Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 25, 1946 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 25, 1946
Page 5
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HOPE STAR, PS, A.R K A N 5 A S '''( LEMON CREAM s > RES TODAY-POOR HERB^CUCANTAKE VERV^ ^-r TO HIM VERY SICK fi I hi By Chick Young OK& liny, Frbrimry 25, 1946 /<$&*& /4/%'.&>i Side Glances By Galbraith : -^f *,Vr~ I SWALLOWED "( I TRIPPED/ ) THE THERMOMETER) ' E ..-rtR6jj.jp! Monday, February 25, 1946 80 I let Scarr have the whole ball of wax—how I figured he and his gorillas had bumped off JimmyJerce. ARt YOU GONNA LET HIM PIN THAT , ,™ c RAP ON US,BOSS?) IT EASY • HE'S JUST J/LOUSE GUESSINY/=r&lVE HIM -" CREDIT FOR GUESSIN'RIGHT. HE AIN'T GONNA JELL ANYBODY. T FLINT, ' PRETTY ,, . NOT TOO SMART/ \THOUGH, OR YOU > WOULDN'T BE , HERE. YOU'RE > RIGHTABOUT HOW JERCE ^WAS KILLED. iWE DIDI' 'TLy C °Dr R A E cSL GHT A8 ° UT Y™ AT """OW •nu m R 5£ SON ' TOa JER «1 DIDN'T HE.fl.AIM ° A E i?r$fr 3B 9 G ? ANO ON JL THE HORSgpt .f..IPRSE.RACE AND HE ^ BET ON WAS .DOPED ANDVOU COPR. 1946 BV NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT.'.OFF, 2-Z5 MODEST MAIDENS' Trademark Iten^teml II. S. IMlmt Ofllco IT WAS Me WHO MURPEREP THAT REPORTER ANP TRIED TO AMBUSH, VOL)/ . PROP THAT KNIFE, ' VALK! _ » SO WHAT? [JERCE WELSHED- ANO JERCE DIED.' 1 DONT MOW VET HOW YOU FOUND OUT I WAS COMIN6 HERE.,,BUr YOU WAITED FOR ME, AND— r m tmfl SUPPENLY EAiY'5 FOOT Sl\?£ OVER. THE ^ F.PSE Of- THE STAIR WELL HE GRABS ATVALK, ANP >*&&ifMiAi£i. iS?£*Wvjf cn TT- j^iirK//, r. Pfa' f 'L £% ?-JgL FOLLOWING SWRCMVS ESCAPE FROA\ THE CUFF CAVERN WATERWAY WITH CELIA, AND THBf? UNEXPECTED MEETING WITH BLINKIE .--THE TRIO, USING- FUEL SALVAGED FROM BLINK- IBS CRASH, ATTEMPT TO FLY CILIA'S FT.ANE OUT OF THE MIST- SMBOUPEP TROPICAL VALLEY I Z-25| *" 9 u * Po ' °" m :>*53 ?BY Nr.l « SERVICE. IMC. T. I/I. REG U S pK (SUES5 WE BURNEP CUE SElDGES THAT'S THE LAST WE'LL SEE OF fy f^n g . 5*T^ ^ C '"" S'ALLEy./ ^J/ STAND HEP ON HER TAIL, ^>J SCOKMy... STRAIGHT UP, TH& C^l MST <3(?o\\s KKJHT OUT OP SOLID ROCK ALL THE WAV TO THE TOP/ WHY PIDN'T I STICK TO THOSE . BLACK WIDOWS.-.NIGHT PlGHTING WAS A CINCH COAAPAPED TO TH.S SOUP, C'.UON SAg THE SKY'S THE LIMIT/ **^ J'l'm afraid we're in for it, dear—I offered to tell about my fislung trip, show our movies and have Junior recite. •-•*"•—- - SHU! thev were deliahtedl" Funny Busmess By Hershbergcr [Q-QS A P N.w.foolurtl "Would you like to meet a couple.of the cutest fellows?" ' Freckles and His Friends By Blosser H - . ILDA BROKE SOME EXPENSIVE" RECORDlMGS AT THE YOSEL HOUSE-, ANDJUNIOR. PUCil^- ISESNOTTOTELL HIS MOTHER ABOUr IT, IF LAED WILL T^ACH HIM HVP- NOT«M SO HE- CAM COMMIT MAV- HEM OM HIS I WMAT IL i DO, HOMEV ^ AFTER ALL, LAED, BUMMV" JUSJIOCJS , HECIOE. IS MY [GOT/V\EOVES.A BARREL!/ LITTLE BROTHER! ^N ' VJIcjTeyerknpvv's whereJIG'S going Jojandl" ; ?opeye I WOULDMT WANT ANY OTHER^ f---UNLESS HE COULD 00^ T7™1 IK I II IDE 1 I _lC/^"n—\r^ . i-r- i i riT-i ix-i. IT- .*••i— - . .*» i BOY TO IMJURE HECTOR. ^CpPR. 1946 BY NEA 3ERVICE. INC. T.M..REO. U. S. PAT. OFE, IT WITHOUT GETTING-. ' _ CAUGHT/ , AHoy, Y y/iM EATIN 1 MARSHMALLOWS. IS THEV 'AT LIKES 'EM 'THE GIANT SNT POWN; THERE- f HE'S GOHEJ Thimble Theater Out Our Way MARSHMAUOWS 22 <;nrn UK. KING FKATUHCS sv.vnii-ATE. i«.. WORLD i PULL THAT V / 6OSH.' I UWDERPAMTS \ / WOMDERED LEG UP/ VOU'RE \ WHY SUCH SOAKIM' UP ALL I V A CHILL TH' WATER. IN CAME ALL OVER. ME OM SUCH A BALMY DAY. ' CRICK, "-IKE A WICK A LAMP/ THEWORRV WART By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House With Major Hoople OTHERS ONiTVUs\/HEA\JEK)S, MARTHA/ GTA.V/ 1 IRftSiCH TO TG-Y 'o!Sil<ll<s(3 )l CUTTI4IXr25 PERCENiT iTHEIR SPURS IKTfO LUMCH /A DEhAftMD ATRlFLE AtODl'LLi (COD^TEC. GTOOLS/-— I'M. \ ) &.