevs Jioenses fpp and p}ay 8 aqd issues }3«blioatip n and to any Farmer or Farmer's Wlfa UP TO DATE containing full Instruction howtosecwro Higher Orade Products, make P10BE BflTTEB ...I 1 and with L.6SS Labor get ig end explaining j ! NQRMANDY (FUENOH) SYSTEM, OANISH DAIRY -•-----'• »hkh usve Bought prosperity ao4 cjso tQ tho dairy fa t, Write (of ilils Vpluahla Information, Mailed F sppllcmiun. Kindly send adilrts.5 of nelghborlna who own cows. Address R, M3§P!NASSB, 24S W, LAKE ' *^' Kj. Sec'y Coluniblsn & \lliii9i? Dairy IWINE OF CARDUI -•iTOH-' ~UMM M For- Few

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