The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 8, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 8, 1894
Page 5
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WRl3MQlKm L ^J liA/ri J\/ _^^^^^_^ ^_ ^^^^^^|^t ^^^^^^j*&j*^ig*ajjjgtojmj^ IT^ TL • '.IHLi Of Odd Sizes and I lijHiiililiiil T fYJ-Q in Summer Footware, consisting of Ladies,' Misses/ and Children's Oxfords, £| Tennis Shoes, and Button Shoes. Also GREAT BARGAINS IN GENTS': OXFORDS, SHOES, AND BALL SHOES. How? For Cash. When? Commencing Saturday, August 11, and continuing ONE WEEK ONLY, Where? At the BROWNELL & ALLRED O. BAILVAY TIME OAEDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. LOCATj TRAINS WEST. No. 1 departs at 8:58 am No. 0 departs at. 4:20 pm Freights that carry passengers- No. 05 departs at 5:30 am No. 93 departs at 11:55 a m No. 71 departs at 0:15pm TRAINS EAST. No. 2 departs at. 10:12 am No. 4 departs at 0:05pm Freights that carry passengers- No. 76 departs at ll:00pm No. 04 departs at 1:45pm R. F. HEDRICK, Agent. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. North- Mixed........ 8:18 i 'Pass 3:33 pm Freight...... 10:00 a m South- Pass.... .... 3:13pm Mixed 0:07pm Freight ....-10:00 am Pass, arrives at Chicago at 7 a m; arrives at Des Molnes at 8 -.15 p m. Lv. Des M. 2:30 a m Mixed connects with flyer and arrives at Chi cago at 8 a. m. F. H. VESPEH, Agent. THfi CITY CIRCUIT. Algona welcomes the school teachers. A new baby came at Wm. Harrison's last night. • Mayor Call issues a fire notice this week which all should heed. Rev. Davidson's lecture on the times of Charles I comes Monday'eveuing. : Company F starts Saturday for Spencer 42 strong besides the officials, Thei'e will be a meeting of the A. L.' A. in the reading room, Friday next '•» <• Q rt'rtl f\n\r the populist candidate is a brother-in-law of at 3 o'clock. J. C. Baker, for congress, Milton Starr. Henry J. Reibhoff, a son of one of the pioneers, and Ada L. Adams are licensed to wed. L. W. Green and Charlotte Hudson were married by Justice Austin at Bancroft the past week. The Fort Dodge military company will transfer at Algona Saturday and go west with Company F. The fall season at the opera house opens Aug. 29 with "The Fast Mail." It is a first class attraction-. Dr. Sheetz, Mr. and Mrs, Avey, S. Benjamin, D. A. Haggard, and others are planning to go to Des Moines for Flag Day. Tomorrow evening tbe Kossuth me. morial meeting will be held and E. P. McElroy will deliver his address on the great Hungarian. The Ladies' Aid society of the M, E. church serve ice cream and cake at the home of Mrs. A. E. Wheelock tomorrow evening from 6 till all are served. The democratic congressional con vention will meet at Boone Friday. We still think that J. J. Wilson should be nominated if he is willing to accept. A special excursion will run to Clear Lake Sunday,'Aug, 19, leaving Algona at 0:35 in the morning, $1.40 for the round trip including admission to the grounds, The fall term of the normal school opens Sept. 4. Two young men were here from Wright county Monday arranging to attend. The prospect is for a big opening, Ex-Supervisor Studer is home from a trip to Milwaukee, where he has been undergoing a cold water cure for hie troubles. His health is still poor but he j<j able to be about. The state crop report is: Returns from threshers indicate that the aggregate yield of oats is likely to equal the amount harvested in 1893, and the quality is roueh better,' Ike Finnel was the first editor on the toboggan slide at Okoboji. His example, and the ease, grace, and acquaintance with water that he manifested soon drew a crowd. Subject of sermon in St. Thomas church, Sunday next, at 11 a. m, Music; Origin of Choirs and Musioa: Instruments used in Sacred Worship All are cordially invited to be present John Reed, who was in the battle o Nashville, will give a sketch of the battle at the post meeting, which ooroes next week Wednesday evening It wil bean, interesting feature to the vet erans. A. H. Paine says that one quarter section that out 110 tons of bay las year gives 60 tons this year, and tba this is about the average, But now baled bay bring s f?.§Q a ton, and prices are ftvw, : Rev, pavidson began bis regula services again Sunday with a large aQjjgregatfon., In this issue he gives a few Impressiofts of Chicago wbfob our will 8a4 eatertainjng R n.a J, Wilkinson Yieitpr y§8tf r4ay. u Uke getting tfcf iome pouring in to institute work. Not nany of the teachers of his day were to )e seen, however. One of Norton & Jordan's teams ran way Sunday night, on the ,way home rom Bancroft. They ran into a wire ence and one, a mare four years old, ivas so badly injured as to become worthless. The carriage was also >adly smashed. , The Courier says that Thos. McInroe is actually in the West Indies ooking after, that $15,000,000 estate and that he writes back that the money is there. This would be a plendid