The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 29, 1894 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 29, 1894
Page 1
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•f- ESTABLISHED 1865, ALGQNA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 29, 1894 Don't You Feel Better? We Do. * Both because it rained and because we are better fitted than ever to supply your wants. You will feel better yet, and have a still happier view of life if you trade at the Opera House Grocery. HEWS OF THE NORTHWEST, 19 ' fop & ed «« ode* for 60 cents, flaking it read $5, &nd skipped fot Des Moines. »He was captured and taken to jail at Emmetsbufg to await trial, What are The Tooth-pulling Fake Leaves Col" with in a Harry-L t, Colby Wants Vindication, A Kossuth Man with Four Sheets ill the Wind—Beating a Green Goods Firm—Other Notes, the boys coming to? Summer Goods . Reduced in Price at GAL AITH'S. The traveling tooth puller who exhibited in Algona went to Corwith and other towns. The Hustler says he did not leave any too soon. It says: He did a land-office business in removing bothersome grinders without pain, but notwithstanding the amount of work on hand for the following day, he wisely "pulled his freight." A few hours after the operation the drug which he injected into the gums began to take effect. The symptoms had all the appearance of blood poisoning. Reports from Goldfleld, LuVerne and other places which he visited before coming here, stated that several persons have been under the doctors' care since he operated on them. It is said that the compound he uses to deaden the feeling (cocaine and other ingredients) is a deadly poison, Not only did this scoundrel endanger the health of many, but swindled them out of their money, by requiring those who desired an artificial set of teeth to pay ten dollars in advance, promising to return and complete the work. Some one would save the public a good deal of trouble by notifying the authorities to take care of the gentleman. Why TUey Visited, The Etnmetsburg Reporter says: John Walsh and Earl Tennant, both members of Company F of Algona, got left in Emmetsburg, Saturday, while en route home. They were informed that the train would stop fifteen mia- utes and came up town to get something to eat. They got back in time to see the train pull out of sight around the bend east of town. They are positive that they wore only gone twelve minutes. AVhltteniore's Flro Engine. Whittemore will buy a chemical fire engine, and will test it on an old building. The Champion suggests "that the application of oil be left off when the test is mad.e, as we are not expected to fight many oil fires." DEATH BY ACCIDENT. W. C. Hofina, Son of W- F. Hoflns of This County, Shot Dead Near Hot Springs, S. Dak. The Unfortunate Affair the Result of a Friend's Mistake—Tlio Body to Arrive Tomorrow. Ohallies, per yard, - 04c Summer Silk, per yard, - . - - 28c Swivel Silk, per yard, - - 50c Serpentine Crape, per yard, - - 20c Ladies,' misses,.' and children's undervests, 50 each; Ladies' and misses'capes and jackets at half price; Ladies' button shoes, patent leather tips, $1.50. We will give some good bargains in lace curtains, carpets, etc. . L. GALBRAITH & CO. Now I am Moved and comfortably settled at my new stand on State street, and am better than ever prepared to meet the wants of those who contemplate buying anything in the line of FURNITURE. I now have lots of room to show goods and lots of goods for your inspection, which I cordially invite. Anything not in stock will be ordered promptly. Come in. T. Colby Wants Vindication. L. L. Colby, the whiskey peddler who got entangled with the courts at Swea City and Algona, went to Bro. Platt at Forest City last week to secure an apology for various uncomplimentary references to himself in the Summit. Bro. Platt reports the interview and says: "We told him that this great weekly's reputation for truth and veracity is such that anything appearing in its columns 'could bo but the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help us Horace Greeley; and that we would see him further on the other side of Lime creek than Bro. Anderson's pet crow could fly in six weeks before we would take back a word of truth we have told about him. Ho left us and descended the hill, a madder, but, we hope, a wiser man than when he came. Handsome, Durable, © Cheap, Best-made. Our Boots and Shoes are conceded by all to be the best We have just received a large assortment of Men's Gloves, Threshing and Harvesting Gloves, etc, You will always get full value for your money when you trade at the . , , , FARM LOANS. Having secured the ag§ncy of the . New England Loan and Trust Company, J ajn now prepared to make farm Joans on five to ten years' time at the lowest possible rate, with privilege of partial pay- roents before due, Office over Chrischilles 1 stor/ AJgona, ^ A KosBuUi Man Drunlt. P. C. Pederson, living southeast of Armstrong: in Swea township, met with an accident Saturday evening which came near costing him his life. He started home about dusk in a prairie schooner, commonly called a wagon, with four sheets in the wind and as there was a good breeze he was sailing quite rapidly. Just before coming to the railroad track ho collided with another which caused him to stop so suddenly that he was thrown several feet ahead of his team, falling 'on his head, which knocked him senseless and cut a gash on the side of his head several inches long. The Journal reports the accident and says that the doctors fixed him so that he was able to get home the following morning. That Green Goods Expose. The publication of names of those listed as " suckers" by a bogus money firm in New York, in which Bancroft, Wesley and other towns figured, brings out one man from Forest City who beat the game. The Summit says that he, upon receipt of the usual proposition, wrote the parties that he 'considered them frauds and villains of the deepest dye, and at the same time expressed his doubts of their having any counterfeit money at all. In