The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 15, 1894 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 15, 1894
Page 7
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'• •-,«-:*> LidHfS Atfb SHABfeS. "fie&t on* shift talss" advfertise& a dealtef of Parkerstmrg, W. Va. Afa astonishing feature of a bril- liatifi H&wjjort, R, I., reception was the milking of a gorgeously decorated coiv, on the lawn ia full view of the itsseinbled guests. The toilk was distributed in glasses by girls appropriately dressed. Helen Wittett, the daughter of a far- taer near Pa'ntsville, Ky., took unusual measures to elope from home with lier lover a short time ago. Her par- entt ivere opposed to the match, and had locked tip her clothing. In order to get away she chloroformed her father, mother and eutire family, and being met by her fiance ran away and Was married. Irt a small town in New York lives a family by the name of Perron. The old man is a tailor, and a poor one. His Son Bob, however, left the busi- ntsa at an early age and went West. '-Mot long since ho returned wealthy and 'wedded* A palatial residence Was, of coin-so, duly erected, and tho old man went to live with his children. 15ut lie soon tired of the idle life, and began to pine for the deserted shop. Once ho went so far as to suggest that they allow him to fit up a basement room and hang out his old shingle. His son only laughed at him in reply, so the old man bided his time, and one day when loft aloue, procured some paint and in plain Bight on tho front door, beneath tho "R. E. Perron" on tho gilded monstrosity of a door plate, he inscribed with octogenarian simplicity in letters of vivid vermillion, "Ne'tely Done." Tlio Same Old Uuttcr. A friond of mino has just had r, Jnost unpleasant experience. Hq has married a wido.w, and by some coincidence took net- to the same hotel whore she stopped with hetf Urst spouse. At the table she said to Charles, tho bridegroom: "Will you-kindly pass iha butter, John?" A vision of "John" his pradocessor, flitted before the .bridegroom, who indignantly-replied: "M.y numo is not John, it is Charles." "Excuse iny mistake, Charles," she said, and then, tasting tho butter, added, reflectively, "but it io tho same butter." —Boston' Homo Journal. Cheap Kutcs For tJbe Urand Army of the Republic Encampment to be held at Pittsburgh, Pa., September 8th to 15th, 1894, the Chicago Great Western Railway will sell excursion tickets from'all stations on its line, nt one Brst-elass limited fare for the round trip, tickets on sale September 8th and i)th. , Take advantage of the lowest rate of the season for a vacation trip to the oast. The Chicago Great . Western Railway, •with ' limited trains and uuexcolled equipment, ofiords tho best route via •Chicago, and by taking this route you avoid the necessity of transferring m Chicago. For further information call upon any Agent of tnis company or address F. H. Lord, General Passenger and Ticket Agont, Chicago, 111.; A. W. Noyes, A. C. P. & T. A., C. J. Brooks, C. P. & T. A., 220 Fourth street, under Kirkwood house, Des Moines, Iowa. The man who took everybody's direction got lost aud met tho one who refused to consult the guide-post. The lpv« that will not suiter long and remain kind is not the Kind time comes from Uod. HOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. Tlio many, who live bet, ter than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting tho world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the vef reshing and truly beneficial properties of ji perfect laxative 5 effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met with the approval of the medical profession, because it acts on the Kid- nevs, J4ver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all druggists in 60c and $1 bottles, but it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, and being well informed, you will not accept any substitute if offered. We WILL IHftlL FOSTFfllD n Quo Panel Picture, entitled . "IVIEPITATION " In exchange for 19 Large Lion Jfewls, cut from Lion Coffee \rrappers, »u4 a 2-ce°t stamp to pay postage. Wrlto for list o*.' pur other fine premiums, Including books, a knife, game, etc. WOPWON SPICE co'.', j 150 Huron St., Touaco, Oaaq, RICE 50CENTS. All. ORUGGISTS , ^ d people w&9 fcave weak lung? or A«l». n>a, should use PJso'sCure for I Consumption. It htis cared I tboi*«ttuU«. H has not Injur-1 ed one. Jt U pof b»d to tato I * C O N S U.M I 1 TI Q N TABKBSititfi BUICibE THE SUBJECT OF THIS WEEK'S BBS MOlNESi ALGOHA.IOWA. WaMOttDAY. AUGUST 15, 1891, In «i6 olden Tim*, B**6re ifa* Duttu of Christianity, Self fttnrder Wft» Considered Honorable Una ft Sign of Contftft*—Moral Cowardice. BROOKLYN. N. Y., Aug. 12.