year for a portion of it to come to Kossuth. J. J. Wilson says that his candidacy 'or congress exists only in the inventive genius of some one unknown to ilm and that he has more important matters on hand. Although he is a delegate to the convention Friday, he says he will not be able to attend. The social union in spite of the summer season drew a good audience Friday evening; Archie Hutchison iold very entertainingly of his trip south, and Supt. Reed had a thoughtful review of Gen. Garfleld's work as an educator. The music was very fine. Many friends have greeted Miss Minnie Morse, who is one of the lead- ng instructors in the institute. She ias- taken very thorough college and scientific training since leaving Algona, ind is now one of the most thorough' ;eachers in the state in her special ine. Mrs. Guy Grove set fire to some old papers in the ditch below her home )ne • day last week, and narrowly escaped having a serious time. She went back to the house, but hearing a rackling sound, went to the door and 'ound the flames at. the door step. They were quickly put out. The new pump and the man to put it in came yesterday. It will be in running shape Saturday and after that the city will have all the water it wants. The city fathers talk as though they would pii't in all the mains they can get money for this fall, if the supply of water is what they anticipate. • On account of the inability of the Bancroft club to get their battery the of ball between Burt and Ban- sroft which was to have been played at Algona yesterday was postponed until further notice. Undoubtedly a game will be arranged for inside of 10 days, and it won't be for fun, either. Complaint comes to the mayor that there are several dead animals in the river, but on investigation he finds that none of them are in the city limits. The township trustees should look the matter up. With the water low as it is now people should be careful about poisoning it with carcasses. A Charles City man was in the, auditor's office Monday and filed a claim of $20 for damages from falling through a bridge over Four mile creek. It seems that the ditchers in running the big ditch cut the underpinning out and left the bridge hung in air. When he drove on it he came down in a hurry. Inquiries are coming in about those 1878 silver dollars. N. J. Skinner received one from Ledyard Monday, and from all quarters people are inquiring about how to get the premium, THE UPPER DES MOINES refers all to the gentleman who vouched for the story to it, but as he is a modest man we do not put his name in print. The lawn party given by Mrs. Dr. Morse and Mrs. Jaraes Taylor last Thursday evening was one of the roost elaborate and enjoyable Algona has lately seen. It was at Dr, Morse's handsotne home, a dancing .platform adorned the lawn, and fine music was furnished by the orchestra. Elegant refreshments were served. Saturday will be field day with Company F. The boys will drill and go through all their manouvres on the range preparatory to taking 1 the train fop Spencer. Several of the companies have had regular field day sports, racing, jumping, etc. anc another year Algona ought to have regular athletic exhibition. Peter Winkel collected $35 and sent it to Charlie Barber to get horoe on Charlie has steadily gone down since leaving Algona and all hope of re covery has now been given u.p, He will go to his old home and await the end) which will now be not far re moved, Many old friends in these parts regret bts untiniely affliction D, A. Haggard goes today to Des Moines. and will carry the tattered banner of tbe Twenty-first in the Flag Day parade- He says it has byt 11 bullet holes instead of 18 as, we stated last week, Mr. Haggard was not shot although seven oj tge boles w,§rf> npd while he bore tbe flag, &@ received a " »prt m M wssing bullet. His successor, Mr. Monlux, was wounded once'while bear- ng this banner. James Taylor is now out of state politics. He was an active committeeman for the big Tenth, but since 3oming from California has given more time to his health. He is gain- ng in strength all the time and will oon be as strong as over. His suc- jesspr will do well if he makes as .cceptable a manager as Mr. Taylor ias been. Justice Clarke has married. 