&& TH/XT THE BOYS AGREED \.iA.t iyn.\r« *-M \"T Ts-\ \ 11 f i -r » 4 \ / ' ___. DOT TO \JlSlT SISTER it^ ST. PAUL ANi '•6EE THE NMls^TER. CARNilVAU -t-— JUST, SAV'X'M OM STRIKE ' / 1 PEEL Ol^bET OF- THE; \ GOOT COMlsie O^/-^*— VMOULD YOU LEP\\)E NAETO PERISH Hl^E; SOME; FOREST CREPCVURE \MlTl-\ A BROKEN U&ci, 1 ' DID YOU KNOW THATT FIREMEN RIDE FREE ON TROLLEYS-HENRY? WATCH ME!) F5ET APART-ELBOWS IN- HEAD DOWN) AND FOLLOW KNOWLEPGE! IFY'CAM'T HAVE SOME, FUM OUT ; . OF ITf THE FO URTH DIMENSIOM,' J CHARLATAN; OAKY, GET \V( NELLIE. WE'RE ,( KIW£ XlRTHUR/y '-/ ARE YOU •^V7—<:-£/ \ TT^^ ^ I) L<t J'\ OAK-CS JOUST WITH LORD BOMEHEAD MERLU7 PUT SOME AtOWf. For Sale ALLIS CHALMERS. MODEL K Caterpillar. FJoyd Porlcrfic-Ul : 12-tf TWO PAIR YOUNG MULES. ONE pair coming 3 ancl 4 .year old, one pair corning 4 and 5 year old Sco W.B. RugKles, Shovcr springs road or phone 31-.1-4 LUMBER IN SIX ROOM HOUSE nt DeAnn. Good condition. J D __Snmuel, Hope, Rt. 3. 20-31 FOJmr"BURNER~oE STOVE. Table model. Slewarl Warner Radio J. W. still Experiment ______ ______ 20-01 1940 FORD fiELuicE~TUDOR~sK dan. Cen be seen'at 402 North Hcrv.y SI. Phone 712-J. 22-81 ELECTROLUX OIL goo'd condtion. Sec Columbus. BURNER Downs, 21-61 BARNYARD FERTILIZER FOR gardens and flowers, $2 SO ucr Joad in city. Sid Jones, 511 South Laurel St. Phone 748. 22- 6 1 Notice FURNITURE STORE [or bettor 'furniture and bettor bargains. Phone 478. 14.],,, INCOME TAX SERVICE. IF YOU hn V Si ! C ? m £ i ax trouble s- I Will kp S a fl to help you. Do It now, avoid the rush in the last days Charges reasonable. J. W. Strickland. l-24-7w WE BUY, SELL OR TRADE household furniture. Anything of VallO. Ydllr cntl ..,„.,'< u- 0 ! value. "Your" sell" won't be' small, and they don't get too too PE, ARKANSAS By Weitbrook Pegler . Copyright, 1946 By King Features Syndicate. - thought this discussion of a sile for the United Nalions planl was lo be conducted on a high, gentlemanly plane but some of ' those bums on the other side of the debate had lo gel nasty about it so let s everybody grab a chair and play their way. In the first place Ihnl bunch of cosmic moochers had plenty of nerve lo pick the prettiest countryside in the New York area and, moreover, a zone which in lhe nexl 20 years or so would provide home sites for many more thousands of Americans who work in New York bill like the sight and sound of a bird, and to look on . Says, Arm Feels Better Now By GAYLE TALBOT Miami, Pin, Feb. 25 —f/P)— Tho bifigest news about the up-and-com- infi Boston Braves Is that Mort Cooper, with 10 bone chips removed from his right elbow, says the wing feels better than it has for five years, and that he means to show the National League some pitching that will curl its collective hair. If the big ex-Cardinal actually has rcoovered all his blar.lng assortment, as he says he has, then it can be put down safely even m h s oarly sla S c IhaUthe Braves will be a factor in the 1D4G fine race and will do considerably bel- ter than their sixth place of last ....i.ni, uuu uicy cion't get too ?"""" "' « ""«, ano lo look on c a /%, Sc ^ lls at 22 ° Ea st Third tree f, and flowers and hills and St. City Furniture Co. Phone 873. would not willingly condemn their no 1 * children- in. f ho run v n vc-nf.: n < :„„„ CARNSVAL Bv Dick Turner year. _ 28-lm vc-WooTon"nnd' 8 ls"crs"^^ ™P- «»""f A. Wooton! -, . . North West St. Jackson, sissippi, 10-61 LET US REMAKE YOUR OLD mnkc thcm •ihort wheel base, good tires Can be seen at BI5 West Ave. E 25-Ot For Lease .'MC'S CAMP, HIGHWAY 07 WEST __ofHope. ]8 . 