The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 30, 1954 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 30, 1954
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY. JUNE 30, 1934 1LYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) CKwSnsn FA91 GOP Said to Be Making 'Demo Scandal of Housing Probe WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. Maybank (D-SC) charged today Republicans are trying to "make a Democratic scandal" out of the Senate Banking Committee's probe of swollen profits and other alleged irregularities in government housing programs. Obituary Maybank. senior Democrat on the committee, said the "real money" in '."windfall" profits "was made by the Republicans in the *East and by some very prominent Republicans." He said he could Commodity And Stock York Cotton (12:3t quotation*) j u iv ..... 3358 3372 3350 3360 Oct ....... 3388 3397 3387 3395 Dec ........ 3397 3407 Men ........ 3417 3427 New Orleans Gotten July 3360 3365 3360 3365 j name names but hoped he would not have to. Conceding that past Democratic administrations hired a "few bad administrators." Maybank said in an interview the two-pronged investigation by the Eisenhower administration and the banking group of reported housing abuses back to post-World War n days "seems to be aimed at pinning all the blame on the Democrats." The inquiry is aimed at finding evidence of collusion and other illegality in cases where builders and promoters of big apartment house projects pocketed "windfall" profits through the device of overestimating their construction costs in applying for government-insured mortgage loans. Also under study 3396 3407 are reported abuses in government 3417 3428 {insurance of loans for home im- Iprovement and repairs. Wyatt's Name Brought In The Federal Housing Adminis- Dec Mch 3398 3421 Oct 3388 3395 3388 33951 Cation handled both the apartment nec ""/. 3398 3405 3397 3404! construction program, now out of 3429 3420 3428 i operation, and the home repair program, which still is functioning. Maybank's charge of "politics" followed testimony yesterday that Wilson W. Wyatt, housing expedi- ~ \ IT under former President Tru- Chicago Soybeans July .... 367& 372V 2 364 Sept .... 277 2781/4 274V Nov .... 257 258 Jan .... 262 262 367 2771 255 y 2 257V 2 259 V 4 260y4 man, showed one apartment builder how to make a windfall profit. This allegedly occurred after Wyatt left the government. Wyatt, a former mayor of Louisville, Ky.. has been a close political associate of Atllai E. Stevenson, 1952 Democart- ic presidential candidate. Wyatt's name was injected into the hearing by William F. McKenna, deputy housing administrator in charge of the Eisenhower administration's own investigation of housing irregularities. Wyatt issued a statement in New York denying McKenna's charge. "No windfall profit was ever contemplated," he said. "I have no advice as to how to make such a profit and none was actually made. Actually the builder lost money on the project." Maybank demanded that Wyatt be given "every opportunity" to refute McKenn's allegations before the Banking Committee. Committee Chairman Capehart (R-Ind) has said it is "very unpleasant to expose prominent people" but that "there's going to be many of them exposed in the next 60 days." His committee is under "lots of pressures," he said, to call off the probe altogether. Mrs. Bradford Dies; Services Tomorrow OSCEOLA—Mrs. Lena Bradford, 79. died last nipht at Osceola Memorial Hospital after a lengthy ill- "*V i niHiii' Reports of KKK At Negro House Fire Probed the interests above me of foreign powers WYNN. Ark. UP — A Nepro tenant house was destroyed by fire near here last night and the sheriff said he was checking reports that, ,. . , . the Ku Klux Klan applied the torch. I »on,' said the report, and i -ulnfei • ch. Sheriff Joe Wood said earlv, in- Federal Highway Aid Announced WASHINGTON W) —Secretary of Commerce Weeks today announced appointment of 876 million dollars