19 couples in the clerk's office in the ear'past, • His last. two couples were W. H. McKinnon, a farmer near Bancroft,.and Mrs. Laura Searle, and Will Brayton, a nephew of R. I. Bray ton, Ind Myrtle O. McKinnon, a daughter of the first groom. As'a manufacturer of marital bonds Justice Clarke is an expert. Prof. O. H. Baker and youngest daughter came from Indianola Monday and have been revisiting the scenes of 20 odd years ago. Ho had difficulty at irst in getting his bearing, but soon "ound the old college site and its familiar surroundings. The changes in Algona are many since those days, but Prof. Baker shows his years but little except in his whitening hair. Letters are advertised for Miss Clara 3urroughs, T. G. Browun, W. S. Brown, Mrs. Z. J. Corbin (2), J. A. Bartlett, C. L. Cams. Mrs. Margaret Jorbin, R. A. Duell, Gerd H. Talkerts, W. T. Hatfield, Mrs. Annie Haines, <Yed. Klato, C. E. Lashbrook, Johnnie Jane, F. Meyer, A. M. Madison. Sam'l. H. McHain, Wm. Nelson, Nils Persson, Miss Dr. Stevens, A. C. Thiele, Miss Tilla Toreson. Enough sardines and cigars were sold from the Schmidt stock to pay ;he cost of condemning the health beer sold by him, in all some $41. Mr. Schallin took the fixtures to his farm ind now the billiard hall is empty. The new management did not last long, Mr. Schmidt .having a $100 fine to pay, and Mr. Schallin having a few iables and cues to show for several Hundreds of dollars invested. Northern Iowa is ahead on corn. The state report yesterday was: Reports received and tabulated from over 300 correspondents of the state bureau, representing every county in the state, place the average condition of corn on Aug. 1, at 40 per cent. The highest averages are reported in the northern tier and a few counties on the Mississippi river. There has been a slight falling off in condition since these reports were mailed. Upon the announcement of Alex. White's candidacy for the auditor's office the John Paul Lumber company sent Mr. Bacon to Algona and made Mr, White an offer to remain with them which he did not feel like refusing and his name is accordingly withdrawn. He will not be a candidate before the convention. He has been a popular salesman for the company and does not feel'like throwing up his present prospects for the uncertain chances of politics. It is the intention of the railway company to change the piling under the new bridge on Park avenue, so that there will be none in the middle of the road. The possibility of accidents will be greatly lessened by the change. Still with the bend in the road at both sides of the track there will always be need of care in driving horses likely to be frightened by a train over their heads, It is unfortunate that the road could not have been left straight as surveyed at first, Charlie Cohehour and S. E, McMahon put in all day Monday before 'Squire Taylor explaining the merits of a case in which Harry Dodge had traded a horse to the Fraser brothers for a well. It seems that the well diggers had agreed to dig more well when the first part failed, but Harry bad not made any demand for the additional digging, and he was beaten in the suit. The lawyers pleaded and counter pleaded and argued with all the tenacity and ability known to the profession, and succeded in making a live contest of it, Our readers have heard the story about the sun stroke suffered by Sechlerand Sifert while digging tile ditch on tbe poor farm, It now turns out that if they bad put in the tile as contracted they would have escaped the exposure to this August sun. But for some reason 3,450 feet of the 7,000 feet laid lacked all tbe way from a foot to 3i feet of being as deep as the specifications oallel for. Surveyor Tellier in inspecting the job discovered this deficiency and the boys have had the job to 49 over again THE UPPER, Pas MOJNES is prepared to vouch tor tbe following true story. & Y, Swetting ojie flay last weefc, 10 Mi ra,mUej ataNlt the, G& SAW an unsujpectlp* praMe be a good one if there was nothing more of it than to record that he went up and caught the bird in his hands, without the time-honored preliminary of putting salt on its tail. But this is not all. Although the bird was plump and of sufficient ago to grace a boiling pot, our attorney remembered the law and actually let the bird go again without any understanding as to its whereabouts on Sept. 1, These are the cold facts. Thursday as Misses Cornie Ingham and Mary Oakley were driving on the new road under the Milwaukee track a freight train came along and frightened a horse, whose quiot and submissive disposition has never bo- fore been questioned. They were going north and in passing the narrow cut between the bridge piling one hind wheel struck and the young ladies and Mrs. Russell's little girl, Agnes, were thrown out. The carriage, being ditched by the loss of the wheel, was soon strung along the road to town Fortunately no one was hurt or even scratched, and the party was soon brought in with what could be gathered of the rig. HAPPILY MARBIED. .T. A. Hamilton and Miss Emma Gilbert Off on Tlielr Wedding Tour. Rev. Davidson performed the ceremony Thursday which united J. A. Hamilton and Miss Emma Gilbert in marriage, and the happy couple took the evening train east for Dubuque, with a view to visiting Chicago and taking a trip on the lakes. Only relatives and immediate friends were present. Handsome presents were received and hosts of good wishes. On their return they will go at once to their home in the new building D, H, Hutchins has built for them. SAYS THIS IS A MIRACLE, loth Were Removed