Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 21, 1946 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 21, 1946
Page 7
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-< C ? 3 S ~ A, R, K OPS. A R K A K ? '.. 3 By Chick Young vi.-nt inside arid ScAnJit a lamp, i . i i C<X=\A.CCO ON N OLK> > WAV HOME Ff^OM V. THE OFFICE BRINKS The place smelted musty. I couldn't help GET OUT, FLINT. WUCOME thinking it was like entering a tomb. TO OUR ESTABLISHMENT. TWO POUNDS O V.Vi Fi ?AMkRjfCT5R5 '" SORRY WE DON'T Y THAT'S BIGHT? HA-HA/.. .SHORTY, YOU HAVE ELECTRICITY, FLINT.WOBODY HIVIR 4 ~ £ another — r u..ir if he did say it in bad grammar. YOU SEE, THE HOUSE COMES HERE, AIN'T OCCUPIED. ^X>^ FLINT T-V-^T n 9-TftjC'^ ;^^r>: V AV' -•o tv \=W (. ; c^"t; V>> ^ \\'i\^ *-C(.L> u i^,.. THANKS,CAPTAIN! V WH(T 7.vi • ..• ••••—:vx.tv i '\'.\3- •.'•.'"•••; '-•.'-; -•-'-••'-.. .-•..'V.W.A' FOR ! SOME TRICK, EAtSV CREEPS <? 'UP THE f RICKETY ' STAIRS I'D ALMOST WORKED \ GST HE'D JUST TIED \VALKl NOW,I'LL TELL ONE.' MV HANDS FREE- AWAY?. BUT COULDN'T MAKE HOW*. ' Side Glances By GalbraiHi MOUEST MAIDENS Rtgi.<t«i.'il U. S. l'al™t Ollitu IT IN TIME TO erop THAT THUS FROM SETTING A THEN HE EMPTIED Pv^ HIS SUN ON YOU AND CRAWLED iysf ' OUT THE BACK WAV THRU TH' WEEDS WHOEVER'S DOING THAT THUMPING.. I\HY DOESN'T SET THIS, 3UNKIE... , Y COUPLE OF INVALIDS UETTINS- &RU8-STAKE PO THE HERO COUTlMt?/ . WNOW ypU'piPM'T 1 \ M6 HOW y0i> PICKED 1 v .THAT LIMP PAL... ' 6RU3--JTAKE HEKK, iVAs ON H FOUND U5 IN I A0OUT THE THIS rREA< / FOG SHROoD UTOPIA ? y\ so i pue\ VVAY TO 6£f v<?0 TWO OUT OP THE CAV6S, gut H£ MAP TO PETOUK TO SEPARATE ME FRONA THE MOUNTAIN AMD MV PLANE MfSSeP THl\'SS uP rof- ALL OF os, MUM? VU TWO 5S-T (5OIN ONE OF you srBoNa ENUF ... I'LL CARRY TH - "We'll, ice can't go out to cat until this steak stops burning." COPR. 1946 BY NE* SERVICE. INC. T. M. REC. U. S. PAT. OFFJ Do my hair and face up the same as you did last ti iMarie—the doctor said I'm beginning to look like old self again!" Freckles and Has Friends By Blosser ?unny Business By Hershberger GOOD B/EWIMG-, UAED/ i o YOU'RE- A . SAVE ir. . DID AMVTHINJQ UMUSUAL HAPPEN! WHILE We . . PAL, JUNIOR. / HEAVY------- //"m TMIN&, ' ' THE . REVOLUTION! THE /'•/ EV6NIMG- , ANP i ; A^OLU'TE^T | ucP c POSE THt •AMP QUIET TO \SAVE HIM WELL, IP THEY HAVEN'T IM THE TWEMTV-SEVEN HOURS HE S BEEM BACK ^ IM MOO, THEY /WE'LL NEVER WILL.' / K MOW IN ' i MOMENT AMV OF VOU LIKE TO ASHAMED f BET HIS WHISKERS EXPRESSION HAVEM'T ALREADY 5TARTEP TO SPSOUT , BACK VVAS THE COP«. 1946 BY MCA SEHVICt INC. T. M.'arc. U S. PAT. Off ~-^ Thimble Theater SWEE'PEA, SPEAK TO SUSAN, SHE IS QO'NER BE YER NEW MOMMA ; Vob, '( SWEE'PEA, I'M ^-^ I SURE Y FIND SOMEOME /"—v. so CUTE i VOli W OKSt \Ki WOULD TO TAKE A TRY AT IT ME.SELF ._ _ _ King Fixtures Syruhcaiu, Inc., VC'uiKI ri»4hls reserved. By J, R. Williams Our Boarding House With Major Hoople AID A HEW MHUTES LAT£E - I 6UESS IT'S GOWI-IA BE JUST A COUPLE 0' DROPS IW WELLIE'S OATS/ NELLIE TOE OATS... VER LAST MEAL.' IT'LL BE JT3 JUST BEFOBE DflWW, ATOMIC ENERGY/ LOOK, HE'S PPIMG SOME STPpyiN.