The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 12, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 12, 1894
Page 5
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'''"' "''''' """'" '' " ''"' THE UPPER PBS MOlNBSi ALGONA, IOWA, WEPNESPAY, SMTOMBIR 12, 1894 NEW WINTER GOODS AT OUR 8TOR NEW ATTRACTIONS NEW INDUCEMENTS AND NEW Our De ^ ai?tment ** filled to the selling with the ohoioest and newest fabrics, both in foreign at'lower prices than ever before. Bress Bilks, Velvets, and Bress Trimmings, we have a full line; in Flannels, Blankets, Shawls, Yarns, ,Bibbons, Laoes, Handkerchiefs, Ladies* and Children's Gloaks, Fur Gapes, extra good ties and the latest makes; Carpets, Lace and Ohenille Curtains, Draperies, Ladies* and Children's Hose of all kinds, 0-16 *„., Mitts, Bed Spreads, full line of Linen Table Cloths, Napkins, Towels, Crashes, extra values in Ladies' and Children's underwelf 8 O U /^PQ Our shoe trade is ohe °* our leading departments, and has been y^i, O i 1 UCo. satisfactory ; we have larger and better values at present than hereto?, fore. We also carry a full line of Staple Groceries, -•••'• y. ^ Hats, Gaps, Gloves, Mitts, Shirts, Cuffs, Collars, Suspenders, largest and cheapest line of Neckwear ever shown you, also big drives in Undershirts and Drawers, Trunks and Valises. *7f- NOW, IN ORDER TO START THE TRADE at once, we. will make you special inducements and wonderfully low prices in every department throughout our entire store, and will give you a nice present.with every #10 cash purchase. This present is something very useful as well as ornamental, and will be appreciated by everyone'" who gets it. So now we ask you to come in and look our new goods over and see what we can do for you. Thanking you for past favors, yours truly, BOGS OF WAR LET LOOSE. A Corwith Doctor Will Get Even with the County Board at the End of a Suit at Law. The Bill of Dr. Cutler's is a Whopper, but the Merits of the Case Different- Other Board Matters. Dr. H. Heskitt of Corwith has saddled his Rosinante, put on his pasteboard helmet, and crying havoc has let - slip the dogs of war. He is after Kos- euth county ducats, primarily. On his way to the treasury he will strew the board of supervisors and County Attor-. ney Raymond in legal slaughter and leave their bones to bleach In the scorching rays of indignation which he and Dr; Cutler of Bancroft are emitting. Dr. Heskitt heard that diptheria •prevailed at Hanna. He hastened to the scene and attended three families. There/were eleven patients, seven of whom we are informed did not recover. He presented bills for $337 to the board. He had not gone through the legal forms prescribed and had no legal claim. The board offered him $100. His Sancho Panza refused with scorn, and now Attorney Wood has served original notice and the doctor will " have the law on it," Prom the expressions of members of the board we are led to conclude that he will get all the law there is this side of the United Stages supreme court before he will get a cent of his breezy hill. The question raised in Dr. Cutler's bill of $144.25 for doctoring Wm. Clement is % different. The doctor is making a test case of it, and went through all the forms of getting the trustees to order the doctoring, although it is not claimed, we believe, that Mr. Clement is not able to pay for his own doctoring. The board want to know whether this kind of a case can be saddled on the county, and will also fight this if suit is brought. The board propose to know what can and what cannot be done by the medical men. The other medical bills acted on and not allowed were as follows: M. J, Keneflok. ....... .... ............... $ 1,50 O.B.Paul ................................. 3.00 T. J. Felling ............................... 19.00 Dr. Paul was allowed $5 on a $20 bill for pulling a man's arm into place. WHAT WE WILL VOTE ON. The full text of the resolution submitting the supervisor district plan to the county, as well as a jail tax and an increase in the number of supervisors, is as follows: Resolved, That the following propositions be submitted to a vote d? the people at the next general election ; " Shall the number Of members of the board of supervisors he increased to seven?" " Shall the county be divided into supervisor districts?" " Shall the sum of $7,000 he raised by a special tax to build'a jail in. and for 'said county, that a tax of IX mills on the dollar shall be levied on the taxable property of said county for 1895?" All the legal voters of said county who shall be in favor of the foregoing propositions shall deposit ballots having written or printed thereon the following wit; " For increase of supervisors ; "For supervisor districts-," "For Jail tax;" and all legal voters who shall be opposed to said propositions shall deposit