2w Wonted to Rent FIVE pR"~~SI^r{C^F~imf ; UR". lushed house. Phone Mrs. Ches- _shir_jU Talbols. 044. 22-Gt Help Wanted FOREIGN EMPLOYMENT MFN ' .. .— -- America, «n.- All; i, AiasKa, etc. Folio where lo an I Ply 2f) C . P.O. box 2884, Dallas, 1 Texas. . 22 . 3t ' nn wm cm { e new. Will pick up and deliver in and out of lown. Wrile or call us. Phone 34-J-2. Bright Bros Waitress Co. Hope, Ark Rt 2' 23-Gt Real Estate for Sale NICE LOT, LOCATED ON NORTH Hervey Street. 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TELEPHONE POLES All Dimensions 16 to 70 Feet Cash Every Week RUFUS MARTIN PATMQS, ARK u* j ••"«• »» ninigij ^ujiuuiiiii men chl j ci . 1 ' e , n to. the dirty associations and influences that are encountered in the public schools of New York And don't anyone give me thnt old democracy line either about the spiritual benefit of association with other social and racial "groups" or I will bust you right back with Ihe r C L lha t none of the five children ol Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, who has been sounding thai prattle for years and years, nor she nor their old man, either, ever spent an hour in a public school but worn care- Hilly segregated from the lower classes in fastidious pay-joints. To hear some of the abuse of those who live in and beyond Ihe Westchester-Greenwich area you might think Ihey were nothing but a long pf bridge-playing, high-suburban blubberheads who would wrecK the peace of the world and focnfice not -only the rising generation but Ihe. little- that remains of civilization to protect their mean little investments Well ,for those who like it, bridge is no loss legitimate than forums, conferences councils and congresses which are' the pleasure of so many of those sallow-minded fakers who would JiKe to make us address the chair and go through some committee every time someone wants in kick he cat. The service records of those commuters in the wars of uiejr respective generations will stand comparison with those of any other group of equal numbers, not excluding Franklin D., Henry Wallace and Sidney Hillman. The same proportion of their sons went to inis war. too, and I will jusl helu myself to the arbitrary assumptfon innt, if peace and civilization did depend on the cession of this nar- n'n, 1 . '•?'', Slte , nnc] no other site on cailn for the realm of the UNO every one of those Americans would gladly yield and shove on nnrt n °i ?' oacl wilh tnc bodding barrow 6 blrd : c ° Be in thc wheel- Bui no reason has been civon U " N °- m«st have 8 this . Billy Southworlh had his club in town yesterday for about with .he Giants, and they looked like a . , nisi, cocky crew. Although he was running ,the -_-..