<S> WHILE HE'S WAIT IMG.' I KI0T HEAD WOULD BE BOBBIM<3 A2OUMD i\ LIKE A :\JLJST RUBBERING.' )~ MOOTHlN^YOU'R.e.;'^/ ESPM^PET, \MHPCT A r>, VOU OVERSTUFFED "S^ \A)OMDe.RFUL SPOOSE / £ 30ST FORGOTTEN THPSV W LEftRMED FRO/A THE Sf\G> VOL) ft»4D THW UVPKiOTl&T )'( 8OVS TMfXT VOO ARE V40RK&D A\ RPKlSlNiG YOUR BOARD i Q ME ABOUT YOO BEIWG r-^^\ PRICES, 25 PE.RC£NiT. ; BUT HE'LL SPEND TH 1 LAST HALF OF HIS LIFE READIM ABOUT WHAT HE DIDN'T SEE IN) TH FIRST HALF OF IT.' HTO THE STABLE WHEEE QAKY3 3DR5EIS SLEEPJWff.. 2-2.1 THAT'S \MKAT YOU'REr 'RECKON WE\ / SHE WOrt'T I'D UKE ID FIGURE OUT WHAT LEFTY ' NITri THOSE" i-ii ^T.fr..'.'..^A:--.j< •^ WV.vf" !\^ j3c.T M. «ii?, v.liifeu •• l\_.. HOPE S T A R, HOPE, A R K A N 3 A 3 CARNfVAL Bv Dick Turner the Phone , mlnimum 75c 18c word, minimum $'/.70 Sole vnr f ° r Co " Unuoll « Insertions Only KLL THE QUAKER YOU SELL" i, orp.llnr. FJ«,. v d .- ...................... MODKL A KOnb""THAcfoi}" IN • Koocl eonrliii.m, wilh plow, 'dnublo UISL iincl i'oinploli> sinulo row o'lUipmcMl. Or. Chn.s. A Cl,a , p. Jin. llopo, ArU. ]r ) .( i , J!)'ia NASH "GOO."" SIX I'ASSE.VG- or coupe. New n.olnr. c-xtn. K,,O ( | P I" Pcrffd condition. ,I.C Jj.iUor.21. r ) Soiilh \ViiKliinHloii _._. ........ ........ ___ ....... " H)-(i! TWO PAIR YOUNG^UJLIiS J)»ir fomin R :j ;lm | ,, V(;U] . () , , "H- pnir uoniinj,' .| iuui 5 your "cl, Sco W B. RUBRICS, Shot' • V Springs roncl or jihonc 31-J-^ ________ ............. ___ _ " in-fii MCCOn M ICK "~ D EK R I NO ~"c ITl ~T f valor Esifilc clow iiUnchincnls. ALso two rurnl ttilcphonus. Arch Mooro, plume •!:>(;. 20-ili Notice IN SIX .ROOM 1IOUSF •U DeAnn. Good condition.'j'i)' Jjnmuel, Plope, Rt. 3. ari-Iit I'OUR BURNER Oil, STOVK Jable model. Stcwarl Warner I-uflio. J. W. .Still Kxpcrimenl _ S _ l ^ t!01 ^ 20-fil TMHI;:K NEW \VILSON~OF?K:I.\I. basketl,. ;1 ll s . S. W. Williamson .10!) Hickory St., Hope or Guernsey C,.lo--ed ' School, Fullo.i Route One. 20-:!t SEE IDEAL [or better furnUuro and belter _biirRjiins. Pliono 470. - M-lm INCOME TAX SERVICE. IF YOU lave income tax troubles. I will "u g Hid to help you. Do it now avoid the rush in (.he last day i-Darges reasonable. J. W. Sirick,_ 1 . : ". ld j ____________ _ l-2'l-7w VV , K BUY." SELL o¥~~TKAnt: Household riirnilurc. Anythiii" of in 'n' YO V , sc11 won>l bc totl small, and they don't ;'et too £'*£; Sc r' ; lls . al 2X Eilst Third t>r. City I'lirmtui'c Co. Phone 873 28-lrri FRANK, ]!lMMET."j6YiN"o"H" II'\R- ve \vonlon i,nd KiKters write me iit oiiff. Mrs. Rnfns A. Wooto'i! 1701 Norlh West St. JiicUson Mississippi. m-iii Real Estat-e'for Sole NICE FIVE RO(5"!\?"1?UNGAUOW and KiiraKe, located ;it 1020 Wesl beventh, muclern in every respect Also new IjviiiH room suite rceker. brea):fasl room suite pis heater .-ind cook .stove, twci bcduiom suites complete with mattress and springs. Will sell with or with ml the furniture Jt inlercslcd see Flovd Porler' conn. i9is av NE.< SCRVICE, INC. T. M. BEC. u. s. PAT. orr '7 FORD lires. L.C. Kennedy, Near - «ue Store on Highway 29. 18-;n ONE FAIR BAN K S-Mbn'sE~GAs"l ohne on-ine-:! H.p. Force pump and j il( -k. Also tank.. See Silas PKACU, APPT/F. AND p- (J' Irees. Rose bushes, fln-.verinii shurbs and evergreens of manv vaneties, Hempsload Nurser'v _:md Florist, Phone 236. 