—Rev. Dr. Talmage, who is now abroad, has selected as the subject for to-day's sermon through the press, the word "Suicide," the textbeitig Aclsxvi: 27, £8: "He drew out his sword and would have killed bin.self, supposing that the prisoners had fled. But Paul cried witi a loud voice, saying, Do thyself no harm." Here is a would-be suicide arrested in his deadly attempt He Was a sheriff and according to the Roman law a bailiff himself must suffer the punishment due an escaped prisoner; and if the prisoner breaking jail was sentenced to be endungeoned for three or four years, then tho sheriff must be endungeoued for three or four years; and if the prisoner breaking jail was to have suffered capital punishment, then tho sheriff must suffer capital punishment. The sheriff had received especial charge to keep a sharp lookout for Paul and Siliis. The government had not had confidence in bolts and bars to keep safe these two clergymen, about whom there seemed to be something strange. and:tupernaturnl. Sure enough, by miraculous power, they are free, atid the sheriff, waking out'pf a sound/jjleep, and supposing these ministers have run away, and knowing that they were to die for preaching Christ, and realizing that he must therefore die, rather than go under the executioner's ax, on tho morrow and suffer public disgrace, resolves to precipitate his own decease. But before the sharp, keen, glittering dagger of the sheriff, could strike his heart, one of the unloosened prisoners arrests the blade by tho command, "Do thyself no harm," In olden time, and where Christianity had not interfered • with it, suicide was considered honorable and a sign of courage. Demosthenes poisoned himself when told that Alexander's ambassador had demanded the surrender of tho Athenian orators. Isocrates killed himself rather than surrender to Phillip of Macedon. Cato, rather than submit to Julius Caesar, took his own life, ' aud aflei- three times Ills wounds had been dressed tore them open and perished. Mithridates killed himself rather than submit to Pompey, the conqueror. Hannibal destroyed his life by poison from his ring, considering life unbearable. After the disaster of Moscow, Napoleon always carried with uim a preparation of opium, and one night his servant heard the ex-emperor arise, put something in a glass and drink it, and soon after the groans aroused all the attendants, and it was only through utmost medical skill he was resuscitated from the stupor of the opiate. Times have changed, and yet the American conscience needs to be toned up on the subject of suicide. Have you seen a paper in the last month that did not announce the passage out of life by one's own behest? Defaulters, alarmed at the idea of exposure, quit life precipitately. Men losing large fortunes go out of the world because they can not endure earthly existence. Frustrated affection, 'domestic infelicity, dyspeptic impatience, anger, remorse, envy, jealousy, destitution, misanthropy are considered sufficient causes for absconding from this life by Paris green, by laudanum, by belladonna, by Othello's dagger, by halter, by leap from the abutment of a bridge, by firearms. More cases of "felo de se" iu the last two years of the world's existence. The evil is more and more spreading, A pulpit not long ago expressed some, doubt as to whether there was anything- wrong about quitting this life when it became disagreeable, and there are found in respectable circles people apologetic for the crime which Paul in the text arrested, I shall show you before I get through that suicide is the worst of all crimes and I shall lift a warning unmistakable. But in the early part of this sermon I wish to admit that some of the best Christians that have evar lived have committed self-destruction, but always in dementia and not responsible. I have no more doubt about their eternal felicity than I have of the Christian who dies in his bed in the delirium of typhoid fever. While the shock of the catastrophe is very great, I charge all those who have had Christian friends under cerebral aberration step off the boundaries of this life, to .have no doubt about their happiness. The dear Lord took them right out of their dazed and frenzied state into perfect safety. How Christ feels toward the insane you may known from the kind way he treated the demoniac of Gndara and the child lunatic, and the potency with which he hushed the tempests either of sea or brain. Scotland, the land prolific of intellectual giants, had none grander than Hugh Miller-. Great for science and great for QoA, He came of the best Highland blood, and he was a descendant of Donald Roy, a men eminent for liis piety and the rare gift of second-sight, His attainments, climb- Jng up as lie did from the quarry and the wall of the stonemasons, drew forth the astonished admiration of Buckland and Murchisop, the sclent^ ists, and Dr. Chalmers, the