The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 1, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 1, 1894
Page 5
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E WKDMlBBAt, AUGUST 1, IBM, HAtttlf ttlffi OAfifiB, CttlCAOO, attWAUkfit! A Sfc Mtt. LOOAti SfeAiSS W*ST. lto.1 departs at.;,.;. ................ 8:58am No.fl departs at..-. ...... . ............ 4:26 pm Freights that carry passengers- No. 65 departs ftt. ..... ...... ?.. ...... 5:30 ft to No.93 depaftaat ......... . .......... ii:55ain No. 71 departs at ............. ...... 8:15pm ... . No. 3 departs at ........ , ...... .......10:12 a in No, 4 departs at .................. .... 6:05 pm ,, Freight* that carry passengers^No. 7CT departs at...... ..... .. ....... 11:00 pin No. 84 departs at. . .............. , . . . . 1 :45 p m B. CttlCAGO A SOUTHWESTERN. North— Mixed........ 8:18 aw Pass..,. ..... 3:33pin South- Pass.... ... 3:13pin Mixed 6:07pm Freight 10:00 a in Freignt.... 10 -.00 a ffl Pass, arrives at Chicago at 7 a m; arrives at Des Molnes at 8:15 p m. Lr. Des M. 2:30 a in Mixed connects with flyer and arrives at Chi cago at 8 a. m. F. H. VESPER, Agent. THE CITY CIRCUIT. There is a rumor that Asa, K. Smith is dead. Oats are panning out more than an average crop. J. T. Harvey and Mary Kennedy are licensed to wed. office is being The Republican pered by Jas. Orr. A sprinkle Monday vated the situation. pa- evening aggra- A new girl at Ackley Hubbard's Monday morning made everybody happy. Bancroft, Ledyard, Swea City and Armstrong got a good rain Monday night. Reports from the west are that a heavy rain fell at Emmetsburg Monday night. Klrby, who was fined at Wesley, boarded it out in jail last week here in town. The funeral of Anna W. Lagerbach was held from Mr. Johnson's home Friday. She died July 26. F. S. Stough has been talking of entering a commission house in Des Moines, but has no settled plans yet. Word came Monday that the new city pump is on the way. It will be in before long. Hasten the welcome day. Fong Loy, Algona's Chinaman, says his engagements are such that he can't go to China to help in the war with Japan. Bancroft won against Burt acrain Friday by a score of 9 to 7. This is the second red-hot game for blood they have had. Some hay makers report getting 50 tons of bay to the quarter section. At, probable prices that will pay those who cut to sell. The editors go to Spirit Lake tomorrow for the meeting of the Upper Des Moines association. All the Algona papers will be represented. Now is the time to be verv careful with fire. Reports from all quarters show that great damage is being done by careless handling of combustibles, Bancroft comes down with the premium dry weather story. Alex. Carpenter has a frog farm up there and the drouth has killed off his entire stock. Next Tuesday evening Prof. O. H. Baker opens the series of institute lectures with an account of his life in Denmark while acting as United States consul. Thos. McDermott was prevented by the strike from going to the national educational meeting at Asbury Park, and took his vacation at Spirit Lake instead. Shadle & Hermann have begun work on Theo. Chrischilles' new home. It is to be a Queen Ann cottage, handsomely designed by a Minneapolis architect. A permanent rifle range for the Fourth regiment is said to be on the tapis at Spencer. A|fine range is being built and it is rumored that it is to be a regimental affair. Willis Cady received a handsome S65 cornet Saturday. He has tried it and finds it all he can wish. It is one of the best made and Willis knows how to handle it to make music. The military boys will have a field- day a week from Saturday probably on the range and will spend the day in drilling and maneuvering, and the public is invited to inspect them. Prof. D. E. Johnson has been invited to give a lecture at the formal opening of the Story City business college, next Friday night. His subject will be "What a Practical Education Means," Geo. W. Skinner is now in charge of the West Union hotel, and his name is at the head of a pretty substantial bill school la fortunate in securing her services. Tha marriage of J. A. Hamilton and Miss Emma Gilbert will occur, ftt Thos. Gilbert's ho'mft tomorrow afternoon. Both young people are well known and hosts of good wishes will be theirs. They will occupy the new house D. H. Hutchins has lately built. A letter received by Mrs. W. H. Conner conveys the information that Mrs. Dr. Richmond, well known to many Algonians, is