18-131 I 500 BAL1--S OF HAY. :!Oc~l'FR I bale at barn. n. C. Lewis, Ri. 2 1 Shovor Springs, Bndeaw road. "" ' lfl-31 j TV f5>^^ L ">'^AG E TRAIL-j i STUDIO COUcTr OR "DAVFN-BKn Phone Ci7'I-J. Mrs. Long 22-SI Lost GOLD CHAIN BRACTOLKT LOST downtown. Friday. Reward for return lo Jessie Clarice Brown i 18-31i LOST AT SPRING J1ILL ARK ! one young hound. Almost solid '• white wilh few red spots Name on collar. Reward. Carl B. Jones 20-31 Lost or Strayed "Ahuui^eiiii-nt is boring from within, men! They're poinlhf oul lo our wives wluil n nuisniice it is lo have us strikers sillin' around the house all day!" Fhis Curious World By William Ferguson ONE Franks ;ts ,T.,~"V,r < -V. M - Shoemaker, phone •_• «iv. Washington, Ark. ]|!-3| BUS HAUL, HAULING "WORKERS ean haul -10. G days a week f>r-o Chas. Brown. Barlow Hotel Wednesday, Februarv ''0 be _twee;n 8:30 and .0:30 p.in. ' i8-;ii pRE-vvAn KEROSENE' BROOD- er 44.1 capacity, Ihermostat control. Good condition onlv used twice. E. C. Hacker. 8 miles south Hope on highway 2fl. 13-31 ,.,JE GAS RANGE AP<\RT- mcnt sixe. Used a sliorl iinie Phono f)8ii-J. 2\-'M KLECTROLUX'^'OIL "" BURNKR gi.od condtion. See Allen Downs, Columbus. ''i-iii Lease MC'S CAMP, HIGHWAY"(17"\VEST of Hope. ]{j. 2w Wonted fro Buy 'i WANT TO BUY A TiMoTfoRMa 'TJprf.el Ford or Chevrolet. Buck Williams, 10G South Walnut Street Phone (ifiO. 17 jf JONES MAYTAG SALES & SERVICE For Prompt Expert Service on All WASHING MACHINES Phone 209 304 Enst 2nd ROGERS RADIO SERVICE We specialize in all kinds of car and home radios. FIRESTONE STORE 209 South Main St. For Rent FRONT BEDROOM To'wORKtNG couple. Phono 301-W. 20-31 THREE ROOM FURNISHED ~A- parlment for light housekeepiiv •« n l3 ,', s , cnoo 'i-'.v's Store. Phone J8-F-11. Mrs. J. E. Schooley 20-31 Services Offered R E GI ST K R E 5 SPE NcilT" CO R"- setiere, individually designed corsets, brassieres, men and wo- S 101 ! s u v - sui> fiical supports. Mrs. Ruth Do/ier. 31!! North Klin. St. Hope Ark, Phone 14-1-J. 28-1 m SEWING, ALTERATIONS "AND buttonholes. Mrs. Fred Camp till) South Walnut, Phone 071-1!.. 'lO-3l A PLANT POUND IN MALAYSIA, BEARS A 6IANT FLOWER ^&£7-/AS£)/A ... AND HAS NO WHAT DISCOVERY /MADE If POSSIBLE TO TRANSLATE ESVPTIAN HIEROSLYPHICS? Quesi-ions and Answers For ELECTRIC SERVICE Day Phone 413 Niaht Phone iois-j We Specialize in MOTOR REWINDING BARWICK'S Electric Service 114 E. Third St. Hope, Ark Q—What quantity of hosiery is expected for l!H(iy A—An industry official estimates •tn.OIHJ.OOll do/on pairs of full-fashioned and seamless stockings. Q—What study of the moon's mass heretofore impossible is be- lived possible as a result of recent, radar contacl? A—Scientists theorize that a rocket might be launched ;u'ainst the moon to smash pices "loose and let earth's far-stronger gravity In ing them to us. Q--\Vhat do Egyptian agitators demand of Britian? A—Full and free parlnership as removal of British an eciual and troops. Q-What do run? (• A-^-Krrim V\ Sfio.nnn to 77 Ollf).(101),. Q—What is tin A—$24,!}7H,()00 year. inheritance tuxes of 1 per cent on per cent on $10,UNO budget? for the current •ARTES'fAN ARE 5O-NAA\ED BECAUSE. THE PiF?sroNE5 5UNK AT ANSWER. The Rosetln stone, a tablet containing an inscription in several languages, including hieroElvDhics New York, Fob. 21 —(/I 1 )— Walter Brown, the Boston Garden- Arena head man, has plans for a new ?l::,|](i:i baskelball court for the arena, which he says will be tbe finest in the counlry, and a Ti,00(1 bi.ard track which will m;iise the sarden Irack meets a lot belter . . And no wonder. U;is- U'lball mlendance in that former hockey hotbed mure than doubled