theologian, and held universities spellbound while he told them the story of what he had seen of God in the old red sandstone. That man did more than »ny being that eye*- lived to elipw that the of the hilla is $Ue God, of the a.n4 he jjtpu.clc his tuning fgyk on and tfcteldgy acce*aant 1ft divine worship. His two books, entitled ^'footprints Cf lh« Creator" and the "tteslifilony of the feouks," pro' claimed the 'bans of an everlasting marriage between genuine science and revelation. On this latter book he toiled day and night through love of nature and love of God, until he could not sleep, and his brain gave way, and he was found dead with a revolver" by Lie side, the cruel instrument having had two bullets—one for him and the other for the gunsmith who at the coroner's inquest was e.t- amiaifig it and foil dead. Have you any doubt of tho beatification of Hugh Miller, after his hot brain had ceased throbbing that \vinter night In his study at Portobelio? Among the mightiest of earth, among the mightiest of heaven. No, one ever doubted tho piety of William Covvper, the author of those three great hymns, "Oh, for a closer walk with God," "What various hindrances we meet," "There is a fountain filled with blood." William Coxvper.'Who shares with Isaac Watts and Charles Wesley the chief honors of Christian hymnology. In hypochondria he resolved to take his own life and rode to tho river Thames, but found a man seated on some goods at the very point from which ho expected to spring, and rode back to his home, and that night throw himself upon his own knife, but the blade broke, and then he hangod himself to the ceiling, but. tho rope parted. No wonder that when God mercifully delivered him from that awfnl dementia he sat down and wrote that other hymn just as memorable: God moves In a mysterious way His wonders to perform j • He plants his footstep in the sen, And rides upon the storm. Blind unbelief is sure to err And scan his work in vain; God is his o\vn interpreter, And he will make It plain. While we make this merciful and righteous allowance in regard to those who were plunged into 'mental incoherence, 1 declare tlm.t the man who in the use of his reason, by his own act, snaps tho bond between his body and his soul, goes staight into perdition. Shall I prove it? Revelation 21: viii: "Murderers shall have their part in tho lake which burncth with fire and brimstone." Revelation 212: xv: "Without aro dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, aud murderers." You do not believe the New Testament? Then, perhaps, you believe the Ten commandments: ' "Thou shalt n'ot kill." Do you say all these passages refer to tho taking of the life of others' Then I as'k you if you are not as responsible for your own ; life as for the life of others? God gave you a special trust in your life. Ho made you the custodian of your life as' ho made you the custodian of no other life. Ho gave you as weapons with.which to defend it two arms, to strike back assailants, two eyes to watch for invasion, and a natural love of life which ought ever to bo on tho alert Assassination of others is a mild crime compared with the assassination of yourself, because in the latter case it is treachery to a.n especial trust, it is the surrender of a castle you were especially appointed to keep, it is treason to a natural law and it is treason to God added to ordinary murder. Notwithstanding the Bible is against this evil, and the aversion which it creates by the loathsome and ghastly spectacle of those who have hurled themselves out of life, and notwithstanding Christianity is against it, and the arguments and the useful lives and tho illustrious deaths of its .disciples, it is a fact alarmingly patent that suicide is on the increase. What is the cause? I charge upon infidelity and agnosticism this whole thing, If there bo no hereafter, or if that hereafter be blissful with- but reference to how wo live and how we die, why not move back the folding doors between this world and the next? And when our existence here becomes troublesome, why not pass right over into Elysium? Put this down among your' most solemn reflections and consider it after you go to your homes; there has never been a case of suicide where the operator was not either demented and therefore irresponsible, or an iiifidoL I challenge all the ages and I challenge the whole universe. There never has been a case of self-destruction while in full appreciation of his immortality and of the fact that that immortality would be glorious or wretched according as he accepted Jesus Christ or rejected him. You say it is business trouble, or you feay it is electrical currents, or it is this, or it is that, or it is the other thing. Why not go clear back, my friend, and acknowledge that in every case it is the abdication of reason or