The Morning Herald from Uniontown, Pennsylvania on August 16, 1910 · Page 1
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The Morning Herald from Uniontown, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Uniontown, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, August 16, 1910
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LARGEST CIRCULATION Of Any fNipnr In Ftyvtta, I nmri , * Wtfltmortlnnd or tomar«* CMRllMb TOWN WILL BUY MOTORCYCLE TO SPOT SPEEDERS WILL EQUIP THE POLICE WITH MACHINE TO CHASE JOY RID­ ERS AND NOTE ACCURATELY THE SPEED AT WHICH THEY ARE GOiNG. BURGESS PUDGES AID Through Fining Everyone Caught. — Old Road Rule Will Be Strictly Enforced by the Police. — “Keep to the Right“ or Be Called Down. Joy riders, chauffeurs, automobile owner« and other follower« of the horseless carriage arc hereby warned to wateh for the motor cycle in the future a« it will be in tuai manner that HCorHiliiff will Jw* hereafter brought to a close bv the borough of- llcers. At the regular session of conn* ell last night it was decided unaiii- lnoiisly to a motor cycle equlpjM'd with an accurate speedometer to nab the violators of the 12 tulles an hour limit. It was further ordered in ts*half of the automobile owners, that all persons driving vehicles of any kind mu«! observe the old custom of passing to the right and also of keeping on the ritrht side of the road. Notices with those Instructions will lw> jdaoed in conspicuous places on flu* main thorough fares. It is the intention of council to have one officer continually on the* motor cycle searc hing for joy tlders. When he sees a machine that is hitting only the high places it will In» his duty to »•wing in the rear and follow it just long enough to get the* reading of his MM'odom* ter and the monberof tie* machine. That s\. !em has been successfully conducted in the large cities and it will probably hase the desired c*f-i feet here. According to the* pr«*dk'tIons of sev I »•ral cotuyrihnen the motor cycle* which will cost atw'nn lion, will pay for itself In ot.c* day. It U further claimed that the* entire salat v of the* police dopnnmenf will be placed In the borough ireHRury by violators in a week. Burgess MtCrnm, who was present at the* meeting, assured the cottncilm *ii that be would earrv out his i»art of t he arrangement and would fine every violator against •whom there was positive info rnatiou. The* e 1 1 \ property committee* was au­ thorised to |M»rehase the* cycle at once and have the violators jiinehed. (loom ilmnu Whyel defendc*d rhc* auto owners, showing clearly that many of the accidents were* due to the* care- lesHTiess of the drivers of other vehicles who fail to keep on the* right aide of the Street, He cited instance»« where w lien the chauffer tooted his horn jHople would cross the* street direct!) In front of the machine Mr VVhyel thought that tin* “joy tats' would -oon get next to the motor cyclist and promptly get within the spcccl limit l»efore the* officer would have ti*nc* to get the rate at which the ear was traveling. Wllkey voiced Wheel'« sentiments and suggested the nostlnt? of signs to warn the drivers to “shinny on their own side.'' The police* have 1 m *«* ii instructed to •%ee ttint all vehicles pass to the right .