this winlor .. . P. S.: Bill Mokray will i-'.et more Garden basketball dales to fill next winter. . . Jockey Gordon Richards, who has ridden li.OOp winners, wr.s named Great Biiiain's outstanding sports figure in a recent vote. . . .lust wait until he blows a race wilh the favorite and see what the vole would be. The Tower of Babel, at the Chaldean city of Ur in lower Mesouolamia, lias completely disappeared. WANTED Sawyer and Filer, good salary, has to make home in Louisville Kentucky. Apply Chess & Wymond, 121 West Avery Street, Louisville 8, Kentucky. Magnolia 1572. NOTICE —WF HAVE MOVED to 513 S. Walnut Call us for repaus, parts and supplies. We do hem- stilchin^ and make button holes. Buy, Sell and IS.xchanKe Machines. C. W. YANCEY, Singer Dist. Phone G73R Wanted! All Dimensions 16 to 70 Feet Cash Every Week PATMQS, ARK. GOOD JOE John O'Doiiiiell, sports editor of tin.' U;i\-c'npui t. Iowa, Democrat \vill bc honori'd bv !),!() townsmen lonijjjit as liis city's 'most oulsand- in« cilij-.en ol KHfi" The award was ;_iivi-n mainly because of liis weekly "Dear Joe" columns of dialer fur service men and \vom- i"; which were IMM'MII in 10-12 and' will come to an end Sunday. John liu.i wiu.eii mine than .-,. 1)00,01)0 'i-oi-ii;: f i '• ilii. bo-, s and j;als in uniform and lias found time on the side to sei ve as a bi.u ten football and basketball official and inlercolle- liale boxing reforoc. . .lie refused • • I'M in i un lor mayor of Davn- porl. tournaments, probably the invitation. . . He would hardly use up a year's eligibility for the few regular season games NYU has left. . . The Minor Leagues have almost run out of colors for the contracts of their numerous classifications—• which won't worry the club owners much as lonf> as a few players have color. . . Lt. Comdr. Mickey McClernon, the Coast Guard Academy's boxing coach and football tiainer, has been put on the retired list and may soon ,'tuni;up:as trainer for !q,nc.:o£ the ;Ul-Ari5er.:ic'a pro football''-climbs.;' '•.-. ^ ••,••;•}>' s! Dols All, Brothers Mike Gop.y.ales' report to manager Eddie Dyer on Dick Sisler's first-basing ability: "He can do. No sell him." -o Sports Before Your Eyes Hay Lump's return (o the New York U basketball lineup seems to be a sin r ii'dicalion the violets will be ii: one of the post-season Expert Repair Work On all makes of cars Phone 1118 BARNEY GAINES GARAGE 213 South Elm St. Travelers Believe They Have Gap at 3rd Base Plugged Little Bock, Feb. 21 — (/P)— The l.itile Rock Travelers today believed they had found a way to plug the gap in an otherwise formidable infield i combination—third base. Business Manager Ray Winder said the Rocks expected to receive the services of Grey Clarke, leading hitter in the American Association with Milwaukee in 19-14 who has been released by Ihe Chicago White Sux. Nu official papers have been received on the transaction, however, Winder declared. Little Rock has a working agreement with the Sox. GENERAL FAVORITE Bloomington, 111., Feb. 21—l.1'l— The army recruiting office had to take down its sign for brief repairs. 