The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 22, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 22, 1894
Page 5
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THE UPPER DES MOINE8; ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, A'UGUST 22, 18B4, Picnic /'- . T*! '_« Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, «•/ */ . «/ The like of which you never had occasion to partake of before. It will be like picking up silver dollars by the handful, A sale equal to it no house in northern Iowa ever dared to give before. We dare and challenge anyone to come within 50 per cent, of this great sale. The above three days we will put on the three first tables 200 Suits worth from $12.00 to $18.00 you can have your choice for $8.88 Let nothing keep you from coming to the New England, August 28, 24, and 25, and if possible come in the forenoon. Money always cheerfully refunded. Yours, OO. RAILWAY TIME OASDS. CHlCfAUO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. LOCAL TRAINS WEST. No. 1 departs at 8:58 am No. D departs at 4:20 pm Freights that carry passengers- No. 65 departs at 5:«0 am No. 93 departs at 11 :i>5 am No. 71 departs at 0:15pm TRAINS EAST. No.2 departs at 10:12am No. 4 departs at 6:05 pm Freights that carry passengers- No. 76 departs at 11:00 p m No. 04 departs at 1:4o p m R. F. HEDRICK, Agent. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. North- Mixed 8:18 a m Pass 3:33pm South- Pass 3:13 pm Mixed 6:07pm Freight 10:00 a m Freight.... 10:00 a m Pass, arrives at Chicago at 7 a m; arrives at Des Molnes at 8:1B p m. Lv. Des M. 2:30 a m Mixed connects with flyer ard arrives at Chr oago at 8 a. m. F. H. VESPER, Agent. THE CITY'CIRCUIT. Another good rain came Sunday. The foundation is in for a new building on J. B. Winkel's lot. Regular meeting of James C. Taylor,'W. R. C., tomorrow evening. Wm. Cordingley has the foundation in for a sizable addition to his residence. The A. L. A. will meet with Mrs. Rice next Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock. C. L. Lund has a few over 700 pigs on his farm, all raised there this spring. He had many more but some died. "The Fast Mail" opens the opera house Monday evening. The same company plays at Des Moines state fair week. P. L. Slagle received a 'telegram on Friday evening announcing the sudden death of his oldest brother, near Fort Wayne, Ind. Mrs. Pope, living near Irvington, died Monday. We learn that cancer •was the trouble and that she was about 30 years of age. Just as our paper goes to press it is learned that W. F. Carter has sold his grocery stock, but will reduce it before giving possession. Robt. Chrischilles is .in New York City and is now holding the excellent position of cashier for the New England Loan and Trust company. Marriage licenses have been issued to Balthazar Illig and Lizzie Thilges, E. R. Ennen and Katherine L. Klum, N, J. Mino and Maggie Baker. James Taylor was about town last week looking up a residence for John McGetchie. The old people expect to move to Algona for the winter.' Frank Tellier has been taking extra summer work in Latin at Iowa Falls and will enter Iowa college at Grinnell this fall for a full course of study. The Clear Lake excursion Sunday took 62 from Algona. Col. Spencer says that the crowd was the biggest they haye ever had at Clear Lake, We hear of $7.50 coming to the county treasury as a fine for an amateur §ugilist up at Ledyard, who let his fist y at one of our Algona residents. No details. About 100 teachers and would-be teachers were passing or trying to pass the examinations Friday and Saturday. The Questions were the hardest ever yet given out. The city council meets Saturday evening and will probably discuss water mains. The city should have all that can be put in where rentals will pay interest and expenses. It is estimated that there were over 7,000 people on the camp grounds at Clear Lake last Sunday, arriving on pine excursion trains, one train alone carrying 1,120 people, A beautiful evening aided in making the lawn party on Lewis H. Smith's fine grounds last evening, a most enjoyable affair. A large number were out and dancing lasted till a late hour. I)r. Pride went down to Hampton yesterday to see nis mother, who Is in very poor health. If he can get away by spells he will see some of the races and note how Ed, Biroher'e pacer makes it. C, C. Cbuhb c&me in this morning from'ft trip in Pakota with Capt. TyrreU of jSelmbnd, He says where be was the people have crops enough to live on and possibly enough for seed next season. The new Algoift orchestra has se Quredthe clarionet player whQ wae with the Andrews Opera company fevenVears, They have the best or- ganisation now that ever furnished Iowa, Will bicycles fe in m e*er«lseft went