«ml in *he future* than can Is* expcet- « d WHO ARE THE COUPLE ? Constables Refuse to Kill Dogs William Martin, ¡1 butcher, residing at Oliver No. 3, last night called up the Herald office and stated that on (August r> his sou had been bitten by a dog. Later lu* informed Constable Jake Churn« of the occurrence and asked that the dog be killed. Since that time. Martin states that he 1ms notified the* constable at least three times to kill the dog and yet it still rambles about Oliver No. 3. Martin also notified Deputy Constable William Bradley, who said it was none of his business to kill dogs. Martin then came to IJnlontown and saw the District Attorney, who informed him that it was the business of tne eon« to hie In that bailiwick to j»nt an end to all malicious and unmuzzled dogs. Mr. Martin states that there are at least 30 dogs in that vicinity that would run at the sight of a collar or a muzzle and who have no apjsirent owners. COUNCIL WILL INVESTIGATE CHIEF GEORGE MATTHEWS SAYS THAT TWO DRIVERS TREAT HIS ORDERS WITH CONTEMPT AND HAVE BEEN GENERALLY UN­ RULY. NOTICE TO PARENTS AND TEACHERS. in conformity with the system inaugurated by Superintendent C. J. Scott, the school children of Uniontown will be assigned to rooms and buildings this year as in former years. So that each pub lie school pupil shall know his or her room and building, the assignments wdl be published in The Herald tomorrow morning. The assignments affect over two thousand children, and publication is made now so there shall be no confusion on the opening day. Parents and pupils are asked to make note of the assignments as they will appear tomorrow. Decorating Contracts Awarded Af an ndjournod incoi log of t-ho North l'uion township «chool board l.»Ht evenirne contrai is w« re awarded for thi* decoratlng and rapai ring of «evi al of thè schoolx in thè town«hip« ;*s folli,a Whyel, interior dec­ orai ions. Muti Vllen; ronfine, I. N. Beighley; Kast lTn!on, Interior dei or­ atine. Charles Keonan: Oliver, interior deeorating, W. N. Teets; Fair Cìroirud, interior deeorating. J. \\*. Sanderson; YoungOown, Interior and ex- terlor jiainting and now roof. Mat- theWB and Abraham; and thè interior deeorating of thè Coolspring schoo! wa-f awardcd to Harry Zehlcy. The work w lll he cmnp'oted hefore ilie op- onlng of s< hool. All m< mbers of thè »roani w'cre pr<*s<»nt. Cutting Affray at Republic FUSS OVER AUTHORITY City Property Committee Will Make An Attempt Ao Settle the Matter.— Warm Discussion of the Case During Meeting. Two men were cut, one seriously as tip* remit if two drunken rows at Republic yesterday. Dominic* Canetti was curved actoss the face and neck and was so weak from loss of blood ihat serious results may follow Tony I'ollesnikei was cut on top of the head with a carving knife but his wound, although painful, is not serious. John Rkr.ryank* wa~ arrested on a charge of felonious culling, preferred by Tony, while A modo Kirch roni and Geriamo C imme tti are in jail charged with inflicting the* razor wound. Sj»ocin! Ofti- cer J K Wyatt brought the* |»air to Jail and made information befote Justice John Boyle \ecordlng to the «tory of the two pr -soner». Dominie Cainettl, who was badly gashed, became* hoist at on* ami started an argument when a friend of his brother refused to take n dtitik of hee*r A ejuarrel atarted In which Domini« was cut. He was left lying 01 * tue ffoor and was so weak trom 1 is* of blood that his condition is grave* Speculation ic Rife and Molans Are Mute* “Hello, 11**1 lo, is this the* Moluus Furniture* company*' Tills |s the* young matt who is to t»e married in your stoic. I wanted to ask how you spelt my name, feu* I believe* you wrote* it down wrong” Now, gentle teader, we*rc you Mr. Molans would you Idle*? Molans didn’t he just merely ankwered “W-A-I-T," for Molans is besieged dally by just such telephone calls from some anx ions and Impntlent Inquirer dying to know who the* couple Is to lu* married in their store* Friday, August 2d, We regret to say WK don’t know. Perhaps if we* diet know, we are afraid we* would tell It t * * you. lienee, Mo Ians’ backward mess in divulging the* names of the* lucky couple. Oh, you Cupid’* Ileadqutirlers! UNIONTOWN PRODUCE MARKtT We have just received a large ship ment of Damson plums, which will be* sold very reasonable. We would advise