11 was necessary lo remove an accumulation of lipstick women had dei.Misiled on the portrait of Gen Owijlhl D Eisenhower, which adorns the poster Log Contractor To cut, bank and deliver round lot of nice white oak timber. Apply to Hope Heading Company Phone 245 Fair Enough By Westbrook Pegler Copyright, 1946 By King Features Syndicate. As one of the pioneers in -..v- i ^ ^ i j 11 LI i i \; i 11 11 il f I 1L which some optimists ;irc L-iiiiiiis inc piirhnnicnl of the world. They have a fine eye for natural bounty enhanced by the urborist ;md trr-e- surgeon, the urchiiect and, most itnporlantly, by the earnings of the city sucker who poured 'millions into the reclamation of swaybacked suit-boxes and nondpsrript ruins in most of which George Washington is alleged to have caught a little shut-eye. Invited to baseball team this season. Revealing plans to make his first Cardinal team the "Yankees of the National League." Dver told reporters that "we're going in for sluggers so we can have the kind of club that can wind up a game in any, inning." The clapper Texan's move to revamp the Cardinals' stylo of attack received its biggest endorsement when Outfielder Stan Musial un- .HincerJ at Philadelphia that he , "" vtl - ""i-.t-v-J «-. 1JIVIIUU IU ,,.,.,,! select an inlet-national patch and . , , r-' •- "given their pick of our coiuiirv | cx P ecl . l - d . to bt -' released from the they chose an area which 'laviiie I V in ' y - ln tlmt> l <\''cport for spring disposed of the old Peg]/-" nl- ce lr ?i nl " g ; on Mill Road and Trainity Pass .. M .l' sial ' awaiting his discharge I feel free lo describe s one of ,± , l , h .° , n . avy - vard lhcl-e - w:ls ^ the lovelies! in the United SI-Ties J* cdb » id s and the National I sympathize, however, wHn P?u Kue S nrl cadln . K hill , l ' r in 1!)4:i •hose old neighbors who arc not ' V ' V357 . av ^ r r" c -, H ° n « ;lin lcd illogcther hosoitablo to tbe invn- l>r, st " L 1 OU .'- S club's hitters with a sion linnnnon T !,.,,,„ <u«: .-"T mark in l!)4'l. The Cardinal xo.uad numbered ID sion because I have their appro-" -^ _ ... t ..v_ 'woi.vtitujii, /\I|{J. 1 anticipate unbearably provocative lastiness by the professional iiilcr- lationalists of New York and Washington who will settle close to the borders of the compound. Already we have bad a few of nem, no pioneers, as we were in .ne laic twenties, but cpme-latolis who hard' about this wonderful land of nice homes, many of them small, gardens, woods, lakes and brooks and moved Dammit, .....v. IIIYJVUU in. uuinmii they arc always organizing some- tning and improving conditions whereas we reclaimed the countrv- side itself, and getting up petitions and scheming to turn the rascals out. One of the rascals they were Soing to turn out u few years ago was our supervisor, Bill" Shine a very good supervisor, loo, for reasons Hint I 'can't remember though I do remember that al- the Buffoni won. This country was pioneered way- back in colonial days, of course, and I always heard that Pound Hidge was so-called because the Indians and the settlers had a corral or pound there in which they rounded up deer or stray domestic stock. People were uncertain about the exact purpose of the pound. About 40 years ago, give or take a few, the place began to slip. Old houses went to ruin and the fields to weeds and spruce. There had been many shoe-makers who did hand-sewing on a piece-work basis for manufacturers and this may account for the vogue of those antique cobblers benches that the semi-dress summer set used for hors d'ouvres a few years ago. Some o£ the farm women