ballots having written or printed thereo,. the following: " Against" supervisors, districts, or jail tax. TSE RUSSIAN THISTLE. Discussion of this pest weed occupied as much time as anything, and the board decided to send copies of the law to all township trustees and notify tberq of their duties. There is no doubt that the thistle is in this section and that prompt action la needed. The Spirit Lake Beacon says this week that there is not 'a township in Dickinson county free from Jt. In Pocahontas county the papers say it is present, while over in Winnebago opunty the town of Thompson has the weeds in its corporate limits, and the Summit calls for action, A big sample thistle was secured from the north end of Kossutb Thursday> and the board gent samples to, all the towns, The law is very strict on land owners and township officers. It is a misdemeanor to neglect this weed, jf it gets started it will take, the lanjl, The state station at Ames dwells 98 " the importance of taking immediate steps toward eradicating these plants on first appearing." II any mat} a weed llfee a tum_b}e wged. witfe prickly leaves, be should destroy it, south line of 32-94-27 whenever Hum bold county is ready to do its share o the work. D J. M. Perkins allowed $8 for four cu' wolves killed. Smith reports In favor of a grade 01 west line of 7-98-30 when the slough i drained. Tax of 1893 abated on Lot 4, Sec. 10, 100-29. Tax on $1,000 against J. J. Wilson fo 1894 omitted on account of destruction of property by fire. Highway asked for by Robt. Lane on 97-27, between 30 and 81, laid if peti tioners pay damages. Highway asked by Fred Hannes in Garfield laid over. Highway asked by M. Schneider on state line, between 7 and 8-100-28, laid if petitioners pay all claims. C. C. Rippentrop's bond as constabl of Germania approved. Highway on 24-94-28, asked by Dan Benke, laid. Highway asked by Wm. Paetz on 14 96-28, laid and old road vacated. Highway asked by C. Betche on 31 97-80.not granted. Tax of 1893 on north half of southeas' quarter of 6-97-27 refunded. Auditor authorized to have cour' house porch repaired. Petition to change voting precinct in Germania laid on the table. WOOD WASP THEATRE 00. Will Play In Algona Every Night During Pair Week. The Woodward Theatre company is booked for a week's engagement at the Call Opera house, beginning Monday evening next. In their announcement they note some special features: , MATINEE. On Saturday afternoon at 2:30 we give a grand matinee performance for the benefit of ladies and children, for farmers who cannot remain to the evening entertainment, and for those in ill health, who are not able to be out at night. We give just as good a play as any of our night bills, and the manager will see that the best order is maintained, so that it may be a pleasant place for parents to spend the afternoon with their children. MATINEE PEIZE. We give away a $2.50 gold piece to school child presenting a list of the most words made from the letters in the words "Maud Muller." No word can be used twice. Letters can be used in the word as often as they appear in the name. M, U, and L can be used twice, Present the list to the manager at the door Saturday. The one with the most words gets the gold prize. LADIES FREE. Call Opera House, Monday, Sept. 17. LADIES~FREE. WOODWARD THEATRE COMPANY. O. D. WOODWARD, Manager, This Ticket will admit Two Ladles, or Lady and Gentleman, if accompanied by one reserved seat ticket, Tickets must be purchased by 7 p, m, Good on Monday night only. Clerk's fees Q| igmgo M Cut this out and present it Monday evening, the only night it is good, Found, A Macintosh rain coat in Algona. Owner can have, same by paying for this notice, One Hundred Dollars Reward Is frequently offered for the arrest of some criminal. This is all right if you can capture the guilty party; but we are making you offers on which you have a sure thing. You will soon want your fuel for fall and winter; we have a large supply of the best dry body wood on the market, which we will deliver to any part of the olty for $2 a cord, We have just received Ave oars of hard' wood lumber and wagon stock, which gives a full and complete stock of ev» erything in that line. We are hand* Ung sewer pipe, brick, aqd tile at bot' torn prices. It will pay you to give us a call. J, A. HAMILTON & Co. THE Wigwam has received another carload of the fampus Cooper wagons. Jfew Location, The harness stpre of D. B. Avey is now permanently located on State street oppQsite the ppstpffice, where you will find everything in bis line. Harness, saddles, blankets, robes, trunks, eto, Repairing well aed promptly done, 85tg P, B, AvfiY. HOUJSB to rent on wejt Itreet; six ro,p,mj, two. stories Mike Bartlstt, MM, V V ;TTP?W<$ ',,<* ' . ;!, «'»,"'' "f' \- , r ' f y -"'-• '^^^M^f^'^^^fi^^ TO EXTERMINATE