you to buy now as the demand is very large, price*« may go iiigluM Inter. We* also have a car of fancy apple* at ‘25 cents pen* ja*ck en* $1 per bushed the saim* kind you pay double* for elsewhere. UNIONTOWN PRODUCE M A It K 1ST, 92 W. South street 4211 Beeson ave. Both phones. No. 1335 takes tin* Turkish Leather Itoeker at the* Molans Furniture* coiujrany. Hock e*r will he held until Saturday, August 20. and if not called for No. St *6 is se*c- ond and No, 1 -tSU third. O. (’ Kougli, the photographer, is away on his vacation, hut l»as left a ve*ry e*ompe*te*nt photographer to look after his business. HOTEL ARRIVAIS Persons from Fayette county towns whoa* names ap|ieared e»n the re gist rs of |iK*al hotels Si ond a v were*: Moran J. W. Altman, t*. S. Smith, Masemtown Tit low — James H Smith, Dawon; C. K, lamhart, Shamrock We*st End — George* Klliott. Dawson; It. H Sellers, lumbar. Brunswick C. W. McClellan, Con nellsvillo; J. B He*ed. Laurel Hill; J. C. Armstrong, Brownsville. Teed Bryson King. Masontown. e*«sie* Franks, High House*; Janie* Curst cud. Ollphant; P G Oglevee Dickerson Hun; Mis. Werner, Daw son; J it. Van Kirk. Merrlttstown; J. It. Witt, SmitItfield. Liifav<*Bi* A Worthington, ludlsvllle. Central — It. J It van. Bv* J. A. Dewitt, Cmuiellsvllle; N A I taw son. Gallatin — Thomas Craig, Connells v111**; Edwin Faweett, Cheat Haven ( ‘oil •soil Itisi exchange Cnlon. Paul It. Condey. South ARM IS AMPUTATED. Struck by a Brownsville street ear as h»* ran e»u tne* track n«*or his home in Fairbanks, John Duda. aged five years, was so a«e lonely Injured that Ip* was removed 10 tin* UnUmtOWIl hospital. His right aim was so terribly me ugh**! that it was uniptttut«*«! near tin* shoulder lie* also sustain«*«! a scalp wound IBs condition Is good and it is believe «1 lo* will recover. BOYS' KNEE PANTS. Only few more pairs left. They will go at 12 c tin* imir at THE NEW STORE, 35 Kad Main street, next to Galla- ttn hotel. J. HOSFNFIFLD. Dissension in the* fire department.; was unearthed last night in the conn -1 eil chamber when an order for the* salary of KM. Coffman, a driver, showed that in* had been “docked" one day by Chief George Matthews. Trouble has been brewing for some time and when the discussion concerning the one day’s pay was opened. Chief Matthews presented a few revelations. He declared that neither Coffman nor William Thompson would obey him, the latter at one time «napping his lingers tit him when orders were issued. The two drivers were in tin* room at the time of the argument and Thoni|>son objected very much to hav-1 ing Matthews superintend the drivers | stating that w hen he accepted his jx>-i sition it was with the understanding j that he should in* directly in charge of the City Property committee and his duties were to o!w*y the rules and regulations adopted by council. The argument became so warm at one stage that Matthews threatened to resign rather than submit to any 1 change In the motion that was jiass i*d by council some time ago giving him jurisdiction over the drivers and the fire apparatus. Councilman Miller stated that Matthews was given t(mi much liberty and that his duties should be more definitely defined. Af 1 ier the matter had been discussed j both pro and con it was decided to allow the City Property committee to investigate and rejiort at the next meeting. The trouble date« hack to the night that Chief Matthews was given the jurisdiction over the drivers. From that time the chief informed council he has never l*een shown the respect due him by Thompson and Coffman, lie stated that on one occasion Coff man took a day off without asking his permission or getting his consent and placed another borough official in his place. In discussing the difficulty Chief Matthews said: “Those two drivers won’t respect or oblige me in any way. They don’t even tell tne when they leave and they place whomever they please in charge of their teams. 