and girls sewed on men's suits f or a factory in Stamford or New Canaan. The machine-age and efficiency killed these -home industries. The young ones went to Bridgeport and New York and Pound Ridge gently fell asleep. When we came up, in 1028, folr lowing the Benders and George Reinhardt and Doctor Lieb and some others whose love of nature was equal to the "difficulties incidental to the wooing, the roads were awful and it wasn't always a sure thing that you could get electric power or a phone. You were always finding a leak in the roof or something burned out in tbe pump. The drive would wash out. The fox got the ducks the night the pond fro;:e unexpectedly. But suddenly, on a winter night, vou could see six deer and one wiiT- ter in the valley a neighbor who was out of work and wouldn't take relief supported his family trap- ning fox. mink, muskral and rabbit. Many of the old timers hadn't ... iiim ,i I.UHUW was up trom been in New York since the Singer Department of Agriculture to I was the tallest building in the survey us for a farm-to-market world. Some of them still make committee that harangued me until J threw them out was composed 01 one of those government-tyne awyers and an aggressive and 'determined woman politician whose family had not been dislodged from the great mother test of the New w Sll ? ;!0 A 1 " 3 beginning of the JJ^'Poi't suffered much worse bo- ili J at kmd wcre moving in although I must say that poor old cause Wesport was "discovered" by a colonv of art-fakers and dirty- 01 ' nelistsust aflcr the Fil 'sl Wnw cr e l 'sl World War and they defile everything they touch. They have hardy got their gear unpacked before they are finding fault with the schools and wanting a big auditorium and a stadium for 'the high- school and running for office ,ind calling you a Nazi if you don't pull your forelock and bend a knee at inii mention of their martyrc^ lender , who gave his life that love should vanquish hate in the hearts of ;mon. We had a serious alarm up Mill Road in 1035 when it was noised "..f?"°w was up from : -. awaiting his discharge the navy yard there, was the road. * We didn't want any road. - -- — • .. k. L. . m i i. >> n j 11 ti 11 > i Uit U . There wasn't a farm anywhere around except Fancers' where they raised black Angus for the shows and Fanchors' was right on -he highway lo New Canaan. And :he only market then was Ernest Schelling's and his stuff came in :rom the wholesalers somehwere Til except a few dozen local eses and maybe some sweet corn. We licln't exactly organize, but we jcat the road anyway even then. The only thing "we 'ever did by organized effort was lo vote a lov- ng cup to Bill Jones, the best road commissioner you ever saw, for plowing us out and sanding the hills in winter and filling the gul- leys after the spring rains. He could have had the job forever but last time around he just decided that he had had enough of those four o'clock in the morning turnouts with blizzards howling and Irees every-which-way ncror* the roads. So the Buffoni. boy, just a scrawny: little kid when we first fenew him, now baqk.frorp t' 1 " \v;in l\nd- ;;Scofield, .'