—, 0 .. ,,^ >V ua luiiiiiii^ , me Cardinals only a few months ago, Southworlh insists he is conceding them nothing in the coming campaign. Sure, he said, the Cards are getting back some great talent from the service, but so arc' the other clubs in thc league. Take the Braves, he specified. In addition to • having an unusually brilliant looking sol of rookies in camp, they are getting .back from uncle Sam such seasoned bin leaguers as first-baseman John McCarthy, second - .baseman Connie Ryan, who played in thc '44 all- star game, third-baseman Sibby wh y ' S, nd ,{r arve l "Bama" Rowell, whom Southworlh expecls to prove a sensation in left field Two of the men on whom. Ihe Biaves are counting heavilv. right- f e der Tommy Holmes and center- iielder Johnny Hop, have not "yet reuorlcd, having been placed in thc ?hn™' d(1Wav ?. o£ tra '"ees. Between them they figure to give the club a pretty fair scoring punch. Holmes hit a gaudy .352 last year and lost the batting cham- P'ONship to Phil Cavarrotta of the --7 runs. While the veteran Hon i clouted only .280 for the Cards it is significant that Soulhworth look hl SJi °"? ^ lh ')!"? lo the Brnvcs COPH. f948 BY NEA SEnVlCS. 'lilt. T.' M. ntt. 0.'s. r»T. O-r. •Boy, Sliifiger! Arc yotisc'cvcr givin' dis crowd their inoiu'v's worllil" This Curious World By William Ferguson vltnl pos nnh ," H- «s ave ts patch and no other and so the su»- " n tlle cl i' 2ens who «n to move are jeopardizing anything but some ulterior purposes is abusive nonsense. Moreover there 1?J 10 ,, C ? CI J SO f 9 r Souging out' of the living body of Ihe Uniled States and al enatinfi it, any section that may finally be selected. Under reciprocity we give the embassies of other countries a mild type of autonomy but the ground thev stand on is still parl of Ihe District of Columbia and there were no complaints but, on the contrary, sup- hiduf«^ C - heer 1 when some of them indulged in a humane abuse of our of iin, allty t0 , Peddle a few 'wms of liquor under prohibition. ine correct lace where th!s or- JJ{S n on - shollld havo il « Plant distinctly is j 10 where near New 7 ol ; k , or Washington, which arc infested with a formidable quanlily v , an . et y of organizations de- and hJ? " lterrfo . re " CG in our politics and the confusion of our opinions. There are hundreds of these illl ftvnW a " d nrra «n"l "ling* all devoted to some religious, racial or lational interest abroad and to the proposition thai every American 3 oy owes '.'democracy" a duly To °'° ^, serles °f wars in Iheir be£ % ar t,. so Wuenlial that the Republicans are afraid to them where lo go wilh their « and f , les , t , the >' alie » a l" the segregated "foreign" vote in the metropolis. They prim propaganda by the ton, the telephone direc- S raling with them and Westchesler- do 'h i '-sop pos does ho earn appear to be in i'or , real trouble. Billy Jurges, once one of the best but now going on J8 ,ind slowed-down, probably will ' , No one h,i -n' one seems t° think he will last, however, and the next choice is a novice named Fro- California. comnetent ilan Fernandez ,.„.,, ine club has a very uomncieni "si voai" PhU MaSi ' ' 272 'littci Pihe^JufT~ Destined to Fourth Place sliiied to a fourth place finish in the Arkansas high school conference basketball race, today, owned the distinction of being thc only p ^ lastei : loop dcfeats Rock and. Camden and of ...— ..