the teaching of infidelity which nrac» tically says, "If you don't like" this life, get out of it, and you will laud either in annihilation, where there are no notes to pay, no persecutions to suffer, no gout to torment, or you will land where there will be everything glorious and nothing to pay for it." Infidelity always has beeivapoio- getic for self-immolation. After Tom Paine's "Age of Reason" was published and widely read there was a marked increase of self-slaughter. Would God that the coroners would be brave ip. rendering the right verdict, and when in the case pf irresponsibility they s»y, "While this pan was demented he took ^is life," io the other case say, "Having 1 read infidel books and attended infidel lectures, which obliterated from this man's mind ali appreciation of any- tiling like future retribution, ho committed self-slaughter!" Ah! Infidelity, stand np and take thy sentence! Jn the presence of Gpd and angola and men, stand up, monster, thy }ip blasted pherny, thy cheek scarfed thy femlto thy goat, bfi*j5ird of the nations, leper of the centuries! Stattd up, thou monster Infidelity! Part man, part pa»* the*, patt reptile, patt dragon, stand up and take thy sentence! * lliy hands red with the blood In which thon hast washed, thy feet crimson with the human gore through which thott hast waded, stand up atld take thy sen-* tence! Down with thee to the pit and sup on,the sobs and crroaiis of families than hast blasted, and roll on tho bed of knives which thou hast sharpened for others, and let thy music be the everlasting miserere of those whdm thoit hast damned! I brand the fore* head of Infidelity with all the crimes of self-immolation for tile last century oH the part of those ; who had their reason. , ;My friends, if ever your life through its abrasions and Its molestations should seem to be unbearable, and you are tempted to quit it by your own behest do not consider yourselves as worse than others. Christ himself was tempted to cast himself from the roof of the temple; but as he re* sisted. go resist ye. Christ came to medicine all our wounds. In your trouble prescribe life instead of death. People who have had it worse than you will over have it have gone songful on their way. Remember that God keeps tho chronology of your life with as much precision as ho keeps tho chronology of nations, your death as well as yolir birth, your grave as well ns your cradle. Why was it that at midnight, just at midnight, tho destroying angel struck the blow that set tho Israelites free from bondage? The .four hundred aud thirty years were up at !2 o'clock that night. Tho four hundred and thirty years were* not up at 11, and 1 o'clock would have been tardy and too late. The four hundred and thirty years wore up at 12 o'clock, and the destroying angel struck tho blow and Israel was free. And God knows just the hour when it is time to lead you up from earthly .bondage. Hy his grace make not the worst of things, but tho best of them. If you must take tho pills do not chew them. Your everlasting rewards will accord with your earthly perturbations, just as Cains gave to Agrlppa a chain of gold as heavy as had been his' chain of iron. For your asking you may havp tho same grace that was given to tho Italian martyr, Algcrius, who, down 111 tho darkest of dungeons, dated his letter from "the delectable orchard of the Leonine prison." j And remember that this brief life of ours is surrounded by a rim,' a very thin but very important rim, and close up to that rim is a great eternity,' and you had better keep out of it until God breaks that rim and separates this from that To get rid of the sorrows of earth, do not rush into greater sorrows. To get rid of a swarm of summer insects, leap not into a jungle of Bengal, tigers. ,. There is u sorrowloss world, and it is so radiant that tho noonday sun is only the lowest doorstep and the aurora that lights up our northern heavenw, confounding astronomers as to what it can be, is the waving of the banners of tho procession come to take tho conquerors home from church militant to church triumphant, and you and I have ten thousand reasons for wanting to go there, but wo will never got there either by self-immolation or impenitency. All our sins slain by the Christ who came to do that thing, we want to go in at just the time divinely arranged, aud then tho clang of the sepulchral gates behind us will bo overpowered by tho clang of the opening of tho solid pearl before us. 0 Uod, whatever others may choose, give mo a Christian's life, a Christian's death, a Christian's burial, a Christian's immortality! THE Presbyterian church in Canada has a mission among the Chamars pf Neemuch, Central India. They are a low caste people, living at the entrance to the town, their bouses built round a courtyard, in which are wells and