lake an same day. They figure that they covered 100 miles. W. E. Starks was down at Hura- boldt last week and tells how easily the water question is settled there. They have struck a spring which gives 150 barrels an hour and are building a big reservoir about it. Two farmers near LuVerne, Myers and Sinn, quarrelled about dividing lines, crops, herds and nearly everything and were up before 'Squire Simmons Monday. W. B. Quartbn was down to help untangle them. Talk about poor crops. Case Wiltse says he hauled 50 bushels of oats to Bancroft, machine measure, and they weighed out 70 bushels and 20 pounds. He was down Monday and says no one in his section is kicking on this season. There will be an ice cream social given by the young people of the Baptist church, Thursday evening, Aug. 23, at the home of W. F. Hofius. Everyone invited to come and have a good social time. Three miles north of town. A young man was in town Saturday who had come 125 miles with four teams to put up hay on a section of land he had a lease for, and who found the hay being cut by another man with a lease. He promised a law suit in terms that were explicit. All friends of the school will regret to learn that Miss Belle Tweed has secured a situation in the Des Moines schools and will not return to Algona. Miss Hattie Stephens was chosen to fill the vacancy, but has a position at Ledyard. A new teacher has not yet been secured. E. L. Stickney, who has been assisting County Surveyor Tellier, went to Vinton yesterday to accept a place as deputy auditor. This leaves Mr. Tellier without a helper when he has more business than he can attend to. The surveyor's office is the busiest in the county. Mr. Samson is at work widening the grade on Park avenue. It will be made as wide as the city can afford so as to prevent the possibility of accidents. Mayor Call says that it will be very much improved as soon as the bridge is done under the track and the grading is completed. The many Algona friends of Dick Rist will be pleased to learn that he has been promoted in the Northern Pacific offices at Tacoma, and is now cashier with a very liberal salary. He has gone ahead rapidly, in the railway work and is now one of the most trusted men in the Tacoraa offices. Thad. Whitehill met with a serious accident while blasting rock last week near Burt. A premature explosion tore his left hand into tatters. He was taken to Burt and Drs. Beane and Peters fixed him up to wait till Monday and see if amputation could be avoided. The hand was terribly mutilated, Miss Lillie Ranks has been engaged to take special classes in music at the normal school. She has the best recommendations from Chicago, which will not be needed by those who know her, but which put her among the best qualified instructors in Iowa. The normal music course will be a good one. Mr, and Mrs. Davis were taking the unfinished Park avenue road home one day last week and got on the grade near the track just as a train was passing, In trying to turn the carriage was tipped over and the horse got loose and ran to the top of the hill. No one was hurt. The road is not yet safe for travel. Miss Mina Morford told the story of her year in Salt Lake City at the Baptist church Sunday evening. She has been engaged in the mission schools in that city and was sent by the church here, After her vacation she will return to the work, which she finds very interesting, although sometimes laborious and unpleasant. Ed. MoBride has come down from Bancroft to work for Thos. Bennett, The Register says: " Mr. MoBride is one of the best and neatest butchers that ever carved a steak in Kossuth county, and we congratulate Mr, Ben nett and the Algona people on securing Ms services, though we regret to lose him frow our town." Letters are advertised for Barley BanflU, Martin Clever. Mrs. E. Dunn, Thos. Finnegan, Mrs. Annie Goeddertv, Miss Addie Green, Frank Hutohinson, Emil Johnson, Fred. Libby, B, A, Meyers, Miss Rose MoNeal, M. Mo- Keever (2), Master Arden Monroe, D. C. Parks, Mrs. Martha Roberts, A. J« Spencer, Luoy M« Whitney, Mrs. Jen pie Wantelena. is a record breaker on tfee railway mall4w vice. Aug. 8 he passed on Iowa, throw- 1,ST? pards in the practice case in one hftur and §s.y«a wtmjtej, an —•-•— 88-100 per cent, and in his knowledge of unctions and connections he answered svery question correctly, 344 in num- )er, mailing 100 per cent. J. Jordan, living near Bancroft, was sued last week for eight bushels of-corn and in driving to Algona to get his awyer had a norse stumble and sprain a leg so that he had to leave it in town with Dr. Sayers several days, and now t is doubtful if it gets well. He won iis corn suit, however, Judge Sullivan ing up on the train and buckling into ihat other tower of democracy, Mayor