order to convince our man the rogues sent him a genuine one dollar bill, which he placed in his vest pocket with the remark that he had beaten them at their own game. A Curious Robbery, Mr. S. W. Morton of Van Orin, III., is the owner of a choice piece of land near Estherville. Friday morning about 2 o'clock he arrived in Esther' ville with a car containing horses and farm machinery. Mr. Morton himself rode in the car with the horses part of the time and being tir,ed ho fell asleep about midnight. At Emraetsburg he awoke and found that f J50 in cash and $350 in drafts had been out from his pants pocket, The Vindicator say's that a couple of boys on the same train were searched but nothing was found. A Competitor for Judge Qunrton, The democrats of the Fourteenth judicial district will hold a convention at Emmetsburg, Friday, Sept. 7, to nominate a candidate to be voted for this fail. The call is sjgnea by Al« Adams of Uumboldt. The A ease of tfce, two ?§ Allow qukp st Intern* 's aaoui-rennft In nnnla'u/ in A telegram came Monday morning to W. F. Hofius announcing that his son Wm. C. Hoflus had been shot at Hot Springs, S. D. ]t was signed by the deputy sheriff and no statement was made as to any of the details. The news spread rapidly and all sorts of speculations were indulged in by the people and his relatives until the Sioux City Journal came with the following report: ™ Ho ^ S S lI ^ as ' S - D -> Au S- 28.-Spccial: Wm. C. Hoflus was acoidontly shot tin-ouch the body and instantly killed .by Ellis Cornell while hunting three miles south of town today. He was moving around through thq bushes and was mistaken by his companion for a wild cat. Hoflus was single, 35 years of ago and has lived hore about five years. Tho coroner's Jury exonerated Cornett from all blame. _Mr. Hoflus was the second son of our pioneer settler of Union township, was born and raised hero, and is well known to all early settlers. He had been at Hot Springs about six years, but was back on a visit about a year ago. As soon as the news of his death came telegrams were sent at once to have tho body embalmed and sent to Algona by the earliest express. If it can be done the funeral will be held here sometime this week. Tho sympathy of a wide circle of friends go out to the bereaved family. Mr. Hofius was unmarried. The funeral will be held tomorrow at the Baptist church at 2 o'clock. PLAIN STATEMENT OP FACTS. Tho JSflect of New Tariff Legislation on JLuuiber—Uy J. A. Hamilton. To the Editor: Let no one be deceived. Politicians, preachers, tramps, peddlers, and lawyers can say what they please; each is entitled to his convictions; but my views on the subject have nothing whatever to do with this article. Pardon a personal allusion, I would .endeavor to show you why we are entitled to your patronage, In the first place it may be well to state that we do no business for nothing. We aim to make a profit on everything which we keep for sale. Look out for the man who advertises goods "at cost." We were fortunate enough to associate ourselves with one Mr. G. W. Cass, who bought 2,000 acres of the best timber land in Arkansas, together with a large mill, from a receiver at only 30 cents an acre, He employs 250 colored men at 50 cents a day and'pays them in wild hogs and 'possums. There is no better timber on earth, and it is hard to conceive of anyone better able to meet all legitimate competition than we are, The freight from this mill to western Iowa is less than it is from Wisconsin. The mill has a daily capacity of 30,000 feet of lumber and runs the year around. History shows that the merchant who prospers is the one who has the best facilities for procuring good merchandise at the lowest cost. This is the reason we have enjoyed so good success while so many strong ships have gone down during the financial crisis of the past two years, "Goods well bought are half sold," We affirm without fear, and challenge proof to the contrary, that there is not in the state today another firm whose sales of hardwood lumber have equaled ours during the three years just ended, and please note how little advertising we have done during this time, The only reason that a few have not bought their hardwood lumber from us is because they did not know our ability to supply their wants, But we are willing that all should share the advantages which we offer. We are not seeking those customers who want two or three years' time to for the goods; but come to us as Did You . ••; Know That .,; "White Swan Flour" took Highest Award at the World's Fair? Look for Official Ribbon in each sack, Sold only hy , M Langdon &> Hudson. Dry Goods, Cart>ets, Groceries. The Grange Store. DEAD SHOT Fly Paper is the best on earth. It kills flies by the bushel. Sold only by W. J. Studley, Druggist, Algona, Iowa. Be sure and ask for DEAD SHOT. Fine Crockery At the--*NEW STORE. Just arrived; bought in Chicago on my way home from the east, It will pay everybody in Kossuth county to call, as I have the finest stock of groceries that can be bought. Prices to suit the hard times. FRUITS OF AM, KINDS of the best Duality, Anyone wishing fa buy their Flour for the year I will give a. good discount and warrant every sack. SAW BY THE BARREL. , Do not forget that you can buy move goods from me for one dollar tbas at any other store in Iowa. Thanks for past favors, and you will always flB4 me ready to satisfy your wants in my line. though you meant business, with fire in you eye and money in your pocket, and our prices will fairly make your head swim, * We now have on hand a large pile of ,» — — r-r ,. «(-v» i w %*»• «flvw*j*4 VV iH**gU I'liU V* IOWR and Wisconsin hardwood lumber which we offer at $10 a thousand until it is all sold, Remember you gan get the, Finoji patent chimney top only from ue, as we havethe elusive to Algona, We m i\ utos moA' carpet felt at § cents a yard. A} fffVA VOU •* * ** *™ — -I'L.'^v _™» = JAMBS PATTEBBON, When looking- Fpr a qoo.k stove or range, remember I handle the,,,, o Heath,&

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