insane in California and that the only cause assigned is home' sickness. All who know Dr, Richmond and his family will regret this misfortune. James Taylor and John Goeders have taken up real estate as a side entertainment and went out Iti Dakota last week trading off the odds and ends of their stocks for land. They say that in some places the crops are good and in some very poor. They got their land in the good section. ' Two sermons Sunday and a lecture on Wendell Phillips Monday evening were given by Rev. Byrnes, the Unitarian preacher of Humboldt. He is a very pleasing speaker and will visit Algona occasionally in September. He was the guest of Mrs. Mann at her Irvington home. The Social Union club meets Friday evening with the following entertaining programme: Vocal solo, Miss Lillie Ranks; " The Southland as Seen Through Northern Eyes," A, Hutchison; "Gen. Garfield as an Educator," B. F. Reed; instrumental solo, Irlna D. Clarke. All are invited. M. E. Lumber has been offered the princlpalship of the Iowa City high school and has accepted. He was chosen principal of the Nora Springs school but was unable to find a house suitable, and will go to Iowa City, where he gets $20 a month more. His present position is one of the best in tne state. Letters are advertised forL. E. Alexander, Charles Bragg, GobertT. Butes, A. W. Campbell, Miss Emma C. Erickson, C. O. Fife, Miss Lilla Harrison, Maud Jamson, Will M. Loue, Rev. F. H. Landerson, A. M. Madison, Miss Frances Newman, H. N. Rooch, Clara Schellin, A. M. Swangel, Harry Mercer. We are glad to return and find J. W Hinchon on the war path for the "Y." When we had the railway commissioners up before he was one of the witnesses "against the people," but this will be forgiven if he conducts the present campaign with vigor. Algona should have a "Y" and should have had it years ago. W. S. Borland's friends will be pleased to learn that the case against him in Texas was dismissed by the prosecuting attorney for lack o'f any proof of irregularities. There are matters connected with closing up the bank which still hang fire, but the charges originally published had no foundation. The Bancroft and Burt boys were in town yesterday arranging to have the third and final ball contest in Algona next Tuesday. It will be at the fair grounds and will draw a big crowd. Both sides have some first-class players and have made professional scores, Algona will cheer impartially and let the best man win. Bank'Examiner Miller was up Monday to go over the books of the loan and deposit company. What he found is published in the official statement in this issue. His reference to the condition of the books and the methods of doing business is very complimentary to the officers. The paid-in stock now in force is over $200,000. The state weather bureau confirms what everybody knows: "The past week has been the worst of the season. The daily temperature averaged seven degrees above the normal. On the 26th the temperature ranged from 100 to 107 degrees, with winds 20 to 85 miles an hour—the severest in its effects upon vegetation ever known in Iowa." of fare furnished by that hostelry. George ought to make a genial landlord, W, J, Ruppleof the Webster City military company made a record for all the boys when he got five bull's eyes at 200 yards, That does not of ten happen, The wind was blowing hard in the bargain. Guy L. Taylor was in Webster City Monday. On his return yesterday morning he saw the remains of a full block which was burned out in Eagle Grove .Monday night. It was on the east side. Attorney Greer was out from Mon* mouth, HI,, last week to take depositions in a land suit which involves 160 acres of Kossuth land. W. B. Quarton goes to Oquawka, III,, Aug. 27 to try the case. The summer term of the normal Bonool enrolled 18 more students than were present a year ago, which is a very hopeful sign. Profs. Johnson and Lilly say that the fall term will enroll JOO students, J, R. Laird says he owns one pf those 1878 silver dollars, which THE UPPER DES MOINBS announced to be worth $7 each, and has added $6 to the invoice of bis assets. He ia nicely located in hie new business place. A card from Marshal Wbalen Mon-' day announced a Bancroft burglary. Foot pads pried open tbe front door P| C, E, MoLaugnUn's etore and took about $185 of goods Sunday night, mostly glovee, shoes, hats, and otytbinjr. Mian Impulse McCoy will take Miss Caan'e ppeitipo in $be public, flobooJg *Wsfa,Uan<j ttaob drawing Tbie