• .a ; ' Yhnketf raa- triot and' veteran o'f both* Vvnrs- h?id ' it out in the election and young white-oak baskets by hand, the best you ever saw. It. would be' a likely place in which to promote peace on earth except that, as I sny, the most aggressive peace-lovers are so obnoxious that you would feel un- t'-ite lo yourself to be at peace with them. 8*M.'i»iu.'i»a%Mi'yfflT[aiij),uj^nMPBi Harry Segnar, Sr. PLUMBER REPAIR WORK Phone 382-J COMPLETE BUTANE SERVICE Wandq Butane Co. Phone 370 ' Hop£ Ark. ENJOY THE-THRILLS OF RACING! SPRING MEETING February 25th To March 30th THlKTy DAYS OF HIGH CLASS BALING 8 RACES DAILY No Purse Less Than $1,000 2P.M. -TT jT, ,.,_. ,. - . •,*. V*..-, H •¥ \*'j'*-^..S'-\:>v ! .v'v'.'.'v^"i.-:'». ; '/ •!• '.'.?•'.'.'<>"*. M ADMISSION $1.110 Includes All Taxes Service - Quality Variety We have a most complete line of Field & Garden Seeds, Insecticides anr! Inoculations. AGENTS FOR Funks G Hybrid Corns Dodge Famous Onion Plant? Willhire Melon Seeds Germaco Hot Caps Sinker's Delinted Cotton Seeds Triple Cleaned Kobe, Korean and Sericea Lespedeza, Alfalfa Soy Beans and field grown Cabbage Plants. We Appreciate Your Business MONTS SEED STORE The Leading Seed Store I* > Political Announcements The Star is authorized to announce the following as candidates subject to the action of the Democratic primary elections this Summer: 8th Judicial Circuit' For Prosecuting Attorney CHARLES W. HACKETT Hempstead County For Sheriff & Collector TILMAN BEARDEN J. W. (SON) JONES For County Treasurer MRS. ISABELLE ONSTEAD McCORKLE an answer from Owner Sam Breadon on his demands for more money. T Lauderdale. Fla., Feb. 21 — (UP) — Manager Billy Southworth •evcaled today that he would not change his offensive tactics with he Boston Braves, but expected lis new team to run the bases just ike his Cardinals did. Southworth, who developed the Cards into the greatest "base rnti- ling" team in baseball, said he Was "amazed" at the Braves' in- eptncss at sliding and circling the gS. Sending the squad throuah" a ,wo-hour drill at the sliding pit, Southworth said, "games can be won or lost as the result of a slide pr a stolen base." Little Rock C. C. Studies Plan for Football Stadium Little Rock, Feb. 21 — OP)—What can bc done to follow the suggestion •>f John Barnhill, University of Arkansas athletic director, that Litle Rock build a football stadium seating at least 25,000 will be studied by the Greater Little Hock Chamber of Commerce. ' The chamber's board of directors has authorized President Joseph .T. Schmelzer to appoint a committee to work with the chamber athletic committee on the proposal. Barnhill recently told Little Rock business men that the Razorbacks could .play three games here each season if facilities for handling large crowds were available. o Razorbacks Beat Camp Robinson by Score 64-53 Faycttevillc, Feb." 21 — fff>j—Big George Kok was "right" last night and the University of Arkansas Razorbacks set down the Camp BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures „ Plumbing Repairs HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing • Heating ' Phone 259 Hone. Ark. Personal Stationery Pastel Colors A Complete line Gentry Printing Co. Phone 241 Hope, Ark'. COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply Tailor Made Direct frdm^acttfry Orders filled within 10 days ROBERT R. RJDER Phone 43iJ LILE'S FIX-IT SHOP for REPAIRS 933 Service Station Phone • • • 933 or 869-R DR. H.T. SHULL VETERINARIAN In practice in Texarkana TEXAS CITY HALL