„„,, u .,u. wumueii ana ol dclermmg the 194G championship T> ,, m? ebras knocked Litll Rock's Tigers last year's titlists, out of first place by whipping them in midseason. Then they Jed the lead — and certainly till* — back to the Capital gang by spoiling Camden's ay nighl. COrdl 4? - 35 ' here Sntur Camden's loss, its first in 11 conference starts, enabled Little fj, oc V to assume command in that tne Iigers have played six more ?i™L a " d have . Piled up a better /%& HORSE IS ONE OF THE COPR. 191G BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. HEC. U. S. PAT. OFF. WHEN A FARMER PUTS A PIECE OF GROUND IN WHEAT, HE PUTS THE WHEAT IN THE SROUND/' HOWARD SCHOEPFUN. ' ~ IN A THERE ARE INTO WHICH THE SIX, TWO-5/ZED, RAISED DOTS- CAN BE ARRANGED. «0 «• •« •« .« • * •• •• •• •• -Br Hnoh S. Follertea, Jr. at»iii..3 uuu nuve piea un a hoi lor T— A , '-••'•" •>"•« u>->.i ijun percentage mark Each has onu \ ack ?°9 11lb; ? "b"'" °" p of His Duke more conference B «mp ':Pn m ^ b °y? being lured away by a pro- New York, Feb. 25 —(>?)— As thcnfficial, caught a glimpse of Andy result ol an extra-loud beet fvomPhillip, , former Illinois "Whiz I o rtl.- rvij-ii>i l-w ., K m >4 n.. n n r i. :,-i-».. i. _ * »• • i •. ' in recnwich site would be a marve- ous convenience for them and a Tienace of equal magnitude lo the American boys who will be of ighling age in the next ten years Lincoln, Neb wanted this plnnl i id, although Lincoln never had a chance for obvious reasons, she would ge a good selection. Travel s an absurd objection considering hat persons coming from the ends >i the earth would have only a few '^l rs r ITU ? re to §° and if il is the acK 01 plays and movies presented >y our Communist producers, and aloons and rich trash for night- ue that makes a site undesirable hen why not be honest and reopen ans as lhe political plague spot nd brothel of the world f We have thousands of miles of "overnment reservations in the T° S M W A iC r coll ' d .accommodate the J. N. O for all Us legitimate purses and let anyone who objects n the ground of cold or heal con- ider whether a Russian or a Finn ou d reasonably complain of the 5? ld '". say Wyoming, or an arab t the heat in Arizona Well, (here 1 go again, raising iy voice and hollering like a bar- er a ,i! Coll ey Island kootch but I now VVustchester-Greenwich peo- le and thc ones who have been denouncing them are mainly a lot f old fools who are ready lo die nyway and don't care what hap- ens to whom and a lot of suitcase rude who never would take the are and responsibility of decent tomes but feel free lo abuse good itizens tor unwillingness lo aban- 011 theirs. Basketball Scores EAST Army 84; Fordham 39 Navy 47; U. S. Coast Guard Aca- emy (New London, Conn ) 31 Slmery Rock. Pa., Teachers'86; California, Pa., Teachers 40. Columbia 57; Rutgers 49 Harvard 55; Boston Univ '>9 West Virginia 35; Univ of Mary- iF^feWn- 7 9. ; . Colgate 60. more conlerence game •C'lmrtn.i' ."' . uul "s iurcn away uy a pro- meeting winless Hope and Littin l lessi P lul1 oft ' M ': l l lc college baseball Rock tackling liktlv-.L n ,'^ I coaches association is asking Com- tackling lifihtlv fiv rownrrioH Fordyce tomorrow M t Bo.h Ihe 'v issioncr Ht>p ! 3y Chandler to de° " " """" ........... " "" "" "''"" .," ~ '""."iivjw iii-jiiii. xauin me Panthers and the Tigers are favored to win handily, leaving the standings unchanged. Here's lhe way lhe percenlage chart reads today: Here's lhe way lhe percenlage charle reads today, W. L PCT respectively: ' Lillle Rock 1C, , 941 Camden 10, 1, .910. . No other team has a mcthemat- ical chance for firsl or places. claie a mortorium on such sign- This is the second straight year in which Little Rock has coped ni g fr ? age Lilui 'les because Pine Bluff, the Tigers' arch-rival, has