Denison Paine has been at Mason City to see Mrs. Paine and Mrs. Blanchard, who are being treated for cancer there. The Monitor says the prospect is that both will recover. It adds: "They are treated with local applications of poultices and plasters, which draw the cancer out, and which becomes more painful as the case advances," Company F starts for camp at Spencer the last of next week. They will go with nearly a full company and in better trim than they have been in for sometime. Col. Cooke, Surgeon Morse, Hospital Steward Mathews, and Sergeant Major G, F. Peek go with them, and also David Miller, who is a hospital attendant. The war correspondent will remain at home. There is a well-defined rumor that the name of J. J, Wilson is as likely as any to go on the democratic congressional ticket. He ran for congress once and made a contest against C, C. Carpenter which was famous in its day. He understands the situation as well as any of those likely to be chosen, and would make as good a candidate as the convention could select, An unlucky fire cccurred without any known cause on the M, Stephens farm west of Irvington last Friday at. 5 o'clock. It was seen in the barn and before anything could be done was out of control, A good barn and all of John Anderson's oats and hay went up in smoke, The loss to Mr. Anderson will amount to $600 and is very severe, The barn loss falls on Mr. Stephens. The foundation for J. J. Wilson's new mill building is done and wprk will be^ gin pn the frame at pnoe. Mr. Wilson will put up his building and get the engine for his elevator in running shape again, but has not yet decided about putting in mill machinery. The new building will be larger than tbe old, 86x62 feet, three stories high. If be puts in a mill it will be a good one. Tbe State Register says that there is talk pf Major Wasson being called by the Chinese tP assist in their war witb Japan, and suggests tnat be take Debs, Sovereign, and Most along witb him- We suppose tbat Major Wasson is our Homer L, and that bis military title has been conferred in honor pf bis numerous conflicts of all sorts. He would be a big addition, to tbe Chinese forces. Will, Purvis is at hpiee spending his altep a year's rtu4ym art at will from life shows that he is already tin adept In that line. He has shown re markable proficiency and has the brightest prospects before him iti hi chosen field. Prof. Frank M. Chaffee writes ft let ter in which he says: " Sihce cotriiBj here I have been so well pleased witL the outlook of the school that, with m; brother, I have purchased a half inter eat and this week assume the manage toeht of the school." This is the Ells worth college at Iowa Falls. Prof Chaffee is a pusher and with the expe riehce he got in Algona he will make a big success. Mrs. C. B. Hutchins and daughter had a very narrow escape Saturday They were driving their single horsi on State street and had stopped infroii of Carter's store when Gilmore's deliv ery team ahd wagon cattle down on a dead run and struck them so that the horses split over her horse, upsetting the carriage and smashing things gen erally. Strangely enough no one was hurt, and none of the horses, Jones & Stacy will soon begin a com plete overhauling of the water mill They will put in an entirely new set o ! machinery known as the "plan sifter' system, new bolts, new rolls, and enlarge the capacity from 45 to 00 barrels a day. The new' method is warrantee to turn out the very highest grade o. flour, and will give Algona a first-class mill. The wheat crop has been excel lent and the new mill will be ready for it soon. Mr. Jones will superintend the work himself. Peter Winkel is now prepared to tel where there is good fishing. He has bgught throe forty-acre tracts in the woods in northern Wisconsin at the head of the Brule river, each with a trout spring 1 on it. He says the troul simply swarm in the water and thai taking them out is merely a matter ol reaching for them. He hopes to go up yet this fall and secure a few of the speckled beauties, but may not be able to get away. He bought the land very cheap of an old friend. J. J. Ryan has been in Fort Dodge lately assisting in stirring the political pot there. The Register reports that his crowd are on top in the county convention and that T. F. Breen heads the congressional delegation, and John Dowd the state delegation. Bro. Ryan has a proxy from Kossuth and is at Des Moines to assist. Inasmuch as he is backing Breen for congressianal