by a Surgical Operation, 30 Years Ago, and Now He Begins to See Again. For Rent or Sale. A 480-acre stock and grain farm with pood buildings and farm improvements; tvill leave cows on farm if rented; located 10 miles northwest from Algona, la. Will also trade two acres of choice Algona property for a good horse. Ad- Iresa me at Racine, Wis., or see J. M. Moore, Fenton, la. J. B. DAVIS. THERE is a life insurance company in this state, doing business on the same standard old line plans as the eastern companies. It has as its motto: "In all ihat is good, Iowa affords the best." It usks an investigation and comparison of )lans with those of other companies, It has advantages for investment super or any company organized outside of Iowa, and confines its business and investments to Iowa. J, L, Donahoo of ,his city has been appointed as district manager, and will give further information with pleasure, For Sale at a Bargain. One Crown mower, an Esterly solf- jinder and a Diedrick hay press. Will sold at a bargain if taken immediately. Call at the office of N. J. Skinner. A GOOD Beatty organ for sale or to trade for a bicycle. Inquire at this office.—17tf _________ Money. Plenty of money now for all appli 1 cants at the Kossuth County State bank, for real estate loans at lowest rates. Money paid at once on completion of the papers. SEE our line of plain white crockery in real china and semi-porcelain at the Opera House Grocery. ANGELINA may be found at the Opera House Grocery as usual. IF you want some nice dishes with' out decorations, call and see the line a' the Opera House Grocery. m> A. Business Opening, We have a house for rent, a suburban home for sale, and a small business tha' needs a small amount of capital, here in the city. For particulars call at the office of N, J. Skinner. MONBY to loan on long or short time Gep. Q, Call,-tf Two more men to write insurance Good inducements offered at the office ofN, j, Skinner, GALBRAJTH will give you. some goo bargains in summer goods. "CEMWTBA" at kangdon & Hud son's. * ~ , at Gal ?, olm P. Balilcr Says His Byes arc Being Eostored by Divine Intervention—A Queer Tale. The question is whether miracles are orformed in these degenerate days. ohn F. Bahler, blind man and Sov- nth-day Adventist, says they are, and iVm. Cleary testifies that what Bahler' ays is literally correct. 'Mr. Bahler reached Sunday evening in the Con- Tegational church to a big audience; nd incidentally he told the story of he miracle of which he is a living witness. He lost his sight over 30 years vgo. The affection of his eyes was uch that the surgeons had to remove he eyeballs entirely. For many years 10 wore glass eyes. Now new eyes are growing in the sockets and already he ian distinguish bright lights, colors, itc. Mr. Cleary says that he can tell 'ed from white, that he has tested him horoughly, and that there is no decep- ion about it. Now medical science caches that thei-e is no such, thing as i new eye growing in the place of one -emoved, and if Mr. Bahler has new lyes there has been some interposition of supernatural power. This is what claims. Faith can move mountains and create new eyes, and he is going bout testifying to what faith has done or him, and selling a book containing sketch of his qai-eer, together with )oems by his wife. Mr. Bahler says hat he can produce the affidavits of jhe surgeons who removed his eyes as o the total removal. If he can, and if le can see now, he certainly presents a surious problem to the scientific world. SAVED FROM DROWNING. In his book about himself Mr. Bahler urnishes other proofs of miraculous in- iervention in his behalf. When a boy 10 got over his depth in the water with a companion who could not swim. A lappy thought struck him and he walked out on the river bottom, hold- ng his companion's head out and jump- ng up occasionally to catch breath limsetf. Speaking of this he says: This presence of mind, I am satisfied, was of God; and in our wonderful rescue from death at this time His tender care and merciful love must be ao- tnowledged." Another like incident he relates. Himself and wife had gone to a relig- ous meeting, leaving the little boy with a hired girl. A man walking along the street felt an irresistible inclination to turn back and he did so, coming to the stairway to the Bahler lome. Here he saw a fire under headway, which he succeeded in extinguish- ,ng, "No doubt," says Mr, Bahler, ' a good angel directed his mind and steps on that evening. He came to see me the next morning and he said he md no business back there on that street, but his mind was so exercised ;hat he could not pass without going back that way." HOW HE REGAINED HEARING. One more instance shows Mr. Bahi- er's confidence in miracles, About five years ago he began to grow deaf, and as this calamity was very grievous, added to tbe loss of sight, be prayed three times a day for hearing. A last he became