tine_treea. .» FOLLOWING FRIENDLY ADVICE. Got a Snap en tho JSloyolo, Hat tho Dtuloi- Dlcl Not IHourn, "Wouldn't it bo a good idea," said tho disinterested friend, "to put* a high grade bicycle in your window and mark it 850 or some such price? You'd lose some money on it, of course, but look at tho advertising you would got out'of it. Everybody in town would be talking about it inside- of twenty-four hours, and your store would get a reputation for soiling good machines cheap that would bo worth hundreds of dollars to you." "That's not a bad sohemo," said tho bicycle dealer, after thinking 1 it over, "John," he called out to orio of tho boys, "put that Greased liacor iu tha front window and mark it 850" "But—" "Never mind arguing the matter. I know what I'm doing," The Greased Lightning Racer was placed conspicuously iu the show window with the $30 tag appended, "Now," said tho disinterested friend, "that looks something liko it. You'll see a crowd gathering there inside of five minutes. By the way, you may just consider that machine sold. I'll take it off your hands. But I'm no hog," ho added, cheerfully. "I'll let it stay iu your window till to-morrow morning." "Wasn't that rather an unhand^ some trick?" asked the silent partner, after the disinterested friend had gone away, "No," reflected the dealer. "Thab machine has been on hand two years, but it's W0£th 5V«fry_eent of §17.50," fUe Ink Plimt. In Colombia there grows a plant whose popular name is the ink plant. Its juice js a ready made ink. At first the writing looks reddish, but it W comes deep black in the course of a, few hours. Jt will not harm steel pens; and letters written with it, if Boakea in water, eves' for a long time, will be quite legible when <Jry, The plants furs poisonous, however, so that thia natural ink will never t»ko the 1A Marvellous Showing. The U* S, Government, through the Agricultural Department, has been investigating the baking powders for the purpose of informing the public which Was the purest, most economical and wholesome, The published report shows the Royal Baking Powder to be a pure, healthful preparation, absolutely free from alum or any adulterant, and that it is greatly stronger in leavening power than any other brand, . Consumers should not let this valuable information, official and unprejudiced, go unheeded. ^^^ri^i™^ FIGURATIVELY SPEAKING. A Chester, I'M.., baker sells bread for one cent, a loaf. Michael Fleich and his wife of IJrooklyn, aro said to make from $7fi,- 000 to 8100,000 a year selling herbs. Tho standard weight of 1,000 .ftfi gold pieces would bo 1211,000 grains, or 28 pounds, 4 ounce and io pennyweights. All our gold coins are 000 parts pure gold to 100 of copper alloy, of which not more than one-tenth may bo silver. A French statistician says that the number of men and women in Franco is more nearly equal than In any other country of tliu world, thoro bo- ing-only 1,007 women to 1,000 men. In Switzerland there aro 1,004- 1,000'women, and in Greece only 033. Tho conditions in llong Kong, according to (his authority, arc "appalling," there boing only 300 women to 1,000 men. The now directory of New Yorls city contains 387,411 munou. On a basis of live to ouo, which' is buliovod to bo a fair ratio, tho metropolis contains 1,937,005 inhabitants who transact business on forty-one square miles. The Chicago directory gives the Inhabitants of 185' square miles. Tho publishers of tho Now York directory estimates that 185 square miles, with Central,park as a center, would include over 4,000,000 persona. Teaching N A man ontio sont his son.. to. an Jrlsh schoolmastor who advertised that ho taught navigation. During tho Christmas holidays ho discovered that tho boy was not receiving instruction In that branch of study, and wont to soo tho schoolmaster about it. "Why don't you tonch my son navigation! 1 ' 1 ho askod. "How am Ol goin' to -taeho navigation, son-, when tho navigation is all closod up?" was tho answer. — Now York Tribune. Tho Only Requisite Lacking. "la yorr daughter fitting herself for tho operatic stage?" "Yes; she will borondy to appear when she Jinishes tho study of tho city directory.' "What has that . to do with her stage work'J" "Mercy, everything! She's hunting up n iiama that can't be pronounced." Was a Sure Sign. Dasliawny —"Horo'B a telegram nimounc- hiK that my undo is (load. I've been expecting it all albng." Clevorton— ''How do you know he l« dead? You haven't road it." Dnshawny — "No; but if he were alive it would come 'collect. 