Phone 140 or 1490-J THEO LONG For Plumbing Telephone 674-J Hope, Arkonioi Motor Repairs—Light Fixture* Hope Appliance Co. 214 East 3rd St PHONE 613 Appliance Repairs—Appliances SEAT COVERS FOR ALL. CARS Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 215 S. Main Yanks Like Canal Zone for Training By GAYLE TALBOT Balboa, C .Z., Feb. 21 —(/I 3 )—The New York Yankees have made such remarkable progress in their ' baseball training and are So delighted in general with their Panama camp they are virtually certain to return here next spring. In ten days this lush green land with its warm days and breeze swept nights appears to have fully justified Larry MacPhail's judgment in flying the squad down across the Caribbean to gel a slight lump on the rest of the American League clubs. To a man, the veterans just out of the service about whom Manager Joe McCarthy had his most serious doubts have told this writer that training here has been ex- remely beneficial. Joe DiMaggio, Joe Gordon, Torn- ny Henrich, Ken Sears, Phil Rizzuto and others unanimously say ;noy are rounding into shape much aster than they had hoped. The two prominent Panamanians who put up $30,000 cash to bring :he first big league club to • the sthmus figure to begin getting .heir money back in large chunks oday when the Yanks play their irst exhibition game against thfe Panama All-Stars in the Olympic- stadium at Panama City. . The arena accommodates • 14,500 persons and the promoters expect t to be jammed at prices rang- ng from $1 to $3. It will "be the first of 11 games the Yanks will' crowd into their remaihing'days in' .he Canal Zone before they head Eor St. Petersburg, Fla., to continue :heir training. Rizzuto, wno came back from the service the same peppery spectacular little shortstop he was when he went away in 1942 is the bright particular idol of the locals, with Gordon and DiMaggio running second and third respectively DiMaggio is slightly .under weight and is taking it easy while he tries to accumulate a few pounds. Robinson All-Stars, 04-53. Kok peppered the basket for 22 points, while the Porkers held Hie soldiers' ace, Johnny Logan, to 12 Balliett was high for Robinson with 10 markers. Arkansas was in command most of the way and held a 31-27 half- :ime lead. Hats Cleaned and Rebuilt the factory way. ; ' HALL'S HAT SHOP Eait 2nd St. Phone 7« Alterations Pres«ed While You Walt GALL US FOR YOUR WIRING and, REPAIR TROUBLES * Phone 231.-R HOUSTON ELECTRIC CO. Delton Houston Loe's Tourist Cafe-Court - Featuring • Steaks • Fried Chicken • Barbecue »F!sh • Sandwiches »Soft Drinks Open 6 a. m. to 12 Midnight Private Dining Room— Phone 222 ... . Qw.neiJ and operated by' * ,;;te;.a«a.i3VtJ-s|^PiitJr Loe 1 * ,..t o Clty*4lmlts & Highway, 67 West . : v.. I}:; ; f ; • " SEE US FOR THE REYNOLDS PEN The miracle Pen that will Revolutionize Writing. Guaranteed to write 2 years without refilling. Doug ^ITV Carl Bacon V^l I I Jones ELECTRIC CO. Phone 784 Hope • Real Estate If you are in the market to buy or sell Farm land or City Property, call or see Calvin E. Cassidy Phone 489 Hope, Ark. Arkansas Bank Building See Us For BABY CHICKS You'll like our quality chicks, hatched right from selected (locks. Hardy, fast- giowets. Low price. FEEDERS SUPPLY CO, 4th and La. St§ Phone 25

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