defeated another team • in lhe s fetch. Lasl season the Zebras shoved the Tigers into the throne chamber by a few percentage points when they bumped El Dorado from the lop spot. Little Rock not only can sew up the title by beating Fordyce here tomorrow night but can establish a new league scoring mark for a single season by tallying 20 or mol ' e Points. The Bengals already nave 902 in conference play. REALISTIC ° Alhambra, Calif., Feb. 21 —M 3 ) —Police here can personally vouch lor the elfectiveness of their tear "-JS. During a tear gas demonstration in the police station. The trigger jammed and lhe operator quickly turnod the sprayer toward an open window. But me wind was wrong and the tear gas blew back in, routing every policeman in lhe building. ings. . . Colgate's F.py Barnes, association president, lias written Chandler the suggestion thai he ban the snatching of ccllegians until n permanent policy can bo worked out between the coaches' committee and representatives of organized baseball. . . They held a meeting early this month 'to try to develop such a policy nnd this ap- •"-• ! ---' : •-• ' th;u noln- . And, so far :iny ban- ' ijwnjiiii.y indicates second j i n g nmch came of it. 1 ;is we know, there i . New York U 59; Temple 57. Westminster (Pa.) fi7; Carnegie 45. De Paul C3; Notre Dame 47. Pittsburgh (Kas) Teachers 53; Fort Hays State 33. College of Emporia 39; Ottawa 32. Creighton 3G; Omaha U 27. DuBuquc Univ. 43; Central (la) Hamline 40; Drake 42. Indiana 75; Minnesota 52. Western Reserve 51; Case 40. luwu Stale 50; Okhihome 54 Michigan State 59; Wisconsin 48. Ohio Slule 53; Northwestern 4li Grinnell 58; Kno.x 40. Illinois 57; Iowa 51. Missouri Valley 51; Drurv 30 FAR WEST ' Colorado A. & M. 49; Utah 40 Wyoming 45; Fort Warren 40. Washington Slale 70 Oregon 63. Montana Stale College 55; Univ of Idaho, Southern Branch 36. Oregon State 55; Univ. of Washington 36. SOUTHWEST Southeastern State (Okla) 38; Southwestern Slate (Okla) 36 Texas Tech 43; Hardin-Simmons oO. quets scheduled at Durham, 'N. C., or Hamillon, N. Y.. where the commissioner can make a speech. WISE GI'S Mrs. Bob Higgings, wife of thc Ponn slate football coach, has just one serious complaint about her husband's jaunt to Japan to tulor soldiers teams — she can'I read his letlers. . . When one readied home reporting Bob's arrival, she asked the college registrar it lie couldn't enroll Higgins at Penn Slate under the GI Bill for a cour.se in writing and spelling. . . Bob miyht also play end, which he- did with fail- success after World War One. All of which recalls the remark of "Grennsboro Gus" Leonard, lhe Richmond snort 1 ; scribe, after inspecting football squads at some nearby colleges: "1 uidn'l know the GI bill ineluded Spanish-American , , Kit'" performing for the fleet Marine force basketball team in China he remarked: "Andy was a warned good artillery officer on Iwo and his shooting eye is twice as good on the basketball court." No Stahling When Floyd Stahl, Harvard basketball coach, goes scouting he takes Mrs. Slahl nnd their 10-year- old son along as assistants . .'Mrs. Stahl was a good basketball player before her marriage and the boy is a real chip off thc old dad — during the season's finale nt Bos- tun between Yale and Holy Cross, Ihe youngster heard a radio announcer repeatedly say the game was for "The New England Cham* pionship" . . Finally young Stahal asked: "Say. pop, what was the score of that