1 docked Coffman for leaving in that manner and will eon | tinne to dock them for such actions. Recently Coffman went away and placed another borough employe in his place without consulting tne. That employe had’duties that required his attention and if there had been an alarm Coffman’s team would have had no driver. 1 have spoken to several councilmen about the manner in which the drivers have been acting but they took no account of it. Business is business with 111 « and I intend to exercise the authority given me by council.” When his authority was questioned bv Councilman Miller. Matthews stated that if council did not want him to act in his pr«**ent capacity he would resign at once. The argument so w Mi in that a eull to ordei el an try, Councilman Whyel and Chisholm, with several others, thought that the department should have a head and that the »nan who occupied that |iosi tlnii should have charge of the drivers and the apparatus. Chief Matt hews was given that jrower at a re cent scsion of council. When the exact motion was questioned the minutes were produced. Siebert Hill, captain of the Cnion Hose company thought that Matthews should hear Hie numerous kieks that had been dieted to him concerning a janitor at tiie Union- I lose house and at once placed tl“* load on the chief* should After all concerned aired their views, it was decided on ¡1 motion by Council Whyel that the City Property committee composed of C.add, Christ, and Chisholm would Investigate make an attempt to settlr ter. Pirates and Giants Break Even (Special Telegram to The Herald.) NEW YORK, Aug. 15. — Pittsburg arid New York divided honors this afternoon in 2-1 games. In the first 1 lie Pirates did gome timely slamming at the expense of Matthewson while George Wiltse was the whole show in the final battle. Had Gibson held Wagner’s throw in the opening round of the final argument the visit ors would have made a clean sweej> of the double bill as Gibby’» foozle paved the way for the winning run in the same jroriod. Although Matthewson put II Pirates 011 the breeze cart, bunched hits in the ilth inning put the game on ice for the Clarkes. The Giants won the final game in the opening round. Devore landed over Clarke’s head for three sacks and when Doyle hit to Wagner he was safe at the plate. Gibson dropping a perfect peg. Doyle advanced to second and completed the circuit on Bridwell's safety. Pittsburg came hack with their I only run of the game in the next in* ! ning Wagner p«*el«*<1 off a double and raced home on Miller's single. The scores; first game . BOROUGH PAYS FOR MYTHICAL WATFR PLUGS COUNCILMAN WHYEL DISCOVERS THAT BILL CALLS FOR TWO MORE PLUGS THAN SUPPLIED AND REDUCTION IS MADE. TO TAX GAS COMPANY Meters and Pipe Lines Will Have to Yield a Revenue to the Community. Will Try to Improve Redstone Creek. Basketball F>rospects Look Good Last evening the hoard of directors 1 I lin* Uniontown luiskethnll club met in the parlors of the Exchange hotel to discuss I in* prosper*! s for t he coming season. Since the franchise was ! ron rml by the club, the Lyceum rink where tin* games wen* previously pluvial has bof n altered irto ¡1 vaudeville theatre, and another location will have to Ik* seemed. The dub has al- rendv seeurod opti« m on sites and a building will in all probability be < reefed to accommodate the club. The primary object of last evening’s meeting was to discuss matters along the of seen rii g ropery and htiihl- ii g a clubhouse, although nothing definite was done A meeting of the s¡ockhohlc*s lias been called for tomorrow evening in the parlors of the Kxehange hotel at which time if is ex­ pertisi ihm some definite steps in the matter will he taken. Nothing further was done than to discus« tin* prosp -cts fi * the season gì nera My. NEW YORK Devore, 1 .. •Schlei . . . Becker, m Doyle. 