in federal highway aid for what he .. , ,, T . ,. , 0) , .said would b? "the greatest surge in ,-e those of the Uni ed States, construction in the history also reasons for disqualifies- Qf America> « " said the report, and it ,,, , ' . * ni ** nn .. ._, OPPENHEIMER (Continued from Page 1> gerous associations, particularly with known subversives who place ers found at scene bore the "KKK" initials of the long dor- ness. She had made her home here with the Rev. E. K. SeweU, her brother- in-law, for a number of years. Services are to be conducted tomorrow at 2 p.m. at First Presbyterian Church with the Rev. Chalmers Henderson officiating;, assisted by secret society. Officers were investigating:. Apparently no one was hurt. Wood said the house was located near Highway 85 a few miles from Wynne. The Ku Klux Klan was founded after the Civil War in the days of reconstrcction. Its major aim was re-establishment of white control the Rev. William Scroggins. pastor j OV er the Negro poulation through night raids. of Osceola's Methodist Church. Widow of the late Dr. T. B. Bradford, of Toone, Tenn., she is survived by a niece. Mrs. Hall Green, Holly Grove. Ark., and two foster nephews, Roy and Joe McGregor, Cotton Plant, Ark. Pallbearers are to include A. L. Sullivan, D. N. Morris. Bob Hesley, Bill Childs. P. D. Johnson and Stanley Carpenter. Honorary pallbearers are elders j Ralph Negro Of 5 Plant Dinner Negro Order of Eastern Star will have a formal dinner Saturday at 7:30 p. m. at True LiRht Baptist Church. Roberta Knowles, worthy matron, announced today. Wilson, Guy Bryant and and deacons of Presbyterian Church I G. B. Segraves. and Faber White, Garner Robbins. Burial will be in Ermen Cemetery. adeed: ••. . . We find Dr. Oppenheimer is not entitled to the continued confidence of the government and of this commission of the proof of fundamental defects in his 'character' . . . "We find that his associations with persons known to him to be Communists have extended far be- vond the tolerable limits of prudence and self-restraint which are to be expected of one holding the hiRh positions that the government has continuously entrusted to him <;nce To this. Dr. Smyth dissented: "1 cannot accept this conclusion or the fenr behind it." Closely Watched He said Oppenheimer had been closely watched, by professionals as well as by "amateurs" with a grudge against him, for much of 11 years—as head of the Los Alamos. N. M.. laboratory which developed the A-bomb in World Wai n and. Inter, ns head of the AEC advisory committee until of America.' Missouri $24.400,984. Arkansas $12,932,818. Through it all, Smyth argued, there hns been no evidence that Oppenheimer ever leaked atomic "I am confident," he added, "that Dr. Oppenheimer will continue to keep to himself all the secrets with which he Is en- u us ted." was attached to allegations that Oppenheimer hurt the nuclear program by opposing all-out H-bomb development efforts and. after former President Truman ordered It in 1950. failing to give It his en- tnusiastic support. "Dr. Oppenheimer was. of course, entitled to his opinion," said the majority. The majority said Oppcnheimer's past contributions to the A-bomb program were taken into accounts, out so. too, it said, were the de- mnnds of the jobs he was culled upon to fill. Navy to Modify Carrier Catapults Following Probe NEW YORK WV-The Navy will modify the plane-launching cata- aboard the carrier Bennington. The disaster cost more than 100 lives. A Navy official said yesterday all carriers affected by the modification plan have catapults operated on a hydraulic principal, except the Inteprid and the Hancock, which have steam catapults. Although no official cause for th* BenninRton disaster ha* been announced, the Navy believes the ex- pl(\Rir>n »">d the fire started In tht catapult. With tht Cmtfts CIRCUIT— (Criminal- of BlythevHl* v*. Paul Keeling, driving while Intoxicated, appeal from Municipal Court. Fine Levied for Hauling H. T. Nelson forfeited $125 bond In Municipal Court this morning on a charge of hauling for hire with-, out a permit. , 1 Chicago Wheat July .... 