Harvard-Yale game?" . . . (if you don't remember, it was Harvard 39, Yale 37.) The Turks introduced coffe to Europe about 1083. Harry Segnar, Sr. PLUMBER REPAIR WORK Phone 382-J war veterans. Monday Matinee Unofficial word from West Point is that Biff JOIH-S will hold his post as athletic diroi'lcir until sonioiimo in 1947. . . When Cmmlr. Frank I 1 rates, former easiorn baski-lball COMPLETE BUTANE SERVICE Wanda Butane Co. Phone 370 Hope, Ark. f , Service - Qualify Variety We have a most complete line of Field & Garden Seeds, Insecticides and Inoculations. AGENTS FOR G Hybrid Corns Dodge Famous Onion Plant? Willhite Melon Seeds Gcrmaco Hot Caps Sinker's Dclinted Cotton Seeds Iu pl , e Cleaned Kobe - Korean and Sericea Lespedeza Alfalfa Soy Beans and field grown Cabbage Plants! We Appreciate Your Business MONTS SEED STORE The Leading Seed Store Political Announcements The Star is authorized to announce the following as candidates subject to the action of the Democratic primary elections this Summer: 8th Judicial Circuit For Prosecuting Attorney CHARLES W. HACKETT Hempstead County For Sheriff & Collector TILMAN BEARDEN J. W. fSON) JONES For County Clerk ROBERT S. TURNER For County Treasurer MRS. ISABELLE ONSTEAD McCORKLE Arkansas to Play 10 Games in 1946 Fayetleville, Feb. 25 .—f/P)— If Arkansas football coach John Barn- lill's brow is slightly wrinkled .hese days, he can blame Iwo fac- ,ors: The Razorbacks' 104G sched- .ilc and his strenuous barnstorming Banquet lour. Barnhill announced a len - game menu for Ihe Porkers Salurday night. Oulside of Ihe opener with tforlhweslern slate . college of Malchiloches, La., there's not a chance of a "breather." The Razorbacks will tangle with ,he little Louisiana school here Sept. 21 and then will swing into a series of suicide outings; In order, .hey are: Oklahoma A. and M., Sugar Bowl champion; Texas Christian: Baylor; Texas, Cotton Bowl "lhamp; Ole Miss; Texas A. and M. Rice ;Southern Methodist and Tuli>a, a bowl contender for five straight years. Baylor and SMU will visit Fay- oUeville and Ihe Porkers will en- tcrlain Rice at Little Rock. The others will be played on the road. And Barnhill's banquet schedule would make mosl people seek a resl on March 18 inslead of swinging inlo 30 days of spring prac- lice. By that lime the new head monlor and athlclic director " will have visited virtually every ,nook and corner in Ihe stale. lawn Arkansas Texas A. & M. Play Tcmighf College Station. Tex., Feb. 2§ »Mp— Arkansas and Texas A. and M. will open thc final two - game series of the 1940 Southwest Conference basketball race here • tonight, but the only major prize at stake is the circuit's individual scoring title. Thus, the chief attraction will be the point-making duel between the conference's tallest, highest scoring performers, six-ten George Kok of thc .Razprbacks and six-seven Jamie Dawson of the Aggies. Kok is the leading scorer with ll)0f points, but Dawson, with 176,' could grab individual honors by outsCor- mg the Porker ace by 15 points in this scries. Arkansas has clinched second place in the standings. A. and M n °w ranking sixth, could pull into a fifth-place tie with Rice by whining both engagements. With the Aggies considered the most improved team in the loop, the Razorbacks are expecting anything but a pushover. Probable lineups: Arkansas Texas A. an'driM. McGaha Meet Today Hot Brings, Ark. ,Fcb. 25 — (/P)— A last (rack and perfect weather