2 • • Snodgrass, Murray, r . Hi Id welt*, s Devlin, 3 Merkle, 1 .. Myers, e .. Matthewson, AB. R. H. P. A. B III- Through an investigation conducted hy Councilman George Whyel, the borough of Uniontown saved $200 which war demanded h.v the Uniontown Water company for tin* past four years for two two lor plugs that mver existed. In his usual business-like manner Mr. Wfliyel desired to learn 1 he exact number and location of the fire plugs and in forcing the water company to give him a lisr of the plugs it was discovered that the borough had been eh a god with 111 plugs when in reality there were only 112 . When confronted with the fa**ts and clearly shown that they >wero 1 »urging the borough with something i-t never received the officials of the innroany offered a deduction of $ 2 un for the four vein's, deducting ir front a $1958.35 bill which had been rendered for June and July for water plugs alone. The hill for the borough buildings and sewer flushing nmre than made up the deduction, making the total bill $l,9»!f.2e. Of that amount $L* 758.35 was for jd'tgs, $<12.22 for the .supply oT the Municipal building, f$dl 3n for the Union hose house. $sx.C,9 1 for the noiice station and $20.(51 for !flushing the Morgantown street sewer, j The hi)Is were held up indefinitely. I The borough has never paid water tax I for the borough buildings and accord* j Ing to the o|iinion of the councilmen jiast nigjit tbe> never wNiJ under the j present circumstances. Hereafter the I water eomnnny will 1 «» required to 1 itemise their hills, given the * xa< t JOHN DUDA OF FAIRBANKS HI! BY TROLLEY CAR RUNS ACROSS TRACK ON CURVE AND BUT FOR QUICK ACTION ON PART OF MOTORMAN HE WOULD HAVE BEEN INSTANTLY KILLED. 40SES ARM AND MAV DIE Christening in South Brownsville Ends in Usual Row and a Dozen Are Arrested. — Stabbing Affray. — Sleeps on Street. — Other River Town Items STORT, T. MILLER. PROP. DOES AS HE ADVERTISED AND GIVES AWAY $25 IN GOLD.— NAMES OF THE WINNERS. Totals .... . . 45 1 .» 33 11 1 PITTSBURG \ i 1 R. H. P A. F. Byrne, 3 .. .. . . ' 5 .. 1 9 • I 1 "ft Leach, m .. .........5 1 3 o a «I Clarke, !.. .- . ...» 5 a 1 i n 9 Wagner, s .. f 9 1 5 1 2 « Miller. 2 .. .. ___4 u 9 2 9 0 | Flynn, 1 . . - .........4 <» 1 11 I 9 Wilson, r .. .........4 p 9 3 9 9 Gibson, c .. . . t 9 1 5 •> 9 Leifield, |i . . ___4 9 1 1 4 (1 _ _— ——— Totals............. . . 49 *> K 33 <) *» PUtiiburg . .99 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 2 _ •> New York .0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 U 0 1—1 waxed w;ts ttcc- * Bat ted for Devore. Summary — Two base hits, Gibson, Bndwell. Sacrifice hits, Leifield, Devlin. Struck out, by Matthewson 11. by Leifield 2. Bases on balls, off Dei­ fichi off Matthewson L Wild pitch. Lolticld. SKCOND GAME PITTSBURG B.vrne, 3 .. Leach, 111 .. Clarke, 1 .. . • Wagner, s Miller, 2 .. Flynn, 1 .............. Wilson, r .. .. Campbell, r . . . Gibson, c . . Camnltx, j< .. . GET THE HABIT. VISIT THE NEW STORE. 35 1-hct MNiitt street, ucxt to Galla tin hotel. J. ROiJLNFIKLD. the and mat PATIENTS RECOVERING. District Attorney and Mrs iKi\is W*. Header-on, who have been seriously ill a* their home on South Bo'-on avenue for tin* oast several we« ks, are slowly recovering. THE BERT YET. A magnificent sign, the work of tin* Union Sign company, of Uniontown, was successfully hung in place above tin* large front of the Molans 11 it a re company. 1 he sign long, the letters and the weight men wer* and four Totals .. NEW YORK Devore, I Doyle, 2 Snodgrass, .Murray, r Bridwcll, s Devore, 2 Merkle, 1 Schlei, e Wiltse, j» Alt 1 ¡ H P. AF. .4 ft 1 9 I 9 4 9 9 «i 9 0 .4 9 9 4 9 9 4 1 I 1 •> 9 I 9 »i 3 4 9 . 