chairman while Jas. Taylor is Breen's oppo 1 nent, the local forces may come into collision in the caucus. An appeal has been taken to the su preme court in the interesting case brought by some land buyers against Charley Blanchard of Elmore. Charlie showed them an abstract of title and told them he would have it brought down to show title in him. The title proved defective. They claim that he contracted to give good title and he claims that he contracted to give such title as the abstract showed. He won below and the other . parties appeal through their attorney, W. B. Quarton. The corn crop will be a partial fail ure at best. The weather bureau, however, shows that this section is better off than any other: "In the central and southern districts the damage is much greater than in the northern belt. The consensus of opinion seems to be that about one-fourth of the acreage planted will yield no corn and but little fodder. With speedy and substantial relief the state at large may possibly harvest one-half an average crop. But nyery day's continuance of present conditions will lower the possibilities and reduce the output." Last Thursday won the premium as the hot day. It stands along with the cold winter of '57 and the wet spring of '58. It was the first day on which a regulation Kansas hot wind has ever visited this section. The mercury registered 106 in the shade. All over the state the report is the same, and Illinois reports terrific heat. At Independence the thermometer was up at 110 for six hours. Green stuff looked surprised in the morning, sick at noon, and about dead at night. No such day was ever seen here before, and may its like never be seen again. Flag day, which comes next Friday, promises to be a great occasion in Des Moines. At that time the old battle flags will be transferred with appropriate ceremonies to the new receptacle prepared for them in the capitol, and veterans from everywhere will gather to join the parade. Among the flags is one which was carried by D. A. Haggard for 18 months, while he was color sergeant of the 21st regiment, which he will be called upon to carry at Des Moines if the color sergeant who succeeded him is not present. The flag got seven bullet holes while Mr, Haggard bore it and has 18 in all, He will attend the celebration, and will in all probability again bear the tattered emblem of those years of battle, this time to its final resting place. Among others planning tq go are Mr, and Mrs. D, B. Avey, S, Benjamin and Eugene Tellier, ^ A GOOp Beatty organ for sale or to trade for a bicycle. Inquire at this Office.—17tf • Money, Plenty of money now for all appli* cants at the Kossuth County State bank, for real estate loans at lowest rates. Money paid at once on completion of the papers, DANDY dressing for removing stains from russet and brown shoes, also the Lightning dye for blacking all kinds of light-colored shoes—each at 25 cents a bottle—just received at Galbraith's. over our glassware. We have some fine bargains. Lftngdofl & Hud* son. '• SEE our Hue of plain white crockery in real china and sem>porcejaifl at the Opera House Grocery. About UBd ajBOtfcer fgQQ and $600 to place on town Joans. Must be taken bytbelStbof this mouth. Plenty of money for abort tioie chattel^ Rea.1 estate money ae }0w as the lowest lenty of $ &t the office pf J, A. A. Brunson went to Des Moines yesterday on a business trip. H. J. fidens' family and S. B. Shadle's son came from Sioux City yesterday. W. H, Ingham found last week's heat too much for him and went to the lakes again. Miss CfCrabel L. Ramsey Is planning to enter the state university in September. Geo. Sltnpkins is off again on a mail route tour to the north, He will gd to the British line. Attorney Smith, of the firm of Blythe, Markley & Smith of Mason City, was in Algona yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. W, B. Quarton go to Minnesota this week to visit a brother and to recreate at the lakes. Miss Zellhoofer of the normal school faculty will spend her vacation with her brother at Eagle Grove. Misses Margaret Rutherford ahd Cora Hibbard went to Amos Friday to attend the agricultural college. Harvey Ingham returned from attending the national editorial association" meeting Thursday morning. Prof. A. J. Lilly goes to Britt this week to present some work on arithma- tic in the Hancock county institute, D. C. Filkins, Eagle Grove's fighting lawyer, was in town between trains, Saturday, the guest of A. D. Clarke. Miss Nellie Ford