Thompson. Geo. E. Boyle brought Miss Johanna Birney over from Whittemore yesterday before the insane commissioners. Two years ago at Peoria, 111., she showed signs of losing her mind, and yesterday became uncontrollable, try- ng to kill a neice. She thinks she is Deing defrauded of an estate, will fall jeir to a vast fortune, and is related to Queen Victoria. She was taken to Independence last night. The law suit between D. Hine and Thos. Bennett over the box offish came off Monday. Bennett testified that he iad offered Hine $2 for the fish and Hine testified that he had not. As ;here were no witnesses it left the testimony balanced between thorn, and as Torn had the burden of proof he lost. The judgement for $2 and costs amounted to about $0, and Tom says all ae got for the fish was $2.70. Harry Sheetz starts for Annapolis Saturday and expects to pass his physical examination next week Saturday. [f ho gets through all right he will enter the naval academy at once, as the mental examination was passed very successfully in the spring. The examinations are very strict but he has reason to believe that he will be able io pass muster. If he does not ho will attend college here in Iowa this fall. W. F. Carter was at Mason City Monday and in half an hour had arranged to move there in 30 days to Lake active supervision of a wholesale Fruit and grocery specialty business. Ee goes in with W. L. Ray, who has made a beginning and already has a big opening. Mr. Carter advertises his home, his business, and all his property here for sale. He is an active business man and Algona will regret to lose him. Lawyer Barslou tells a story on himself. ' He had a case before a north end justice lately and took exceptions to the ruling. 'The justice made no note of them, and Mr. Barslou went back later to have the records corrected. He explained to the justice that he had excepted to his rulings. " If you call" the justice replied " raising h—1 and objecting to everything I did 'excepting,' then you took exceptions all right enough." Tickets for " The Fast Mail" will be on sale tomorrow. A complete freight train of fourteen cars, illuminated caboose, and practical working engine, a magnificent scene of Niagara falls by moonlight, with real mist, as seen from suspension bridge, the flight of the fast mail, which crosses the stage at the rate of seventy miles an hour, and a realistic steamboat race and explosion on the Mississippi, are among the most novel scenes and mechanical effects shown. A thug and gambler named Turpin, who was loafing about Algona last week, is reported to have mauled a Ledyard citizen in what purpoi'ts to have been a prize fight Saturday evening in a hay barn up north, The whole affair is a disgrace to the county, and the officers should see that everybody connected with it is prosecuted. The experience with J. R. Brown is enough to satisfy the public as to the character of this class of gentry, and they ought to be sent up on sight, A pretty good story is told on one of our Kossuth owners of real estate in Dakota. He struck some men in that region of sand and rattlesnakes last week, who wanted to show him a very desirable piece of land. They crossed the Missouri river with him in a row boat, led him along a rough road, and finally ran into some rattlesnakes so that he was willing to go back. They charged him $2 for the trip, and when he got to town he was told that this was a regular game, that the men no land, and that it was a plan to get the $?. He urged our informant not to let it out and we will not give him. away until be gets moved from Algona. Wen, Bendow, who was here Monday with a fake snow, left We team tied to the wagon all night wi,|h the harness on and without any hay. Mr. Benjamin gathered them Jn yesterday morn' ing and fed them, and when Beadow got m&d., had him arrested tor cruelty He swore before 'Squire Clarke that he had fed them, oprn at night, Jf be did they must bays eaten toe oops, for tb&TlB WOP6 DQQQ IjGuy J&DUt BQ kersilg. Ap4 tb,e bgl_es. eatan ie .hey were still hungry. But it was mrd to prove that he had not fed corn md as the team wore in passable con- lition he was dismissed. Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Miller, Mr. Willon and Miss Ford, nil of Livermore, rode their bicycles up Saturday for a isit at James S. Taylor's. The rain came up and they hna to secure a livery '.earn to take them back, Their wheels ire still here and they intend the first assured clear spoil of weather they see .0 come up on the train and ride home again. Bro. Miller has lots of fun >oking jokes at his neighbors in Liver- nore, but if they happened to see him jome into town they are doubtless even with him by this time. The reappearance of Bon. Winkle's itreet sprinkler, after an enforced retirement this dry summer, informed •he public that the new city well was at lust being drawn upon. The new pump has been used at 21 strokes a ninute, four gallons to the stroke, and here is no diminution of the supply .hat can be discerned. The pump is down ICO feet, about 80 feet below the water surface. The water is still red rom the shale it comes through, but is said to be very pleasant. The prospect s that we now have abundant water supply. New Lunch Counter. The undersigned has opened a new unch counter in the Chrischilles bullring east of the court house. Good unch, cigars, and temperance drinks always on hand. Come to the "O. K. lunch Room." A. H. ALLEN. A SHETLAND mare and colt for sale. W. F. Carter.—22 LADIES' slippers, new stock, at Galbraith's. The Weekly Capital will be sent to any address until Nov. 15, 1894, for 10 cents in two-cent stamps. Cheapest pa- )er on earth. Address Weekly Capi;al, Des Moines, Iowa.—21t2 WANTED—Blacksmith; must have experience in plow work and horse shoe- 'ng. Buxer & Epstrom, Wesley, Iowa. SUITE of rooms over J. B. Jones' Building opposite court house for rent. Money. Plenty of money now for all applicants at the Kossuth County State >ank, for real estate loans at lowest •ates. Money paid at once on completion of the papers. A GOOD grade Jersey cow for sale sheap. W. F. Carter.—22 A Business Opening, We have a house for rent, asuburban .iome for sale, and a small business that needs a small amount of capital, here in the city. For particulars call at the office of N. J. Skinner. Cut In Two. The Pioneer Press, always abreast of •he times, has reduced its subscription rates just one-half. The new rate on /he daily and Sunday editions is but 60 cents per month, $5 per annum, in advance; for the daily, without Sunday, 40 cents per month, f4 per annum, in advance; Sunday only, $1.50 per an num, in advance, 50 cents for three months. The Pioneer Press is now the cheapest metropolitan newspaper in the country. Its high standard will be thoroughly maintained, and, in view of the largely increased circulation which it will most assuredly have, it has entered into arrangements to even greatly improve the paper. Everyone can now afford to have a daily paper, as it costs but a cent and a fraction a day. All orders should be addressed to the Pioneer Press, St. Paul, Minn. Races at Independence, Iowa, For the above occasion the North western line will sell excursion tickets to Independence and return at reduced rates; tickets on sale Aug. 25 to 31, good for return passage until Sept. J, inclusive. For tickets and full inform 1 ation apply to agents Chicago & North western railway.—4t DON'T forget the Opera House gro* eery. For Sale at » Bargain* One Crown mower, an Esterly self binder and a Dledriok bay press. Wil be sold at a bargain if taken immediate ly, Call at the office of N, J. Skinner A oooj) Beatty organ for $»te or to trade |ftr_ ft bicycle. Inquire at tW ONE WINNER OF THE PRIZE '-. F. Bukcr Walks Off with a Receipt for a Year's Subscription to the Great Illuminator. Which He Secured by Reading Our Catch Sentence Aloud with but Three Errors—Institute Closes. THE UPPER DES MOINES has no means of knowing how many teachers t the institute looked over its prize iaragraph, published last week, and oncluded not to try it, nor how many ctually did try it. But it has the estimonial of one who did try and who ame within the required four inis- akes. C. F. Buker, who is an old- imer at institutes and in our county chools, thought he recognized most of he words in the list and he nccord- ngly appeared before Prof. Shoup, md the following statement tells the est of the story: . ALGONA, Aug. 16.—To whom it may conern: This is to certify that I am om- iloyed as an instructor in the Kossuth ounty, Iowa, teachers' normal institute, nd that Mr. C. F. Buker is enrolled as a eacher iu said institute, also that he read loforo me today a certain selection, boginilng: " A sacrlligious son of belial," etc., ,nd that he pronounced correctly all the words of said selection, except three. J. S. SUOUP, Principal Lemars Normal School. G. P. BAKBLOU, Principal Wesley Schools. Two of the words he missed on were Malay and coadjutor, the third not being given. • Mr. Buker credits his success to •emembering the words from the in- truction given by Prof. Warman, who used most of them. He was duly a-edited with a year's subscription on. presentation of his certificate, and in ho future as in the past THE UPPER DEB MOINES will shod its genial in- luence in his home. THE INSTITUTE CLOSES. Thursday afternoon the formal clos- ng exercises were held in the Congregational church. Prof. French gave an hour's talk on the principles of drawing with illustrations, Prof. Shoup talked