1 " Wero You ICyor Hoiitlt In ftummbr? It is no hotter in Toiinosseo, Alabama. or Georgia than here, and it is positively delightful on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi and West li'lprida.,. H you aro looking for a locution in the south go down now and seo for yourself. The Louisvillo & Nashville railroad and_ connections will sell tickets to all points south' for trains of Aug. 7 at one fa're round trip. Ask your ticket agent about it, and if ho cannot sell you excursion tickets write to C. 1'. Atmore, general passenger ugcut, Loujsviilc, Ivy. From tho way some men offer prayers, it is dillionlt to Bay it they ure preachers or tuictioiieern. At this season of tho year parents have to ducida upon and Bulect tho educutioaq.1 institution which their daughters ar» to attend for tho coming years. Jn this connection wo desire to call attention to tho educational anuouucoment in our advertising columns of tho Academy of tho Bucred Heart, Bt, Joseph, Mo. Their buildings and grounds are attractive, locality healthful, touching iu all branches thorough, am} terms reasonable. I'grentn fortunate to Holeot this school for tho education of their daughters will, we are sure, be fully satis- fled. For further information, address 'Mother Superior, Acadorny of tho Haej-ed Heart, St. Joseph, Mo. The majority of self-tuught congressmen are furniors. KdiK-atlomil, Attention of the reader is called to the announcement of Notro I>amo University in another column of tnis paper. Thla noted institution pf learning enters upon its Ufty-ilrst year with the next session. Parents and guardians contemplating to send their boys and young men away from home to school would do well to write for partioulfirs to the University of Notro Dame, Indiana, before making arrangements for their education elsewhere. JSo~ where in this broad land are there to lie found better fftciUties for cultivating the mind aud heart than are offered at $fo.tre. Dame University. Porcelain i4 to be substituted for gold in filling teeth. H and H, Will oleun Sllfen, VVeolen Goods. lUbbons, Curtains awl CwrpetJ. Un^quuled for eltuinlhg Iwuse, killing moths onct r^uoTntlng gveaas spots. JCiiceJfio, a cakes for *c. *V aafeTovemvUftre. AaUveS (I. & U., Den Uolnea, lowii. Don't fool" with a wasplwcauge he looks tired. You will flnd Wto all I'lgot & ^ 1'eitcookn. If you wish to take tho donooit out of a peacock pull out his tal\ fcathoi-s, and soon as ho finds tha glory of his plumage gone ho Uo* comes tho hulnblost, most subduod and ashamed-looking bird that ovof walked tho earth. A peacock In full feather is BO ,vain and eo'ncoitntl us sometimes to bo really troublesome. Not stttisllod with squalling Jit the top of his discordant voloo, and with parading himself through tho yard and up and down tho walks with expanded plumage, ho will attack cats, dogs, and oven children, and has boon known to seriously la- jure small boys or girls that werb incautious enough to venture within his roaoh. Huckinar his tall foath- ors,'however, cannon all his courage to evaporate. Ho will sneak around tho yard like a whipped spaniel, will koop out of sight as much as possible, and you will,,hoar nothing of him, and see very little, until his plumage has again trrown. Tho boss deals himself tho full hand. "" THE YEAR ROUND, just iwthoroughly and as certainly aft ono tune no another, Dr. Pierco'ft Qoldou Medical Discovery purifies tho blood. You don't need it ati any Bpodul season. But when any eruption appears,! or you foelweori- __ ______ I'neia and depres- Bion that's a sign of Impure blood, then you iiood this medicine, flnd nothing elso. Tho ordinary "Spring.- medicines"' and blood- purlllers can't compare with it. The "Discovery" promotes every bodijy function, puts on sound, healthy flesh, "dnd cleanses, repairs mid invigorates ypur wholo system. In the most stubborn Skin Diseases, in every form of Scrofula—even in Consumption (or Jjiiug-BcroCula) in its earlier stageo — and in ovory blood-taint and disorder, it is tho only ffuaranteed remedy, Guar ~ PBBQE bunt OR I'lwu, Texas nuil NiHu'iiBkft Imidn, MuiTlinndlng, Blocks, olo., bouuht niiiiBolu. llurko&IUalBC, IlMlloluro, In, Wood water timktt of nil al :i;a Wrlto for prlc.'L'B. BhtClng your noo IB. duo. A. Carter DoaMoiuw) IllOViJUSS AND JU'U'AIllH— Wo Imvo one of tlio buKfc equipped repair iilaiiLn In tliu west. Your work solicited. Wo alwuyn liiivnbarxalualn uotTaiirt Kcconcl liaiuliuaelilnoH. Beudforcat. Miiutlon UitB uti. TJin J.athr/ip-JtliodoH Co., Don Molnua, in. !, FELLOWS CHRONIC NERVOUS AND PRIVATE DISEASES. s Book, ''I'orfocit llunhood ____ ™__=esi»'.iuirt WoronnuooU nurt How AMttluea," free, .Consultation t rea by mall or In person. You rants citrtit, Seud-for free xymptoia bluuUB. Ou|iltullii8,»ldg..<l(Utli8t..:U(!aMolno8 I* Ml I? ftl WANTICU to toll nftrUy Nursery stock. ••• C.IH our own unming) wo pny sulury or uoin- mlsslon. A del rots wllli rc'l'oroneos, X>, (j, BllAfiU A CO., Pruprs, IJnlon Nursorlcs, KIUUIHU/.OO, Mluh, "WIPE CAHHOT SEE HOW YOU DO I*!.!* * IT AND PAY f BIIOHT, . 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