194 1951/4 193% 194Vi Sept .... 198 199 19734 19BY& Chicago Corn July .... 159V 4 15934 15914 Sept .... 1551/4 155% 155 159% 1551/4 A T and T ................ 166 3-4 Amer Tobacco ....... ..... 55 3-4 Anaconda Copper ......... 37 3-4 j Ntw York Stocks EISENHOWER (Continued from Page 1) American republic. Oppenheimer — Eisenhower said that he had no comment on the decision of the Atomic Energy Commission holding that Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer, one of the fathers of the atom bomb, no longer should handle atomic secrets because of "defects of char- Beth Steel ."." 701-4 acter" and "dangerous associa- Chrysler ; 65 1-8 Coca-Cola 117 Gen Electric 46 1-8 Gen Motors 72 1-2 Montgomery Ward 67 N Y Central 21 1-2 Int Harvester 32 1-2 Republic Steel 58 3-8 Radio 30 1-2 ' tions.'" If Oppenheimer wants to appeal, the President said, he will be heard. But he said in that event he thought the case would be referred to Atty. Gen. Brownell for consideration. Farm — The chief executive said State Tax Take May Set Record LITTLE ROCK (JP) — Arkansas tax collections for the fiscal year ending today may set a new record for the state. Revenue Commissioner Vance Surlock has estimated collections in taxes for the 1953-54 fiscal year to be above 101 milliion dollars but the exact total will not be available until June tabulations are completed. The record period was the 195253 fiscal year when $95,544,564 in taxes was collected. Socony Vacuum ...'. ....... 427-8i he believes rigid price supports Studebaker 18 | are damaging to the farmer but ........... Standard of N J .......... 86 3-4 | he said he had no plans for a last Texas Corp ......... 66 1-2 I minute appeal to the House to junk Sears ..... '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 64 3-4 i r 'hem. The House is approaching a U S Steel ................. 48 3-4 ! crucial showdown on the issue of Sou Pac ................... 42 1-2 ! rigid supports versus the flexible Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, HI. (/Pi—(USD A)—Hogs 6,000; moderately active: barrows and gilts 2535 lower, extremes 50 lower; sows and boars steady: 180-220 Ib 24.5075: most sales 24.75 being selected for grade, mostly choice No. 1 and 2; liberal part of run one price 24.50: a sizable number lighter svstem Eisenhower wants. President Gets Bill To Renew Trade Act WASHINGTON (/Pi — Congress hsa sent President Eisenhower a bill THURSDAY! FRIDAY! SATURDAY! Agreements act for another year. The 20-year-old-law died June 12. Congressional action on the bill was finished yesterday. Most of the trade pacts has been used up, but the law still would permit the Politics — To a question as to, working out of a trade agreement what he thinks of Republican chances in November, Eisenhower said he has believed from the start that the American people want a well thought out. comprehensive program for handling foreign and domestic policy and that such a program has been laid before Con- weights 24.60-65: 230-250 Ib 23.75- j * g;ress. He said he thought much of 24.25; several loads 230 Ib 245 it would be approved — enough so **.«,. wvwai luaua «u *u «.^. u b favorab]y considered heavier weights spotted; several loads 260-280 Ib 22.50-23.50; a load about 300 Ib 22.00; 150-170 Ib 23.0024.00: sows 400 Ib down 18.50-20.00; ligh sows 20.25; over 400 Ib 15.5018.00: boars 1.00-16.5. Cattle 3,200; calves 1.000; slow; few choice steers and heifers 22.0023.00; small lot high choice and prime 24.00; these about steady; cows barely steady; utility and commercial cows 10.00-12.00; canners and cutters 7.50-9.50; bulls and vealers steady; utility and commercial bulls 13.00-14.50; canner and cutter bulls 9.00-12.00; good and choice vealers 15.0020.00: few prime 21.00; commercial and low good vealers 11.00-15.00. GUATEMALA (Continued from Page i) bean. It was generally