3 9 9 9 1 2 9 0 1 9 9 .9 ft9 u 0 a .3 9 9 f* 2 1 • J 9 1 0 »» 0 _ _ — — — 31 1 5 24 112 number of plugs. Ten plugs have been added in the ICast Knd, making a tal of 122 . A complete !ist of lights, «whiHi now number 187, has been furnished by *g*» WhyeL 1 hah man of the water and light committee. That committee reported unfavorably on a light on Lemon street hut favored a light at Stoekton avenu** and Kensington street. The Water and Light commit U*e vvtts given j»ower to act in the location of lights at Craig and Union streets and Douglass ami Ely avenues Councilman Chisholm ojtened a ills rmutfon or* the gas situation and in quired concerning a demand for free ga *, Shelby stated that he had mad stteh a demand but had received no reply. Information was asked concerning taxation of pijx* lfnes and meters and the removal of the regulator house on South M*. Vernon avenue outside the borough. It was learned that only such tax that would pay for the Inspection of the lines could be assessed and that it was jxissible that the meters could tie taxed. The borough clerk was not sure on that matter and will have jiesitive information by the next meeting. It <was decided that th<* regulator house could not bo moved until it was proven a nuisance. The contvcHtnen were more desirous of securing Ho* tax on the meters and lines than the removal of ttie building and no definite action was taken. The condition of R«*d- sfone c eek in tin* vicinity of Iowa str«et was diwussed and the matter was fir:allv rof< rred to the street committee ami street commissioner to have the creek channel put in such condition as to carry a wav the* tower* For 15 days Mr. Miller was having a clean sweep sale which ended •August 15. On that date at 4 j>. m. he gave away $25 In gold. The crowds commenced gathering in the store about 2 o'clock and by 4 o'clock there was no room for more peojde. You can imagine a «jaicious «tore 175 feet, deep jammed with a mass of jteople 1 wait ing the draw-Ing. Without a doubt there were 2 ,*mh» jieople jmeked in the store and -hundreds more in front of the sforo not la-lng able to t inside. Never in tin* history of Uniootown has a store drawn such a crowd. It hows Mr. Miller’s success in the hort time in our town. Wjp truly vish him much more success as he de­ leaves it. All during the 15 days of the siil<* every cusotner found every item as advertised io the columns of this j»aj>er. Mr. Miller will live up to his reputation in having tie* goods for the j*"op!e for less money than they can buy elsewhere. The drawing iook place at 4 o’clock |a and continued for one hour and 15 minutes. Miss Ora Shank, a young nils« of Uniontown. did the drawing. The first prize was won by John Newman, 123 Berkley street. No. 15.298” was called by Mr. Guy Mahoney, head clerk of the ladies’ furnishing dejiart* ment, and Mr Newman came up with the corie«|>ondhig number.; $lh in gold was presented to him by Mr. Miller. The stvond j»rixe was won by Michael Uohnrn, of I^*mont, holding tkket No. 1475; $7.5(1 was |> resell ted I to him. The third prize was won by Mrs. Maggie JolMffe, of Uniontown, 1 holding ticket No. 7127; $5 in gold was presented to her. The fourth pria«* wa« won <>> W C Hawk, of 11 Btsl M'aiu stteet ; $2.50 in gold was j<re- s‘*nted to 1 ini. Mr Miller timk much delight in presenting t!i* gold to tin* winners, and is much pleased with the patron&ge given him by the good people of Uniontown ami surroundings and ho|>es to have them continue making his store headquarters for their needs in the future. (By R. G. Lockridge.) BROWNSVILLE, Aug. 15 Agaiu a foreign (‘«debraiiou causili the downfall nf a number of the Hungarian «‘li­ ment of flic town, it was a christening this tíme, not a wedding as before. Sunday wtts chosen as