hall an hour to the eachers, and Prof. Dixson, Miss Minnie Morse, and Supt. Reed each poke briefly. All said that this was in exceptionally successful institute. Prof. Shoup said that he had a diary n which he had made a record of each nstitutf* he had ever held. This year ie had the teachers fully one hundred >er cent, higher in his notes than he did three years ago, PROF. FRENCH'S CHALK TALK. The church was crowded Thursday evening for the chalk talk, the best of she kind ever given in Algona. Prof. Trench is in charge of the Chicago art institute and his remarks were nstruotive as well as entertaining while his chalk made some handsome as well as amusing pictures. He showed how simple the principles of drawing are and how easily at least rudimental training can be given. Drawing is an art that is not enough studied in the schools, and his lecture ought to stimulate the teachers to encourage it. FOR NEXT YEAR. Supt. Reed is already engaging his .nstructors and lecturers for next year and proposes to make his institute then another record breaker, ing current. Ono of the most promi-, nont of the play's features is the complete freight train of fourteen care, with an illuminated caboose, drawn by n, practical locomotive. The play itself has thrilling situations in abundance, plenty of humor to lighten its tone and give it an agreable flavor throughout. Seats on sale tomorrow. THE OPEEA HOUSEOPENS AGAIN, Season to Begin Next Jlon Evening wjtl* <»T»o Fust CANNED goods at big bargains for the next few days at the Opera House grocery. FOR SALE—A pony that can run a quarter in :22 without fitting Inquire lit this office for particulars. MONEY to loan on long or short time. Goo. C. Call.-tf Wanted. Two more men to write insurance. Good inducements offered at the office of N. J. Skinner. GALBRAITH will give you some good bargains in summer goods. ON the I9th day of August a special train will leave Algona at 9:35 a. m. for Clear Lake, Iowa; returning will leave Clear Lake at 6:40 p. m. Fare for the round trip, $1.40.—2012 The Best Route to the Pacific Coaet is the Chicago, Union Pacific & Northwestern line. Fast vestibuled trains of palace sleeping cars, free reclining- chair cars, and superb dining cars are run daily from points in Illinois and Iowa through to Portland, Oregon, with sleeping cars to Denver, Col., San Francisco, Gal., and other important western cities. For tickets and full information apply'to agents Chicago & Northwessern railway.—20t8 About Loans. We have found another S200 and $600 ;o place on town loans. Must be taken y the loth of this month. Plenty o£ oney for short time chattels. Real state money as low as the lowest and lenty of it at the office of N. J. kinner. FOR the Knights of Pythias conclave, o be held at Washington, D. C., Aug. 7 to Sept. 5, the Chicago, Milwaukee f St. Paul Railway company will sell xcursion tickets at one fare for the ound trip.—2013 Reduced Hates for Excursions, For the annual encampment of Sons f Veterans, U. S. A., to be held at Davenport, Iowa, Aug. 20 to 24, exour- ion tickets will be sold by the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway at fare ,nd one-third for the round trip.—IJtll Next Monday evening the opera ipusa will begin business after a long rest, The opening play is to be Lincoln J. Carter's great scenic melodrama, "The Fast Mail," which isTn at Pes Moines in the Grand Opera bouse during the state fair, It has been one of the greatest successes known to the stage tor years, It has a story of thrilling interest, and the scenic and other mechanical effects are said to he marvelous. There is a representation of an engine room on a Mississippi steamboat, with the fur* naoes, under the boilers in active operation, A very realistic train of oars shoots across the stage, and the, Niagara Fails eqene is one of tfc elaborate and daring things ever undertaken in the drama, I described p a beautiful, vivid and accurate representation «?| that etupejn, te> mml$.-'— DANDY dressing for removing stains •pm russet and brown shoes, also the ^ghtning dye for blacking all kinds of ght-colored shoes—each nt 25 cents a ottle—just received at Galbraith's, BUOKLKN'S ARNICA SALVE. The best salve iu the world for bruises, uts, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, etter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns ana 11 sltin eruptions, and posttiyely cures pile* r no pay required. It Is guaranteed to give erfect satisfaction or money refunded, 'rice 35o a box. Sold by L, A. Sheetz. GALL OPERA HOUSE, M. P. HAG GAUD, Manager. MONDAY EVENTO, AUG. 27, Engagement ot J. QART^Ft'Q The Fast Mail. PBODUOTIO! ' •..".' ' .. Ten sets oJ 8 M oM aosnejry Fast Wajl. Niagara F|ltato!

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