conceded that the army's resistance to Castillo's forces had collapsed. U.S. Ambassador John Peurifoy. who played a major advisory role in the rapid government shifts, described the outcome as "our first victory" against communism in the Western Hemisphere. Sleepless and haggard after the long conferences, he told newsmen last night he was "greatly encouraged by the present government in its determination to eliminate communism." The crackdown on the Communists and the intimation that the war's end was near brought Guatemala City to life yesterday for the first time in weeks. Anti-Communist feeling ran high. Crowds roamed the streets, tearing down Red pesters and shouting, "Down with the Communists." A large crowd nearly rioted at the Mexican Embassy and a heavy guard of soldiers protected the government officials and Reds taking refuge inside. 9 Political prisoners arrested by Arbenz's Communist - dominated police poured from the prisons. They said they had been tortured and beaten almost daily — until June 26, the day before the President was ousted. Of the four junta members who took over the government yesterday, only Monzon is generally known to the public. The others are Col, Mauricio Dubois, who was named minister of foreign relations; Col. Enrique Klos de Leon, communications minister; and Col. Jose Luis Cruz Salazar, defense minister. Monzon resigned as President Juan Jose Arevalo's Interior minister In 1950 after Congress censured him for cracking down on the Communists, then returned to the Cabinet under Arbenz as minister without portfolio. When Arbenz was forced out Sunday night, he remained as a member of Diaz's junta, and then led the faction which forced the army chief out yesterday. bv the voters. H-Bomb—No specific agreements were reached in the conferences with Churchill on use and control of the hydrogen bomb. Korean Peace Conference—Again, moment, there is little change in >>e situation. Big Three Conference—Again, the President expressed a willingness to do anything in the world for peace if there is evidence the other side is sincere. He said there was no specific understanding with Churchill regarding a possible meeting which also would include Soviet Premier Malenkov. AEC Power—The President said the reason he directed the Atomic Energy Commission to go ahead with a private power development at West Memphis. Ark., was to provide time to take a good look at with Japan. Auto Fire Is Reported Blytheville Fire Department was called to 118 West Main this morn-, ing to extinguish a fire in the ignition system of an automobile belonging to Billy Hardy of Blythe- | ville. Fire Chief Roy Head said. j Only small damage was done to the vehicle, he said. the TVA program and try to find out .what should be done from here on. We clean and reblock both men's and ladies' hats. We also retrim them—new bands in and out. New edgings on brims if necessary. 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OHt WAY 16.35 19.10 24.20 11.25 9.05 3.10 3.SO ROUND TWP SAVE for fun For eompW9 information, v;i/f •/• OMYHOUNO TUMINAL Phone -4141 16.95 20.25 14.05 ONE «OUND WAY T8I> Nashville, Tenn. $ 6.70 $12.10 Knoxvile, Tenn. 11.00 19.80 SAYS for school ONE Bristol, Va.. Washington, D. C Norfolk, Va.,. Chattanooga., Tenn. Birmingham, AU. 7.00 Atlanta. Ga. . 9.90 Jacksonville, Fla. 14.30 Miami, Fla 20.75 Tampa, Fla 17.40 (Fares are from Blytheville, Ark.—U. S. tax is extra) Toledo, O. Columbus, O. Cleveland, O. Cincinnati, O.. HOUND T«IP S14.50 $26.10 13.5« 24..V1 14.50 26.30 10.45 18,85 LADIES NEW SUMMER DRESSES t Rt 9 . $1.9$ • All Ntw Colors • Solids and • Six Stylos! TaHored or fnwtf *tyl«w! Short sl cap sleeves or sleeveleM! Some sun back boleros! Printed or striped cottons, nylons, ginghams. p«rma-faill*, Bemberx, piques, broadcloth*, eraboiwed cottons, ohambrays, playtone*. voiles, printed and solid cotton sheers! SIZES 9 to 15 12 to 20 14Va to 24 l/i 38 to 44 46 to 52. 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