A PEST The Russian Thistle Must Go—Boan is Taking Prompt Measures to Stamp It Out. The Law Is Plain arid Township Of cers Will Bo Expected to 800 that It la Enforced. In view of the importance of exterm inating the Russian thistle and othe pest weeds which are getting started in northern Iowa we publish herewith the law enacted at Des Moines the past win ter, which it will repay everyone to carefully read. A vigorous effort hai been begun by the county board of su pervisors to stop the spread in Kossuth this fall. The township authorities have been notified and every farmer who has these weeds upon his land wil be expected to obey the law or accept the penalty. Prompt action right now will end the difficulty. Let every man get out this coming week and do his share. The law is as follows: Sec. 1. That it shall he unlawful for any land owner or occupant of lands or lots, or corporation-or association of persons owning, occupying, or con trolling land as right- of-way, depot grounds,' or for any other purpose, or any public officer in charge of any street or highway, to allow to grow to maturity thereon the Russian thistle or salt- wort, " salsoli kali" variety " tragus." 2. That it shall bo the duty of every person or corporation so owning, occupying, or controlling lands, lots, or other real property or any highway supervisor or other public officer having charge of any street or highway, to cut and burn or otherwise entirely destroy any Russian thistles growing on said premises, right of-way, highway, or street, between the 25th day of August and the 10th day of September ol each year, and any person, corporation, or public officer neglecting to destroy all such Russian thistles between said dates, after notice of their presence, in writing, to said person or corporation or officer, or to an agent of any said person or corporation, by any person, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and he punished accordingly. 8. That it shall be the duty of all persons inowing of the presence of Russian thistles upon any premises, lands, lots, street, highway, or elsewhere at any time to give no- jlce in writing to the owner, occupant, or person or corporation in control, or their igent, and if not destroyed by the owner or occupants, to give notice immediately after ihe 10th day of September of that year to ;he chairman of the township board of ;rustees. or if within an incorporated town or city then to the mayor, who shall, before the 15th day of said month of September, cause the same to be cut and burned or otherwise entirely destroyed. The reasonable cost of destroying said thistles shall be paid >ut of the general county fund on the certificate of the board of township trustees or city or town council, of the amount of the lame, by the county board of supervisors. The said board of supervisors shall cause ;he amount so paid to he levied as a special ;ax against the premises on which said toistles have been destroyed and against ;he persons or corporation owning the premises, and the county treasurer shall sollect the same as any other taxes and re,urn it to the county fund. A Kossuth Racer Dead. The Wesley Reporter publishes the ollowing obituary: "Barney,? 7 the lorse Fred Corey has won bushels of noney on, departed this life last week. Je bad been in bad health for some ime owing to bad teeth, and as Fred, wouldn't get a false set be had to have lim shot, Thus "Barney," whom the >oys cheered on many a track, has * gone where the wicked cease from roubling and the weary are at rest," BUFFALO FORK NOTES, A. Pretty Closely Contested Ball Game —CWcHen pje and >V»ter Melon Socials, BUFFALO FOHK, Sept, 10.—The German Valley and Section 8 nines played a natch game of ball at this place last Saturday. When the game closed the core stood 13 to 20 in favor of Section After the ball game the boys in- ulged in some horse racing, Clark Cotton's pony being the winner in both aces. Quite a number in this vicinity atf* ended the state fair last week. P. J. P&vison and wife, •?, A. Butterfleld, wife nd Cart, Miss Ruth Butterfleld.Will )aviBon, Wro, MoJJermott, Henry Gray, Frank Eteopn, and Will Sbafer were among the number pf attendants, Gep, Stone's family with eonje friends 'ho are visiting them, a»4 y, FOX and, 'ifespejjt part P| test week af evening. We hope to see a large attendance as our people are anxious to send Bro. Hawn to conference in as good humor as possible, and one of the ways to do that is to send him with some money in his pocket book. Miss Myra Brown of Garner is visiting Miss Lydia Davison and other friends. The chicken pie social at Mr. Fox's was a pleasant affair all around. The Ladies Aid society cleared $7.27. Our school director is giving the interior of tho school house a fresh coat of paint this week. Miss Myrtle Fox will teach the winter term of school. .PEBSONAL MOVEMENTS. Theo. Chrischilles and Max Horbst were in Chicago last week. T. M. Quarton of Tracy, Minn., is visiting his brother. He is a lawyer also. Miss Edith Clarke has gone to Webster City for a visit at Senator Kamrar's. Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Warren go to Whitewater this afternoon for a week's visit. Lewis H. Smith started Saturday for Washington. He mot Mrs. Smith in Minneapolis and they went together to be gone five weeks on the coast. Mr. Smith promised our readers a' letter or two about the trip, George Horton and Misses Mabel and Ruby Smith went to Minneapolis last Friday to attend the university there. Mrs. Lewis H. Smith went with her daughters and remained a few days helping to get them settled. They will take a full college course. A Business Opening. We have a house for rent, asuburban borne for sale, and a small business that leeds a small amount of capital, here in the city. For particulars call at the office of N. J. Skinner. THE CITY CIRCUIT. BUY a Corn Harvester at The Wigwam.—23 SWEET potatoes at the Opera House jrooery. WE have a big drive in ladies' and children's underwear for 25o. Look at them. G. L. Galbraith & Co. SUITE of rooms over J. B. Jones' building opposite court house for rent. Money. Plenty of money now for all applicants at the Kossuth County State 3ank, for real estate loans at lowest •ates. Money paid at once on completion of the papers, A GOOD grade Jersey cow for sale cheap. W. F. Carter,—22 BUY your fruit jars at the Opera House Grocery. THE Opera House Grocery for fresh ruits and vegetables. WE haye a lot of children's waists to close out at 20, 25, 85, and 50c. G. L, ^albraith & Co, GOOD bird dog for sale, E. B. Butler. MONEY to loan on long or short time. Geo. C. Call.-tf Two or three students, wishing to joard themselves, can find rooms by applying to Mrs, L. B. Read, on State treet.~-23t8 LOST—New Smith & Wesson revolv* r, with belt, between Britt & Sexton, jeave at this office and get reward, WE have plenty of those 5o ginghams at G, L, Galbraith & Co. 's. A GOOD Beatty organ for sale or to radefor a bicycle. Inquire at this fflce.—17tf SMILE at the good prospects, then etter them by patronising the Opera House Grocery. My feed mill is now running and I repared to furnish grpund fee<| is any uajntity, Mr. Olespn, formerly miller ?r J, J. Wilson, will have charge O j be mill, Ground feed always, p« for sale ~ L -«-«-'• — * — * The grand Army meets tonight. Remember that taxes are delinquent Oct. 1. Jack Graham has opened a land office in Bancroft. This office has enjoyed a fine watermelon from Perry Burlingamo's patch. All wishing to enter the bicycle races can get entry blanks of Thos. F. Cooke. George Johnson will have the best display of buggies at the fair he has ever made. A frost came Monday evening to lot us know that fall has set in. It will do no damage. Col. Sessions has rented tho Baptist parsonage building and will soon set up housekeeping. S. S. Sessions is not planning to go to Sioux City as was hinted by the Courier last week. Ben Stacy is back from Sioux City and will build a home on the farm east of town and remain in Algona. The county fair opens next Wednesday. If the weather is favorable it will be the best ever seen in Kossuth. A meeting of subscribers to the Algona Library association is called for this evening at 7:30 p. m. at tho reading room. It is rumored that F. S, Stough is to take the road for abootand shoe wholesale house. He would make an excellent salesman. Lawyer J. H. Quick, who has been getting after the county officials in Sioux City, is tho former Wesley school teacher. G. W. Smith, who made a record on the first Algona well, will dig the Bancroft well. A, F. Dailey went up to bid on the job. Dr. Heflin is to marry Miss Jennie V. Olson at Swea City. While the other doctors war with the county ho will try and enjoy life. J. J. Wilkinson is looking for a house to rent and will move to Algona again. They all feel the same way after they leave Algona a while. Marriage licenses have been issued to Wm. Watts and Mary E. Wellfare, Joseph Hackel and Gertrude Klein, O. M. Ryan and Minnie Burgrene. Frank Bensohoter had lost. 80 hogs by cholera Saturday, many of them 400 pounders. Frank Winkel has buried 70 in his slaughter yards, The bicycle race at the fair for Kossuth county riders should bring out a big field. There are four premiums, three of them handsome medals. Judge Weaver at Sioux City is managing a gathering of the 12th Iowa veterans' associations which is to be held early next month at that place. Next Monday evening the Woodward company opens at the opera house with the (V Black Flag." They play a week at reduced prices on account of the fair, The 25-cent circus advertised in the Republican and drew