the day to start the child in the right patii and it W’us some start. From early mom white dresses ami scarlet handkerchiefs prevailed around the Coal Road in South llrowiusvtlle. Had they restrained themselves to the matter of dress and let other things alone, all •would have still i**en well, but no. the male portion found it imposai hie to have a celebration without liquor and toward the afternoon «anil evening things began getting lively and consequently noisy, in fact too noisy for th«* neighl>orhood. The outcome was n call for the South Brownsville js»lic«? and they came, three strong. Harper, Lindsey and Booth, and corra led the larger part of the gathering, taking in all 12 men. Those th«*y marched through the «tree , alaiuf 11 o’clock, to the borough headquarters, handcuffed in. pairs, and. as nray !>e supjsrs- ed. causing some excitement. Ail the in« n were committed to jafà to await a hearing John Duda, age five, of Fairnet with a serious at’eklent moon which may coat him his lile attempting to run acroas *t ear track at New.Salem, at ut 2 3u this afternoon, lie tripped and fell and the car struck him, cutting off his arm close to the shoulder. H«* was dragged for some dfedance and tus escape from death »was mbac­ ai house No. 40. Falr- arried to New Salem, it tended him, losing a blood th«** wfiik). The which leaves Union* ck At the crossing was hurt is a stuaM of which are itoarded o « oui plot etv over fhe Little hanks, t 'his afte 1 i fo, W the stre* ib uious. He lives banks, but was where Dr. Cans great amount of car was No. 2 L town at ? t!wher Ibridi I high little *d«,p* ¿ oc « hov ie sid< hat *nougj chap’f just la*en « 110101 « As the b * mote be for before iitflcult »an k was. 'iiigc hi rmau a AB R H 1*. A K ill n lb age. At the ('hlsholm mggest 3on of iVntnciknan a $1.921 apiu'opt iation will It«* made the Uniontown Board «>f HeaLIl to settle with Health Officer Clark Fosti r, who liad not receiv«*d George WTliyel and Wfikey, Fast Fay- *»tte stre«*f, just went of tn«‘ bildie on the pike, and North Gallatin avenue, near tin* borough Hue, will I h * oil**«I to lav the dust ilie grading <*f Hti»ektoii * re<*eiv«*d and trjwtlwl. It they were 100 high. They ’. McCormick, 49 cents u H. i’. Brooke, 55S; Uulon- ruction comjiaiiy, 39, and u*Bid avenue wei was thougl w ere, \V. euliic yard town Cons turn 011 I him freti T wo f stabbing o’clock » Brownsv man losi man in t took plat m was t boriti«*: A Irani ment ut fivi I ferner Burehiual Chisholm ask**d tl given to Bro« other Totals . IMttshurg N«*w Y<>rk 29 0 0 a b b b b u 0 b- 0 b 9 I his salary fo 9 [stili about $’ wli! probably next meeting. Mrs li L D< bolt, t civil war veteran, w from the year’s tax«*« iravy funeral expenses eompoRtnl to meet. The streot committ« gate and rejMirt 011 Hu • over n v«*ar. There is on due the lioard whieli tu* a| pr« priât«*«) at tiu* nut w 01 cen 1 th« k « 40 Councilman vt the contrari be k«*, i h«* lowest balder, coutu ihnen thought the * dot «* V ai d lit or ab v ill«*, front w hen «omm «id *r WO: k fHv m 111 «* ja The track takes a this and it wouki o stoji the car batf a th«- boy before- I ho was running hidden from th«* sight ti and rushed upon the nothed the car, w^hiolt 1 * him. Duly quick ue- u orman’s port saved -diute death. *rs imrticlpated in a this evening about 8 upper «*nd of South it* icsults tieing one aie b’«K»d and another ,)ugh bastite. The figlit v to rlu* lockup and ac- iy on th<* part of th«* Tidl citiz**n work ’ tiM-k in til w \v 1 l«* tnd « IlilU.H il B* run (H dI .some ex- «*v**ning at t!» Browim- s caused in lite’« restaurant rod to lusxi tiu* lert Booth to 0011 - arreet and Uie a Constatile Murli the hiebriate to ie wiikfw is exon* owing ti whiili -»li of rat« » tl * w cnbk city j»roj<ert) I given the jsvwer to lot gum