is out from her Wisconsin home for a visit with her old school friend, Miss Edith Clarke. Miss Emma Miller and neice, who have been visiting at Theo. Chris- chilles,' returned to Rochester, Minn., Monday. Fred Watson, president of the Wells, Minn., bank, and Mrs. Dr. Straw, his sister, visited at Geo. E. Clarke's the past week. Misses Gertrude and Lulu Clarke go to Mason City this week to visit Miss Farrell. They will spend some days at lear Lake. C. M. Doxsee went to Ames last week to assist his sister in getting started in iollege and then visited W. W. Wheeler in Des Moines during the convention. Amio Puegnet writes from Armstrong and says that fire destroyed a building there and that a • woman was burned in it. No particulars are at hand. Harry Wilson's pretty daughter of four years makes regular visits with her grand parents in Algona and is now in town. She enjoys it like an experienced traveller. C. B. Matson reports that Goose Lake, over near West Bond, has been burning out for some days and is about four feet deep. This was once a great resort for game and a sizeable lake. A party of young people, Misses Mable and Ruby Smith, Eva and Kate Lantry, Laura Tennant, Amy Wallace and others camped out at Okoboji last week and had a big time. Thos. F. Cooke, with his mother and sister, is at the lakes occupying the new cottage on Okoboji. They will remain a month, but he will be in Algona occasionally on business. __ Rev. Davidson returned last week rora his Chicago visit and went to Clear Lake for a few days. He begins work in the pulpit again next Sunday, when he will be welcomed back. The oldest brother of A. P. Hall and and Mrs. S. Benjamin is visiting them. He says he is so near 80 years that he can stand on tip toe and look over, but 10 enjoys good health and is hale and learty. 'Squire Raymond drove home from pint Lake yesterday. In reply to the query about fish he very honestly says 10 don't have anything to say; he didn't jatch any. He looks much improved n health. S. S. Sessions went to Sioux City rom Des Moines after the convention and joined Mrs. Sessions, who was visit- ng there, and returned to Algona with her yesterday, He takes his defeat Cheerfully. J. B. Jones is up from Des Moines to pend a few weeks in the refreshing reezes on the water shed of the state, le is now conducting his own business at the capital city, and is not with the ompany he joined when he moved. He owns a great deal of valuable prop- rty there, Blind Boone. Charlie Monger gives the following nteresting account of Boone's visit to namosa. Boone is a resident of Columbia, Mo., where Miss Waters of he normal school and Miss Campbell f the public school live, and they re- ort him very wealthy and very •onerous. He is a prodigy and Monger's peculiar genius fits him to escribe him well: Late Sunday afternoon there was a onflict of sun and cloud and the atmosphere was pervaded with a semi- one of brightness, Boone was on a ill overlooking the town, and lifting Us hand and twitching it nervously, he e said: "The clouds are drawing waterl" We looked over into tbe wesf, nd there, sure enough, were the long keins of gray cloud reaching down nto a bed of sunshine and " drawing water," as this harbinger of rain is ailed. AH the remaining senses of he man are intensified a thousand old. He seems to be enveloped by an nvisible cloud of the messengers of onsoious intelligence, During an hour pent by, him at the home of tbe writer here wan opportunity to test this, Boone was casually introduced to the hildren and after the flrst greeting bey scattered away from siro as hildren will. He had no visual nowledge where tbe persona in tbe oom were located, yet wbe» be struck passage of unusual sweetness in hie iano discourse, he would instinctivel; urn to tbe writer witb a «nni}e on " ace, and calling us by name, ask; 'HQwistbat, Monger?'' Afterwards, bet* he was gaying gQjp,<jbye, .Jje feasw acholthe obUdre^ tbf .little gi|-li,bi and plumpness, while they were yet distant. How did Boone khow these thiflga? fle did khow thett, because we sharply scrutinized the events of his visit. Is it true that there is a sixth Sense that gives us spirit vision? A waits was played for hitn--a rather difficult composltiofi. He toughed nef vously as the happier sentiment of the fiaelody wfts Unfolded, atld though ho had never heard it before he wetft to the piano and after straying afttong the chords a few fnoments he repro* duced the piece with such a flood of silvery