about 200. Ringling's advertised in the other papers and had about 9,000, A word ' to the wise, etc, L, L. Colby was in town last week and gave THE UPPER DES MOINES a call. He says he has quit peddling whiskey and is no longer a resident of both states. A very pleasant lawn dancing party was given last evening on Geo, E. Clarke's grounds. A large company was out and the sharp air gave zest to the dancing, Five hundred extra copies of this issue of THE UPPER Des MOINES will be distributed in the north end of the county with the antt'Russian thistle la.w marked,; The cylinder of the' new city pump is oval where it should be round and leaks a little. The council will have the company make it right before settle^ ment is made, brick block at Eagle Grave tp go in where the old hotel stands on the west side. It is to be JOO feet frpnt and 100 '-- He was 4ow» last week, v, that the st the Russian thistle. Thewa,r,ahQum ,be a hot owf, ket every man look QirtjQr thla Fred toy aends » ^tt fair, wWoji y fLfid SffmeW bere complied with the law requiring him to live on the land. There are .; 120 acres and now quite valuable, > ', ,'i> A letter from Bert. Edmonds that he arid Moore will be up from Moines for the fair. Applications „ entry blanks have come from', many towns as far off as Waverly and Esther- ! ville. The races will draw a ,biff '?•& crowd. -.-.' , .The south end of the county is « «.«, little sensitive about the brag crops >•>'*,?!. up north. For one record it gives this: E. Wright threshed 66* bushels of' oata by weight out of tho bundles loaded on one load and they were thrown on loosely at that. , Editor Anderson of Forest City, who is nominated by the populists for supreme judge, is the man who bought' the meteorite in Ramsay some years a, ago. Then he ran for congress. That ' meteor deal ought to disqualify 'any man for office. E. G. Bowyer has ordered the medals 1 for the county fair bicycle races and will have them on exhibition. They will be engraved after they are .won with the names of the winners. The ' association is putting more money into ' them, than has been put in medals by" any club in this part of Iowa. Company F is considering going to • Sioux City to the inter-state fair in October. The plan is to have tho Fourth regiment all there. All expenses of travel and board will be paid by the fair management. Captain Haggard thinks the company will go. The republican county convention comes next Tuesday. The officers whose terms expire are Clerk Grose, 'Auditor Doxsee, Recorder Randall' and County Attorney Raymond, all of whom are finishing their first term. Supervisors Rawson and Hollenbaoh J also go out. . ( , The contract for digging trenches for the new water mains was let to Nick "•?. Hubbard and Wm. Stevens on a bid of f- six cents a foot for a ditch sixfeetdeep/ "" A lot of bids were put in ranging fi ( om : '-' ; that up. Work will begin as soon as'' the pipe is ready. It will be four and ' two inch pipe. ,' ;. . Tho Whittemoro Champion 'pays' ! B. F. Crose a merited compliment; '• Mr, Grose is a candidate for renoraina-' tion for the office of county cle'rk and in view of his satisfactory public career may reasonably expect a vindication of his course, we believe, by the prpffer of a second term. Word comes that the supervisors in Clay county have appointed Mrs, Geo. E. Reed county superintendent to fill ou$ the term left by her husband. She will make an excellent official, ' being amply qualified for the wprk, and the appointment is a commendable act on the part of the board. , <' About 200 invitations were issued for '' a reception at the newly fitted home of ' Mr. and Mrs. Geo, C. Call last .Friday '' evening. The .rooms were filled early and elegant refreshments, floral decorations, and music marked the occasion. Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Call were over' (• from Sioux City and assisted in re-- ' ; oeiving, < , A stranger appeared from the north end of the county last week and paid the fines on the two remaining pugilists who were in jail from Ledyard and, > they were set at liberty. They could ' have been held for a serious offense,' '• but it was thought that $25 eaoh and * costs would be better for the county 4 and also for them than a criminal pro* > \ ceeding, > >, . , &RNIOA SAfcm The best salve iu the world, fPP bruises, outs, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sovw, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, cows anfl . all skin eruptions, and positively cures pilea;- or no pay required. It Is guaranteed to glya perfect satisfaction or money refunded, \ Price 95o ft box. Sold by fc. A, Sheet?, ~ • Two more men to write .._.,,..,_ Tt ,, d inducements, offered at the offlOQ '"# . J. Skinner, *" ' BAIWAT TIME.

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