boots tor t company Couiu timan Cl alio I nu t ion to hav«* ail clerk lu»for«* they v. tlifferenf ccwnmdtte 10111 an urohas were i airs Fi ro is ! renditi*. w er«* a the tiiHs tl vt of Fur Is 2 d feet are IK liuhea high, is «599 pounds. Fight required to put it in place hours were consumed fot- that purpose. Th«* sign is not only tiu* largest but the most expenalve ever ordered h> u local tlrui Summary Stolen bases. Miller 2, Merkle, imyle. Sacrifice Hit. Wilson, Sacrifice ffy, Brldwell. Two base hit, Wagner. Three base hit, Devore Double plays, Bridwell, Doyle to Mcr* kle, Miller to Flynn. Struck out, by Cumnitz 5, by Wiltse 2. Bases on ball«, off Camuitz 2 Time of game. 1:49 Umpires, Kigler and Fmsiie. No. 1335 takes the Turkish Leather Rocker at 1 lu* Molans Furniture comtaiuy. Rocker will la* held until Saturday, August 20, and If not call«*«! for No 99(5 is second and No. i (89 third. Provins Dandruff R**n»e«|y will cure your dandruff and attq* your falling hair. For sal«* by L 1 > Jones and H F Cough- enoitr, druggists At tnrat llarah’a Walk-Over Oxfords. rzie> ; pt « y ett« ore» rhe e will reqm at of K. I r a iMircn over tiu* street at ijierty at GaUatlti avenue and * street. He will lw* «*x|íeei**d ent plans for tin* improvement city property committee was authorized to have the unfinislu*«! vault in t4u* Mutiicipai building pm in huch siiH|M* that tin* I hm ougii iwords can be kept there. lUMxmgh Fugiiu i»r Baker will be re« j ti trod to furnish th«* borough iw'ih a j»rofile Umk of all tin* grades of t>u* taiione »fleets Notices will be M*r\ed on the TilH«* Walker heirs of stow art avenue, and Dr. (!. O, Evans of ('liarles stree< to lay their sid«*wt»lk» Tiu* itorough will lay a sidewalk on tin* Iowa street ski«* of tiu* W. T. Mimm'i* ju'oiM*rty Tite street eefii’uittce was instruct**«! to get j he right of way ttu the Whit email avenue sewer through 1*1 ivate profier* tv at the foot of tha< street. There was h'hiu* discussion over tin* six** of the sewer luit 110 further action was taken. At the suggest ion of Couaciluicu ;or bni- ratn be ; dd ut ítsUiced a IX u*l by t*he igncd by the During tin* * oouiu*ilm«*n ices charged iggei-ted that ujHdy in th*« the oniv a!> wav retf to angui-ti 1 and meditati , .v.. his si 1 K and wife ing for Oh ait ampia. 1 Falla and tei Ua IX 1 urn trip t hev wiil v • lami arican and be­ lile coinmoQ mude his Leni av«*m«*nt. H** bind the bars [»ft tiiis morn* ffaki, Niagara nia. On their it Mh s Bu.di’K J Union City, j«*i 1 st, r laik*» < hau­ ti so vis* on his ait áep* w ill w ili! ut member at NOTICE At a meeting « Health bold MV*nd tiu* following moti Thut all chiUlroi OUgll vaccin* «ring s t ab XHÜUll of (tic who VVi d is nt CM I cessfuliy for*» «»nt Aiiv one lion can Stx* ix*tar las* a&k for Ham«*. UNION H»WN BOARD Oi Bv SS". II Franks, Hee’y. t«»d. \ •I 100 I e to j w il II lktan th«* Board of » ml w heaks Augu. d 15, 4919, ■ lami was j la nd L«* : end a \e no W* MU ig tiu* Bor- J t« « . ht iMx*n sm-j ciliated lie row n* Jam« «I i h n Oil August 29 * tg on íHtkst r«» tl tkm. ohi dirci mi have *-y wilt i Charles ><»sit ion tg Mr. w 11 tv for vaccina­ ti. SS Franks, at J Ixmg »ak«* provision HEALTH, t'asteurued milk, rich *,n butter fat %i‘ quart, Hagan s Market. i,d thro a stre* John 1£ was tie: Dairy in price Hankins, William Han-diaw iar*i Sti't‘qrtpick all **f Unii®* v« re Hi i ituinr visitors at ill«* Monday. Uui'-Uali, of. l'uhm town, pa##- gb Brownsville Monday even- os was fo MuMOfltcam to ful* mjutrtant «‘Ugagetnettt. «1 hr a Uxqutrd which r«*ach* trn of its cage, in at Beaver Fall», i 4 g«*iisht rg«*r, five yearn old, irty scalped and Is dying. l*txKlUi*is, high in quality, low Hagan’s Market. th« irn $1 99 SValkOvwr Oxfords at Hat ah 3»

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