convinced that be had done something wrong himself that he must right. The rest of the story is us follows: " While I was engagod in tbe grocery business two crocks tilled with syrup were sent to the store, These crocks belonged to the wholesale dealers of whom! purchased the syrup; but the roan who brought it did not wait to have it emptied, and as the wholesale dealers had charged roe too much for a keg of white fish and some other things, roy first companion said to roe, 'John, I would keep those crocks, if I were you, to make up for their overcharging you.' So the crooks were kept. But on the fourth day of pray' ing those crooks also came into my mind, and I had no peace in consequence of them. My mind WAS greatly exercised. But human nature shrinks from, confession of wrong, and so the fifth, sixth) and seventh days went by. we continuing our earnest prayers, while oraokj, crooks, croaks rung' wherever I went, I told him. the reason why I had kept them. He thought I was mistaken. J. ;,, told him I certainly ' had kept the " crocks, and wished to either return or pay for them. He refused decidedly to take either the crocks or the pay, but said that if I was correct he would make mo a present of them. I felt that I had done my duty, so- thanked him and went on my way.. Now mark the result.- I had not been in. Cleveland • over throe days before my hearing be- , gan to improve, and since my recovery it has been as good as ever." • ' With hearing thus regained and with new eyes growing in, Mr. Bahler feels very hopeful. That he has both He firmly believes, and Mr. Cleary endorses all ho says about the matter. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Mrs. J. T. Chrischilles returned from • her visit at Lansing Saturday. Mrs. J. W. Hay and children are at Okoboji, stopping at Miller's bay. Horace Schenck went to Kansas yesterday to visit his daughter there. Miss Mary Oakley .of Madison, Wis., visited Miss Cornie Ingham over Sunday. ..,,.., A. L. Goddard went to -Fort • Dodge last Saturday for.a short visit-with/his brother. •..;•.,.Mrs. Marion Thomas and Mrs. Myra Thomas are up from Humboldt visiting ' atE. Tellier's. , . ... .,,,-.'- , :.. Judge Hicks spent Sunday with Capt. Dodge on his way home..,from.,a .vacae tion at Denver. , , ,. • Dr. Sayers was at .Spencer and further west looking after, glandered horses, last Friday. . , . Chris. Heise is at LeMars attending the state meetingof Knights of Pythias. He is the delegate from Algona. Julius Pleth is at Ledyard and is located in business. Julius likes Kossuth and could not stay away long. Mrs. E..G. Bowyer returned Friday from her visit at Fort Dodge. Mr. Bowyer went for her and made a short visit. Col. Thos. F. Cooke attended the Third regiment encampment at Creston last week to superintend' the range contest. • ••• , Jos, W. Hays of " patent'•' inards" fame was in Algona_ over Sunday,- He is now in Chicago in the ; real .estate business. . J. J. Wilkinson is in town for a week in life insurance business. He was a rustler as county superintendent and . has been one ever since, • . . • Dr, Geo; W, Ingham arrived yesterday from Olympia, Wash., fora short visit at home. He reports business, picking up on the coast, and thinks that Seattle and Tacpma are, as lively as St, Paul and Minneapolis. J. R. Davis, an old-time Fenton resident, is out from Wisconsin on a visit. He says that corn will be part of a crop in some parts of that state. He thinks that Iowa is under a cloud because she substituted beer for water last year and that theJord is going to let her go without/water for awhile. A' NEW OONHDENOE GAME, .J • . X, J. SUlnner Tells the Story of,a /Des Molnes Experience"WljlcUHas Not Yet Failed to Excite Curiosity, THE UPPER DES MOINES publishes the following story exactly as related to it by Mr, Skinner, He was standing on the street in Des Moines last week when a roan accosted him by name and asked about Algona people. ' He thought be roust have seen the man and soon fell into conversation,' As. it was about noon the roan suggested that they get a lunch. Mr, Skinner con» sented and they went to a restaurant, where the strange^ ordered an e}abQ'> rate dinner. A 9 they were about done eating be saw someone he wanted t.Q speak to and excused blroself a. m.o»en.i He failed to return and when Mr, Skj,n* ner got ready to leave a bill fop I& was presented to him. He refused ,y but finally bad to, and would ion out tbe wbpie bill if.tbe iLi..i!Efes£_u..- .."A..1,. rant clerk bad not givea him ft „ belonging to the bunco man ,§a4 _„.„ him to go across, i the street where it would, be redeemed, Mci " as directed and got bJ.P.1) package, Those of our readers, wbQaje, s«yig\j|, about the confidence, part ape, j •fully referred to Mr, StUBBer information about the PAokage, ~ ".". ,_„,.. „ _„„ , r - $At' OANPY dpAHRlncp' fn^'PAmrvvina ft'talna^/

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