trebles and variations of his own, that the melody became more than beautiful—it was rapturous. Btoone's instrumentation will make the dullest music attractive, will give it a seeming tnerit It does not intrinsically possess, Those who only hear him in the concert hall cannot half appreciate Boone, for he is a strangely charming dan, It is contact with such as he that gives rea.l ground for the belief that man is something more than mere cla,y embodied with intelligence. All of BooneV tnentnl manifestations are intensely interesting to the student of human nature, but one of his pleas- antest traits is his love of children. His home is in Columbia, Missouri, where lives Hon. Ed. Stevens whom the democrats are grooming for the gubernatorial race this year. DONE BY THE PITY DADS. ProcccdliiKS of the City Council in Kegulnr Session. ALDONA, Iowa,. July 28, 1894.—The city council mot in regular session at the city clerk's office, Mayor A. A. Call in the chair. Members present: Nlcoulln, Qar- flold. Magnusson, Hutchins, Cordingley, Petti bone, Vesper, (Wads worth late). The minutes of last meeting read and approved. Moved and seconded that the following bills be allowed and warrants drawn on the treasurer for the same; Oscar Anderson, attending mason $15 00 DurantDros., supplies 3 is Mrs. Head, room" for polling place 2 00 Thos. Dalley, night pumping 36 00 0. M. Doxseo, account book i oo S, S. Stebblns, street com. work 40 150 Ostrum Bros., brick and sand 400 F. S. Norton, lumber 33 14 Wm. Miller, lighting 1200 L. L. Valentine, feeding prisoners 1 65 Kossuth county, coal 2615 Weltgenant Bros., lantern globes 50 Naudaln Bros., coal , 6335 Geo. 0. Turner, street work 4 35 J. W, Robinson, hardware 026 Emll Johnson, mason work 080 John Paul Co., lumber 5887 A. F. Dalley, month's salary 5000 J. F. Nlcoulin, telegram 50 0. M. Dalley, night pumping In June.... 40 50 Ayes—Nicoulin, Garflold, Hutchins, Cordingley, Magnusson, Pettibone and Vesper. Noes—None. Carried. Moved and seconded that the clerk bo Instructed to draw a warrant for $185 in favor of Mr. Hubbel for the now road grader when approved bill bo presented for the same, Ayes—Nicoulin, Garflold, Magnusson, Hutchins, Cordingley, Pettibone and Vesper. Noes—None. Carried. A petition was read signed by J. B. Winkel and others asking that water mains be laid on Call street. Moved and seconded that the above petition be laid over until it is ascertained that there is a sufficient supply of water in the new well. Carried. The following resolution was offered by Mr, Vesper: Resolved, That a committee consisting of one from each ward be appointed to ascertain the best-paying and most feasible route for extension of water mains, and that they be requested to report at the next regular meeting, On motion the resolution was adopted. Hutchins, Wadsworth, Cordingley, and Garfleld were appointed as such committee. Mr. Pettibone reported that the three city papers would print the minutes of the city council for $46—or 815 to each paper per annum. Moved and seconded that the report bo adopted. Carried. There being no further business, on motion made, seconded, and carried, the council adjourned. AMBHOSE A. CALL, Mayor. A. HUTCHISON, City Clerk. To Our Patrons. After ten days our mills will be closed for the purpose of putting in a complete outfit of new machinery. We are prepared to advance flour on the new crop, but cannot take in wheat after shutting down until the mill starts up again. JONES & STACY. Clear Lake Musical Festival. Aug. 13 to 19, inclusive. The festival under the direction of Prof. H. W. Fairbanks of Chicago will be on a much grander scale than over before attempted at Clear Lake. The following talent will be heard in every concert: Miss Elsie Liucoln of Fort Dodge, Weber Male quartette of Rockford, 111., Miss Alice Ettinger of Waterloo, Schubert Lady quartette of Rockford, 111., The Collins Concert company (band, orchestra, and instrumental soloists) of Sioux City, Mrs. F. Emerson of Rockford, 111,, Miss Lucia B. Griffin of Albia, Iowa, and a grand chorus under the direction of Prof. Fairbanks, For this occasion the Chicago, Milwaukee & St, Paul Railway company will sell round-trip tickets at very low rates,* and on Sunday, Aug. 19, will run special excursion trains at greatly reduced rates,—19t2 ANGELINA may be found at the Opera House Grocery as usual. For Sale, The Dr, Read property, in the southeast part of townj is now offered for sale, in whole or in part. Plats may be seen and terms obtained by calling on or addressing the administrator, 18t2 MRS. LIZZIE B, READ. IF you want some nice dishes without decorations, call and see tbe line at the Opera House Grocery, FURNISHED rooms to rent during the institute. Mrs, P. A. MoOftll.