conditions prevailing, Oaklawn Jockey Club officials believed chances good for new records in opening day attendance and pari- rmiluel belting as the annual 30- day spring race meeting got underway todav. Hoi SorJnp.s is entorlniniiiR what Hotclinen declare is the largest ciowu- in tlie resort's history. Vacationing visitors and home town horse addicts will be augmented uy other thousands expected here from all over tlie state by automobile and bus. Track officials said that more than 5,000 persons visited the racing plant Sunday. Bolus, seven-year-old son of r'l^-lV 1 ' who ear "cd a bankroll of $23772 last year, was looked upon with favor in the Leo P McLaughlin inaugural handicap, a six- furlong feature. The veteran sprinter was coupled with Holdall, five-year-old son of Bulldog, as the Leon Tikulski entry, and horsemen believed that if Bolus should falter, Holdall would be able to carry the mail. Thc pail was priced at four to five in the morning line. Bolus has been resting here since the fall meet, in which he won a 2m' S ] l ° n1 T° 1i: i th , e , McLa "Khlin inau- guial. Holdall has not been to the July * l Washington ,. The field of nine also included Peacock Lady, Tawny, Lady and t>ni (.T., any oi whom was regarded as capable of making it a race. ~~ - -- o -- . .The turnip was first cultivated m England in 1724. LLlu '^'ieu LILE'S FIX-IT SHOP for REPAIRS 933 Service Station Phone • • • 933 or 869-R DR. H. T. SHULL VETERINARIAN In practice in Tcxarkana TEXAS CITY HALL Phone 140 or 1490-J THEO LONG For Plumbing Telephone 674-J Hope, Arkantoi Motor Repairs—Light Fixtures Hope Appliance Co. 214 East 3rd St. PHONE 613 | Appliance Repairs—Appliance* ' SEAT COVERS FOR ALL CARS Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 215 8. Main Schumchyk .... Kok Plynt.....'. Wheeler F "c" . „.... . £.... White Dawson .Adams i ..Yoomaii Arkansas Veterans > Returning to U. S. : Arkansas servicemen, due in New York on the steamship Elgin Victory Tuesday: Whittington, Isaac, S-Sgt., Mount Ida. . Due in New York on the Cody Victory today: Dobbs, Dickey M., S-Sgt.,, Stutt- Conner, Robert Q., Capl., Hot Springs. Due in New York on the Fair Isle today: Oswalt, Harold C, Pfc, Malvern Lock, Leroy, Pvt, Malvern. McKinnon, Chester M., El' Dorado. Williams, Charles E., T-5, Bauxite. Harris, Lerue, Pfc., Magnolia. Hats Cleaned and Rebuilt the factory way. HALL'S HAT SHOP East 2nd St. Phone 7« Alterations • • • •• Presied While You Wait ". Personal Stationery' Pastel .Colors, . A Complete line Gentry Printing Co. Phone 241 Hope, Ark. COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply LOG'S Toil r 1st Cafe-Court Featuring • Steaks • Fried 'Chicken • Barbecue »Flsh • Sandwiches "Soft Drinks Open 6 a. m. to 12 Midnight Private Dining Roorrb-Phone 222 Ow,n.ed;and operated b£ "*•«>'-... Mf;-'and Mrs.feRu J.£Loe ,"*' City Limits & HlgHway^Weit SEE US FOR THE REYNOLDS PEN The miracle Pen that-^vill Revolutionize Writing, Guaranteed to write 2 years without refilling. ' Doug f^l-TV Cc > r l' Bacon VI i I Jones ELECTRIC CO. Phone 784 Hope • Real Estate If you are. in the market to buy or sell Farmland or City Property, call or see Calvin E. Cassidy Phone 489 Hope, Ark, Arkansas Bank Building See Us For BABY You'll like out quality chicks, hatched right (ion selected (locks. Hardy, fasi- growers. Low pric«. | FEEDERS SUPPLY CQ. 4th and La. St» Phone 25 «

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