—18lS A Business Opening, We have a house for rent, asuburban home for sale, and a small business that needs a small amount of capital, here in tbe city, For particulars call at the office of N. J, Skinner. MONEY to loan oft long or short tiwp, Geo, 0. Call.-tf Wanted. Two more wen to write insurance. Gpod inducements offered at tbe office of N, J, Skinner, GALB.RAJTB np give you some ggpd, summer - - STATEMENT- ov Deposit at)d Coar? -Vv ASSESS*- ' Mortgage loans ......... . ....... . ..... 116,230.0*0 Cash.. ....................... i ......... 1,881,43 Books and supplies on hand ........ 385.00 •Furniture and fixtures,. .1 ....... ,.. 103,04 Expenses advanced ........... > ...... 400,86 Total .............................. I13V000.33 LIABILITIES, Net dues, Class A stock..,.., ........ $ , ..,.., ........ .. Class B stock ................. . ..... 3,250.00 Class C stock ................... ,..., 1(880,00 Class D stock ......... .. ....,,,.,,.. 2,060.00 LOBS and gain,.....,.....,,,.,. .,.,. < .40, interest and premium advanced .... 8,40 Fronts .............................. ,. S61.81' Bills payable ...................... ,,. 850,80, Sundry stock-holders' credits....... 920.00 Total .............. ^ ........... .$13,000.33 This certifies that I, the Undersigned, have, at the request of Hon. c. G. McCarthy, auditor of state, carefully examined the condition of the Algona Deposit and Loan Association from Oct. 1, 1803, date of organisation, to July 1, 1804, and nttd the net assets and liabilities as shown on the within statement. I examined the loans, checked them in full, and found them Intact and as represented. I cannot recommend too highly the care and diligence of the officers in guarding the Interests of their stockholders, nor of the almost perfect system of keeping the accounts. I also find that no liabilities exist against anydl' rector or officer of the association. HOMER A. MILLER, State Bank Examiner. WATER OR NO PAY. SCOTT & DAILEYj • .'-"'-'• \ ' ( Artesian well contractors, Wo have the only cable steam drilling machine owned in the county; sink wells for .water supply for towns, cities, and railroads. Special attention to farm well work. Estimates made. We em*- iloy only expert drillers. Address Scott & ley, Algona, Iowa. PROFESSIONAL. Vrf-'w*'^^x-^-^'«^'N - *Xrf-\*."N^N^'s fc ^ M *X. CLARKE & COHENOUR, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Office over First National bank, Algona, la. W. B. QUARTON, • ATTORNEY AT LAW. Over Kossuth County bank; Algona, Iowa. E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Opera House block. S. s; SESSIONS, • ATTORNEY AT LAW. Prompt collections. Money to loan on chattel security. Over Ohrischllles 1 store. . PANSON & BUTLER, LAW. LOANS. LAND. Collections a specialty. Office In Gardner Cowles 1 new building. SULLIVAN & McMAHON, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Office in Hoxle-Ferttuson bl jck. L. K. GARFIELD, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office, State st., one door east of. Gordlnjslev Residence, McGregor St., east of the public school building. H. C. MoCOY, M. D,, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Special attention to city practice, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Algona, Iowa. J. M. PRIDE, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office over Jno. Goeders 1 store, on State sttreet, Algona, Iowa, DR. T. H. STULL, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Chronic diseases a specialty. Office, over Sheetz' drug store. Kesidence, Glass property, McGregor street. T. J. FELLING, M, D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Consultation In English and German, Office and residence over H. Goetsch'a store, Whittemoro, Iowa. E. S. GLASIER, D. D. S,, SURGEON DENTIST, Office over the State Bank. Algona, Iowa. DENTIST, A. L. RIST, D, D, S, Local anaesthetic for deadening pain in gums when extracting teeth, Legal Blanks. Real Estate Mortgages, Warranty Deeds, Quit Claim Deeds, Leases, Cash or Shave Rent, Real Estate Contracts, Bill pf Sale, Chattel Mortgages, Satisfaction of Mortgage Qrass Leases, Notes, A full stock of these are k.ept -«, The Upper D« MQWt§| »*

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